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Railroads Abandon
7 All EffortsTd llun
Coldest Days W M&ny
v Is Severe
WASHWGTON. January' 13
VV l. (Associated : Press)
In eighteen years no such period
of cold and storms .. has ' been
known In the United States as
tfyat of the. present. The. coldest
weather known since 1899 yester
day extended-, from the Rocky
Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean
and from the Great Lakes "to the
Gulf of Mexico with, zero tem
perature extending as far south
as Birmingham, Alabama and
with temperatures of thirty-two
degrees below zero reported, from
various points in North Dakota.
To meet' the serious .conditions
which arise as a result of the cold
and the heavy "storms, in most
sections coming in form of snow
which fell to considerable depth
and in certain sections drifted
badly, the railroad administration.1
ordered that coal should
..... . t I
priority in snipmeni aiiu uc $itcii,or ton ruaa snows it to ne in nigmy
the ritfht of wav over all Other
freights in transit. "
In the -training camps in" the
south there are and will be
weather conditions which were
never considered by the army de
partment and there'eannot but be
a considerable degt'cilsr iuff irlng
among- the men in the , ca,nton-,
ments. some under canvas and
others lit framgr' buildings 6f light
coiiMi uciiuii, uic, nuiuicia iiui ai
WaVS being clad. in warm, heavy
clothing'' suited to such Weather
Heavy snowfalls are reported
throughout the country to a line
as far south as Atlanta, Georgia.
In the streets of Chicago the
snow ib heaped up two feet deep.
Railroad transportation through
out the storm district is seriously
crippled. In Chicago the coal ami
food famine is reported as more
threatening arid with no. real re
lief in sight for several days' Jo
come. Most of the railroads lead
ing into that city have abandoned
their httemnts at nasseneer and
.... . , , ..
ireignt service ana are devoting
attention to the efforts for the re-
lief of the scores of trains and
hundred)? of passengers ,,t rj
marooned between stations or at
smaller points along their lines.
Til tinrK infl rifl a Vi I k Q l ,,."- .
., . . . , , ,
vailed in many places have added
seriously to the difficulties of rail -
.. ' , : . , .
roading, filling the cuts to the
level and during deep over level
In all of the big cities except
New York, where the cold wave
had not readied yesterday hut
where there was a' rain and sleet
ptorm, business was demoralized
and in many instances at a stand
still as result of the wintry' yeath
er conditions:" 1
- Str Louisofported a new low
level record in temperature and
in Kansas City there were similar
low temperatures. F r e e z i n g
weather and killing frosts are ex
pected to extend down to central
and perhaps southern Florida.
.Further reports from Macon.
Georgia, of the damage done at
Fort Wheeler by the wind storm
there, in addition to the blowing
down of a building which killed,
''. i .
WA1HINQT0N. January . 13 (Associate Pre) Official despatches
from consular agent In Bwitaerland to th state depart niat report wlds
tprwUl food riot throughout Austrian eltlea, with growing evidence of
pint Of roTolt among the popalao. TH disturbance reached their climax
la Vienna on Vow Tow's day, vord of tho turbulent lawlosanea of th street
xowd being brought acroo tho alwis harder deepiu tho effort of tho govern
ment official to provont word of tt nothing tho Entente countries.
' On Hrw Tnr'i day, Uto report from various ooureoo, tho Vienna pop
elation rioted throughout tho city, demanding food. Women in tho mob at
tacked tho market, tho mon Joining In. After all tho food itnff had been
looted, tho market won wrecked and tho nob passed on to tho neat ahopa,
which won Ukowl looted and tho fixture ton out. t
On their way through tho street, practically unopposed by tho gendarme
and troopi of tho local guards, the crowds ahontod malediction upon the mu
nicipal authorities and upon tho government, demanding either peace or food.
; Spanish Also peel pinch of hunger
. BAKOEUlCA, JlpAln January 13 (Associated Preae)- The publication
yesterday of a doeroe fixing the prloo of foodstuff Incited street crowd to
riot her yesterday, tho mobs placing tho blame for the high price set forth
la the official decree to tho storekeeper. . They first ton down and trampled
upon tho official Hot of price, then stoned tho shops, finally looting them.
' Similar scenes of disorder are reported to have taken place In Valencia,
President of Philippine Senate
Will Succeed American As
v" Railroad President , "
MANILA, January la- Associated
JVes) Mannel Queiion, president of the
seaate, ha torn elefteit .president;' Of
tbe. Manila Railway to succeed -the
American who'll made a great sue
rem of the road for government owner
ship. Eugene Reed i to retire from the
presidency ami msnagemeut or the rail
way, it is announced, and with the an
nouncement ranie the further news that
Manuel tjueaoa would sneeeed him,
The reuort of the retiring president
. . f ' .
properou condition. Last year, u
flrrt under government ownership it
net earnings were $400,000.
. CA5CP ITUNSTON", Kansas, January
12 (Associated" Jresa)-Military police
ore today eekirig tbe perpetrators of a
bloody crime here last night. Men en
tered tlf fermy 'bank in the military
reservation, killed, four of the five men
there using axes," and took money and
Liberty : Bond. Xearney Wornall, cash
ier, who wa wounded in the itruggle,
I the only survivor. He ha told the
authorities that one of the robber wore
the uniform of a army captain.
"The marders were committed by
eaptaia known to one of the head bunk
official,'! aid Wornall. "His face
wat familiar .to Hie. Then I llpHPt) nt0!ni1a of liatnvirinir hiditnn writinir ii
AMSTERDAM, January 1.1 (Asso
ciated Press) Chancellor von Ilertling
will delay hit reply to the expression
of war aims of President Wilson of
the . United States and Premier I.loyd
George of Great Britain until Tuesday
and will not speak tomorrow na had
been expected. It was announced yes
terday , to the main committee of the
Beiehitag that he would appear before
Beichstag that he would appear
tnt body on Tuesday.
BUENOS AIKES. .Unnsrv 12 (As
soeiated Preasi Amentioe papers re
Tenewing demand, for a severance of
relation wUh Germany. , They consid
er the action of Oermanv in extend
'", 'r1 o" h.pp.ng
and th aubmarin campaign a delib-
erately nnf jrJendlyiK
oue man, said that sixteen hospi
tal tents were blow down and 1 50 1
patients exposed to the weather
while tqrrenta of rain were swept
over them by a howling gale of
The cold weather was expected
to reach New York City by to!:iy. '
Throughout the' country the
suffering resulting from the fiul
famine and. the fold and sturmy
weathej; can be c.ompared only i
with that of the suffering and di-
comfort during the cold wave'
that so recently preceded it.
,. In all of the large cities efforts
to relieve the poor with limiteil
supplies of coal available are be
ing made and in some of the cities
people are being housed in public
Shipping Board Gives Figures For
1917 Output and Estimate
of Losses To World
, WASBINOTON, January 13 (Aso
elated Press) Ship production in th
United States during the year 1917 is
estimated to. have reached 901,233 gross
tea in. the report which were rendered
to eongresalonal committees yesterday
by the (hipping board. : These, figure
re nearly double the' tonnage of ship
which left American shipyards during
the year 11. ' ' r j
Tt is entlmstM hv the shirmlAff rinsrA
that the submarine warfare of the
-rf it s -
I Germans and Austrin caused a loss
,w . .......
ton during the year
These latter figure differ w.dely
from those published by tire Berlin
gTageblat which claims great successes
xur ine luununnB ceiiipniicn.
. The Tageblat, reviewing the first
year of the "ruthless submarine cam
paign," ' which will end February 1,
asserts that the U-boats have succeed
ed in completely upsetting the eco
jnomle life of the Entente countries.
1 no TageDia eiajm tnat tne sunma
rine have ' averaged 821,000 ion
tnon'tUyt or a total annual toll of ship
snak aeienntlng to 10,000,000 ton.
Th paper claims that the Allies have
sustained a monetary loss of (5,000,-
LOXDON, Jantmrv 1.1 (Associated
Pros) Detection of four notorious
thr,,h ,.w.-rv mMh
vering hidden writing in
document, bus been accoinplisluMi by
the, efficiency of the Postal Onuornhip
In (jondon, it 1 announced. Securities
worth 1,000,000 have ben stoppiyl in
rourae Of transit for enemy use, nmi
1.730,000 worth of stork or bou.l. de
tained f of investigation. Enemy um
Biunieation -through th mall has Seen
completely cue off, and public mupey
has been saved by the discovery of at
tempt to hoard vital cupplie, to, tUo
extent of 050,000 involve.! iu, - fsl
lively small transaction in one imort
ant commodity. During this year 1 ten
thousand "cloaks" or intermediaries
for enemy trade, have btieu detected
and their activities stopped'.
Ihe staff 01 the headquarters of aio
Postal C'eusorshiu totals 4.200 of whoui
.1,178 are women. Their work requires ,nK the total loan to Berbia now six
siu;h education and skill that the gov- milbon dollars.
ernment had difficulty in securing quaH ,In. U..tho United States baa extend
ed employe, and a chool wa eta- American credit to the AUie. to a
lishod to train candidate to detect Ul of 4,238,400,000.
odes, secret writing, and other subter-
f"g- The average number of letters,
cvuavrcn wmc.n any is ovit .lauuur
weighing about four tons.
'"l 0 "
Vueea Mary recently spent an enter.
our at the headuuartera-'i
The "uncommon laniruas-e room '3
where ISO language, European, Asiatics
and African, haveeen read, especially
claimed her Uteres!. . ,'i
? J. M V
I.(X1K)N, .Isnuary 12 ( Associated,
Press) The British destroyer Kacoon
Htruck the rocks on the Irish coast on
Wednesday morning and foundered, nc
curding to announcement today.
The crew of the Racoon perished.
Twenty one bodies have been recovered.
OROrjp. I
Kvery young child is sueeptible to'
roiin.' Don't wait until tliia dresdful
j d iHcuse attacks you little one before.
V" . ' in
niuht wlin ehfllll.rM, MliAnu am liHiinllv'
i h nnd tli'lN ab'iie sliould be a warii-:
iT. Het end keen Chamberlain's
("nili Remedy at hnnd. ft never fails,
fi-t iinicklv and absolutelv harmless, i
Kur sii'e by all dealers. Benson, Hinithj
C.i . I til., agen's f.ir Huwuii. Advcr J
1 tmi.uient.
A Ills. PAnrnntrto DtHorUe
niMC,' Wvnvkiiuui. uasivi ik
Agalns Activities Seen In ,
.Progress Within Lines of Com-
; munication or tnemy
Hp.aw Finhtlnn On Asiann Pla-
' . I
teau and Piave River sectors
1s Done By Artillery of Italians
. ...7' ' '
and Allies
BOrT2, January 13 (Associated
Press) Forestalling un expected aad
indicated offensive on the part of the
Austro-Oorman forces the fires of th
Italian snd of their British and
French A lite were concentrated yes
terday against troop movement within
the enemy line of communication on
the Asiago Itateau. In this artillery ea
gagemeut the force and intensity 01 th
I'atiaa aad Allied fire wa multiplied
and a terrible rain of immense projec
tile and high explosives wa poured
upon the enemy ripping and tearing too
country against whirh it was directed
and makjng it untenable to the enemy.
Against this fire the movement eon-
IW:1' h' ,m""y wer pow,r"
leas to progress.
Meantime the British effeetnaBy
tarred any progress by the Teuton in
the fire aone on the left hank of the
Plave, to the northeast of Montello,
holding the enemy in check in that
Air battle were fought at a Bomber
of point, aad dning these series of
engagements five hostile aircraft were
downed by the , British and Italian
aviators. - V
Advnneirrg Oirt over the enemy line
Art 1 ll It!. J i , I I l
i laV'Jimea airpiam-s voinueu n nuiuprr
i " III. . v . 11- 1 . V -
of ; the mMrorjr? estaMisbment in the
o . . - ,i i t a : -. i i.
ciSEBliay . f sjirr luu iuuiriru a hb?t
uarange. - -
t . . . iff
Chicago Head Is' Freed From
Charges In Faci'of Strong
' Evidence Agamt WmjZ.
CniCAQO, January l .1-iAocited
dTess) Charles Heleyy'"foriner chief
of the ChicaKO polure, Htephen Bar
thnm. a detectiveV'kad William 8k id
more, alooakeojfer, jointly indicted
and tried for Conspiracy to permit the
operation Or illegal resorts were ac
quitted by jtbe jury late last night fol
lowing a,'rial which began October
15 last. "
The trjal of Chief Hraley and the
exposure which led up to the trial
ntirreil'Cbicago to it very foundations.
Healer was accused of securing a
large; revenue from commercialized
vir, the saloons, cabaret of a low or
frr and other disorderly and disrepu-
tpble resorts. Dictagraph records were
introduced in evidence, an alleged so
cret code of communication disclosed
and a general condition of viciouiness
' .l.A.n in thm tAutiinnnv AlfurAil liV thn
Until well toward the close of the
defense there were few who connid
ered an acquittal a possibility.
.'.w . x,.v. ".. ::'rr, .
WASHINGTON, January 11 (Ao
elated Press) Secretary of the Trea
ury McAdoo yesterday authorized an
other loin to the Herblaa government,
I thl tin,e of two million dollars, mak-
fl- J H7!11
tlKrHril Willi ltJalllY
. -. t
! m , .
WASHINGTON, January 13
(Associated Press) James W. Ge
rard, former United State ambas
sador to Berlin, who has a more in
timate knowledge of American af
fairs as they were viewed In Ger
many up to the breakiug off of dip
lomatic relations, has been sum
monefl to appear before the senate
"oraiuittee on military affair to
Htate what be knows regarding the
larious warnings given to th gov
ernment relative to the probability
of America liein drawn into the
Mr. Gerard, whose official duties
brought him into frequeut conflicts
with the (ierniHii junker and who
heard time after time the threats
directed against the "insolent Yan
kees" and tbe uation "too proud to
fi(rht", is reported to have sent
Washington tt number of warnings
to prepare for s break with Oer
inauy, which he foresaw. When lie
returned to the United States, to
confer with the I'resideut just be
fore the breHk, he expressed hi
preat atoimlunent at noting that
this country had been making ah
milut.elv no preparation for the
I conflict he rei-arded un inevitable. i
. -G
' '
t, o.n; i -V SI
' 6r"a"lllveau Tan 1 " V
lerjed Witnesses To Purport
erj Will Supply Bonds
Whrn " I'rincenii" Theresa BolUrean
had preeentod n bond for 1SOO to Clr
eult Judfrn Hrtn yesterday, she
released and her attorney requested
to present her pic neil Aatortlay, to
the rh1 01 'on.Pirey m
i0' '"' yw
which she offered to the eoert in No-ti
vemher for prol.stc and purporUsg to
' 1
be Liliuokalanl's last will
The same course wa taken
5v". .8 ?5'n'?k.aia nd J"" M-
neaioao, inmetea py the graua jury oa
charges of forgery and conspiracy in
th same case, each putting np ft bond
of 11500.
All three were indicted last week by
the torritnri.l ut.,,a tn,v fi th.
- i . J 1 " " ,
tfufiT. Ainivru ik tarvwiuK
the "will" out or eourt, on tke tee-I
iisnony oi ivsmssaia ana bsmiena (
i, The "will" wa originally handled
by Lorrin Andrew, but when Kama
kaia confessed he had not signed th
document in the precenee of the Queen
Andrew made public announcement of
withdraw a counsel for tho
cess" and would have nothing more to
do with it. Yesterday, however, Mr.
Andrew appeared in court a connscl
for Theresa, and asked for a contin
uance of the case for a week. , William
T. Bawlin, who secured some of the
statement of Matthew,' the prlsoa
trusty, a to the manner, la which Ka
makaia wa induced to tell tke troth,
appeared for KamakaJa. . W. C Aebt
and W. C. Achi Jr., appeared or Kea
loha. Charte 8. Davi appeared . oa
behalf of the city and county attor
ney-s department to
ked tbat the bond be a heavy !rie
on the aitsiimptfon &at uaerese:
preparing to leaV for . Waahrftgto
a "mission". ThOt qeesf the
a Ofti.ti,r.
lot laughed at
Court Considers Children of
:, Prince T-wid Interested At"
' Is KuhidV Queen's Estate "V
"Prince Kuhio eannet : have any
elaim that is not equally strong with
the children of the late Trine Pavid'
raid Circuit Judge C. V. Ashf'ord yes
terday, id connection with th request
lata before him y the attorney
of 1
"TT.r.' tT? ,r
mi r '
nni 1009 will be deferred tn- their, bed. . . . . I
his return from Washington, j' -So'rapUUj flid the. fire in the dormi
meht was made when Attor- tory. peeal -after; iiaiaeovery that
rea-s raised the question of there was little? time" tA"ecape and no
til after
Tbe comment
nev Andrea- raised the qusstiott
whether the rhlldren of the late Prince
Pry id aould be considered as heira-at-law
of the late Queen. If (hey were
not. the Attorney had added, then they
need . not be considered M necessary
parties and the hearing on the Prlnee'i
request need not be deferred until the
arrival of Princess Kawananakoa from
Ihe Coast on January 10
Question of Degree 'M
"It strikes me that the attitude
here in tbe past . i that they are
heirs," said , Judge Ashford.
"I had supposed the law was other
witie, until ypur houor spoke," said At
torns, I). L. Withington, of counsel for
t lie Prince. The judge replied rather
wittily Jht he wished tbat remark had
been original with him. Th ' judge.
ent 0a to say where there are two
brother and One died and leave chil
dren their claim would be equal. Mr.
Withington added that the Hawaiian
statute gave heirship by the degree of
relationship,, and tbat under th la stat
ute, Prince Kuhio wa a degree closer
than the Kawananakoa children.
The origiual question concerning the
will matter came up through the re
quest of Prince Kuhio' counsel to have
an agreement for the continuance of
the present litigation to give the Dele
irnte an opportunity to gq to Washing
ton to attend - the present session of
congress. Two matter are now before
the. court relating to the Queen's es
tate, th first being Kuhio' peYition
for his own appointment a admini
trator and for the administration of
the Queen' estate, aad the second for
tho probate of the 1009 will.
U wua then that it wa suggested
'lint ns Princess Kawananakoa, mother
of the Kawananakoa minor was to be
here about the nineteenth, that tho
time be aet for a day after her ar
rival. . '
Case Bet Down
A th question came up concerning
whether tbe Kawununakoa minora ure
heirs, th bearing on this point was
set for January Id, although that in
three days before the Princess reaches
here. Letters received from her yes
terday dated Kan Francisco, January 4,
Mild she was' to leave Hun Francisco
about the- twelfth, snd that she was
coming here particularly on this and
other case concerning the property in
terests of the Kawttnanakiia minor's.
The hearing of Prince Kuhio 's re
quest for a coutinuauce of the will case
will be held January S.'l.
In court were a number of attorney"
connected with various phases of the
Kuhio, I.iliiinkiilaiii and Kawanunuknu
estate Interests.
k nniAAAin An T Y -r
v mmmmmm " & AA V V-
l-i. l
' "lT5 " n w jm-
bassador Is Report Pub
lished In Daily Mail
1.0NIX1N, January H ( Assoc is ted
Press) Ftsblishment of formal rela
tion with Maxim I.ilvinolT, who wan
sent here as the ambassador of the
Bolshevik! government to Oreat Britain
KojbI !-( n rli(imitavi urwttl K ( Kal trnv .
eMlH, ; to , -tt
m.h. tw. teP u to bo take.
thy, with a view to the seaurlng of
useful mformatloa relating to eosdi
A.1 1 I LI -L IJ .A I 1
.i 1 u. L1L I A A i. t
v i i w i u nimita Hum wuuiu uinrfnin I
V A .1 1 1 .L..1-.LI. I
ur nm rnnuiiT uuiiunsvie.
K.nlinn. h.l.. Rnuis snit the
Central Powers are to be continued at !
Bret Utovsk said deapatehe ol yes-1
terday from Petroirrad. They reported 1
tht Trnt.kv h.H sm-avH t th. with.!
drawal of the reouest of Russia to a I
,h.c nt hn ro Htiwkhnlm in rH .
17" . ".S' ." "ZZL ". ZZ Z1
tu btoiq m r i n i ritvr rnj vrr iukl point
tn doing so bad said:
MVe sdhere, howerer, to tke pria- j
eirle of a democratic peace a pro
.Ve sdhere, how
eiyle of a di
sislmnd bv us
Ask Delay
Troxtay n.s requesrea a.ijournmonr
of the ronference until lly in ord'T,
atrreed that' the Russia!.! and (Jkfainlau
replies will be read at , the name tunc.
It 1 learned ner that Ensiirn
.ryienne,,oiner.fcl.eomMinaer, na
begua 1 campaign :to wHi0 a Tolunteiw
army to be uscc only against the, bour
geoisie of Russia, and only against them
if negotiations fail, and that tbis rom-
manilar clans to liberate'' the Ttroletariat h
of other con tinenuT countries from the
mlleged domiaion t the bourgeoisie or,15
middle elans.
Kepublfe of Don
'..rHe ihwinlTMir Ttsfsv rAnnrta thnt
proeete.i Heifhe. Republic of the Don ha been de
wojelaren by the (sncks, with Ueneral
, Kaledin as president and prime min-
Training School Dormitory Dis
covered In Fbmes and Fire .
" f .5 Spreads' Rapidly 7 ' f
MUSKOGEE, Ohlahoma, January 13
(Associated Press) Fir which broke
out in tne dormitory of th Dwight In
dian Training , School here last night
burned , to dfath ''thirteen Indian boy.
More than a thouiahd other escaped
with little morO than. their live as rhev.
clutched what -clothing tby could find
and hurried: out Into the ..cold of. the
t ecantily, ejpthed. as they left
time to av any of th contents. The
bev were "bastilv aroused but so raiid
wa-the- fcpread. ot tho flame that the
buildjog-Ur 4ik a roaring furnace in
a few minutes, eatebiag' more than a
doeen of , the inmate and cutting off
all hope of their escape. Numbers of
those whqjld escape were scorched and
singed bu none were seriously burned.
Later when the roll wa called it was
found tbat thirteen of the boy failed
to answer to their name aad tbey are
believed to have all met deuth in the
Norman Brooke, the famous Aus
tralian tennis player, who paired with
the late Anthony Wilding in the Davis
Cup mstcues, earn near losiag his life
recently,' according to - word received
hr. He. k a lieutenant colonel and
was a paaaenger on th Mongolia, which
we. tornenWd en mute to- Kprnt.
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day, tortured) with dull bakacbe or
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keepers, or will be mailed on receipt of
price by the Hollister Prug Co., or
Henson - Smith Co., Sirenta fr the
t ilawaiiau Islands. Adwrtisniueut)
n.'i m;
ML , V-X J- A ,
As Hcputtic, We ; Will,
Go Through To End
Says "Lansing;,
"""" , r -ta. i V,;-,':'.,..
Co m p 1 e t e Vi c t ory !
Alone Will Meet; v
Nation's Need ; : v
NEW YORK, January 13 ,
(Associated Vntif '-!
, - '
1 1 A ' V ' '
Speeches which rarur sound' and ;
. . . . -
true, replete with patriotism and
. . v 1
the indomitable Spirit Of de-.
: : ' t .i.- '
criuniuon oi inc niuon were
. , ."
of State Lansing and Former. '.
President Theodore Roosevelt,. J
Kn.ai,- AArMt.A Hiff-r.nt
the war aims of the country , as
outlined ly the President and
..t, - to .1.. j.w Ynrk- Stat Rir
sHKf to wcw 1 fTrK &ta ar
'Association of which Charles. R.
jllughes, the Republican standard
. . , . .
presmcnt, wni'.e tvooseveit, aa-
dressed the Ohio Society at its. ' ".
! annual meeting.
The annual dinner of. the bar . "
association was attended by rep- v "
resentatives of most ,pf the Allies
and former Governor Hughes
presided. Lansing. said that until
the. war aims' as' outlined by; the
1'resident were . accepted, by the
Central Powers the war mast go'.'. .
on. ' . " '.-'-" "
"We are in thi war as a fepuiji
lie ! andjv.arei iit ii to th very
end, "the serretair tate '''"de
dared and his' Utterance's were 1 '',"
greeted by wild storms of dem-'.
onstrative approval. . , 5 : ' ;
America must accept no peace
except the peace ''whichWWbme$ TJ
with and after! an. oyerwbdrfling '
victory was the assertion of Colo
net Roosevelt delivered ; in his .. . .
most vigorous' and effective man-"
ner. ' -. ' . ' . i : .
"An inconclusive peace ' would
only mean that we should be left
weaker and that we and our, chil
dren would have to fight the enV
emy over again and again, until
they shall be finally and conclu
sively conquered. f ; V.O -
"Unless Belgium shall be-' re- ,.
stored to its rights and ndernni-'
fied for its terrible losses, bo lar '
as indemnity can be given, Jusi ,
tice will not have been con
served," he concluded. . .
Roosevelt's audience was larg- ;
er than that which listened to
Lansing but was even more en--thusiastic.
He was addressing an
audience hat was essentially one
of citizens wKUp .' Lansing -was '
speaking o members ': of the j. '
learned profession of the law. .
... -..ri,Tr,
l A VOELEfl,-' January 13 fAaeo-ciaU-d
rress) Nicholas Zogg, held. la.
connection with the plot to aell araia
nd ammunition seined by the United'
Mtstes to Mexican agent, today .admit-;
to I knowledge of ucessful shipment,
of puns and ammunition from Southern
California to Mexico four month agov
, "under the eye wf federal officer." V ii,,,
, Ife made the admiasiqn io hi prelimi? .'
nnrv cxHmination before the t. 8. com- ,
mirtsioner. '
t if, ...
PARIS, .Tsnuary 12 (A soeiated
I 're I Stephen Hehon, Vrench for-',
i'in minidtor, announced .today that .
Vriince will not join the peace confer,
'lii-e at Brest-I.itovsk. The Russian
lm e asked the" Klttetite Allies to par ,
tii ipute iu tkia coofereuce. , ., , ;
f -

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