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WEEKLY. : ' -
v: it!rj. ii'rr nu iimnr rival
Gcsumptiort of Evening Hours of
y ;r .Setting Liquor Characterized ' ;
, as wpia ana unjust
. .. . . . a I
. r a.,t .'.:
prices of. jLaiaoies. rompuy.thxoBa bpt; evicted. - sbf i ejected,
. t lumped. Says; As.hford More
'' Intelligence Is padly llecde' ;
;, yiotov trltWum -of' the HqnOr H
' ittH 'txmrd tad of th food emmlt-
. ' Tht" AdveHlMr from Jndg 3. W. Ah-1
;.fora.,l Judg Aabford mlnca bo wordi
. ' but Irttetf.sa OpIaloB atfaight from ih
.haMbUr aBt ria t ainiift
i ';Uf of (hair Actios. ' . . -V f .
V Tlt board af 41eanM ommLrionBn ,
j ."flayed for tba reaumption' of -tha
Jkvi8g'bo,ura'or )l(juor gelling irniia-
Jiatel ,aUr Aha' fWaJ Orjer prohib
Jtlag aH fiMmlahlan ' ' liquor to. iqan
' 'oY iho krmy.' ."Judea ' Aahf ord- atlintia'
tlaa thia a a t,afM at anjaat Jueaa-1
r. and mti it ia Jb larsa measara"
'--. j
,.ij -via; and illicit Junior .aeJiing.
. mi juagN ai)fai airoagiy
rder of thJ board of forestry, acting
ainder order of th food eommiaaionpr,
,b JMtya, arhMh atopped .all r el ail aeU
i"' ing at the 4rrltoriJ warket. H any
that Although la hia peraonat xpri
' ' ae' .it, waa conducted largely by Ig
norant and ..inefficient boya, nererth
;. :- lea,i did rl arvic to th poorer
', part of tii 4!opimunlty..
'.Pric' of , food -eonunoditle bar
, ,. foared, aara Judg Aabford, aine th
7 , - cloaing of the retail market depart-
' buL and will eonlinn to aoar. They
. will continue tojdo ao antil.lesa iadif-J
. exeae to the la t areata pt th poorer
Onuoa .ia leaped by tboae 4n power,,
h aarta.r ". ' . ;.
. '.Following la th latter la tall
roop . raicEs, rxmsEpvATKor,
I"V AND BOOZE ... - -j
' Sditor Advertieer A tb raault lof
vrl woaa -of aarliatatring Jgr,
1 Iny, bonaabold, I bar acquired aama
idea reapeeaing rbat I regard p th
farcical atttnde at our fopd-onarra-
tioa authortti daring aeat week.
Par j local , adnUiitratT governmant
. ha v4atety.rfeotdd.'w utterly -ai-"
aiah poaltiona. Tb earlieat of thaw
- , w th reaumplion, wtwler ipermiaaioa'
"tof.the board of Jiaena' comralaaioari,
i tb hour f or ,1)1 aal ef liqpor,
f -wbUA hdLbeen C0rtyed from eletaa
. "tbirty p. ' m. to'aevea P-. and.a
fiml ". ,woriaii -.walU'j But 4rbaAaadral.
' V I ' ' uthoritiea atepped ill sd forbad ith
.. furniahing of liqoor io artny; aad naTy
' tneb f onlforoi, b ;aapient geatleayie)
fcompoal&g th tordof ticenM eooiaiia
aiooera iiunediaVely Jet down th bra
ar iMi , preyiouaiy pna up, ana las'
iL. J V-.-t .-.1 .(.Li
aama to eiry midnight. - .
fJniMtand rooliab Plcy
i tif eryoB ,iuow that the atreet of
Honoluia contain more aoldiera between
4aav faoana of aaveu; and levn-thirty
p. to. than at any other
Ut: ' If appeared. "and a
ir hour of the
appoaraT to me
ntl, aa well a
oaiiiet bbA foolish ooliev to bare, Ihua
Ahmr, Mm ! luvmnmk Jnrfns'tlia
f ourB,t-a-hatf 1wur of the wvening"
with eoldie. wbo AWot avoid being
fcffeeted ' by the eonecionaneaa that
ff2K. "T!:.!.
nu wHiii'vptiivH nnvw vf.Mnrinu.
to ,bi Mart ' jc?tnt, pro4d h baa
ivwt b-aiv gra-ar aivw -vvvaay
t&e wnare-aiMai o pay; . .
. That venr act of repreaaive aiuatae
ould aot b espeoied to affect them;
or many of hem, p'harwiae thaa to la
pir them with tb ' determination . to'
obtain boo on aa equality with the
civilian, or .aomathiag adproacblng
that equality..., In othx word a, if, dur
ing ihoee .boura, the' civilian waa a
tlt)ed to jgUKxle booce ad. lib, many of
our. boy n uniform 'yroijld, of neee
aity, aa a' direct reanlt of the prompt-'
iaga of human 'nature, reflect upon the
injuatlc which deprive 'them of that
privUege, merely baeauae they wear the
MnUom of i- oar coantry. ii .aa abink
of . aatbiag more stupidly unjuat than
ithje, aad to thi act of inequality 2 at
Kr'utP iP Jrge meaure, the in
creaae in " bootWglpg' fnd fther
forma of Ulieit traaic in liquor. '
BaU Market Cnoalng
-The. later, a,d' poeaibly the greater,
exhibition of aaininity to which I. refer
waa the orde .promulgated by ihe Bun
feau of Foreatry XlMnetl at the inatigv
tioa of -the food eommiaaioner) that the
Territorial Market ahould eeaae to aeil
food produce at retail. Jt ia difficalt
to eontgmpjajB r to ditcuaa thia order
temperately, and without impatience,
1 view of the twenty-four-karat atu
pidlty iavolved therein.
, ,My neraonal eaperlenoe of Ahe Ter
ritorial Market had been that it w
bdlf conducted, largely by inefficient
and ignorant boya,-and tl)t only e
tithe of the benahta contemplated by
th aUiat creating it waa being
achieved. Sevrtbeleaa, evea 'with
theae limitatioaa, it waa diatinctdy
beneQclal aourae of , upply of food
prodaatB. ,at moderate price, and waa
of eapecial advantage te th poorer ele-,
mant .af Ah community. Ko aoonar1
waa it retail depastment closed tha
other , dealer in meata, vegetable, 1
rruiu. .et cetera, whloft it had bee
handling 'Jumped' their prieea inordl-
nate)y nd sfaoae price are atil) aoar-l
log, aa 1 nave occasion to observe, from
weak to jraek. .
' I observe that a "driv" ia 005 1a
iifjg ;V onjueted to aecure greater oo
auuj4)0B . of r baaanAA, ,. wbaroby. (our
local product may be more largely con-
anmed. The banana ia a moat bealth-J
rui, pteasant aaa -autrttiou article qf
f90d, and, wkil the Territorial market
Was. Jelling thia fruit at retail, it
price waa moderate. But alnce then,
ia price' bar advanced ae abarply ani
centiauoualy .that fifty cent -par bunch
i aeav being charged by Oriental vend
or. ethar . airailax bunahce had bean,
habitually Bold ia th J'oirUorial Mar
bet at twenty to twenty-five cant. I
ri mm i r
Goes To Auction Said and Re
; turns To find Her Goods 'and
' Chattels pumped Into the
street, Whereupon $he Breaks
into .Louap,.'.t-'tr:'A:V.-.
; Hhm-V rovAl? peree is deserted to-
dy and it qwwdom eeupant,;th'e roy-
al '"Princeee TWaee la !' A.'
-i . v r.-.' r. .." ' -
but it cannot t truthfully aaid that ahal
ra aejtea..'satbr It aha tndlaaat,
ot to ay paad, and katVolubiHt 1a
eoninirnaurala arlth vr .Jadlaation." '
Truly, th 'World U npalda dowa Hh
tha ,'jrieeaa,'' feea bet! pk .graaa.
parrot fiaraiata ia Jkahglngatpaida down
ia bia'aaga and Maving bar to do ail
the- taUlng Uik to which ' tha pb
erqt admU aha U fulquaj. . ! i
A lot ih royal aonaort, 'Baron.'
9iliau, ia departad Ja adranaatof
tha eyalona, per,bapa o on td the joy"
al jpUntationa, , v . , ; . ) ,' ,:.' .
Tovl advantage waf tak.cn yeaterday
f tha 'PrlnM.". Whila aha attend-,
ad a anetloa aala, atiniona of th law,
anting oa behal of th Biahop Eatat
Appeared at th Gort Lot "paUea" and
BBeeremopiogaly dumped the royal Ura
ajid pente into tha atreet.Taey vea
ehuok.a the royal aatomobi e from the
fk I ' . r WW. MH
pit th aejoaur and, to add inialt. to
injury, nllted tb innoeoat ,aid of tha
neir apparent, tA utile Adopt dangh
tey Af tb "PrUeM'4o help carry
out the royal Impediment. i .
laon'a Xan Ban ; ''"
..JWhaa MPriaeeaa" Thereaa returned,
ah gaaed in honor at tb mm, than
brok into language. Aad Attorney
Clarcae OUoa, acting for tba Biahop
batata, amea ana abetted by Engineer
Qeorge Collins, caught th brunt of it.
Eia ear are buroiag yet. ) . ''
"Tb "Princeaa" aaid many tbinga
Among them, ba aaearted .that W. B.
CaatU waa i ceal "miaaionary" and the
friend ef bft Hawaiian, which ahe
could not aay uf W. O. Smith.
Alao. the indignant "Priaeeaa" bint
ad darkly at aajrateriou ealamitie that
were .due Ao befall Olao and bet other
"peuecutota." : She jmehtioned kahu
na, 8h yeferrad to th itpd of jCap-1
jin ureen, remarking that a had re
fnaedler a tbikat to th funeral aery
lee af the Jate .QueW, aad something
bad happenedtp him. Bhe remarked
that there waj ilbieaa in Mr. OJUoa'a
hmilr Vn.d he had better look ,out:
Dire Thrwt . .v r'O
" ?, aji4 yoa Jid letVer ataad oq
gDrd. here; all nUht, teeAe X laight
' Tbla' la my Mtale bare: it Jiam
fom my jrranafatberj that propertf
ovpr infra jr .pcwimaa' tAat'a mJn
too. Property all oyer here. ie mine'.
know. wh,6 waa Ira; Biahop 'a father
and J k9r who , amebaoieba V'
4 TtllV.Ll ,tU MC'
J Lt.h.? through.
lonr liat of rooertie around tow,
W)ich Wr 'rfajjy'rara.
-"Why didn't the Biahon folate ae-
1 m" ' letter akVing me to get out t"
i ar"Ba;, they have to
whije fcV away d throw
"v thjnga out jn tha atreet
ThO- BTit JOf wl1l a werved at
pl br'DeputylSheriir Juliua Aacb..
7 Kalmyk,
'''' " i
' .-..v . .wu. ... a.juwu
, .pa lfn A aa- nArTf"n PP n
ated Preaa) The 4tb f Viee-er-
Kaant Wultor, one pt tb moat .aacceae
lul .of iderrna aurroea. i corLed ia a
Monieb depath t b ikal An xei ger
ot Berlin. It i olaimed for bim that
J); wa yie.toriou in bringiag down 28
enemy machine.
... s,rHOWrY.TO.&AyE FUEL
EW! VoBrt.' January ijii(Aaocta
fed Press) Th fa.el administrates
today recommended that the Prsidnt
declare eaeb Monday, a holiday through
fut th Eat for alga or ten successive
week Ja order t atop industry that
day and thua eon serve fuel.
1 -' 11 '. H 1 I" Jl.i" ..Mi
know whereof apeak, and my facta
r tj-eltfht. ' , '
It atrike me that it la hiirh im
for ah aathorities avbo have ao atupid
ly.gugglad thia bnaiaeaa to reeogniae
their bluader .and teetore to tha mar
he :thr retail. functioa which it pre
vioualy enjoyed. My .raaaarka aonaera
ing banana wiH -hold aoad when an
uvea .to ait eiaaae of produot meata,
vagetaoiea, et cetera which had been
formerly retailed fit (hat locatiqa. Un
lea w eaa bav A greater degree of
intelligence,, and a laaeer degree pf in
difference t)p the interest of the poor
er'Claaae of he community in evi
dene among out administrative board,
the eoat 0 living will rapidly aviate
imp in arm nigner ateuar apacea. 1
PtobikltsOB Toy !AU 1 7 ?
jno argument would appear necesaorv
to prove that-if it be wise o reatriot,
or proniDic tne wee of booie to our
aoldiero a tiaifornt, t)) name principle'
and theory iheull) be applied to our
nuniftmtedildier and every man,
woman and child of th community
(except a few vli-loue Hun who atill
infat our Island -Paradise) may logic
ally . do included Wltnin thia elaaa. Jn
thi onnec,tlon It la s-ratifvinir to ob-
nerv. t,bt our chamber of commerce,
tb grand Jury, and the different clubs.
qf refweaeuWr-tiy eiUaeoa bve finally
called npoa the President to arclse
the ttntM" V coaf erred upoa him by
eeogreea, ,and -to prohibit the aale of
liauer atiraly U)o 4bi Island. We
are' ia tbia war to win, and so effort
baylpg? teaaeaable- leadeacy toward
auccea :liquil e ovrrloekad or eg
leetml. aiWAT TUB HUim
'. . W. I?FQJU.
January 15, 1818.
... . .
WASHINGTON,. January 15. (Aairo
elated Pre) Senator Chamberlain of
Oregon' tod. at tba'renueat of' the
?it -a'?nL, JBtrvneM . t,u.. ,n i
.' - . ' ' .... . . . -:
th atnat requiring the registration
or an male wao ,aav reached th age
of twenty-on year ince the aelcctive
draft law became effective.
' Other taeaaore introduced by Sen
ator .Chamberlain provide for- giving'
furlough t national army men.
Th war department baa rejected th
plan to rata th draft age limit now.
i f ollowing . report of tha death at
Damp Wheeling, Ohio, of Major A. P.
Gardner,- former Maaaaohuaetta . ea-
greaamaa, due 4o pneumonia, a moiu
tioa waa today introduced ty an Ohio
eongreaeman calling for aa inveatita
tioa of eondltioaa at Camp Wheeler (by
th bouae aiilitary, comraitte. . ,
' ' i, .. ,Y I
if i'l'.-.i i
No Trace of the Money Has Bepn
CAMP CTIN8TOX, ..Hansa-i, January
I Aaaociatad Pre) -Captain Lewie
R. WhUUr,.of Baliaa, Kanaka, who kill-!
ed bimeelf after it was euapected that
h waa th ma! who fobbed the army
bank lat Friday night, aeeured
826 a th proceed of the robbery, ac
cording to an ofOcial check the rreujta
of which were announced yeaterday.
No trace 'of th money, fcowever, haa
Deen rou,nd, though the. antboritiee are
making a thorough aeareh
, Whlsler killed himself after an
order bad been isroed' that all captalna
ahould report at headqnartera and have
their finger print taken, the o)e bwh
official aurvLving the Agbtthat preceded
tee robbery having aaid :that one (of
the highwaymen wore the uniform .of
ajn .army .captain.
' ?.. -; i' i' hi . 1
"WASHrNaTON, January 16. (Aao-
elated Press) Secretary of Labor!
WUa'on yeaterday named an advisory
council, With John Lind of Minneaojt
who'wa ent to Mexico a the apeclal
representative of the Preaident, a ta
caaimaa. Tb fanotion of thi .com.
mtttaa. wiH be to aid 4he (department
of Jabot in the aettlmnent of the labor
piobbema arming out of. the war.
' '"V
party ot .az uerman anon enemies
who- arrived here aome time ago from
Manila, 'where they had been taken
from iate'raed Genoa voaaeia, will .be
aw aooa Tor confinement at the gov
ernment station at Hot Hpriaga, N
0 according to announcement today
?b party includea 132 offieera of
Oentoaa afaipa, fourteen children, sixteen
women aeut avu sailors.
.. .. ;
PKN8ACOLA, Florida, January 1
"I want to ght the kaiser and ia aot
wiah 4o be exempted because of my
age' aaid 'William Morrow today
when he appeared before a judge to
611 out hie questionnaire. They were
the fir at word be bad epoken in fifteen
year, having been deaf and dumb.
While driving to the city Morrell fll
from hia wagon, having nosed, and the
two -loat facultiea were restored. 1
wmi'trie amebican abmy is
FRANCE, January 15. (Associated
Presa) ICxtenaiye training quarters
will be eatabliahed in England and
France for a corps of several thousand
mochaair te reair and Cre for the
'nacXne of American airmep. Wash
ington ,hae been naked to eend to Eg
an.l , LVHI bricklayer and carpenters
and lao a large number of laborer for
I'onstruetion work at the training qur
Ura. When .the work in England ia
completed the conatructioa men will
i-ome to France to build quartera here.
FAIRBANKS, Alaska. January li-
(Associated Preaa) Vilhjalmar Strf
anaapo, aeted Arctic explorer, ha dis
covered 'several hitherto uncharted
large islands .north of Bankalnd. ac
cording to Captain L. I Lane, who ia
bringing direct new from the explorer.
LONDON, - January 10 tAaaocintied
frers) Tbe Moat Heverent Coamo (Jor
don Lang.. archbishop of York, annciuac
ed yeaterday that be would make a vis
it to America. The purpose of his con
templated visit ia not atated.
, ,
Ilon't ovrmtraln the fine membrane
nf your throat i (trying to dislodge
the phlegm. Chamberlain' Cough
Remedy will nrcompliah thi for you,
and fure the reld .that Ja rauaw it
For aa by all dealer. Beoaon, Smith
A Co., Ltd., agents for ,Haw ail. Advertisement.
PapUWu NewTdut To friculcate
: v Sense find Patriotism In ;
i. '
young. feUoyys.,;
The Papancou'Srhooi -Newe of lai
tM.- 1 - .
nuiwiv wmuiiii a ui or DUim ddu
atv th.-.hM u :ai,
mhnW ' tl,,lri,.,U U -...-J .
r, j
are m nuuuer or. aaiareatiog
new item that children, and possibly
teachers, of ether schools will want to
read. Tb following ia taken from the
laat issue of the News: ' - . -
Thia la the first number of tha Ni
published thi y oar. We believe In a
good beginning, but mean to make each
number of onr little sheet better than
tba onr before. We hope every onii
ia the school will help the editor te
keep their New Year's resolution.
What, kind pf an American are yont
. ' '
School Opened on Wednesday'. Janu
ary fi, and we returned rested after our
vacation and reody for the. long, hard
null to Juaev 'A number of pupils have
left ya during the change from he oM
10. in new year, out we notice newt
faeea on the playground. We are sor
ry to lose our Md fnenda asd glad to
see the new osmc. )
V .0 . . .
Term Jamioetlon-
The term examinatlona are over, bnt
let na review, the result and see where
we eaa Improve neat time for. 'We
live te learn. . , t. .. '
Tha seventh firade had the hlsheat
class average, Mz.9 percent and the.
eighth grade, 2.2 peraent.
i h pupita wao had the highest aver-
agea in-each Af the grades werei
nrta grade: Kacuo Aimeda. 92 per-.
cent) Jack 1 Wilkie, 90 percent.
Mixta gradei unarlee KaBaha. 87 per
cent. ' 1
Seventh Jrrade: Kataue Takakawa.
9) percent; MUtiyo Nakao, CO percent.
lAunm grade: Anita J. Carvalho.
93 percan.t; i.Toeaka Nahanoqch 87
peraent. ! . - j r
w 9 m
Boost tb Bad. roa f'
Are yoa gouig to be less oatriotU
than our soldier who are, at the frost t
At least yoa ean enow yeurptotiam
and loyalty Jy .subscribing .to fth Aaa
ericaa Had Creea, aad by inducing th
ere to Jo likewiae. .1-
f .'
We bave received a fiae new flag.
There are few) eights a fine as the
right of our .flag floating proudly in
tb air. When -w look up to it and
behold Old Glory floating from -the
flag pole, we . are sure that to other
flag ia blf ao. beautiful .
' ' ... '. ' :
. Some chose to "believe' ia "tbe lroair
of fate' but tiers I no, anet thing
a chance ia fhi4 univprae pf.lwv gul
cheer. If you wish to wiaVetrtaiti
no denbta about your su.ec.eae .and vo
ahead with confldenee hat bck thia
eqnfldence fJ ; iU rir might. ( i
'.-,1;' " 1 . ,' '. t m ".'., .
Polici Slow In Paying Atteniion
To Corjiplaint That Cottage
, ' , Was Burglarised
Repeated burglariea at the govern
ment school 1a Kaaeohe,. thi iiland,
during the, past few week got so on
the nerves of. three of th teachers
that -they left th school and cam to
the city, returning only yesterday after
they were assured that the police had
finally., managed . to capture a boy
attending -the achoOl and who is be
lieved to be the author ef at least aome
ef the burglariea.
The aehool cottage, occupied by Miss
l.uoee Spalmer, principal, and ber assls
tanta Miss -MeCord, Miss Maraball,
Miaa Wong Wl. Mr Alice Wong, M.iaa
Butler and Abel Cathcart, waa entered
on a number .of . oneariona - and their
euit eases and other belonging rifled.
Folic PlPW On tb Job
Complaint ia aaid to bav been made
lo Deimtr Bheriffv Wallie Davis, but
it em that- it waa wijong time after
fin before the police began to pay any
at tenaioa to AJia matter. , .The cottage
va ectencd Again last ftunday .night
n tlire aeparat occasions, and the
telephone it found to bare been cut.
( Condition became ao unboarable at
thia school that the teachera threatened
to resign and leave the place. .Three
lof them actually came luto 4 he aity
with the intention of etaying away
(altogether from Kaneohe. It was only
yeaterday ibut they rmus tiravailud to
yetur aad only after, they were a aured
that tue police were at iaat on the job
and aomethiag wou)d be doe to protect
the teaehcr. .
1 Th boy .qner arrest sd vhc is
elieyed Xo have praetiead the burg
larie ia en of the blggeet attending
the achooi, but It is believed hi he
Iwaa not alone aud ,tit .be .had 9pu
federatea other thaa school mates.
1 . .. ,
Sdioo Notes
ai ,
T Superintendent 'Kinney, who taaajieo
fiu the Island of Hwaii tb pt itn
days, ia expected hp returp in the
M nuna Kea froia Hilo pext Saturday
morning. i , v . j , ,
' Mine Klviva Soper, of the -faculty
fit the Central Drnmm Rrbflpl, andji-n,, mpy9. hiaV.Uu and Honokaa.
Hgt. Charles J. Willett, V. P.- Am were
married in Honolulu laat Saturdnv.
' The Educational Review, ihe eAejel
publication of the department of pub
)ic instruction, for January will be oat
aome time this wetik.
The next meeting of the board of
duntian jwijl Jie Jiuld probably in
May. Th -annual ateet lag. will be held
either in July (r August, when the
auuovl api'Utmit t 4as iuw aubiiui.
year will be made.
Teftf irt einfeir' jot . , Hi ;ii(julty-
' What Their Duties Are pur-
'tog School Recess r
The- following
(a t nk iti from a
mnhhM nruM.i ) a Afai '
r-.t i
P"wipmi ai toe ruoaiuae. ov, aa)o
f bU faeflty 1
yesr. '
written, for t be menUiera
t tii baginpiog or the
The Paper states verv clearly what It".
to be exprtetetl of teacher In he way1!
ef recesa'dnty and ha beert aojnmend
ed by th pertinent of edueaUoa to
all teachera who may bve bnj doubt
a to thi lr reaponibility in th matter:
"Teacher are orTcte1 ' te' be fia
duty fifteen minute ef-r 4h time
set (or heginniiK oo each acbooj
day-and rcmrln on dutv eontiauoaaly
011 yi'r ntpi't ha" heea properly
dirmied after two V'c-k. .The )n
termiaaion are the mort trying tine
of th day,. Most aceUtent., fights.
riot, et cetera, taka plac at th
times. It follow that these are timee.
or Tur greatest reaponaibllity. jo
teacher can do her duty to the school
if she retire, to th privacy of tier Br
ing apartment during the noon reoea.
Broken arm and ether injuriee pill
be charged against teachera who are'
not reasonably vigilant at ,'ttme, of
danger aa well as at other -times. A
letter frorot. the inspector general .of
aehoole state emphatically ia regard
to 'yard duty or .the aupervisioa and
direction of the playground at recea
time" that it la a duty 'which w tea
eonably expect of principal .and
teacher. ' . ,
Work For AH ' -'
. "It i alao atated that 'Prineipala
must direct teachera to .efficiently au J
ttervln the eehnAl t Tha aMM.H
ment (f teacher to yard duty will ,be
posted in tae Teachera' Kererenec-Bulletin
of Instruction ' which WiH lb
kept in th principal 'a room for -the
informotioB of the teachei; TeaeberaV20) pernfanant atreet. aurvey for
mnat keep themselves thoroughly in
formed on the- instruction '-contained
In thi , bulletin. All teacher ot
specially assigned to yard duty, are as
signed to erv in a Irnilar. capacity
ia the room and halls. Teachers ahoeld
exercise authority over any 'pupil tof
the eebool whenever eon,ditia .ariaej
."W are required to teach 'Oood
Manner and Right Conduct. The
fault pf children should e torreeted
aa . they occur. Hence ; the. Acacher
ahould direct-the manner end eoadaet
of h' pupil throughout '. tb' aehool 1
day.'. 'Thia can beat, be aena . wtuinl
pupil lave (he freedom of -the room.
You eaa get beat result at jptermia
aioM. ' .-' r . ; .
4 ' We ehotild uadeTaland that the ,po
titinna we hold 'were .not made especial
ly rer tie nor. that we are ratner am-.
ployed '' fll) th?ir- rju,iemeiits rt
rnrve.'thf pupils -to tha t of veur
;r"Th door of tb cheei -bnrldinge
wilt aot be' open "to the pupils until
eight-forty-flv. ! Weather icomli-
tiooa make Meaary te .admit 1 the
. '1 - m. . .' ..''.I. 1. . .
pupus rafu.Br, jt igiurioi(a'w macs
teacher ia expected to be at her dnk
with aM preparatto made for the da 'a
work, , Pupils sbould be admitted to
their. lrom .-at. this tim but they
should be required to maintain proper
decorum. luetr conduct ahould .be
anch aa - ia naturally Ao- be ' eweeted
in a well regulated home presided over
b" reflned- parent who consider child
ren or nrst importance.
4 ' The Jieoi that I torn nice for
children is ot to he thought of in
thi cqnnection. ' Children ahould be
given a warm welcome to quietly and
modestly -enjoy the .freedom of the
school buiUtag, wtthia raaaoaable lim
Uatipna, bnt loud and boisterous con
duct should be forbiiblen. Children
ahould not be allowed to. run through
the building, loiter or plr ia the hall,
or veretep r.ne reaaonobi limit .or
good breeding.-' Tbey should be taught
to throw their weight en their toe
when walking in -t he building and thua
avoid a- great deal of noise.
A number .pf .new -teacher who ar
rived Ja ah Qovrer last week fpr the
goverameai auheoie- have -already been
assigned by the department of public
Two were sent to auaJ-r-Mla K$te
Feeney to Makawell and "Mia Rose
Kchracpfey 4 JCelo;, Auw Ir Wit
lium wcat.Ao KAabua, Maui; Mis
Jaanita Melvjh to Kurtiatown Olsa
Hawaii, nd Mia "Mary Elliott. I si
and of Hawaii, whare aha waa to be
located by Superintendent Kinney, who
ia jdow on ine oig xaiana. I
Misa Grace finellipg Jia been aaail
ed from Kurtlateayn, Qlaa, Hawaii, to
Alaa, tlui ialatuL. .
Ull A HawiCjury'i-Th board
or upar((i)ra.. waa asked today fcy F,
A. Clowea, vocational instructor in the
county schools,- for an appropriation
or ajt ito na. u provide poultry
proof Cenaing for.. tha aewVy establish
ed food gaatieM 4a connection with the
suheal at IVehea. allatuiil Mountain
View. An additional appropriation of
$300 wa ashed by Mr. Clowe, this
latter amount to ib used for the pur
chase of malarial for building shops
and cottages, aud for making furniture
o.be distributed among the follow
ing eefeools:' Hilo "High Kchool, I'apui
HAN FRANCISCO, January li (Aa
I stMiiated Pre,) eeiiteiiee on H. A,
Hchroeder, fermer clerk of II. Hackfcjd
A Co., who ha pleaded guilty ofi com
uiutuy. la dk. Uiiulu eotispitacy, waa
" today deferred for two weeka.
e'.Vt,i.. :u' i tijii . ni Xh
UUCI VIOVI U,Cllill Ul.JjCI puoju
To : Add ToVEjqujpment But
' McClcHan and Petrie Object ;
V1jorou effort On rbe part pf Super
visor Belllna at last night 'l meeting
ot. iU bof', of uf,"i" o care
" appropriatioa of $20,78 for the
purchaa of additional flr fighting
equipment waa frustrated by SupervT
or ;MeCTellan and relriirwbtr, afUr
dwelling on the financial atanding 'of
in enry manage to Aave the question
referred to the way and mean eonamit-
Jhe. resolution fa Introduced by
link called ferie purchase of one
combination chemical and -hoae ear,'
Seagrave Are apparatus, model 26, .at
$83417 aad one combination . pumpfcng'
engine and bone ear, Seagrave fire ap-i
paratua, model 106, hi $12,381. Tlui
expenditure,, aaid Bplliaa, waa absolute
ly eresaa:y in the .beat interests of the
city and be urged the approval of lie
recommanaauona. ,
Supervisor MeClellaa xpresad him
self aa opposed to makiag any large ap-
(iruixisiou uniu uia .Doarw anew rr
aetl how the finances ef the city stood.
The last .board wa little over-cealoua
ia .this respect, be id and h saw no
reason why the broaent .board should
act kimllarly. (rClelln intimated that
be wa aot against the appropriation of
$.20,748 for the purchase of new fire
equipaaeat if the meaey wa available.
aad being uppote la thia eosBeetloa
ry supervisor Petri 'the matter waa
deferred. . . ;,.
Among the other ' ppropriatione
whioh.eame before the board last night
and whleh passed first reading weie
For the aonerete lialne? of the ditch
in Kewelo, $,1600,' oiUng of atreeU ia
the Manoa ' Improvement ' tKatrlct.
Honolulu, $1000:: aidewalk survey of
the' Maaea. Improvement Sietriot Ke
1, $199; additions to enulpmest Hono
lulu-district court, $10S. anatalllns
water main, Second Avenue, KaimuXi.
$25, and donation te th Palolo flospel
MUaipa, $180. 7 js . .
Rivers. rut Harbors Committee
Asks For Information. ; . .
The river aad harbors earn ml tie oj
te hbuse- of 'repeeattlvee at Waah
ipgtc 4. apparently., eoasideriajr. thi
Nawiliwili ' breal-watez. project Which
hae iong been proposed by the titi
denU of Xauei, by the local legialat
i, . aad y army angtneers aMacbed
the Hawaiiaa Dep"tmeiit. A bL
waa Teceived -yeateniay by. Raymond iC
Brewn, seeretary ' of .the chamber lOfd
commeree aakiag him to wire . the
etata of -the '"Nawiliwili condemn
lloa froeeedihga. .4. .
SwreUrTi Hr eal.l ae ,ho madt
inquiry o Superintendent of Publlf
Work ; W. .a. Hobby ceaeerning. th
query, and yeeelved the inforavatioa
chat- -th condemnation proceeding ,to
obtain necassary land for the project
were in preparation, but uit had not
been actually entered in the court.
The infennatiea ' haa -beoa cabled to
A simitar cable waa received ester
day by Delegate Kalaniaaaole, sent to
him from. Washington by hia aeere
tary, Angae Etly.. .
TOKItt Jatiaajy J5. (Special Cable
to -Mpnu Jlti) A. etato, Japanese am.
tasaador to Washington, -who- waa re
Krted to have resigned from pis post,
ert yvasnington last r ri.tay and ia now
in hia way to Japan. Thia information
waa contained In a special Washington
leapalch to the Jiji Sliiapo. one of the
ending sanies in Tojno.
T. ..... k. . . ' '
The reason for Sato's return haa aot
been given out, but it ia believed that
he will resign following bis arrival in
Tokio, Viscount lahiL wbq waa the
head of tba Japanese mlneion to the
United rUates, u regarded as the leg
rai eamniiate to succeexi fato, shooui
he latter resign. Baron 8.. Uriu, a re-
ire. I aiuniral, i also mentioned n
candidate foe th post.
Lame arid Achy
Every MSmin
There 'a little aeaci when your kid
neys are weak and while at first there
may be nothing more serious than dull
bin' k suae, abarp, stabbing pains, head
acbea, dizxy Dulls aiul kulney irregu
luritit', yoa must act quicklf to avoid
be more serious trsuMe, dropsy, era vol
heart disease, Bright 's disease. Vse
Doan ' Baokache Kidney Pills, the rem
edy that Is ao warmly reoommaBded
here and every hare.
"When Your Back la Lame Remem
ber ,tke Name." (Don't simply ask for
a kidney remedy ask distinctly for
Doan' Backache Kidney Pills and take
no othor). Dunn's Backache Ki.lucy
Pill are sold by all druggist and store
keepers, or will be mailed on .receipt of
arte by; the Hnllitr .JDrug Co., or
Hsusoo -mitb A Co., agtMits for the
Hawaiian Islands. (Advertisement)
... 1 1 r r : r .
' ;
-i IJ Aid
Appears To' Have Inside Track
and To Be Distancing All
' Other Candidates
Coke Expected To Be Left On
Supreme Bench But May Be
Elevated To Chief Justiceship
A new Governor for Hawaii will prob
ably be named by President Wilson
ithin a few days, according ' to
advice received from Washington in
yeaterday' mail. And lndicattona
point strongly to Clinton J. Hutchin
aa the man. ' '"''V "
There atirl remalna tho possibility, It
appears, that the President mny avoid
the trouble of making an appointment
by letting the. incumbent aerve on for -
time, but it la hardly probable that
such a plan will be adopted. ; v
In any event, it ia eertaia that Link
McCandlesa ha no more chance than a ;
jack rabbit in a dog pen. A to Profes
sor Bryan, he ia still lingering around ,
tli capital, hof.ing that the lightning
may bit him, but , hia lightning rod
ewins to be a non-conductor, .v. ,
Ooke Kay Be Chief Justice " .
Judire Coke likewise appenrs to be '.
oit of it. fiot that the judge i aot re
garded aa a good man, but he ha made
40 good on the supreme bench ' that
ibere .is reluctance to remove him, un'
less It be to elevate him to the chief
iut leer-hip left vacant by the resigna
tion of A. O. M. Bobcrtadn.
Hutch. na appeara to have bfen rrow-
ing atendily atronger, .every day now '
tdhi no appointment la made adds to
his chuores. He seem to be lining op
strong senatorial aupport behind him,
tupport of such a nature that it cannot ,
be easily overlooked by Secretary Lena
and . President Wileon. :. v .
Weald Be American Oovsrnor
Hutehiu' appviatmant would be re-
reived with ; .enjhnaiasra ' locally, for
Jtauirb ,tber are many who would like
see "Jim" Coke made Governor,
they: know that if that la not to- be,
Huteblna is the . logical piaa-for the
job. It ia alao realised that, if Hut-
f hin ia made Governor of Hawaii, the
Territory will hav a chief executive
raoli neither ouarreleome nor peevish.
Who .doesn't Jive to work off old
grudge aad who ia a rea American
wao i aot axrai to coma out In the
open -and spreaa . .hi, . imtriotiam ia
word that cub b understood.
. (Mail Bpecial to ' The Advertiser)
W1ASHIN0T0X, January . 5 Ooa-
tp Jliea fast and frequent rv here, in
re the goveronihlp of HawaiL Perhaps
it i hardly anything more than idle
gossip at that, for opinion wavers a to
whaftbe outcome will be. Caaflidirtea
ar certainly hopeful but' foundation
for bop 1 not altogether clear to, thoae i
wno aaye no particular interest... '
' Not long ago one who had seen Pre,
ident Wilson came away with th Idea
that It. would certainly b "Coke or
ttntpara". vat a lew dayt afterward,
flol na th kaala .f ki. ... : n -
. - . vw mw. v i .... m'v I.
aurance, there apeedod word that Sec
retary of th Interior Lane bad remark- '
ed ia a Dremant utterance: "Oh wall
Coke ia doing nicely where he la. Don 't -yoa
think, aot" , :
That appeara to bave been the basis
for' the .conclusion that Coke waa out
of It. So the senator to whom the secre
tary expressed this opinion and Inquiry
inferred.. Since than' gossip ha been '
bnay with the nam of Cqk a Judge
Robertson ' successor.
Tb Stall rod" Ones '' " '.':;
The senator (that well fed rrotipl
wno csm oaea anouttng tor,-'i4uk"
McCnndles appear to have beard the
fateful, word aa to their favorite and
it 1 generally anderatood , la aeaator.
ml ' eirelme .now that 'Minkn cannot
''get, by''. l?ey. Mr. iWadmse, the nnti-.
Saloon Leaguer, who ia here, went to
Secretary I. ana kud exprewd abhor
renee at the idea of "Link'' being
made Oovernor. Mr. Wdmaa Is m- .
portlng-eClibton J. Hutchin, . wke atill
te,rflee at Washington, and appear to
be gathering, up atrong endorsements.
Underwood " of Alabarant' Mver of
Montana; aad Sheppard of Texas, are
a few of the aeuatorial aupportere be-
. L . ir : i mil:. . .
uihu iiv uvivsint uwn. im xHJtim is
apparently gaining and every passing
uaj in wain tue numiuBiioa ia ueterrea
trobably helpa Mr. Hutebina, who weald
not be eligible on the point ef eitixen-
imp tin rcpruary. i criau w lr. ,
llutehina ia tiuttlni un a kmliv earn.
. . " 4 WW.
Bryan Look Around
Prof. W. A. Bryan enme over"f 'om
Philadelphia the other day nd liMiked
tround again. He was at the interior
lepartmont and held conference. But
it is asserted that Secretary Iaue has
nt made up hia mind about t'le eandi- '
dates and that the matter la' opon aa
far aa he ia concerned.
' tl.ifr ana M.iuth. In a .tfl. ' Ia. . . .
-- " - . . ... OT w . . j ' 1
all It cornea back to aomethlng lik
this: Will it not be the enslest thing
for the President to renominate fVov-,
ernor Iiukhamt Surely the Pruaidont :
haa mighty little time these war day
to devote to squabble over federal .
offices and possibly he haa littlo spirit
for it. He ran get Governor PinUinm
confirmed, If his friends deinnnd thnt
a i.uu. ui it uutvrnvr I'lairsin Should
be renominated and th senate should
refuse to confirm hinv the Oovnrnor .
can simply continue to serve till his'
successor is sclertel. ,
And It may be some .week I.nfora
the nominatlou in mnde, rltkonirh the.
asitertions that no nomination will b
mude and that the President wi'l pr- .
mit the tlovernor to serve en wl'hout'
any , attempt to renominate bim or to
uame somebody else are abtolutel' un
warranted. ' ' ., ;".,'(.

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