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oxolulu Stcck exciia::::
tWotols, Jaanarf IT, !.
d a rn ' tncTC. Ann n n one i
bsbisss a i .1 I sj a M Wi y yl, w t I tmmt ivi w v wiiij: 11'
FOR COri SS10MS : HAS rapid grovth libeled by-crew
TOCf ,
f; v.
r Will fi? Under Direction "of. Pearl
v.. ' d . . . .
v Haroorj. Authorities Small, ;
'V.'fv .Speedy Craft To Be Used . . ;!
., k ' : ' ' ". , ';' :
. "v. addrttbjr to tli waterfront guard
'J o shore, an added safeguard for ship-
Tilnjf her planned by4h harbor "board
l a boat ptrtrol , of tp harbor 'itself
" nniTjpf- the direction 'of'tne naval an
' thorities at Pearl Harbof." This" new
guard probably will established withi
In few days, For the piirpose I 1
Mated tbftjt tomifVf tha'-fmall speedy
. fcfaftVat Pearl lfcirbon, properly armed
and equipped, will be used. , 5J V
, " Shortly after the new Yules of the
, harbor board Mw lata effect Chairman
Y.,K. Hobby of the board addressed
communication to Captain George B.
Clark, commandant of the Pear) Har
. bor naval station seeking. t enlist his
aid in plnclog a guard on . te water
front. Cbairmaa, Hobby said y eater
day that he had received assurance that
authorities' at tha naval station were
disposed-to, render every possible aid
and this aid at the ' present, he said,
would take the form of a boat patrol
of the harbor. - ' vx' . " . i
'! Plana in connection 'w,Hfc ' the ef
boa4 patrol art being considered knd A
.ideflnlte arrangement" probably will he
determined upon at the next meeting
of 'the harbor 'board -nexk "Tuesday.
. .'.Followlrta the refusal bf General Wis
aer In command of the Hawaiian ' 3e
partment to supply men of the regular
army to do tha guard work Oti shore,
eaTorts along other lines to obtain a
military guard - are being made. ' For
the present the work la being' done by
private detective . agencies here, but
the ot to the Territory runs to oroe:
thing like 1.1500 a month and at this
fare the available funds for purposes
of the kind will be exhausted, within
a short time.
, It is hoped that before an enWirenef
In the shape of entire lack of funds
arises, some new method of eonduennj
the guard that will lift the' burda o
expense off 'of the Territory will be
discovered. Should tho fund become
' . . t M , l
rjuruKifu ncrore iciiersi aia in. some
form is forthcoming it Is stated that
move probably would be made to c.al
the national guard for tha service.
i y
Intoxication of
Hf Gooding Field
Cays He Will Not Discharge
Selective Draft Offfqer, Unless!
. Instructed .To-Other Frierjds
? b( Official Cme'To His Defense
The Governor coudooes tha offence of
drinking on the part of H. Gooding
Field, his appointee to fill the selective,
draft office vacancy caused by the
death of Captain F. J. Green, and says
be will aot advigS) the discharge of
Mr. Field unless Instructed so to do.
This is his answer to the protest of D.
Lloyd Conkling against the appoint
ment of Mr. Field to this office, Conk
ling ,baving called the 'Governor s at-,
tentlon to the boisterous conduct of
Mr. Field lust Friday night in the
hcaside Hotel barroom and at Heinle's
alleging that he ws,, drunk Jn a public
phice and had maje'n spectacle of him
self. The Governor says he does not pro
p6se to discuss tho temperance ques
tion, but the Hrfwafiah Department of
the American Defense Society may take
up the matter at Its hcxt meeting this
week. Mr. Conkling proposing to bring
the charges directly before this body
mill to auk for action.
Friends who came to the rescue of
Field yesterday sny thut while at
llulcirta last Sntiifday. while the in
pjcxt over the body of Captain Green
as under way, Keld ''took several
ilrinkn of brapdy, followed by several
other drinks", anil that these were all
taken on an empty stomach. They
said uIho that he' had eaten "nothing
for forty eight hoars, ! resulting in
Field's intoxication. "
W. T. ('Brdeii, chairman qf the public
utilities roniuHsion, of which Fluid
is an employe, made the above state
ments and adds that "the mere fact
that miller tho circumstancea in the
rnxe Mr.. Fiuhl drank more than he
should have, will in no way affect the
eommiitKion. ' '
Mr. Field nhi"B asked concerning the
natter said he had nothing to pay, ex
cept that what the Governor said aud
what Mr. Cordon said yesterday would
b hi statement ulso, ,
If SfsTR
One of President WiUon's first acts
since his endowment of the Hunan B.
Anthony constitutional amendment for
womeu 's KiifTrugu has been to send in
the names of two women postmistresses
for Hawaii, with two men's names for
other poKtmuHteriiliips just to balance
the thing.
Those wIiomc Tinmen wero sent to the
senute for confirmation yesterday are
Millii-eut Cumniiiii'K, l'aia, Maui; Klin
nl.eth H. Travis, Waipahu, Onhu; J. H.
Mm I eir, b, Kuunene, Maui; and Frank
Cox, W'aiinea, Kauai. It appears that
of the ipiartette only k'taiik ('ox is
known a.i it good Demncrat. The others
u:e pnlitiiiil dark horses.
J. H. Meilt-iios is now asuiHtunt post
iimxU'i (ill I'liuiienii. Frank Cox Is
munaucr of the hotel at Wuimea, Milli-i-eut
Cuiuniiiigs will tnke the place left
vacuut by MovriH Keobokalolu, who was
fnuud guilty ol eiulieKliiig imuiiy tfw,
truhleil to him. Mrs. Travis is the wife
of a foiumr Kt piililnuu iostuiuster at
Wuipuhu. i
Harbor . Board Vvithdraws'' up
, port When Railroad Refuses
' t '0 wxena unes ,
An the 'result of special meeting
called -yesterday afteraooi fcy tae har
. mm - , am. . a , ft L ' t. ... - 7rT.f r
bor biiaril, .support from tbe, board of
the effort Vd obtain a' federal eppTOj
priation at the present session, of eon
.grebs for . the proposed breakwater at
NawtliwiTi baa been Withdrawn aod
notice of thla withdrawal ha been for
warded by cable to the repreaentativa
of Delegate Knhlo at Washington. ,
The action of the board was taken
when tin expected It It became known .
that Kauai Railway eoifapany,had to
will will, even If a breakwate)- U ron- i
ttrurted thcr. and the board's posi-1
liiiriiLiiMi tii riVfHUlDf til nan v
tl'on was given added strength by that
statement made at the meeting that J
the) Lihue I'lantation wouM eniy , ex-.
tend its lines to tha harbor in tha event
that the Territory offered "proper tn f
Haeaments on fair and equitable lines.'
xaova xo im liana ,
Rome weeks ago as a step toward ob
taining the appropriation for tha break'
water the board set in motion a plan to
condemn shore lands In tha vicinity of
the improvement. It wa .Urged at
that time that tha Territory eould ask
for th appropriation with better grace
if it owned lands that would ba tre
mendously benefitted by . tha Improve
aient. . Upon the occasion of the recent
visit of a eongresaioaal party ' ' the
Seneral proiect for Mawlllwill waa laid
eforff visitiug legislators with, the te
suit that members of the harbor board
were informed that eongrese probably
woiihl not look kindly on any improver
moi that would OwVh i private inilv
Viduals., A an snitjrfoytlr pf this
eXpresaJOB . the move oi Acquire short
lands by condemnation was undertaken.
It is not expected that any further -ae-tien.ajong
this Hue will now be taken.
'At yesterday 'a meeting Commissioner
McCarthy stated he bad learned froia
Alexander k Haldwiu, agenta of the
Kauni Railway company that they had
no Intention of building an extension to
NawiliwUi harbor. The rail war com
pany's headquarters are at Port Alc"
souie thirty miles from Nawliwill.
Seek 'JJnduoemairU" !
The position of the Lihue Plantation
in the watte r is set forth in a state
ment ssued by J. F. C, Hagens, preai-
dent of, Havkfcld & Company. This
statement, which ia in the f oruV of
cable nieaHage, says: ' 1
iff ii - 1 :
'"" l" "v.oru,B " '
mg their ra.lroad l.e to awmwin
wharf and ' extending aaiue to Kealia,
n l Kaa il
also tapping Kapaa homesteads provid
ing Territorial government will offet
proper inducement on fair and equit
able business lines. Koloa niay ajlso
ultimately be. connected U,s: forming
ronneetiniL link between established
Uae Kiiai taiUoad rid-sW' liues?'
At yesterday's meeting pf the harbor
.board the , question f what might be
consiilerpd "Indujiements on fair and
equitable buiJnes lines" for the Lihue
Plantation was. not gone ijito at any
length. It wQf suggeated, however, that
the "Inducements" probably meant tb
granting of lands and shore rights to
the 'plantation cotnptiny.
Iii withdrawing its support from th
purpose of obtaining from the govern
ment the appropriation, the hnrboj board
took the position that It could not place
the Territory under' any obligation to
offer the "inducement" in questior..
The estimated coat of the, jtropoxe 1
breakwater and wharf is atomic! 1.
Two former Hilo newspaper men,
H. K. Boothby and E. B. Bridgewater,
editors of the 'Hilo Daily Tribune mid
Hawaii Post respectively, have Incit
ed new berths, the former as editor of
the Garden Inland and the latter as
general ma ii afrer Of the Kohals Midget
of which be lias secured a five years
Mr. Boothby, who enme to Hilo sev
eral mouths ago from Boston, Mas., :s
a writer of considerable espericui-o,
having occupied important posts on
various publications throughout tho
I'nlted' Mtates. He was succeeded us
editor of tho Hilo Tribune by Thorn
ton Hardy. , '
Mr. Bridgewatet, who reaigned ts
e(itor of the, Hawaii Post in favor if
Magruder G, Maury, former city edi
tor of The Advertiser, la known in
Honolulu where he followed liternry
pursuits for several years. At one
time he way editor of the Garden In
land, but left there to accept the more
lucrative post as editor of the Hawaii
Post, which lately haa merged with the
Hawaii Herald and now published un
the Poat-ILsrald.', ,
i ,,.
&AX FBANCISCoi January 9
Though the N'aiioaal K. A, V. boxing
clianiplonshjps are to be held in Bos
ton in April, George Green of the Oh m
pic Club doesn't -expect, to send any
boxrra front Haa Francisco for coinpe
titlou. As a matter of fact the 1'ont
street institution never has been strong
fur the A. A. U. championships in the
way of sending boxers. It applies
particularly at this time 'because the
club is cutting down on its athletii
expense and In addition has no talent,
fur most of the boxers are in some
branuh of '.the service.: ; i i . .
..-II A. , ' '
.... i
It l"' " .
Oioves tba cansK' Vatd'tbA wotld cxi-er
to cure a col4 i on day, )The signa
ture v( K. W. CHOVB ia on each box.
Manufactured by the TAKIS MEDI
C1N CO., 8t. Louis, U. 8. A.
. . .. : ,,'J..'
-Longtime Employes of Hackfetd
la & co. Resigiw.. j. jjnde
man To Manage Ehlers
' ! .. f. I,, ' - ,''
Reorganization and Americanizing 6f
I the firm of H. Hackfeld ft Company aa
started, last week continue to go steadi
ly 'ftorward. Three resignations front
Id employe tf the firm, department
hernia all, have been received and werb
accepted, It was yesterdav announced
by J. F. C. Hagena, president of tha
company. These resignation are from
ttlkrl Iu ftoi, manager of It, F. Ehlera
Company, the tctail dry good buv
ness controlled by Harkfcld k Com
jrpsuy, F. W. Klobshn, head of the ship-
WK '"C1 iiirem. puti iwmiihi viri
I)m, haad of the insurance depar
In the acceptance of tho resignations,
Mr. Hagcn anid, tho company asked
the retiring employes to remain until
(Such time as their successor should be
named and ''broken in," where there
are to be successors. In tho case of
F. W. Klebahn, however, it is got like
ly that a successor will be named since
tho department may well be discon
tinued as there are now practically no
steamship agencies held by the com
pany. D Not Bafuaa Pledge
. ,llt. Hagens added that in none of
these three cases had the pledge which
Is being signed by the otllrers and di
rectors of the company ami is to be
presented to the employes for signature
as yet been received and their action
was not to be taken asia refusnl on
their part to sign such pledge nor as
impugning their motives or their good
citizenship. In each instance, he said,
tha letter of resignation gave the rea
sou that the' writer considered the ac
tion "beat for him."
Xilndertnan Heads Ehlera
Following the resignation of Mr. Du
Rol and its acceptance came the au-
3ou iicenient of. the appointment of V.
. Limleman to succeed him an hcah
Of B. K. Ehlers ft Company. Mr. Liuj
deman has been head of the dry goods
department of H. Hackfeld & Company,
Is an American citizen by birth, ia well
likeii and has the confidence of the peo
ple of Hopolulu and his selection will
probably have the effect of bringing
back to R. F. Khiers Sc Compuny the
greater part of such custom as that
flym has" lost during the pnst two or
three years.
One" Vacancy Remains
Mr. Ilavens did not snv whetlu-r auv
; . f- . , .,,,,..,,,,,,..,;.
t " -
been tendered or were expected. There
la thus left to be named a successor to
Mr. von Da in in as a result of the resig
nations which were announced v ester
This vacancy at the head, of the in
uiraredeTarmnt will nrobhblt irteai
the 'ptomotiou of Frank A. Batchelor,
who has long been nominally second
but in reality at the head of this im
porta at branch of the business. During
von Pimm s long absence in Merlin
Stockholm and other foreign ports, the
Insqrauee business has been in Mr
Bafchelor'a hau.tH. 'l is a Honolulu
bofa'Auiericau aud bis promotion, if it
couies, will be in liue with the uu
oooaced, new Hackfeld policy. '
Length X Service.
Of the three employes who have ten
itered their resignations Mr. Du Hoi hud
been longest with the company, his as
sooiattou with it dating back thirty
years, to the time of bis arrival here
from, Germany. He a citizen by
Mr., von Da mm had been with the
company for twenty-two years aud is
also a naturalized Auier'nau citizen.
Ms. Klebahn had been with the house
of Hackfeld for nineteen years and Ii us
nevr tskea. ,eut .flititeimUip! papers.
' f . . ...
Naval Station Despatch Rider Is
When his motorcycle collided with
the motorcycle ridden by Nuxuki, a
plumber, at Punchbowl and Hcretsnia
IStreets at four o'clock yosterdiiy af
teruood, Kern Chang, also known as
C. T. Kent, machinist's mate and des
patch rhler for the Pearl Harbor niiviil
station,' sustained a coininuted fritcturc
of thf. right arm above the elbow and'
was taken to the energency hospitul
where the injured member was placed
in temporary cast, following whicil
he was removed to the nuval iioNpitnl
at Iarl Harbor. Huzuki was unin
jured although his machine is budjy
Hep), who was formerly an Adver
tiser carrier, waa said by fhe police
to have been traveling at a high rat'i
of speed Kwa on Beretunia (Street. Hu
7.uki was traveling Waiki-ki on Bere
tania at great speed and whfcn ha
reached the intersection of Punchbowl
and Beretania Htreet, attempted to
turn to start back toward his place
of business, which is near the corner.
His machine was not yttt puraliel with
the street when the collision occurred,
Kern was carried to tho sidewutk by
bystander and the emergency ambu
lance waa called. No arrest wero
made by the police , and. no chnrej
had been preferred up to a late hour
lust night. The police say the blame
fur the accident is divided equally lie
tween the' tvfo riders.
NF.W YORK, January 8 The New
York National Iiauv Club anpiHiiu-ed
tonight that it had traded Hecond Knso
miiii diaries I., llerxi;, 'captain of last
year's championsliip club, to the Bos
ton Nationals for Second Baseman Law
rence Doyle aud Pitcher Jesse Barnes.
Rose Refuses To Act With Harbor
'Board and Request Is
. Taken Up Higher
Following the refusal of Bherlff Rose
te (fowinWsfiriti i the, clvitiarvs -employed
tftet,JhJ.iTrt bb'atd to;r,)ruard the
nerfirttt f epical HWV tba har
fcor larj Kb appied to High Sheriff
vilUiJm'p.ja;Bfhgih,im to eom
mlaitioa tha. juanls' as sjitclal terri
torial 'deputies! ',
Sheriff Rose refused to comply with
tha request,' he said, because the guard
would not be subject to his orders. Al
though Oeaeral Wisser, commanding
the. Hawaiian' department, haa refused
to supply soldiers to act as guards, the
harbor board hopes to be able to re
place the present civilian guard with
a military guard before long, as funds
are not on hand with which to pay the
civiliaa guard for more than a few
months at most. . The cost to tire ter
ritory ia in. the, neighborhood ef 3500
a. month. , v
In line with the purpose to obtain a
military guard, the harbtir board re
cently addressed an appear to Cant.
George R. Clark, commandant of the
naval yard nt Pearl Harbor asking his
aid. United Statea District Attorney
8. C. II uber was also asked to assist n
having a military guard planed on the
1. -
The 109 German ships damaged, by
their crews prior to their seiaure by
tha government when war was declar
ed against Germany have all been re
paired, and are today in service, add
ing more than 500,000 gross tonnage
to the , transport and cargo fleets in
war service, according to a recent is
sue of . the. Dftilv Conunarcial Newsi
Much evidence has been gathered by
government officials concerning Ger
man neutral authority giving orders for
the destruction of these vessels. It U
reported, these orders having become
effective on about February 1 of
fast year.' It ia' said-they were-, to be
carried nut at far as possible, the
purpose being to"iaflict such vital dam
aire to the machinery of all German
ships1 i American ports that tone' eouut
be operateil for from eighteen months
to two'yeara, but this puriiose has been
defeated in signa) fashion. Since Jhe
taking of these vessels,-work hat been
steadily going nn. about them, and all
fi'.iheat' eotoipltcd-'anl 'nad Teady
for aetlori: -" -.'': - - '
' It was thbtigh. at fimt that' the dam
age done to the. vessels, could not be
repaired, but the immediate putting In
to government 'servlqe of skilled en
gineer and laborers made it possible
for the vessels to be completed in the
length of .ime gien froin the time
the VessbV wer, seized until Christ
mkj4.vof lltt Jear. ; J ;j ,
Af ' the navy ' fteparliaent, a, place
where tji poed of . trjjop and, cargo
ahipW 'was a urgent' ,"JSU, oflioers of
the ibsreah of s"ttinin engineering, hav
ijig 'faith that the major portion of the
repairs could be accomplished iy patch
ing and welding, declared it was possi
ble to cleai. the ship' for service by
Christmas aud the, lsyjt of the fleet
was ordered into' aervie'e a n Thanks
giving gift to the 'na.tUm., To. accom
plish this end the' RaT.V' department d
enfed the services of all available ma
chlnery welders and patchers, many of
them having" beeii voluntarily pffered
by tile' railroads.' ' ,' ;
, w
Fifteen hnndred rmsnes have been
IsHiind so fur to persons in Honolulu
entitling' them te 'vtait the waterfront,
hut before the wtck is ended the num
ber of jiormits grunted will undoubted
ly be half that number again. Cap
tain Poster", harbormaster-, and Capt.
D. L. MacKayP, clerk,' were kept "u
the move yesterday doling out the
pasteboard passes, mostly to, steve
dores, employe Hi steamship eompan
ies and draymen.'
Only two women have succeeded in
obtaining permits to date. . One wan
Issued to ' i stenographer attached to
an orhce adjneent to. the ' waterfront,
and the other to a Y..W. C. A. secre
tnjiry. Mnversl nppUcf)Uons ffotn other
women have, been turned down.
Forty-eight men trii employed in the
civilian gurfajl wutching the waterfront
and already each shift has shown a
thorough knowledge of reijui'remepts.
Stragglers who have 'approached the
docks since the restrictions went int4
effect on Tuesday morning, have polite
ly been tdrued right about face, and
told to keep moving. '
There has been no . confusion' what
ever in the' work kf the guards and,
according to Captain' Foster, who has
control of the situation, there is not
likely t(j je if residents will make
themselves familiar with the rsstric
Those entitled to permits, who have
not yet received Ue,m, should make
emly applii'ution to tke Biirbormaster.
: -
Kvery young chjld hf Wqejijilile to
vriiup. (ion t, w'uit, uil.ll this dreadful
(jiMeant' attacks your liktlo ope biit'in"
you prepare for it. It 'fcomes in the
tiiglit when cheniiHts' shops we usually
iliiHi'd. arid this alune should bo a warn-
ing. Get aud keep Chamberlain 's
I. 1, 1.. I..' ..1 Ti 4.IL '
t (J il4 Jl ncmH'lJ' si ua.uu. 41. yicvur luiin,
iiti quickly and ix iiljdohitcly hariuless.
Fur Hiile by all dealers. Benson, Smith
4 Co., Ltd., agents far Hawaii. Adver
tisement. ' '.'' ;
No OrganUration In Hawaii Has
"Ever Made Such Rapid Prog
ress As Has This Society
The Hawaiian Vigilance Corps of
the American Defense Society Is the
fastest growing organisation Honolulu
has ever had. Within a week from
the time it was organised it nambered
members by scores, am org thorn prom
inent men of the city In every walk
of life.
The next meeting of the society will
be held in the goM room of the Young
Hotel next Tuesday at s 000.4, Many
more members will probably be voted
in at that time. The members who
have been accepted to date include 1
Membership dated January 13, 1918 :
R. A. Kearna, David Lloyd Conkling,
H. 11. walker, Archibald 8. V. Robert
son, William Stoddart, J. C Uedemann,
Peter lfidgar Tosh, J, claw Wilson,
Wentworth M. Buchanan, Albert V.
Afong, J Harris Mackensle, B .A. Mc-
Nally, Allan Herbert, R. W. Bobinson,
H. G. Winkley, Charles O. Heiaer, Jr.,
F. B. Cosgrove, Charlea C. Graves,
Charles R. Frar.ier, A. Gartenberg, Clar
ence U. Ulaon, M. r . Prosser, Alfred
H, Gurry, Jr., James W. Harvey, Nor
man E. Gedge, O. C. Scott, James A.
Kennedy, .1. H. Fisher, J. J. Belses,
W. A. Love, B. v. Todd, J. U. Carter,
fames L. ('ockhurn, Cajrl C. Rhodes,
Herbert S. Walker, Judge Edward M.
Membership, dated eJanuary 10, 1918:
Harold B. Giffard, E. W. Christmas,
Frank H. Armatrong, James D. Dole,
Henry Davis, Foster L. Davis, A. Lewis,
Jr., W, W. Thayer E. I. Spalding, C.
H. W. Norton, J. K. O'Connor, Edgar
Henriquea, Ernest Roy Cameron, J. B.
Castle, Balpk 8. Johoatena, H. K. L.
Castle, J. Lawrence Robinson, Mark A.
Robinson, W. A. Greenkell, William
Richards Castle, John 8, Grace, Charles
F. Wilder, Charles 8. Crane, Harry
A. Wilder, W. L. Coppes, James
Hall Fiddea, James ' BiekaetL George
8. Waterhouse, Harry B . Sinclair,
John H- Drew, A. D Larnach, C.
A Mackintosh, David ' Glass, W.
E. Fletcher, L. M. Vetlesea, George
H. Robertson, Ernest A. K.' Roan, Da
vid Lee Austin, O. E. Macfarlane, Rob
ert R. Cat ton, 8. S. Paxson, W. G.
Aabley, Walter A. Engle, Bertram. O.
Rivesburgh, Robert Colfax Lyderker,
W. E. Fisher, J. R. Gnlt, Frank Hal
atead, William Hearv, W. H. Baird, F.
E. Steere, II. W. Green, E. 11. Wode
house, L. T. Peck, Arthur-F. Ewart,
C. J. Fnlk, George F. Campbell, f. W.
Macfarlane, William Ault, Cbarles B.
Wilson, Bruce Cartwright, A. N. Sin
clair, R. E. Mist, Arthur R. Keller, U.
F. Lemon, D. G. May, Charles M. V.
Pointer, James William Pratt, Richard
H. Treat, ,. WilHam Thompson, Ed.
Towse, George R. Ewart. .
- Meuubenhipa, dated-Jaaaarr p, WAt
Harry N, Denieoa, F. C. 8mitk, Josepk
French, Jr., W. L. Stanley, Charlea
Sumner Hall, Pi E. Siiabling, Ben Hoi
Uager, Thpmia E. WaU, WUHam H.
Hoogs, Jr., Matthew Graham, J.' R.
Rpaldine, S. R. Ross, William McKny,
J. B. Guard, William Hssry McClel
laa, George Tsckaburv, G. F. Bush,
-lob Batchelor, J. G. Rothwell, A. H.
Tarieton, Charles Horswlll, Peter Hig
gtna, E.'P. i'hnpiu. ' ."
j . ,.a.e, ..,
Criticism By Grand Jury Works
Reverse English
After bavins: worked' ninny hours
overtime for years past, D. L. Conk
ling, sity treasurer, ia now conforming
strictly 't the law, which specifies that
city and county office shall be open
between tho hour of nine in the morn
ing aqd four in the afteraoon.
And it is al because of the report
recently made publie by the territorial
grand jury wherein It was said the city
treasurer should remain in his office
during business hours. So Conkling,
in future, proposes to live right up to
tee letter VI the law.
Believing that the door of the city
treasurer' office would be thrown open
to the publie as usual at eight-thirty
o 'cloak, a small sroiv of citizens ap
peared outside th.e, office at. that hour
yesterday morning, which incidentally
waa pay-day, but not until tha clock
had chimed the hour of nine were, they
able to gain admission. Possibly some
little inconvenience was caused, but no
one dared kick against the law.
It has been the custom of City Tress
urnr Conkling, for years past, to open
his office at eight-thirty o'clock in the
morning and remain open until four-
thirty and flv o'clock in th after
noon, when, the iuh of business war
ranted such overtime., Also night after
night Conkling ha returned to his 'of
fice and remained there working as late
as midnight. . Holidays, tap, have often
been Included as working day for him.
But np anor. The good times are
gillie forever, . City Treasurer Conk
ling believe in giving full service for
his salary, and this he will hereafter
give between nine o'clock a. m. and
four o'clock p. m., the houis specified
by law.
, .
President, Walter P. DUUnganm.
First Vice-President, F. C. Atber-ton-
Sccond Vlco-Prealdent, A. Lewis, Jr.
Treasurer, E. W. Button.
Director, J. J. Betssr, E. A. Berudt,
A. Ik CaBtle, W. W. Chamber
lain, J. L. Cockburn, J. H.
Draw, W. r. Frax, A. J. Olg
noux, John Ouild, 3. T. C Hag
ana, Richard Ivors, L. M. Judd,
B. M. Lowrey, L. Tenney Peck,
H. E. Vernon, J. T. Warren,
John Waterhouse.
Seek To Recover Pa$tafl UQney,
Back Waoes and Oamaos
For Breach of Contract
The second libel suit within a few
days has made its way to the federal
court. The rase of the seamen aboard
the Japanese schooner Nichigo- Mara
for hack wages was barely settled than
P. Brennnn and six sailors of the Am
erican steamer Hsttie Luekenhaeh
brought suit against that vessel. They
ir in irvv11! 1 ' w.w v m.Fiiv
back ui' and damages for alleged
hrtach of marine contract in the aum
of a It 1 7.t0.
In the complaint the seamen aay
thev joined the ship at San Francisco
for the voyage to New Zealand and
Australia. They aay tha Luekenbaeb.
put in at New Caledonia, from where
she was supposed to sail directly to
the Atlantic, but instead of doing M
she put in at Honolulu. The com plaint
iso aiifL'f that the vessel raued to
t'Ve aboard sufficient tuppltea In tha
Antipodes and that asuch of what waa
taken was unfit for eOnatuaptlea.
Besides damages, the sailors seek to
recover back wages.
Twenty four Boy Bconta of Trepa
IX and X bought a thrift stamp apiece
yesterday with which to start their
own war savings campaign. It ia their
intention to add one stamp or mora
weekly until the thrift eard la filled
out, and then to purekase a war sav
ings stamp, at tha same time starting
a new thrift card.
Their lead will probably be followed
by a number of tba other Scout troopa.
Troops IX and X have head q Barter
in Kaimuki. They are live scout or
ganixations in every sense of tha word,
nd their action ia being the firat
Scouts to buy thrift stamps prove their
A number or committee to assist xa
the campaign nre t ba appointed .at
the meeting of the general committee
this afternoon at three o'clock. Names
of committee members are now being
considered and will be announced to
day at the meetinir.
Posters were received yesterday and
were placed in conspicuous locations
about town as a start to the campaign.
The sale of the war and thrift etaasDO
is to last through tk rent, and tba
committee , intends to push, heot
strongly .jtron) beginning to ,tm.
Onotatlona ' a tho folio wine New Tort
our stocks, as srlsstsnaed to Ta Aorrae
tlser by Btoaetooss Co.. are:
. m
. IB
ds .8TU
IUk I.cUkc.
If.'iunia 'oiper
Irom lltoiuHim
.Ilm Mitler
Icrnme Venle
Mother Lmle
Ksr llercul
lU-iH Ue Kula
Ilex l'on
H liver Klnx Cons. . ..
TiioniIi Kxtrnnlou . .
Tixiluuiii .'
IIIrllUKIIul l'opiCf . .
Kerr Lake
Il ei la
CrexMou liidiL , ,
Mtdwext 4IU. coutmon
4.M H.H-fvi
Pursuant to aud in accordance with
the power and authority oontajuad in
that certain mortgage made August 10,
by David P. Kaleun and Kaui
Kaieua, his wife, to William K. Castle,
Trustee, which mortgage is recorded in
the Office of the Registrar of Convey
ances in Honolulu, T. H., in Liber 076,
at page 208, said William H. Caatle,
Trustee, elves notice, and notice is here
by given that he intends to foreclose
said mortgage for coadltwjis broken,
to wif: noupaymeut of principal and
Notice 1 likewise given that the
property conveyed by said mortgage
will be advertised for sale and will be
sold at public auction at the Auctipn
Rooms of James P. Morgan Company,
Limited, in the Star Buikiing, 125 Mer
chant Street, Honolulu, T. H-. on Satur
day, the 2:ird day of February, Ivla,
at 12 o'clock noon of ui dav. ,
Terms of Sate: Cash in V. & Gold
Coin; deed at expense of the purchaser
to be prepared by tha Attorneys af th
r'or further particulars apply at the
Ofuue of the Mortgagee ia said Star
The properties conveyed by said
iiinrti;sge and to be sold are:
All those premises at Mokauea, Kali-
hi, in suid Honolulu, being Lots 7 and 8
in Klut k of the Kauilani Tract, nasi-
ribed as follows:
Iteginning at the west corner of Lot
7 in Hlock 8, which is also tbe south
corner of Lot 6 in said Block 8, and
running as follows, to wit:
1. M. J 8 Mi' K. 100 feet along road U;
2. X. til 1 K. 100 feet along Lot 9,
Block K;
:i. N. ,r9' W. 100 feet along Lots
11 and 12, Hlock H;
t. ri. til 1' W. 10U feet a.long IaH 8,
Block H, to initial
point, rontaiuiiig au area of 10,000
Hiuaie feet, more or Ichn, aud being
1,111 1 i o u of tlie premises set forth a
A 1, 11 mi 2 of Hoval Patent 2'iOtf on L. C
A. 64.50 to Kauuiiuhu uo Moahonua,
I ig the premises conveyed to said
I lav id P. Kaieua !v William K. Castle,
Trustee, l v deed dated August 18, 100ft,
rerorded m Liber 2tt, at pe 42B.
Dated at llouolulu, T. II., this lftth
iluv of Jaiiuarv, 11MM.
Jan. IS, 23; Keb. 1, 8.
- - r " .
Ales, Dstdwt. Ltd. ..Im
V, Hrewer 4k iH : .,vH
Kwa llsnutlna te I 31
llalko Hni. Co. 1
Hsw. AteCtL V -m'J
Haw. r. fc n. i.
lowiksa enx. o.
llwnuuiu Maim 'V
llutehlnwn Plant.
Itanium fiani. .
Kskaba Mnc. 4'. f
Knlna Mnrar IM. .
Ueltrrita eoa. (.. 144.
UU (Mi., Ltd
oniHSM nu. i v. .
IMauhsa Hu. plant. Co,.
I'seinc nnsr Mill
Haia Ilea, in.
'Fis,eei Kii Co.
r sis
III I'o.
ftsw arhai, ill liny iiu,
ivamlna Atrrtl. nr. V..
wanna aua u ...
Badaa tWakmrnaat Oo. .
1st. Issaa Assess Tw IM
2al lmHM 1-ald Us ...
Haiku K.. P. '.. Pfd
Halkn P. A P. Co.. Uoai
flaw! Vn. ?'!, flrj, W
Sw. i wa. m. wm. .....
swallan Rlectrlc C. ,.
Haw, 1'meappl Vn. , .
Man. B. A si. Co., C.M. ,
Uaa. baa'DaH Ltt,
m. A. m AX v. ,
ner-iaM a. n. is,
Mot. TeL Co,
Oahn R. ft L. Ce. ...A
baf nnbber Co.
. ,..1 "H
I. ,. IJH
HaaM lannti
1 Bui
Tssjon ylsk Bubbar
nearh Walk 1. D. BUOt.
Haaiakaa UHeh Co as. ,
uaw. ,'. Hf. ,,,,,
Haw. Irr. Ct., . "M .
Haw. Tee, 6 M. MM
Haw Ter, Pub. Isap.
anw ar. run, imp.
(aeries lOlilUlSl 7.
naw. rr 1 w
Illla Uu 'M Ltd., VfK
nua. uu. va
usual M. ua..
Lsual Hf. Cw... M .......
lamas lm. VM. 4..
IcBrjrd. 8nf. C, ..,.
iataat tel. 6s
ishu K. ft i. Co.. VZ. ..!
Manua lea.
Mi tirr
101 u.
maw ln. (V, I,..
Ola ux. Co.,
l-aclse Juano t
ft K Oa., ia
9mm, t'atlo NUIlaC
OaJia. M n aiti UcBrrde. n. (A 100. i
J U.Xi; Wslsliia. Ml. -M Mx llnpeer. loo,
ai.TS: llaw'a I'lnea, 8A, H8JO: . H. A L.
Co., 5, V, MOU, i... ...
Valalna. I. Z3, 30, ML50 Olaa, M, SO,
( BIHUR qUQTTlOilf . v
' '' Jsnnary 1011 ' ;i':,'' ,
aV 0t. VMt' tisw.1 kuW ..... 009
, ., snasis nrritivtnas
- :.'J J Jan;' Viji8"' ;,
Maawfmw T'C.. . . ' ,7. , . i 7. . . '
- '. j Honolulu. Jau'uar i IT, lvls. , .
Uuo, CM. Oil .
Rui Cnnpei . ....
Mlueral- Product . .
slouatata Km . V.,;
Montana piag-U ,
kiadera wtrulaa k
, M.
Montana " Blfiiftism.' XM. 3nci" Knirels
tViipsr. M ll.lw:' 'atraesarmdw,
J. .I t'.. " .. LI 'l '
It .. .i ii j. I ii .i .'fi.si i is..i .hi ' a
XKVr1 iSatC. JsbWMr , tfr-(Aocltel
PnwaWrollawlna ara, the .oianin( and
iUtmtut euatatloaa oi stftck U tba
' . T " -f op
J 1 I '
Uiarticaa, iu Co, ', "...,';
Aiuertcau Beet ,, yr-'-Muvlstell
4111 1 ...........
Uiaka VW ... r
Aiucrk-a IM-omotlva , ,.,
iiatrlrti Tel. ft Tel. V.J...
American Bmelrer U 1 i .1. . j
AaterK-aa Mtwul s'arf. .
Anscnmta topper . ...
n,i uimw i.a u n . j . .......
Buvwt7 uwoiiuittv
Baltlmor ft Ohta . .,
Uftbleheux tet "B't,
Oaltforala ltroleuu '
1 aliiRtiiaiil B"ifii: 4 v a
C. It ft t.- Paul ., t. ..V
I'olu. Puel rroaj
Culi. ftucajr L'o t
Krta ctMonwm .. .....
Ueoeral Motors aewl,, ",
Ureal Koctbora ytil
ewanuacoit, iuiMr ,. ..4.11,
InMrnstviDal U-kaI
InduMtrtal Alcohol . ...'..'.
Lealb VsaVf haUabad
New York t atral i . i-d
uax aiusujuaiea ,
Heading common . . . ..... .
lUtpubibi tram euMunon . ..
Souther , t'slIKi .
Htudlaket . ........
Texas (U .
Cnlted Mate Bubbar . ...
I nion .Psf-Ute
Hnlletl Htatas .
W eat ern Wlnion ' .' ' i J '. J ' ; .' M 1
WulltuhMiu'l ' . -i. . T
BAR 'VlAK'('lC, iauiutry :itS (Asimh
etitad Press) ruDuwyng are tb. epeuln
and eloala
ana cmui qnotauons or sugar ana oioei
stack As lb , rraXtMO- abaikat
U"a H.u'l .
HswaUun Hiutar Co. .
Uoaokaa nvssr
Hittcliloaua riuintr Co.
tbalui Kusas viu.
' us nimsr in. .'
mtomaa-Hucas t'o. .
i-aauiiBu nusar in,
llouolulu Oil-. ...
Kneel 4'opeer .
Honolulu rUntaUeb ,

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