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HAWAIIAN .CAZETTE-- TLT.SDAY, JANUARY .3,';iro -""MT.-T;iyiYrir,n-
: House Completely Satisfied
With Work Done By Ordnance
Department of Navy ,
arVs and munitions
, v also furnished allies
High Praise Is Given Jo Efficien
cy Shown and Speed pxer-
- i n . rl 111:11.
v Meeting Submarine, f erj
wAS,UNGTN January 14
. ? -, - (Associated rressj
Complete satisfaction with the
' ordnance department of the, navy1
j and high praise of the work done
in the eduioment of merchant
' vessels to 'meet ' the' attacks of
'.. German aubrnariries is expressed
t by, Representative Wfiuaro
! Oliver,' chairman of the house na-
val committee which has inyesti
; gated naval affairs .and t)ie prop;
, ress made in war preparations
- and for the defense. '''
..' ,In his statement issued .yester-
rky . Representative Oliver says
V thay mpre than ) 100 merchant
' .vessels "have .been equipped with
puna and furnished with ammu-
nitioq since ..March 14 last. Many
. merchantmen of the Allied na
' tions have been armed and equip-
pea. in. aaanioQ 10 vinnany jut
whole of the merchant fleet of the
., TTnSrf tat which ia entraped
Jn'j.Atjaat-Octti fraffic They
i 'were made rdy oght anj sub-
" raanmrwincn'TncT may cutuuir
. ' : ' - -': '- ' '
' ' v In .reference to method to be em
' ployed for meeting attacks of subma-
of Bear-Admiral Ralph Earl, embod
ied In the annual report of the navV
department whil-h said! '"
' ' "The moat efficient weapons against
' eubmerged vessels appears, from ail re:
porta,' i , to ' be the depth ' charge.1
A large supply of small deptha
' cb.vcea , nai . available lmme
(Tialely after" the entrance of the
' United Htatea into the war. The de
wign ana eoneiruefion 01 a larger
i of, depth . charge hai been undertaken
'.' end' dellretiea are being made. In ad
d it ion to the depth ehargef, the bureau
',' fiaa developed nd. procured a aupplr
viwd for 'antt-iiobmartne use, the de
" tail 'of which it ia ronaidered ahonld
but be" kept eonSdential. There mar
tie mAntinnM. howAvnr. anti mihmarine
' : aircraft jomba, non-ricocheting shell, a
'. heavy-projectile howitzer, and smoke
Smoke Bcroena Available,
i " aupply of smoka apparatus suf
- xtriant for all 'veucla oneratinir with
armed ' cnarda haa Jteen procured. A
Manilarl desjgn has bees approved and
haa been opened for general purchase
. fm the , contractors by merchant vet
sels' as the bureau liolds that its eog
niuoee ia this connection extends only
to vessels carrying armed guards. This
standard type of apparatus has -been
recommended ' by the Shipping ' Board
and by the Ieprtment of ""Commerce.
- -"Tkera have , been a nniuber of im
. perls at w developments in aminunl-
; euiisad In a -pofie report. The bureau
Is "keeping ia close touch with all sew
uereiopmenia . aoroaa .ana at noma
' which, may Jend to increase the etQ-
rlency rf our ttimunition.
Oreat.Brltalii Advlaaa. ,'
i An' officer of )he British Boyal Na
val . Eeeerye," assigned by the British
Admiralty' to fluty in the Ordnance
Bureau, bas been of (Treat assistance in
HnMjitinff the laAm1 tiv thrM
ear of .actual aea work with mines
tq the pnea aow under construction ia
tills 'country. The mine force of the
Ten naa enrnoa. out mine laying ezer-
' w '4 . i--. ...... u. h nun VI '
f :irent mediflcations and under differ.
rut "conditions of the standard mines.
j rom Ihene trials and from lnforma-
tioa jLtfrtfve' front "abroad, several
. niodiUaUous ia the desiirn of the mine
bavel been made leading to iacreasel
.- ejntlency thereof. ' - ' , ' '
' "The lira control work and develop
inenta Jiare progreeaed rapidly during
, )ie past year aloag lines shown to be
. iit'i-ciisarT fraai the exparienre of our
.IJic Jn the present war. Advantage
JiH,1)en 'taken 'of every opportunity
to' obtain detailed information jit the
fire.' control work and developments of
f 11 iiayief . ' .Pue cpnnideration has been
- ylveo this and uo eipeuxe has been
H'bred'te obtain' the highest' type of
fin ootroj Uistrynuints for our navy."
" hai;i iiwunc, January it (An
: the puIpit:,Veti,daj-' hr(rJ 'dpon "the
clergy and the taity tot bond net a cam
pain for purchase of war stamps by
th children of the church.
-4 ' '' . v r ' X '-i 'Jk' . ' 'lv
' COPENHAGEN, January 14 (Associated res) Conspiracies ta depose
Xing Ferdinand of Bomani and for the establishment of a "Pemocrsey" in
Kumania are reported , from fetrograd. Thaw are being-Conducted br the
Bnmaalaa Borlauata leader. Nakousky. Ilis plans re said to contemplate f
revolution, the. deponing f Jt'erdjnand and the' jformation .. b'i a ; cw govern
bicrtt by the Bocialists. ; - ", ' f . ' i ."'"''. ': "''
- ''Naionakyrra reported to be well supplied (with funds wbn h it 4s believed
have bee, supplied to him from MJermau eoarces la a propaganda to bore
effectually split the Romanians, And make absolutely sertaia a' spvedy pwe
with Buinania which It ta eoiiMdereat "WftuKf eertainly- follosr the depoeiag of
the present king and the establishment of a Pocialist regime. ' ' '
Senator Biddy of
Idaho Passes On
WA8IfINGTON, - January 14
(Associated frees) Jamea H.
Bracly, United States senator from
Idaho, died of heart diserte yester
day after aa , illness of nearly a
..week. '- '",' V T."- v '
'Senator' Brady was a Republican, ,
wis former ' governor of Idaho and
Haa been In the Senate tinea 1913
when he was elected to succeed I.
. K. Perky, a Demorratwba had been
named to held offirte until the Idaka
legislature should elect. V 1 '
It ia ejtpected a ' Democrat will
III the vacancy caused by the death
of Senator Brady for Idaho haa a
Democratic governor and both
branches of the legislature are con
trolled by Democrats. .
Five States M?y Use" Beef and
" Wuttoh Freely ;. Because of
tack of Transportation Facili
ties' TP Eastern Markets'
w-ASHINOTON," January 14 (Asso
siated Press) Meatless days wiQ be
suhpeaded in the state of , California;
Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Nevecja
until such time, at least, as the , trans
portation problem has bees solved so
aa to permit the shipment east of cat
tle from those states.1 For the time
being, since If is impossible' to furnish
beet and mutton to the people of the
east, to the armies abroad and the can
tonments in the Middle Western aad
Eastern States from those states aad
siuee there appeara to be an adequate I
supply to- meet all home demands with-
out depleting the 'range ia any way,
it is thought -advisable to utilise the
beef and mutton supply vat home aad
thus Conserve on other foods. Porkles
Tuesday will be substituted for the
mtmtknf - day in. those states. ., ';
Stock BaIsot Approve ' ! ', !'". ';
' Thia plan of substituting porkles
days for meatless day will be p reposed
at- the meeting of the American Na
tional livestock convention which will
open at Halt Lake City today and the
claim will be advanced that mors meat
should be eaten now in order that mora
will' be' ready for food consumption
'another' year.
. ,Th plaa, which tounhea the consum
er i that It would substitute a "pork
les "day for the present "meatless'
Tuesday ia baaed on the declaration
that "aniens the demand for beef and
ttottoa for domestic consumption' is
increased soon, there will be a short
age of these meats the spring and sum
mer of next year. .
Th stockmen aesert that while
normnl or enlarged number of ateera
and sheep are being fattened for mar
ket this winter, if there should be no
increase in prices, or if the present
prices should not be maintained, fewer
would be fattened next winter, 'with
Corresponding 'decrease In the num
ber sold K for slaughter. Continuance
of the present decreased consumption,
due to "meatless" days, they declare,
will mean a glut of the market and
lowering of. prices, .
Transportation Changes
Another subject which the stot-kmoa
expect to consider is the possibility of
changes in the trnnsportation system
due' to the taking over of the rail
roads by the government. Reports from
the market committee, touching on the'
investigation of the meat industry
being made by the federal trate 'eom
aussiea ; discussion of national', forest
use for gracing pur pones, the "S40 acre
bemeatead bill", the livestock industry
and the war and other subjects, many
of them technical, also are to be pre
sented at the meeting.
GEORGETOWN, Massachusetts, Jan
uary .14 (Associated Press . Local
shoemakers are eager to 'beat the
Dutch" shoemakers. They have begun
4he manufacture of wooden shoes and
plaa to carry it on exclusively. ' Much
a demand already has been ereated by
workers' in foundries and Chemical
plants' that the town expects to 'gain
countrywide prominence in the indus
try.' ' '
TOKJO, Janaary 13. Fifty niue were
killed and thirty bouses destroyed by
a aoowslide which swept down upon
Mimat in the , Province of Mgata
terdar. Number, ef crushed and in -
tbred' people were dug 6ut of the
trts by. the hastily formed rescue
liartleil. - J
(fabu", 'rrugglV refund money il
Im . cur; h ' signature ii
IC. r. GttOVKIs on eatb'jxix.. Man
nfitttured by the PARIS MKDICINB
CO. . bt Lo-is. V. S. A.
mnnn p nnoinr
i . .
Peasants Denland
Trial For Czar
PETROGRACrJannary 14 (As
sociated Prase) Demands . for the '
Immediate bringing .' af Nicholas
Romanoff,, former rear of all th
Runsias, to Petrograd from bis
plare of practical Imprisonment '
was made yesterday by delegates
of the
peasants', rcouncii.,' Tney
further demand that ' shall be
tried before a military tribunal.
Jnst whht are' the Jiurposes of
the resolution are not made clear
beyond 'the demands. In some :
source it is claimed the purpose, is t
have him made away with while In
Other source it Is ' claimed the ;
Bolshevikl are at heart favorable
to a monarchy,'
Demand For Representation on
Sugar' Commission RefuserJJ
Take Threatening Position
- LOS ANGELEB;' January 14. (As
sociated Press) Demands o f t h e
Southern California beet growers , for
representation , on the sugar commis
sion of the food administration have
been refused. Telegrams received from
the food administration last nigUt said
this Is impossible since the refiners will
not consent. -
By reason of the controversy which
haa arisen between the beet growora
of, this r section of California and r)he
beet so gar makers the commission of
the growers asked for reoresentatloa
on the national sugar eotnmiasion tnd
it was the refusal of this requeet which
they received last night: They'vrer
informed th food administration was
unable to make the appointment Vasked
aa me commission was niiea man sw
the representatives of the refiner and
th beet men oh the commission which
fixe ssigar prices objected to additions
to th eoaiiniMioa at this Into day and
if a representative of the power b
named frora one section. -there 'is no
reaaon why other sections stiould not
also be represented and why can
growers should not also have places on
the board. ... . - v.. ' ;
,To the telegram from Washington,
the commission of beet .fToweri tele
graphed a r'epty in which they demand
ed n price for their beet crops shall be
fixed within thirty dy ' .;;,
Organisations of .mass meetings - in
several sections la be! n urged the plan
being to oav these meetings' Supple
meat the demand made by the beet
grower commission and a promise thst
nles the price is named and Is satis
fact dry" thre'will be no beet crop ta
tflos sections next ' year. '
TQKIO, January LI. (Special .'to
Hawaii tjhiupo) More than two then
sand -people are homeless and n$r
thsa five hundred houses were rhduced
to heaps of ashes by a fire whiuk uroka
out' in Kujirnachi in' the ProvencW 'of
Iwmte yesterday. ' A ' high Wind .Ira
blowing' and the flames Moapt rapiw
from house to house, (weeping all be
fore them until open fields were"
reached. .. . ..
.. "Aoini-u 4,uiii, vaauary j Asso
ciated press) Boorganization Had ex
pansion ana planned, by , the shipping
beard in, announoement " which were
mad yesterday. Th expansion will
tie upon an importapt soaje, it is said
and offices are soon to be established
ia .London, i Paris and Rome-in addition
te those on ithis side ,of the Atluitie.
All of jthe oIii-es will be closely coordi
nated under the policv which is out
Uned. - r
11- t atrttrniMwr - . . '
, WABHINQTCpr. January. 1.('aI
sociat.! Press)-Peport tiiat many of
th soldiers drafted Into the National
Army are suffering from tuberculosis
and are thereby unfitted for service
found' dental yesterday in the report
ye.-in(, tBtemeut of Colonel
. thm MiifA AtLrtmM.
de-itDat of go, mB ,
wfe0M ' ft physical tan
Buihaell at
He declurea
who have' o'n-
detgone a, physical exam,! nation ' lees
than one percent were foond to be hf
fecteil by tuberculosis' ip any forni. "
. TQKIO, Jnaoary. l)(Buclai jto
Hawaii Khinpo)-r-The crown prince
,Iaph will visit Kurope in, Ift2u, it was
anoonnced today. It is believed here
that before that time peace will have
been restored. '
i. '- ' V' ; .
i i iii
p,;::i i,; ra
.Pill il r 1 1 P j j
In Northern Italv Artillery fire
Abates When flam of jbemy
. Are Frustrated and Evidently
, Are Abandoned; , v V , t t .
ir?'r ?. tVV;' '.'' .
Y.;:' - i . r ' '
Raids Are.Copt'ucted VVcft
r tiij.esi UufiWj Holds Amies ff
i afst ia Cnp',x and Cerrnaxis
Chafe At Delays . ;
) EW T0?K, January li (Associa
rjrressj ferial .warfare jwm (the int
portait '.feature; ) of 'yesterday. . on,: tie
Palion ; front overshadowing; nrte,her
fctivities.; Engagement i ' were-Veyen
niorje frsqucpt .'than oav Saturday ' when
they playfd .a n igkly Important part j'a
eonnection with the well directed fire
from the bsttcrio of the Italian and
British upon point within thr line of
oemmdnicstlon of thAnstro-Oermans.
tian'ef fpet i-i-'i ? L-t.
i ll was evident, yesterday that the 1
epvery': by' the air, scouts of intended
mereiaents on the part of. the Teutons,
followed by the Jieavy barrage directed
4gajn8t,th boints, where troop were
being sscd, had effect nallj( aeryed
for .tbe time te ceck the plans of the
etnmy even If they bad not finally fme
trtvd them,' No -activity en 'Jhe, part
Off hf oemy that might bC ipcoted
t 1reese' sttarts in foree' were .dis
covered .by the air scouts reeterdny?,;
fit was a day of eomparauvf quiet ,ls
Notrthtaty so fsf as infantry and af
tJUlery acti vlflcft were ebneetpedt Bonja
irg yels were again eonducted iy Ital
ian and British aviator egaasi mil its ty
establishment withia the Austro-tirf,
mail Unci and in ' h ; course .pf- these
there rwere numerxro meetings of Jtbe
Slearatt.ef th belli gerenta.. .'. ;";
Went fTopt Bnvw : BouM-io'r? i
In J'rnnc ' and ru Plandera I winter
sjill holds the rlyal armio la its grU
as .it jha for practically the whole pf
tbi month, .thus effettually tre,venting
tpe anticipated' drives and offensives of
tjhe heavily reinforoed German for
-whirh the AUiee have .been prepariog.
there; ,wee ' ne "iufantry movement,
even rkla,,ef any importance report
e,d, by'; either side last night and there
vait seialPaciivltr from the batteries.
German1 Worried; "ji , ;i,.V j st' !.
,'t The delny. .ocCnsiooedL by the1 enow
ad cold is worrying .the German biad
r greatly; to- it- has been their pur
ple JOTrtrik otne powerful blows efil
fpilow HP itb attack U great force
te secure important gains ia advance
of the', time, when- the United Bute
force, will have te -be' reckoned with
in large 'numbers. They 'recognise that
each day-of delay aeeaaa so manyAmoTn
United State soldier la the ; Allies',
trenches, and chafe nt the enforced' do
Jfych.of the . finest, of jCojb-
gresi w committees ;
Ascertain ;War Poarwi
eiated .J'essl Investigations :ot ., the
progress of. the varioua department ef
the government in the war will be eoav
ttnued by the varieue eommittcea '4f
house and senate thia week' ' 'Today
Secretary Lena will appear Mforer the
committee ef the senate 'which 1is tin
der ioyestigstion , the, eol,d sugar
shortages and will, give his testimony
on Xleei&therj.,' . Vr.'i'
i On' Tuesday the Indian department
udget will be ready fontM franae anil
wxu eome up tor- immeaate Considera
tion. . i '-J .., 1. S-f I . ; r,
There ia little' likelihood of a vote
in the senate on: the Woman 'Suffrage
emendntent. wfthia -two 'reka., .v Early
a.etlpe ji, being urged by the .youiea
wprkert, who ej-f -conducting a : pg
gresMivi - campaign f for tlcfory 'in the
senate as they did .before iheirt auecess
came in the- house :of Mpinpeateiivee
va isa nee is ox .ine- enaorseuurnx i ine
I'reaidentitv TbaeJion of ,-lh!, Pneei-
of the strong, leversi'which they are,
ing to urn the sesate trtbeir wishes.
dERKANY id ROJEASE.'i -rv;v:
,A M8TW8.PAM, - January, 14-.U'sse-tiated
Prese) Beeogultion off the In'
dependence pf the pew yepuoITot of Pin-
and control since tb war. and whth)
the Finns, by reaion 6f their allegiance
to Qusaja,' were enemy, aliens ttei the
German. 'It U aaid'eheael euml will
iuouof to the 'grand total of fi!),00V000
mark.'. ,..'.;', '
MUCH pHftOMt bfi ' V
8AN FRA'NCISCOr Cat; January 14
(Associated' Pres) Front ua' annual
output of ,3000 Ions' o'hreme er be
fore the wa, the etate tpf . Cnlif ernla
now . ia Vodeiog-vl excess ef 60000
ton each year according' to stimutes
ef the'tstate faUning ftirjea,it 9ue.eot
hji advauced praatieuily 4WJ lit'Boeot,
Chrome ore I used in the treatment vf
ateel and enter into the, manufacture
of all kinds of war munitious. ,. ,
lay.:' -', "; '.fx'?-: t
" I . II IS S ,'r . .- -,V
by .fthe; German government of
sums of' roobey. Chlonglnlt io' y'lnn.iea
people which'have been held in eusfodv
I i
Yi'crrJin and Mtfn formccefll
. Hundred: 'Thousands. Colder
. Wcathcf r;ollovp and .trains
.- ymiOAOO, , yaa4a.fr 14 (Axee-
ctated Pre) --Chic go street were
' yetrdef''fUle4'"br great army ;
of fully .one" hundred thousand
, evorkera, men and women ae velL
all engaged la enerellag anow end
e-x-ritng Bp local tnuurpertatloa.
9 it -"mm were clad some la
!"1 long eoata, some coat- :
iti.eTTalia end 1iT
'. t Y I- tv w-s' Tone .
) caitea it to (the ;
1 i all the vigor
'f t JS70-";
i - Vs j,,d all'worked
V - "?'.,.? h '.'t '
1 ilirtt Wr$Xi ;
' ' ft itAd
e(,trI M ef
' 11 ire com .
i -v ; tb eoel
i ; it r 'sldi
1 y t i;i 'Tiinoni
,.' 1 . -i o i yiie i
i nd Uie tern- .
3 1
l e
I i ,
-rn r 'nte-skew
v, t 9 tf: ,tnn
11 '-f VT11 'VfUl ,
, ,1a t e ' i luth
l - i?e 'r-fitn
r.lis4 been
X -weathef ta
' i.i-J 'it
mnn of-(the
l tn dlfta
, head jUre !
' t
t V
I 9 i
t. e j
1 -it t
; In 1
' f
i and are tner-
t-.it.:i.g h.T
i ex nit
E??tei r,?tir?,!,,.jj'i i- fif?6'1
fxW l!LH ror.ftrn,asi;eJretiV
irefii (.ycer jrof ; the. ' Xerj(iteVy,; Ba
wali4ni plec of, )T,s.'t..''..X''0rcf, who
feHlgnedMcht.JThurininjiraoS wjhie died
under i.tra.iicci; ciruumstancee on Fri
day ftiiiht nl JlnliMwa,' ,! k.'J,-.
i psnernl C fttv, dT,the, provost (rofrshaJ
ith ,- beadfinartoTs 1: t;;!,"Vs)ington,
V)be s in'eliM' i f, tlm f ittl draft,
re'ivfd 'a, !t n61 i nm..ii 1 'Jdsyj from
the terHtortal-'freetitive enking'jfer the
appolritmebfof'ttltiooding rielO-aa a
lectlve.'tnft 'offleer.'ln- tilare' bif Cp
tain flreejiVf,hi-a;4i :
vA-"R'y, weji reaeived' yesterday out
llning i,tbe procedure , which must , be
followed by the;' appointee before ia
permanent appointment could be made.
Mr'.',' Field will be rfouired to pass -a
physical' eliminstlon, and te answer
nuertioor' concerning th'e 'date, of hi
nirtV'tl birthplaof, and Jfiyai deUilf
conceraing 'hi nsTuranraiioa ana ciu
"rf...' .,! ., r ) . r i .... 4. . t-i
."eenwhUei Mt. V.)F114 . wUl assume
ehaYge" pf the aelective "draff oiBce'ln
the Capitol had W'laisg stf win'resign
srf'ehBirniaaof 'fiemption' Board, If o. 1.
His' blacc'oa this board' wiQ' Wobabfv
be. piled, by the appointment jl 'Olktf
"" V vpvo- v- W ,.. '.-
LOS ANGELES, CaL, January 14
(Aae-oeiated .PjeeeMe'efele If
bor' fonjtributien to. America '4. tgnt
log force was eignaliaed ierei ionignt
by he formal yalslng at. Labor Temple
jf,'t lrvfeeaf if , 'Jt- atar 'oithn
'blje elfd'jir'taai'pf seely elz kua
dred organised workire "off te war.' Sl
multaneouily . a great ''.American . flajf
was runnn. thn .Temtde's--flaff-rwila. ...
'Vofi banner , wew preseeteu by Ihe
VTo Ifc"' Oafmehf Vorkera tfnqa,
ernone wetneera Tnaae nnem; an- were
aecepte ia behalf t)f the -Labor Temple
v- A tbejnd vebnipoited f mender'of the
Muiictaa'a AisoeTatiori luriilshed tnilsile
trr; te. frrtseateturu tserVmon-yr -which
wae.'atteadled by te anaypr and mew-
i ... ' . .
wr.yvi,TUJtAIJnnryi i-(.Assocla-ted
Pres)l(ailway; head ate planning
te teke steps for the recovery of their
railroad , pnopertie , Immediately after
th',wfcr, .Representatives hf aiore than
ninety percent ot,' thai jniieage of the
United fetafes'heve been'fn' conference
and have determined to ask congress to
pas legUlstioa ' which will, end govf.
erhment Control immediately with .the
M' eY MU-wnr.':'- r;. ; .
Tbeeo Tablet are intended espee ially
t X ansa . I '
sensnip.' tut. jtneia -wee -ftoTn in sng
lad,, ,f Tbe appointment will trry t
eorti mission fa 'h'National''ArmV Re-
far.diserdw' of tkaaWmaohM liver. kndjiW the" 'Taridns -eemmnnitles and thf
bowls,' tf you er treubled.wlthbeart- Ipoateffke'dttpertmenf are doing this
bum,-indigestion or coast luutioa thr
will do yon good. For sale by ail deal
ers. Renson Mmltk tt Co., Ltd., agents
for Hawaii. Advertisement.
If. 3. Marshal deceives Cabled
Orders; .Xnumb Prints and
Photographs May Be Taken
t' . s .-' 1 V 1 " 1 i" v .
As anaddlUoVia1 nrecautioa .against
iwseible ftalsorburid pois in Hawaii,
Uermaa aun. enemies erevie rte, srgis
tered throughout the1 Islnnds between
March ta marcn v,roeni inclusive,
J. J 8mlddy United .State .marshal,
having .been so Instructed Jiy'eable' Yes
terday yrom' X' V. 'Oreoty, United
States attorney-general at Washington.
Austrian alien enemies are not affect
Mi Wthel Wder . -" ': ' . 1
- Unnaturalized Germane ay , the ln-1
stmctions, mhst register between the
hour pf.aig.1n the morning and eight
ia the evening onr eitner 01 tee sir
days set for' woca -registratrpn. , 1 Post
master aad the. police forces oa thd
four island will act - ae ' registrars.
These nae been segregated by Marshal
Bmiddy, "who will Instrurt the police
in the following centers to da the
reclstra tion. "' '(-'"-r"f -""' rv.;, t-v-f , '
- OAtfUi t Ilonelule eHy, Ew, Wala-M
lua, r- . . i : . ..-.
-,-MAttIi Wailuku, Vakawao. " 1
' HAWAII! Waimea, llamakiia, North
Kohalaj North llilo, South Hiio and
Poha.' "'i''1'. -;""'..;. ' '
' 'KADAIijiKoloei.'-,"
Ia all ether districts oa the various
talaad the poetmastere . will perform
the rerlatration work.-n , . :
Mar Take Tunmb-mnt v ,. -:.
3eidee registering,, it is expected
that' alien enemies will have their
thumb prints and photograph taken to
be filed with all other data. ' This pro
cedure I being 'adopted on. the main
land! and Harnhal Bmlddv . will make
enquiries te fmd out if the sara coursel
should be cunrued here. '', " .'' : J. I
Once' fliey, are.'' registered, .German
alien enemies .will .be furnished . with
registration-Identification .cards,- and
these they, will be required to have
with them at all times nd. Present
whenever they may be demanded. They
may not change their place of resi
dence without .nrst securing the approv
ar and permission of the postmaster or
the' police officer wth whom, they reg-i
laterea. . int) . necessary regisiraiion
forms . were mailed from . Washington
on January j3, and. .therefore, should
arrive' aere in plenty of im'e' to per
mit pf the ' registration . eing , . cdm
menced on 'Mrol' 4 next. ' . . ,
PrsTlmlnary jnatructlona ' ' .
'preliminary instructions ' rcgswling
the second regtstnation of German alien
enemies .were ent to larshal gmiddy
oil December Z" last Dy"thedepartment
of justice at Wf ihington. The instruc
tions ere: -'' . ? ' .' "f
"The .department wiU shortly issue
f ull Ins traction relative to; the method
of arryla; out the ' registration " of
German alien, -eneniies, required by the
President' proclamation November
16,1917. v' .-. .: t.,NN-.t.4.'
.Th: contemplated plan Is to hv
the .o-earistrktion .in cities and town
hlch, according to the census of Ipio,
had 'snore" than 6,000 inhabitants, ef
feeted by he'.policer and in all, other
Ceraisuniiie by the . local postmasters.
Ia each ettie the chief : of police will
t -chief registrar, and the police
captains, lieutenants or "sergeant in
each-precinct will net M assistant rcg
istrars. 'In 'th ether communities the
postm,as)ter. of th largest, city . in the
juuicia uisint win nc cam regis
tar," hntf the. postmaster in each com
mtrnirV aa aissisiant .'registrar's. .': . . 'l '
'TJie necessltryform of registration
affidhvitsi, -re&lstratiou' cards,' and ether
forma, "and full'" printed instrnetions,
trill 'be sent yon for distribution in
fmtt district 'to the, enief Vegiatrara : ef
elfieel 'indeomnitinttie 'of over" 5.000
thtabitints. The department has al-
reaay requested 500 executives or sucn
cities t6 reuse' 'an estimate of the num.
bei"Vf German "alien enemies 'therein
fd' ie'e'rJt"t the (TJnite State nkr
rfhals' ef: their Vwrpectlv districts, for
fbe'lnformWtbn'of the marshal in the
distiWutldtf'-cf the rcgisttatfon forma;
ybvi' will be Jruide'd thereby the dit
rribtitSdn of Che forms' to the' chief rc
fotrerfc W the, .cHif 'and communities
of Ver "S.OW in your district, and you
ill retain, a. reserve supply 'of. the
ormit, yhen"they'afe s!nt you, whidi
niay .be'nvaimoie to an registration or
11 -' wit ltn yotrr listnet.
'V'fhe jro(fl"Ta'0"l 'form o be used
in ebmmu'mties' of less than 6,000 will
be; enf tflfeetiy-, to' the" postmasters,
bu,t yon '.will;, Wpply" from the resfrve
f pruts itmt 'you the additional require
Vnents 'efany1 fegistration' ; officer 'in
sSch'eoinmttnlty. -V, -'- :'' "
Watrih f or 'Hun Tricks , , .
1 WheAtne regUtration is complete,
the entcf reiistrare.'in kit eommupltien
will- Wtain PDnr' set of the eleeiited
registration affidavits; and, transmit to
the JPniteJ Stfteh' njanibal pf their
3ererarginnc; tne aeeona .set, .witn a
.otilfcatlon .that the fblrd act ha been
aeat'iy ! them te the " department' 'of
jusnee, wsninexon u. vj. ror tne Pn
poeea of."record and' information the
marshal 1 will .retain ia. their offices she
set- ef xeeute4 registration' affidavits
received 'by' 'them; J P : .1 ; ' ', ,
-' "The chief registrar in all communi-
tiea wiQa)o- be. instructed' to, send to
ih. ATnited ' Btkte ujarshala 'of their
several ' diltrtets alb laformatlon ' tha,t
iney mmj vuiim .vuncvrnxng irtrriuBn
aUen enemies who may have attempted
to .fegitter under false .names or-ad-
Jresse; 'fir ia youf judgement further
roeeeding pre warranted ta key ease,
you 'will Immediately place the fact
before the United State, attorney for
yoiir district and report.'.youv action ,to
wisU, n
? 44,TberevU a Jlst' of eomnnaittef U
yoqr 'state 'of over BOW Jnhaliltant.
Prom lh(. Jlt you" c4n' readily ascer
tain" the name of the communities is
WhUh th rglstrtlon will be affected
by the, Varioue ppHee department,' to
Which' yo should supjily.'Jn thk first iu
staiee, the hedeasary blank form when
forwarded to yon.' " ' r'"
' - "While the department will be glad
te here ye. see that the work of re
irtstratien within twr district i eon-
dusted nuWskly and effectively, yon are
tHformed that botk the wdliee officials
paateffk:' department are doing
work eoiuhiewy.' w
"By Order of tbe President.
"Attorney General."
.1 m
h U H " B ' W
Delegation Admitted To Conier-
. .ence. as maeDcnaent ox boi- -
i . e -i. .. i t - j
i . m I tit-:
- jsheviki, Belegation hd With . '
i consent ot Leon Trotsky ;
- u ifu iu iiirrui i ni sw '
tUim WVVtpWIT,Urikj,LL.y, .J-
to; social meeting.
I -l t ' V .i 1 ..i ,i "u 1 5 IS
nqicatlo,nv re , toineyiki .nd :
Ukraine Have raicnea reace
. Between Them With Reconni.
tiorj pf Independence . A . V ' ; .
r .'6NDdNvJanuarry 14 j(As-
L sociated ' I'tessX -Progress
toward pace bctvccp Russia and ;
tptf , Lentrw 'pwer has been re ; .
sumed i i the . indication to be .
forid in reports eytdentjy ema-
na.ttng; ,;.(roni , fermanv: sources' ,
while the Jt'etrograd -, eports in- v
dicate there t-till exists a consid-
erable distrust ot the motives of
the trerroan and Aus'tnatf i(ele-
gates to Brest-Litovslc. : .
Admission : 01 delegates irom ...
the Ukraine to the peace con- .
ference was the outstanding ooint '
r 'r V ; ..... '1.
ti n rf-hi j jrnvtif THiprnav n u in.
dicated in despatches from Am
sterdam which said the German
delegation recognized the "Inde
pendent delegation representing,
the -Ukraine Republic" and that
this was done under agreement
with Foreign Minister Trotsky
of the Bolsheviki government.
Jt, is reported there io be a
mee.ting of the German crown
council and yon Ifindenburg, .von
Liigendorf jtnd the crown pnnceV
consider proposals and olans for .'
the further nep-rtiatinn4 nf noaro
- .1 .. . .. . , i r. K.i- -
with Russia, Ukraine and the Ru- .
. Russian delegates give an ac-
v j-vt yviuci ciitc
which differs considerably frnm
the German story and painls the
results in colors less rosy for the
Teutons. These reports say that
in their subsequent negotiations
the Bolsheviki delegation will, be
acting under the conviction -that
the German delegates are acting,
as the agents of the rniiary and
annexationist factions 'pf the Ger
mans arid in no way accodin to
the wishes of Ihe proletariat and
the Soialist party. , '
. . . .. -i .. ;
There are indications, however,
that an agreniejtithas een readi
ed etweV0 t'etrograd govern
ment and the Ukrainians which
(. . Jilt . ' 1
recognizes the iiidependence of
the. latter as was also indicated by
tbe Amsterdam report. Petro
grad dks.Phe? said the food
lh9ftW feVc M becn Meved
by ai agreement with the, Uk
rainians for a supply q ali jthe
food required, "utfmied , quan
tities of breadstuffs" is said to be
paid for hal in cash and half in
mcrdiandjise. . v
lfAT T?nTMifc. nitCTirn
Other indications werti found
in despatches from Novo t'cher
kask to ctrogradl That city had
formerly been the headquarters
of the Kalejjnes but it is an
nounced the Bolsheviki Jia'vc .ob
tained control there and have as
sumed power. . A deeres ikaei peen. pub
Bshod, giving the rtorhl tlrf the' oldlrs
and workmen to hold new ''election to .
replace ial tbe eonatituent assembly
such delegates a ate deemed tint to
reprtsent'the workman and eisab'.s.
A .. nil I M "'
: Y.U I'ASO,' Texan, January 11 fAs-soi-iated
I'ri'ss) A avrv'd-'e flag with
4.')0 stars has b-en. bung "from the
tower of the new IBs. Patrick 'atlu
dral.here to hduor the members of toe
rathedrnt ongrogat.ioii wbo'iave
joined the colors. ' This - flag, ' whluh
is one of the largest In the city, was
1 1 limned by Bishop rthuler preceding the
midnight uiaas Christmas Kve.

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