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I. ,
Social Revolutionists of Consti
tuent Assembly Sign Manifesto
of Protest Warning Nation of
Danger ,; ."
They ; and Their Adherents Ac
cused of Deluding Soldiers With
Hope of Peace and With Be
traying Helpless Country ;
LONDON, January 16 (As
sociatcd rress) Gathering
adherents as the political debacle
in Russia grows worse under the
administration of the Bolsheviki
and being assured that a great
many Russians desire only intelli
gent leadership to malce a stand
against the betrayal of the Rus-,
sian cause by Lenine and Trot
sky and their adherents, the So
cial . Revolutionary members of
the constituent assembly have is
sued a manifesto of protest at fe
trograd. This manifesto, signed by prac
tically all the Social Revolution
ists of the assembly, who have be
come now the conservative wing
in Russia, bitterly denounces the
Bolsheviki as usurpers of power,
who have abused the trust they
have seized to plunge the coun
try into an abyss of civil war and
The Leninists and Maximilists
are reproached for having delud
ed the worn out soldiers of tlie
first line army with hopes of an
immediate p.eace. persuaxliug
thein to lay down their arms and
evacuate their . positions, when,
instead of peace, the Bolshevik!
leaders have only opened the
front to the enemy and brought
the country to the verge of a naw
and an overwhelming war caused
by the rupture between Russia
and lier allies of the Entente,
which leaves Russia to her fate,
practically forced to accept any
terms a flushed and confident
Germany may see fit to impose
upon her.
The signers of the manifesto
emphasize the danger of a gen
eral peace that will be made at
Russia's expense aixl urge that
steps be taken to reestablish the
Russian fighting force and to re
engage tnc enemy before it is too
RepMts from interior Russia
state that the civil war amongst
the various factions is: "grwving
and that there have been" clashes
at a number of points.
Yesterday the British Labor
Party sent a message to the peo
ple of Russia announcing that the
Iiritish people accept the princi
ple' that there shall be no annexa-
tion of conquered territory for the
British as a result of the war, and
that the right is recognized for
each of the peoples to determine
its own future allegiance or gov
WASHINGTON, January 16. (Asso
ciated Preas) Senator Chamberlain of
the senate military committee says
t lint the committee has not abandoued
the plan for centering the purchase of
munitions in hands other than those
of the secretary of war. The commit
tee, in view of the opposition of the
I'reaiilent to the bill creating a separ
ate cabinet department of niuuitions,
in now preparing legislation giving the
control of munition purchases and dis
tribution info the hands of one niau
who will be answersble ouly to the
I'reaideut but who will not be a cabi
net oflicer.
it- v ' , ' : 1 ' 'Vl.1;' ''i.
m - V
Seize Vantage Points On Monte
- Atalo, Kill Many Huns and Cap
ture Survivors Vienna Admits
Defeat Food Situation In Ger
many .Desperate j.;
rEW TORK, January !-( Aasocist
ed Press) -As unexpected' blow was
track by the Italians on 'Monday
rgaiust ths Ofraiii holding ths' height
positions on Molt Asalo, eesternly of
uresis. , J ollowing a brief preliminary
bombardment, the Italians dashed for
ward, soi ring a number of vantage
points Ja thair first rush Bad cutting aft
large detachments of th enemy. .
' Holding tie positions' against sous
ters hurried up from th aaaia Avetre
Oermaa lines, the Italian machine gun
man raked - the expound detachments
they had enfiladed, killing' many hun
dreds aa thev attempted to run the
gauntlet of . fire and escape., Finally
the survivors, several hundred ia num
ber, surrendered. -
War Materials Captured V
The Italians occupied the positions
and consolidated them, vastly Improv
ing their linea on thin' section of the
front., Ia the surrendered positions the
Italians raptured a great supply of war
materials and some light gun.
: Last night despatches from Vlennn
admitted the loss of territory between
Brenta and Monte rertira, but elaimed
that another attempt of the Italians
to advance at Bressania was repulsed
Troncli Onus Acttv ? ' - .;; :' ' ' r
The Trench comnmnlqne auto that
there has heea heavy artillery fighting
before Verdun and at ' various point
alonff the Champagne front, especially
tn the region north of " Louvenmont.
where the French gnnnera raught the
enemy concentrating preparatory to at
lafantry attack. The French -shellr
wrought apparent havoe ia the Oermar
liaes and broke op the plana of thr
A German naval force,' probably a
destroyer squadron, made a raid against
the British coast on Monday sight, fir
ing a number of shells, twenty of which
fell within the rity limits of Yarmouth
killing three eiviliaas - and woundinr
ten. No military damage was done aad
the raiders fled before British nam'
skips eould reaeh them.
Bam Cold and Hungry
Despatches from Swiss and Swedish
points reiterate the desperate interna'
situation In Germany for lack of fool
and fuel. A despatch from Lusaabs
announeea that the German munition
works at Karlaruhe. where the Brit 1st
aviators raided on Monday night, have
been closed down beeauae of inability
to seen re coal. Nine thousand men an?
women have been thrown out of employ'
taent aad there Js great suffering. Lad
of eoal is also greatly restricting the
output or .a majority of the other man!
tjon plants throughout Germany.' ; f.'
Stockholm reports the food aitoatior
tn Berlin to be getting daily Worse; AJ'
food Is now: apportioned out on ratlor
cards, with the . supplies limited ant
with, virtually no vegetables to be had
Freoch Aero Club
Honors American
Aviators Who Died
Medals Voted To Families ol
Twelve Members of La Fa
yette Esquadrille Who Fell lr
ServiceMajor Thaw Also In
cluded PAHIH, January 1(1 t Amtm-iatei'
Press) The Aero Club of France ha
voted medals tn the families of tht.
twelve America n-born aviator who
have falluo in the French service aa
members of the KaFsyette K(iia.lrille.
A medal has also been voted to Maj.
William Thaw, of Pittsburgh, the fnm
oub' American aua, who has recently
been transferred from the French to
the American service. Major Than
since October has been the commander
of the new LaFayette Ksipindrille
woosc mncnines esrrv tlie American
distinguishing mark. The original Am
erican corps which gained glory an u
unit of the French sviation acr ice wsh
organized by Thaw, who served nit a ner
geant under its French commander
Captain Thenault.
TOKIO. Januarv 13-iHiecial ,ubl
to Nippu Jiji) -Owing to the situation
in Vladivostok,' where the Bolsheviki
are menacing foreigners, tbe Japanese
government decided to send warships
to the Russian port in order to protect
Japanese residents and other foreigners.
The warships arrived at the Russian
port yesterday.
It waa first planned to withdraw all
Jupanese from the storm center, hut
this has been abandoned as it is felt
that, the Japanese men-of-war will in
sure ths safety of all foreigners. Mur
der and looting have followed clushes
between the residents of the Siberian
When you have a troublesome cough,
it does not mean, that you have con
muptiou or that you are gointr to linve
it. but it does raenn that your lungs arc
threatened, and it is just ss well to hn
r.n tbe safe side and take Chsaiber
loiu'S (Viugb Rmedv before it is loo
late. For snle by all dealers. Heiiou,
Smith ft Vo., Ltd., ants for Hawaii.
rsn .tmst m mm m mm mm mt mmt.m m I
Man Believed To Be German
Army Captain Seen Planting
Explosives Conviction May
, Mean Death At Hands of Fir
ing Squad
NOBFOI.K, Virginia, January Id
(Associated Preas) Walter Hpoermann,
believed to be a German y, one who
had. been actively identified with tht
aeries of plots set on foot by Captain
BoyKd, the attache of the German em
bassy who was caught and whose re
call was demanded, wan arrested on
Katorday at Newport News and sent
e Baltimore under charge of federal
agents for hearing.
tfpoermann, according to nnofflcial re
porta, was eanght on Saturday whilf
he was In the act of planting explosives
with which to wreck the munitions ma
gazine at the uncompleted army avia
tion camp at Newport News. It is stat
ed that the evidence against him is com
plete and that he will be tried as a
spy, conviction on which charge may
mean nis execution ny a firing squad.
It is believed that Hpocrmann ia r
German, army captain who has been
kept In the t'nlted Btatea for the past
two or three years and who has ben
one of' the ma,in instruments of the
Kaiserbund in the aeries of fires and
explosions; in munition plants and fac
tories. .
Department of justice agents ha vt
seised two boxes of papers in Bpoer
mann 's apartments and have forward
ed these on to Baltimore.
Another attempted bit of Oermar
plotting in Virginia was made nublii
vaster day at Richmond when Walts
Swanaen, of Morrison, Virginia, wa
out on trial to anaWer to a charge o
having attempted to set fire to and
blow up an army magazine. , Kyr
Rebuked By
Powers For
Failing Rumanians
Bolsheviki Head Tries To Justify
Action On Ground of Rumania'
Action Against Russian Troop:
LONDON, January 16 ( Associate
Press) The action of Lenine, head o
the Bolsheviki government in Russia;
in imprisoning tbe members of the Ru
manian delegation has elicited a sharf
protest, on the part of the represent
Uves.lp -Petdragrad. of tk Allied, ani
aeutral governments, according to a des
patek received yesterday from Petro
I.enne, according to the despatch
has tried to justify himself by charging
mat Kumantan troops have fired oi
Russian forces and that therefore hi
regards Rumania as hostile to Russia.
The despatch did not say what furth
er action the Allied and neutral rep
reaentatives plan against the Bolshe
viki leader if he faila to comply with
their demand that molestation of the
Barnaul ans must eeaae.
WASHINGTON. January 1 (Asso-
ciated Press) (Secretary of War Bak
jr's weekly review of the war situation
issued on Monday, records only minot
lovelopmnnta on any of the European
battle fronts. Kevere winter weathei
ihs interfered with the plans of all the
belligerents, he atutea, and there has
been comparatively little activity in
Italy, r ranee and h landers.
The Americans in France, he reports
are steadily pursuing their preparations
for battle and are rounding into shape
in a manner that is satisfactory to Gen
eral Pershing and to the generala of
the allied forces. The health and spir
its of the men, Geuoral Pershing re
ports, are good
General Pershing reports the death
of thirty-two mCn of the American
overseas forces duripg last week, all
irom natural causes
New York, t January (Assoclatod
Press) There will be a nlenarv meet
ing of th siipreme war council, of
which Colonel House is one of the
American representatives, to : be held
somewhere in France at an earlv date,
In addition to the members of this
council there will be other represen
tatives of Britain, France and Italy
and the premiers of each of those
WASHINGTON, January 15 (Asso
ciated Press) Two hundred telegraph
ers in tbe employ of the Associated
Press are here on special government
duty, giving part of their time to train
ing telegraphers for signal work, the
new men being taken from the druft
East and Middle West Suffer, For
Close To Provide
WASHINGTON, January 1 (Associated Press i-Tbe fuel situation
throughout the Last and Middle West it- daily becoming more acate,
with the government railway board endeavoring to meet the situation
in the face of the worst storm that has been known for generation.
Desperate efforts are being mdv 'ttr move the coal trains and to get
these to those sections from Whence the fall for fuel is most insistent
but the progress is slow. Yesterday, to add to the desperate nature of
the situation, a fresh snowfall blocked many of the Hoe hleh had
just been cleared.
Officials are considering the advisability of refusing all eoal eaports
to neutral countries for The neit week or two weeks. In order to divert
tk stocks in storage at shipping points along the Atlaatie so St back
inland, where it ia needed at. once. Fuel Administrator Garfield' will
probably announce a general policy tn' this matter this moraiag.
Throughout the Fast foe) condition are bad, but the Worst' reports
of shortage come from Indiana. In Indianapolis the federal fuel admin
istrator has gone to extreme lengths to secure sufficient eoal for distri
bution for domestic use, ordering
to be closed until further orders. ,
ing purposes are to be allowed -include all the saloons, the theaters aad
moving picture houses and ths poolrooms:,
The fuel shortage and the difficulties of transportation due to tbe
snowstorm has brought Chicago to the. verge, of famine, wkile. ma ay ,
manufactories have been Obliged to clone down, throwing thousands out
of employment and adding to the misery.
Yesterdsv the great packing plant of the Armour and Swift com
panies at the stockyarda were forced to abut down because of lack of
fuel. ,. . r ......
, It la reported that murk livestock, principally cattle, hogs and sheep,
on the way to the stockyards by stock-trains have perished, starving to
death wkile the trains were stalled in the tremendnas drifts.
A -knlred thousand werksra are employed in digging Chicago and
" , suburb out of. the' snow. The railways are resuming Service, but, the
'.passenger trains have been held up ad that freight trains loaded with
,'. milkf eoftl, and other fuel aad auppliea eould be rushed into tbe city to
. meet the hourly growing needs . . .'
" Tbe fuel famine became; so great that yesterday the eouaty fuel ed-"'
ministration confiscated the eoal standing in trains and .some wf it held .,
in the railway yards awaiting delivery.'' The fuel admiaiarvttira: through
a delivery system of its own at' ouce began distributing the aoe.1 where .
the irreatest need was renorted.' , . i
Is Accused of Treason lit Conspiring VHh
Germany and
Against His Counlry
WA8HINOTON, Januarv J (As
rlsfted Press)--Joseph Chilian, former'
premier of Franca, has , been arrested
In Paris, according to despatches re
ceived here, on charges of treason, and
If convicted may be condemned' to
ieath. ,
Caillauz is accused of being connect
ed with German propaganda and plots
against France. It is reported from
Paris that Secretary Lansing haa cabled
the French authorities to- the effect
that Caillaux communicated with the
Berlin foreign office in 1918. Secre
tary Lansing refused either to confirm
or deny the Paria report.
Caillaux 's arrest follows the recent
trial of Louis Malvy, former minister,
of the interior, who is said to hsvs been
Caillaux 'a tool, the man through whom
Caillaux exerted' insidious and treason
able influence upon the French gov
ernment 'and its policies. . .
Accused f Treacbary
Joseph Caillaux, former prime min
ister and bead of the Radical Socialists,
came under Are shortly after Clemen
eeau assumed power as premier. The
charge against Caillaux was that since
1911 when the Agndir incident in Mo
rocco nearly caused a rupture between
France and Germany, he has consist
ently acted in the interests of Germany
to the detriment of France.
The former premier's pre-war policy
was declared to consist of dangling be
fore the public eye two proposals for
an understanding with Germany, the
first benefitting tbe masses by the
abolition of military service and tbe
other offering the lure of big deals in
nigh finance.
Caillaux' ronection with the " Bonnet
Bouge" case has been the subject of
gossip in Kuroiean capitals for months,
Reach Buenos Aires On Suspi
cious Mission
BUENOH AIRES, Argentina, Junu
ary 15. (Associated Press)- Tbe hand
of plotting Germany is seen ia the ar
rival here of a com mission from Mex
ico in which military men are prom
inent. The delegation of Mexicans which
has just arrived comes osveosibly to
attend the congress of neutrals called
in the Argentine, but it is believed to
have a seoret mission unknown eveu to
the Argentine government.
Passengers on the vessel which
brought the delegates say that the
members of the mi union were arrested
at Bahia, Brazil, when the vessel
touched there, and that the mission
was refuaed lauding at other Bra.iliuu
oorts on the arromuls that its purpose
is more Uerman than Mexican.
I The party consists of military men,
aviators and newspaper correspondents.
Home persons here openly trefas
the belief that the Argentine Republic
t will not trest the delegation as gov
ernment guests.
Fuel For Kitchens
every place regarded aa unhMeeeary
The places where no fires lor heat
'Aidirig in Plofs
A '
't? r
CU jioblidUonV h. declamd 4d
an chanced, by pernaa gold and CaU
Urua association with the mea behind
the paper became' aetorloas. V? '
Tores Cbargw v.- ,
The first of 'the three charges' made
against the former premier is that' he
made an attempt againat the. safety of
the state by acts of a nature tending
to compromise the alliances between
Fraaee and her allies. The second and
third charges come within the juris
diction' of the saiiltary courts. A por
tion ef the tetter written by General
Dubail, military governor of Pari, set
ting forth the ehsrgea says: :.,
"In tbe course of the investigatrona
of communications and' commerce with
ths enemy, the -results of which are now
before the civil ans) military jurisdic
tions. It haa been discovered that in the
possession of nearly- all the accused
were a great number of letters emanat
ing from Joseph Caillaux which do not
leave any doubt - about tbe relations
existing' between him aad the persona
Oawltal Offense ,
The accusations sre brought under
sections of the French penal code which
condemn to death anyone conspiring or
having dealings with foreign powers or
their agents, engaging them to commit
hostllttss or to make war 'against
France, or conspiring with enemies to
weaken the fidelity of officers, soldiers
or sailors.
Concerning his activites during tbe
war it is declared Caillanx not only
aided the Germans by eveiy means in
his power, but also exerted his in
fluence upon the actual government of
France throngk Malvy, who re present -
ed him in the-. cabinet as minister of
the interior.
WASHINGTON, January 1ft (Asso
elated. Press) Jjr February IS every
prsfeasioetl saltwater flshermsa must
seenr a license from the national food
administration or be subject to heavy
penalties. The license neeessary will
obligate the fisherman to observe such
rules aa are to be prescribed by the
food administration.
Yesterday it was officially announced
that tbe President had added to the
food administration's licensing power
that of control over fishermen, canners
of all kinds, manufacturers of wheat
and rye products, and dealers ia feed
malt. All must secure licenses within
a month.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
cure blind, bleeding, Itching or pro
truding PILES ia 6 to 14 days or
money refunded. Manufacture! I v
t ba I" A k 1 ti VI U 1 C 1 N K C . St v.u i
0 . A..
Will Enforce Wheatless And Meatless
' Days And Empower President To
Make And Enforce Rules
Britain and France Pave Way ForAmef
ican Savings By Going On
Compulsory Basis First
J " !"
WASHINGTON, January 16 (Associated Press) Food econ- .
'omy, stricter than any that has heretofore been the case
throughout thijUnited States,! ia to be made compulsory, instead
of voluntary, as soon al identical bills now before house and senate
can be'. enacted. '-ii-'. ,f;: .
' These bills, which ' have been referred to committee In each
house, were introduced yesterday with the backing of the President
and of Pood Administrator Hoover. In the measure the President
is given authority to issue rules and regulations and to enforce these.
Meatleaa inrl urhatlea Hflv rules rules reuarrlini the lra tf-
substitutes for food stuffs required
rules and regulations which will
of rationing are contemplated in
ing haa been foreshadowed in recent statements from Food Admin-
istrator Hoover, who has emphasized the necessity for greater and
Stricter conservation in order to meet the war obligations of -the
United States towards Italy, France and Britain, where food crises
have arisen, v'-v ;-,
Paving the way for compulsory rationing, the French and BrU
Irish fvtmmenta have announced
owir countries, witn Italy, expected to fouow suit, although there
has never been any great degree of food waste among the European
allies. It haa been recognized, however, that it would be unfair
to' expect compulsory conservation in the United States that was
not preceded by such in the countries to be benefitted from the
American savings. ' .,' ; .
Food Administrator Hoover has expressed his ' complete ap
proval of the measure now before congress. . Vl V; ...
... -j""'
t 'A' r
Reason lv Shattered By Suffer-
togs' and Humiliation Caus
January 16 Asso
elated.,. Press) '.Alexandra, former
empress of Bussia, ia reported to be
hopelessly insane and to be confined ia
sanitarium in Tobolsk.
The dethronement of the Czar and
the hardships, suffering and humiliation
which all the members of the former
royal family of. Russia have undergone
sinse'tbe revolution last spring over
turned . the autocracy and made them
prisoners, are said to have undermined
the reason of the former Queen. Add-
d to that has been her grief over the
death of the monk, Rasputin, the evil
influence that she largely dominated her
life unM.be was killed by persons of
high rank ;ln Russia as punishment for
kis loathsome crimes.' -
The former Queed ia known also to
kave worried a great dee,l over tbe only
sen fbf herself and the former Cxar,
fearing' that he taught some' to harm.
Xn'additibaj to all other' troubles,
Alexandra Is s Germaa and her heart
and sympathies have all along been,
with the country of ber birth since the
war begun. Hhe has been accused, in
deed, of having been in constant wire
lees communication with Berlin up to
tbe time the monarchy was overthrown
and she was exiled from the royal
(Mnee Former Cr.ar Nicholas and his
family were baoiahed to Tobolsk, they
have been compelled to live in cramped
and uncomfortable quarters in a small
house, striking contrast to their former
grandeur, aad the humiliation is be
lieved to have played its part in shat
tering the reason for the former proud
empress. ' ,'
v ' " 1 t v '
LONDON, Jsnusrv Id I Associated
Press) Oreat Britain does not intend
to act hastily In regard to the stand to
be takea concerning tbe newly declared
republic of Finland. Lord Balfour for
eign minister, replying yesterday to a
question asked ia tbe house of commons,
suid Knglnnd would ascertain the wish
es of the Russian rtennle before recom-
i mendinar that Finland be recognised as
i a rrpuhlie.
I -
' WASHINGTON, Jnuiiftrv 1" (Asso
ciated Press) It is expected here that
the district s"ureme court will uphold
the right of tbe postmaster reneral to
exclude from second-class mailing privi
leges the Milwaukee leader. The esse
,ns brought under Ilie rs.!nnsje set.
It Ixoog alleged thill the I r;i ler Imi
made disloyed utterances.
ni loni i tn if in i iir nu nrnm 1 1 nr
YIIl l li JMl JhiK I r I J I lrll lil
iiuuum iu uiumiL ui uuiiiutL i u
for shipment abroad" and oer
put the nation almost on a basis
the bill. This compulsory ration-
compulsory rationing in their
in TP".
Rich Rewards Offered If She V,;:l
Conclude Separate Peace
But She Stands By Allies.
LONDON, January lft-l Associated
Press) The Central Powers are mak
ing frantic but unsuccessful efforts to
detach Serbia from the Allies and in
duce the little, war-torn sad ravished
nation to conclude a ' separate peace
which will eliminate her from the greut
world conflict. , ' i, , r ' . '.
The Germs ss have bees, attempting
to pave the way for the duplicity of
their diplomata bv sending, literature
into tbe Berbian linea,. ia aa effort to
create disaffection among ths soldiers
and induce them to demand of their
government that it withdraw, front, the .
Bulgaria, Serbia 'a old opponent, 'Is
nlso taking n hnnd in the attempt to
induce the little country to purchase
peace on dishonorable terma. Bulgar
ian soldiers have been trying to fra
ternise with tbe Serbs,' but ths latter
will hare none of them. Their tenta
tive', proffers of friendship have been
scornfully rejected sad the half -starved,
war wearied mountaineers have re
mained steadfastly loyal to their coun
try and to the cause of ths Allies who
are fighting fur humanity. ' ''
Htrong temptation has bees placed
before Serbia by Austria. The latter
nation haa dangled before; ths eyes of
the Herbs bait that might well cause
them to waver In their determination.
But they bave not wavered. - Austria,
it is reported, has offered to give Bosnia,
to Serbia, and on top of that baa offer
ed ber Herxegovina snd sa witlot to
the Adriatic, if she will sign a sepetate
pesce. , ...
Stands On Original Proffer Made
I NEW YORK, January Id (Associat
ed Press) There have been bo altera
tions in the instructions given the Ger
ruau delegates to tbe Russian psaee
conferences, according to aa Official
statement made by Foreign itlnlster
von Kuehlmann la tbe reichatag yester
day. Von Kuehlmann stated that the
I . . m t d i - il.
uriiuni irrun uuarm nuHIR an too
! terms uow being offered and the only
' terms upon which Germany would make
peace. , . -. .'. P .
I An uttempt on the part of ths mem
tiers of the Annexation party is Ber
lin to hold a meeting of protest against
snv suggestion of withdrawing from
Poland was broken up by the Indepen
dent Socialists, who refused to allow
the annexationists to siteak. Ths So
cialists seised the meeting and passed
i. resolution favoring ''peace by uadof
staudings. "

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