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ji1 Uii
ExfecritiVe-v Waits (Ufi
tii Asked By Rep
AY : ASIUNGTON, January 10
7 (AnifKiateu . Press) In
;i HatOYnent'dicTate'by the Pre k
i.lcnt yesterday- afternoon tie, ad
vised tfie l)e1uocratic( members of
, the hu,e to, vote today for the
constitutional? amendment ,, cx-
' n nding 'tfrc franchise to the wo
men of th-United States on the
s.nxie,'tcni as tq the men, '
Kerblicah Members' of the
1 1 u sc, ' 1 1 con f erence, ' unani mou-
. ly passed a resolution urging Re
lulifi'e'iui 't(S Vote "for the amend;
' ment -insofar asthej can do so
consistently ;with, their conscience
and is permitted, bythe. attitude
df,the.f constituencies".' 4
On 4he'-eve' ot . the vote in the
house,-on th ''Susan B. Anthony
Amendment as it is called in
' honor a! the member of the first
tufif agist. 'Of America, this open
yupport, .of, their cause by the
l'rcsident has brought confidence
of' victory to 'the suffrage leaders.
-uh, haveiheaii working here in-
l i.f.ititruabry'' for weeks but who,
- ..v. iff -.. '
iivatcly,A had, been willing to
confess 'thertiselves beaten. , ;
, iThe J,A'iews of the President
. were obtained by a committee of
twelve, Democratic members who
1 illcd at tbe White House yester
day ..afternoon .with , word, that
tliey airt! many Of their Democra
tic -'colleagues'.', wanted advice in
the natter, of their vote on the
suffrage' amendment from the
I'rcsKlcrit, thevhead of their party.
At.-thiryjrequcst the President
dictated restatement, which, the
Curnmiyfcef' later announced
( Thifiylstatcment was accoin
i panled by another isued liy the
1 committee .itself tloat "the turn
' ini'tte'A;?ound" that' the President
had not felt at liberty heretofore
t volunteer his advice to the
i Vmtars of party, but when
w e 'st'Wht his alvicc he very
frankly and earnestly advised us
to. Vote for Ihe amendment as an
act of right aiuj of justice to the
women .of 3 country and of the
world".(,.. t
. ciiXnces bright
S h iU 1 t;';T.n e .' constitutional
atiiciulmeiiti pass in1 the house, as
now scem probable, . it still has
to p.l.ss ',inAji. ,cnate.Preliniinary
anvasses of .the upper chamber
1 ivej S(hown,that it has every
. !iancejf enactment there with
out the'ldng drawn out campaign
that hat' htwi" necessary in the
1 .ousel'uTfrageleaders express
no doubt about the attiturlxf the
m iiatebut up'to last night we'fe
1 ' idy to admit that they had not
cured, the. necessary two-thirds
1 ijority of the house fur their
. tii.se.4'.- v'"v'.
, . at. -t'i. m
1 '
4 . -
: ti J rrrMRfferrfng to lilm.iclf a
rlitimiiioii'pf riiiilil(' mitkiiig fur
i'u jfr Af 'riumnnitv nod t lie prarx
cwpMfieu ef,' o)lf, ttie kttiiu'r
I tx lutxured Lit u)ort to a delfntitio
i f tlp Poliiih repency eotiorlj who tudny
I BH.'ntrt4 bim with aq addret exprs
in eratitatl for tb tent oration of an
iii'ltymilent Polinli jilugitoni. .
iv- : , , , ,
J movement first woman to
1 ttaa 'nMrlriri uritH rtrii
" " ' bj
joicc at the ' victory which, it ;
President WUon in recommending support ' for the .Susan 'B.'l
Anthony' Constitutional Amendment f i ; I Z i . J'.s','-:) j
. " : : v.
..,.,.... . I
Leaders' Issue Manifesto Telling
ft . ftfal
. ' o sausiacuon wun
, . ; Speech'of Wilson '
LONDON, January IO Associated
Pr) Rirrutativo of BritiBb or
ganized labor issued a manifesto last
night ia wbkh they said the organiza
tions wbUh they- represent give whole
hearted anpport to the speech deliver
ed by President Wilson to the congress
of the Vaited motes Tuesday as it
hu appeared in the public, print of
Great Britain, which hna been ' prao
titaMy .in full iu nil of the larger pa
pt-rs. . ,'.-.
- la all . essential resprets, fltv mani
festo suys, the Vxpremioiia of Wilson
are su aimilnr to whut hnx )peu put for
ward by British Inhor that it is not ne
reniuiry to dinrans .ia detail thu saialt
points of differ pee. .
In all of the pnpers throgh)iit
(rent, Britain the war aims expressed
by FreaidantiWilsQ took a mot prorn
iiion place la the cs. In nil renters
it kw moat' favorably rweivtl an edi
torial eomnit'iidnlioa of.it wax genernl.
One pt(per ii-sribd. it a the "MHinin
(.lisna thnt rvtald luiuj: out the
future seftre of the. world." .
JtiH-iies fiuin the eapituls of the
world totl of iH receipt by telegraph
throtijfhtxtt most of Kuropc. It hm
gone, it is anderstnnd, to honth Atneri
tan ntrtroin os well.
Snow Slides Cause Deaths, Mcr
; cury Below Zero
TOKIO, Janusrv 9 (Piiecinl to Ila-
uniiiror pnrrrn in
isVAnm-iWrrcn i s 1 nroTninTinMo;uii i
' -iuVU :tiimm ,LL
wan ruinpo, -intense c .... sou ..envy, V ARllINtrTON, January 10-(Asso-anw
storms nre reported from various: , . , ' .' v
Wet. of .Japan. Tliere has been con-i ,',a,,"1 Press )-fcxtenion of the regu
sidenrahle iuireriiig and som loss of lat.oi.s applying to the movements of
life has been occasioned by suowslideii1 frtemy alieAs so us to affect women as
In th; prefecture of lhlkawa, fob Well as iiu-n Is expected soon. The
low-iar . heavy snow storm, there ai ,ogiBlatiun Ilwl.,Hary for thi , nom
K great anow slide which is reported to , , , . 7
),. . .tmv I pnn linn.,', i.n.l killeil ' being disfte.l on. I leaders in lioth
.. ...... . . 11 i i i
tucnty three persons. Kallronds are
ba-U.V blocked.
In Tekata there was a heavy snow
storm, folio" inn upon others, and there
the snow has drifted to a depth pf twen
ty feet.
From Knmaniotu a temperature of
night degrees below iro is reported.
" .; , - . : ,---
, 8T&AJQHT AT.. VS.' !V"a.
There ia no use of , enr "beating
around the bush,'. V We mii(lit a well
out With it first aa last. We want you
to try Ohaiubrrlsin'a Cotigh Rcinedy
the. next time you huve aoHgh or c I j.
There is no reason so fur as w e can n"
jvky yen 'shjouiil not do so. This pre
fiaratioH ly ll's rnunrl-uMe etfe.t Ii.h
gained a world ids reputation, mid
ieojile "everywhere senk of it in tli
iil',het terms of praise. It is for 'sale
by all dealers. Benson, Hmith 4 Co,
I,td.. aguts fcr Hawaii. --Ailvertise-meiit.
: l s
organiaer "of', the: Woman Suffrage
sit in the tongresi of 'the 'United
in tUm eimeaffsi ran ftn uilf r.
- t- r
expected to' follow, the action of
Vice takes Flight Before Organ-
. Mzetl Effort To WeetJDe-. , ;
mands For Reforms ' '
TACOMA, January 10 (Associated
Press) Holdier from Camp I,ewtk
Will nfin be permitted to visit Keattb).
The bnn i:j;uinftt their goliir; fhere was
lifted by the military- authorities last
night when it had been satisfactorily
shown to them that Heattle had finally
acceded to' the dctnaqds that the eiiy
should be rlenn.Mcd of the vice and
temptation fur tlte men of the national
ermy of which the commandant had
couiplnincil. The long controversy is
pow ut an end. , .
The awukcnni); f 8-attle to its v1t
conditions nan sudden and unplra'aut.
For a time the innyor refused to be dic
tirted to by mi'ititry authorities, as he
ex pre. mil if. Oignniintion sprung up
!a all ilirwtion . Buxirie.H men who
mipht ntherwise have been indifferent
to the conditions of the city became
unlive when they found trade londi
lioin w re ser onsly affected by the or
ders issued to the nwn of Camp Lewis
The ei'iiitnaniliint nus oiidtirnte.
At first the progress of cleaniin; the
Aiit-Hii rtuhles wrh slow and difficult,
but once well under wi:y it went for
ward rr.pidly, und conditions have beea
found enough improved to warrant
n i t ful r.iM a r of the earlier order.
Legislation Will Prevent Machi
nations of Women Enemies
Iiou-ws of eooi;resH have axsured the
deportment of justice thut its enact
ment will be prompt.
H,i argued by the ilopartinuut of
jiiKtiiJhut amplo reasoa has been
fouivi 'or an c(uulv supervision over
wouieu with men, thut they may be
quite, its dangerous and thit the jprob
k!in of .preventing thuir conspiring
sjruiiist the I niteij Htates is even more
ilinicuU 'of hnn llipg, tituu is that of
the Wife t.eiuies.
TOKIoVTuntinry flfHpetial tofVat
waii Hhinpo) - The King of Oreaf Brl
tuln Slid Ireland has conferred upon tha
eniferor of Japan the honorary title of
field marshal and . in accepting the
dignity the emperor has conferred up
on King George the title of field mar
sliul of the Jupuuese army.
Secretary of War Will Be Heard;
In Reference To Proposed New,
abinet .Positloa l That Would
neaf His Power y .
.'W.i4r?sc'r tJj iulW'
WASaiNatOiT, . ' Jaanirjr ,
(AaectaUd Pres)-I it axpectea
thatt tha idlmax- to tha f Mnatortal
Inquiry into the pro re of arapax
lr.f and aqulppttn the army f tb
Unit eutea lor the part whlcH It
kas to flay In'taa rraat war will be
reached , UA$7 fwhen -Secretary of
war Baker wUl ataxd In raftr
3r to tha tropcetil to craata a Btw
ortrnrmnui . dprtmrt with a
ili-tm H Wi eablnst i fori It aa4
; tili take oharfo of tha eon-traeti-rr
for aid otfrchaaHiC f arma
aad arirtniTUtlra and ralpinant for
the. arm--.'!
"As a rnlt of tt; larti(aUott
of dty tn acettrlng ttflevtjschlna
,lfana ththUg and wn .atioea for
tH, arm.. th -n derelooet to
cre-te a new cabinet offica o ear
fcr tha duties wtilcb. the tnVaatis
tion hi shown to aoma of tha com
A litwe, titer claim to biva baen vn
if fatorily bandied by tha war
a Wt-rst&t, , tte ordpanoa branch
:3d, the . quirtmaater'a depart-me-t.'.
v.f.i v
-. rot th creation of inch es bluet
ptrt folio there baa neon a bill in-
Yo StrikVi -Ixected ,But Trns
fsrs Planned t Rates Ex
. pecied.fo Be'Ralsed Sboh
WASHINGTON, 'Jaaoary lf-(A"eo'
r.laced P'resa) Nearly 'all ' classes of
railroad iBo bich ' have ..toeir' or
,-anirationa will seek increases lu their
rae acateat No strikes are rontem
dated, however, it is eaid, pending d
ustments by-the fOVerament bnt it ia
earned that railwav exe.atire boards
ate ptaaning targe atabera of 'trans
fers -pendintrhsurb ."settlement of ' the
srage disfpptlftir' .
sIt wns announced ' by .eflSclals that
t general readjustment of the eoun
ry'a railroad rate system will ibe an
"a !y . sjutgrowth of rovemmcut mil
"ncd bperatioa. The readjustment
vill be designed 'to fit the new aoa
ompetitive, fjfem'" .Its' is admitted
'.ha ..the. 'effs, Un,v'ov(e a material vin
erease1 tW tateavV" v" ;''. -if " i-i
it It a
'' ?:
Federal Officials Involved In Los
Angeles Scandal . , ;
, 1.08 ANGELES, . January -( Asso
ciated Press) Startling revelation
were made hoVe today of a plot to sell
arms .'and stnmonitlon aeixed by the
t'nited Htutas officials, for the purpose
if aiding revolutioa in Mexico.
The monitions were confiscated two
years ago by .the Tiiited Htates. gov
ernment when an alleged revolutionary
plot was nipped in the - bod and the
ptottera seattered, some of them being
arrested. Hiace then the guas and cart
ridges have been' stored away in the
federal building, collecting dust. The
Supply . Is Vetoed at 285.0O0 nn I in
tludea Irohsidkrable' Miscellaneous mili
ary stores.
-The revelations show that the sauni
Mnns were offered for aala to the fed
eral officials -for the purpose, of -starting
a new revolt below th border,, A
federal-effi trial i the. gniae of buysr
for the revelufcioirlata waa ,lioi the
mnaittwns, fnrlading ten machine gun,
'n the plot' are eertaia. federal appoiae
tea who knew of the existence of these
tuna, and unable to resist the tempta
tion to make a fat profit, were brought
into tho scheme to sell, the stores and
secretly remove them from the build-1 '
ing. . , '
Three arrests have' ben made, the
men being Nicholas Zogg, N. A. Afiles
and Joseph CoUins, all charged, tinder
tha espionage act,' with seeking illegal
ly to export arms, , t ,
Aououiit'ereent of tld frustrated plot
was made by aa army intelligence of
ficer who had beea woildng to nab the
eoPiWratora j , .
American Troops and Guardsmen
Furnish Protection
, WAHHINGTON January 10 (Asso;
elated rres's)-Suspenait0 of recruiting
for the I'nited Htates guard, the Organ!'
aatloa that baa beea forming with mem
bers over the draft K fr home firoi
tec tiii a purposes, wa announcod by Heo.
cretary of War Baker last eveninj.'.
Army trqopa, supplementsil by federal
gusrdflmen, will jterform- aH authorised
protPcTive tjtltjr, uie-secretary saia
The iTitfed. fitate.' guard, 'or home
guard as It haa"-aUo been called. .lor-
"Tr.i t .a
' : e-'y. m; ... ....:--. -fHi
posed t (ruard, wtrrroivwatjr - be from in the moraing tiU Ji at -bight
tems, munition plants, ponicttnats nod 'for th wltitfr aud early spring nientlisi
do ub7caeral goreraawent bollee d'uty-.JTheater, ,bar and pi act of -a u use
of such character a might be requiriij tnetita geatrally must elo- at tea
of tht-m. ' . , . o'cliHk ot night. . 1
m enren i id ci noe
-IU.0I LLU U! 01.il o
P I i i' ri J 1. - V V 4 It .- ;
Snipping" Board Will Act' At New
port .News Following Some
Severe Criticism .
, - GroL v.
jUrnta), iMWiVf
- otialBir;sxltUMier?tW'bor
pfoyed'ih anlp r ortstru,t(oa Sif itew.
port ; News tbcr 'wi'li. te 'Imrhefllately I
exprtdcd l.l'Qn.Tltia Vl?n'PPB(r "ard
j' decided .yefterday .'afltPnndutieaiJ Jt
nnht, . This action followed the decla
rations of f witnesses' before the senate
nomraiifW ' i hs-h In invVitlg! iiijr 'the
rrirres; of ihtt1irpbuildlafl esmpnlgn,
nlG meVc'rlriMtiferl aui( natal Vessels, i
' KlVer'ta' before, th aniaUi olBttte
rn .Tnesflnv Wimnteti-theif robsbl out
pilT'.'jbf rnerei)nn'it iesjiels'.fer Ahienea,
during . lillH "at a,tMt()00 , torn and de-,
lare.i, that hlfhee ea'lranfei were mis
teifitr.i'.Th minted oiit that nnejof
:Mie.'.efest ''iobstarle. toi mar raaid
rl irres'a' .the Abseaj'eSof ' anftiidsnt
Wd frnper aoHtstng fneiHtiea for,; the,
IrVtior.--veqHlred tor aoeli 'jin aarte- as
dertaWms' as-ehce-' cteTrflcisipraten'' by
be rshiptio;bHrlr esinpnlfrn. Blnme
Wits '.pritccd- i-rpisrlly joi the fthlppinu
hrird .Tid th' emerpetiey fleet adbstroe
'v,n hnay. Is lartte measire,,'for th
tow developments. i'.;.;.fy-i",;iO:'' ; J
, .In di)i"Hijn)(be prwrosd "inobiraa
Mort.f lrbor ot nhipbtiildiri fcrij oiber
grivesnmVnt k. contraCft.s.i... Secretary' to'f
. b,oi .Viloti. said . last, eVfninjr tat
vbria aa ample aitpply.of. fabor which
ia available and iba oroblom, tit chief
Iv-ona of Adjusting the srtppl operly
(omcet .iheTejanndsTU-eaid that he
would probably- announce today, aa ad
vlsory committee to assist in handling
hfi f'19i 'oiaHoa' 4" '
As Moch As Thirty t'crceht to be
.Takervfor Artny.;Nayy afid ,
Aflies,-4est, To'fublic. vi
WAHHINGTON, Japu'aTjr 'io-i(Aaso-elatea
Troaa) NcaVTy a thTrd bf the
entire output of the flour mills of the
United' Vtolea-may go to the army, the
navy -and tto. the? Alluss ATba -public
wU have to ad just Us lemnda to-the
balance.' - ' '
' . A'Bhou6crteat ' wa asad k yesterday
that' the food adminiitration will pur
chase not to exceed thirty percent of
the entire output 'pf the flour' mills of
the I'uited Htates .to meet th needs of
the ermy, the isvy and ol the Allies.
It mny be .that . aefc all ef this is r
quired bat that b the amount set.
: Waraingife gl.on'ti. merchants and
to the general, publja that hosrrdlo Of
floor will not be tolerated . and. if it is
attempted the necessary' atepa will be
taken to p'revemt it and punish offend
era. There it only oae. way for the pub-Ire-
te ateet the sitostion that confronts
It . and that is to put -into operation
lrict,,niethods, of ei-onooiiy wherever
Missile Passes-Directly Through
Emblem That Marks Ves
. Vel As Hospital, Ship
LONDON, January,, lOM Associated
Press)- The British hospital ship Kewa
was toriiodoeil and sunk in Bristol
chuniicl lust J'ridayr according to of
ficial nnnuuneroient made' yesterday. '
The Rewa was' coming from Gibral
tar. All of the wounded who were on
board were saved and only' three Las
iiars, member) of the ereW, are known
to have bec'li lost. - - ,
Dc1utches.' from CaTdif, Wales,
taid the torpedo which destroyed 'the
Rewa passed directly tkrnugh the great
Red Cross painted ou the 'aide of th.
hospital ship. Many Of the aurvivors,
nnclothed and eufferitig from chill and
shock, have been.. Itutded at Hwnusea,
Wiules. ' ' l; -; '
MADRID, January v0 f Associao4
Pre.) Another Outbreak of a revola
tioaary l-haraater took fwlaco i Porto;
;al' last - night and todnyf according to
report at're.''Tbe'm'll6f Vortngirese
wersoiji .'.' I.lsbon-r re declnned -to
have'imirtioied and to have begun a
bombardment of the Llabdn forts.
! -The - army remained loyal to the
government a ad after mock excitemant
and some clashes ' tranquility-was re
stored and the Mutinous crewi placed
BBuet arrst'r
K)HT)N Januai-y -- (AsU'ted
Jress) Por Hke--onservation' of fuel
aad light .-the . New hint Urn i ifuel-a.l-
ministration has ordcrWI ths throltgb-
'but 'Maiuiaahawtta businesa hours altnll
Ou u 1 ll ''''' ''"'
. vWilL-BUY FtflUR
. ' ... -I
e-.vt,t ' !i ,? i
mini I mi rnr pi u iini'
lk V at' n
ui m iiim
V Wy T TV rl WW r WA
I rtrfArsffl CamnA nn Arfrfs Twr?nt' '
Undersea Campaign Adds Twen-jf
tv-five British vessels of All
! , Types. To Jolj puring Week, of
!" Buthfessncss T v , i . ,
h i r" t-.i- - n V ,1 t a
. LONXKiN, Jsnuary 10 (Associa
ted Pre-) Little satisfaction la to
be roirtd la' tho iweokly cport' on
shipping loasea "mad by ' .the avd
aira'ty ycatcrday.t There Jiaa bran
no diminution la tho toll which tha
Hon, fttbanartae .campaign- to claim
ing from. the.Brttl.fe Merchant Ma
nner 4 t; t ii: 4 -.:
Thirl nt the weetewldcB, aided iart
Batnrday Bight twenty-five vewela
f tui typea were sank tr "th Teu
kti troda-ea flre'a. Of these e'ght
.ei wert" f fn'rethai asOQ ttoma
burden,' tb'rse were' ear llirr merchiuit
tr.ft aid forsr ware flshcre,
, To off ret this there are reports of
rtHd good, progress .frr the f de
tection -of aabrnsrtiiea' by tha da
rtroyer ' fleet. . It M polflted "out
Ust wca'x that auckdoeaea are rreat-
vc than tha Germans are- able to I
Kt ty trjrtaemmt and tlikt taa
and mrst be a victory over tb aub.
unrtnei. ; :. J m -. its ?,-;'
With' rolrioMroty ratioatng ' draw
ing rearer tha continued . success)
a fit net 'tha- mcrrtirast'lieet lr an
argvrpent. for' ltf op-itstlonv f -
.Y'?Sf W Xlil. ;(:.' V ;.
Witness Tells of Effbrts of Man
, Who looked LikeHirtdu ;'
v. ; : to riffcha'sB Cuns ; .
KAN FH AJ?CliCO; January l(f4-( Aa
xocieted J'ress) .J estlryirig In , tne
Hindu revolution Cenitpircey eee in
the federal cOur yesterday,, Jqraee'Dei
tfick, a. for.mer -mpetial accot for .'tno
CMed .Batesln Chin, i-es'tertlay. gav
vstlmony s fo the -actirtties of a matt
whom hey knev: ,f ,,ai "Lemon M-,wh0
bare etrong roeemblanees in , his npar
tnee to natives of. lii'sdustan.. TW
nan, belaid-had made overt uros to'the
Chi nere republican c overntnent-for the
purchase ut a. million rilea and. for .an
monition. This, he enldj was in1018.
No connection of this effort with thif
proposed revolt in India was establish
ed by the froaecaHon ia the trial' yea
terday. ; . i f , - v.
; George1 TTarix, an operative In ' tho
bureaa of Investigation "of -the1' depart-,
seat nt justice;. oM on the 'Stand fn
the Jlinda -plot case-f alleged attempt
to emhroll tbe.Vnitqd. Btatca afid Mex
ico ia open-warfare. ' he testified, thnt
bar bad gained his information 'through
r. J A. m.J .lnJ . . 4 - '
- I,' T) . ' .
Reports teaching London From
' Petrograd Tell of Mutinies , ;
WASHINGTON, January 10-rAaso.
ciated Press) Ceuflrmation of the pub
lished reports of disaffection and 'ran
flnies among the German troops On 'the
Russian fronts come through various
iudirect channelsi - Several' clays '. ago'
tlic .Associated Presa. dospaicbes jtuli
it mutinies and yesferday conffrmstoTy
reports '- cmanHtiu from Petrograd,
were 'published -ia the London Ne way
t red i ted to its lVteograd corrrrjiondent.
'According to this report Trotsky
quoted German prisoners. aa aaying that
the uermaa aomnuiaders have oseu-un
tble to remove i;rgt units of troops
rrom the eastern rront on necouirt or
the' -aintrnone 'spirit. - It ia neoessary
to novo a few at a time and. to deceive
'hem aa to their destination.
Wnldiers On learning wlire thefwerd
leing aetitiwduld jump from -the traias,
these, prisoners say. , It is reiterated.
Hiat there is serious disalTortion amoag
tba'tfernraav soldiers -and that Wt' the
Ug station at Kovuo, on the eastern
rront,, za.utio revonea. ' -
These mutinoers -aro a prorilum tto
the German commander., ...Tha . other
German troops will not carry put order
to fight the revolt.: and the eommuml.
era are trying to reduoe then) to aub
missiou by starvation. - -' VV ' k
News 1 also: earn. from Petrogtfid
that- Foreign Minister Trotsky .thinks
the 'Allies would Hie to 'noe Russia
let v the worst of it iu rmace 'aegttla
tiun with- Uct many Trotsky it aid
to be eoavineed that the Entente Allies
wish Berlin, to make's separate "peace
with) Russia that wcruld -ad vantage
eni to Berlin, so that Germany would
agree .the more willingly; to surrender
what thf,Kntente -Power want lu.the
waafy.'.s U''.(t;tf$t!r ,., . v
BAN FRANCISCX), January 10 (As-
sociated Pre.s)-M-Motien for the release
oa ball vf;MrvMopey.'aod. or Woirt'
berg, both .defendant la the prepared.
bene day parad bombing trials, .wero
denied by tue appelate court yeateraav.
Qoaqsel said .that efforts 4p Mcuro fejr
reltiase on ball will 'still 1 conttpued.
V ;hnihrYn'iftrtiihh
... iii-iiiii i i iiniLiun
PAZO' OJNTMHNT tgaarhnted to'
cure blind, bleeding,' Itching or pifo
trudin'g FILES in - to 14 "eWj' a tw
money vte(undsd. M.nufsctuitd b
th TAkIS UEDICrKB CO.,6t.;ui
0.'3.'A2 - ',, '
;. ,.,c . - '. -'
CAD M!!l!
Expected Voffenslvs A Are Not
tauftched WHeit; Stdrms and
V Wintry Blasts twee? Over . .
, , VVliole-perli ront
"'i-V-''V' -.
Briushtr Lose anduRetako
' Jrinches,' FrenchrMalce ' Gain .
J and Capture. Prisbnersr Spow
" Fills Italian; Mountain Passes ; .
weather , with ,lmv : .temperature, V
was cxpprieifed .tong the great
er partofihe various fronts yos-
tirday and aevcr pparatkms .
the Gerrnftn' tnay liave made for
the tollowing up of their intense -'rtillcr
preparations with injSii . ;
it Miicki Vycfpfrtiitiy afian-.
dtmcti ' for; the Jitne, 'eing.,' tx .
ccpt Jor a few 1-aida in force- there
wa$ np. infantry fighting of ton-
sequence bn any of the mailt Hne '
Throughout the day the usual ar-
a slackening tatev . ir - n . f , ("
- They" ;frtTantry attacks, which .
were alt raid on a generally-larger
scale, than usual, were made tot
several pcflnts. , The mat n effort
of the (Jeftiian command was di
rected against the British north
if the 'YpresjStailen railway line
oti the edge of d'Houthulst forest
,f lere(hc advance Kists i of 4h
British were entered and held for
.yr'VHtilll .J'h. wonteir
attacks cleared out tth,e, enemy.:. ::. . v-:
"''The Frettcti attacked along a
mile froiitfon the famous St;' Mi- '
hiel salient, ;vhicri hao been the
scene of considerable recent activ
ity. , The ' French raiders entered
ihe German .Hue at a number pf
places,;, destroyed - the positions,
blcwt uj ttyc dugout aiid comnut
iji;atioi treircbes and ' withdrew,' .
taking with. 'thfJmjonc 'hundred
artrj' 8eventy-c1g1t rf)rrncrs and
all the machine guns 'iii the' frotit
lines seized. The French official
report describes the raid lit force
as a complete suuees.. -.
An ofheial reprt from Jlrrlin,
dcaliiVR with this affair, states
Mt; strong French forces attiu?k
ed the (rerriian lines west of
Fliyry and penetrated the (Ger
man positions, being thrust hack
by, 3 CQunter attack , j(
. 1'aris reports an order ly Field
if arshal IVoti illndeutmrg for. the
razing of aH the villages in' a wile
stretch of Frcftch tetritory -within
the Herman lines'' for the-purpose'
of ; "clearing 'away obstruc
tions to artillery and sircngtlien-
!ng the Gernian defenses by leav
ing tio-points' of vantage wlich
niight be seized by; the mtn of
the Entente, Oilc . Ji'undred and
thirty villages ar Included in the
order-for total destruction,
j" IJcavy now were reported. s
falling : in northern - Italy filling
decjier-the mountain passes and
making' wore than 'tyer uncom
fortable the positidrf "of the Invad
ers, 'd'etaytng'1 their ittipply trains
and cusln' Unt6td sufierinp to
tiie already; discourinc 'Bodies.
' fli'.XftttlP'HlAi, Jannafy'Vit At
sbtitated''Wsst rou'fteen 'mflil'ip
jfioiiifds'of Culan' raw sugar atflved at
tbf '. ititradelphra refinerle toliiy) liy '
ftmtfn'ft.: Tha f pottlnnmeht ni hflp
rjilifiv the shortuyf..
' . This is the second iniportaut shipment
from Culm to rtvach rhiladelphia.
V ." ll lf 'I t ' "
dUtfli;. - tumuli It

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