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r . : ; :V y r " "V r n'" j n . t ,r DVfi a f V?V ';"in'f f ' 'i t ftffiRlfr;PAfTy15' Tuesday, ; January ;;. 918.sem!.weetctx
V iii PAPtI I ftllFFI) SSmwSS For jaeatle?s pay , ; (JiM ilijfl. ' & '; 3U
V '!' SaV,
Horioluiu Wholesale Produce. Market
V "Quotations ':'
Island of Hawaii
in'iroakiMt toldithrt lo fa ad roiif
: to pure Aewi
ijca'rt if Anrt '.Strikes Draft Of-
i - ' .bbA ni , indicated Suicide; , ,' v
vV . JBooja , Wycfjullj. jtodii-. For
". . isstejj and Hurried His A.
svii) 'V: v"qJ W5at6 flp'nV j
; - nn -ftlrf '' twenil 4ioar.ilriMl. w
, . ' . . for Cptin" Frno. J. .Qrreo, )U.
, B. tfi M nml Wti bfl ehrffl of
jmiMpprnpriafcisil tovmnisnt ful. '
. ,' ' t'jitin (rfea nl ihen ifitg deA
' lwnmtnrt ,;hUi reaot jrt jfullj
. -r. f' . 'i c-(i ,..
Ail the flrrWuUntiUl ivldouc iui
tm)lng Ilia trip -t.-Hliw point if
the fnct of (ntaadl su.lr.Ule, but tbf
' lher of the :ftuil f not
v ortf d by tfco rwillt f th rxiintB
, i.hvicten. htehl Vivek th , of
.. .JraW mmiiI Unari' -". V
; Tha lua fvyxifcf the' warrant of
arrest wa Imxied jraa amaM one, out
' item bf 122.50 and etie:of $0JM be!n
'tteuttoned "' ke nl InaweuraU' rtln
whlfc "eAaia Joumi la bit account1
Tha "wlalpMiied Hemir wor entered
dorlnf a. recent trip to Maui in tb iii
terest of the 'draft refrlatratioa. . Aj
(hat tinie .Captala Oroen; who bad not
been drio kin j for two jean, beeamt
'Vl inttfsieatod, and H"Wa while in thit
ednd,ltin that tha entrle were made.
. 'it'iaeaid, ..;.- i,. -i
;,..'J4o bboctacre o.f personal Annila eould
noaalbW -Mooiini Jot. thee . entriee, for
IJaptali ireea a a tndnpenlent in
eooia fad bad plenty Pi money at aU
tiroes, nay bio frienda. The only e
QaMifetl6n- tbey-amva la -that bl wld
' etiemr: lienor, bad belted bim for the
Uato boiaf. '
wwtmsfrm. ; .
Up to two yean ago Captain. ! thea
Mr. Green, wan bnown te drink, to, ei
teaa at timeaJ- aie ', f ought kU'fklliai
. faithfully, without fcelng' diaeeuraged
ty'tb4eaaioQa whun he waa the loeer
for nome yedrrf, thre be aeemed to be
rome atronger of will and deed, and rbl
alcohol absolutely W f: bin, 'life'fbr
the past two yeart JheSbaa' n'nfrs eVf
taken a eorktail at social dinners," nfcr
basjhe iridttljej. in Intoiirants at aa
time or in any qnantity until the trip
U MauU ., . -r t y
It waa about air month tago thatth
appointment in hafeof ih rKstrr
, ,. tiorf ame ,to hhn. vJUd never, beea
h worter Ih-hla'MfeVaa hi Urome had
. "hlwaye- precluded need of it, Wit
by look Wi appolnitnent, and ha oil;
erred daily oflioe hour for the Inril
li months, in Which time be has doat
a dntnicnao-, amount of wprk brwat
the Governor, and Inter became a eap
Ubif IT. 3. teahv,:': :.r- r.--.
'After the registration Captain Greea
i o3ert6ok the ar'awthg ot 'th order
mbera-:-for the selective draft, and
plroriag, that the,; tjunntioqoairei de
falved ba Ifiin. .Th work hs' rf ar
. a . 1.1
. vueu ant rne rcssstbllity ' hs been
v,v iviruB)Biiuiiii u mm urrv
eat, and-both-had been deeply fell
i Captain jfciivav' JVJ
Oorernor Accepted JUstgnatloii
The resignation waa acceptel o
rndiTjr byvtbrirnioT, who sal' that
he regretted t ear- fhajt Captaia
Green bad to roaian, and also regretted
the fst Jhat. he had to rrsim,en ao
cbnni el ill health. V, Ha tbanked him
toK.hla:eHpe. in. the work of the.s
leetlre- ffrkft, in whiph i served park
of . tha time without remuneration, and
'ff ttM feU eonr
stfkined tp,ccet)t Ms resignation, te
take place) mmeiteryv-. ,-'). it
It ' about that thne that a con,
foresee was held betweea the Govt
enror, : Captain 'Green; Vnd United
8ttea District Attorney Huher in re
gard -to th matter of the alleged d
fakSatipn; Af that :Ume Green1 was told
that he would h.ve tf answer to the
tourt,Xo ,tbe eupposed emhemlement
f government fuds, and. waj iso al-
iir vo nave rnnsr evening rreo jror,
he. purpose; teljin'g i hlf tit ',nJ
fceaajrtng hi afftirv with th JtoowJ;
Wge'That the- wwrtnf for hi aVre'st,
would be swore pnt yesterday morn-,
Ug,;.wbea. he woulj' have to .appear
before the district attorney with his
bpndbnsen'in (' -.t t i '
NotmaJ Before Dettk r
ji OnptalB Green Went down to Balelwa
by. trintdaj( alternooa nd enKaged
a room on hi arrival. 'lj a did not take
lila-ear. with hint, though he was usual
ty hit own driver everywhere.
" Aftejr dlnnet ,be ehatted with Burt
Maol-eaa, inaaager of.4he hotel, nn i .
the course of the -eonveraatlde Said that
he ordered' his ear fo eome. after hint
' 'U' the morning tbkc'ililmi'baek to
Honolulu.: Tlieoeajr- ttevee eatae, and
ai a matter 'of faet hsd never been or
dered. Captaia" Qreea had , fchauf'
f-ur. He had. many doties hwaiting
him in. , Hopbluln ' yesterday morning,
and a' meeting oa.. the ViestipiWlr at
'one o'clock, so that if he. had ejected
td eome' bac'it -Would been hat-1
t nral fur Wta- to; Java taken hi ear la
the flni fcfco.'-jiK'.iv;' : ; ,
i yJ)u.roirte vxnjpgdje eaUed up hli
f lff-t. ffa MpanV od JaJked with
her about various matter. Mrs, Ore a
ii!lAM,vflAtb,t " '"w With . eertaiptt
ll4l.aV"he had -noe been irlnki'ng- 'tDit
fMaM bb1,tUTPqnj( tdh,vraiOn
' Jtlrd.f-aqriM,nnd). reaeobabl.(
' t)ii" Saturday morning- he dM not a p.
lear at breakfast; bnt 'nothing war
ihoujKt.s.H t the hotel. He had told
Mrs. Gveen that ha .Would be back is
llonotulu at nlae1 ' o 'elock 'Saturdav
r-orriU'. It tras hia habit to ekll her
up at'leasi' onee during the -moraing,
"d Kcn she did not hear from him
ni folcpjioncd aU.ior Will Wayne and
" m aim il Captaia Ureen bad return
i,l to town. , . - . "I ,-i "--
Iicm be replied that he had aot seen
II V.W Jrpe ,W peojil ntereti o
rnnna tkn fon'nil that Pan tain Drawn
room, they fonnd that Captain Green
r i haieaJdenHy been dead for flime hpur.
vidennv been dead for some hoor.
a. me-
ppesred to be slecAlnC, and Was
i his ntght riot he Vlth n book under
his arm It he had .been reading. Me
had eontplalaeA ; of heart' trouble to
Maetaaa during thtlr eeaveraatlon the
Ifcht Wore,.." - ' ' o ' -
''lua. OreKBi1 Main Vim were
notiJled. tU uooding ,leld,
been h personal friend of the
or" some time, went down to
tTftfeiwm at" pnee te take eharjr jf.
rberbodr. Oa his arrival he found the
beltf jyinir tja 'the bed In the cottage.'
There1 wna no kppeaanre of anything
w. naiehU auieideMn the room. Held
j 7 -
.uopT rfnowi Jfieart TaHnra .-.
,n autopsy was held at the Waialna
Acrienltural Rosnltal bv the orders of
J)epnty Nheriff Tlemer of Waialua. Dr.
Hubert Wood, the plantation physieiaa,
made the ecaminatton. After i,t was
over Jie stated to Gooding lleld that
there was nothing to Indicate anv pos
sible' cause of death bat heart fallufe,
tut he removed the -vital organ and
seht .them to Honolulu for closer ex
amination. .'. , ' . l
They will.be thoroughly ee mined to
day nd (he results will probably bo an
nounced tomorrow. Until that time the
verdict of death by heart failure la the
pntr.one to stand. 1
Vr Jpm H. Judd, ' who id been
Captain Green 's ' perennal physician,
waa '. notified rem - HaWwa of the
deatlii A notice waa found-pasted in
(he. '.oabtnla ' sneetaele'.' ease, whieh
asked that Doctor Judd be-notified la
ease of sudden deeease.- 'Doctor Jndd
arid last .night ttst he had. been Cap
tain Green' physician, but thafhe.hsd
ot known of his befng Ul lately. He
had been subject to heart trouble at
time.,,-, '
y.o Eecent Xrtnking : . '..
: Bart AlaeLeaa, manager of the Haie
fwa Hotel, said last night that be talk
ed several hours with Captain Green on
Xrldny ' evening. He was at that time
perfectly rational and perfectly eober,
VlaoLonc) aaya. -
' At one time, lie gave a hinge forward
putting bis hand, to hi heart, and
complained of the pain which he some
titnes suffered from heart trouble.
When $ha body was found Saturday
morpiBg, MacLean snyw, there was no
evidence of any suffering before hi
peming'euii k
Wife Blame Liquor - '
hire. Greea naid last evening that aba
fet .that liquor waa responsible for the
tragedy, '.and' liquor alone. Slie said
.thft Captain Green had not been drink
ing even to the" smallest extent for two
years, -phe did fnot knew of Ills fall
fpom grace during the trip to Maui, and
said that after hta return he was as
strict, as before in not-touching intoxi
cating liquor, evsn during the, last
werkj. when jie haf -.had., the injtenae
worry of tha wbojer matter on hi aiind.
i His arduous, work had told on him
tatcbr she aid, .and at time had aeem
ed' almost too much for him. . He was
very conscientious and wished to attend
personally to every detail, and sptmt
hoor of study -on regulation and in
Urpctions la ordor to be prepared for
every call made on' bim.
Beit Hruns says H. H. C. has cured thousands in all part of
the world, Intt I pclilom use tlicir names here. I prefer to gh-c
you tfie tiQines and comments of wclf-knoum and prominent
feoplc the D. U. C. Medicine has benefited and cured who live
here, tvhom xou know and meet every day. .
MB. BAKU Eli JUSD, W.ikili M,.nr
mt Hisa-p""-? O. ia iur,,'lou
tmnarh. kMer- and iwvt me4innr."
MB. WLUJTB 1 MTEKI, )(!. m. Ki-r
ttliOBal 18. O. rr-nl rhi-umi-thiiit'
mtdirlnil.' tt eare i "
Oia n waiiiUrful' mxlicinr. It hai. Iioua
tc si JTreStlr.""
MB. OHH' TBASK, Mtln.rnv Hh
fw;','' srsJ' .' p.' O. i remarkable
' roaaarU"tiilc:
. MB.' W. -yjefcBA, Brrtunin Hlifel:
- l,( flicerfully rMommrnd 11 B. ('. a
i,mctTid lirer Bcdirlns. It ) id um
'MH ef . 1
XtS.-iAMM MeBXIBB, formerly .lew
rw A.MtssndeV Yoibi HdUl, "I
. (iTa op 4 dia.wB.. 0. V. ved my lite.
li -W creat'siedicliMi."
MBBrf. W MEBPHAM, formrrlv of
linavltlar''JkavMad'aleBiark ami n.-r-
reus trsabls fur yar, and Slrnnm dr
paired o. balnf weU again. I rnre my
ljnd fcCaltk In . B. C."
B.-Bj AJO?DB, M.k.w.0 Klrast.
. Kalibl wl;V' B, to. la s marruloui
f Vmak and oaVrs BSdiaina. II hat dona
, jar 44rtavffr"aaa' Vr . - 1
"MB, O. H. f. WAUrMAKAOIA 828
Ka,nua BUtxtl fB. k.-C. ia (n nirdiclnr
fiir Mnrnank1 anil kWirfja."
"SOU MANOU mOSA, 1 Kin fltreot :
, ff ) IWV.-Js-il aaarriAaua aiomark m.ti
eJea ad a arast toalei rraa tooui aick
haahaa:" ' " ' -
Riadr-'4,B.-B; "TJ. la wonderful medi
Mri5 jf eiJf , "t r r? '
C MB. A M. FBBIA, 413 Bi-hool Slree I :
P l.-W ila' wvadartul kidney and
stomach au-fticia.' V. ,
" HI" I01 f.Kn4A, Kaloiuki: "P.
'.sf'-ls V'rmtatn-msrh laedirin."
w,Mn.AJaB TIUTAI,' Kalihi kai: "U
B. W ia ! rdVkier'
. MEf. 0. W, AEBBA, K.walo "II. 11
Joed"". tjT W'Xf ?'l WOrl1
i,MBJ & 6I4V'ZBA, Soalb Blrrel : II
. tl.ts a trahr rrrat ataaisrk, nrrtr and
kidaejr asedlrinr."
nbakhnWV Drive.-says ) '! And B It '
anrrful atanxu-h sad arrve inadlrlin-.
1 jMiaaeaaMi Sne -li.Hr analilina "
PJB.-B. ..AHIEBB,Oir, fainln.. Din
t'vJS JT rseeliion, naralried two i-ra,
- aT rf - VWird"inV
-'MM. rBaUBBBlOat hTAO. Chairman ( al
ITurBta Hter BoatU 4Ueiation : Tin
H. B. C. 'S'edlolaa It marraloua for tlir
tnniark, VaUpfya and acrraa. I owa m)
ltih WMl. Wdirlne.'1
' ,'A?p: BAaaABO, uaie Ka
falluru .'K)iat, -HlktT B. B. I'. la a
. ki-iearS stiil kISne remedy."
r-A(m W( WU40AMB, I-alaa.a 8,ulr
They Art , Classed As Game To
; That There Js No Objection To
Thelr Use On. Meatless Days
By the Thoughtful Housewife
The rabbit la receiving consideration
la many quarter. Australia has eon
verted this farm .pent into food and to
day frown rabbit take third place la
her exports. Housekeepers have dis-
covered, too, the value of the adapt-
anle ,.bbit which can be roasted, f rie.4
stewed, potted, or turned into a pi
ia fact, nsed just like chicken. Here
is a 'recipe for rabbit sausage which
came from Oklahoma. .
, Babbit pausage Take healthy rab
bits, young or old, dressed and soak over
night ia salt water. Wash -thoroughly.
Cut the moat off the bone and grind
Very fine in food chopper. To - one
pound of meat use 14 of a medium
sited onion, tablespoon .eraeker
crumb, 4 teaspoon salt, teaspoon
blaek pepper, pinch of caydnne pepper
and cup of milk. Chop onion fine
with a knife. Mix all ingredients thor
oughly, let stand for several hours,
make Into cakes and fry, or panbroll.
' Frleaseed Babbit Clean ono or two
young rabbits; cut into joints and lay
in wnter slightly salted for an hour or
so. ' Then wipe each piece en a clean
cloth, sprinkle' slightly with a mixture
of salt, pepper and ginger. Put Into
a, atewpan a tablespoon of drippings, a
little, onion chopped, celery root and
parsely. Lay the pieces of salted rab
bit on this, pour a pint of water over
all; cover' and stew until tender. Then
take out the piece of rabbit and aet id
a 'dish where they will keep warm.;
Thicken the gravy with two well bent
en . folk of effirs. addinir crraduallv.
Jut before aerving, squeete the juice
of a lemon into the aence, stirring all
the'. while' aad pour this over the rab
bit. Herve at once. Apple or pear
compote is a nice accompaniment. . 1
Babbit Bagout Clean and cut inte
joints a young rabbit; soak in salted
water sn hour or more; wipe and cook
In 'water antil tender with one oniort,
i bay leaf, pepper, one or two cloves,
a. bit of cinnamon, salt if necessary,
half a cup of vinegar and a crust of
rve bread. When tender remove the
rabbit to a heated plotter. Boil down
gravy, adding a little brown sugar and
ginger snrps to thicken it.
Babbit Hash Cook together 3(1 min
ntes, S cups chopped cooked rabbit, one
up water. S tablespoons butter substi
tute or drippings, 1 eiu,) bread crumbs,
t eup cooked potatoes and 1 onion. Hen
son to taato with cayenne pepper, sage
and: salt.
'Rabbit Pie Clean and
iolat-' a Tmnf rabbit ; soak
slightly snJteor for an hour or more;
Btew la water with a small sliced onion
until the rabbit is tender; put in earth
en dish; pour the gravy slowly Over
ah egg' that has been beaten with a
spoonful Of water! season with salt,
pepper and a few cloves; pour over
rabbit; 6ver with a crust of mashed
tftn and bake nntil brown.
Wb has awd ail Honolulu uik.
l l i I II ' !l ' M I
aal: "B. B. C. la s wonderful aiadli-ina
far atnaiarh and mi. 1 uwe my health
MBS. a. BILVA Punchbowl: "B. B C.
la ana for kidney trouulv. it cured we
wkan olhrra tailed."
MB. .OS. OUV1JEBA who reaidra near
depot: H. B. O. la a wonderful Mont
ana aad Hear medicine. It cured my
lajaa bank. "
Tha H. H. i man baa acorea of other
taalimonlala from the beat pemle. teallfy-
ItiS to the sreat enirary of II. n. in
eaaea pf alomaeli. nerve and ktilney
trnabla, rkeuDiatinui. aick headaebna,
aleepleaa iilahta, bladder diaordrra. ma
laria, blliunaneaa, eonatiiMition, lame
kai-ka and' liver allmrnla. H. B. V. ia
Suraly herbal and eontaina'no alroliul,
iro habit foriuiu druaa, and ila aetiun-ia
auik that it atrriiKthena tha ayatem anil
euablea it to throw nff aiekneaa and dla
eaaa, even In eaaea of year' atanding. ,A
paealiar thins about H. B. t'. h. tUat
althoufh nut advartiaed a a drink ar
tiiliaveA aare, in aeina eaaea of Inelirttfly
and esceaaive uae of tobaceo it tukea
nway the etiivliiff fur the ume. l- H.
ia a medirine aenaaiinn and liaa made
more caraa than asythint that haa eifrr
lieeu inlrndilevd here. Ben Bruna. die
H. B. C. aledlmne Mau. ia at oornrr Ki'
ntrert, opixialle the rial) Market.
. ,....
. eveiry
and :i
week day from ID to tJ a
lo u. m.. In explain the B. H ('. Melli
eitie. . K raie in price alill ll.oo Vr
noetic. Bpeeial advartialng uriie, ii for
I'J.ftO, 0 tor J.OO.
All Drtiisiata and Plantation 8torea
now tiara B. R. O. on aale or will set it
fur you.
It Has Medicinal Value and Can
.. Also Be Used For Coolina Non-
intoxlcatin.g Beverage If Prop-
erly .Prepared '
BejMjrt from the Trrritorial Fool
ComnilKHion that n rertnin small ac
feage of. this Wand in being devoted
te .the, proiluetion or awa root, on
commercial 'scale carries with it
"Rg'on of another valunble industry
fS, m'&T '""V lh'
awa carry with them thought of the
mournful - aottiten, nupe aiii.ug urw..
ennes prodnced by too generous on
Imbibing of the Infusion made from
awa, the root itself posseurs medi
cinal qualities that make is elti
vatlon very worth while to the phar
maceutical (.world. Proof of this ie
sriven In the fart that Hawaii awn root
bring from $Q0 to $70 a ton in (9an
Franrineo market, and this without the
lightest effort having ever been ma. to
to create a demand for the product.
' It Value,' lowever, is well known
to scientists. Away back in the last
rentorv a surgeon, one Dr. Collie on
the good ship "Blossom," sailing the
South Boas, discovered that awa, the
infusion,- waa "most useful in mnay
skin diaeasee common to the tropics and
other porta of the world.". Iiator, the
root was introduced in France na a
remedy, for various diseases of the
mucds membrane. It efficacy in the
I .treatment of bronchitis and phthisis
ia well established, and it is highly
recommended as a palliative for the
sufferings produced by gout, a disease,
however, Which promises to claim fewer
and fewer victims as the conservation
of food . progresses throughout the
world; ' '
Mild Or Intoxicating
' "The ' drink, ' dwa, ' made by the same
process ' from ' the same kind of root,
is Known, and used as a beverage,
both mild ami Intoxicating, in all tie
Island of the Pacific Ocean south of
the Tronic of Cancer. The' plant -it-:
aelf ia known to scientists as Piper
Diethyttieum, a species of pepper, of
which there ' are many varieties, all
possessing, in "greater or loss degree,
th same properties.
Karly haole aettlers in these islsnds,
aad many who chine not so very long
(Tgo, found awa-drinklng a common
fravtise among the Hawaiian. At that
imo there was but one way of makipg
tha. drink. The, root was. sliced, or
chipped, and chewed to a pulp, whfch
wan placed in n bowl, water poured over
it, and allowed to stand until it be
came a liquid, resembling in color Im
properly made Koua eoffcfe' to' which
condensed' milk has been added. In the
oUlen days ihe.wfeely pulp in tie liquid
was removed by Wrninisg it through a
sort f Sieve djiado. jpf ..crushed hibiscus
stems. THis iViskl was ma'U-, from the
cut ' Into i '. TMi tdriak fvns' ma.ii-.fi
in water1ro,s rooffeoufetlaos'i thelea
or more- M w An1 eirpVtil of if, to
leaves or
one un
accustomed to it use, produced in
about 20 minutes, a state of intoxica
tion that was anyAing but enviable.
Samoa Ara IMnkt
The last jnoii from Hiimoa brouglil
a story lr the Hnmoa Times in wliii-h
a recipe for pinking nan-intoxicfltiiig
awa is given by Phi or BinnuHMCn, wlie
seemed to know What he ws tnlkiiv?
about; He called, It km a Ju-tca I
nwa, and here's the way lib made it:
".To 'make a good drink of kava,
sclee.t a root about two years old
There Are several different kind ol
Java, of which' Kava l.ra is the best
The root should he well eernped, clean
ed, rut uj into thin mHi-ps, and dried in
the sun for three or four davit.
Xon-lntoxlcant Awa
"to prepare the drink that satis
fles, and does not intoxicate, innsli the
kava when perfectly jlry willi 8 stone
till, it reseinliles flour, empty iut,o the
tanoA, and mix together with water,
strain with ,n cleait fan, and serve in
a ipu bowl inueie out of tie half of n
rocoauiit shell, and 'you will have the
fin en t drink a thirsty mau could wiu
Farmers in, Hawaii who are cultivnt
iug awn for export to the states report
that it takes six years for the rooiH to
attain their fell growth) that one lure
will' produce from two to thre tnni.
and that a crop of awa would proline
a yearly average or $25 uu acre, Hour
! not profit td Uio gsownr.
C111CAG,0, Pecembfr 11 Report b
from the various beet, sugar factories
lOntiuue to show au output of sugar
far below early estimates bused on
the acreage of beet. Unfavorable
weather conditions iivriag the latter,
part of the' season, dolsy iu lifting
bet due to soareify of labor and the
prevalence of heavy storms and zero
temperatures during the present month
have combined to bring abi)Ut a dis
appointing yield in the principal sugur
produciuJi issetiun. ,'
,'An tinusuallj' large number, pf fa
torlba bAre-closed their slicing cam
pitins ' after runa much shorter than
"i euHtomary, and nearly kll of these
ilioV',a falling off of' 10 Jo 25 percent
in production as compared with Oto
here estimates.
AVheu JJie tiiliutfl ptopared for
Kacts About Sugar was placed at 800,
H)0 ordinary toua lust October it wh
ienerally considered that this flirure
I fas uuduJy low, "but Jater develoii
l...A i.. r l..... .i...
ll-nia UM.D lllllill- PI mrill IIIHl
'till ftlrther reduction is necessary.
While detailed report' from certain
section are still lacking it i safe to
say that the seasoii's' output, based on
the present outlook, win be somewhere
bitweeu 750,1)00 and 00,000 tons. A
figure of 77,1,000 tons s round es
tiiniite probably would not be r'ur
wrung. The went her, duriuj the next
three weeks tuny cause some variation,
but tho clinneea that any ruuiige in the
lituatioii will I unfavorable are at
It'RKt equal to tho posiibllitieH of un
Inland hutrer. 1.'.
.6)'to .."iB
, . . i.. .71)
, 0
A 5 to XA)
fg."' ,,'.,:'.;,;;.n
oung roimtrrA, II,.
Bean, striita, green
Rnn, string. .
H..na I i ... A . . I
i . . . . .(it lo .)p
Oil to .OH
. . , .s.mi .io H.js
. . l.m t- U.3B
. . 2 51)
. .rv-.(0 U, 8Z.0()
. . Tti.lM to 80.00
Bron,;. M8ui ,,., . ..
Beans, Cnlien
Deans, sinnll bile. . . .
Cabbnge. rt
Com, sweet, Id" enm. .
Corn, Ha. um. yel.
Com, Haw. I(?. yel
Rice, Hawniimi aren . .
Bananas, Chinese, Im h
BaiiHUas, Vooaiui.. bi n.
I'ls, 100
UmpeS, Isnbelln. lb. . . .
. .)
Cattle and sheep are not bought at;
for on a dieted weight basis.
Beef, lb
Veal, lb
Hteer, No. 1, lb. .
.Steer, No. 'i, lb.
Hteer, hair slip. .
. . .15 to .wl
.. ,)3 to .10
The following nre price On
Corn, sm. yel. ton . .
Corn, 1r. yel. ton.
Corn, Crack ed, ton
Bran, ton
Barley, ton
Scratch Food . . .
80.00 to 85.011
85.00 to 89.0j
66.00 to 67.(1)
90.00 .to M.iC
January' Ji; 1918.
The price of ialnnd eggs h,aa dropped
.two cent a doxen and they are .more
plentiful now than they have been for
some time. But if feed priees do not
drop, poultrvmen claim' that they wil
have to sell their flocks, ss they cnji
pot afford to sell egps at' this price
when feed is so high. There is very liij
tle tslnnd poultry in the market at
present, but prices are remaining the
A large shipiiiept of yellow aweet ;o
tjtors was received from Maui ' this
week. These potutoes Bre- ei'ceptionolly
(food and arllini;" for 1.15 a bun I ted.
It Is almost uiibelieA able hut the re f
taurants and families in Honolulu
not order the Iocs! sweet potato, b
.niitend kceji' luniating'on the Importef
Jrish potato is cpite of the' fact thai
evefvthirtaT pnjiible is being lop 'o err
Imported . Feeds t sHibiPrqef
Are Not Required For Therri
and Milk Is Good
The Uniteil States Experiment 8U
ion is planning to undertake a pro
mt looking to the iurrease of the
number of milch coats kent for in- I
lividual family use in the Island". It
apiears that tlio present feed crinis
sn be effectively .overcome only if
-very available means of feed conser
vation is put into active practise.
Observation mnde .regarding the
,;oats now kept on the slopes of Pnnrlr-
bowl anil m various valloys adjacent
o Honolulu, as well as in other part j milk or eream in the process of churn
f the Islands, all point to the factljnp."
nni me goai is a mosi einrieni nnv-
hine for converting otherwise useless
weeds and bushes into pnlutiiblo milk
ami iniia prouucia.
A dulrv cow requires a certui
iimount of grain or mill feed to eual
her to. give a satisfactory milk ttovc
These feeds have to be brought ia
from the Coast and call for a grout
teal of shipping apace which is badly
needed for other purposes, (loots nrf
nble to thrive and give a- sntiafnrtbry
yield of mil, whrn subsisting entire.
v on the otherwise waste vegetation.
The koh haole and tbe klu are rnpt-
isly liked by the goats that have
been uudur observation. It is not un
'ikely that many of the lawns in Ho
nolulu would support two or three
milcb goats and thus reduce by that
much the dependency on milk produced
on ifeeds. brought iu from tbe Coast,
The United States Experiment Sta
tion will be glad to receive Jnformit-
tion pro- or con in connection with thi
projev? oerore ut is uonuiteiy anunei. name would be regarded as a viola
If the public iutereet ia it prove nafll- tiou of the Pood and "Drugs Act. It
cient tho project wUJ be taken up with ia held that a product of this descrii.
Waehingtoa for approval from that ; tion should be plain! v labeled and
source,, a the. work will iirestfuuibly I , under a name indicating its trSa
call far Jha importtinn of ' vnproved .,-hara-tor."
milking 'strain of goats , jliio ftie . , -
isianu to assist in uuuumg Ui inn
breeds already here.
Some -of the ioats produced in Cali
fornia give- as high an four quarts a
lay for months Ifl sureession. The or
linary goat in the Islands seldom av
erage more than a quart or a quart
and a half a day, although rejtain in
dividual will give as much an three
quarts daily.
Ope the goat is purchased or raised
there is - no expeuse attach 'd to it
'iinrateuaDce, as they subsist ou vegO
tntiou that would otherwise k to
waste. Goats make very iiuict, I k
able amusiug pets. The iiiilcli gnats
are entirely devoid of the objection
able odor so prominent Iu tin- mule
of the species. Ooat 's milk will often
agree with young growing shihlrru
wlieu row's milk could not be util
II red by them without digextive dintur
PA2U OINTMENT ia guaranteed to
cur blind, bleed iug", itching or pio
truding PlUiS iu 6 lo 14 iUs or
rxiobey refunded. Mauufaciun-1 l
the MJvUIClMCt (i.,m ... i,
U. S. A.
liens, lb
TurkeH. Il
Durks, M mi lb
Pucks, I'ekin, lb
Dncks, llsnn. doaen
. . . to ..np
. . . .40 to .4.1
. .28 to ..10
. .28 to ..W
. .. .or. to .07
. .1.00 to 1.10
. . .00 to l.(n)
. .1.10 to 1.15
. .. .07 to .UK
. . . J5n to 6
. .02 to 02V
. .1.00 to 1.20
. .02 to 02i
.1.U5 to M
fe'eiiiiula, Ig. ill
(ireeu peiitirra, bell
Oroen pepiers, chili ...
yellow nurd potatoes.
White sneet potstoes.;
Red seet potatoes....
Tar o, bunch,
Taro, crit
TematoeH. lb
Cu'.unibetM, doen ....
I'limpl. ilia, lb
.150 to .71) l.lmes, ino
1.3"i I'ineajiples, e.nt
) 1'apnias, lb
.( i to .07 rHrawheriica. lb
' I Hawaiian nrnnoeti, 1U0. .
live weight. They ar slaughtered and
Uogs up to 15(1 lbs 13 to II',
Mutton, lb. . .
Pork, dressed,
.10 to Jb
.. .IB (iips, Hi
. .. JI Oost, white, .
... .W
feed f. o b. Honolulu:
..1)0.(10 Oats, ton
rio ii
,...71,00 to 7i.W
pi.oo to- Ofs.no
. . 00.00 to 70.0P
, . . .48.00 te 54.0V
. ...47.QO to 48.00
Wheat, ton ..
Middling .
Unv, wneat . .
lay, alfalfa .
courage the consumption of local prod
bee. A tour of the grocery stores of
this city tn the past Week, proved, that'
there ia no demiind for the local sweet
potato, ft is up to the consumer to nsk
his grocer 'to furnish bltn' with sweet
potatoes when giving' ' hi Order, as
most of the grocery stoics have them
on band and are too glad to sell Island
jirodute. - -' v ' '
tslnnd cabbage is more plentiful now
and that nhich is coming into he
murket, is number ope eabbsga a,nd
selling for 3 a hundred.
A ue uivibion continues io receive
i lnr hipments of . bananas
I of the flaet quality. Thcst
! ate selling very rensonalde A
that are
ese bananas
nd for si
most nothing when one compare the
price sxked .locally v. ith the prices now
roeeivej for bulimias on the mainland
Acting Hutierintendent.
BMeiwlk Is
8 Real Thing :
and When It Isn't
M.S'. f ! ' $ I . -. f. a
Food Commission Answers Aiies
tion, leaviqg No' Room For
Doubt As To Definition of Reai
The question hss eome up in the
I food commissioner's oSre ns to when
I ut t ertniJk. is buttermilk or when it is
only a i-unioiiflage. I
ButteriuUk t)o be buttermilk accord
ing to' the- "Standards of Puritv for
I'ihhI I'roihuta" reads as follows:
lluttormiUc is the product that re
( ainins wkc butter Is emoved from
un tbe other hnnil when t is an
imitation product it is not considered
' buttermilk, as shown by the opinion
. ,r the titir.aan or ehemistrv. an, I ahnuM
,ioi lio labeliil or onerod for sale a'
Ou aecoiiiit of some recent com
plaints and imiuiries concerning this
matter local deiilers should note the fol
lowing extract from Service aud Keg
iiliitory Announi einenlH Chemiatrv 15
Item So 147, "Thu L'ne of the Term
"The question has been asked
whether milk or skimmed milk, ripened
by the addition of a culture, and not
subjected to ruurtuug, may be con
tillered as adulterated or niisbrauded
if sold in interstate commerce or the
District of Columbia or the territories
under the name buttermilk.
"It Is the opiniou of the bureau
that such a product cannot be proper
ly designated by tbe unqualified name
buttermilk' aad its sale, under that
Soft irink emporiums liuve Iwen es
ImMi-IicI on all the Alsxkun liner of
l he Pucilir Steamship Company as that
territory entered the dry column on
I he first day of .the year. It is said
th.it tin- dispensaries nre elnbornto nf
fniia mid carry as complete line of
M'f'i ilinientM us arc to be found in the
I: r;,e; soft drink establishment nohore.
AN ATI ANTK! It)RT, December
'-'". hhI gunners nf the veanel on
hich lien. Hugh I. K(itt returned
t'lOiii Krniice, fired nt whut uppoared
li be the perWopn of a submarine
I In- diiy ufler lenlng port nu l ac.ore.l
,i Int. nhicli is believed tn hute sutik
1 1
i,'i n:in boat, n.or lilij; lo .a- huh
Oil I'OM.I.
I waa ail wpai vaav w w W a vt '
4 .
Hollinflcr Expects Tf InfHpduce ,
Resolution At Metfri0 l;
Board On Tutaday ' .
- -'.i '.H s 4 .' ...5'' .
Appropriation For. Payment Im
possible Unless hecornmend- ,
jed Byltyv SheriltAtl ; '
A resolution inquiring of Sheriff
Hose the feasibility and, advisability
of emploring a moral acjirsd-of- high
elasil and efficient mes to stamp out
the degrading social evil raglrig in Hon
olulu, as revealed Friday afternoon' la
the report of the territorial grand '
Jury, will be introduced , at Tuesday
night meeting of tbe board of uperu
visors by Ben nolllngrer. ' '
In making known hirutentiona In
this connection vestcrdav afternoon
Supervisor Hoi linger said the employ
ment of such a body of men vii the ,
only possible Way of roping' with the
vyions eondyions. "Tbe grand jury
report asserts that the police depart
ment la making little effort to suppress .
vice- Iu Honolulu." he added, "and I .
think it's up to tbe board to take some ,
irtion." ' ',. -
Sheriff' Sanction Needed
Because the fcower of the-'sherttT '
are so vast, It is ant possible for tho
board of supervisor to ' appropriate
money for the employment ef'V moral
aqusd withont first obtaining hi ssne
tion. Hhould the necessary permission
lie forthcoming, and the beard of n
ner visors decide to set aside a certain
sum for employment of such a body of -
mew, there I likely to be moch'specnln- '
Hon and possibly argument regarding '
the aeleetion of a competent chief,
Tho graad Jury, in its report, em
phasise the necessity of placing Ah
suggested moral sqnsd tinier proper.
leadership, and a this body, in tho
tame report, criticite Sheriff Bosc for
his unpardonable inactivity ia putting ,
the laws into effect, it is hardly like- .
ly that tbe duty of making these) ap
pointment eould be entrustod to him.
' Other member of tha board of su
pervisors spoken to . yesterday after
noon declined to discus the portion
of the grand jury' report mentioned, ;
tinimmg they had not had time to ther- .
mghly' digest ' -the contents. 1 AVhen
Supervisor Hollinger introduce Jaia
resolution at Tuesday 'night' meetimg,
howevca, there 1 likely to be om dis
cussion. , ;' , , - " '
. ..;'.
.- ' ' ' -.'i - ' -f.il. ' uHt'.i . '
Reorganization of
Hackfeld Wins -
Business ' .Community Likes An
nouncement '.of fprsonnel jif
Company and Feels , Causes
F,ar priticisrn Are,-Rcrno.ved
Oeocrnl sstisfartion and approval of
the ppfHosncl tf .the reorgaaixed Hsx-k-feld
k Uonijianv was exnressed in busi
ness circles yesterday. The opinion pre
vailed, that this reorganisation . would
uommand the confidence 'f the Inlands
and of those on the aialnlnd .with
which the company haa dealings no
Other policy eould have done. It was
natural there should be heard nome. in
dividual criticism hut, the , great pre-,
ponderanre of sentiment Was '., hichly
commendatory of the selection which
have been made. ', v.i -;. j 'i''T- .. i .
H if 8 matter of some surprise and
more admiration that the reorganisa
tion of this great business hoi'se ahould
have progressed with The' speed,' r eleri
fr and smoothness which marked the
proceeillags rom their ivory Jneeption. .
It had not been expected that -the .
announcement made yesterday after
noon -would show anything like uch
comprehensive results as were- dis
closed. ' . . . , , ...
Members of the new directorate and
other new otlcer and. officinls wore
yesterday congratulated npon thiir new
business connections by donens.if their
business friend aad assured of 1 ho
canfldear which the eoinniunily, fult
in the company as it will 'uow be eon-
stituted. . 1 " ') ; ; . .. . ..
Further reorgflni nation of tjie other .
lepartOM-iits of the baitinrsa can new .
go-ahead as rapidly as is consistent
Without Interferinr-tb'ftUtiiiordiaary
condut t of those branches. Undoubt- '
edly .there will be cbangos, and impor-'
an ones, imt,thee are nor expe'fl
to lie announced, forthwith nor all at
once. ., k, , :
college men Hosts .
TOKIO, Ueeemlier i!( Associated
Tress) A notable iinaer of 120 -American
college men was. held here
receutlv in honor of It S. Morris, the
new American ambassador. The wel
eouio was orgauir.ed b' the l(Aluniui .
Clubs of Vale. Harvard, a.rwwfl'oii. .
.Columbia slid the University iW.fenn-,
RTivania. iwoun.1 una lie, tale. n, .
formerly minister, pf Justice, presided,,
aud Professor Auesaki of the Tokio
Imperial University aud late exchange
professor at Harvard, was the priuci
pal Japaueso speaker. ... ..'
There ia no pse of our " beating '
around the: bush." We mbiht at well
out with it first as Intt. We wait you
to Cry Chamberlain 's Cough ' Remedy
the next tiniti you have a cough dr col i.
There la no reason so fur as we cm see
why yon ahould not d- Do, This pre-
pn'stion by llts riinsrka'ile en'e-l hn ,
gained n norld-wide rrpu'st ion. find '
people everywhere siienk of 1 In the
hi;h.-t tertite I f t.iu :v Jl l fo- stilu
by nil dealt ri. - Beii'-n.'- Jf-tth A fa.
l td., t.g. ntt for ll. va:i.--A.l ivrilsi)
ment. ..-.'
,- i . - v

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