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-JUWAiUM 6A2ETTE. '.TUEDAV,'AjA6bAftV: lmEltM.l;
A St,
Judge Advocate
Rules Adjutant
"General ;Hat
Authority. Td'
I Discharge Hit Assistant '.
tft Officers IcUcfit: and De
dine To'-taffV.H:''
f All tndieatioha point to the -fae that
., tb long brewing, iTi ,pflle
a .. ' af. th.adjuUat goner!, of the nation.
1 gmtrd ftal tome to .ft hand and that
...... il . ni v ' .... r.t
. J. , anvr .tuuajr, ihm win iusjui
! Wayu Wr;V..tt''tt rt BVlftent to
; ; ilte ;dj3unt general If. been
' -. know f n a,m tltfia that- ' General
.y ; ' Johnson, tha ajljWH general, and. "It
V : assistant hav Bot'v been working in
v' tba harmony, amentia! to euecess aud
thai th. general had called upon tb
major , t resign. . . This -Major Way
haa declined to do, according t6 guard
iMn ftalrtt 4lta .TW..iffii1a that tiiY Mil.
thorlty reefed In th adjutant genera
. cither to discharge bin or . to demand
I ' reirfirn. . . . .... : i,.."- ...
,. jThii happened a week ago, although
. - neither t the" officer eoneeraed would
' admit it, for publication. General John-
aon' referred . ojueitieiutra to . Major
Wayne,- who la, turn , referred thenj
' back 4d General Johnson. ,, , ,,r
' Btatemat Braked - , 1 4 '
.''', .MoW it.ia tat4, tie" atafemat haa
been, broke -by an opinlooT. from the
. . judge advocate of the guard, who wlei
thai th Jaw place tba , assistant to
tee adjutant general direetlf '. under
the adjutant itehoral, who haa authori
ty in aalect whomever ha tnar denira
for that poaitlon and autlwrrlty (a dla-
cbarge. bta aaaiatant at tt pieanre. ,
' , . Armed with tbia Ifffaf oi.inion. Oen
. ra) Johnaon, according Id yumof that
will not down, will ajrVa iUjor
' Wtyna an 6bpai4unUvit4 Vaigd. Should
ha decline, the genefal'wUl jummarily
. diachartte Jfilm and install a ew aaaiat
ant with, whom he ea, work barmbnl-
-. oualy. - '., . , '"'
Aa in the eaae of the reported re-
qaen jot ma' rrHiKamivn. . ja.njur
Wayne declined id diacuaa thiai matter
lait alght, hia reticence being ecrualled
only bv that Of General Johnioa. Ap
narentfr it la Hot aeeordinff to mili
tary etiquette to gie out anj Inf or-.
matton ontit it beeomea a matter or
Official record and paaaea through the
variou channel of riUa red tap,
la 8tiU Oorarttor'it trf V '
It la poaalble. of cuurau! tiiT, Major
wyaa will refuaS rd accept th toling
of the Judge advocrife -abd) wUl).aaik
a legal light to hia job which
he hohla ia adf V being privata
aeretary to tli- rnoTf ' the ..ana.
; , . ' t being a ' terrii. rBitlor worth
-'J I tSO) alnotWnd . 'the ' leftretaryahip
being a federal poiit.lott earfyiDg iet
ral pay Of 106 a month. Even If the
worst ahould bt.pe. t Major Whyae
and hJfeKlh polled - to iaat(the
nich he hns .been oerupying '1n tHe
armory yl'v a'laiSfc, Major Kedlngtoa
wa trarWern'fl into th regular army
headqtiarter h will atlll be the Oo
ernor 'a private aeeretiry. fto far aa la
known the GovetdoW tnd tba major
bar been able, to aetk ia perfect har-mtfnt.-
Tbu Major Wayne ia all right
until FinVham't attmat la appolat
ed, which wUl-not ba ior'aomd ten
daVaytt.' , -' -'
Inasmuch a OeNeral Johnaon would
not admit Jaat tight that tbera would
be a new aaaiatant to the adjutant gen-.
ral from today on, ho only amiled
when oaked whom ha had In mind for
the place.
Dauflhter' In - Law of Shipping
Man Is Exposed to Disease 1
" While Sightseeing
Mra. Melville' Dollar danighter ln law
of Captain Robert Dollari the brief an
nouncement of whoaei leath wat tabled
to Ban Francisco, December 22, died a
victim of amtlipox which ahe contract
ed while alghtaeeiag in the native quar
ter of Shanghai, China, aaya .the Ban
Franeiaco Examiaer of January 6. Let
ter telling of tba elrcumstancea reach
ed Ban Francisco January i. , i
Together, with a party of friends, Mra.
Dollar paid a visit to th Chinese City,
aa tba native quarter if Jiaowa to the
foreiga reaidenta oi. Shanghai,..
While the , wa viaitiog oa of the
ahopt, Chiflf so cbibreB. took, posaeaalon
of her automobile KHurhite.g .oytrithe
aeata, bonking. th'v '9 tnd experiment-,
i'ng with th driwMfv liel and lqyera.
Tba cliildre aeamperadaway when
Mra. poll at and". hr- rlend cam, out
of the tuop, an tht party gave no
thought to the incident aattlieTeaeh
ed home. . . r't',;,- .
A phyaicisn tbeB) fnfomatt tbeni that
an epidajtionf amtllpon aaa ben-taR-ing
ianthe jinf.f$ altera, aad.be d
viaadt Maat4l aad herrleuda to
take tho. ntniQat preeaationa. .;
Tha . machine wa .disinfected, and
the clothing, of Mf.. JUr od bar
frieada w bur. .vNono but Mra.
Dollar appeared -id" H alTected Jy the
adventure. Tha following day the con
tracted small pox,. -be waa removed to
an isolation hoapital and waa under the
constant ear of physicians, but died
within tortv-eigTit boiira.
Mrs. Dollar was "the wife of Mel
ville Dollar, president of the Canadian
Robert Dollar Company. , Before her
marriage aha. wat ,Mlst Beanie Hamil
ton of Portland. She la turvlved by
her bnaband tnd their young ton,
whom they adopted about a year ago. '
- . X . .f' .,
S ttt ' ' ' 1
So Uifrani!: .3
About Soiie Ttiass V
Wife, Sued forv Divorce, V Sayt
, When Her Husband Wanted Jo
vTakt a Second Wife, She Just
-Wouldn't Let Hlnf
Mr. Miry Aa Mathwe,wlfe of tha
partof of tba Kamakaa .'Maito
(Aurh, replying to ahargea of erueity
made ia a divorce anit sled a git I eat her,
aeaart that all tha trouble the art her
baaband have bad developed whea ah
refoaad to permit him to taka a teeond
wlfOk The aaaa ir beia heard in th
ttrenil .aoarw, befera J ad e William
H. Heen aa4 k large pari of the eda
gtrattoa of tha cbureh ka beta ealled
tOiZlve taatiment. ;;
Tba eonplo war wiarrlad Jaly Si,
1M, aad bealdea their four ftoyawho
rang In age from twlv to avventee,
they adopted haothef boy. in hia auit
galnat hi wife whleh Wa Ale4 th
tatter part of laat Deptdmber, Matnaw
declared Nit wife, had acetftwd hiirf of
ojitrageoua eOadhet with Other women.
He taaerUd ah, treated aim With ex
treme trnelty and Uo that the deaert
vu.unn OHbtfUlJ.' ' ' s '
J a her reply Mrt. Mathewt, who wt
telling her aid of th atOTT m th
tand yeoterday, y that nil4th
wa.in Uilo laat tprlng ah received
a. letter from hef ouabaatlA which he
aaU he wanted to taka a aeeond.Wife.
Eh made ,no direct, reply to IMa, but
on her return to Honolulu in May, aha
aye, aha indignantly refuted to permit
him .to do anything of the eort... Uer re
f uaal . waa followed . aha . aaid.. br a
period of violent diaaord i their home.
Vh aay her. husband attacked her oa
a number of oeeaaiona and,, replying to
hia Charge: of desertion, ah , aaid aha
bad beoa obliond. to- ilea to , the . heuae
ef a neighbor to escape hit. eruelty.
Later, (earing to return, oa th ad
vice of a magistrate, aha aay a aha went
to live in the eooatrt for a month In
otdev to "kit her husband ooobdowa'
Mra, Mathewt la riot aeeklag. a 4t
vore. Ia her answer tO. her husband')
tuit the aaka merely that hit petition
for a deoree be denied1 . - , - . -,
Mathewt It represented til the eaae
by fVi, firm of Ughtfoot nd Lirhtfoot
ana Airs, dtatnewa Dy William '1'. uar
strants r
Draft Offrccrt Will Probabhr Need
"All tha Help That Can Be Given
i By Iriterpretert and Attorneyl
' Haridlinif , Knotty ;.Pf 6blYm -u
..While tde eumbroua niacbinery l tba
draft ia now In motion la Houolula, it
ia littl mora than, well ttarttd nd all
Indica'tioBa are thai when tbiaga 4o
f' at -to goiag at alt I peed draft officer
or will need all tba aid that ean be
given- by interpretera and aitorneya
who hav volunteered to act.
Though tha mailing of queatioiaalre
blank it ttlH going forward, th draft
offlee wer arowdoit yetteraay with a
gathering represeatlng .moat ot the
race of tho Ialandtv Fw had tiny real
understanding of what at wat all about,
Most of them knew, however, that
Uncle Sam bad nt out summons and
they weren't taking any chances. They
worn there, bat they didn't know what
to AO next, o they wondered about aim
letaly teekiag information.
' - One J a panes in. the1 throng carefully
rarivi hi qooationaarre envelop ia
hia band. H bad Mgiatered ia Bilo,
arid bfter eoeniiig tb the Kawasaki
hotel beroj. bit questionnaire had boon
forwarded to him. It wat still on-opened-yesterday.
"What dot" and be held the enve
lope 'out helplessly.
: A feyataadlar inspected it and told,
him to open it
. "Ma Wfc k it, ebt'
Ha "brok'.'it arid looked In wonder
at tha enclosure. Be aakeil what to do.
."Ton look e pebe," aaid the by
atander, "Yon banahaaa make mark
6n paper; you look eeO -liaolt loio AAla
I'ark) loio kokdn you) maybe fixem all
riiiht; pololelj loio haolt it, inside put
polulet, put inside postofficet saber'
In an 600 queationnairu blanks were
mailed put yoaierday by th two Ho
nolulu draft board a 250 y Bxemption
Board No. 1. and 410 by Exemption
board. No. 8. Claraaoe II, Cook who
waa appoiated to auceed It. Goodiag
Field at chairman of board No. 1 waa
at hi deak through th day. Field is
temporarily acting aa aelective draft
oAlear ia - plac of the lata Captain
Qroen. . ,
. For the benefit of alien who wish to
claim txeniptloa draft officials have
stated that all they have td do is to
write tha word J,No" in tba place pro
vided for It on th blank form.
WATERIXXi, laja, January 15
(Ataoelated Frest) Frank Bruner, a
machinist at tba Illiaola Central railroad-
abopa hare,, expressed an opinion
that "eighiy-flv percent of tha Amer
ican oldiejr ar bume," yeaterday af
ternoon. The abopmen painted him 1
yollow from head to feet and the com
pany approved th job by discharging
bltn. -
. . , , ,, , 1 ;'i 1 1 0 . . 1 . .
. Tba First Signal Compaqy- of the
Hawaiaa National Qoar4 waa inapeot
ed luat avening at th armory by Cap
tain1 Payton, U. 8. A, They passed a
good inspection1, Including aemaphote
and wigwag work , and other branchea
of signalling.. v. ,
Th engineers will ba H next or
Ifibttatloir to ondrgo Utpectipn on
Wednesday of thtl wekr - '
One Meatless Meal of Each Day
w week is Also Request-
: ed By Hoover
fa addition to On meatteaa and ant
wbeatleat day, th Territary, la com
mon with, tha rent of tho Ua(ted Btatet,
la -liked, by Herbert J. Hoover, to, ob
serve t ; porklea day each Hatnnlay
Una meatless . tneej each day of th
ween ia nisu reqursiru. !,-: .i"'
1 - i 1 . , 1 .
Thit will go into effect at once, tayt
wireless meeaag algned by Herbert
C. Hoover, which read at ..
"Ia Order to prevent anv poatlbra
taunderatanding, 1 am wiring all fd-
eral food administrator that 'pork
lest' Saturdays, in addition to 'meat-
let' Tnetday and fit least on 'mett
les' meal teh da, thould b put Into
effect at(ne,'.'y , , -1 '
At Mob ts th message wta received
i notice to the publia waa tent Out 'by
thit oftie of "the food - administrator
Informing them of tha regulation.
Butcher and meat ainrket are.r
quested io tell ao pork oa Saturday,
aor to deliver' On Batnrady pork pur
baaed on Friday. .
Maaa Two Forklaaa Dayt
Thla will meaa vlrtuallr two rork
lata -day, a in order to hav pork
Buaday under the rulea it would have
to bo delivered oa Friday, tew peop.t
are to kep fresh meat two day, ei
pesitlly ie house meat aucb aa porL.
Th proprietofa of tha largo markets
have expressed tneir wllllngneaa to 1
tade to th request of tht food dm
istratloa ia regard to ceaaing th
Halivar it nark AB HaturdaVB.
There haa been ho atated meatleaa.
day heretofore la tha Territory, aa tba
food aommiaaion. merely naked 'all -to
Observe i any day which they might
ehoqs aa a weekly meatleaa day. Many
housewitea and hotel chose Friday,
but in view of the porkleM Baturdayr
It ia likely that Jiaarly. everyone win
now obajoga to meatleaa Tuesday aneb
a la observed oa the mainland. . 1
i Barry Stiason,, maaager of " the
Toung, Moan a, and Beaaid hotela, feaid
yettoday that h would put tha new
reguiauona into etjeet onee. a pera
lest day will, ba observed next Satur
day, and every uaturaay tnerearter,
InVaatlaat) Moala '
-,.'" W have been having our meatleaa
day eaeh week on Friday," aaid Btin
abaf "bat ia view ot thit hew rexraeet
,wa will change tha meatiest day to
Taesday, beginning a week from today.
We will thod aerve ao pork whatever
on Baturdaye, and One meal eaeh day
:tl v' ....j aaiIai. - ltk.. ...it it
Wll IHW mitnij ..wa.Hwu - I .
- The last iU be a new .departure for
tha big airing of hotel, k they hav
been serving meat every meal in some
eeeri. 'eeit on . meatlea day. There
will Bo be one, meal eaeb day. prob
tbly breakfaat, wfcreh tbefe will be no
meat oa the menu, in addition to the
meatleaa Toeada'y and porklea Satur
day. .Wednesday win remain .Whettleaa
day t the hotel, and no. watal What
ever wiljl be aerted in bread.rr pastry
td to discourage the nerving Of pork nt
any- tlma either to gueett or empiayet.
Tbe jl aehe4 to nao. more, thicken,
fith. HWtt fet fotf find. egg dithet.
1" Th anoouhcemant sent out by the
!6el,dnihitrttioi 6Bic In Honolulu
6 the pnbtie: follow t ,
. ".The national . food administration
la Waahinirton haa notified tha offlee
of tea federal food administrator for
Hawaii ..that , ' pork less ' . Batarday t, in
Sdition to meatless' Tnesdayt and at
1st. pae, 'meaOesa' nieal .eaeh , day,
ahould b put into effect at onee.
lti .4S..rBv,m vwm :inwufWHip
botebam. and meat market are request
ed te tell ao pdrk on Saturday, ad to
lit- .u . A A V. ... . I . 1 1
deelin . to - deliver .order f - pork pur
chased oa Friday for delivery tho fol
16 Winrf day The pnblit la requested
to refrain entirely from- eating er eerv
12 Tdrk oa Bitordaysj
1 "Hotel. ' rettaurantt, eafe and
boarding; h(Tnte at well at homes, are
earnestly requested, as their patriot
dott to rv - n merit n Tuesdays,
and to. erve at least on meatiest meal
each aar."
if cm
. BY A f BiE
.1 ; . i
HILO,'Jnhari l8-'If II frind bf
mine tut me. it will be all right," do
dared Kbaesbird, a Japanese, fisherman
yesterday morning when he waa aaked
by the police what he wanted to do In
,the matter of aa assault that bad been
made, upon him at Waiakea. The dep
ot aheriff eould not aee the matter
In., thnt light and went deeper into
the eaae. '
1 yeaterday .morning Uehara, another
Japanese -and a fellow fisherman on
th. tarn eampaa as Kaneahlro, was
arretted and thtrged . with aaaault
and battery, 1 It was then the wounded
ma declared that if the wouad bad
en inflicted by a "friend" all wat
Weil, and he didn't wish for any eourt
, Uehara, however, ha been charged
with aaaault-aad battery and will
appear ia the dittriet eonrt this
morning. .
av mavu iti j nuuni r tirl AaVVCiBi'
ed I'resey Melville E. Btone Jr., ton Of
tne general manager or the Aatociated
Fret, died hero today having b$tn 4
nousiy 111 aince wunatv. h haa beer
in poor hearth for tdm lime, ddrto'g
wnicn a lived with hi mother and nt
ter', Sfiaa Elixribettt 6t6n.
' ' I ''.
"PrU(eM" rlkMaaa iiril.v n.in
veau waa-defeated yeaterday ia her
effor la. obtaia new trial of tha auit
to eje hen 'ft ib Qora. lot la which
a verdict rmrejitly waa returned in favor
of the Bishop-t ate. .,Th can waa
heard ia. the court .of Cirauii Ju.lua.H.
B. Kenip, who dismissed the motion fox
uew iriar,
IIc!.:.-:,ief LauHi.:a
Sigfludgct'iJjlh :'
Can't Bluff :'(he Mayor, He Sayi,
.'arid nobody Has Done It Yet;
; UlYaritiiti4City irflployes Are
Waiting for Thiir: Salaries -
'itof isa'! Jodg a book b it cover,
tj W Hat fwofn 'tfllijA rfhr tan
0f uSg Joaepk Vi Ftfn, .HokOruh't
Democratic mayor, by hit outward ap.
pearaoeo. For inetaac, Joe waa.af
fably. , pertonilled resterday that, la,
b looked' at though io'waa. . Yet in
wardly a'' 'wn Veiling tad eeethlng
with aucb lhtensity aa the taut Madam
Pel to torn green with vV. v -
' knA I all hvar tKa 101B an
prlatfen bllL- Th mayor' wa on the
verge or eigningtite badge laat Bat
nrday Whea Ben Hollinger leagued and
spoiled everything. , Fern bad the pea
in hi hand when Hen 'a mugh grated oa
hia ean aad throwing it down ka mat
tered something about not being able to
'? bluff" the mayor, and adjourned th
HMHiir. .('i'ii. ,. -, .
',v Whea the mayor waa bearded la hi
sanctum yeaterday afternoon hi ruf rieo
temper bad not yet returned to normal
i'BU$ned the billt" he roared in aa-
twer to a queetion. "wny, eertamiy
eot." And there i no ehaneo of my
tigntnit it ioday'.",, . . ? A, . '.
Firing farther question at bit only
nded to make matter more omplieat-
el. for oveatoairy bo strongly inttmatea
Mat the poasibility of the bill beJtg
algned for t0nightf meeting' wat tlighi.
Fern, aaid a couple of week ago tbtt
he would vc(o the bill Bnlea ka had it
tp hit band -for ten whole days, , and
tet It every indication that be .will
eaVry out hi threat. . ' '"
; Xy refuting to eigw tha appropriation
bill last Saturday Mayor Fern already
baa held oj city employee ealartee fair
one Aav; aad oae day to a aajaried ma a
I JNE day.! Ordinarily they are paid
Oir i ho fifteenth nd laat day-of eaeh
mo th, but on tbia oceasioa the 'will
n0 be paid trail the sixteenths Even
at ihl tty may.b further ineo'nVeni.
enced nnleta fern tlgot th bill before
thla . evening' meeting. . '' .. ' ' '.- ,,,,
War Satiflss and
thrttt Siainps
n.-Ti.''J.Kj ::
Waf aavnfjt'and thrift atamp are
being attributed to all the bank and
tnlst. eompaaiea by A, N.' Campbell,
wkO received' a ablpmeat of $40,000
worth 61 the atatfipe in tba laat. few
dajt.. Tber i n, pltntlfnl aopply.foT
the prent -lo;kU thee Wn Wlah.to
ptrehka. .r1 ?
Plant ,1 of a; general eampalgn wer
iiacuased at meeting of th advltory
committee yesterday afternoon. - No de
tailed arraneement war made, but
Inother 'meeting to bo held tbl morn
ing will see a farther development of
th eampaitn plan,, after whb-h the
main featuree will be amioaaeed.
No ahort-tira drive or lntenatve earn
paigh iri planned at the present 'time,
as the tale of war aavlrig atamp will
extend over, a year. The aim of the'
committee jjs to perfect the. organixa
tioa for aelllnrf tne at am pa and. to keep
the necessity for tneir purchase before
tha puUUe at fM timea .without work
ins up an. elaborate , seHini campaign
.. A, numbOr of aamplea of the litera
trir and leaflftB: tent out by the
natiohal wnf-aavtnga committee of the
war' department were abown at the
meeting yeaterday.
' Let a ' company of aavert back
every company of ooldiera," aays oae
leaflet Another tells what tha stamps
ar and( why they; ahould bo. bought.
"War severe are life aavert," it aay a.
"A country worth fighting for ia a
fronntrr Wdrth aaving for.
To tave
money le to aave life."
Uut folder It addressed to
rtmericn ' ana it wrwten aa a letter
n T a a I7 :i T.i , l7
people of th country. They are tofcl
bow even their email aavingt tan hflp.
tha government,, and a number of
Way la which children ean eara napney
are poiuted out, with the reminder that
they can use suck money for tye pur
chase of thrift atamp.
A blank it printed On the daat page
of thl- folder whleh the children of
the mainland filled out ead turned In
to their school teachers. ,On it they
promised, to tav . enoagh '.penqies,
niukelt , and dime to buy a thrift
stamp for twsnty-fiva fenta, aad then
to eontiano to aav tiutil they were
able te buy a war paving atamp to
help tho governmank win the war. It
ia possible tome' auok plan might be
put to at in tha territorial achoola.
t Copiee of the fhiyft and war aavingt
stamps aad rtifle,tee, .Were . tlao
shown, They. are. engraved much like
bonda arid tM certifleate are provided
with invelefies oil tvhieh fho name and
aiVirea of the owber mriy be written.
WARBISGTON, January 15 (As
aociatad Press) Of all of the 'vessels
ef tho United Htate Navy- the bent
showing in gunnery practise made dur
ing the year 1917 .wat made by the
dread aonght Tex a. ; , .
While no recorda are announced by
the navy department In eemaaotion with
the report of the splendid work done
by the gunnera of the Texaa, it is known
that never in the history of the nation
have more severe teata been exacted
than la the past year and never have
the men of the navy responded more
Captain. Green Purchased Cyan
ide of Sodium. Wednesday,
To "KM a CaH He Said
Analysis of the" content of th stom
ach of th late Captain Franel J. Green
to discover whether of not they eonttln
Cytalde of todinm will be completed by
noon today according to a tatmeat
mtdajaat night by Benjamin, M. Bai
roe, aaaiatant territorial themlat, who
ba the work In'haod. '
Buapiclon that cyanide, of aodlum
might have been the eaua of Captain
Green's death was aroused by the dia-
otery yesterday of th fact that on
January 9, the day before he wrote hia
iwslgaation ts selective draft officer of
the Territory, he pureuaeed a quantity
of tha poison tt the ttorri Of Benson,
Bmltb, v
Th draft officer entered th store on
tkat day and talked with Secretary W.
McGohecfle. aaylng he wished to pur-
ehat a poison to kilt a eat. He ask
ed wlat polaori wonld do thit quickly
aad effectively, and Mr, " MeGonagle
told bint that sodium tyanld would.
' Capfalfl Green aaid that h htd
pet eat whleh bad grown, old and that
he thought beat to kill it, but be wish
ed to do it in a humane manner. ' ,
Signed For Foltoa v - -.
Mr. MeGonagle took Captain Oreen
to a tales eounter. The poison wat put
ttp and Captain Green algned bit name
la the-record book, at all drug stores
ro, by law, required to keep such books
Which are for the reference of th
, , Captain Oreen then aaked McGontgl
how best he eould ate the drug on the
eat Mr. MeGonagle aaid that it eould
be put io a cloth and placed ia the
month, whereupon t Captain Oreen nak
ed if it eoald not be need In tablet form.
Mr. MeGonagle said It eould be ao need
aad placed in meat and give to the
eat in that, manner. Oreen thanked him
and walked away with his purchase; .
It iri considered significant that Cap
tela Green oa the day h Went, to Hale-
iwa weak by train inatead of -driving
hit. big auto. He aaid the auto would
eali for him next morning. It waanqt
eat to aim, nor Waa any order to git
en, aa far aa ean bo learned. The eat
la qoeation waa never killed nor. ny
attempt to do ao.
Marked Paaaaae
1 Another significant thing is that tha
boOk which was found at ran tain
Green 'a tide in hi bed, had a pasaage
marked. It wa a book on Theoaophy
and the pasaage read, "May yon rest
in peace,'' and underneath the under
scoring mark In ink wa the word,
rranl ,7 hit owe name,
On varioua occasions, particularly
daring the past week Captain Green put
bin band tnddeniy to hi breat aad aaid
''That. waa. a htrd wreach". addintf
that la waa u,fferiag' from, heart failure.
it wa only, during tt past week that
h did thle and aithotiak hi physician
say he did aot knew he wat tufferiag
wius wmj, in . view or me poison pnr
rtiaee bad th dy that eltpsed be
fore tba captain died torn tortnis that
the otptaia wat completing a chain of
Circumstance of peculiar' reasoning for
public effect, which reached their climax
in bi going to Haleiwa on Friday even
Inir.. 1
Ori January 0, It wat known to1 him
ana other that tho charge from Wash
Ingtoa of falaifyiae? aeeonfitt.were here
He absented himself many time dur
ing the week, first leaving on Monday
to go into to country, Ostensibly to In
tpeet th quetionnalr work there.
Weekly- Assembly of Society, Will
1 ,86 Held Today At Young
, J . it ..
The Hawaiian
Vigilance Corps of
he American.
Defense . Society will
ii mt nabn tt ioneBeon t iht
i Yonng jlot! for fwelr weekly eemlon
All members are invited to attend
Those who expeet to go must notify
U, Gtwdlng .Field, telephone "4791, by
tea. O'eloek thit morniag in order to
teeure plaeea at the luncheon table.
Report from aetefal committees
will be mad today' telling of the
actual . work- already doae at the be
bett of the eorpa. it Will be the policy
Of th. oranlaatlon to keep th pub
M fully informed ef .what ba been
done,' but not to announce In advance
what they ar attempting to do. .
Tho- banana eonsumlhg' propaganda
committee will, be one of those to re
port.' The eOmmlttee hat bad several
meeting at the offlc of L. M. Jadd
and it formulating plant to diapoee of
the thousands of bunches of bananas
which will tpoil tn the fields if the
erop in not disposed of very soon.
A committee to entertain -the men
and offieera of the Japanese warships
haa beeri darned, with J, A. Baleh aa
chairman., Their pant for the enter
tainment will be announced at the
larthtm taday.
. Goro 1ft,. Carter, who organized the
eorp .about two weekt ago, will not
be present' today, at be Is dn Hawaii
titling the Bed' Croea memberthia
drive on that inland
He will return
the ltat,6f the Week.
Andrew Boyd and Miea Violet Rod
rigue were married yeaterday short
ly after the noon hour at the Catholic
Mission, the eereiOony being ier
formed, by Rev. Father-Vlrirh Taube.
Th witneasea were Miss Adeluide V.
Fernnnde, rouairi of the bride, ami
Hmil Klemme. . After the wedding
the young couple left for Waialua, thin
itland, where they will spend their
honeymoon. The bridegroom, who i
soaneete.l with Cation, Neil) A Co., ia
a ton of W, W. Boyd of Waialua, while
th bride is a daughter of Mr. nn.l
Mra. Mauoel Bodriguva of Waiulua nu.l
uiec of J. V. Fernandas of thit city.
No One Will Be Allowed Within
Barred Zone Without Gov ;
ernment Permit.
Nd Permits Are Issued To Any
But Loyal Citizens Who Have
Business On Piers
Honolulu will waken thla morning to
find its entire .waterfront petroled by
civilian guarrdx, and no person, whether
n eitir.en of th United Btatea or not,
will henceforth bo permitted to ap
proach within 100 yard of any pier
unless armed with a- apeeial paae.
These restrictions, which were recently
promulgated by the harbor board,
nake it clear that, in future, there
't bo no loitering along the water-
fr nt.
No more will tbe familiar ttralna of
Aloha. Oe " be heard by paaaengert
departing on steamers for the Coatt,
for the Royal Hawaiian Band It now
barred from tho wharve. Neither will
any persons be allowed on thr piers to
welcome or farewell tbeir frienda.
Thla la not regarded aa n necessity,
and the )at good-byt or welcome
must take place outaide the 100 yard
none. .
Many Want Paaae .
The work of Issuing special permita
to ' tho pnrsout , entitlel thereto ia
proving n big task; and yeeterday
Captain Foster, harbor master, and
Capt. D. L. Mackaye, Hawaiiaa Na
ttonal Uuanl, wer kept unusually busy
doliag out pauses. . Anxlou to eeeur
the necessary permit, doxena of people
beiegel Captain Foster ' office in the
rarir morning. mi aieauy airwara
swelled ae the day wore on, and before
live a'elnek in tha afternoon several
hundred nermits bad been iaraed.
With B00 applicant a yet to b eon
aidered, Captaina Foster rind Mackaye
eeatet work at bair-patt Bva, but be
fore leaving aa order wa placed lo
cally for the printing of ari additional
luuu passes which ar to be delivered
thit 'morning. Befor a permit i le
aned, tho applicant most submit a let
ter from bis employer, stating that he,
tne applicant, ' bat bona nde business
on the waterfront. This bnaiaest muat
be legitimrite, otherwlae a ptse will
not be given.
There nre three classes of permitt,
and these ar distributed according to
the nature of the applicant 'a buaineea
on tba piert. rirat, there ia tho tern
nernrv bait, orinted on white 1 card
board to be taken up on presentation.
The blue ; paaae 'are permanent, and
will admit persona-to th wharves be
tween the hour of ven In th moral
in and fir iw th nf terweonv The
red '. pease aro'epecial permanent!
and will entitle the bolder to visit the
waterfront at any boor ot tbo dajr .or
ntgbt. .
Patrol Ia ExpenatVe
. Evtnt' Merchant Patrol and Miles'
Protective Agene, two local detective
agencies, have bee, '.empowered With
the work of hiring and working th
guar da. There will b three wttehe
cf eight hwura each, sixteen men to h
wafchi The guardt will be clad ia
elviftaa elothea, but will wear identi
fleatjon - bailge pinned on their .eoat
lapen. ne patrol in ij or tne restricted
area will cost tho Terr"? abproxl
mately $&500 a month.
Of those pertoBt;who, yesterday, ap
plied for paaaea, many, were turned
a Way empty banded. ' in several iri-
stance stevedores and" odd Jobber on
the - waterf roat were refused permita,
While namber of others ensured .in
more aristocratic oeenpntiont were als
turned down eoH. . Before paanea are
issued Captain Foster must be too
rongbly tatiafied that' ah applicant 1
a man. ot integrity.
No Paaaea for Orewt
Crew of tailing ships, sampans and
linera will not be given permits, bat
an offieer of tbo abip will be stationed
ait each entrance td identify the men
as they go ashore, rind only in thiri wav
will the sailor be allowed to enter tha
piers. Thit same procedure probably
will b followed regarding the crew
or aii otaer steamers.
ine steamer tickets or all pasaea
gera about 'to depart from Houolula
will be "ufflcient to pass them on tho
piers. Tbase tlckett will be punched
by the guard, ami once a person boardt
the vessel On which be Intends to
travel, ht will not be permitted, nnlesa
under special eireumttaftc, to leave
tne wnarr again.
ine preaKientrai proclamation bar
ring Gorman ' alien eneiifiea from the
waterfront- atill rtmaint effective, aad
on no coustuaraiion win a uermaa
alien ermm be permitted to enter th
iixj yara waterfront none.
All pertopa, entitled V passes, and
who did not ' receive them yesterday,
win cava uem lasuea ton ay.
A large number' of men have' called
at department headquarters since D
camber IS, aaking for permission to 'en
list In any part of the army service
that might be open. Th new dVft
law, However, prevents the army from
enrolling any men1 ia the regular army,
who are of draft age.
Among (be applicants have been
bricklayer, foundrymen, earpeattr
and mechanic generally. Those who
are beyond the draft nge are being
consitlered for enlistment.
WASHINGTON', January 14 ,(Ab.
ciated Press) The requisitioning ef
nil American sailing Vessels to fur
ther the wwr operations ia forecast
today in a request by the foderul ship
ping board to the depurtment of com
merce to report the locution of al)
imljumiuers flying tho American
Honolulu . stccx ,EXc;:r:::
t JJ Kit. . i
Heoolutn,' larraai
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VUi tCAmrjs
Alet. ar'BiiMwta, "aA
C. Brewer V C. v ......
En ntoa ro.
llama navy. .
llaw. Aar.rtl. Co..
lis-, '- 4 tlo.,.,...d
llaw. .
H.Mxikaa riul. Qn.j
tlnnoiah. Vint. VA . . , .
Ilut.'lilnann Una.; Plant.
Kabnka final. I.,. ..i
Kekaha . Hue.' .....
K4ar Hug. 'o. ,......
MfHrnte Una. C.. Ltd,'.
osh nun. o. , . i ,
niaa auasr '.. Ltd. . ..
Ininmea Hue. "re
Ksanhaa Hiar. Flsat C..
I'sclnc fluaar Mill
I'aw I1nitloanfio. . .
Frpevkro HnjeVTO
rionoec MUI V. , ....
Klin Carlo MUlIn Co.
waiaiaa aarfu. . w.
WaUiOia Xua. U
Ea1sa Devlopmat Co. .
InC laaae asaea TV ra
2nd Imim I'akl Id ....
Halk r. A r. O., Pf..
lUika F. I. ., Com.,
llaw. Vim. nr. 7 A ...
Maw. Ccm. Hr. O'Z B M.
llaw. (.'on. Hj. Cum. ...
Hawaiian faertrle Co. ...
aw, I'lneaiiple .
Il.ru. B. at II. C., tAt. ..,
Hoa. Oas. Co, Ltd
tua. H. T. A U Co. ....
Inter-Inland H. N. Co. .
Mnt. Tel. Cm. .
hn H. A fj. Co.,,...,..
Pahau Kuhlier Co. . . .
Helanw-Illadlnca. Pd. . .,
Kama iftnrtL 1MI
Tsnjon Wak Hobeet ...
. BOKDri
Beach Walk I. D. K ,
jiaw. ioa j, aa i tt
ntw, kt, i..t a .,.1 iu
Haw. Ter. tqfe Her. 1MB not
. IsarUa 1U1XI ....a'AWMA
Hsw. Terrl tcL mm,
Hllo Oas 'O., LM. f..I.TT7;
Houokaa Kugar Vm.i A. Ku ,
lloa. Oaa to. Ltd. 6a ..T.h !
Kauai Rt- C., 0 ...... .lioml.
Manu imp. Diat 0. 1101 v
M' Hryd Hug. Cow, be ... 100V
Mntaal Tat. i . ...wii.llo
hu K. U CO.. B ...lloivJ..
rana una. a., vm .....in
(Haa ki. Ua,. "-i DO
Pcln Out do A r. Co.. Sallfln
Ban Carton MUllac m Ann
Ola. 2.V 33. tMi -Waialta. 90. 10. X
2(1.50;. Haw AarL;. Co., 100, 40.50i Jly.
Brrde, 'WO, t.B,
& . BOARD ftALEt
Bwa. 20. tl.oo:
.a aaa. n u
Co.. aii 32JW: Wm
an auv; inaa, a, .bi
. ' Jsonarr J, 8ia ' ,i.
m aaafytla bt (no aririeealt
Psrltr . ,. . is .
9V Cent. (For1 Haw.) lukar ..... irjre
'.!... BDIMB orrOTaTinwa
... ,Jaa. J .WIA
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4..f''M.,f ,..-, 07.W1
,.. ttt.'.ij; i.vJloaeluW,
notm. i . ' .,v:- I E ;
ttonv Cok. oil . lf . t.ta :
J- Mimiio " ' ''''4
itnela 'PeVneV . l.'.-'twl t. 6i
Mineral I'wxliirta ...':'. .(M .
Munntaln .KlDf . ... .U .M .r
Maataaa Biaaham. Jf Jit .-'J
Madera Mlulu , . Jti .37 . .:i
. i , l i . i- . i, i I ,l l ,i I n i,i
';;r:.; ' i,,ux a; .
Montana, BUM), Sic; Madera. SOJio. ;U.;
200. Hoc Kneel 'Ti h w, - h),
A dfti Vft stocks; "
MMafMa aa, MtA MUwI.I. ' 1ai V(..b
rarbatocka, a Wlreleaaa t TU Adrer-
A 4Ja, arar,
flirt '.'.' f.:i,i
i.aienunia, . .i.t. ...... ...... .-V- . ' . '
lnrrs'aa. .
iroin niftaauai .
1 Hi -rnittar
Jerotua V.arde ,
i i .i J.l.A .4 . ."
ir IxmIs . .... 2T. . .1M .
Marculaa .......ii.i. X&r ' n:
Hwariw Kula . , . .Oil ' iim.,
Hax Cona. r- , OA-:iiv,
Bilver K4u Con, , a.(K,'i, .! n.",
Tnriwh- Kxtenaion i I.MI ' ui'4
J wa uina ... ... ..(...;. i.UU I-jLi
wnnert . ..-..'.. n.tti.:i.-r -.io
kiai(i copper t,Mi..r J-ju
rt Lak , i.......
e4 J
J. ...... 7
Mlaiitaalna 4
Midwest Vl, comiuiMV. Lid
eUted. PraoaV Jfullowtne. ar h oixmua
and elealag euotattona of aagar an eitarr
aturk la tbo Ha . Vraadaf avaeket i-'
Ilaw'n Vom'l Huaar
Hawaiian BnawCo. (,.?,
lnaokaa .Huicar. . ..'..w...,
luti-blnwan Hiigar Co. . ....
Oaha Kuaarco.
Olaa Bugsr Co. . ,
(annaa OncaM Co. , .......
I'nanliHU Hikw Co. . ......
Honolulu Oil I .........
Knirel Copiiea .
Honolulu I'Unrntlon . '. ...
pi.su .
s.oo .
Uo Japanese now on
For tbo first-time in year lb Ja
pafeeae of,Hilaara not represented on
the Hllo Board Of, Trade, T. K. taiki
of the Firat Bank, at Hilo wh wa
member, of laat year 'a -board having
failed of reelection at th annunl
moetln laat wk. O. H. VUtara mnjt
reoleeted anoppoaod to th presidency
of the body, as waa B. N. Deyo, vivo
president. E. F. Nlehol waa cboeun,
treasurer. Eight director Wer elect
ed and of tbeae, four belonged to the
old board, via.! D. MeM. For bet, H. J.
Lyman, bf. da F. Bpiaola aad John T.
Moir. The other director aret A. 8.
IBaroa Oirney, 3. W. - Kuaaell, John
A: Heott and P. ..afetagOr. The ottico
of an eloeted aeeretary wa abolished
by the adoption of nw by-lawa. ,

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