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AnsvVfers Dafeiti6h4 ot Members
'vof H6use of RoVeseritatlVes
. By Opposing1 CreafloA of Sec
' iYctary of Munitions
President Believes Jhey Are
Conrpetent To Hand! All AN
fairs Belonging To Their. De
partment Now and Later i
XYASHIGTON, January 12
V Vr..'( Associated P f e s)
Kes'ident Wilson .; has full and
ecrmplete confidence In the secre
taries of war" and navy, is op
posed tdf shearing them of power
and to the creation of a depart-.
ment of munitions and supplies.
with a place in his cabinet The!
President iridicated this to mem
bers of the .house of representa
tives who called upon him yes
terday and talked with him. of the
proposals which have grown out
of the investigation conducted by
the senate committee on military
'affairs -and; the bill creating the
hew' cabinet position which was
introduced by Senator Chamber
lain. ;
,i. In his .conversation with the
representatives who consulted
fiini upon the proposed legisla-
uon t resiacni wuson is saiu iu
have stood firmly ia support of
srrft9ra rtaVfr nf the war de
partment and Secretary I)ar)iets
of th navy. He is reported to
have laid that 'he knows well the
difficulties which they had to en-
their ' success has ; bi'on' in many
ways; renUrkible nd that he.has
implicit confidence ra their ability
to .handle the purchase and de
livery of .munitions and supplies
tinder the present organizations
whi'cn they have built up with
infinite ' care and thought since
the country embarked upon war.
Wilson is said to have pointed
oiit pat the proposed secretary
of munitions would take from the
, UCparwncnis ui w ani nary
much f their powers and that
m creating snch new department
there is danger of conflicts of
authority which would work ngains
tit Interest of the country. He con
sider th proposal little abort of an
expression of lack of confidence in then.'
cabinet official. For these ren
eon besatd be w Opposed to the bill
Much. Tmtimouf Hoard
It mi aftei there bail been much
testimony presented to the senate com
mittee which weut to show a failure
to fully ! properly equip the forres
ilia bod bea sent to France and to
clothe tbqpe who wer in training at
hqiit that the proposal wai niaile by
member of the committee to create a
near purchasing department for arms,
munition; aad equipment of the fight
Inn force.. Testimony of a shortage
of ride and machine gun for the men
In. France ,va toWl by Colonel Lewis,
inventor- of the machine sun which
bear hi f name and he farther laid it
wouW be Impossible for the govern
ment tt laveuro the maohme gans it
will ef thia year with the arrange
mrau it baa. made. Other witnesse
testified th rifle makers aat Idle and
waiting bile the erdneoee department
haggled over, and insisted upon changes
of type which, wore not at all essential
, i Other testimony waa offered allowing
a alow outfitting of the men in can
tounMsha, sAoriae of evereoata, warm
Vlesse' and ia some instances even of
Wbei eongress assembled complain!
it tit (undo that aueh in camp were sleep
injt 'lav 'ta)t without floors. Other
ttiinon.y .was given of unsanitary con
dition anil .consequent 11) health ia the
taxij.a, and Cantonments. .
Tdvniaoy of. tbena charges counter
evidence u Introduced but no full
and detailed statement waa beard from
Secretary taker until after the bill
creating the new cabinet otDce and
ehearinfc th War vy department
of the owr to purchase was iutro
dscad. i t , . ,
J:otk of the aecretaries admit there
have been delays, nmch has not goue
forward witb amoothneas but they
point vat. the real progress made waa
greater than this or any other country
La aaM ia a similar length of time
and claim present organiaationa,sas
inure reeantfy perfected are qoite capa
ld of baiuiliag ail it the affairs of
-their d part wen ta.
Coid and Stornis -Are
Sweeping Over 'States
WABHIXCTCrX,' JanWr l--(AMH,lte1 rreaa) Storms' and cold weather
are again sweeping crom eenhtrr bringing with them suffering aad diaeoni
'ort for poor and rich alike twing to the fact that the coal shrtage hka'beea
only partially rflieved. T meet the need 14 the borne of the people it will b
necesaary for mkhufactnring plants to ran on less foci and to auapend operation
ia whole or in part., Kvtu war ainnition plant! Will fce th effect of ' tb
shortage, V t ;' ; ' '" " " 7, V-
from New Orleans west across Texas tier ia beary atorra i aging afcd at
Ualreaton last night it waa anowing heavily. ;-r - -
la the Northwest there i another cold wve which 1 advancing; eestward
and ia the south there1 ti another cold wave whlcb ia causing abnormally cold
weather in the Sooth Atlantic State. In section of the eouth high wind are
reporteiL . ..'.':!'','.':,''. t : . ' f. '...-' ''..''.:
Camp Wheeler, seven mile from Macon, Georgia, waa yesterday- awepi by a
tornado and one bailding -collapsed, killing One man. 'At Camp Wheel the
Thirty drat iMviiioi (a tatloa composed of the guard Of Georgia, Florida and
Alabama. :
; At Devil ' Lake, North Dakota, a temperature of thirty two degree below
tro was reported last night and at Medicine Hat, Saskatchewan, the merenry
reglatored forty-two dejree below aero. - '
Ia advance of thla eol.l war there fan been a booty anOmfatl reaching jat
of Cbk-ago. That city 1 mow bound and i facing a famine of foer aad of fooal
combined. Traffic on the railroad to the elty.ia alow aad through the ait it ill
I'lorked by heavy drift in a nam her of etien. . Unles railroad traffic can
bej speedily restored the eity face a ahortage ia a nomber of food eommoditt
.Fuel Controller GarBeld said Jaat night that it will bo accessary for aiaaa
factoring plant to curtail operationa in order to Meet th Coal abortagO and
th will extend even to th plant which ar manufacturing war munition
aad Oagagod in other war contracts, ;. ' .-.
ISRiN'GS Stil t TO
" ' ahsmMaa4 !
The von Hamm-Young Company
Claims . Purchase cf Engine
From Schuman Company Ille
gal For Want of. Advertising
' V? " 11 " v.t-:',V-ir
H1LO, January .l(Ppeelal to f h
AdvertinerJ nilo 'a- deairo.' to . bat a
real Are enginO ha landed the county
father into a law uit. This- after
uijon, W. II. Smith, representing . tire
von Hamm'Voung torapany of ftonola
lu. secured a tnoinOrirv Injunction en
joining the county, from paying to the
octtuuisn carriage ifotupany twenty-one
thousand dollars for certain machin
ery, including the 8eagrav 4jre f hflne
over which Chairman Kautana'. and the
membera hav bad snort thna one mer
y row amongst themselves.
OUdnM Pnrcbaa Illegai ,
The attorney for rob ilamm-Tonng.
itate in hi application ' for' the writ
.if injunction thai tlia , purchase' dJ
emplnted . by the. eoanty it illegal, in
asmuch a tbert was no- call for -bids,
he machinery being aimply ordered.
Kuriliet ground for '-illegality are
ilaimed in the fact' Mao t Supervisor
Vkiaa, member of th board, i n rai
.doye of the Schuniaa Carriage) Com
pany and cannot vote to award a con
tract to thia Arm. ' -t
Schnxnaa Affected
The fleaLrve fir -enolne 1 - beintr
purehaaed1 from the Xyneh 'Company.'1
Incorporated,, but i being . oeeurea
through the Bchdmau Company. When
it Waa decided to purchase- a modern
Ire engine, W. J. Wfeat, representing
the von Hamm-Young Company, offered
the county a La France fire fighting
machine at $10,750. Jarne Lynch pre
sented the claims of hi Seagrav en
gine, price $11,900. The supervisor
gravely took npon themselves th task
of making a choice between the two.
At a meeting held on Saturday the
ore 'committee of the board proceeded
to make a report, to be blandly Inform
ed by' Chairman Kanhana that no re
port need be filed, inasmuch a be bad
selected lb Seagrave and bad ordered
it at least a week before.
There were firework iver ' this al
leged usurpation- of power, the board
finally voting to approve the action
under protest. This motion to approve
was made by Supervisor Akina.
Fall Is the Heaviest In Two Years
and firings Rejoicing On
TilLO, January 12 (Special to The
Advertiser) I'pon what waa a few
montba ago a dry and drought stricken
section of brown cane fields there fell
yesterday the heaviest rainfall which
that section has known in two year.
At the, Hamakua and Laupaboehpe plan
tation there ia great rejoicing.
While the drought was broke in the
northerly dietricte of Hawaii weeks
ago there hav been no heavy rain.
There had been sufficient to improve
and Veep going eropa but the streams
were low and the ground bad not had
a real soaking. Th present rain ha
set the it ream flowng brim full and
th field are thoroughly saturated with
WASHINGTON, January 12-r(Ao-eiatei
Tress) As soon as legislation
now being drafted can be put through
congress, no new issues of securities
of any nature may be floated without
permission and license. The proposed
legislation will plnee tbe power Of
licensing in the hand of the treasury
i ,
NEW TORK, January 12 (Associa
ted Tress) Th reports from Petrograd
that tbe Bolshevikl government ia
about to repudiate all obligations of the
Russian government precipitated a
saver decline J a tb prii; uf Russian
bond bore yestrdy. I
suffering Are v
Wlrisfori dhurthiir. felii ' Amerl-
cans ' War- Aims of ''English
Shaking Rdces Are the Same
and Warns of Dangers Ahead
- .(. -.-t int. r. i
IiONnOM, January 12-i-(Aociated
TreskJ Week and tnOntbs of bloo lj
toil, of Intense exertion hd of infinite
sacriOces ara stilli bsfor-: us,'f , said
Winaioa CburcbUI, former first lord ol
the Admiralty and. ; now' Minister of
munition for Great Britain when ad
droaaiug a largo gathering of Ameriran
at a luncheon, at the Aiaeriean Club
yeaterdmy. . -; '.,., 4 . A
.."A., irrave need of hrewilness and
wf great, discretion -lie abend, of u bo-
ie w can meet pence. . ,
".Th English speaking race are ia
pbrftet, unanimity in l war alma,, we
I muat.reontiauo that unanimity in our
conduct 0C4h0 war., our accord at this
time will . bo a' great Advantage but
there are grava and oeriou day ahead
of na.'t.,., ,. i- , .
. In tfio eoorso of hi -speech Churshill
repeatedly i urged th United Bute to
peed .up. .To get 4ta armis equipped,
traiped and in the-cld o a to be
ready io bear th bufdea which the
United State aaaumli fhen, it Joined
tb allie ia their, war aglrt Auto
eracyj It ha done much but'bWmueh
mora to achieve, b taid. -
' ' ' .
New York Financial Interests
' Ready To Assure Nation and1
Allies of Control
NEW YOBK, January 11 (Associa
ted I'ress) A plan under which New
Tork . banking Interests would finance
the purchase of the next Cuban sugar
crop is shortly to be presented to the
international sugar committee how,
handling all of the sugar transaction
for the Allied power. -.
The plan call for the expenditure of
1150,000,000 by the syndicate and ia
aid to be important to national affair,
inasmuch as, it is- declared, the way
will be opened to assure both the Uai
ted States and its European allies of
an adequate sugar supply.
The plans will probably not be de
veloied until the federal reserve bank
authorities indorse it, inasmuch a it
Contemplates large banking operation.
WASHINGTON, January 12 (Asbo
rioted Tress) Tro'tests by the score at
the proposal t lint the government aha);
control all mineral deposits are pourinf
In on the headquarters of the American
Mining Congress here from the metal
mine of all part of the country.
Cupper minors point out they have
voluntarily given to the United State,
the Allien and the public a price far
lower than the red metal sold at before
the United Rtate became a belligerent.
Labor trouble have been satisfactorily
settled, the miner being now paid a
wnge scale equal to that Which they
received when eopper was much higher.
Other metal mines are voicing similar
WASHINGTON, January 13 (Asso
ciated Press) An immense powder
plmit is to be erected by the govern
ment near Nashville, Tennessee, it was
nnrouiieed yesterday. This great plant
will cost for ground and construction
purposes (H,00),001 it is estimated and
will give employment to a great army
of 13,000 employes.
It it said that an eicelloytly adapted
pile luis been obtained and that con
struction work is to be started im
mediately and pushed as fust s i sup
diiK. nis'rriulH h ii 1 innrhinurv inn Iu.
secured uud traupoited.
:s of
Crew of Annie Larsen Refused
Work1 When They.Sfisjiect
, cd Ship's ' Mission and Were
Harshly: Treated By Naval Of
ficfcrf-'.i i.H
BAN FRANCISCO, Jnnry 12 (A-,
oc,iatd Press) Th aatar of th
vpyag' being mad by the whooner
An,di LkrenK wh'ch sailed to trsnsfer
a cargo of eoatraband to tbe steamer
Kaverick early is ISMS, was suspected
by a number of the . tailor oth
eraft, who bad no opportanity to lay
their uxrrtet0TT before anytm in
thority. , Tb effort they made ws met
by a severe reltaff on tb part of the
captain of an American gunboat, lylnj
at Aeapnlco. who prdered tho men pot
in iron. and eoaflned in the brig.
Tata of Mtrtiay A '- '
., Tbi 1 the tory related on the stand
yesterdsy in the course ol the Iltndn
plot conspiracy trial by Thoma Tors
vencen, oc of the snilors Involved. He
testified that h and everl other of
ht crew grew taspieieo that the voy
age waa not within the law, basing
their suspicion on tb attitude of the
tinner and tbir evident anxiety to
ivoid publicity,; .These uaplcion grew
ntil it was resolved to bring the mat
'er to a heal by a mutiny. .
.Accordingly, when. Hearing Aeapolco,
fortteusea. and- Jits mates refused to
vrk and were taken into Acapulco un
der arrest. This i whs they had
hoped for, at they believed their mu
tiny. would bring them to th attention
i aom American authority, probably
eonaular agont, ; to . Whom they might
lonflde tbeir auspicioao. Iaatead, bow
ver, th captaia of the Annie Laren
'aid thsir ease befort4b captain of
h8 American gunboat, who, without giv
ing th sailor a chance to speak to
Him confidentially, ordered them pnt
'ato iron ancj confined la tb tehoon
Vbrlg. , Tbe. next-morning, before
anything further could be done, tbe
Tunboat nild. ; ' -Thrtrd
By Hlndn
TheAnnks larsen. it has since de
velnped, carried a full nnrgo of arms
and ammnaition. which , were to have
been transferred - ia southern water
to the steamer .Maverick, chartered by
Hindn and their -German confederates
re take th arm to, India. , Th Annia
Larsen and the Maverick failed to make
connections, a British etnieer intnrrupt
'ng and a, water shortage on the schoon
er making It naeessary that th xetur
to port. b ut into 'Seattle, where
er contraband .-Was seised,- 'and the
Mserik imnt ttt Utr to be seii-
& by the Duteh at Bat via....
' -i-ii .?,." . .'
ancellor V6n HerflSnrj , Expected
to ReoOrt Oh United States
' War Aims Monday ' -
, LONDON, Jnury 12-( Associated
h-esi) Chancellor Ton; Hertling will
tddres th reichstag fn the subject
f .the war aims of the United State
and tbe AUlea as set forth in (he speeeb
if President Wilson before the United
$tatea congress and of Premier Lloyd
lenrge before British labor delegates,
dealing specially witb tb speech of
Wilsou, it 1 reported trota Berlin.
.Thi report followed the new from
Amsterdam that Foreign Minister ton
Ruehlman of Oermany bad announced
to th delegate at Breat-I.itovtk form
ally announced to the delegate to the
peace eouaeil there that the pr.bpoaaU
for a peace witb alt of the Allies had
been withdrawn owing1 to the non-acceptance
of them by the -Allie. This
referred to the term that were ug
gested on Christmas aad does not- affect
the atatos of negotiations between the
Central, Powers and Essoin which are
still in a state of suspense '.
Before his departure lor holida
nnd rest In Via land, Nleolai Lenipe, tb
Bolsbeviki. leader, declared! .
"We shall stop demobillntng th.
troop and rireparo for war If Germany
aad. her Allies do not accept our. rJeaci
eouditious. We will declare a revolu
. ioivary wr on them if.otlt terms' ari
ejti.t' ; ' ; . '
It" I fer.l thai. Lenltie rrfny p
'rom Finlund to Rteckkolm for con
ferenfe) if. one shD be. agrsed lipon.;
OIL lis K,
WARHINQTON, Japoary 11 (Asao
elated Pres)--8eBator Bwanon of tb'
naval affaire committee today intrp
Uped S bill authorizing th feden
iioterpmeat .td take possession of b'
vtrsct, leas or otherwise, of all ol
'and set aside ia th reserve of Call
fornla and Wyoming..- Tbi action, ae
woffling to th bill, wonld be taken nj
o iosoanco of an executive order f
that effect.
. ; ' . i
WASHINGTON, January, 12 (Ass
Mnted Press) cihlppiff eonimlssloneri
at New York, Boston, New Orleans an
Seattle were yesterday placed undo
ejvil aervioe.rnle., : ,
r1 1.. I
' When yu fcve a Ironblesome cough
t dem not mean that you have cot
itahiption or that yep are going to bar
tt.lt ''Oct menit that your lung as1
brcsteneiL and It Is )ust wrl) to t
n tne ctfe side ' and take Chamber
aili'M 'fiodgn. fcpmcdv be'ore it U tr
ate t'dr sale bv all dealer. Bonsoi
4ntth ; Co.. I.td,, agent tor Hawaii.
Advertise iiit-iif .
Directors Remove
Statiis of
Rbdlefc U Ousted knij Hackfefd '
I' Automatically Retired - Under
iiiiik f i
' iiauinu truii fctiemy karv;
Haoens New Head '
Clear Majority of Stock During
' Period of War At Least 14 With
Citizens of the United Statei
Known To Be Inlet f
Hackfeld & Co., -founded by
Germans and owned largely tritil
the last few itours eubjectsof
the Kaiser, became yesterday an
American firm ifi fact as well as
throbgh its articles of irtcorpora-
tion. J)e control ci xe firm, and
its widespread, interests, fbitv'the
duration of the Waf -at least, is
held fir'mlyUrrthtf hiftdsfof fivt
new directors; eaeh of unifrrpeach-
able .'Americanism, ' while t every
pone ofthe old directors With' two
exceptions, has been .dropped or
has resigned." ' 1 -N' ' "
Those Who willnrioiltrol Hack
feld & Co. for thi future 4nd unti'
the nd of the war brings toittro"
of alien1 ertefriy. stock out of tfie
hands of the custodian of enemy
property are" Walter vFJ Dilling
ham, tV 'J. LowreyrVL 1. Cimp-,
- t a tr vr ' nt
bell; A. vV. T. BottOtfllcy and
Gaylord P. Wilcox, the latftr repV
resenting oh the board his Uncles,
GeOrge arid Albert Wilcox. Each
of these five American, directors"
-jwha outright more stock' than
nf bther; citliej Stockholder and
ill the stock they have acquired
ha been '- purchased from alien
holders; .' '
In additloh to these five other
iww .American directors elected
ire Walter F; Freaf, former Gbv
erhof A Ilawait, and II 1- Scott
6f New York1, Who fiaS 'been tip.
resenting Hackfelds in the East
for a number of years. s
Georg'' Rodi'ekJ former vice
president arid manager has been
Jropped,' completely. He is no
'hgef n employe Of the firm. ''
F. I lackfdd, former president,
jf the firm, whose stock is in the
hands of the custodian erf
enemy property,
19 no Ion ere r
president nor a factor in the fifm
or the duration of the war. TJn -
i ' n. i t-
ler.the Trading with the Enetny
(-aw J. F. Haekfeld and J. C.
fsenberg automatically teased to
be members of the directorate and
officers of the company. Messrs.
F. W. Klebahn and H. Schultie
resigned on account of rfheir 'Ger
man citizenship and to facilitate
trie 'Americanization of the J firm.
Paul R. Isenberg and August
Fjumburg, although American
ftizens. of long standing, volun
Mrily. retired in the interests of
.he reorganization. August Hurrt
Surg, howevef, contihues aa! man
iger of the merchandise depart-
Sent, as heretofore. '
onsf ers Bon Tide t
' The transfer of one-third of the enpl
al. stock vt th corporation ino tbe
taade-ot .the five controlling director
las been bona fide, wlthut any Strings
tnd without the new director a being
inder financial -obligation to Haakfeld
V Co.. The saie were eless eutJ with
ut any injj; of double-dealing, while
r re vocable proxiea for sufficient! more
, lock to. give . eontrol are held by
tfesors. PiUisgbani, Campbell, Lowrey,
lottomley and Wilcox. Between ) hat
bey bave purchased outright at t fair
aarket valuation of tbe stock- and
rba('tbey control bv proxy, these five.
ddition there are in the hand bf an
merican citieen
guardian tor kninor
vmencsns, Shsres, constituting
I. 3.283 shares, constituting
'1850 share out of aa issue of 40.000
hare ef the comnanv. Of these 0.. I
00 share. J000 re preferred, wrth tbe
.me voting rtirhts as Itne common
'ork, share for share.
rnw Board Strong. ,
The new direeterat ani tjje offloera
id sir her they dlsplaoe are! ,
. 7. C. llagea . . . .
V. Ilumburg
v. J. . Campbell ....
(.'., Keott ..i,...
; W. T. Bottomley
F. Wllingham . .
3. Iowrey
'. P. rear
i. P. Wilcox
Vie president
. . . ..Treasurer t.t. .
, . . . .Director
All Doubt
llistoric (Cdrporiitiiin
ow president, and Mr.
.HuMurf " "
premo ana
manager of the Baa
Francisco interests of the sofporatlon,
are thu the only two members' 6f tbe
present board who served on lb one
voted-out at a stockholder' meeting yea-
tefday. '.The fact that the Amerlcan-
. . . . ... i. . .
ism vi tnese two ia nnquesttoned, Bv
Ling been o 'thoroughly demonstrated
iar so. praetteal.a way, made their re
tention essential. t tbe fntnre swfee
t the Brm. At th m time; the
resignation of tuck director at August
Hamburg and p, , B., Isenberg can be
taken as no reflection upon their loyalty-
to tbi eouStryy of which they bave
long been eitlaen. It. was witb extreme
regiet that -the Mrvlcee of these two
were dispase4. with only the extreme
deair oi the . reorganixer to have
Amejicaa-bora direeiwra inducing them
to present- other name. Ti deair
was loyally endorsed by tbe member
of. tbe. old directorate and the motion
which created tbe new. board and ousted
sins was presented by Mr. Isenberg
himself. . ''i44sv j. , :
Haetens ta It TolIoweU ,T
,,1'he general baaia of reorganisation
along the Hno adopted waa originally
suggested by Mr. jiagen aa the : one
aswtaod to be adopted whereby he eonld
feel free to withdraw hie resignation.
Tbe plan wa takes Op without , alter
ation' by Mr. Humburg, immediately
following . his . arrival . here from Kan
Francisco, and this is the ptnn with
very minor alterations, that ho been
pnt torongn. ine nrit man approaca
sd waa Walter Diiliugham, who has
been busy on the reorgSniaetion fof
several day, be Anally associating1 with
him th others who are now th ova
trolling ave. ...,.-. i :,...
The new boare aas peea organised
with a view to the .eompleU a
0UKh Amerieanioation of th
tion aad nndoubtedry there w
nd thor-
nndoubtedrv there wiU be a
large Bomber- of change in th person
nel of tbe Urns.' These cannot be ae
eomplisbed ' ' immediately, . naturally,
without a serious disruption of busi
ness, but they 'wilt be carried through
at the arllot opportunity.. No pea
son 'will be retained in, the employ-of
Haekfeld V Co. who i not sineerely ia
earnest in tbe making of the corpora
tion a straight ; American buiutue,
witb the InUirests of the United State
first in all matters, ' :
ReergaalsaUoa Te Qo tmthtx
Tbie reorganisation will be extended
into all tbe ubsidiary business under
Haekfsld.A Co. ,nd many bead will
ftUU iH I' rseogalscd by .the new di
rector that -undoubtedly there will be
many, hardships inflicted, upon v those
wbose only fault Js that they have not
been fortunate., enough to bave been
born in the ynitad Htatcs. bnt these
hardship wuat-b inflicted for the
carrying out of the greater object of
tbe reerganismtion.'
. While the epokesnran for tbe new di
rectors, Mr, pillingham, would not give
tbe name of any particular one who
art to be dropped, explaining that tbe
I director -eanuot announce the de(ai).
I A thai mIiav .1 n m ... t tk.l. Swat
meetine. it is uken for created that
f fs-lm 8- von Uamm aad Carl
ooncinr $b. reorganisation
Hagens, llumburf and Pillingham thot
1 one of - the objects of tas reorganlaers
I n aeduring the new directors was to
WoU mJ,,!., alUance." with the
other big auger bouses. This was es
JEh -
er consolidation of interest bore, might
be regarded a suspieioo at Washing
ton and elsewhere, where Hawaii Is al
ready looked upon as a land of too
few. big Corporation. Tbe only sugar
Interest whteb the new directorate ia
fflCertry eotnMn With tbe Haekfeld In
terest are those Of tbe single Ola
plantation, in which some of the ne
director are interested end of which
Mr. Bottomley I financial agent
through hi eonnect(oh witb Bishop 4
Co. it 4 pointed out, however, that
Haekfeld 4 Co. ha already boon the
Coast representative Of Olaa and that
tbe' single corporation does not conflict.
in any way with the Haekfeld sugar
Mr. Campbell, th new vice president,
will take Mr. Rage' place In the
local office as tbe msSager of tbe plan
tatltfn d-partment. The ojhef director
regard themselves si fort enate in be
Ing able to secure Mr. Campbell for
thl onerous peaitioSi ,,, ,
Mr. Hagens himself assume the ftosi-
tion heretofore held by Oeorg Rodlek.
LONDON, January, 11 (Associated
Pre) King George took part a few
.days ago In aa important experiment
.wtnneejed with the over coming of the
U-boat menace. At the national physi-
cal laboratory, the
V- 1-t . 1
kiiik was iu n
t enormous -wind cnannel" during ao-
"' t"vs or airpiane pari.
I tn
i H"act models of the
subjocted to wind testa.
An electric-
any arruaimi gate oz nrty miles aa
hrtpr was blowing and the behavior of
the model wa similar to that of the
. fnll-staed machine,
i" ' 111 1 1 1 i i
, J. F. Haekfeld
. . , . J. F. Hombnnx
....J. F. O. Hopena
. . . fleorg fiodiek
H. Bcaultse
. . . . F, W. Klebahn
P. R. Isenberg
.J. U. Isenberg
August HumLurg
0 ""hot
Hoovef. 'Statement tay9 Ninety '
' Miinons ol BOshels In Additioi
i lb 1 Estimated 'fieqiiif crnenti
Must Be furnished '''
" ''":f ' t ) ''tw'''' i '
Necessary Legislation To Give
Food Adrriihlstration More
. Power Is Prepared and pon-
sfcrvltlbrt Made Certalri Vf
ITf AslflfGf Oft January 'ii
Associated P r e s
Ninety million bushels of wheat
in addition to the already known
requirements of the Allies Will be
needed,' It must, be Turnished by
the United States arid the citl
zens of, tne country are expected
to economize sufTlciefiilv to make
possible the rrieetihg jof"'the' de
mand. In a'tatement issued by
Ford Administrator iloovir this
was set forth in 'plain ' and em
phatic language yesterday .Legii;
lation necessary to give the food
administration power to enforce
its demands is being prepdred. .
' Hoover, in his statement, plain
ly tells the peoplc 'of-the United
States what they must -do to meet
the absolute necessities7 bfthe
Allies for bread. He states the
need as a fact and the only way
to meet that need is in a more
strict economy than . any yet
practised "by the people.. SucR
economy is to be enforced and to
do so there will be required new
and additional powers for the
food administration. This legis
lation is already " in course , of
piar9io'it,,wilenab the
enforcement of V conservation by
hotels, restaurants and other es
tablishments which furnish meals
or lunches and will extend even
into the households when its ap
plication there is needed. ,
Ever since the cablegram was
received from Lord Rhohdda
onie such action as that of yes
terday had been expected ffbm
Hoover. The fnessage told of the
urgent needs of Great Britain," the
further cutting down of the size
of the loaf in France and of still
greater famine conditions in
Italy. Since theft Hoover has
been investigating the needs of
the Allies arid securing figures.
With these in hand he issued his
It js expected the new legis
lation will rnateriaily broaden the
powers of the food administration
and -niake them Clearer on points
whefe. sone, doubt has existed,
and mote specific in other details.
FoHovVj'ng the passage of such
amendments to the law the mat
ter of food control can be carried
forward -with a greater vigor than
has heretofore been possible and
it is expected that some steps
toward the ' rationing of certain
food stuffs may be pnt fnjo earty
operation. It is understood that
this would be in line with the
plans that were formulated in
Paris py the Inter-Allied, War
Conference and -r ecommeftded by
the' delegates to the respective
nations. '
Pressure of Italians clna "Allies
Causes Falling Back
KOiE, January 11 (Associated
Press) It 1 announced here that the
pressure of the Allie on th Italian
front ho became, so great that 4h6 A astro-Hungarian
oa tbe Cava Zneeburiea
front bave been forced to evaeuite a
number of trench eetlon. antl .that
I thM wm a Co
eapmpUnhed- wth' coaalder
of men and 'materia.
able losses
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