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Wi'f- ,WV4Ww4inev..-.. ejaes
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i'iiciiEiis seekSSdbrs
Dercgation Leaves Chicago for
Washington Jo, Ask. President
Tk Tnti ftuM trt4ii4rw km U11
Done With Railroads
,NVEWiGATioliWws 7 ?
Employes of Evefy Branch and
' tiepreseruing every urau wia.e
Up Body and Are Prepared To
. Present Case In Full v
'"MflCAGO, January 17 (A-
swatch Press) To urge the
immediate taking over by the gov
ernment of the great meat pack
ing and slaughterhouse industries
v the. country a delegation cm
jxised of representatives of every
lrach and every department and
' fcvery crft of the packiYig indus
try 1c ft Chicago last night for
Washington. It is the intention
of this delegation ttr secure a
hearing from the President and
present their case to him directly
but they are ready to see any
other government officials and to
lay the cae before them and the
federal trades .Board which has,
already held a number of hear
, ings on the packing industry and
the various other industries with
ttiiivu ii i ids Dttuiut minwmtii.
Hearings oeiore tne recicrai
Trades Board have brought out
testimony to show ownership of
railroad terminals in Chicago by
packing house industries. It has
been shown the atock yards are
owned and controlled by the same
or' similar industries. '''The! con
nection between the packers and
the hide and leather business has
aisa occn snown as wen as nas
the entering of the packers into
, retail business and its effect upon
' 1- : 1 i i
k". iviu y poiu j nic tun-
Following the hearings, which
bave not yet been declared closed
by the Federal Trades Board,
there have been voiced from all
parts of the country through the
public press demands for a tak
' ing- 'oyer of the great packing
bouses by the government in
much, the sanfe manner as the
railroads wore taken over.
The demands which will be
voiced by the employes of the
meat supply industry will per
haps be the strongest argument
Vet liresctlted for this ilr:isti- vtin
Tlie testimony adiliu ed before the
.board has shown how the pack
ers fCCiircd profits from each
branch J the industry, from the
railroad terminals, the stockyards,
the packing houses, the by-prod-ducts
and from the hides and has
enabled comparisons of prices)
jwu iwi; awvK auu oi uie various
prices-secured, by the packers,
with -ajproj exacted from each
industry in which their business
entered.' , Wow will he told the
condition" under which the em
ployes' labor,, Wages paid and an-
w ..... i i.uuiiiiviiiai T .,iu llldlic
Home . goverumrnt officials have de
nial ey intention vn the part of the
government to take-over f lie industry
while' other huve hern reticent and
the r',oniDif nilH tloim of the trnil
boftrd have' iwt ' yet been presented.
. tio&VOH, Jaauury 17 (Associa
tn Press) After several weeks of
high cflTertivenes the German sub
marine campaign showed a falling
off in result lust week as coin
pared. with recent former weeks.
Keport imuied by tb admiralty
toM of a gi eater eftUdency iu de
fi'iih and. phieed the losses at ail
vemelti of more thaa IflOU ton
burden, two inKi'lur merchantmen
an 1 two iaifrmi'M.
Hilo Board Finds Only .About
' Twenty-five Percent of RerjiS:
trants Answer Questions Cor
rectlySimilar Trouble' Here
HltA .Tana)rrjr 'ie-(rrpwial to The
Advertinori-'-Thp lorat' draft hoard
wkira ir now rwpivlirjf queattonnairc
blank from rtgiatrant Mnd that twen-ey-flv
prrrrnt of them have been im
proimrjr filled oqt hy rpgintranta. Tb
draft IxKird aniiounre that if the per
(cntnpo continnei at thil rate it will
Mtrvtt to roiaplirale tie' entire, draft
matter for a var before the tani(l
raa be trni);tcni-d ntt. - In explana
tiotl of the KituatloQ the lorn I draft
board plnreii the Maine on the leal
adtnrK, clniminn the latter do not
read the questionnaire themaeWeo and
are thrrrfure not properly qualiCed to
direet the Ailing out of bluak by the
VistrantB. . .
IHimilnr trouble i lring iixperinared
in Honolulu, for both loval board are
niline up hnproieT!y K!led-nnt bhinks
in atnrka and v ill k' (ibtnprlloil 'to re
nrn them to regintran,ta for eorreetion.
Iwt where the trouble lieg jina ot yet
Tieen deternlified. but the bnhrda' be
fitve that ' in' every initaore a rcRia
paot nhouUI not b'uve a booth after
he ia axNiiaU'l ' hng I if the blank
document, until it ia reviewed from
1mt pUjre to last by the chief renin r
trar, and error or ontinuona caiiv nt
hen ami "--peted before being mniled
to the board. "
Secretary TBaker Weconwrtends
Those Reach'Kitf Thirty-second
Birthday Be. Not Liable "
.WAttfNOTON,'ijimMy-lI (Aaao
ciatod l'ren) Diicharpe , from the li
ability to draft 0 vU those who have
pasted their thirty ljrst year si ace their
repstration and who wore not called
in the first aelertion waa recommended
by Hecretry of War Baker yesterdly.
It i the view of Baker that those
reaching their thirty-second year - be
fore -they are tailed ' are exempt or
shoald be; contemplating the - limit
of thirtyisne year when the mea are
railed nThey are replaced on the list,
he 'ronterida, by the youth who reach
their tweaty-irat year and tare bow
comelIed to register and are made sub-
1 A . .1 M.
jert fa uriv. ..... . i
Favor.Their Right To Determine
Own Destinies Whether In
' . Russia Or In Turkey
rKTBOORAll, .luuiiury 17 (Aaw
riated Hri'M) Little but nyiupathy is
oxtendoil to the ArineuiniiK by the Bol
nhoviki goveiiiineut in a decree which
was issued .venterilay directed to the
eopl of Tarkixh Armenia nod finned
li l.otiine and o'her ftolsheriki IvAdor.
The dcx-reo says- the govnrnnieut nod
the Workmen ' And pennants rouoeil
tnpports . tlie rifilit of all the Arnip
niniiin KiiHwin and will miirt tlioito
in Turkey a well to the extent of ne;
knowle liiiy their o:npleti' iii'li'H'H
lenee in deri'liiiK for theuuielveH their
own dextiuii'M. It niukeH no promise
of any aid or inhiit:uii p to thin end.
'ollowiu; proti'Htx on tlie (mrt of
I lie ilipluiiint of the Alliol rowers the
government eterluy onlirrd the re
'e"M of (ioniT'il luini;iiili nnl KtulT,
British oflieinlH, and thev weir freed
The proU'nts were upon the urret and
IVtt'Mtiou 4if the pnrty
('OPEN H AO EX, J u uuary 10.(As
swiated Press) The lieriin eorrenpond-
eut ui tlie uewapaier iNatiouul Tideode
av that Cbaueollor von liertling will
address the rctekstag on' Friday, if hi
uealtnj permits.
AX ATLANTIC lt)RT. January 1.
(AKsoriated I'reH) What is be-
ilevei to be a bomb was found today
hnile a navy yard at the drydoek here,
(ierman writing on the object aroused
LONDO.V, January lfi. (Asoeiatei
I'reiw) The London Times interprets
recent news from Dublin to mean that
the rlianee of an agreement on a plan
of government y (he. Iris)) convention
are remote. '' . '
' T 11 11 '"" V , L
Marvatwu Staaurh U.
Cln an4 Systoa Rtbvllilar f
Uvw, Kidney aa4 Blxl- I
All tHin(ll.
Efforts of. Austro-Germans To
, Recover Lost Positions Are
,k , . An Frustrated .
NldW- tOElC, aUary 17-(Aaoit
ted rresa) Kxeeptv.,itt,. !ul
powerfn! oflVnslvea wer unaueeessful
ly launched by the AuntrerGermana in
an effort to recover Important posi
tion whinh they .lost earlier in ,, the
week, there was little Infantry ar,Uv
ity yesterdny. On the weaterw front
there were some raids reported hut
they were not of major' importtnoe.
Artillery duels raged violently in sev
eral sectors ef that: front throughout
the day. - ,
Preceded by intense artillery : Ire
the Auftro (iermana.; iannrked irioun
coonters yesterday irnint the Italians
nnd their Allien on tw sertor of the
Kalian front, both -la the mountain
region of Northern Italy end on the.
liMier I'iave aecto. ,r s
ArtUlery Tire Precede i , (.. v. r
With dty liglt the bf.Vgnn HrejuieV'
ened into a heavy barrage in an effort
to ciea,r the way fot the coming feonn
tern. lrnder thin enrtaia of shell the
Teuton infantry drove, forward bu
thev never reached the1 term-he of the
Allies. A a they advanced 'the Italian,'
Trench And British batteries Countered
heavily and a Diaehine gun and rifl
fire mowed the enemy down by the
hondred. They felt" biirh bat phly to
rotor to' the battle Trill forced -or to
ive plorc to fresh troop which were
in thru driven tTnck under the 'atrial
hail which fell npoh them and rent
their rnnks sounder. iJite In the hf
rernoon tliee efforts eeased and the
f!eld was left Strewn with dead and
dying. : i ' .
AlRhips Are Downed
Once more the aircraft of the Al
liQfl, especially the British, fleet, played,
v big part in the dsy'a engsgemeat.
They were out over the Teuton lines
raining bombs from above on .the ad
vancing columns. This led to numer
ous encounters with (he Austrian air
men ana oiucuu report rront tne uai
iaa headquarters said Ave enemy air
planes were gowned' during 4h$ oni- ?
QaJi Adminc4 ' ' ' ;. ' 1
On the Alsace line, Taris reported,
there was only 'ArtiUrry 'ifc'tlvity. ' The
report' placed the number of prisoiters
taken on that sector Tuesday as forty.
Berlin despatches admitted auoeeaaea
Of . the French near Badenviller and
said that' after heavily thalting 'the
German' positions infantry attacks li
force were' made which temporarily
penetrated some of the advanced Ger
man positions
Witness Tells of Killing of Indian
Policeman Which He Colild -
Not Countenance ,
K.N FBAKCIHOO , January 'j 17-
(Asmxrluted Press) The details of
how one murder was successfully
carried through by the plotters
entailed in fomenting a revolution ia
India, on which charge, a number of
Hindus and German are now ou trial
here, was related on the witness stand
yesterday by 1'ramutha Nath Mukerji,
a "eurprise wituesn" produced by the
Mu.jerki related bow an Indian police
official we murdeced by At ma Kara;
one ef the revolutionists, who carried
out his share of the murder plot at
Nanking, China. Atiua Ram was sub
se'pirtitiy caught by the British and
WH hanged. .
The wit noes admitted that he had
been vne of the re'lutjoninU, in,
the inception of the German liuuneeul
plot, believing that the success of the
plan meant the liberation of India from
foreign rnle. When the plotters begaa
by murderiot individuals, however, and
he lenraed thnt the murder of the I)oe
hir 4'ook nrty was contemplated,, he
dertnd the revolutionaries, ,He was
prepared to engage Jn a war but not
In a series of murders, he sajd.
('AMP W'HtTDN Kansas, January
HI (Associated Press) Kixty-two
thousand dollars, taken from the looted
Camp Puuston army' bank last Friday
uight, was found today hidden in the
walls of the aoertmeut occupied by
dipt. Lewis H. WhUler. Captain VVhis-
U-r was found a auicid on Hunday. It
hns been virtually uatublished that
VVhisler was one of the men who, arm
ed with axes, broke into the bunk and
killed our of the live guards (here.
" .M-rr . i..
January 18. (Associated - Press) The
0ads up to a ad behind that portion ef
the f renrb front. wjiere the American
army ta oieranag is the worst ever ex
perienced by the American. The
X)inferK?aif' Unify wis Its "Wtiif many motor
truck nre mirel Id endeavoring to draa
'vehlelet through tbe rpad.
-Vl"i l ti , v,
AMHTEEDAM, January 16 (Asso-' bowels. If you are troubled with beart
: einted Press) It is denied at Berlin ' burn, indigestion or constlputlon thev
that aviators caught distributing eoplea will do you good. For sale, by alt deal
tof Prosiileut Wilson's message belaud '. Bonaon, HmitU Co.,, Ltd., ageatH
th Geruiuu liuys will be shot. . , for Hjswnii. Advertieeineut,
Advisory Board of Secretary Wi
, lon Totd What Is ExpBCtftd t
of lhern At First Meeting; i v
" ' ",' ' ! 5'
WASHINGTON, January 17 fA"
clkted Presir) -r' (let . down' to facts.
Cut the" red tape where yen have ti,
but get down to the real fart and get
ine results ', was tne aaviee inn ree
reiary , of ,lbor Wileop gave to the
new advisory committee when he met
with them yesterday. f. ',
Adequate housing facilities for em
ploy es at ' the varloii - war Industrial
and shipbuilding centers will be the
8 rat ''thing' the board will undertake
t secure. They hare been told to get
quick remits and they mre going after
them. '" '
The "be w" advisory council of the d
partaient of labor, tust anpointed bv
Secretary' Wllsoa, with John I.lnd as
presiding officer, held its Brut meeting
yesterday and decided upon poliejy
ender which women will be prevented
from taking position involving labor
nmti, tueiv a.e 'men nvuilable to fill
these positions. ., The. ,. object of this
policy U to prevent . a reduction . of
wage based on the employment of
women instead of -men. .
Central Powers Have Trouble
and Russia As Well Life
of Lenino Sought
l,()XIX)N,i January 17--( Associated
Press) Hepocfs of friction between
the, peace Relegates ; of , Ihr Centrfil
Power and the Bolnhevlki delccat
toether with, reports that all .i not
going so smoothly ia their' capitals' as
thflv could dei-e continue to come oW
from Auatria, Pctrograd and Germany.
A materdam . waa , the 1 aouree from
which moat of. these report emanated
vestetdaw.." Thev trtM ef elslm made
by the Oermnaa that' the Bolshevikl
Heleeetes were reT9eible for the lak
ai protrreea at tho' conference and
blame their, stubbornness for all com
plication that nre arising.
Emperor Charlee'of Austria ha rV
'n.Td to- grant the plant for nn in
dependent .,. Hungarian army' end the
Hungarian 'cabinet Is reported to have
feigmd ..in; a, body because of such
Grrman' A3Temnt Claimel
German pf oers are ouoted as say
rtrr t.hnf thr German political and mili
tary pertte! have agreed to avoid aiy
political . rirt,ion , and will ,plan' their
Molpsna 'fnfretber. " ' - "' , '' "
It la atd'thdt the politicnl and mili
tary lenders have1 agreed that the bnJ
f -victory Is to be won Tin a program f
non nnnexekion of terrioy br GeV
meny in tfie enst. mid full control by
Vdb HlnHrnbhtg and his army on the
vresi, -The oh Hertli-.1' supporter
are said to. have agreed to the non
annexation feature. 1
Attempt Leniae Life
t"ronk rttograd tt ia reported a nnr
voir eseape .sf torn asraseinntion came
foe Nleolai Iine, BoWheviki leadeV,
when the would be assassin fired four
times almost point I lank from the
etowd as Lenine was peeping in an
nu to., .Inine wrai hot touched but his
CfimpenuoB wa wognneu.. j
. WAMHIXOTOX, Jaauarv 1J (Asso
ciated Press) Dnnlel WUlard. iiotO'l
milroed man. lader in, th Kationlil
Council of Defense and also of the
Wat Inilustriea Board, resigned thit
latter tin.ltlrtn todx. He nya that Ms
work with the railroad uodvt the goi--ern'ioen.t
control scheme i so heavy that
U requires all his attention, and that
the war industries work also requires a
great deal of time.
'If KW Vt)JtK,"jnr J(l-(Asoiia
ted Press) A fonr-ajHrm " or dnu
geronsly largo fire broke out today In
a flve-story warehouse filled with gov
irnUTeut foud 'ou' the Brooklyn water
front. The fir was not extinguished until
aoon. It is estimated that tho damage
hTlialf a miUUiu. ' ' '
LIMA. Peru. Jauarr 17 (saociat
ed Press) Japaaese and Chinese finnn
niai interest have arranged here for
the establishment bf a system of bank
throughout Tem.'V . '
BALTIMOBK, January, !--( Associa
ted Pten)--Tht United 1st a tea district
attorney here believes that Walter
Hpoermann, rret4 Hat-inrday at New
port News ia guilty of yiulutloa of the
enemy proclamation only, in having
tresnsssed ou a cone forbiddvn to alien
- , Hfi.,,. .
These Tablets are intended eHecia,11y
for disorder of the tomactr, liver and
VorK for rulroaos
found to be heavy
"i ' i t
Haclcfeld , ErfijiloyeV ;JvtustT 'Slga
, ' Pledge . Bearing On Their
; y - Patriotism To America ,
Kmployca of ;i. ITackfeM fV OoLt.iD,
who refuse to sign a pledge, affirming
their loyalty , to the United Bt a tes.o
the proaerution' Of th(' war against
Geroian barbarity nn.l-Kerisnt wiil
be looking for a job during the coming
week, according to a deeisioa reached
yeeterday morning at a meeling of the
board of Uirectorai .' T' J ' .'.''
The resolution, whlh was arrie4 by
a unaaimoue voteuvl the dj roe tors, enr-rlee-
a' praviaoj wboroby- employcf ehe
are citizen ef allied or neutral coun
tries, or Wbo, lot auy vkhvr mu ou i
ini-Onslstcnt with thftr ;rohtiuued em
ployment lijr tho company1,1 cannot sign
the ple'lgv piav present their reasons.
In' writing.- Te- will be eoniidered
by the directors and dealt with accord
ing to circumstance. : . ' , -'j . '
J. F." C. Hageiia. jrsidrnt of ' .
llai kfeld t (V Uil.,:(l wmbcrt ef
ttio lionrH of ill recto rH rwdr have
signed the pledgeH and copies will be
distributed among all employes during
tne near. Tew av vmn a request ipr
titumelln'a execution. ' ? '!.
Xhe resolution adopted by the direc
tor at yesterday's meeting i'a fob
losVat '. -' VV": J ''"'.," ' ;v t
That.hs one of th prelimina
ries toward securing the Americaniza
tion of tho company, a declaration be
drawn up substantially on the follow-
ing unest r . :."! .v.- - ,i
if Wo. the nhderalemM. hatdral born
ofaatnfaliaed feltlcene of the-United
Htatea bf itmorlca, do hereby; aMrtn
on allegiane;-1o said ceuntrv, and In
the various eapacitiea' in which We ate
connected "with II. HachfeUI M Co.,
Limited, 14 horebV agree :to use' onx
test effort in making said corporation
an American institution in the fullest
"S. That aiJ declaration shall Irht
bf signed by this 'bcfnrd ' of , ttirector
and then- presented to the managers bf
the main estabflrtimcnt ' antt ''''all
branches for the 'aJgnatUre of aQ em
ployes, upoa the salary list of the com
pany. While aiening'aaid declaration
shnll not be considered a reason whv
I changes eannot be made that, may be
mviiivii mivmaom ia ine. miereaia or
the Company for iny rao, failure to
sign slinli be ' psimi fac)e. fufflciet
reason tor aisnnmiai as aoon s ar
rangemenM can e mad to etroct tke
change without undue disturbance to
the busine.-a of the corjioration. '
"3. Any person on laid list who
do not sign for the 'reason that thy
are ritUnna of allied ox atutraJ eoiih
triea, or for auy other reason wrhidh
they leem alequate and not inconsis
tent with their continued employment
1 1 the company, 'may'.' present such
reasons in writing tot th twiMiidefatioai
of the board of direetora, ? ' ; '" . '
' "Now, therefore, in ocord with aajd
resolution, we, the undersigned, natu
ral born or naturalinod citlxeua of the
United Htatea of America, do hereby
aflirra our alteyinuee to said ' country,
and in the various rapacities in which
we are connected with H.-' Ilaekfeld
Co., Liniite.l, do hereby agree to use
our best efforts in making .said cor
poration an ' American institution in
be friUet anj beat tene ef 4 be word."
A formal proieHt against the roifi
misfiolng tof UeOre Buehbnltz as la
district agent for tint' food coniinisiiioii
is to be filed with the rouinilHniou by
H. L. HolHteiii, speaker of the house Of
rep.i'oaei.ilatives iiml member from Ha
wart. Buchholfx i raid to be a (l(V
inan suli jktrt ami a (ierman reservist.
A lotter friuii a Koliala resident
olaceil the cuv before UnlHteiu. It
Uid that there is nn iiernoiiul niiiiniis er
objection to Burhhult, but it is felt
that an hIIcii enenty Hliouhl not hold nn
ofticisl position in touch with the wqrk
III! of the food coiiiininnion.
It is said that rommlsHlons' ' were
Mi-nt, out by Food Adiutnlxtrntor Chil l
each plputatioii ID th'; Territort-,
witboiit any Impi'ify into tho (.iti.cd
ihlp stntuh of the pfuntatloh ilinnagerM.
They were asked ti accept' the clniimiji
ilon iind take an oath of loyal roopera
tion. This was lUjno'bV BuVhholtr, the
oath hctiiK witnessed by George Tul
loch, notary public at ICohaJo-'
When' an 0jH)rt unity ' wn given" to
the teachers of West Hawaii' to 'sub.
acrilio to the IJbeity Lon, it met with
a mot generous response. A short arid
spirited cstVaxS'Wni made by Miss Ber
tha Ben Taylor. eupeMaitftf principal,
and. on every hand, the teacher wefe
waiting for a chunre to help. The can
vass reached ts climax on October $7
n4 a summary of the subscription for
Vest Hawaii was made. ' tt was fouill
tbHt every teacher til the'dUtrict own
ed oue or more of' tli bonds and th.e
total subscription reached the sunt' of
7730. ' fcueu1 a general and loyal. e
aponne ) worthy of ieclf ilom'mendti
tlno and the record is one of' which
verv toucher iu thit district hiay well
be prdticl.- ' ' '
' y
- ! ' t f e r-Ty,.vt.l.t . ,
A DIDC ft I n ArirUUattle, Taeonia, Tortlund and the Uu-
2 l y "-
Mrs. I'd or be Adelaide
Parmalne, f ,
widow of the late H. A. Pkrmhlee,' died
ut her heme, 444 Bcfutaiii Htreet. laht
nit;ht, ajrod aerenty yearsA 8lie leave
one dauKlitcr, Mrs, Ewluu of Honolulu,
and two crsudebUdrcri, .
Mr. Psrmalcc, , who had lived In
nunuiuiu or zoriy ye
ears, wa the
daughter of the lata Ti. B. ' Holllster,
founder of the Hollister Drug Company,
8he was widely known among kumaa-
holid ays
v A t t T-t nrt W e-v
At. Ub VUI bO T- V- W
cludma Muni t id
'Close; Mondays
tor f ollowing 1
W7 AsHiNfiTrinj. Jflniiarw 17
A . ... i j
liio yuveiiiiuciiK hi a urdSiiu ciiui iioj. r uci rtuiiiiiiidiidtui ,
Garfield .to relieve the bituminous coal famine situation, every in-,
dustry at of, the Mississippi Rr,)Vfith tutiTovs' excepVons, will
olo;o dcw,n tonight , and remain Closed for five days. '.- V - r
'. ,Tbis order which affects th& greatest manufacturing districts
f ihfl worki. includina in its scone twentv-nine- States, the order
being. effective In Minnesota and Louisiana as. weii as those, States :
Linn uihnllu ojct of trio nroo4 riwar. worn tplpnranhprl hrn9rtr9f lat
night. It applies to factories and
can lor mo use. oi puaiia Quitaing a .wwfm,wvrnf ana to some ,
, .,r In more' than half the United States, not a wheel will turn for
fiye days and fires will He drawri in many, thousands of furnaces in
order that the suffering. qnalless millions may be relieved and
tho railroads given a period of grace within .which to clear their
ines of great accumulations of snow and prepare to handle the
coal of which the stoppage qf transportation has checked the
uining. .,r,v. 1 -. '. -vm i ' , x-
, In addition to this drastic 9rder for a five-day holiday, all fac
tories public buildings, saloons, places of amusement and. a num
ber of other buildings which have, to bo heated, are ordered to ob
serve eTery Monday as n holiday. for the next.ten .weekvvShip
yards are exempted from this jorder, but munition plants, are npL
Thrflttnh thn fivA.Haw hnllrlaw and tha ten UnnHau hnlirli've in
'oUow the fuel administrator estimates that nearly thirty million
tons Of. bituminous coal will beconserved, which amount is about -lalf
of what the present coal shortage is today. ' All coal estimated
on is bituminous. Anthracite is used by railroads and for heating
purposes and. almost entirely in the East v . .
Fuel Administrator Garfield issued his sweeping order with the
ull approval of the President, jthe administrator having conferred
it length with the latter' and lajd. before him the situation created
hrough the general coal shortage and the abnormal weather .cqn
iiticjis that have turned a shortage into a veritable famine, threat
ening the very lives of very. many thousands and perhaps millions
j( people.-;'. , yl. , , ,.;.- .
In the order issued, industries which are to be given prefer
ence, in deliveries of coal are fisted, the railroads being listed as
irst. This list Is to.be pbseryed strictly when the deliveries of coal
recommence..- ,. ,, . , 1
; fIyentua,lly every essential industry-is to beuppKedy but there'
IB nn aCCtli-anr-a that InHuetriaeVlieeorl j nneenVtti,l U k 'h,, '
ecutioo of the main business o!f the country, that of winning the
war, ,wH be. able jo. secure coal at any early date.
; v. : , - NEW YORK, Ctl'Y SHOCKED
fj Reports from New York state that the order of Garfield last
light came as a shock to the: business district, where few of the
Tien interviewed were found inclined to look with favor. on the.un
precedented order. Many,assprted.that a certain effect is to cause
Teat suffering among wage earners through having to stop work
nearly, week, and for, orie(day a week throughout thewinter.
... William HowardTaft. male a statement in which he said:
'This is one bf the disagreeable features of war and one of the
'esults of war, but like good Americans ' we will adapt ourselves
ft it as we Will to all Other conditions necessary tn r. artv irint tho
orders of the government in its
-eiiei . ...
Departure of Mexicans For Ori
ent Easily Explained
A PACIFIC POET, January 17.-
( Associated Proas) A consul grncriil
At thia" port declared esteHay that
alarftiist stories publislioii coucerniu
a deleiration of Mexicans who sal I nil
from here for the Orient recently
are wholly incorrect and witnoat
foundation. The reports were that
this was a military and itolitical uiii-
sion front -Mexk-a tn: Japan and t'hiim,
empoverttil ito tacnotiatv s. troaty Im
tweeil itoxlro and Japaa and with au
thority to place liirgc orders in Japan
for piiitrltlotis and arinamvut. The i uli.
stif ifoiieral txptnina that' the1 party
Uli I
mailijr of 'aitoueuier or ooililoyes
attache brinr sent to the vsrious M'
can consulates iu the Far Kast. The
niemliera Of the party are clot lied witli
ov pi'ljU authority whatever.
V.IfEW YOBK, January 7 A special
your-eud disbursement of 220 a sliaro
on flieir itock. has been declared here
by the director of the Anirricun-lta-wslitto
'btoanahip Compiiny.
' The, company owns and operntes a
fleet of fwepty steauiHliips idyinu in
peace time between New York nip
IBau Dieco. Han Friincisco. I.oh Anmdis,
wiiian Islands.1
. Notice has been given that a iiiniiler
of tracts of land owned by A. 8. Ma
hanlo at Paalaa, Wulalua, will be sold
at public auction at . the Morion
Company ' salesrooms, 1S1 Merchnnti
street,., through .the Hank of Hawaii, '
oa .February 16. The sale, ia being held j
to eutibfjf mortgage hold by the bank.
A' r tri' A ha at r r
w V 'A4.Civi, Jk )T
n-H I an t a tM u a t
en Wecfcs i; ;v
fAfisnc atfifJ Press) Bv order of
t.L.. r-...l a'iil:. i .. ,
mills, lo all public activities which
war work as well as its work of
Iff CMM Affi
Unit:d States Department Gives
" Out Messages
A'ASIUNdTtlN, January Ifi -(Asso-i-i.iltnl
l'its)-Tlio Htnte department to
u.y niyils public two intcreejited pies
saos .from Von PcriiktorflT to Berlin,
v hiln'Iiemstorir was amba'ssidor to the
fuited Htntes, showing that in 1913
Joicpli C'nllUux, now charged with
Uran.ii . in 1'iuiu e, communicated with
the Arj;oi4ine Ruvcrpment..,' The mcj.
sh'.:. also showed the existence at a
rule in Oermauy that no paper would
M' afioHod to aiuutien Cuillaux 'a name,
liernstorQ riblc rcgardinu; tlie move
ments end oiicmtiona of Cailluux, aay
iii; Iti " welcomed -1 he indirect eour
trsivs from him."- Ho asked tho Ger
man press not to praise Cailluux. '
By a vote of K to 74, the French
chamber of dej.uti. today . -auutained
the aetiph of 'the French, government
In arresting Ex-premier Cuillaux. on a
charge of treason, ia told iu I'm is de-
i ' it
WASHINGTON, January 17
(Associated Press) Senator Culber
son of Texas has introduced a bill
making it a felony . for auyoue to
cireiilute fulse 'reiort Mitli au In
tention of so iof lueucing those who
niiyhl hear as tn interfere with the
operation of tho American naval or
military forces' or to prevent in
any decree their suecess in war.
ruder the terms of the bill 1t is
also n fidnny to obstruct in uuy
way the nul of government bond
or securitivs, .
JH ' i i-s-i A-
. ' r . .-U.-'i . .

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