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: lUiis to Ru;i
CpL R. 0. Nilson ;TW. Soil For
; Year But Returns To1
. ..XT'. ; Katsort Service
Opt B. O. Nilsoa, aa obl-tlme skip
per, who for font yar baa bean IMag
a firmer' lif on hi riuk it llm
(.itande, California, afte serving maay
-nr a eaptaia ef of tne Mataoa
iNavigatloa Company's vessel, baa-returned
to th M and eStsred h rv
lee of the Mataoa company again. Cap
tnin.Nilsop ia low commander of the
Oregon,', on, at-the vessel reeeatlj
turned ivn'to the Mataoa eompaay
bt the shipping board, to do service aa
ti.a 1 'seine aaaer charter to the Mateoa
people. , tine ia a three thouaand tos
vessel, and h formerly award by a
steamship company la Seattle.
Captain Nilsoa -wee formerly commander-
of tha Mataoa clipper A a ale
.'nhnsoa, which kaa beea converted intt
a motor ship. ' fader authority of tkr
shippisg board, the Matsoa Navigation
Coir Any will have fourteen vessel i
the inland trade' with aa aggregate toa
of 02,700 toaa. ; ' , . '
Hefor war was declared by tha gov
ernment, there were only eight vesseli
owned and operated by thla company
1h total teuaag of which waa about
4,000 tone. ., It J the opinion of ahip
pi nit men- that the difference ia the
number of vessel operated by tfca Mat
(on people fairly iadiea tka policy
of the government shippiag board tka'.
it substitute a aaffieieat number- ol
small rnarli to maiataia ae averag
tonnage.'- 1. '.' . ' -v,
Included la the liart of veesela aow
tin dor charter and owned by tka Mat
ma Navigation Compaay are tka Col
irnliia, Juneau, 8. L Allard, Aaaie John
nm, Governor, Lnrllae, President, Iria
Maeoa, Wiadber,. Eatorpri, Hyade,
; :m;d to build
Hr July 1, 1910, steal steamers to
the number ef forty aaek of SOOO toa
H .-ad weight will be delivered by the
Northwest - Steel 1 Compaay and the
1 labia' Rlvef Shipbuilding Company .
( . the a amber twenty remain of tboee
j r vioiinly aoatrarted .far nd twenty
n i ri'Hnt new orders placed by tk
1 mergenr'y Fleet' Corporation.'
An a matte, of fact, it. is admitted
tluit there is no. limit to tka tonnage
to lie turned' out for the frovemmest
except as gantfed'' tiy theXerminatlo
if the war. Ha long as this Nation if
numbered ' with tie - combatants in
1 a rope ships will boreqtiirad and every
ynrd is expected to continue tnmiae
t!i"ra Out. ' -i-' .' ''
I u formation; bearing oa tka ' now
e1 i m kaa been made kaewn by Joaepk
1. liowlea, presideat of tka Nortkwest
Mfl Company wk returned, to Pert,
land from Waahlagton. ' ;
"At least fwrty vaasabx" war the
a huistlon ' of 'Ms. Bowles -ken asked
c to tho eitent ef the contracts elea-
1 on his trip.. At 170 ton, which
J sr been .the prioo ot the Emergency
, ft. Corporation ton lata r contracts,
tie 'twenty orders would represent a
i i 'tract ' valuation of approximatelj
i o(H),000, tkeugk it is said , it will
t -' y ba betweea f 35,000100 and 0,
And it (a said! that the distribution
f war busineat wiU not be eeaflned
to those yards alone, as far as the steel
xliips nguref for the Albin Engine
.N.'uchlne Works, which baa under way
m .o1s Of 3300 to 5800 tons, is mention
i 1 or new orderal probably vessels of
U ton being laid down and from
i-tit to .ten of them are understood
to be conmdaia(n tv -
The 'combined orders of the North
went Steel aad Columbia River plants,
including ships that have been floated.
iifM twetty-foor. - Of the number the
War : Barod 'and "Wnr Viceroy, were
liiiitthed reasntly and delivered to the
uuard line by, the Northwest.
. ike number pf Now rTngland fisher
mei who have lost, their lives ia the
p;rui of Ajlieir- enlliag . during the
t eiuhty-flva years is 6945. These
mea left 113J widows and 0000 depend
ent children. .Some sixty or seventy
n n is now lhe average annual loas ia
1L industry off New England Coast.
Aeronling to-tha Daily Commercial
Xews of cian Fraaelsca, . offshore nsh
iMimia taka their, lives ia their hands
lionever , they bav their vessels in
dories to set trawls, ' .
Fog, Ilka the poor1, Is always with
tfit-m, aad the dinger of drifting too
ftii" from their alanine schooners is
xtill further eithaaced by the poMibll-iiy-
of being ran over by a transatlan
tic liner.'' Kqnal to both of these, per
I Hps, for Vansinp) lose of life smong
t iiu New England fithertnen are the
tnrtiado-tiba notherly gales of winter
I h :t . sometimes suddenly overtake the
iui1es attending' tha trawls at a con
m J t-ralja distance frenr their vessels,
II n.l bofora (hay can get bank it is
limped an 4 it occupants are drown
1 I. udde'l to the lung list of brave mea
v bo haa)iatiK4rN.lava-ia pursuit of
tki neoeapary -fvUw eitisens.
r wilCmake airplanes
;ifKAT mWWfVfXEnBland. Jsn
t;nry (Asoriated Pram) Cotton
n.ii,,i in i.siirathire sre to )x- turned
-wr -to- thf r,'"pw',-''"t1," o' sirplmiee
n inlr v to oilfviata distress in that
iiintrli-t resulting, froti dimniumtli con--'
ul; ujKu Miortae ' I cotton sup
1 J. vs. ; j, , . , s.'
, ' : rhMS'?.- '
Three Old Requests Are Eliminate
, ed But New Ones Made No
Change At To Shipping
1 :'.-
At the reqoest of tka govern m en t
there is a tightening Instead of a re
laxation ia tha voluatary eensornhlp of
tha press. This is contrary to what
was indicated by tha despatches reeeiv
ed at the si one of tha year, araieh told
only of tka three provision- that war
eliminated. Other sections have been
added and there is no modification of
tha provisions which relate to tlTe dis
closing of the movements of merchant
mea and naval ships. ' ; v, .' -
. Jjwt July tha press voluntarily agreed
to censor its news aad the committee
oa publia information laid dowa a set
of rales which it asked to bare observ
ed. Such observance all really - patri
otic 1 aewspapers have songkt to obey,
tka most flagrant violation being by
tkose few paper wkieh have declined
ar failed to observe the requests relat
ing to theexrriraJ and departure of mer
chant aad naval vessels ' and - their
movement which It was asked should
not be mentioned. The moat common
breach of .these rule ha bee in the
mere omission of the name ol vessels
but the publication of their arrivals and
departures and Intended movements.
Complete' new rules for the eondnet
f the voluntary censorship were reeelv
d ia the last mall from the mainland,
rhey were made effective January 1
tnd are as follows: '
The government request secrecy in
ill matter af: ' '
1. Advance information of the
outea and schedules of troop move
nenta. 'V,'
2. ; ' Information tending to disclose
'he number of troops la the expedition
ary forces abroad. :-'''
' S. Informatioa calculated to dirloi-a
'oeation of the permanent base or biset
broadL 'i..'
'vocation of Troop
' 4. Information that' would disclose
he location of Amerienn units or the
Eventual position of ' the American
'oreea at the front. ;' . '''
0. Informatioa tending to dlsjloe
eventual or actual port of embarks
'Ian; er information of tha movement
tf military force toward seaports ar of
ha assembling of military force at
- ea ports from which inferenee might be
!rnwn of any intention to embark them
'or service abroad and information of
'he assembling of transport 'or eoavqy
tad informatioa of the embarkation it
elf. ' "r '
6V Information of the arrival at any
Duropeaa port of American war vesselr
ir transport. 'f.
T. Information of the time of de
parture of merchant ship from Ameri--an
or European porta,
tovnmenta af Bbip '
8. Informatioa Udleatlng the port
4 -' arrival . of. inedmlng " ships from
European porta. ,f ...
t. Information as' to eenvoys and at
a tha sighting of friendly ar enemy
dtlps, whether naval or merchant
i 10. Information ' 1 of tha locality,
lumber, identity of ' vessels belonging
'e oar own navy er to the navies of
1 ny country at war with Oermany.
11. laformation of the coast or aati
i re raft defense of the United States.
' It. Information of the laying of
nines or mine field or of any harbor
tefenseaw"- v, !
Aircraft Production .
IS. . Informatioa of the aircraft aa
tpptniananee used at government Kvir
Uioa schools for experimental teat
inder military authority, and in forma
ioa of contracts and production of air
naterial. . , 1 '
' 14. Information 'tending to disclose
'he nnmbers and erganisatiL of the air
Hvisioa excepting When authorised by
'be committee oa public information.
18. Information of secret notices la
med to mariners er other confidential
'nstruetioo by tbe navy or the depart
nent of commerce relating to lights,
ight shins, buoys or other guides to
16. Information as to the number,
tlse, character or location jof ships of
he navy ordered laid down at s..y port
r shipyard or In actual process of con
traction or information that they arc
annched or ia commission.
17. Information of tbe train or boat
ichedules of traveling official misaioas
n transit through the United States.
18. Information of the transporta
tion of munitions or of wsr material.
Many change are made from the
wd of censorship observance issued
sat July. The following three para
irsphs ar eliminated entirely:
"Informatioa tending to disclose the
names of line oaleers is expeditionary
forces aad reference to indiviilunl unit
f these forces,
"laformatlon ef the identities of
mcrieaa merchant ships defendiiig the
'dentities of their captains, their gun
srews and their crews.
"Informatioa relating to drvdocks
uid to all classes of work, repairs, st
terationa, or construction performed in
connection therewith."
WASHINGTON, January 0 (Asso
iated Press) More than a billion n
year,, or nearly a hundred millions of
dollars a month, is the proportion te
which the pay roil of the fightinn
forces of the United States has nw
reached, it was announced yesterday by
the committee on public information
This expense has by no means reached
the maximum1, .but it will continue to
grow and will show a great leap after
the next draft, when the rantonments
are filled with new members of the
National Army,
LONDON, January 10 (Assoriuted
Press) Owing to public opposition the
British and tke national history mu
seams will not be taken over by th
government for office purpose. I.or
Owraon made this announcement yes
terday. Great as is the need of otlln'
room other arrangenteuts will bo uimle
to .meet the, need
11 AT 1 II aTTi MM
Refusal of General Wisser To
Supply Troops Creates Situa
tion That Worries Officials
1 Following Brig.Oeol Joh'it '. I. 'Wl.
aer'a refusal of the' request of the TeW
tritory for local troops to be placed, on
-the waterfront to guard all, dock,
powder (msgaeine aal. oil .tanks,' B. XX
Huber, United . Staie; attorney, said
yesterday afternooa that for the pres
ent nothing could be dona beyond is
auisg a further warning to Germs
alien enemies to heep clear of tho 100
yard none, under penalty of detention
and possible Internment for the dura
fion of the war. s . n
nam f 'otnen omeera are o 'inry at
the waterfront during the time a .boat
is in port, with Instructions to appre
hend anv "bsrred" person area loiter'
lag, and should it be known, that a
German alien enemy has Visited the
piers at anv time, be will be arrested,
aid Mr. Huber. , . t.
It was said in territorial circles yes
terday that General W laser's action in
refusing the request made to him Was
taken on advice from Washington.
Harbor board officials are at a loss to
decide upon a plan for the patrol. It
waa geuerally thought that It would
be possible to secure troops from the
army, and the commander s announce,
ment came as a complete surprise.
There is an emergency appropriation
of 50,000 In the territorial-' treasury,
but to ' employ . civilian guards would
mean aa expenditure of a large amount
each month, which would soon exhaust
he fund. W. B. Hobby, acting-chair
man or trie naroor ooarti, wtu ran a
meeting to ras the situation either,
today or tomorrow.' . , " .'
tit in
A number of. resignation from the
chamber of -commerce were accepted by
the directors yesterday afternoon, some
of these coming from mea who have
been identified with the chamber and
J he old merchants' association before
tnei amalgamation or toe two bodies,
buv for business and '-other reason
found it necessary to ever connec
tion. '
The list included C. O. Ballentyne,
former general manager of 'the Bapid
Transit A Land Company, removing to
Salt Lake City; William II. MeClellaa,
supervisor' and member of the harbor
board, who said he find his other
duties so numerous he baa little time
to attend the chamber sessions; ' J. L.
Cooper, former, manager of the Clarion
Clothing Co removed to Han rrancls
re; M. Braseh, ' former J-ger of
Whitney aV Marsh; aad JrtiTolm Mao
Intyre, ".'.', ." - ';C.. 1
A Norman Oedgc ha declined to
run for the office of president of th
chamber of commerce, Walter F. Dill
ingham, the other nominee will - prob
ably be elected by acclamation at the
annual meeting to be held on January
17. Mr. .Oedge said, in declining tha
honor of a nomination, that he felt he
would not be able to give the time and
attention to the duties of president
that it required, owing to pressure of
other business.
Mr. Hageas, now serving as president,
ha been nominated for membership
on the board of directors. In sdditioa
to other aames already published th
name of John Waterhouse was added
WASHINGTON, January 9 (Associ
ated Press) Two men from tbe Unit
ed States destroyer Jacob .Tones are
held prisoners by Germany, it was an
nounced today. Nine men of. the Harry
Luckenbach, torpedoed, are still misaing
and 22 are known to have been rescued.
uary it (Associated I'resa) The long
standing ill-feeling between Brazil and
Argentina has been intensified as the
result of their opposing attitudes res-gcctinjthQjar1
How to keep the
Egg BiUs Down
The following recipe will ' demonstrate the practical '
economy of using fewer eggs with the aid of
loyal Baking Powder
cup ahortsnioa
1 aupaugar
yt cup milk
DIRSXTIONS Crm tha short an inc. ad tha susai, than th ssastea a rsls,
a mis wsU; ad aharnataly, a Unla at a Maw, the nilk an tha aoar whlaai .
haa kasa alfte with tha baklne paswdar an alonaman; fold la the whtts af I ,
sag hasten atllt Baka io loaf pan fc-am SS te J .anlnataa, la Individual aaks .
tlsa u oen 10 to 25 mloutaa. ,- . i;
The old methol caXL-i for 2 eggs -
In-most recipes excellent results may be obtained by
reducing the eggs one-half or more and using an addi
tional quantity of Royal Baking Powder, about a teaspoon,
in place of each egg omitted.J ,
New book of recipes which economise ha egga and other anpen
aivs Ingradienu mailed fraa. Addraaa Royal Baking Powder Co,
133 William Street, New York, U. 8. A. '
Isysl Bakk, fawdar u mads irwa
Mi aaa hat
No Alum
Registrars "and .Legal Advisory
' . Boards On Hand But Regis
) i trants Fail To Appear 1
; ' Late' yeterdy afternooa few regia
trnni appeared at quotlonnalr booth
bringing their blanks, ths first' to Com
to light ta two day, "tit Irst blaak
were mailed by the local selective draft
board oa Monday' morniaq.
' Out 1 tka fourth precinct t tk
fourth district Jask.Medelro rushed
into th booth hold In f hi questionnaire
blank before him. . II was enthusias
tically received for; h was th first
-registrant- to bring; ' business to that
booth, v ' A ' v -I
Fens were ' dipped, Chief -Registrar
Gerrit F. , Wilder had bis aid and the
legal advUory- board .assistant, leaped
t their stations, aad made ready to
assist Medeiro in geetlag hla aaswers
Into , the formidable ' document. The
Boy Scout on duty stood at attention,
and everything was properly staged for
the eeremony.- ,.: i
"Say, I'm not ffolng te fill thi ont
now" said Medeiros; V I'm going to
tsks it home and study it over; I just
wanted 2o let yon know I kad mine."
Smile Fad ''' " ''
' It was tk same with booths all over
town. Not until yesterday afternoon
did some of the' questionnaires reach
addresses, and a few reported at vari
ous booths,-but very few. N ques
tionnaire blanks kad. been returned to
the local boards: rxcept two which bad
bees filled out by men paving for the
Far East ia 'the recently dlsppsel later
lata ad steamer Noeaa Add Keauhon.
-' Yesterday morning Exemptioa Board
No. 1 Fourth District), sent out five
percent mora blaaka, or 250, bringing
the order number up to 100. -'
Exemption Board No. t (Fifth Dis
trict), seat out' an additional ' 400
blanks, bringing- f he total ef order
anmber disposed of p to S2S. --
Begistraat in tbe - Fourth District
who sold order nnmbers-between 500
nd 750 will have their blank mailed
to them today. Begiatrants : in the
Fifth : District who ' hold ofder num
bers up to about 1300 will have theirr
mailed thi morning. - .
Those holding large-order numbers
say 2800 or 3100, for instance, will no
have their, mailed to them, unti
next week., -But it 1. Incumbent upor
registrant to keep close watch oa thi
mails.. If they get a bit anxious it will
be just a well for them If they make
inquiries at the postoffieei
H. Goodi ng Field, J. r A. Baleh nd
George F. .Benton, of "fhd' Vocal board r
reiterated yesterday the ad viae given At
the, commencement-of ttha work, that
registrants must make eturas of tkeir
blanks withia eevanyday after .. they
are mailed not after they 'received
hm Plil Umnwmmm iUm 1
(i i m. . h . HMpin-H Miff Mmvw mm
n ill n it K aabowu ilfiit ah Itfwiat Vw rA
have no authority wjutaverrto change
the conditions, hard a they appear te
be.-- ,. :-.?..- ,-- ,v ; ,
, -" Begistrants are nd aompelled to g
to any particular questionnaire booth It
the city, but can go'iato any and r
eeiva help' aaid H. Gooding Field yea
terday. ' ' ; ,
'.'Xt it Is more coavenleat for n, man
who lives ia the Ponahon district to go
t the booth at -Emma-JKquare, that ir
bis privilege. ' The registrant, on com
fileting hi return, ntusf -mail it himse!
a the envelope which accompanies th'.
questionnaire..' This i -plainly address
ed to the proper board. All he has tc
do ia place it inside, seal it und drop 1
In the poatoffiee. It might be well t
drop them at the postoffloa instead of ir
a drop box around town, particularly
if bia time limit it short.
4 ' Aay lawyer In town. Will also heir
a registrant
Wait In Vain
Maay booths were opened up early
yesterday morning. Some of the doorr
wera opened at aevea e 'clock aad pa-
riotlfi eitisens wera on band aa regis
trarssnd member of the legal advisory
ponrd. They waited in vain again, but
manr nassed the time readina the selee
tive ' draft service regulation which
consists of 2&4 elosely priated pagee, all
bearing on the draft and tbe question
naire. .
Today will begin the real active duty
for thei are now aearly 1350 blank
ut, and registrants will lose little time
in (retting before qualified registrar to
assist them in givins; correct answers
'The registrants will probably flow
into the registration booths ia wave.
but the lawyers and laymen are pre1
nvmA for anv invsaion. . , .
194 ss flour
4 taaapoMS Herat BaUae Pear Sac
1 leaapawn etnasaaoai
Crsam af Tartar isrivsd frsss
asskkiat asnlitis la ths Ised. ' '"'
; i d ') No Phosphate '
; G R O
While Tax Gatherers Whip;;,
. ? ; c County Officials ' . f
- BTLO Hawaii, Jssuary 7 (Special
to The Advertiser) Tke Y. M. ilbaee
ball team, the Big Island champion af
last year ' season, defeated tha visiting
Honolulu nine on tha Moohean. Para
diamond aa Hunday afternoon by the
More af fivej run to one. The visiting
team waa eatirely outclassed and at ae
time had a "look-in" In the game.-.
' Thla Victory for th local put Kilo
fan on edge for the still greater vie
tory which the eity wo a this afternooa
from th four Honolulu relay team in
the thirty-one-mil race from th Vol
eaao of Kilaaea to the seashore at Moo
heatr Park.-.'. '.. :,
Tax CoUsctors Win Again - '. '
- This afteraoon tka Tax Ofllciala aia
defeated tke County Official team by
tha Score or six t rive ' runs si the
same diamond. Thla game had worked
up the whole city for noma time. It
as a fast aad close battle all the way
.broURh and proved again that the tax
man 'has always the last say: . -
The Honolulu ball, players, most of
them Mills Hehool students, left here
for Hilo last Saturday afternooa in
the Manna Kea and returned yesterday
morning from the Big Island. The lo
eal players and tha positions they were
to fill ia tha Honolulu team' were as
follow: ' m- .. . ' r
Sua -Hung, third base Kan leong,
pitcher; Ten Lam, left field; Wah Han,
shortstop! Charles Ho, center field; Hee
Cha. first base; Oktna, right field; Ishli,
catcher; Oiqur, second base, aad A,
Chang, substitute. .- ' ' '
'..-''' '. v ,; ' .' ' '-. ' -: - '
Pasullo was en fete on New Tear's
Day from nine in the morning' until
''our la the afternoon, say the Daily
lib Tribune of last Saturday. The
tceaaion wa a tennis tournament and
core than one hundred persons were in
tttendaaee. Lover of the game camr
from Ookala and Kukuihaele, both
ray along tke Hamakua coast.
. A a old fashioned luau was served
at the old Notloy homestead, and ev
rybody eat dowa to the feast, which
was verved in the manner for which
Paaoito , ia celebrated. ,, The ladles of
Pasnilo were very much in evidence,
ably aseoaded by Manager and Mrs. A.
lid Kat f the . Hamakua,' tugr Com
pany.,': ' 'V ':. -,' .; Z'4',-'. -j
-Tke tennis tournament could ' not be
Absolutely -completed daring the dy.
Snt Anderson and Westley, in the semi
Bnal, went down In defeat to Fergu
son and Fraser, The finals could not b-j
played but the winners will most likely
meet Doyle nod Green today.
Belstlve to a a Associated Press item
printed in The - Advertiser oa New
Year's day telling of tha marriage of
Richard Dodaon, ''Hawaiian baseball
player," andj Mies Genevieve Foley la
4an Francisco, the 8aa Fraaciseo Chro
nicle -of December 81, sayst .
"Miss Genevieve Foley, of 701 Rhode
Island street and Dick Dodson, former
ly star second sacker of tbe ehampioa
ill-Army team of Hawaii and now lo
cated at the Presidio, were married oa
Friday last at the Presidio and are en--loying
their honeymoon ia this eity.
Dodson has a record for the 1917. bnaeball
sesson that would make anybody sit up
and take notice. His hatting average
was .582 and he made thirty-six home
"Msny men in branches of the serv
ice all over the Army are acquainted
with 'Knock-'em-dead ' ' Dodson and
this last 'home run' will be noticed
with considerable pleasure."
ST. PA PL, Minnesota, December 80
alike uibbons, the ht. 1'snl boxer, tha New York American ti&seball Club
claimed draft exemption in his ques- for the last three year, will be manager
tionnaire, returned today, on the ground i of the fct. Ixiuis Nation! League Club
that he baa a wife and three children this season, according to persistent but
to support, and through his work S unconfirmed report . received todav
boxing instructor at Camp Dodge, is Miller Hoggins, manager of tbe Card!
already in the military service, j Mu. recently was named s Dono-
-T I van ' successor here.
CINCINNATI, December 30 August! - . .
Herrmsnn. chairman" of the Nstionsl J '. DETROIT, December 21 Welker
Baseball Commission, left for Chicago fWhran of Chicsno tonioht won an
last night, where he will confer with igoo point 18.2 balk lino billiard match
President B. B. Johnson of the Ameri-lrrom 0r. Morningstar of this city,
ean League on the division of the jgoo to lid",
world's series money. . .
Herrmann favors including the flrst p. DRY IN COMMAND flF
seven clubs in each league ia th di -
visloa of the receipts uf the series.
Herrmsnn said he would also . con
sult with President Johnson regarding;
tha-dosing date of the championship-
schedule la both major leagues.
tAJITU A DDIUITC'O IfttJ "' "rerneu " American port DO
WN II A rrilVAlt d JUB for, the war, and now being operated
The report that Eddie Mahan, the form
er Harvard football player, now a pri
vate In the United States' Marine Corps,
stationed at tbe League Islam! Navy
Yard, had received . sn appointment
to an officers' training camp, is denied
, ny juanns
Th former football atar
st s ted that be was perfectly satisfied
with his present position and waa not
contemplating any other -aejvle. .-
Walking Race Prizes ;
Placed. oWM:'i J
Exhibition For Week :
- . 1 .y.,;'' ' 'I'' !., ,'
The ups and other prises Von .by
(be ntrta Is the recent first nsnual
Kslakaua Avenue amateur heel mud toa
iralkiag race are now on exhibition ia
a triadow of the Hawaiian New Com
pany wher;thy may be admired by
those who pass that way. ' They will
remain there for at least a week, ,,
' At a coming' happy gathering and
:Uh appropriate exercise . aad cere
mony the cup 1 nd price will , be
awardrd the faithful who took part In
-the' race, said Hamuel . K.- Kahslewsi,
the promoter, last -Bight.'-
. A nent the proposed heel aad toe race
for girls, recently said' to have been
i promoted by David H. Kahalewai,
ackie Allen and Archie Robertson may
be entraata, but will b required .to
wear hula skirts;' ".tff'.-. 'A "',;
' "If my brother David doesn't care
to finish what he started' said Ham
Kahalewai yesterday, 4'1T1 take tke
proposition up myself and make a, suc
cess of it." -, -.-. ,v '; ' .
David said yesterday that he had
quite a number of Kakaako belle liaed
up for the event, i - , a:
Baseball magnates throughout thi
broad Jand will be letting contract for
higher fence be for very long- Taller
paling" although expensive,' will b
built as a measure. .f economy, tar the
price of baseball I going up. - -Hereafter
whea Ty Cobb clouts th
ball out of the orchard aad a small bov
rnna away with it the- elnbowaeri will
be out l0 instead of ,1.25. ', Maaa
f seturers M baseballs and . other dia
mond paraphernalia - have announced
that these things will "come higher"
next year. ,
Bat also will be handled mora with
care, for they will cost S1.S0 instead of
fl.eS. Shoe? will be worn longer, for
tha price will go up from to til. ana
"nnie" will be meaded and roDairad.
for the cost will increase from 13.00
to 1 10.50,
Oolf and tennis supplies, basketball
goods and other athletic equipment like
rise will eoet more according, to rep
resentative of sporting goods concerns,
- i t ,
ROSTOV TWamhar l FJ'
Walsh, former star, apitbaU. 'pitcher,
was conditionally released by-.taa Boa
ton national baseball club' today. Walsh
was released by. the Chicago dub two
years ago and iat ekon wa mgned
by the Boston Nationsls. , H lyd
in only a zew games tor tne local ciud.
- LITTLE BOCK, - Arkansas, Decem
ber 30 H. 8. Ellison, 11 rat baseman,
who . ' waa purchased by the Detroit
Americas League club from tbe - Bti
Paul club met fall, ha enlisted in th
aviation aervic. Ellison's home is st
Ola, Arkansas. Ellison Knished Inst
season -with th Tiger. He former
ly waa a star athlete at the University
ol Arxansas. , r . '
DENVER, December 30 Any doubt
that might have existed as to the reten
tlon of a Western league baseball team
in Denver was definitely ended today
when Hugh Jones, owner of th local
Western League franchise, telegraphed
to the owners of the baseball park here
waiving his option on a renewal of the
lease of the park. The lease expires
with the beginning or tbe new year.
Thi will be the flrst time la more
than twenty year that Denver has not
been represented lu organized baseball.
NEW TOBK, December 21 William
("Wild Bill") Donovaa. manager of
."" """"
Ernest R. Barry, formerly connected
with the Inter Island Steamship Corn-
pa sy is now in real service , for the
Veiled Utatea, Jmviug been assigned to
the command -of one of tbe Ug German
' uuiler tne American Hag,
He Is at present engaged ia work on
the Atlantic and ha visited several of
ttb Allied countries, Including Italy.
PINFHirwsT. North CaroUna. Dee-
ember 80 Weather conditions prevent-
ed today's match round of tha annual
midwinter golf tournament which was
t hav been played here.
imIll i Tri . r pr l
UL Uh U ii uLLT
Beau Brummcl of ' Twentv-fifth
' Infaefrv Wrf-rU-pre.' I Wnw
Married Man.;i;y; y;
Only a few fan know Bobert Fagin,.
jBsvvn1avpaai f w iiw s
siar-aeeona, pasemaa or rae i weniy-niin
infAntry rf"M sow mamea
man, and thrt majority 'of hi admirer
will btf urprfedsahea they get oq to
th faro.; : v ' ;. ';Vv--
v Mr. and -Mr. BiAiert Fagln are malt
Lug their horn la thla city. They were .
married her in' December' S0l last, by
Esv. M. E. Btlva of.th Hoomana Kaa-.'
ML . ' V t f 1 "JT3 '
U Thorn at n4 ln yen PJoUiti. ' -
1?AiT.en (a aoinu1lil iastl f wnrtt.
Mraaanaielllnr . rasa 111 A H ill Hllllrl. a tlA ht'
work around "tbl VfjrsrtoD) tk for tit
Vn' lsmV' L as anbsna ftsnanak anassnlfe In HAflin..
1TJn aUSS w v v awi' a -
Homehow or other Fagi manage to be
out at Martini" Field every time there .
is a baseball gam being staged." He
Is not plsying now, tor ine,.v reeKMs .
are taking s much needed rest,: bat the
Bean Jtrummel of ...the TwentV-flfth
Infantry Is alwaya oa hand and does '
In and out Held umpiring in a meat ae-
ceptable fashion. ' yf.j ' i '
Ewa Plantation Compy f:-v'-;
Wallnka Arrirnltnral Co., Ltd. )
Apnkaa Sugar Co., Ltd. ,
Kohal Sngar Company
Wahlawa Water Company, Ltd.
Pulton Tron Works, of St Leal
Babcock aV Wlleoar Company 1 -
' Green 'e Fuel Eeonomiser Cbm stay
'. Cha. C. Mooto Co., Engineer
; - all you can;
j all you can;
GIVE! ;:
- yall ydu can.H
Mucbant and fort ! Bt, Honolala
,-1 ; ,t-. . r.'-;.' --h
from Motrl to Liverpool,
London and Glasgow via tk
and St Lawrence Rout '
s utheVobld ,
- "wa .
By the; popular "Prineess"
Steantera' from Vancouver,
Victoria or Seattle.
For full information apply to
Theo. U Davies & Co. Ltd
Qenl Agenta, Canadlan-Pacia By.. Co.
' HONOLULU, .T. it.
Commissioa Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ewa PlaaUtioa Co,
Waialua Agrionlturkl Co., Ltd.
Apokaa 8ugar Co., Ltd.
ton Iron Works Of St. Louis
Blake Steam Pumps
Western Ceutrlfngsls
Babcock Wilcox Boilers f
Greea'a Fuel Eeonomiser
Marsh Steam Pumps
Matson Navigation Co.
Planters Lin Shipping Co.
Kobala; Sugar Co.
ehlncry -of ovary description made t
order. .
' ".- SEMIsWEEXLT ' '
Iaraed Tuesdays and Fridays
(Entered at th PostolBc of Honolulu,
T. H, M Bemud siasa matte )
Per T . . .',', . . , rs-00
Par Year ' ( foreign) , . a,Od
Payable la variably U Advance.
OHARLEJ CKANat i ' i Maaagsr
r,-';'.'. - UMITtDv1'.': ;''''.,'
t sssaaaaaassawasm i' V. ' ' V
.". -.
''T'H ,.
II . , t" -
,-- a--. .; i
I at

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