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' ".'a ' ." ' V"',0ti. Dollar ,
99" CntrifogU N;'Y. parro..prt
iM, Hwii baX .ooa . $i2o.u
Laat prvloo qnota- t. . , , , v, I
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YrsK'mrs v.r.u. t I
Jan. J, 11--Last , twentv
four , honra' rainfitll, jfirt.
Temperature,; Mia. C7 Vllt.
73. "Weather;-pt, vloudy.
VOL. l.IT NO 6
J Alii..
V" Government to b published iri ,HwlL ,lt: how ofiiceri and tnen'of M German ubmarint iurrenderlng to the pmmindef ot
the United Statei destroyer Fannlne.' . - , .; -s. -'y-M'Y -.-y.'-- r :.
1 1 ' ' 1 1 " 1 ', ' ;", ' " " 11 ' 1 ' " i' 4 - -- - - i -,
: . ' ' & . . . . . , . . ,
Hearing In CommiUea In Support
of Bill Is Given William H. Hin
, x die Who Presents Arguments
v Tor Measure -aC
' No " Decision It Reached and
: Hearings ; Will Probably : Be
. ' . Continued Further; Before Re
:4 port Is Rendered ,
; WASHINGTON.: January 18
V .' (Associated- Press)
The matter of so amending the
Chinese Exclusion Act as to per
, mit the eniry of a iimited number
of Chinese laborers into the Ter
ritory of Hawaii la now receiving
serious consideration at ht hands
of congress and many members
are being found ready to endorse
. the proposal f . - ;'
A bill introdo9d ; into tha
house, under the terms of which
thirty thousand Chinese may be
Vpen"itte4 ia' jnier.- the Islands,
-'' .......til .
was befote tne nouse committee
on immigration y.'"r-
inr beine""eiven 'to VViiMam.IlJ
'HHmdlef; Honolulu 'ho'U her
. in advocacy of the, measure as the
spokesman J f oc tne'; United Chi
nese Society of Jlewaii.
Mr. Hindi advanced a number
of arguments "In; support of. the
measure, referring to the existing
:,, labor shortage, the increasing de-
V mand for plantation tteld hands,
?. the favor with which the Chinese
. have always been received In Ha-
V waii and th fact that at the pres-
. .'. .a tinAflMl i in4ll.
try of the Islands is Tasi being
i ' abandoned because the disin
clination of any fcut Chinese to
, undertake the hard work involv
'' " ed in the, cultivation of the rice
' lands.
The committee took no action
; on the bill, deferring a Vote on it
until the matter can be further
; discussed
The measure as it is before the
committee provide! 'a number of
necessary restrictions on the pro-
'.; ; posed immigration.
j '., . i.fi.
?-Jt.''Jr-tr''tyYf'S . . ' ' , ' 1
I , .. - 1
m iiaV i & ein
Agricultural Experts Assert Alarm
Is without cause
BEBKELEY, CnUtytiila, Jnurjr 18
(Awwciatetl Prw) J5lrt Ag
riculture in the Vierity of CUor-
nil hmrn llM lare U sUvrd. the ehargri
whlnh were lueued I bulletin by the
Council rf Nutional Defeww.
tttamnti a ruin the fruit rrop in
California through the Introduction of
nollen Wart wheat WM fharged in the
bulletin referred to, 0d German or pro
(iernan influrneea were accused of the
rat esperta
woulit be
A irrlpll Itural esnerta lant nleht aait
a plan wouw D tutiw mw-v
,ouM not be eoread to the growing
ylirat by auch wetnoaa.,
, .
BKRNE, Jaoutry 17 (Aaaoeiated
,,, The iroernnient of Bwltstr-
land Iihh reeognlsed the sovereignty of
LONDON, January' IS (Aaeoeiated
treaa) The hou of aommona oy
lun maloritr veaterday defeated
propoHed amendment to the "Man I'ow
r Act," applying r(.
con vrrff arz , VsJ
Protests of Manufacturers of No
Avail and Labor Promses Itsy
Support To AaUniwsiratjdn .i r
Efforts1 To Recover Lost Ground
1 At Head of Bridge Futile;' y
For the Teutons .'t-jJ
. .... iU '; ;.
- TiRT' Aiuwf. Xtktmo-
iiuti . lli fur J nj.hilat.: n'.heCltulian
front were-'tiere tfomaht any Infantry
eagageitit of Imnorttne yeaterday.
Ia BelRtarat Snd la franca fcilltarV m.
tivitimwre below the aoraal, al
though Homo artillery iagngtnenti are
rcportH. i '"
' On the rtave eector of the Italian
front ' the Auatro-Oerraan foreea at
tacked vigorously in unKiiceemful at
tempt to recover, the bridge head posi
tions from which they wern driveu by
the Italians od' Monday. In this en
gagemeat artillery arid Infantry played
their respective parte, but all efforts to
dislodge the, Italians from tnetr new
positions proved futile, and only heavy
losses resulted for the Teutons.
, Some artillery fighting was reported
(ft the Vicinity of Maisons de Cbaas-
pague, but the fire did not assume
great' violence and there were no ap
parent indications of any immediate
activity and offensives on th part of
the enemy.
Only One Man of Crews Saved;
French and Italians Lose
Seven Merchantmen
!XNDON. 'January 1 ( Associated
Pmu Loss of two destroyers was re
ported by the admiralty y'"f.
They did not fall victims to Teuton j
submarine or other enemy crsft but I
their destruction was due to stress ox
weather. In the heavv gale of Satur
day night they grounded on the coast
of Heotland and were oaueren 10
with, a lose of both erews, exeepi ior
one man, who succeeded in rem mug
shore on wreckage, '
" Heavier -losses to French ana iisnan
shipping came with decreased loases to
British shipping' last week. Seven
vessels of over l.VX) tons registry fell
victims of the U-boats, the French
being the heavier losers.
Two merchant vessels of more than
1500 tons were lost to Italy lust week,
reports from Rome yesterday officially
told. Two vessel escaped, however,
one steamer and one nailing vokhpI, af
ter eing attacked, and made port
French losses were five vessels of the
larger type.
The loss of larger merchantmen for
the three allies for tuo week wus Uf
1 1
-41., :' - , 1 , mm : , : . r;.:
. BAN t'BASCIEKX), January 18-( Aswx-iaed, Pres rot. the second time
the life of Ooyeraor-Btephena af California) ha beea iteipted nd for the
ei'Onfl time explosive wer the medium throagb which -his death was nought.
On this doeaslen the attempt a frustrated by the timely dl-forer and ia-tereeptlng-f
the Infernal oiaehiae before It hsxi reached im i
: A infornai machine or bomV addreMed Governor Stephen wan opea
et at the Ferr poetoflSee'her yeWrday. The paekage eaiieai. h iautl)i:iflnt,
rxiNtape aortCa opened hy.rnoatoince enrpUiVa to.isw"tnliv',il' the- mui-
tetin had heghtiyHaMt 4S(heu upit it-iwa favnibt rSrstain seve
ral sticks uif l)rnamitv and a elok work attachment t orvaaion, theiacharge
tthe p)ont4 tiaif.' ' : (-':.' .v.".' ,
, ',vl'ot(tolllrei officials last nlghkdcyttned absolotetjr to' diseass the affair
otherwise than t admit the faet of the Boding of the exploitive and te any
th clsramitaneet'-wee under investigation. r
th:clMamtanee-nM under investigation
, following th etort of a few week Ago to kiU the governor in his home
wbD khe house was partially wrecked by a bomb' explosion the affair of
yentefday ha created ar aensatiou. Enmity of different sources' to the execu
tive 1 attributed as the. cause and among thone sources are mentioned the
LWv W. ad other hostile organizations. : , , ,
f w) 'r ' 11 : '-.'-' ' "
Tstimorty Is Bad For Agent
pf NortH Qermari Lloyd Line
i7 ASHINGTON, January 18 (Associated Presi) Despite pro
YV tests that have poured in from all Aver the East and in the
fact of the disfavor with which the fuel order has been received in .
congress by a respectable minority of the' members,- the order as
promulgated on Wednesday by Fuel Administrator Garfield will go
into effect today and for five days there will be a completecessation '
of practicaUy all industries In twenty-nine States. ;v'r - '
V Administrator Garfield stood pat yesterday in the' lace of the
denunciations of many and the protests of others his only Yeply to
me Hood of criticism being. statement in .which he justifies his
Order and announces that' it "must be obeyed. ' Manufacturer! and
others who refuse to suspend operations for five' days, commencing
today, and for avery subsequent Monday for ten weeks, will ia pen-,
elie4 and will b refused all fuel hereafter. j
The seriate, after a fiery debate, in the course of which Senator
Hitchcock declared that the issuance of the fuel order was a direct
affront to the senate, voted to stand behind the. President, arid Mr,
Garfield. In the morning, following a conference with Republican
senator. Senator Gallinger of New Hampshire introduced a motion
to suspend the . fuel order until the coal situation could be investi
gated. This motion wasv withdrawn, when Senator Hitchcock pr'e
sented a substitute motion that the order be suspended for five days.
' This motion iras hurried to committee "and reported back wit h
out recoWmendation. In debate there was much criticism of itic ucl
administrator but the rolkall showed fifty against the motion lo
nfreteeti'-eor it.' Following thia ;otej another notion -along imilar
line was made but was. ruledout oh. points of rdeeaft'eI'tiicctuns
,.vw -- a0AJtrrsu JusTiriES Cotrscg ,.
Petrograd Forces Agreement
With ;Ukrauie;, S'eerryf i's
Little Significance j; :,v f
tJJaarZaaAc Mat
lei)BoTWevrkh''foc' eeuu-d Ii-t th .rV relief .from the nletine coal fsmine'isMn be !Tor, Ll:
kutsk yesterday after h 'paftl'whlRy throughout (h .Kant, he-stated,' mnC have oal or go ttiruugh a of r
fiad lasted all through Wesesdaj. and tt, la which aadeubtedly many live af U -people and young tlil'lrri wonl.l b
In which the Caasaska had beea tlefaat,- T. .1 i . ? Z " IBr '"T. ; " Z , '
, ... . , ,i ,1 i. ...I whleh ahanld not. have taken the busines men by eurpiin.' "I have boon rtiu-
r.. ... . ..r. oov "".-"y " leunlng.thi with the husine mea of the aation for months," he said.
ment . bef tr. t e- feoh t
auag thai there- la uu Ui
tu i
suburbs, . omaial despatch ; reied n la the opinion of the fuel administrator that the manufacturer will not
laat night from Petrograd report. The! suffer from the enforced suspension. The country now U suffering from an
military"cadets who had anlsted tha overproduction, he deelared, while there ha sot beea the urein effort required
8A FltAKCIScd, January 1 (Associated Pres) Testimony laiplicsting
seriously. Bobert H. Cape lie, the Baa rYandseo ' agent of tha' -North (terman
Lloyd Steamship Coaipany was. alluced la th Hindu Revolt conspiracy ca in
the federal court here yesterday. The evidence tended to eonueo; bim with t lit
handling of fuad and with the charter of the Aanle Ijirsen for the purpone of
Carrying aOhtraband, guns and muuitlona to arm the rebel la the proposal re
bellloa igalnst British authority.
Ataurlcf Hall, former honorary consul for Turkey at this port was the atnr
witness for -tha prosecution yesterday. He testified that while working for
Oapell be, tha. witness, had endorsed a certified check for a large sum of money
which -was Signed with the name "V. Hchack." -
WJtueM further testified he saw Capelle sign a check for $80,000 given in
payment for supplies in that amount which were delivered to German warship.
- Udlteif States Prosecutor Preston issuej a statement la which he sail! he
wohI(i sbOW Ca'pelle paid the charter money for the Annie Larsen from a fund
which h aljeged amounted to $250,000 and bad been sent from Germany for the
purpose )f spreading various Oermsu proiaganda.
m: !
BEBU1 y January 17 (AssoalnUd
Press)Tka" Bnssian proposals concern
ing th dUpoiltion of the Bussian terri
tory; now occupied by th Oerman
hav proved asaeeeptable to th Central
Power, according to offiicial statement
today, Th Central Powers are prepar
ed to go aliaa and try to reach a com
promise, r '
Tha -Ceatral Power announce that
they arc $ndSvoriug to reduce their
force of Occupation to a number only
necessary to '.) maintain order and meet
technical ff qulretnents. "
NEW YOltK, January 17-(.Ho-i
ated Press) William H. Baker, former
vice president of the Postal Teleu'fi'"
Pompany and now secretary of the
Western Union, shot himself dentl in the
Ansonia hotel toilny, neeortfing to Hie
polic whq hve been inventigatiug the
WASHINGTON, January 17 (Amo
elated Pre) -pA falling ag ttm
mast of the bttsh (Uekigft killed
six sailot and injuled thnaa. oday,
LONDON, January 18 (Associated
l'reiw) Whether or not the Petrogrd
government rapudiates its pledge and
the national debt of Kusaia, Great Bri
tain will preserve it own eredit anil
U'ood nama 4 ad that of the Bank of
Boaar I.aw announced yesterday that
tho British government bad arranged
for th payment of all Russian credits
maturing thU month, together with in
terest, where the bill for such credit
d passed through the Bank of Eng
Jsd it 'British frehequer bonds to be
issued ( tb premium of eaehange;
LONDON, January 1 .(Associated
Press) -Crews of German submarine
at Kiel have mutinied and killed thirty-eight
officers before the mutiny was
quelled, "is' the report received from
Geeeva ' yesterday.. According to the
repbrta, the, affair wa similar to but
more aeriou than' the mutiny at Wil
helmahafen several week ago and an
other mutiny at Kiel about' the same
time ' of , which comparatively meager
reports filtered out at first bnt which
received'' more prominence when the
matter rocked the ministry to its foun
dution and was aired in the Beichstag
following charge of complicity on the
part of Socialist.
Few' detail beyond the fact of the
mutlny'afld the Bomber of officer kill
ed had reached Geneva. That the af
fair wa serious 1 apparent. No de
tail of the quelling of the revolt umi
the fate of the mutlaeers wa given.
The despatches from Geneva confirm
the frequently voiced assertions from
naval sources that the morale of tbo
crews of the German submarine flcetit
was badly shattered.
- ;
reeinr n r" rAmirn n
icdUArc ur run men Kcnn
Cossacks were promptly disarmed'. Or
mebnrg, ' the capital of tha province
of that name, waa alo take tha 4s
patches ald. ' ' ' j
Ultra ni an Protest "
Despite the reported agreement be
tween tha Petrograd government, and
the new L'kranian government akder
which' the' latter received recognition
as' a aeparate delegation at Brett-Li-tovsk
aad under which, it w4 aaid,
the Ukraine waa to mpply Petrograd
with aa unlimited amouat of food to
be paid for half In cash and half in
merchandise, appear not all I going
well. The Ukraine government com
plains Bolshevikl troops hav destroy
ed railroads and undermined bridge to
f revent Ukranian troops from procd
ng northward, according to advte
from Btoekholm. There are ladiettloa
in the despatches of last aight aad ye
terday that notwithstanding' rport4d
agreements actual hostilities are in pro
gress between the forces of the two
rirht In Odeaaa
The Bolshevik! are renorted as ac
tive In the Black Rea neigborhdod lad
fighting in the vicinity of Odessa It
reported. The battle has sxteaded Into
the city Stneets. a Reuter' despatch
til, but th Ukranian. troop bold
some atrong position including he
theater and are assisted My naval ves
sel off the port. - ri
After Bomanlan XUng
Lenine government has, ornered the
arreat and Imprisonment of. King Char'
lea of Rumania. The Bolshevik! gov
erament believe there '1 auffteielt
force In Bumania, responsive to the
Petrograd government, to execute the
, ;
I.ONDON, January 17 (Associated
Pre) A rumor reached here by tele
graph from Petrograd that former
Czar Nicholas Romanoff has escaped.
Tke Item was carried. J a a Renter's
Need of Extreme Economy Will
Not Be Felt After Harvest
by the. time, towards supplying our own troop and furnishing our allies with
their seeded supplies. . '..-.'.. . r. , - ;.ft- ; lt ;' '.
V...V BTjaPENSlOW MTJBT BB AMOLTJTB ., I'. ., .. . '
Manufacturing will b suspended for only a short time, but the suspension
must be abtolute, . Those refasipa; to obey, tha xrdr will be dealt with. , . , ,
la tb eors ef th hearing it was brought out that th government intend
ed parabaaiag the' faal t be saved through tho t losing Jowl f the, manufactur
ing plaata and through tho tea Monday-holiday, thi coal to bo redistributed
byhe government wher it i most required, . The purchase of Ui coal U1 call
for tke temporary expenditure of $5,000,000.. " .. ,,y ...
The protests received at the White Houae against th 4arfie4d order came
from many of the largest maaufaeturera of the nation. Governor Whitman of
New .York, telegraphed a protest la the name' of the Empire State.. The Illinois
Manufacturing Association sent out a telegraphio appeal to. ita member b send
telegram to the President arglng that their Industrie be not ompUeH to close ,
entirely but be permitted to run up to eighty percent of their capacities.' The
NewuYork theatrical manager telegraphed for permission to disregard tha Mon
day holiday and to be allowed to observe Tueoday insteait, baaing their claim
for exeepUoaal treatment oa (he fact that their Monday performances Would
give the people something to occupy their mlad on their Monday. holidays. All
the request for exceptions have been refused, however. - 7,. , '. , - .-
la eoatraat to tha protests of orgaaiaed capital, Rerun I Uompera, apeak lag in
the name af organixed labor pledged the rapport of the wage earner to thia
order a to all other orders necessitated by the time. "Th workingtnen of tha
nation will be the greatest sufferer from the order for fuel restriction," Lo
said, "but we are prepared to bear this and will maintain our loyal stand be
hind tha President despite the sufferings and the sacrifices that w may be called
upoatobear." i- ,, ".. . ;
'Ar..,Fuel Administrator Garfield I expected today to Issue aa appeal to em
ployer to retain upon their payroll their regular employes, despite 'tho fact
that no ua can be made of these latter during the holiday period.'- '
.(The lint announcement of thl proposed apeal waa aiet by a statement at-
trlbuted to Judge Gary of the United States Steel Corporation" that hi eorpora
tiea weuld.aot pay for the time of the men it cannot utilize. ' ; ..','' '' :
Normal deliveries of coal cannot be expected within four day,' awing to tbo
weather conditions, according to a statement by Secretary, MeAdoo,' director
geaeral of the goverameut railways. Ta railway, eaya the director general,
will cooperate in every way with the fuel administrator la eeeing that hu order
is compiled with aad in refusing to transport coal for manufacturer who re
fuse to comply with theorrter. '.."'.. :.K
WUili MOT At t iWI Unu-OSKI , .. . , . ,
Commissioner Boseawald, in rbmrge of the furnishing of anifornia for tbo
America troo). Issued a statement last night that the enforcement at th fuel
restrietioa order -will not Interfere in any way with th aupplylng of outfit for
the National Army. "We have sufficient reserve uniform now oa haad to uj .
ply whatever mea ay ba called in the coming draft,' haaid. - , r -' : -y ,
A mimmary ox me suuanon creaieti inrougn me uarneni oraer In New Eng
land Wa sent out from Bofctou last night, thia stating that more' than half a .
million men will bo out of employment for the holiday period..' ': ' x ;' . ,
One effect of the order will be to suapeud the dally papers for tho Monday
edition, th -order aperifylug that no newspaper shall Isaue on that day ia order
that the fuel aaviag may be as widespread" as possible. " - i
The goveraor of the New York Stock Exchange hav announced that tha
exchange will be regarded as a bank and will remain opea for business af usual.
One of the results Of the Garfield order on th Exchange yesterday .waa to do
rresshejjuotatioBS on a majority of the stock an average of thjeTent
CHICAGO, January 1 (Associated
Press) 'When the hew wheat erop U
harveated there will, not be th peed
of the rigid economy which must now
be practised to relieve the possibility
of famine for the Allies and shortage
of flour for the people of this country.
Announcement was made yesterday by
the national council of grain exchangee
that the supply for the I nited mates
and its Allies in the year 1118 will be
Transportation is the only serious
problem, the announcement said, and
this the government is expected to
hav solved before the grain is rdy
to go to the elevator and the mill.
Th 1917 crop of corn and wht
combined exceeded expectations and
that of ll S will be evaa lare-er. the
i -
cuuueil reports.
WASHINGTON, January 1 (Asso
ciated Press) Secretary of the Treas
ury McAdoo ha announced a acw is
sue of four huadred million treasury
certificates bearing Interest from Jan
uary 22 and payable on April 22. These
certificate, it 1 announced, will be ac
cepted in payment for bond of th
third Liberty Loan. It ia believed
that all arrangement have been per
fected for th flotation of thia third
Liberty Loan sometime la March.
SAN FRANCISCO, January 17 (Af1
sociated Press)-It wa annoaneed to
day that a ,1ury fompoaed xelulvly i
of women will be selected for tha next
trial of Mr, Bona Mooney charged .,
with complicity la the dynamite plot
which resulted In the explosion duripir
tho prepardnesa day parada her 1
JU,y 191- .tl -
WASHINGTON, January IB (Asso
ciated Pre) Tho food administration,
yeaterday Issued an order which will
permit th xporttlon' of California '
roltod Urley to Hawaii." ,: ' t ' 1
.. "i . -.f-r t-r ,
' b, V

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