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il. '-. .
'r r
t1 p fi s r
Lxi..!:!.'!.!'.1.. C
pour Kcn-jyVjPO'ran unconscious
' - - Are Rescued and Hurried .'.;
i i " T Hospitals V1?. v: 1
Despite Precautions Flames Iri
, Cargo Break Out; Anew
, v When Hatches Are Opened ; 1
' : - . !: : ' ,
" WbU Attempting tho" Iote tli llr
la th
otto cargo of No. thatch of
lighter, Shinyo' Utru wlr y-
the freighter Shinyo Mtru early yes-
teTday..rn6pn,.netant Tiro CWfthcr. Therih t tried oflf for th. la
m r. cwiraeii, vp. i,wi(ir and ran into Maximalist. wn
: tad riraatea Oabrie) .Qjwta aad 1 J, Itr,. M Crtw ahd s-Qraad Dukaa,
iVaadioia wera OTertoin by tha deadly pA ' Conaeka,, Ukrialaai,, Oonitltu-"-
... ..J .U.4 h. A.,..'. ,'oM Dmofta and all, th ret of
: and araargay koipttala . ttaeonaeiooa. I jju,t, v , '- ... . , -
Ii atimh(tn'ir tn raanna Viarra Firnman ' ttitnnii.
" George Wright ioitafnud ail ogly 'gfh -
a. tha forehead and bad It not been I
Uhat aa waa held aeeora by a. Ufa line, I sw'"7 r.nrr wni. i pJ
It la probabla he would have falleai'' ft t rtrO(rrad whep It
' tbronRli the open hatehea to tha bottom k u'l Hoaolnla, but thla p aa had
. of tha hold whera tha famea wera tha ..ngd;whe the Mnehurlan
atromrwit. , Other tha beiau troubled tTrt reaehed, aadHh l.lea when
.in t,iji .11 k.. vim Hnriinhrita wrote, waa to n t Uol-
haa fullr readvarad. Vierra ha toot '
reRalaed somplet eonaelauaneaa ; laati
night. However, Dr, A. B. Ayer, tha at
teudiar phyaleiaa, aald that the pati
.. Mil wu doiag.aa wall aa could b afj
, peeted. j .. r.
.' Precautioua Taken '''' ' ''
" The' Bhinya ,. waa moved from her
' berth ,at Pier .7 to tha aew Inter-Ie-v
' lead coal eoaveyor early ' yesterday
. moraine ., It waa feared that the fire
u atill. aaiouldeHng aad every pre (
eautioa waa taken by the harbor au
tli'oTitiea to' guard agalnat tha apread
tf tha flamea, A Bre engine from the
aestral. atatlon had been placed oa
' barge aad- towed aloagaide the Bhiava
at her berth la the Ewa and of the
harbor aad the .Mataoa . tog -Iatrepid)
' waa prepared to pump water at a' mo
. meat 'a notice. . " . ;;' -;;,'; . '
: Aa aoon ai It bad been aaeertalned
: ; that tha lira bad sot bee fully aatia
guiihed, two holea ware bored through
tha bulkhead which aeparatM the Nol
1 and .No. holda and through the
two large-aiaed ; atream Hera' played;
Fonr atream wera also played through
. the batch covering. ' It .waa geaerally
believed by those ia eharge of opera'
tiona that ihould thay wait until after
noon to 'open- tha . hatch,'' tha water
would, have, riaen to aufueieat height
nearjy to flood the bold. .' i
Upon ht return to the vessel at on
' aVeloek. abortly after tha hattlt eover
; lag had been removed, Aaslstant Chief,
' Blaiadell Jumped down 'and stood oa a
. heavy pie; of machinery which we
r, several feat below the hateb ton. Ha
't jwaa followed by Vierra, Th hold Bp)
1 peared alear and. but littla tmok wai
"A visible. Blaiadell felt it would be safer
. ; to be provided with a. rop o shout
ad to' those above, to tend down
niBaCrvroomA ii. ( .,:. ; v' . 1
- Ue bad : no sooner turned ' around
than Vierra dropped from th maehin
, ery. an which he wa atanding Xw th
, floor of tb bold, a distance of aboqi
tea feet, Tha rop waa towered at or
dered and. a Blaiadell reached far itl
- h too dropped, but waa feiora' fortune
ate than Vierra, in that he fell only t
tha floor ot tha 'tween detka.' Hia fall
. wa obaerved by thos gathered around
tha hatch opening, and Costa aad Zabj
lan atarted down for him. : ,
- With th help of a number of others!
Blaiadell' Jimp form waa raised to tb
deck, but before Coat a, could get out
himself, ba dropped aa hadh othera.
( Mendiola then offered a band and h
too waa overcome bv tha fumea. which
appeared to be iaeraaiag In volum
the longer th burning maae of cotton,
caastie soda and Uather waa exposed
' to the air. Deadly gases generate front
' a mixture of salt water and .eanati
oda and it 1 believed that thla wai
mainly accountable Tor, tha trpuble. '
Biirnala lOxad , '.
It required but a few seconds toi
Zablaa and McQdire to faiaa Coata
to the. air. The Batches war ordered
covered when Wright Informed thos
ia charge that Vierra waa still in tbi
bold-, About ten minutes had elapsed
sine he first disappeared but In th.
i hurry to rescue th other who wer
nearer tha surface, -, Vierra . bad bean)
overlooked. Wvlghi veluoteeted to go
dawn for, him, to two line wer at
tached to hia body and he waa lower
ed into th bold. . .
, Hia instrustions wr to plat on
' II aa oa Vierra and -when tbi waa dona
: to jerk hi own- liae sharply twice.
Tha signals became mixed and ai
Wright waa uhtylng th lima) to be used
for Viarra, those above thought it th
aijrnal to "haul In". j
i He waa pulled out with each , speed
that hia head struck on tha hatckslde,
inflicting a deep gash.. 1 Zablaa. then
volunteered hi aervicea aad-, ha wa
aeat down 1 -ta same fashion " a
Wrisht. He. succeeded in setting th
rope on. Vierja and both., were raised
to toe deck, Vierrsj wa. believed to
be dead but no time waa lost lav rush
ing tha men to the hospital. , ,'
TbvraUm Takaa ObarM .
, Fix Chief C. W.Tburstqn wko waa
at hpmc with a badly tcaldea.legv.waa
notified of tb unfmrtoncto turn of af-
fulra. , Ha Immediately left his . bed,
and took charge"-of fir operations
aboard tha vessel throughout. thV,r
inaindsr of tb afteBoon,- Captain
Madaen and A. U. Blmilson of th local
survey board remainedlaboard the ves
sel all day. a did Harbormaster Wl K.
" Foster. i ," : T -, r. .; . f
ImncdlateIyfplUnUg ,tl ftiont'it
kll the flremen. Water waa Maid tumid
Into the noli, 'Tbjire wre ' twenty
feet of water in tbt bold at 4v o'clock
yesterday . afternoon. This . will be
pumped out and th work Of dlaebarg
lag th cargo will probabjy start some
time tomorrow. This, it waa said yea-
terday, will require at leas a, week
Further difficulty la. driving out the
deadly ft 'y bo
fir eairin aad ' the
malned near the Shlnyo
In 'Russia .' !
Wjlfred R. HumpKriel Y. M'.'c: A.
War Secretary. Hat Not Been
'Heahd Frprn,Since He Started
For Interior ot the Chaotic
". Bufroundeq, '.. oiriwhri ,' by Bolihe
vlkis Wilfred Humphrlet, ,le t
the Pnlamn Settlement aodi more -recently
i t'U.Ci A.;i, secretary, pat
been . temporarily lat to vlw.- Hum
phfle panned through Honolulu kh
month ago from Snn 'Frnnclceo,
route' to t Eastern frost la ompny
rwih number ot TV M. C A. men. H
Vfdl:j"l0 ? U ni
nnv,w tip uiid'.iuiu relatives iivm
ha. affaira Wri w uai-'ett!ad theU
bu1t,IBi fpa moM traa
aow. wbtehaa to ba T. M. 0. A. head
fl7yf. Bumora had Irpaehed VladlT
ostok.4' he stated, that . tha . Kercnsky
goveramont had been ' overthrown, a
commentary on, the up'-to-dat new be'
iflff served newspaper readeTB in uono
ruin; a kt the data hi 1 tr waa writ
tea Honolulu know all about Mr; Ker;
en sky and his pilikiaa, ; V' '
; When th V. M. C A. beVs wnre la
Hoaolnla they were a trifle apptehea-
alva that they might not-get to Buseta
in- time for any excitement. By this
probably satisfied tha
time thy are
th show ia not
Pistol But If Scared the Japa
nese Into Surrendering Vehicle
A new brand- of- biffhwaymen that
spruhi up In Honolulu within the past
twenty-four hours. They are not th
bard and criminal kind, however, but
arc. merely boy Tanging la ago front
ten to sixteen veara. '. --r
-,'Aoonr ei gat o'eiocx iasi nicnt xamsn
. . . .... .. . 4. 4.
thlra, driver of, Hack No. II, appeared
at .the police station and 'Informed
Sergeant Poaha that he aad bee
forced at th point of a ziia to abandi
pa his vehicle. They were only boral
he aald, and while at Arst he thought
tber were only' piayinu a prank, it
took them but hort time to manifest
their aeriouaneaa. la- the matter in a
uncertain terms. Tha youngest bf th
bandit tribe ' waa tittle more than tan.
but npon bint devolved the task of
brandishing the .weapon.
' 'Tbo-Japanese waa marched to an
bid "deserted': building, In goose step
fashion where he waa ordered totm
main for ton minute under penalty of
death. The lad jumped into the hack
aad wer off at a mad gallop. Just M
they were going np the Nuuana incline
toward the cemetery, they were espied
by' Officer Vierra who thought i
Strange four boy should be joy-riding
in a back without being properly
chaperoned .. .
H gave chase but the lads, not to be
eaught. red banded, lumped from th
hack, gave. the horse a crack with th
whip, and . wr. oil through neighbor
na lots, aid brushes. Three of them
wer. eaubt and taken to the police
station ' where it wa learned that th
wepo with ifMah the Japanene driv
er aad beea, held up waa nothing but
a. toy pistol which hd been sivon oa
of tpe younger Jad for Christmas.
-The boy who flourished the "gun
wa not apprehended, but as his name
I fcnO wa to robatioa Officer Joe l-cal.
to whom the boy were later turned
ovon.it. i highly, probablo.tkat he will
pe taken ,'lnti -custody today. Leal
said last night that they would appear
before Ureal t Judge William U. Heo
in tha. juvsnila oourt this afternoon
- 7cnsa the teglklatnra did not fix
specified salaries for employes of th
harbor, board who, arc paid, according
to work they no and are not on salary,
employe of th board who icnter mill
tary service are not benefitted by the
law ondf hjch 'thair pay, minus what
they receive in the service continues,
tn aa ODiaien 'of tha artornav irHneral
'read at yesterday' harbor board meet
ing U. wai , held mat. the-board cannot
legally pay employee who go into train
ing camp unlet :they wer on specified
alariea. 8. D. Aldrloh, a, drafUman
engineer, empoyd by, th bowl d
V, a. MoiiiDB) a diver, arc two Who are
bit by the ruling, a, both have entered
th training camp.' Another employe of
th. board, who had tough t to enter the
canip wa obliged to withdraw by rea
son pf )hc ruling. .' ,
Tbese.Tableta arJntndad spovially
for dllwrdvra of the siotnaah. liver anil
ooweis. , ir you ere wpuo:i,wiio Bean
y experienced. Tho bnf" Indigestion or eantlpntioa
, tug Intrepid ro-" 1" A you gnoiL For Bale by all
yo throughout las't r. Benson,' Smith ' Co,,' Ltd., a
1 for Hawaii. Advertisemeat.
coys of ti:e farm
Maui Echoof Gar don 5 Champions
; i Had Tfrneaf Their Lives
,. ii lino, in vu j ,
How Maul' youthful Bebool agrleat-
turists ajpyed tkl prlre trip to tbli
eity aad Island It told la th Maul New
of Jest Friday, aa follow! . ' , i
n Paul Knyser, of Ta!! -Albert Camar
ra, Keahaaj Naoki Maitsuedi, Fauwola,
and Isashl Hamgawa, Lahaiaa, aocosn
panled by L B. Maihawa, director of
tho Alexander Honao 8ettlment workt
rtomed to Maul Tuotday morning bf
tha Claadln from Honelulu, where they
Baa. ka th tin of their Uvea seeing
tha sights of the city, Jame Kaoi, of
Mojokal, returned Wednesday alghri
having remained over with friends. Th
young lady, who had, a rrght to aeeom.
paay th party (Miss Margaret Cabrak
o Hana), decided to aocept a priaa of
a value o.aal to tho aaoacy coat of th
trip, . . -. - ; -;
; Theo bov. ahd .Misa CabraV Wer4
th sneoeMful compotitora for tb gra"i
priaea in th school garden contest
The boys. in. chars of Mr. Mathawai
left for th eity th day after Christ.'
tnaa, so wer away a little mora than
Bccano "T" ntmbr .
upon arriving in Honolulu . oa tad
morning of the. . twenty-seventh, th
boys had breakfast and then a swim la;
ibo oig tana at tne x. m. c. a. bm-
tetariea Irimer aad 'van Tek. of th
and presented them witk full member
ship ia the association for a period oi
aao year. Thi honor waa unexpected
and wa much appreciated. After that
they 'need the cafeteria, (rymaaslum.
swimming Unk, and so forth, at pleas!
are, ha waa their priytlecs under their
mmberahip - eardav They were told
that, they eouhl order as much a they
wanted at th cafeteria, 'and, boy-likej
called for enough . for the first meal
to have lasted them three days! They
were,to)d by Mr. Mathews that, beina
champion conservationists, they must
eat all they had ordered,' so that tber
wouia not no wast. The ooya made a
eRDrata effort to 6a an. tint rt. l..l
they, wer much mora cautious In order
I.. ..i. i
Visited Capitol - !
i Tho same afternoon they met - th
0 over nor, by appointment. In bis ofitc
at the uapitoL Mr. Flokham shook
hand all around, congratulated ' tbi
boys on their suoceas and sooke to them
for. a few minute on th importaae
"f food production and conservation
The party then . adjourned to . the
ground where a group pietara. includ
ing the chief 'executive and-Mr. Ma
thewa, wa tsken.. After that the Gov-
eVaor himself showed tb boy through
the throne, room, the senate chamber.
ana co forth,. Next,, they were shawf
through the National ' Guard armory,
he old misaioa building and the publl
library, beinff introduced to-all tho UV
brariaa and seeing more book tha
hev had ever coma serosa la. their live
bofofev. i " ' . "" '
Jamea A, Bath, bead worker of tbt
Palama Settlement, bad established
bedt ia the welfare tUtion for the
boys ' and there they slept at tight
At inia place they biro bad the use of
th gymnasium, swimming tank, and so
Tha : next dav ' ther were ahowa
through- the big printing' plant of the
mar-muiett. being personally guided
by Editor Bilev H. Allen. That aftsr-
aoo -a tonr waa mad of th Biehoi
aiosenra, waer TBey inspected th won
derfu1mkta. That night the boys saw
Charii Chaplin in a good picture at
rn Hawaii theater.
Bhowa Through: Th Advortlnet
Th aoxt morning the Maui lad were
shown all through the plant of The Ad.
vertlser. and Were patricularlv interest
ed 1 the process of making pictures for
in paper. AD Advertiser artist accom
panied then) baek to the Capito)
ground where another group picture
wa taken. ' Next, they were show
through' the telephone exchange, and
after that went out to the aqunrium
where they taw the wonderfully Colored
fish, i Then a ride was taken' around
Diamond Head, and back to Ben Hrtl
linger' boo in the park to see the ele,
rhant and the other animals and bird a
Tha boy had never seen monkeys be
fore, hnd were delighted With, the spe
cimens at the park. From there Alex
ander Home Ford and Jo Stickney
took them to the Outrigger Club, where
they, went out in. a big canoe and en
oyed surfing to their hearts' content
Returning to the club, they found a
vnmadid lunch awaited, which had beea
nrovlded by Mr. Ford. That night, I
t visiuwi ine eiass or etam woDiey
W the Y. M. C. A. "gym."
Trio Around Island ,
Sunday ara given over to a trip
roUnd thO- island. They went over
the Pall- and all around to Waiafua.
where they had luncheon at Mr. Rath '
air camp. On the way Into tow tney
visited Bchofield Barraeka and went,
part of the wy dowa to the Peninsulnt
, Monday thev went to the Y, M. C. A,
again, swam ia tha tank aad played
In th boy' department. That after
noon they eailed for borne, tired but
intensely pleased and happy over 1 all
they bad, seen and experienced, and
determined to try bard for another trip
this coming June. - '
. '.i , i'
WA8HINdT6N, Jahuary (Asso
ciated Press) The ilepartment of jus
tice ia reviewiacr tha. recent deeisina
of the treasury "department that In
making jhveutoriea for excess profits
aad income tax return merchandise
and securities dealers might, use the
root price or the market value, which
ever waa th lower. There it a po
slbjlity that this deoUlou wllj pe re
vised a ; a result' Of the consideration
by the department of justice. Millions
of dollar rn-taxr ire dependent upon
th final rulieg.
Ui'Mi Ail i
V M 1 1 1 1 r f ii ' tsV fiiAihii
lift VflK Ai H N
Unless Arnfy Furnishes Men' It
.j Witt Cost Territory 300 a
:l Month To Maintain Patrol
'tf'fna-HaWklma department It on
abl or Onwjlling to supply, sol.liert Of
the, regulhf1 amy to guard the water
froat under the aew rule of th harbor
board which beeome effeeUve 'January
lit, it l estimated by Captala WiUiam
R. Focter, harbormairlef, that tt will
cost th Territory something hike) 11300
a month to maintain' a elvilian guard,
according, to statements made at yes
terday's meeting' of the harbor board.
' The; 'question of supplying guards to
ehforVe th new rules Is how being dia-
cuaaed-with General Wltser, coromah-
der of the Hawkliaa department. It
was referred to the HawaiiarAdeoart-
mnt. by th harbor boavd through the
vavernor find kt waa said at the. mept
iny that nothing definite bad yet been
detwnaiaed upon. " - ; .,
.It was reported that a Honolnla de
tective agency htd mad application
to take over the whole work of guard
lot th wstr-rf'ont buf no aerion, wai
Ven on this inforniation. jVhen the
noeatiofi of .niards wee being dlscasaed
at the prercdinir meeting it wa stigteet
d if regular armv mea could not
(He surmlied. national rnardsitMw ahA'
Ka ned and the plen of employing civil
tuna to do the work was alo Buggestcd.
' ITpeB BppMretloo of ' Harbormaster
Fn-Hef. th board spnlnted sv atenngrft
Phee for hi bUra. 'This la Captain D.
U Meav Of th National Uaard. The
board fixed the salary of tb now post
st ioo a moAth. ; .
j . .1 tr,. ... ,i . ii i -
ID ,t i . ii n -a
Hrary W; Klaatv1. Bupcriateadoat of
public' Instruction, .visited a number
of th country aekoola yesterday. . He
expects to tnake a omeial. tour or the
Big .Island shortly. ' - . ' v .
A Cumbor of aew teachers from th.
mainland ar expected to obtain their
assignment today at tho board of odu-
eation. ' '.' :
Mine Anna Harriton.formerly of th
oflie of the ) territorial attorney-gen
eral, has joined the office staff of the
board of education. W. C. Avety, sta
t stir I ad and inspector-general of
school, , I Bald to bo wo rhino; OA a
bra to bav all th women members
of th office, staff wear uniforms, which
wur bo essentially feminine, however,
'! St. Ltioi Cotlcffc. the Convent of the
Sacred Hearts and the Academy of th
Sacred Hearts, this tlty, and the Hilo
aad wtnuKu catholic schools all re
turned their studies last Monday, fol
lowing th yr-end holiday , vacation.
Mr. and ' Mian Jamef H, Brayton of
Kohala ar vlAting friend la Hilo, Mr.
Brayton 1 theY principal of th Hono-
makan Bchool in Kona.
Mrs. I G.lPtarks and Mist Lilli
Tracy, Of the faculty of the Korean
Seminary in Honolulu, are having a
very enjbyable visit to tfalt Island, tays
last Friday's Hawaii Herald. Thurs
day they weatlttf the Volcabo, and yes
terday morning .they ore till brc.'t
of words to exprees their admiration
of Madame Pele, who. In spite of the
opposition' she bad from, the moon be
fore the eclipse, waa more than usually
spectacular last Thursday night. Mrs.
Hterks aad Miss Tracy had Intended
returning to Honolulu yesterday, but
they are having auch a good time they
have prolonged their visit to next Mon
day. They are staying at the Burns in
Walanuenue Street, '
The following school Items have been
rnlbl fc last Friday t? itiu of the
M.mi Nit ..f Welluko:
The .enpat t'mmnt fa announced of
fleorge S. Raymoad, supervising prin
cipal of schools of Maul, and Miss
Rebecca F.. Copp, teacher In the Kea
lahou School, Walakoa, daughter of
Oeorge Copp, superintendent of the
Mskawao waterworks.
Miss Heusner, the principal of Ma
unaolu Seminary, aad Misa Ruth Ed
monds went over to Lahainaluna on
Sunday where they wer th guests ot
Mr. and Mrs. MaeDonakl over the
New Yoar.
,Mls Mary Kodrigue Of Haiku
SchooTTh as' been' transferred to the
PJa School.
litisa Mary NuiMt Is tha new teach-
er for the Krahua School.
Mrs. Catherine-MeKay it en leave
of ' absence and Mrs. Jennie Schoen
berg is taking her place.
klits Anni Chung, of ' Kamehameha
III School, ii Out- On sick leave.
' Miss . . Emily . Ntue, of Olowalu
School, 'bat resigned ahd no one has
been obtained to fill the vacancy,
Nahiku School in the Hepa district
hat been temporarily -dosed and Mrs.
Eima WaUb, has been transferred to
tao pnncipaianip , or ta rupaauiu
School. The former principal at this
school is going to the Hilo distrWt,
; ) : -
(The, Garden Island of Llhue, Kauai
ia its Issue of January, I asks "What
About School Survey f" and has tho
followlhg te say:
Home months aro there was more
of Jess talk of a. school Survey which
wa to be undertaken tome time in
the near future.
i " Wr would retpeutfully Inquire
whether, there is still aay chance of
this promise being redeemed, or was
it .only a politic son to paelfv an in-
MHtent . ' pnnlie for th time bel. "
compound v
BUfwlou stoura atwB.
dit aivi fyatta Hhvll4tf
under r
tUvk, aicavy aa
kr RcsMtly Fins blu4 1,
QMTlsnt ni UUUVa. . V
v . ':-'iA"k? I
Hawaiian Banana Play Import'
ant Part In Food. Conservation
Discussion Yesterday '
' toens of Assericub ritUrena and per
ann loyal to th Allied ecus were en
rolled In th V!g,!eoc4 Corps of th
American l)etetmr Aotlety,. of wbtoh
former Oovtotror fleorg aV, Caiier i
tho local head, at y.jiy's aooa
day . lum h session, ; at which, a few
changes in the (oustltutio weio pro
Phu. snd wlivie iood, conref rotlon, ia
whilch th Hawaiian banana ployed an
impirlaai- ps.t, was sCribuiny U.scuseed.
One of tbo h nests ai th lueheou
yecreiday n A. J . Ofctrfpbell on of
th principal exporters of bananas In
th Territory, ho' brouuht several
hand Ot pi idid oatrng oanaaaa fat
consumption by th ' wembra.v This
bioujiii up ih question Ot food onset
vaitoa and
a d iscumion 1 1 fitiietical
steamer rkrgo space for exporting the
product to the malnlnnd.
It was stated that - the" normal 'ex
port heretofore has beea 8,000 bunches
i month, ai going to. nan Francisco
mporters, but that the 'commandeering
of American ahioninff' tonnac ia tha
luciBc ior war .purpose; elsewhere
had reduced exports : to i about 500
bunches a months
Sat Mot Baaaaaa ' ',' "4
Bananas were aew so plentiful and
wtthfew buy era aad nsera, that they
wore aot oven all being picked from
tne plants. I he subject waa introduced
by. W. i. Uillinaham. Who. advocated
tho adoption of picas which would de
velop a larirei- komC. eoniHnrliOa' nl
tills produce, formerly oh of Hawaii"
best small-produce export ' enterprises.
r.,t Mr. , - Dillingham , waa abpetated a
nraiurr or- a oommiuee -to , oaveiop
planaj nlbag ' tb tine diaehaaed! and
bring in a report at an eaily meeting
t to whet can be dene to create- ffreat
er nse of bananas. In tha local market
and pofsibly to replace torn Other food
product which may be lessewed bader
war conditions. It wa auBsrested thai
th larger use of bauanas would save
cargo space for imported frulta in ve.
sela bound from. Ha Francisco to Ho
Boluln and yield this, spate to other
food essChlitils. "-
The luneb-timc Oieetinos. which are
to l held on Tuesdaya at the Young
Hotel, will be important to tb progrea
f the society's work, for report will
do made there,, and' suggestion reeely
dtf It wll bo eeceaUat to tor develop
ment' of th business eadL of the or
ganiaatioo that the attendance be large
each session. It order , to provide
place for the members -oa luck oe-
caaiona th presidcat atked that all
memberajwhe propose to attend luach
sections notify Beeteteafy jOoodiag
Committees f reported that they hao
eallcd oa 'United State .Attorney
Huber And AasfsUnt Atteraey Banks,
also on United States Marshal Smlddy,
and upon Superintendent Of Public In
htrttetiou'Hi W. IClnney, all of whom
taid that they would welcome any aid
me society could giv.
Adrlaory Oomtnttto-
vit h(vltory committee Is tb be or-
jniiOd tapoti 'whioh will be, among
others', Judge Sanford B. Dole aad P.
trvun. , . - -
During lnncheon hours bualnnaa tll
be dikcuased is cogently hod directly
aa possible, eliminating verbiage, ia
order that the time of members, who arc
nearly aji busy men, may not bo taken
UP with lensthy and unnecessary dis
cussions or with matters not pertinent
io tne active affaire of the organisa
tion: Matter will be aussested. their our-
pose explained, and then referred to
committee for report.
Near Member
A luroe number of names Were acted
upon and entered upon th membership
rolls, as follows:
H. M:K. Harrison. Arthur fWn
i. r. i-oamore, una. H. Atherton. J
W. Jones, Walter B. Wall, Walter C.
auieias, n. vr. M. Mist, Henry A
Lueaa, BenJ., U Marx, Jacob f. Brown,
y vaughan MacCaughey, Wil
linm H. gooec. O. St. John nilluirt
John Watt, Walter B. Shaw, Alfred w;
rjimea., wm. U Whitney, James Wake
field, Robert Horner, J. W. WalHron.
J. L. Fleming, William Bobaon Foster,
-. xancDnail.
Pivrr Bnroh. Jna.' A' XTirt.n' t.
W Am Vi..xr. ur-i. ' .
thur Berg, F. F. Hermann, Lawrcnr
methods bv which tha' Hawaiian ha. I
nnra may t moro geernlly used fo ".t s"
eating i-irpose. by the i-laiid popula1 ,he
V .t.- 41.1 J ... archlpeJeno to lnvetigato a plan to
maieoim-, Maelntyre, J VAmm ' oj w- ,
tfcr& .rf Keep Fit For thq
Uodilr Percy MV ' Pond; W. A. Wall,
Rudolf. Buehlv. H. Mvwon Hnlt itm..
p. Mcuandloaa, Goorgf H Browa, George
W. R.'Klnir. Gori. Smithies- Br
rv R. MacfArlan.'' V TMv.A. nw.
W. Hi Woatervelt, H. B. Bipley, Grri(
lWUdor, WiUi.nl TvOnrdem "
Kemp, Herbert B. Jordan, Har
ry btewart Hayward, Blley.'H. Allen,
Daniel B. Kuhaa, Edwr4 M. Khrhorn,
"5, ?' 'W Claroac . U. OUon,
Roderick O. Mathoeon, John Gtiild,
Clarence I Crabbo, W. II. Hoogt, Dr
'"roofH . Williams, B. W.
I. Purvis, Arthur, GV'Smith, Johs Wa
terhouse, Allen W, T. Bottomley, Bob
piua U. Anderson,. Henry W. KInpey,
Harry Scott Gray, John' O, Morbnu,
Ufw Ul. . wa n . m.. ' ,' '
" "V mpaon, , jv. axuf, u I.. Craw
ford, Archibald S. OaiU.
WpvF. Wilson, Walter R. CoiiLbs(
Wm. JhmlesOil,, tleo. H. Augcs,' Geo.
Bustard, Jatoea M. Laird, Thomas Mc-
;,:"u,l K. Wan,' Jambs G'Mc
full, m n , i .
r "rw." I. coulter,
w- w, Atkinson, Js. a
Bath."H. O. Dilllnfh.m rllri nri
ball. Geo. P. Denlson, Dr. J. sT H.
Pratt, Harry Armltagh. B. A. Walker,
J. Mi MeChesney, Arthttf Wee, t. II
-y, n. a. Walker, Alexander O.
Uawea, P. K. Mclveaa. '
' AMSTERDAM, January t-(Assol
ated Press) President Fehrenlnuh of
the main romaiittee of the reiVhntag
baa tendered the bottwlshe of-tler
many to the new republic of Fiuland.
" !" 1 ,1' .! "f'.'rf,-. J ." J ', JB.'
Haiyaii'Sugar Lien
Rlai5 Invest tlillioas
k the -Philippines
Committee Sent t to, investigate
Feasibility of Big Plantation
Plans In Far East Exacted To
Return To Horiotulu In Shoft
Time ' v-'-r r" ' ; l
One million dollart ia th amount
which may be provided for the prosecu
tion of sugar developing picas la- th
Fhtlippine to be foratabed by practi
ally all th augkr plantatloc of tb
Hawaiian Islandc, provided the special
eommlssioa cent, to the Philippines last
rait, and du to return, her from Ma
nila soon, reports favorably upon thi
proposal. ' -. ' '
The committee la composed of A.
Oartl. y., Jr, of Brawer ft Co.) T.ank X
Athertoti, John T. Moir, tnaaaser ot
r . I r !. l Z . ' 11' . .
rue area f ian suitable for
raimag sugar aaae ana amo xor tat n
lection of c aito for e miU. ' ;
The Huwaiioa Sugar Planter' Am
elation It more 'or. lest later sated. -i i
. . - ... i ...
whale, In the inyostigation, and abouM
he pli ba proaouoeed fa bio th
members of th association wcold rro'i
ably enter late the financial end Of th
movement t the extent of at least ha f
a million dollars the first year and th
wnm urnvwut saw sovusivi j wst t .
The meo composing the, eommiur
ara rcprea ntative sugar tmta aad rep
resent local capital, and will view th
propoaal from a ' purely. cold-blooded
business standpoint, although the entry
of Hawaiian capital', into, tha acham
would endoubtedly ' en ate a oroatr i
friendly, spirit betweea the two insular
units of the United States? .
No announcement of. tbo results of
tbo, mission may be. made public, uni
111 after the report bus beea mad t
the directors of, the, Hawaiian. Sugar
I'laaterC Atoeiatipn. j . , .
WASHINOON, January ft khmi
iatcd Preaal A , former. Princeton
ootbali player brought down a berma
limlaba yesterday, aeeordiaa to an of
aeial despatch from Pejia., . AJthougl
'.he- American- aviator 'a .name was. aot
nentioned, the despatch c believed,, t
refer to Hobev ' ' i Baker. - one o
Prinaeton V former pigskin heroes, whd
s in tbo. air service - on the . wester
LoNDOnV JaanaryV (Aseooiaiei
Presc)Th sinking of a British sul
marine ia tho Moditatranesk, Twhtr it
waa engaged la patrol duty, was anf
nounecd by the admiralty ia ah orael
itatemeat yatrdy. - Th. warship, wa
mnk on Sunday. All her officer Br
Mated among the rescued) but ton mem
ber of the Crew worn loot, evidently
killed by tho txpioaloa which sunk th
thin. ' : - : .'.'' ' , .' '
WASHINGTON, January 8 (Aasui
elated Press) Exportation of butter!
except to .action associated with th
United mates, ia the war attentat uer
many, has been prohibited by tho Waf
Trade Board. - f hie waa disclosed toi
Bight ta a statement by the food ao
ministration requesting butter maker
and dealer to abandon certain types of
package uso: in shipping butter t
th Orient, the tropioe and. ojlhcr ebunj
Iritis except thO Allies. , j
LONDON, January. 8 (Associate!
Preas) Foreign, Minister TroUkfl of
tlm Itidliavlkl Mvnmlt has MuliffJ
Brest Litovsk for the purpose of roopenl
ing negotiations with tbo Teutoaa. . j
The Bolshevik! proaa coattausc to atf-
tank Great Britaia. '
Dally Stnt 16 t
Yon eaal't hfforS to be. laid ud with
sore, achiag kldnayt in these daya of
high pcices. Some oceupaUoat brist
kidney troubles: aluiost. any wort
makes wntk kidneys worse. If you
feel tired all th tine, end suffer bo-
sules with lam back, sharp puint,
dittv spell, baadaehes and disordcre'l
kidney action, use Doan's. Backache
K idney Pills. It may cava an attack bf
rheumatism, dropsy, heart trouble' or
Wright's due use . jjoea'e have, aeipea
iooumrqi uaoa io nvaita.,
'When Your Back is I.ame Bemem!
ber th Name.' (Doat almply aak for
a kidney remedy ak distinctly for
Doan's Backache Kidney Pill and tak
no other). Doan't Backache Kidney
Pills arc told by all druggist and store
keepers, or will be mailed oa receipt of
price by tbo Hollister Drug Co., .br
Benson Smith k Co., agents for the
ii.ii.uu - .'i.nu w vw., . B - " -
Hawaiian lslauda. (Advertisement)
whmsbbw i a. i rn w a . r ..
Motion of Defense For Direct
Verdict On Ground of Faulty
Indictment Denied By Judge
rU '''- -'4 - ' "' .f'v .' .'". '
Dr. Hpdflinl Asserts He Accuccd
Defendant of f Having Per-,
fortngd Criminal ppcration ;
Witaeases la ; . the eaae of Df . IT.
Homer.. Uayca, ; wh Ui charged with
having performed a eriaciaal operation,
began yesterday la the circuit court
to tell th happening V th night f
Beptember 11. last when the events,
which have stirred' the UteresCof the
city had have focad thU way Into
the criminal court, hd their begianina.
The taking of tenUmoay atarted af
ter Deputy Attorney General Ooro. ll
8. Frtaklla who, at he stUd Vimwif,
Is trying hia first Criminal case, had
seared heavily against tho " defennc.
The deputy attorney general n hit In
itial effort' t the ariaUBal bar la con-
ducfieg bi aid of tho cas hloae. He
Is matched against aeaeoaed veterans
bf the COitrt in th preceace of Lortin
Amlrcwt and-William B. Pittmaa, ef
Andrew and Pittmaa, ' and Leon M.
Strauss, who ara ' representing the no-
eusod physician. ) . ,
Mottom Ij DcfaaUd- '.t. 'v '.'
Th motion iaternoaed by ' the do-
TehsC tbo day before wa th first thing
disponed bf "yHterday. In th motion
th indictment wat held to be invalid
and Judge Hsvo wae Baked to direct
a Verdict of not guilty.' This wa over
ruled by tb cotrrt and tae first WltneM.
Dr. Jtmes T. Wayson, wat called to
the Btntn""- ' -v'
-The ttklbg ot tsetirobity throiifnot
thf htdrsidg waa "marked by a series'
of objections to bits of testimony and
by' dashes of eonaacL Doctor Wayson
bold bf Visit to hit "offlre of the young
Worn1 whd ta tamed la the (ndictmeat.
He tetuficd that bo had examined ber
ahd" fdund her to be pregnant, a con
dition, he aald ho believed had existed
eight of twelve weeks. When tn ef
fort wat mad to bring Into evidentc
tattmehti the yobug woman had nm
to Doctor Wtysoa oa the occasions of
her Visit to hit office, It wat defeat' 1,
for" tha timo at let, after, a, wot, :y
tlttk: .,;'. , . .- v.' . . .
i' FollowlBg Doctor' Wayton, Frank t.
Stevenson, hoepite) . steward at tha
emergency, hotpital, was called, to tha
stftiid.' He testified "tbot oB the i. ' t
of September 11 be, bad. anivvcr. i i
eall, foe an ambulance and had
to a eottcg of oaa of the hotel e '.
Ushmcatt near Waikikl beach, Vu- r
Hayes met him on .tha outside of t ..o
cotUgC, h . testified, and told, him It
waa young wontnn Buffering
rheumatism who Vac to be. removal ta
the Beretanln Sanitarium, He tolJ ct
baying takea bet there in th id.) u
lance, and was then excused. -Rodglsnr
Taken stand -.
L' -Ke detail of events that pi ' t
w added by Dr: Arthar O. Hodi ,
who waa tho next wttnee caUed. :.
hnd Bee awakened about ten o'cl. k
that nighty ha tootified, by call fi .a
tho Deretantn SanUtrlnm. '
- Whbn h antwered the can DoctAr
HtMlgln iaid- ho m t Doctor Hcyea tud
vtothi viusra, wnoee names a mm-
tloned, on the lanai of the aaaitanum.
Doctor Hhyr told him, the wltse h
hertefl, that It wa' a eta of h youn r
woman whd wa suffering with rheun.u
tiim. He testified that Doctor liavaa
atked him to examine the caw.
Doctor HayC. said he had that n: t
used n spoculonr, the.witncst tcetiru l,
-mm . i , wv uwixw inB, tne insiru-
ineht in question w, ona that woubf
have no parpoae ia. treating h pitiaut
witk rheumatism.
AccnaOB Hay
Arter tut exumlnatloa ha Btated be
had directly acCuaed Doctor Uayeo of
haVlng perforated a criminal operatiun.
I told hint n. had. left the dirty
work for me to do.' the witacac teati-
fledT; .v.-.". ' V '."'"!',;-..'
Doctor Hayes did not at Once reidy
to thla aecasatioa, the physiclaa went
on. ' ' -v' , f.
"He turned, oala. and asked for a
rhu! te ait dona. A little while later
Doctor Hayes said h would never do
anything Ilk that aghint th wituess
added.'1. ...... . i-
Doctor Hodirtha had aa further eon-
Tertatioov With th tecusod phyHiciats
aesorging to tit uturuvny. Uc IJ
that ho ha4 atnpunced hia intention to
iH-riorm an epwai Jn to reitove the pa
tient and called for Dr.' J. K, Judd to
faaist la this. By the time he ha I the
operating room put in rcadlrcaa. Do. tor
Judd responded to hia tail, ho toatif id.
and they then perforated, the operation.
uoctor wuoa, no, aaid, aouualterw4 the
Buret belle. , .' .
Cause fa Defined Vl m ' .
Doctor Hodirina stated that the pa
tient remained under hia cere vcral
daya following the operation When
ho waa atked to ataU th cause or tb
patieat 'a condition he declared it had
been brought about bv aa "Incomplete
abortiotU"', ' . ij ; .''
Vigorous efforte thet tbo dtfehs Ud
made while Doctor Wtysoa Ws oa the
taad to make nae of tochaicnl medical
works by authorities Ja eroa exam'nv
lion bad failed when object iona of the
prosecution hnd 1 boon . anttaiaed by
Judge Heen. O. th defense vldntly
meant to follow tho tame course aad
baa tent book in cross examining Don
tor , Hodgina, Course that had bea
barred by the coup's previous ruling,
the attorney for tho defeat were re
luctant to proceed with the excmlua
tloa of Doctor, Hodgina. It wat tho
eleven-thirty, end Attorney Atdrewa
atked for a delay to enable him to pre
pare himself for tha examiaatnt f
th witness. Th court ordered blxt to
proceed nntil twelve o'clock;: an t b
directed question at th witneae until
. m . . . u u i muvm ml ' . I n was Su'
jour acd utrtil nin o'clock this moruiug.
that hour, when tha bearinn wat ad-
;i ,

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