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"I '
Will. B ' Completed Jn " June - and
. ; Win Be Available For war
v; X, Work By Nex FaH
No Ceremony Will Mark Initial
' .Use of the Structure That u
. : Part of Big Naval Bate
' , In Jnao Of thf 3" AmaHeV gre'at-
' fit drydeck will t computed at Pearl
Harbor tad vilbl for war work ia
tha early fall,'.
'- Tli great iasia, which Vu been year
la Witling, odtr roaditlona which re
quire 'tk l I ghest eraglaeeriBg effl-
'. leyr le-'faridry approaeklng comple
ting Hade the present eeaereto-bloek
plea, aad will be flaiahed ia eoatraet
time, asarkiag -oae of tke greatest
; aehievemeat ef ke Navy Department
. After exaspcratiag aetbaeka, bat al
wajre iv tke progressiva etage . eve
wkea disaster interrupted tke work for
' more tkaa a year, tke great dock will
be ready this year for. tke most never
demaada that cat be mad of It.
i Wo Oaramotiy (
' Jf e' eeremeay win mark tke opeaing
aad.elotang ,af th hago eaiseoa gatee
for tke reeeptioa at tke - flret war
veeeel tkat ia to be koaored la the freat
baain. -Tkese are war tinea, aid aeeerd.-
: ing t ; nliag , -which., waa aiade at
Washington a year ago, tke placing of
tke dock in eomatlaaion will merely be
to open ana net it whea ready, aad so
special' ebaervaae wf tke . eompietioa
of tke work-will be keM. It. waa pro
poeed eome year ago tkat tke comple
tion of tke dock akooid be marked by
eonspienooe . eeremoaiea, attended by
civil, war and ' aaval representative
r of many aatioave a parallel achieve,
neat to tke eempletion ef tke Paaame
Canal, but under war aoaditioaa It will
be impoaaibla to do ae. It will merely
be aaished, opened and pat lata opera
tion aa a part of tke day 'a -work.
-.Hardly any ether government work
undertaken la tke part ten yeara ex
cept tke Panama CaaaL ha beea the
object of each bulldog tenacity oa the
- part of tke aery departmeat aa tka
Peart Harbor dock, bat the mea wbo
atarted if will Aniim It and be record
ed, among the greateet of. Amerieaa
elvil aad aaval-sagiaeers.
New Itaf7oQowed ; ' '
' The original plana were abandoaed a
few yeara ago wkea It waa fan ad tkat
the method of pouring the concrete waa
fsnlty. -Wkea th dock .collapsed aad
. the entire work had to be ripped out
and new method followed plana were
. adopted for tka making, I oa great
eoooxete block,, floating three on? la
' especially constructed caissons, and thea
' lowering them to the bottom of tke
dork Bite, and , Joining them together
vader water,' ... : - '
-,The work nnder way ' there now it
" of the highest' engineering type ia oae
anywhere, aad baa maatsred tka an
usual dlfflcTiltie that. apraag ap, dif-
( a eultie that.1 could not be determined
ia tka preliminary boring aad teat.
.Tka work oa building Pearl Harbor
atatioa began., about . 1&00 wkea pre
liminary survey were made for deep
ening and widening the -channel from
tke opea tea aad for dredging out tka
. bar at tke entrance. Thia waa a long
. and tedien job ia ltaelf aad iavolved
many yeara of work, before the actual
. commencement of work waa atarted oa
tke atatioa proper.
Tka eompietioa f tke dock eontem-
' plate ike eompietioa of tke entire at
tlon, to be tka moat perfect aary yard
under tka Star aad Stripe.
Dare-Devil Flier Only Eighteen
v Years Old Beats AH Others,
' Says: British Officer
"A Yaakee boy, eighteen years of
age, MW training ia a Canadian avis
' tion atatioa, will be the trump ace avi
, ator ia tke whole world, ' ' said a Brit
' ink army .Acer who .passed through
Honolulu a few day ago.
The officer; who ka been witk the
Srmiet la Flaader and ha seen hun
dred and thousands pf airplaaet past
ing eve both armies aad has sewn air
battle by the acore aad picked up
dead and i Wounded airaiea of botk
krmie, passed, t through Canada and
stopped at one 'of the 4ying ttations.
ii ' t It waa there that ke saw the Amer
ican youth vl a training, but ia hi
opinioa theTboy wa a veterau, and a
piaster of the airplane.'
u Via fact, be was a super master, if
" that give yoa aa idea of the absolute
control he aad of hi niaehlae," said
the officer. "Art Bmith and Beechy,
predecessor of the war topsy-turvy air
. .oprrafjtrfc were wonderful aerialiats ia
- tkwrcarlnaderfnl way. I have, seen
bat t lee ia th air erhcre the, loop the
loop, the straight down drop, and every
knowa ' form of handling a machine
o oiler the wont; adverse conditions was
riiecMaarwi.bat.. thi Yaukee boy beat
'them all. ' llV'we dare-iletrU and al
most devil . himself in the way he
handled, his machine.
'That boy will sever lie raptured
u aUes, be bppu tq be sound asleep
or drope dead within the Herman
A I vice from Hilo received Satur
day told of an early morning fire at
WtL-ikea. It is reported to kave start
el at three a'aloek Saturday morning
aad ta bar occasioned damages to tke
iitnouirt (f sbont $HimiO, chielly to. prop
erty of i Beauier.
British Recruiting
Does Not Brand
Anyone a Slacker
Secretary of Committee With
Approval of British Consul.
Corrects Some Misunderstand
ings Which Have Been Put Intc
Britlab resident who eaanot, for
aaffldent reaaona, anawer the rail o
tke Britiah recruiter ia Hawaii arr
set going to be regarded a alaekera
by their fellow-countrymen. Provided
their reaaon for taying..ia the I
land are good Teaaona, aa good or bet
ter than the reanona whereby Ameri
eana of draft age are t be exempted,
there will be no cause to eaet aner
aioa npoa either their loyalty to theii
flag or opon their bravery,
Thin 1 made plain ia a etatement
made to The Advertiser laat night b;
f. Hay Wileoa, secretary of the Brit
ih recruiting committee, a statement
made with the approval of the Brittal
eoaraL Thia statement ia:
Kemore Miraiidantandliig
Editor .Advertiser I .' am reouested
by H. B. M. Consul aad the Britisl
Reeraiting Committee to explain aer
oral matter regarding whirl! eon
iderable amount of misuaierstandini
seems to exist in connection with th
reeraiting of British subjects.
Tke British Club aa such has no par
ia tke recruiting luovemeut beyon
having kindly allowed tke recruitiaf
committee office room.
The recruiting committee is actln-
aader tke direct authority of the Brit
ink Beefuiting Mission Headquarter
at New York.
It function is to enroll aa tnaa;
volunteer possible for aetive servic
(American ritieens barrel) with tk
British and Cnnadiaa armies.
There ia nothing of the nature o
conaeriptioa iavolved . ia thsa as th
sole aim is to engage and facilitate th
departure of thoae who feel that the,
eaa answer the summon.
Thoea who for aeoeesary busine
reason feel that they mnt remain ii
the Territory and those) whose respoae
ibititie ere such that they feel the
eanaot. leave, are not expected te d
It ka become necessary that thi
should be clearly understood aa other
wise aay British eiticea under 43 re
mainiag kere migkt be looked upon a
a " slacker ", a term af pprobriur
which is entirely uncalled for and-th
employment of wkiek 'the reerultia:
committee strongly resents.
It is not desired be ft clearly under
stood to cripple aay useful bu sines
undertaking by enticing men away wk
are urgently needed in tkeir presea
The maia purpose of tke present re
sumptioa of reeraiting it to gather lr .
amoagat ether, those who had declare
their intention of volunteering Deror
the eessatioa of the campaign laat Oc
tober and who-are for the piost par
young unmarried men who feel th
they eaa be spared. Those who eon
sider that although physically eligibl
they are entitled to exemption ahonl
state the particular gronads for thi
claim, to the British consul, throng)
the recruiting committee.
Your tnilv,
i Secretary, British Berruiting
Honolulu, January 12.
Although it was generally believed i
shipping circles that cargo upace t
Japaa and China mould be seriousl;
rurtailed after the firnt of the year uu
der the contemplated action of the J
P. Rprerkels aV Bros. Co. in eliminstin)
the Orieotsl iortn in order to handl
the heavy freight that in developing ii
Java, there is no mpi of :my sctioi
of this nature having been tiikcn by th'
Hutch lines as yet.
It was aiiuoun-ed by Robert Kilby
General freight sifent in Han i'ram-isci
or the Nederisii'l Koynl Mull, the Rot
terdam Royal Mail and Juvu I'ai-ifl
lines, that in the event the newer ar
rangements materialized, tliexe eompa
nies would "till continue to call s
Chinese and Japanese porti in urdei
to accommodate iiaxnenifcr but it wa
a certainty that freight would be
New contracts between the Dutch
government and ship owners were to
become effective on the firnt of the
year, it was said, and this may have a
bearing on the situation. These are
said to give the governmental authori
ties broad powers over cargoes origi
nating in Java as well as iu the Culted
Thermit Used
In Ruining
the Pommerri
Illustrations have beeu insued by the
Department of Public Information
showing how the (leruian crews of
.interned merchant Hhipa dent roved tbe
engines of the steamers on the third
of February, 1V17, when diplomatic.
I relations were seered. One illustrit
iinn iuiuwh mv vuutiii 11111 di ine noiier.4
uf the Pouimeru, which was interned
iu Honolulu hsrbur almost from the
beginning of the wsr until it wa tak
en over by the I'nited 8tstes Hiithori
ties oa February 4. The crew melted
dowa the boiler by "dry tiring, " and
tb government alleen thst "tliermit"
waa probably used to intensify the
keat. Tke Poinmern wu rcmimed tke
Bapahaauoek, uud is now in I'nited 1
States service. '
Naturalized Citizens Return To
Japan Rather Than Take
Chances With Conscription
To escape conscription la Canada,
150 Japanese, aaturalixed citisens-of
the American dominioa, kave returned
to Japaa oa a Canadian Paeifio liner
which arrived la Tokio about the mid
dle of December, according to' a recent
issue of the Japan Advertiser. They
ar the first of many Japanoee err
ing under dual conscription obligation
who are expected to return to their
homeland. , .'.
days the Japaa Advertiser)
"Many 'Japanese have become nat
uralised ' in Canada because tbey , ex
pected to receive better considerations
la business nd general living condi
tion. The party of Japanese disem
barking from tka Canadian racifle liner
roused considerable Interest oa tha, Yo
kohama pier, partly because usually but
few Japaaese returk to Japaa by way
of Vancouver aad also because these
Japanese were well dressed, wore jewel
y and were even described as of sari
tin appearance; ' Many of them are
well to do, having made large profit
n the fishing business along the Cana
liaa toast.
"Mr. Shintaro Shloxshl. president
if Bhioxiihi ft Co., aa old Japanese es
ablishment in Vancouver, who return
ed home after twenty year' residence
a Canada state that there -are about
,000 Japanese who are engaged in fitti
ng along the Canadiaa coast. Owing
o a large demand for salmon and trout
erue of the war; the fishing industry
vat very prosperous thi year and the
iriee of fish wa rapidly increased.
"Mr. Shiotakl ststes that the price
if one salmon which was quoted M
dx sen prior to the war is now sold
t seventy-five sen. He state that the
irice of trout was also accordingly in
reased. By working during the fish
ng season, August, Hcptember and Oe
ober, it is easy for oae maa to ae
uir a profit of 8000 yen and many
nen who worked bard obtained 6000
-en during the season, thu producing
nany nankins. Those Japaaese who
etnraed to Japaa Wednesday . retura
d home because of the conscription
a Caaada.
"Mr. Khioxaki tay that tke ennscrip
ion obligation is liable for all Jap
inese men, aged between twenty and
hirty-flve years inclusive, except for
kose who are exempted from military
lerviee. i
" 'Considering the'. fact that a large
lumber of Japanese, are now return
ng home on account of the conscription
aw, the capitalists encaged in the fish
ng industry will feel tka move serions
v. for it has much to do with the fu-
'ure Industry in Canada,' vaaid Mr.
ShiorakL .
"Many more Japanese are expected
'o return to Japaa, from Canada, accord-'
'ng to previous : notice received i.by
ithcr traaa-Paifie line la Yokohama.
Tie eonscrintion meaaura will be eo
'oreed In March."
BYBACTJHK, New York, December
0 American aviators soon will be fly
ng over the enemy lines in aeroplane
vithout possibility of detection, if
etta of the invention of Lieut. Kdwin
T. Hhaut, of Hornell, prove its worth,
iiutenaut Bhnut, who is only twenty
our years old, has beeu suinnioned to
Vanhington to demonstrate to the war
'eparttnent his noiseless airplane en
gine. Tremendous possibilities are seen in
he engine since aviators would be en
.bleil to carry out their spying ex--editiona
at night without danger of
eing heard. Lieutenant Hhaut claims
lis invention has ntreudy been given
i thorough text on Curtinn aeroplanes,
ud it was ofticialn of thin ( onipsny
vlio called the attention of the. war
lepartiueut to the device.
BAN KRANClrH'O, December 30
Tahiti, the palm shaded islo of the
Hoftth Beas, has sent all her young men
to the war. And, as a result, many
dusky maiden walk the moonlit
beaches with sadness in their hearts.
Bo tavs Countoxs L. ('unman of the
island port, and now in this city. Ta
hiti contingent in trance, according
to the Countess, is approximately 1000
young men. The change in climate ha
proved Bard on these lighters, she said,
many of them having suffered ampu
tation mad necessary by frost bite.
DfJaCbHis Browne's
acts like Charm In
th on: Bpscific In
Th only Palliative In MBUKALOIA, OOVT, MHIUMATtCM. '.
Uml3.m aiissl TiMlsitsj sssfpaslss t tswlt, I
tnl.l In HnU h. .11 r .1. .
Prwo u - -d-Bd, lIL 28, Ut,
Has Made Several Trips To This
' Port and Was Long In
Lumber Trade
The Charge 4 BQl(ngt Company,
managing ' owner . af th tehooner
Wintlow, have1 'given up all hope of
agaia bearing from that vessel, accord
ing to reeent' malt' advice -from Ban
Prnneisco. ' .
Tb vessel - ii iled' from Sydney on
May SO last year, for Apia, to load a
cargo of copra for Han rraneiseo aad
ha aot beea beard of since. 6he wa
nt one time thought to hsve been aunk
by th Oermaa commerce raider Hee
ailter. bat thia theory ha bea aban
doned, aa th master of th schooner
R. C. Made, Manila and A. B. John
son say tka German on tk Seeadler
laid nothing about the Wlnslow.
The Wlirralow , wa built at Port
BInkety la IR99, being 400 tun net
register, 1 70.4 feet long, 37.0 feet
beam and 12.8 feet depth of bold, witk
a . lumber-carrying, eapaeity of about
750.000 feet. ...,.
She wa la command of Capt. B. D.
Trudgctt and carried a erew of tea
mea. Hbe made eevertl calls at this
port during the early part of last year,
ami was one of tka vessel in the Paeifio
Northwest lumber-carrying trade.
Want $7500; For Picking Up
Schooner Said To Have Been
Flying Distress Signal
The schooner Mary E. Foster, owned
by the Puget Boond Commercial Com
pany and otbera, waa libeled for 7600
in a suit filed recently In Maa Fran
cisco federal district eourt by tke
Provident Security Corporation, Adolpb
Ottinger. hamoel Abrams, Bruce Fair.
A. A. Moran and 'the firm of Fair ft
Morao aetiag for the officers and erew
of the steamer Daisy Freeman, accord
ing to recent mail advice.
The complaint, it it said, asserts that
the Daisy Freeman, , Capt. O. E. Faffe
luud, found the Mary E. Foster, laden
ith 1.000 000 feet pf lumber, flying
the distress signal on November 0.
The vessel wa picked, up by the Daisy
Freeman aix miles eff a rock shore, ae
cording to the complaint, and towed
Into Port Tow-naend. - The amount aued
for is claimed aa aalvaga.
Largest German Boat Seized In
Pacific Going To San Fran
cisco Under Charter
' Ji:pi.' .'
The Mattoika, formerly the Prin
xesain Alice, tke largest German ves
sol to be seiaed in Pacific waters, la
to leave Manila for the run to. San
Francisco under charter to the lcitic
Mail, according to the Daily Journal
or Commerce of San Francisco.
This vessel has all of the modoru
improvements of trans Atlantic linert
and was one of the finest vessels on the
Orient-Hamburg run. Her accommoda
tions provide for 270 first class, 200
second class and 1200 steerage passen
gers and 9000 tons of cargo. Captain
('buries E. Stewart will command her
and Al Nolan will act a purser. The
Prinzessin Alice wa in Manila at the
time war wa declared.
('apt. William Ward of the schooner
Frontenac of Rockland, Maine, return
ed to New York recently from a sue
reMiful voyage to Italy, says a press
Wexoatcli. ' When asked by a neighbor
if he saw any German II bouts, Cap
tain Ward replied: "Nary a one. And
savt Let me tell yon something. If
any captain of a sailing vessel tell you
that he saw a tfermaa aubmarine and
came bock ia hi own vessel to tell
abnnt it, he's kidding you. Bailing
craft that meet German lubmarine
don't come back."
Cbeokt and arrau
The Beat laaiady knowa fop
I kak MuuLsuMI.
I ). T. DstSMSOS-s, Ltd, Lsodsa,
'M 1
Champions and Near-champions
To Play On Puunene Courts '
'Early, In February!
Maul will outte likely witness some
clatsy tenni early la February. If tka
plan of D. C - Llndtay eaa d ua
eessfully worked out,, saya the Maui
News, Walluka, of January 11. Al
Castle, who la now on th coast, baa
been working oa tke general feature
of a plaa for a visit to tka Island
of some f the best racqueteers, aad,
at the request of Mr. Lindray, Man! la
to be considered la making up the
itinerary of the player.
Two of the noted American' player
expected are Mis Melli BJursted and
Miss Mary Browne, the former ia tk
championship class and th lattcf a
close aecond. The mea ' double cham
pion of California will also be bare. ,
The tournament will take place, on
th Pun Bene court, aad the date will
be February 9. 10 and 11.
AL Castle and W. H. Hooga Jr., will
accompany tbe visitor from Honolulu
and will, also, play. (
In , addition to the srkeduled pro
grain, there will b ladies' exhibition
game. -
Th regular schedule will probably
include two mixed doubles and two
gentlemen doubles. ... .
In event ef Miss Bjsrsted not being
slk to-come, Mr, and Mrs. Thomas
Bundy will be bere and the latter will
take her place. '(Mrs. Bnndy, it will
be: remembered, wa May Sutton,
champion.) '
Thia program will form the biggest
tenni eveat of tbe year.
Central Maui League Opens Un
der Auspicious Circumstances
The first game In th Fata Winter
Baseball League Seriei were played
at Paia last Bundjy afternoon, and
attracted a very large crowd of en
thusisstie fans, say th Maul News,
Wailuka, of January 11. There were
no charges for admission.
Father rrsncis was la general
charge, and threw the first bail over
the plate. F. P. Rosecrans was to
have caught, but was not able to be
C resent at the time, so Sam Kateo took
ia place. Hepry Bobinson swung the
willow. ( .
The first game was between the Filipino-and
All-Japanese team aad waa
quite - sharply contested,. , although a
trifle-one-sided. The score at the end
was seven to one in favor of the Jap
anese. The big game of tbe day was be
tweeu Medeiros' Beautt and the
Oisnts. This was quite exciting. Dutra,
of WailuVu, pitched for the Beauts
until tbe last inning when be was
!liged to retire. The score was then
tied, three to three. A new pitcher
waa put in, and the Giants found him
for two runt, giving them the game,
the score being five to three.
The start of tbe series was very
promising and undoubtedly great in
terest will be taken in it. The con
teat i for a silver cup being put up
try. the 1'aia More.
Last Friday afternoon, at five o'clock
and after Brig.-Oen. John i'. Wisser,
Department Conimundcr, V. H. A., had
reviewed the Second Infnntry nt Kort
Shnfter, there whs an interesting little
ceremony that brought pleasure to
quite a number of the soldier boys at
the post.
Thi was when tke company winners
in the recent bavonet fencing contest
were presented with their gold medals,
twelve of these being awarded, one
to the winner of the contest in each
company. In presenting these ineilals.
General Wisser spoke of the fine work
accomplished both by the individual
companies and by the whole regiment
a shown in the rerent contest. He
commended all for the proficiency they
have attained in the use of the bayo
net and said that he had made secinl
mention of this fact in his report to
the war department in Washington,
V. "C.
One side of the coveted gold medal
bear a coat of arms with crossed
rifles, while the reversed contains the
name and date of the contest.
The wiuners who were presented
witk the mark of merit of their work
were Pvt. tlrady Rudisail, Compnuy
Aj Pvt. Arthur Carpenter, Company
B; Pvt. Burton D. Allen, Company Cj
Pvt. Ihirward F. Burch, Company I);
Kgt. Harvey II. Waltou, Company K;
Pvt. Kdward Phelps, Company F; Cpl.
LeeK. Reed, Company (! ; Pvt. James
Rathboue, Company II; Pvt. Kdward
Butler, Company I; Pgt. rlidnny B.
Ferguson, Company K; Cpl. John O.
Keeling, Company L, and bgt. Charles
Caldwell, ( onipauy M
PORTLAND, Oregon, December 211
(Portland touk the opening game of
the ire hockey season bere last night
from Vancouver, 4 to 2. A large crowd
witnessed the gtuiie, which wat marred
somewhat by a heavy fog that hung
over the ice floor.
AKRON, Ohio, January 1 Johnny
llriffiths and bryau Downey fought a
terrific twelve round draw here Ibis
nrteruoon. Moth meu were budly out
up at the end of the battle.
Interesting Data Given of First
Big Island Marathon, Worth;,
Keeping In . Mind
, How the teama ran, with tka flat
of each relay maa at each poet in th
recent Volcano Hilo relay , race 1 told
below, th official figure being re
ceived from Hilo yesterday.. Thi will
be Interesting data to keep for-reference
and comparison with tka time to
be made la tke next Big Island mara
thon, which will be run early atxt yean
THE WINNERS: Kilauea Senior,
Hilo. Time, 3:00:31.: Member of tb
team: J. O. Carter, A. P. Helbuth', CI.
I- Maekadrr, M. Forbes, Dewey Hattle,
E. B. Costa..
hECOND TEAM: Millt School,' Ho
rtnlulo. . Time, " 3:07:33. Members:
Chun Lee Puck, T. Teregawa, Lam Ho,
T. lshimura, Chun Ah Ckaag, Edward
THIRD TEAM: Japanese, Honolulu.
Time. 3:22:01. Member: 1. HhiraL K.
Suxnkt, M. Kano, M. MaUumoto, M.
Uyemura, It. riuxukl. , , J
FOURTH TKA Mr Kilaaaa Janiora.
Time, 3:23:81. Member: H. Mattsmoto,
. Makimora, John Cabrinha, A. Car
ter, Chn Fook Tang, W. Carter.- . '
FIFTH TKAM: . Service. Time,
1:30:25. Members: B.
Shannon, J. T,
Benefield, JT. T. Wade. J.
F. Henderaoa
F. House, F. J. Quina.. I .
MXTH TEAM? Pen Pacifii. Hoaolu
Iu. Failed to finish. Smith falling out
in the third leg. , Member of the
team: Peter Wright, O. Hawkins, J. W.
r'mith, Joe Btickney, Stanley Carey,
Walter J. Scott
How the teama stood and I heir time
kt the different relav poet: t
Kilauea rir., first; time, 0:05. Ckua
Lee Puck, Mills, second f 30:08,
Carter, Kilanea Jrs third; 1:30. Pa
ter Wright, Pan Pacific, fourth; 81:29.
B. Shannon, Bervlea, and T. Rbiral, Ja
panese, tied for fifth place; 82:18. Ma
chado leading the field by 300 yard.
TN-MILE rOST A. P. Helbusb,
rTilaiiea 8r., first; time, 59:02. T.
Teregawa, Mills fhool, aecond; 69:23.
Chn Fook Tang, Kilauea Jrs, tklrd;
1:03:07. O. Hawkina, ' Pan-Pacific,
fourth; 1:0.1:17. K. Rusuki, 'Japanese,
nrth, l:o.i:5B. j. r. BcneBeld, Servtea,
nizth, 1:011:15. Helbush leading by
quarter of a mile. - '
Kilauea Hrs., first; time, 1:20:37.. Lam
Ho, Mills 8chool, second; 1:31:20. W
Carter, Kilauea Jra., tklrd; 1:34:20. J.
W. Hmith, Psn-Paeifie, fell and droppe4
out. M. Kano, Japanese,, fourth;
1:35.15. J. t. Wade, Service, fiftkf
1.-43:14. ; -
tie,, Kilauea frs first; time, 8:02:35.
T. lshimura, Mill, second; 2:03:45. 8.
Matsuraoto, Kilauea JrT third; 2:09:23.
Al. Matsumoto, . Japanese, fourth '
2:10:32. J. F. Henderson, Bervlce
fifth; 2: 17:45., lshimura gained on th
Kilauea urs. in this leg, but Hattle fin
ithed wtth a comfortable lead.
Costa, Kilauea Mr., first, time. 2:35:71
Chun Ah Chung, Mills, second; 2:30:22.
M. Uyemura, Japanese, third; 2:45:56.
B, Makimora, Kilauea Jrs, fourth,
z:in:U2. t. Mour.a, Mortice, flfth;
8:54:00. In thi lnp Uyemura of th
Japanese, outraa Makimura of . th
Kilauea Jr., and laaded hi team la
third place. Chuu Ah Chung, for Mills,
continued to gain oa the leading, bat
Uoatn still hsrt a safe margin.
THE FINIISH-. Q. Carter, Kilauea
Srs., winner. Time for the full dls
tarce, 31 miles, 3:6:31. Edward Ha,
Mills, second; 3:07:33. K. Huaoki, Ja
panrse, third; 3:22:01. Joha Cabrinha,
Kilauea Jrs., fourth; 3:83:81. F. J,
Quinn, Hervice, fifth; 3:30:25.
STARTER Owen Merrick; official
timekeepers K. 8. Elmore, J. C. Foss
and Mr. Gibbons. JudgesJudge Clem
K.. yumn, rMimuel Woods and J. B. Zim
DKTBOIT, December 23 The fall
ure of the Detroit American to thar
the spring training trip with the N
York National Club next year 1 said
to be due to an open break between Ty
Cobb and Charle Heraog in a Dallat
(Texst) hotel laat year, at which tim
the Detroit outfielder and the Giant in
fielder clashed in a fistic encounter. 'It
1 i understood here that no definite ar
I rangements have beea mad relative
rn rbe soring training trip for th Tiger
in iv its.
JERSEY CITY, December 20 A big
athletic carnival with boxlug end wrest
ling events interspersed witk - hand-
grenade throwing, trench race aad
tugs-of-war will be held here Jaauaiy
ana so. noinier rrom Damp ruas
ten, .Kansss and Camp Dodge,' Iowa,
win participate. ,
OO DEN, Utah, December 29 Pat
Oilbert of Pult Lake City won the light
weight championship of the West bare
last night by out-boxing Jimmie Reagan
of St. Louis for twenty round.
FITCHBURn, Massachusetts, Decem
ber 30 Manager Moraa of the Phila
delphia National League team an nou ne
ed today that George H. Paskert, Phil
adelphia center fielder, bad been traded
for "Cy" Williama, tenter fielder of
the Chicago National League Club.
CLEVELAND, December 28 Jaek
A'olfe of Cleveland and Johany Ertle
of Ht, Paul, ba'ntam-weights, hav baaa '
reinati-hed to box tea round hera Jaa-
I uary 83 'or Si,
... '.:,.'!
on ras m:v :;v
,111V VI If II I 1 1 UI IV I Ii II k , . I
Carpenter , and ; Jenkins v Have 5
; Served In War Since 1914
Although a multitude of great ath-.
lete wearing Britltb or French uni
form lav fallen, thara are ttill a
few aotable left. - .. ? ," '-
Twn ehamoioaa wsat to th front
back la August, J914, and 4iava been,:,
there ever sinse, having balked datk .
for mora thaa three years,. Oa of
these J IJirry Jaklna, golf ehsmploa
of Great Britain. "The other WtfeWge
Carpeatier, tka Freack poziaf fhaat-
plon.' ! . .. ?.'-'
They remain " among ' tb few. aurr !
vlvor of that first allied army, two
of tka most aotabl wko hav escaped..
Jenkia worn tb amateur ehsmploa
kip tk year tkat Amsrlc sent Tray,- "
era, Oulmet aad Evan to,8andwirk, in.
one df tka greatest international field
tver gathered. -J
. He sank kit winning putt oa th thirty-fifth
green la lata May. Ta early An-
cfust be was wearing khakL ready to
atart for France. -,
uarpentier waa i at ta eignt-ot
hi glory asd the idol of every French . .
maa whea thi waf atarted. - H didn t .
nesitate. waning to , oos a tow ..
bonts, la order. o leave, bi . ftmlly,
well provided . for, but hurried to the
front, and has been tncra ever wnce.
jxBynAxcm aobmtii.
Ewa PltnUWoa Cempaay y .
- Wailakv Agricaltaral Co., L44,:.
Apokaa 80 gar Co. Ltd.
A- Xnhala StigaV Coaapaay
.- Wahlaw Wata Cmpaay.Lt
. Fultoa'l'roB Worka,'of St, Loot
Babeock A'Wiloo.Compan,r
Oreea' Fuel Eeoaomiaer Com .-may
Chaa, C. Moore Cpy Cpgiueera ,
' all you can;
, vallyou can;? v
Jqhii jfresley
itactuuit and Fort UtiL, &ooolal
from Moatreal to Liverpool, .'
Londoa and Glasgow via tka 'c
anal St. LawTenca Boot '
and .
By tka popular "Prinee"
Bieatmora - from Vaacouvr,
Victoria or Beattle,
For full information apply to
Thco."lL Davies & Co. Ltd
A k:aahumintj street
Oenl Agents, Canadlan-Paclfio By. Co.
Commissioa llerchants
' 1 -..'.
wa Plantation Co.
Walalua Agricultural Co
Apokaa sugar co Ltd.
Vltoa Iroa Worka of (St. Loul
-Blaka Steam Pump.' ' .
Waiter) CoPtrifugal.
Babeock Wilcoa Boiler
6ren 'a Fuel Eeonomiter
MarahvStoam Pomp
Matsoa Navigation Co.
Planter Lie Skipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co. -1
1 11 , 1 - 1 t 1
' "nubin
cbinery of ovary deacriptioa nude to
order. ' "
laauad Tuoadiyt ts4 Friday
(Entered at tbe Postoffie of Honolulu,
T. H m secnnd-tlast matter )
Per Year avtoo
Par Year (foreign)
Payable favarlably K A4raae.
CHARLES 8. CBAJfaj t ' Maaaua
Castle ttCoblie
i 'a
v V
it .
'-va ji . -;..- .1 '

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