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. 1 '.I-". ' !i "t" 1 C-1:;'11: y
sugr , shqrtaoe is fully :
" expi:ed w: 3Tatement
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Tells - Where rSlocks; Went. What Has-Been-1
CrmiM of )k text ia fall of the
Ktntnot Of , Food A4nialtraior Ur
Ut C. ilooTtr 4 applanation of tb
i.iira aaortat and aiad,a publla by
.Dloritf. af ithi President irara a--,
t . Wh1 thU ireek la ih jaaU rjtaa.
.inlaiut ' th'a j-enorta . arret of ora re-.
eid aainf fjeoa arir to -t
4v of a aumvary.! l atatemeM Ui
Line oolumna of the .unov AUiioiiB
9f peeember 87. ' . . V
-Hoow.'a publiahed ataiementi -wai
fKaued diiect raaalt of the ctio
4,1 he aenate iaveatigation eommittee
-ia refoeieg to- pemit aim to teetify
or to preeen poch a. atteaet ia the
beaxinga of the aommUtee,- following
the attaek OA t food admtaiatratioa
W Oimm SprwtkeU ad other and ULa
Openly .manifeated aatagoaiam at Aeaa-t-r
Bead, tha ehairajaa ojf. the jspaunit-tee.-
' , . ' ' V ..--''.' -t
, " For jwrpoeea jnnderatejiliag the
'v oi Id aagar aitoatioa, four f aetata muat
borne la mind: Ji : ' '-.,' '
k ."a. Tha Waited Btaiea, Catkada aad
Jp:ond were iapotUng aeaatriae be-J
lorf mi war, jfuiib rm
Yre very nearly eeif -euppertiaftu -.
, b. That the main aonrqae of anppKe
Jto iniortimg euntrAea ajere
H I nnan aail futlfrhhnriBff dowwra.
. (; -5-C The Wea:ia-iea. , , (I.
"3. The Eaat IwUea. .
jEerpiaji Aonxcaa Cut OS
, '"e, "The Oefmaa aonreee have been
ui;teniix1y,-NQonnany alao
I vmelr boba the aajrar fit aurroand-
Jnjj eonatriea t the preaent time. Be-1
1 ore toe . war Cingiana rw appru
imotcly l,O0,000 long tone per aaaem
fnna Germany Wad neighborU aoareea.
1 . ,..,r nrodured . about 750.U00 lnwr
i.ii.j of teet adifat tM "export 50.-1
-3, IT -fell-io -UMKHr luat( jtw, ; If!l
1'iodueed abaut t0fiW mjt tone a ad
j jwwrta bnoet . Jftone; ThjB Italian
j rudactipf : fell to 75.000 long tone.
'J hua tkeae three epuntrie were thrown
yonte West M India aooree for;
: 1)3)09 Jona to maintain normal eoa-umit"n-ror
to -rodaeo thia'.by home
r eonomiea, Jhe tlaat Imdiaa aogar re-1
quiraa aboot three timea the length of
voyage, and therefore lhr.ee tiioct the
imount of onnage to oring from that
aoareeo compared -to the Wert Indiee.1
The aetoal draft of augay from the
Ventera Hemiaphore by the alliee was
' V 21,009 Lioaat againat B0000 tool
1mwar aormal, Tbey alao drew eome
400,000 -tone rom Java aad the Eeet
Indiee.,' . ... -
tAA. The oteadv ehorteniog of ihlp
ping Ihronghont the year thruat aa ia
rntaeed ? -drala on the Wet Indtaa.
Ald from ihia eoaatant eUaaaat of
tiuewrtai-aty a the poaitioa from month
te, month, ' Mother . aeertein factor
aroae ia that we eonld not jpdge .the
ffect. C their eoaaarratioa, aaeaenrea
jn. turope... While draatie- on, the civil
lifTTtntotfam; the eoneamptioa of aoL
liera ia far above normal,
luiftexcoee Flaceit . ,
. . V The food Adminiatration waa ereat
t4 Anguet 10, J17. The etatietical
v iiljaia' liad ana i a ted for aome time
Ihut tbeea' but oneaitaia draft of
rtara lieauapjleaa augar to Europe
jni-M,, aerev. .our margia of uppliea,
judiag the aew crop. In order to
lejrnt enppliee from going eJaewheca
:uia tojtbllie aa embargo apoa ex
j.orta from a United State wa put
)nt xorae n k , juiaae e
t uba wernment eooperated ia plae
in if aa embargo oa all
u nt augar xxcepc
to Aureelvee .ui tha alliee pa JOetober
J, 117. a the meantime, every effort
v made by the Food Adminiatration
to ,re y.oluntary . red ue tioa of f op
euuiptioa ty w-ideipread propaganda, in
order that we might afford a muck
eonriliee to tha allie A poaaihlej
" tffort were jnade to Mcnre Java
igiporta. bnt po 'hipping could be al
'I iwt',d by the Shipping poard. aor did
i iir effort aueeeea ia aecurieg foreign
tiiipping.4 ' ,' .
Alioe Rodaee JUtdpn
' Continuing the gtatepient tell of
Knulaud reandng the pouaehold augar
rtipa ia Aoguaf to twenty-four pound
a rue year and of France fa 8ep
tnuber reducing ' It per capita annual
rati pa to 13. f pop ad a. This ration the
) reui h gereranient found itaelf poable
to maintain and appealed o the Unit
ni fttatee goverunient for export. It
agreeif theaa Jhould be" epntlnued
to 100,000 tona. The Ameriraa
household aoaauaaptkra ie at leact 4fty
:v jound a, peraon. A plea for fui
t; j.Mfioxtmj thia eeunGy m male
vtliiivh the food adnjniatrator proceeU
f to purine, .'. .
, yiguit from the depart nveut of coib
yitr.:p are glutted ah oar ing export from
A ufj'inf f to November at i&fi'ij tone
.nj o France of 2,31 teaa whiks
i idljed traffU, executive pUcol the
for .Franca at M?0. Duiog
n D aaine perjod 36,777 ton were
abipped from Cuba direct ie theae
eouotriee, a total to them of 327,139.
Even piatributioa Jmnoaalble ,
"riubpftuiat 'o graujtiag the Freach
jx-iuU p A M9.tpii the car
t.i.Uitge ia.ahia tOKBlr , a(Uted it
in.pMubJe A Jaxwre.aa vA 4ietriV-i
tu uver ,Vie S4wOry,,.an4 t ,waa ar
ranged to ahiX eoaa .auiray- nfliop
ALUs to France aad
allow the diatrl-
hi ri b
- : , :
botioo of aome 30,000
toot of in gar
lataadoil for Franca in the Northeast,
Sa propoimg to aeip mo Ainea- worn
ulf porta or Cuba, aa the raaa might
develop. W have not yet been able
to do although tha allied aitnatioaJ
ia today more entieal thaa ever. I
''tho rooa a.imiaiiiranoa aaa eon-
ducted a eyatematie ampeJgn for the j
redurtion of iadividaal angar eonaump
tioa. The redurtion haa ahowa ia the
doeaeaae la candy tale, etc, -but, oa
the other head, a aimilar campaign for
the preservation of fruit ha iacreejied
eonmunption in' -that - direction but
wiH ireduc conaumption later on.
'.'In the faee of the enwial aitna-
iion in England and France and the
obvieua ahortage ia ihia eonatry, any
3 1 . . : . AVi. : i - -
rJ?,..T?!"T I' ".lefealnae baa been: attempted.-aad
. . . '""
atocka of raw angar oa fry 1, WIT,
the total net juppl.ea from all aoarcee
-fWr.dadoet.fg eperta--from Jaa ,
naamW 1 a hLineaanhAa a 1QT7 mMA ia
eaoai j w Jwiriiiurt er,t wem.mr aaa
lot caicaiieuoM or our raustieft.
o about S-28T.0OO lonr tooL
m ADA AAA 1 1 AL . . t 1
the other hand,' the carefully compiled
atatietice of tha department of agricul
ture how ,the pet augar retained ia the
fTnited Slate for the peat three year'
ia aa follow, to the 30th of June each
Long tona.
1I4 8,925,801
'WW . v 85M27
;'M91 3,553,733
; 1917 . -j. S.777.S40
'AVerect for three yearn. Iflli-1M6. '
3,771,952. . r, ,
nercTre. wnue tae .eonaumptiOB
for-the steel year 1917 waa 223,907
tone ip exceaa of 19io, it wa only Boa
tone in excea of the average of the
three previou year. Conaaquently, I
am la douit to whether there waa
any real iaerease in eo.niumptioa. and
aa to whether the apparent increaae
can not be accounted, for a to differ--eaee
ia invtaible atocka from year to
year. ..A rough stock-taking by the,
food aidminlstration of supplies indi
cated oa flop t ember 1 that there waa
in the bands 'of refiners and principal
storage houses about 300,000 tons. This
has eirffce been fouad by the depart
ment of agriculture to have beea 325,-
000 tona. The stocks ia these Oiands
t the eame date in 1918 are uadeter-
KxpUnatlotis of Increaae
"Several explanations have been
snade. of the supposed increased con
sumption and many explanations giv
en i
"(a), A higher wage level and con
sequent higher standard of living and
the increase due to increased .dry
" (b) The largely increased amount
of home fruit preservation.
"(e) Borne househobj hoarding dur
ing the months of February, March,
aad April upon the general alarm cre
ated by the declaration of war. The
trade-journals place eugar in the hands
of the consumer at from eight and a
half to. nine rents per pound, depend
ing upon locality and conditiona of
tsade, or at from 1 to 2 cents below
the prices of August last and from
aae-aalf to -one cent per pound cheep
er man touay.
.cu.i.Mn- nt au.i..i
- "There ia now an elimination of
speculation, extortionate profita, ami
la the - refining alone the American
people will savs over 425,000,000 of the
refining ebargea last year. A part of
theae savings goee to the Cuban, Ha
waiian, Porto Eiian, and Louisianian
producer aad part to tha consumer."
. .Hoover the give a table ahowing
tae. augar received and disbursed dor
lag Meptember, October and November
and aay that the average moathlv
eopapmptioa in this country is 850,000
tone and the supply in October and
November wae about aeventy percent J
.mi urwi. muwi iow me ar
rivals ohould have increased materially
la Pecamber and, with ear available,
continue to increaae thereafter.
Be ache Ooaclusioa
-Uia eoaeluaion is that the conflicting
operation . of the war declaration, run
on the sugar bank and conservation
method Jbiyp patfi at leas neutralized
each other; tbe draia of ths 'allie on
Cuban and Ameriean , supplies denuded
the margin of about 300,000 tons that
wae needed in msiotain normal eoa
umptiosi instead of about seventy to
eighty peroeatf.the shortage ha been
accentuated by lack of far to move
Louisiana and beet sugar and there are
not and have not been supplies avail
able MfUieli have not beep brought to
Uoever ftaaert atatement tbaj there
will be ample eupplie ar wrong and
opposed ie every fact of the situation.
a insist it is our tern duty to feed
the AUion, to asiatnia tbeir heaUh and
atrnjurth.at any rcasoMble coat to
rales, .pad
y" There AM f ireea, nor wall be as
we .see U, epoukh.eMiier tor even tbeir
preaent meager and depressing ration
if lEZ oraoTr.ir.nt Uere. -arUkig with the adminiatration
Tf "IS,.:!?! .freito prevent theae thW. The Batlonal
m m' t .
-HO TbbL
; ep,;
ubIfh thejr aand ahlpa ta'remnU iu)i - (
eti for U. - If we ia.our freed and'
gtuMonjr force thee rtOier. to further
reduce their: ratio. (or to aead theae
ebipe we "will doDa.danfage to .our
abilitia''t wi thl -war. , Today the
namber af: eoldtere ere."aa and 'to,
Kraaco $ limited by tha ahipa we ka-
aaaUabla. If 'we aend the aMp tu
Java au,ww- tone or angae xt year
to fciefte out iheir ration we will tave
aaeeeaitated employment of the equiva
lent of 11 extra ahlp for one year.j
Thie'fa our preaeat tituatioa i the
meavore of tranapovt and. enatntepaaeel
(of J.-SO.OOO 4o 200.000 nea kr France;
No rtce-rixlae: rownr ' - r.t " .. .t
.'frhe food Mil oonteina Bo rrtee - to -
iORl power, priee-4xing i a
t,er, .W .no T.to.iatoa..rpe.l
tioa low profiteering .level.-, i1 J vl
W a ewder to protect the pnblU from
proftteerir and maalation; u protect
u tnm Uiotmt mg an i tfaee -of
,hort of th(1 .
divi ' fr. J"-"0" n dietribntioB uia theae deliver lea, but it thould be
rin.t in th f?wiT TM ?"!d .l,,t0 'J' deratood tjkat, pn Aeoovnt f xia
I kd WOlantaril.V enter in- inir aitnallona. nirenmatanena !
necessity was pointed out to these mep.1'.
'fTL ia . - . all.
i iivt i wwrv BuuriiBU w xna vrouBajuift pu w. f j h. .itt. i I will mw.
patriot iaia to give their ikill and
cooperation to the undivided pnblie in
terest in this time of aational trea.
to burv thought of peraonal gain and
aerv the Natioa. Thev were appealed
to to bury their trade ighta and trade
.lealouitex and work, ia the common ia
terest. There are maav ioteresta to.l
consider. The cane producers of Louiat-1
aa.,tlve beet produeer. the beet jnanu-
factuer,t the Jlawatiaa eate produc
er, the cane refiner, the Cuban pro
ducer, the allied neceasitiee. the Amer
ican consumer. These eonflietine- in
terests have much accumulation of. ha
tred and bitterness.
"It hss been necossarv to organise
these groups noon a voluntary basis
and to drive this team to the common
good, the ultimate ends being ' '.. -
"First. To protect our producer and
".Second. To prevent speculation and
"Third. To supply the allies.
Telle of Work Done
Us tells of the step tken by the
food - administration, suspenaioa of
speculation, price agreement oa beet
ugar, agreement with Louisiana grow
ers on a price for granulated, request
to refiners not to pay more than tJW
fpr Cuban raws, regulation limiting
profits of refiner, wholesalers and deal
er and tbe widespread propaganda to
inform the public the price which "It
should pay.
The conimission has no authority to
eontrpl retail prices texcept through
public opinion but every one cent In
crease in price costs the public in three
months $18,000,000.
Hoover ells of the plans of thie
year to be carried into effect bv the
national committee at home and theln
ternational committee abroad and at
home, the full duties of which commit
tee are still to be determined.
Relative to the charge of eugar im
ports from Cuba having been diverted
be says:
Dlvsrsion of Cuban Supplies i
- - -'"' ." " - umm mrfl made mat
the action of the Food Administration
ip Heptenrber In limiting the price to
he paid for Gubaa raws csused some
50,000 to 100,000 tons of these sugars
to be diverted elsewhere and contrib
uted to this shortage, aside from the
operstion of the embargo of ths Cuban
government in our favor. A complete
answer lo tbie statement lies ia the
fact that all of the Cuban sugar since
thst date lias come either to this coun
try or the allies and has beea eoa
sumed. Home existing small contracts
were permitted to (Spain and Mexieo
amounting to less than 2000 tens. I
submit the following telegram from
Ki-ucrai in LUDS, TollOW:
'"JCxports from Cuba to neutral eoua
tries for Heptember, October and Nov
ember aecord'ag to statistics hers aa
follows: Hpuin, 316 long tons; Mexieo,
16-tO. No other. Practically no augar
on island of old crops unsold
"'(IfUgued) H. H. MOBUAN,
" 'Amorican Consul Oeneral '
Defends Bolph
Answering the rliarges wbicb fcb.ree
kcui made against Rolpli on the sub
ject of Hawaiian sugar and their ship
nieut to t'nxkett instead of diversion
of them to the eastern refineries he
"Charges have been nmde ti-fore tbjs
roiumittee that Mr. Kolpb endeavored
to beutlvt the California refinery of
which he was manager bv this H4 cent
increase in Cuban priie. Mr. auldi did
not fix tbe price. It does raise the
priie to the lluwiuian farmer about
that pinouut. It does uot raise the
profit of the (;liforiia ntinery, be.
tause their i-liarge for refining U. like
II ...II . . 7 . ..!.
p.. r-v... mueii, uuitied io ei.au per J
hundred i.ouudx i.l 11 at tlial v.. i . .1. .l:af 1
fereutial ou the eatabJisiutd custom of
tbe trade. Mr. Uolph has not one peony
.......... in iiuti runuerv. In
eveut, by the voluntary limitation of
LiiinuJ til
..Ccllars; ! Ton, Load
j.ard L ri
0vid F. Uouaton, wmreUnr .of Affrieul-
tJy hikW V oi lowing tat )!
ten iwgar fling the piircaAM r luv.uuu
tona of 'C'bUra aitraU ' for' f crtiliavr
w: bjr rt7 udr th prwvinion U I
tha fond control ft whicK MithoriaMJ
tfae '. jpi-eaidaot , t procure roltriit of
oda for this -parpof .And to aupply-it
lo fannan or cask it (Mtin. i , "t
- .fil' .Jb- baB' giviaif great-eal
f ihongbt ' 'and' attention to the i
trate ajoeetloBt ' I-thava been -ia dailr
touch with the ra induatrinr board,
iwnteo -waa to purcaaae and deliver tbe
ntrial -at the c aeevboard, . aad, alao
with the-; tahyiping - boanL Arrange
nvatwete rompleted aevereJ weefca
a no. vithrotrtrh. . the ! war .- iadnatriea
beard pndnr ahe.itimmwliate t aupervl-j
aaoa (Oir.iujc.. Parana. e puranaaotap-
j proximately 100,000 tone of - nitrate
4t aena da t.'nile. la accorUaaae- vnih
'the. aatborixatiaa or aaoh purpaee' ip
the, food control art. Beeauae .of 41e-
turbrd eklnpi-ng- caaditiona it haa Jtxxtaa
junponeible unti) recently, definitely .-toS
' 7"? r -ajBnapowag-ne
the iast ttsrw . dare- pmira4i0nR. have
htm eontpleited' for ths delivery -at the
aeabosird during - January t erf j IfiJaKId
taoa. eW 1 -evr r reasonable aasttrannel
4taso given tiiat euppiiea, up to
-the 100,000- -tonay -for--the vnauiBg
-menthe -wIH "be- eleliveredv'-'fSvery- poe-
siDie enort win do made to mate ear
ing svtuatlooa, elreumstancee pyet
vthioh there -is bo xatrpU might inter;
vene - .-!.,- '.'
I irt tnL.ta.1T avaotl what!
. ' ..77 . . . " . -1
proximatery 475 en board eara at the
seaboard. . Farmera will have -to tav
freight tehargee to their local atatione,
the fitate rerUUaer ..tag fee, -w hie
vane la differeat jBtajtee but .will .proh
atjly Pot .average , more thaa twenty-
ave eeau a ton, Bad any otper local
- .'"The nitrate aecured uadsr the ' ap-
propnatioa wiu..be aold only to arm
era ,f or Mir ,ow pee during the com
ing aeaapp, and generally not ia ex
eeee of foe amounts need by then here
.toiore. The department leow arrang
ing machinery Xor the diatribution of
the material aad will give foil publici
ty concerning the derail of the mat;
iet.'.. .'. . , n
The general .agricultural . strike .of
laborers ia Porto Bieo is giving augar
men considerable concern. It .ia one
of the .problem that will aom tip jtot
discussion t. -, the . augar . growers '
gathering .thi nopUu rt ll the field'
laborers ,who,Are e,vclng the greatest
unrest. - Some ope acrob A ntagasipe
article aom time ago op jfee.Jfctal
ady of an Ideal" ia which the thread
of mode elviliMtfoa were arove
With greet Mpala but -warped joftea by,
fttmpiesioouB asiras sji,rusiivw vwss-,
eraey has seen a pew light ideal,
eneata a alady which M mow the por;
tion of .the- laborere -is forto Jtieo.
We .fearo (coat aa Mehange that tha
Bswch Forto 4Ueo Sngu eOompaay ia
going to give a aUtoeja peroeal bonus
to all its employe though - o an
woBaeemeat raaa beet lade aa to in
crease of wages, which may, for the
time- fipg, a!djuBt Matter ia that f
gion.. The 'demand" of labor Jia the
United eJtatee ha t brought- preasore J
v f MS" r"i ft"
the hio-h reoat of liviaa- that ha en
malady wherever jpea hv brtath-4
t. i veyjea toouaaaa , men nve ueea
enrolled for aervlee ia the State, men
Uher over .or under draft Then
the 13,000 men that will be tout Into
aervlee for the vovermneat will leavo
e. laboV shortage tan will 'give them)!.
power .with onloym,: ,-yt ; : . '
' -. The , Teutnra , . Cftunty Railway 1
Joa4Pgpne.pf na iar psed .-in hfrul
iog gravel or ae ,ulndid ..rqade of
Caiifotnla,- Jox ban ling ,et for a
agnf .(neiory. . . .j k
the California .refinery uger price to
the A7.2J le4 three onth before it
eame nto fesse .oo the AUsntie pea
board ia order that .we wight have
a BBieensal prise asset af the Ohio, Mr,
Bolph has -,peUnei the ewnpsay of
svhioh , he u sweneger pver '70Q0
ynder what it mitffat junUy hare stood
sit or. That is iPqual .trewtmQt with
the AtUntie rsfinerie. 'He has dene
eUetipguiehed aervicp or Jh Auertcan
people. .- - .-? ! ' m
FewMfoldlta f o rrtapi
,. i aubmit atatement of our view
as to the sugsrSeoppUes for ourselves
and the' alliee west year. It entails
the transport ml ibOm tops af sugar
for. the allif from sva if the Aaieri
paa .pobiie U 'to' hK IU rmal sup
ply. Hueh trapjgpor will diminish our
ability Ut eeud ldur to, Fraae by
jUtQjm eB.i If, Aosever, the Amerl
M publi will .diminish their eensoipp
ilea hy JO 40 13 vr'a )Mr M h
Cubpa erqpa tare .larger, tpaa we en
titipate, tbiV disaster of transport, ne
cessity can be averted.",
Drops to
Tea Degrees In
. r wv-; OalLt ATnTI ffuuUaryj-E-eeedingly
cold weather tit the Louiai
aoe aegKr-belt tbia week,. fortutiat air
a very brief blow.M'p to Thursday,
and tie freete at. from ten' to twenty
degree i ton , place Kunday , morning,
therel were -.ae xeporte ef pay great
aamege done, ) A e- matter of at,
there were no report of aay. damage
rnceept the .statement of iCaarle iod
chanx of. the freee .Godchaux ' Louia-
iana sugar intereeta, oa Sunday, at New
urrtens, t bis estimate of the damage
.done baaed upon hie previous experi
ence with sneh weather, and tae result
thereof . from A Louisiana- sugar plant
er 'a point . view... . He -eaid that the
etubble :eane -anay, hare fallen victim
to the, 'unheard-of, record-breakinff 0e-
eember tempera tore,, bet 4bat.it -would
M aeverai dsys before it eou'd. be de
teroiiaed depnitely., whether there was
amy -damage or pot to.the atufebl. -
' " fiecrfUry jToe fi. Ohaffe of the Aaf-
flrowtlr, Atodao, one
-plnta,Uoo men in. the jatatet.Mid Wed
needey that there iwee ;no.-doubt, that
ohe eoldepeU added at least two flats
t the "inuuning raime -of , -she -f antoriea
.iti i - . - . . . . . . r
mwi oporaiwn w snas' suitei among
juhh Wat Jtkw hig aterJiog factory
of Williams, 'sad the monster Reserve
. . UK11 , .1' , " . - ,
factor of .the flodchaux. Jt may have
aone aome little harm to the windrow
ed eane, .but continned cold weather,
such as did follow the Qunday freese
aad which ...was .again very intense
Thursday lght, was what was
needed to ewduee the loss, if then waa
any, -due is tee tea degree i weather.,
One of the local New Orleans news
papers, in discussing the eold wave
and its effect jspoa the eaae crop, stated
that the .dry -weather whioh aeeompaa
lad it .was a,item of aalva tion.,. The
eontrary . is true even thoagh there
waa mo aaatexiai daiury. under tha eir-'
eucaetanced; which is more because of
the eonttaued extreme low. temper.
turee thaa anvthlntr ela. .. Tr 1 k4tr
ay -Mae saen, ior me case co pe wog-1
ar la windrow after a fnuuta thaa itr.
ecord frxafcing .Veather , Hits;
becaute the water keep Ah low en-4 Transport ioa f acllltie f or the pisp
peratare ia toe nape and thereby.' to J ' rslod . almost ehiely
- Conies nt a hnnlc tlHail "CnnM.
tiona ia the feugar .Market ", ssued by.
roe Ajnanca oagarKenptng Company
have - been eceied in Honolulu. It
waa prepared by Joseph E. Freeman,
secretary of the company aad eontaina
an - putliae of the faetors . which have
eontidbntM to the p reseat eonditions
ia thetaugar market at home and abroad
aad rdao a brief history of tbe eaTorto
made ty Ah Aavsrieaa ugar Kenning
jCompaay to meet thoaa eonditiona.
The hook contains eiohtv vsiree and
io -the table of contents are io be found
The . World' JJuirar fiuoolv. ondi-
tiona aJTeeting the Market in the year )
jit, ' (Jiorts os tns -Ameriean Hugsr
Eefinvng Coaspany to meet the Situa
tioa, nereased Consumption in the
United Btetea, Aetioa of the Senate
Finance Consmittee, idoveraement Bu
perviaioa, fcununary, Cproaology of
Sugar Famine, Advertisement ia Bos
ton And .Other -Paper, Advertisement
ia New Tork City and other papers,
fltaUment t the Press, Proposed Draw-
naes: j ttepear, tnatemsnt in Regard
to Plan pf the sVnited rentes Food,
Administration,-Agreement with Food,
Adminiatratioa and sight charts aad
maps.L i t : i , ;
5 S . ' n t'r--i. 'i :
'' : I . ... i
Aa unusual aecldent happened at the'
aew augar flura of the Kaeleku Sugar
Co- Hana district Monday afternoon
but fortunately bo an waa killed end!
only one man injured, aay tha Maui
New of January 11.
'ft appear that' while' men were
working around under it, the bottom of
the bos gave way and several tons of
sugar eaiha down on thsn. One man.
a Filipino, was completely burisd, and
it took twenty imen about four minutes
to dig him out. When brought to thel
air Be was pimost sunocatsa. The doc
tor' bappsasd to be ear- and rushed
the. fellow to the haspital where hs re
ceived prompt treatment. The next
day he was out of danger.
th man -A a sinus been released
from .the. hospital, none the worae for
hi experience of being buried alive ia
a mass- pf sweets ass. Up will prob
ably pot rare ior augar in his eoffee;
however, in - a jong two to come.
Colprado , growers .. pr pesitatjng
somasrpAt A what' crops' they want
W pni in past ysas because wheat,
pera ,ad Vana r trying to beat th
beet ..from it rpgyler bmt . pnd 'thi
will Bsvar do when ugar bj so cree
ia hll the corner of th world.
More Than Twenty-five Hundred Acres of
fiwCaBciilJTtl MVfillByf ilbrneslca'der ;
Can (; .lpuri3 ?edsoh Just Past ' '
Within a few - minute , ride from
Hilo, aad pUt in two by the "publi
highway, la the Onomea Mugar PlanU
Hon, one of lbs Hoet modern sugar fae
torias and holding to (be found 4a the
Territory, eay the lis wail i'ost-Hsrsld.
The land of this com pa ay aggregate aa
aareage . of Pearly thirty thousand the
tnajority. Of Which ,.; i .forest, the
amount planted to -cane boing. a little
abort. of nix thousand acres.; ,
vl . .j -on' thi plantation Where' It
might' i0'eid that' the am all ease
planter, er in, other -worda, thOfhome
tender, i haa, as -.aaarly .. reachel the
goal of auecea a in any other. phrt f
the Island,, there feeing . W thaa
500 anree of -eane grovp iiy them dnr
lsg the present .eeaeop.c (Owing f o the
higk ipri'-e of sugar, these farmer have
leaned a Jreat harvest from theit land
with fheasult hpt the future ieto pee
ep increased ate of this, sort of plant.'
ingi the planters being deairooa-tp take
advantage of. 4he opportunity ..toi ahare
.i pthe profttp resulting f rom ithe. uae-
pactea onaitiea tnat Aa ajrisea through
ine ayhp-aituatioa.i-.
4- 1
i Tbe snili is-eqsippe
i throughout with
J?" .Is test' in 'modern machinery. Jt
se twelve -roHere. with H -peeeeaary
ahreaders and auxlliarie to facilitate
the work, the management being a mad
of experience end .who taeliles. ,the
advisability of labor -a vine macblnsry
appliaaoee whetcvpr -poanible,. as well
as theiiMuU obtainej through. hasing
pone .but -the beet throughout, the en
tire mill,' The will has a eapaeity of
one bandrsd and tea teas vry twenty
four honra, ajsd 4b Aoapeetion with .the
mill, it a big warehouse' ia which is
stored the augar' while a waiting.. ship-'
ment.'that sen heooauaodato mora thaw
six thoueand tons, t The grinding Sea--sob
for; the past yeaf, when- approxi-,
mstely aiventeea tfcopsand tons- of
sugar was turned -out, earn to a clot
sometime ago, and grinding on, the next,
v" . i.wa .
PsOflth. ! .. ',i -- j
d through flunfing, .the. cape being eoa-
veyeei A ae mill y portable Ilnniss
connected with main supplies pbose the
Dlaatatioa.' Thorp is a total of .about
forty jnilee of thi ,flume. taking in
jibe crop rom the limit of lb planta
tion, wpicA i jond jon pne aid by th
illonolil Gukb and ba the other by the
nawainut Btation, tna Dig green fields
extendiag .up - the mountain side for
meffy mile a well., Three big truck
are also included in, tbe transportaUon
apryiea,'. . " ' , f-
Bow iUUP if OqB4oxBd . ;
. Th plantatloa eoaduet big atore,
at 'wkich' the .employe pre enabled to
secure tfaeir proyiaion. - aitout every
thing .fr.oat a pin to p locomotive be-
sne- among n at oca. a anleadiil board
ing Aouae U .ajiso mautaiaed, a ,1 also j
a eiuo noose, a tennis court ana: a Png
upig WciaiiaiLlhe4attcr being built
a as armory M n mean of providing
aeeepimodation fe. dUlljig the Ma
ehin -CKia Company pf the patkoppl
evaci ) which i stationed there, - '
Labof Ja Looked AXtex
lOnevof the striking fsatnrea in con
retio4 with tbia husipeap-likp planta
tion, i th snanner Ja which th labor
ia eared for.. The houses are neat, sani
tary, and Judications Are everywhere
evident - that thoae who occupy them
an possessed with a pereoael -pride in
ksepiqg thpni ee t ail time. Thi plan
tatina eoold eaeily 4e -taka as an ex-
f mple pf what a piantation should do
n'the Way of housing its labor aod la
-making' suitable sanitary conditions.
Dr. Potter i ia charge of tbe health of
the plantation, which - is in itself a
guarantee that there if nothing left to
be desired in tbie line, tha camps being
-at present' almost entirely free from
any illness Whatsoever. The water sye
jtepi is said te be operated 'through ia
reservoir .supply aad to be of -the very
best, being carefully observed by the
doctor as a mean of preventing Con-,
tamlnalion. A op visit the various
part of thi plantation it i utterly
Jmpqsible to )i o observe the eye-.
injjt whinh l tp Jjp aeep on every hand.'
It I Cverywber avldenee), f all of
vhifk eloarly hows thpt reatveffort
hyo .been mad (p He fprtnulation of
method, hich wiU .br.isg ajboyf h
beet result to avertfoue in aenerpl pad
io th Jhorr Jn particpUr, (ipce tbprs
eau jn I4 Apthing Jaf.unopp i 9 .con
nection - with making tot -the greatest
comfort tV Ahem. . - t .
Office Foroe Oomfortaplo , .
4jhe jiUptatioa office is boused in a
ihigMy aamfertpbjle; edifice, heipg .aon
veniently located adjaeept to ths big
plantatiiui stor aad af easy access to
th quartsrs 0 thoae who .are empleyyi
pp tbe pfflcial staff pf the eompaay. fbe
ofiioa ia ao arrangejl as to enable, the
bead bookkeeper to observe every sin
gle maa at his work, and ali -te aa as
iatant with perfect ease without dis
turbing other. At the rear of the
main office is a specially provided room
for varloa other office purposes.
Present 'Crop tOpadUioa
' From general observation it would
seem that the growing crop is ia a
splendid condition, the color indicating
healthiness wheh,. .unless cheeked
tkrpugk ipm upforsaan oceurrcnAP, be
token p prosperous future for the com
ing year, it would appear that if this
plantation hpd uffer.) ' f rom the re-'!
ently prolonged drought It bad rapidly
jreaoyered, for the passer-by cannot ds
teot today r any , JodieaUon jl a et
back of any stature in the splendid
looking eaae that grow by the road
aide. . ,4 i ' . .: , .
Manager Moif is at present making a .
business trip, through the Orient, and
during hi absence from the plantation
Mr.. William fiilva, tha ejneisnt assist
aat manager, ia aetlng as. manager. The
plantation haturped . pver plots of
land to its laboxsra, who have utilised
it for gardening purposes, with the re
sult that there will not likely be aay
shortage of yegotable 9a this plana
tioB,tirrepeetive f the length of the
.war, .These little garden spots dot th -hill
sides, the valley and plain where
ever one find the peat little pottage,
and the attention that is being given '
them assured the writer that these peo
ple, humble al ignorant as they might
be, have eome to -the - realiaatioa of
,wht it, mean to .be helpful tsj' the
country and to provide1 for themselves
instead of -being dependent upon ut
sids aonree' for their livelihood insofar
as producing what they peed for thelf
table. The plantation furnishes the
seed for these gardens aad thea sees to
U that no waste ' takes , plaee in the
planting. There "are those . who -vial t
the .gardener alao when - aeeeasjty
srjses fit the- purpose of guiding them
In- the- meVhod -of planting aad what 'to
plant. , .Here -again i displayed that
system which is so apparent pbont .the
plantation, showing especially in -thi
instance, a it mean a disposition on
the part of the planUtlon to be helpful
to ail alik and ia pvery poscibls .man
par. , , v
- Among the skilled employee of thi
iplaatatloa sare Manager,' Mr. J. T.
Mojr j . acting manager, Jrfrt William
Silver) head bookkeeper, Ernest Smith;
assistant 1 book keepers, Aluipadsr Miir
k.nd B- C McDonald; store manager, E.
J. -Weiffbtt -iwrt' iHiollMMr. -m -lL
SVaabbiunj. engineer, W.. Wyliei jss-
sittant engineer, A. Apderson; sugar. -boiler,
H. IX-Severidgei chemist, H. I
White; juachinlet, . M. Llborio; Assist-'
n,t augar holler, Frank Liborioi team
iupa, James Bpalding; section ovlr-'
seers t Onomea-r- Wiiii am Andassop,
Kplaop and Ppnik9p Jamee htiaol.
Paukaa Frank Moif. Field iunaa:
Frank fiotkelo, John (Jorge, Arag, 3.
W. Brown, Mr, Maltere, Mr. Martipea.
Mr. ' Hcshimoto, ' Mr. Kama,' Manael
flocaea aad Mr. iPierriera- rBtabbj boss,
iaki. . Plantation physician, Dr: Potter.
il . if"
Sugar will be sold to Tethll ptores
only in five bag lot bj fboo. H.- Dav
ie k Co. hereafter, following out the
regulation of the f ood administration.
A notification to this effect hp been
sent out by L. M. Judd of the grocery
department ,te all their customers. ,
Sugar dealers have beea requested
not to sell sugar to retailer in quanti
ties .to exceed '600 pounds, and for this
reason Dpvl.es t Co. will pot eU more
than five bags of any one grade to one
retail etore. . The following i the hit
ter sent out by L. M. Judd;
"We are in receipt of a notification
from the Food Administration Commit
tee dated December lg, 1A17, aqueet
Ing first that ail . dealer diaeestinus
Jheir ladvertiaingi' pf ugar until the
preaent shortage is completely relieved.
ThU eiaase will aot affect Hawaii.
". r Sugar dealer are requested to re
strict tbeir sugpn sales to retailer ia -ouantitiea
not to exceed COO pounds.
The retailer should restrict sales to eity
end county customers Aot io -exceed
five-pound quantities; to rural ' 4 and
farm customer ten-pound quantities.
Information received further state
that a a umber of . jobber throughout
the .mainland have peep severely cri
ticised for endeavoring to mka record
oa selling food products including o
jar. In om cases thi h respited i
their licensee being withdrawn aad in
other caeca, withdrawal of Ucanass are
pending. Th circular tate that -thi
is a time when pot only the deUer but
the spirit of th wish fit the Food
Administration muat be considered and
complied with, otherwise, licensee will
pnioubtedlv be criticised aad he in
danger of losing their .licence.
.'Following out. the above requmt
aad until further police, w will oaly
aell sugar to retail stores in five peg
lots of any one grade."
Bix and a half rente ha pot beea
fixed a basic -price of 'eugar a waa
erropsouely published la a heedVpg by
toe aiierpoon paper this week. J'ne
basic pries announced ws 6.000 rent
a pousd or 1120.10 a toa instead of
popal or 120.10
1130 a ton which wmil.l ha th.
wer the new heading orreet. ' ;
A. I.

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