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!t6N0LtJLt)-1lAWAIt!'TERWt0RY,i,!vTnSIjAY;' 'JANUARY'
22, 1913, SEMI-WEEKLY.
I ' . ' - -' I IIIM it HI II
if '
a -
f ' "
Prc:'J:r.t Characterizes Crnatcr
Ycrk As Urlht::
ticr.i of TrL'..u3
' ?
i'Members of .Senate Assailed In
:; VV i' Speech and Colonel Roosevelt
Denounced As Aid To Prus
; elan Autpcracyj:N;J';v:i,fp A
; VASIliNGTDN,; January 22
'i;: f -; (Aisociited 'PrM)
. T Tigris , of l the 'widening" of the
. vf' breach between the President and
i leadcra in 'congres especially in
the aenate; multiplied yesterday
and ffiere rere further complica
; "V tiona ' p'ricipitatcd" . by Senator
: :. ' Stone of MiasdnrL" who bitterly
; attacked the Republican tninority
i ; And Colonel Roosevelt, thd former
: V Republican President ;
Iff ;(":. President' Wilson yesterday an
wered the speech which was de
' livered in New York by Senator
v Chamberlain of Oregon on Sat
St", nrda'y night .;to' ther : Republican
V 7 Club in NewxYork City in which
" (ormation of a civilian -war eoun-
'cil of three and the appointment,
of a purchaser, of, jnunitin;.;"' fiJ
his public statement of reply the
.'presideni'saidt--;v !'.', ':- '' ;
" v" Thii asiertipns made Iry iM-pa-'
tor Chamberiafti in Jiis NewYjnlf
on Saturday evening are
k,tnihine and uniutif5nh
f ". ':'. ' .'Vl.'. ,1r..'t m.i f.l.l
i vq djicu a ana ucuuaie tnc
'tasks of' the .government which
can com fronj such criticism nor
from such a tiased affair as the
investigation which he reported."
He denied -in "toto "charges of in
activity and inefficieney as voic
. cd by Chamberlain.
Hoping that' Mr. Wilson will
support the bill providing for a
director of war munitions, to be
appointed by the. President, Sen
ator Hitchcock has submitted the
draft of the proposed measure to
Secretary Baker, to discuss with
the President.
The President made known his
rocklike resistance 1 to' this bill
early today when he notified the
senate Democratic leaders that
he would use all his influence to
beat the war council bill. This
measure has been indorsed by the
military committee, after the
committee had investigated vari
ous phases of the 'war prepara
tions' under Secretary Baker.
. "The President will fight the
war council bill to a finish, was
the word brought to the CpitoI
when the senators assembled in
the cloakrooms preparatory to
the opening of the session.'
No sooner had the senate gone
into session and begun djscussion
of the war council bill' than there
began what already Is shown to
. be the greatest political debate
of the war.
Senator Stone, opening the
fight for the Wilsoni Democrats,
charged that the Republicans are
playing politic and are. attempt
ing, through political maneuvers
in connection with,.' the adminis
tration's part in the war, to seize
power as a party move.
lie arraigned in bitter terms
Senator Penrose of Pennsylvania
and William R. Willcpx, the Re
publican chairman, and in even
more scathing language he de
nounced Colonel Roosevelt.
(Continued oa Pe?e ft, Column, a)
Vienna Despatches Do Not Make
L Clear, Whether, Political .Dis
; turbances Upset Dual Empire
Government Or. Minor Body .
A M8TER IUM, January ?2 ( Arto
iat4 rt-ew) The kAastrian -ministry
rndgnad. yeMerday auA' thli -p61Ui!l
dlatarliaiKe ft (Ma to the' gooerij cou
fuaioa'aMl by the great ttrika ainoug
tha'munllioB'workara aal otheYMnanq
tmetatlig einployea, wu are demanJ
lag Immediate peae la airder tliai the
food aitnatioa may- be -relieved. ' Tbe
ViennA doapatrhea aonoHoea that CouQt
von Tgjrnborj( baa bees called aiptfa
to form a ministry to take ove the
rein of government. , f : . - 'J
. Tba Tifnaa Oeapatchea regarding the
reclamation of the ministry are . t rag
tnentary ' and incomplete. ' Tbey tin
nake it plain whether it ia the, im
perial government of Auitro-IIungary
vhleh baa fallen, with Count CserniA
at of power, or whether it ia the Aus j
inaa miBiairy, me wtaor Doay, neade
bjp r. von Soydler. It iw- genefany
auppoeeA here that it la the latter who
have real gned. 'if '.,
(Aeeording to advirea from 'a nm
bef of. Aantriaa ointa, the great; strike
which broke , out at Vienna on Satur
day and which spread throngh many tf
the jnain Austrian eitiee baa now spread
into Hungary, where the masses are
making demonstrations 'and demanding-
peace. Duneriag among tba people f
both Austria and Hungary ia reported
to be widespread,'. there beiag neither
food nor fuel.euScieot to meet, ereo
the 'limited demand permitted by tlje
god administrator. ' - . , i4 t ; .-
. ., rr ' ' i . .I-, V
Extreme Socialists Call For Or
ganizatiort of Forces To
Defy the Government
BTOOKHOLli, January tl (A sso
eiattd Press), Dissensions already
threatea to disrupt the newly establish
ed Bepublie ' of . Finland and bring
about conditions similar to the intoler
able ones which have ariaen in Russia.
As result of the decision of the Fin
nish diet whieh authorised the govern
ment to organiae an. effective force
to preserve order, the executive com
mittee of the Hor.ialiata he isnued a
proclamation calling upon the prole
tariat to join forces against the gov
Organisation of such forces has al
ready been begun but it is not believed
many other than extreme .Socialists
will follow the advice of the proclama
tion. r s-M
Provisional Agreement Between
Netherlands and United States
Is, Announced
WASHINGTON,' January 21 (Asso
ciated Press) The Dutch government
today, aigned a provisional agreement
with the United States government for
the chartering by Ibe Vnited States
shipping board of eighty Dutch vessels
at an America a port, for one round
trip, to carry Belgian food supplies
through The ' Ne therlands. Hupplie
may be taken to Switzerland later from
the American coast, and possibly the
verscls .wilLe used to take sugar from
President Issues Orders For Sun
day Conduct
WASHINGTON, January L'i--(Aso
ciated Press) president Wilson venter
day isaued ordera that there shall l
strict Habbath ' observance iu all
brunches of the military mid naval tcr
vices. ' ' '
The Presideut asks that there shall
be uo Sunday labor ia any of the mili
tary camps and posts and that all work
to be done ahull be reduced to meat
urea of the strictest necessity.
. v (
Power of Peace And
War Lies VJith Kaiser
And iExclusivei
WASHINGTON, January ' 13
,y (Associated Proas) Power
i - to mane war and power to
n ..make.. peace is the exclusive '.
right of the emperor of Oer-,
, manv, "This is devlared in, a
; resolution passed by the Prua-?
. slan ehambea. of lords, advices .
. f rom .Herne received hero ,soy. '
.: ' 'The resolution passed by the '.
'Chamber- of lortls waa after-'
ward preaeated to the citizens
of-Berlia, accompanied by aa
explanatory commentary. The -'
. -resolution reatlirm tlio exrlai y
. slve right of the Kaiser to V
make aar-iand to arrange , the t
terms of peace.
'.' : The' eommentary say the
;' ' President of the United States
. baa asked whether the negotlai ,
tlona whih were carried on at '
; ltrcst-Llfovsk were .in the name
."of the reichstag majority or in
. ' the name of aome military j
purij., -rrvr our' pan we ar--.,
firm that.it ia the German em-W
erof who ia conducting those :'.
peace negntiatlona and wko,
under "the term of our eonsti-
tutioa baa the -exclusive right.7
of declaring war and of makipg '.-
peace,' ; ;
Von JHertling Promises Address
Jiiursday and Kuehlmann To
iSpK: ln,Reichstag;;,
''.rli'ill'.i;''"-- -"-vV
cliitei. Preis'iJn-fionuV-iwvtiertUngr''iri
l -.-.entmrelUir. --vwtj ,:.4tc'uer tis'
u.rlcer'poxtpnned Stddreie ia ejrly to
Prenide.nl AV'Uaoh and Premier Lloyd
Oeorge ia, tJia reichstag eo Thursday,
aecordiae. to last night's advices from
Berlin. ' Tht Chaacellor is reported to
be greatly, improved in health.
The address is Maoaaced in advance
as one of importanso, so much so that
Foreign Minister von Kuehlmann is ex
pected to resume his place in the reich
stag to take part in the hree days'
debate which fa expected to; follow the
All Parties Oppose Acceptance of
United States Terms For
Food Supplies
CX)PEN1UQEN, J auuary "t'i ( Asuo
einted Press) A U of )be pelitii-ul pur
ties of Norway are united in a policy
for refusal to accept the terms of the
V ni ted States relative to supplying
food supplies an food stuffs 'with de
mands for shipping and export guaran
tees, is reported in despatches from
Christiania to the National Tldende and
published by that paper. Such terms
eannot be accepted, it is insisted and
it is urged Norway should propose a
new basis for the settlement of the
It has been the cUint sf Norway
from 4he outset that to yield to the de
mands of the United States in all re
spects relative to the re-exportation of
goods would mean, practically, that
Norway must abandon a policy of neu
trality toward Germnny. This Norway
has steadily refused to accede to. In
contention it baa urged ' unless sup
plies for stock come in the animals will
have to be killed or must e sent to
Germany in large numbers for slaughter
Norway also insists on retaining its
shipping for its. own purposes and
points to the large shipping losses it
bus sustained U 1 reason for its rn
quiremeut of ail remaining shipping.
NEW YORK, January 22 (Associat
ed PresaJ Stormy weather was geu
erql throughout Europe yesterday and
till the armies were storm blocked. Ex
cept for some minor artillery uctivity
there waa almost a complete cessa
tion of hostilities along all the buttle
front. Secretary of Wr Baker' weekly re
view of the war. situation nays toduy
that the Alllea are xuaiutaiuiug 'au
expectant attitude on tho Western
Ir'rout. The Buesian event have in
creased the strategic possibilities of the
Teutons, as the Teuton armies are left
with greater freedom of niovemeut
agaiust which the Allies nrc i,;il:int
ly guarding.
Rigors of. W'Ur, Attack Realm
, of. Kaiser: Much . as They
.HaveVnlted States ,
City of Cassc! Flooded and Cities
.' On Rhine Are Seriously !
, i' Endangered By Rise : ( .
NEW YORK;January 22p
".Associatod f rress) Jil,.
Crertnavny. the grip of winter is e5
ing' Severely 'fcU just its it 'has
coaly, been Jin this 'couhtryU:
HcaVyv' s'Hw,irms f and ; floods j
have . occakioiid Vcniou 'damage j!
and are 'iying ltj todustriej, it f
reported front Uinstcrdam,; .Ty
Heavy. 'snowtormM-liave swW-,
it -v-
len the rivers if ferjnanyraus
i'ng serious floods A:here they have
risen1 hieh.abovV their banks i'.e
River Fulda H high above the
danger.'! mark 'and1 the important
jnanuiacruring,vciij ot , vsci,
capital pf 'Hesse-Nassau, Prussia,
is-half submerged. Several otljer
villagcf and .'towns of Hesse j are
reported to be flooded. , '. ' '
,Tbev: Rhinet has risen and) is
over" its bank m places. Cologne
ts threatened arid Hanover is" in
serious danger. a ...
;Tn Berlin street traffic is almpst
at a standstill and all tram service
has been i $apcSded,' because of
lt;M..;.w''nw':rir tk ttti.
V: v 7"" T ? - .
tiir, r 0 practi ca M j no latoreni
available to remove th snow and
reopen trafi'ic.
Owing Xn the fuel shortage
there is great suffering.
Chinese Open Fire
On U.S. Gunboat
Killing a Sailor
PEKING, January 23 (Asso
elated Press) Word ha just
been deceived at the American
legation here of an attack
made on Friday upon the
American gunboat Menocaey,
Lieut, G. 8. Bryan commanding,
which was fired upon when the
little warcraft was proceeding
up the Takiang River,, at a
joint sOme fifty mile above
Wuehaou One man. Bluejacket
O'Brien, was killed on the
American craft. Two other sail
or were wounded.
A prompt return of the Are
by the gunbOat crew scattered
the assailant, who are believed
to have bee a a party of South
ern China revolutionista.
Former. Minister of Finance and
Former Controller of Cur
rency Are Butchered
PETROGRAD, January 22 (Asso
ciated Press) Two former members of
the Kerensky government were 111 11 r
dercd in their beds us they slept. The
double murder occ urred in the Marino
Hospital where they were routined.
A. I.' 8biugarurT mid Professor Keo
dure Kohoshkine were the victims of
the assassin or asHussinH. The former
was one of thowe moHt prominent in the
early establishment of the Kerennkv
Kuvcrninent and an uetive lender in flie
revolution which deponed tho C'sar. lh
later Iwcnine the minister of tiuuncc in
Kerensky's cabinet.
Professor Kohoshkine before tb rev
olutiou was a professor in the I'uiver
sity of Mostow. He Liter became eon
troller of lluuucu in the Keieiihky re
EL PA80, Texas, .lniiBry 21 (Ah
sociated Press) Explicit denial huh
made, today by Miss Anita Patton of
Han Marino, Cslifoi inn, that she is
engaged to General Pershing. "There
is uotblng to it," she told so Atso
einted Pres representative.
Labor Conscription
For-War industries
Now Contemplated
WASHINGTON, January 8H '
(Associated Press) -Steps to
ward the conscription of labor
. for industries essential to. the
, ronduet of the war are provided
- in a resolution which was yes
terday ' latrodnced by Senator
I'MoCnmbet. Tliin resolution pro
poses anthorliition' of the Prea-
: blent, to register all males ia
; the. United Mates bet wees the
,: ag of eighteen and aixty-two
' ear and their ultimate draft- -j-
lag, as rrquired, for use and eon-
- duet la the Imlnstrias aecesswry
for war conduct.
. This in the most snncrete form--:
ia which proposals for the eoa- ,
anriptlna ,f labor has come, np ;
.1 There-' hate 1een tentative pro-
posal on the subject and to
these opposition has been' voiced.
Secretary of Labor Wilson has
, asserted enscrlptiou of labor 1a
'' aufasr -osli-ss it shall be) joined .
1 with eoaseriptioa of Industrie
and hol(t the goverament ha
S power 0 draft labot to work
' ' for Individuals or corporations
. althoucfh. he concede it would
fcave the power to do so if such '
industries were taken over by
"the goverSment. ".
Former Breslau Reported Blown
' Up-British Lds; Monitor5
Saving'. Twenty-eight Men- !
.- , .-,. n' , ' r ; . 'f-
' . lNfiDN. Clammryi 22 ( Alwoclateii
l'res)4i t!w.irmiktlm,or the ftew or
be QKAiTku4 SbKtau wb)'lr,nii suuk iu
the ntgagtiieht witV the MuluJu and
the sultan S;llia( nt the entrance to the
Dardanelles, tweh,ty-eigLt are known to
have been saved1 and 6i are. tost or
atisHiug. -
After the Milula blew up" and eauk
17 uiembers of he crew were rescued
by British vessel and niadftjvisoner.
All of the others perished. "'. , t," ,
Iter accounts of the. battle show
the Midulu ead the Sultaa Scrim, the
former German warships Breslau an.
. ....4 7...- n j.;..
Gihi!iI, same out in an effort to drive j
off the British vessel which had beeu 1
iKtmlisrding the Turkish coast. They
were nri by the Uritish vessel and
the iM-out cruiser wss driven into the
mine fields where she struck a ttiiiiu
and was blowu up. '
The larger cruiser waa beached when
he burst Into flames.. How many of
1 her crew managed to escape to the shore
has not beeu determined.
War Affairs Have Nothing To Do
With Action Taken By
Attorney General
I.ONDON, January 22 ( Associnted
Pres) Sir Kdnurd Carson has ten
dered his resignation as attorney-general
and member of the British war
council and the prime minister has
recommended to the King its accept
The' correspondence between tho
prim minister und Sir Edward Car
son show that war affairs had noth
ing to do with the resignation which
was brought about by the Irish ques
tion. As one of the organizer of the
l ister faction the presence of Hir Ed
ward Carsou in the high council, of
the nation has een objectionable to
the Roman Cuthoiic faction of Ire
laud which have been und are firm in
their loyalty. This is believed to be
the moving cause for his resignation,
which at this particular time may lead
to a settlement of the mutters which
have been deluying the Irish home
rule convention, to which his presence
in the gowrmueut muy have been con
sidered an obstacle.
LONDON, .lunuarv 21 ( Associated
I Press) Announcement of the Uritish
euxuslty list for tho pust week, issued
today, shows a decrease of nearly HOOO
from the figures of the previous week
end of 000 from the week before that.
It rerlouts the compurative quiet of the
western front.
The latest list shows; Killed and
died of wounds, TU officers and 2277
men; woiiuded und inisiug. 22K1 ortl
crs, 1-1,477 men.
Political Parties Line Up Their
Factions and Make Their
Plans Foreign Policies To Be
Subject of Attack
22 (Associated
-nhfn the Japanese diet Con-
Ivenes. which will be shortlv. tha for.
eign policy of the Jsjianese govern
iment party will be made tha subject
iof vigoron attacks, it i reported La
jlieuter's despatches relative to affair
I In Tokio which waa forwarded from
j Shanghai. Mcmhera of the oppoaitioa
arc lining up their policle and plan
jning their programa as are also the
.leaders of the government.
I Leaders of the Chulaei-kai assert the
1 government ha failed la its policle
j toward China and Will attack the preo-
eni goverumeut oa that score. --
Viscount Knto, leader-of too Seiya
kai, the "eonstitationaliat" Dartv of
Japan, .and formerly foreign minister
j under Count Okuma, ia a recent pooch
! eulogised the. Allies and , especially
; Prance. He also said Japan warmly
.welcomed the dignified utterance of
Ambassador Francia for the United
States at Petrograd, of President Wil
son anil of Premier Lloyd, George of
Great Britain.. . 1
The Seiya kai has announced a policy
of strict neutrality let wean the gov
ernment atnl the opposing parties. The
Kokuminto leader have thus far boon
noncommittal. " J ,
Leaden of all of the parties 'are
agreed (hat ju man respect the it
nation for Jaiaa is critical and It Will
bo tioeensary fqr Japak; to to extretne-
ly carer ut, snivel any ia au of it deal
tags with Ch
Matter of Honors for: Men J In
-Service of Nation.! Still'
Much Unsettled ' j
W.JSHIN0TON, Jaauary S2--(Aao-ciated
Pre) Disapproval of the pro-
miu1 for tha formation of an Anter
icaa "legion of Honor" i expreanx)
by the administration from levera)
sourees. Instead of tbia Secretary
Baker ha proposed the bestowal, of
"Distinguished Service Crosses." '.
Legislation which will permit Aaier
irau who, while in the service of any
of the Allies, have had bestowed upon
them honors by such countries, to wear
the honors which tbey have won Is be
inn favorably considered.
This questibn first arose when mem
ber of the lAfayette Eaeadrille puT
pos'd to enter the service of the United
States when this' country entered the
war and needed the services of it sons
who' were serving under other flaga.
At any of these had won honor through
ignai service end distinguished hrav
pry which they desired to contiaue to
wear. This the laws of the United
States precluded.
Auaiu the question arose when the
governments of Great Britain and ,
r ranee expressed the desire to confer
honors for distinguished service upon
sailors of the navy of the United
States. These offers had to be declined.
It was then legislation to permit the
wearing of honors was proposed. This
hns met with some opposition from ad
ministration circle. The proposal for
an "American Legion of Honor" aad
for the bestowal of medals or crosses
for distinguished service are offered as
substitutes for the legislation to per
mit the acceptance and the wearing of
foreign bonora.
. ,
McAdoo Gives His Views
Senate Committee
WASHINGTON, January 21 (Asao
iated Press) Director Cisneral Mo
A. loo of the federal railway system
I today told the senate interstate com
merce committee he believes the gov
ernment should retain the railroads
after-peace comes -until a law compen
sating the lines for their use during
the wr period is enacted.
W AXU I XUTON, January 1 (Asso
ciated Press) The supreme court to
day hunded do a n a decision reversing
the Porto Rican decree holding that
the island is su organised and incor
porated territory of the United Btates
with tb const it ut ion iu force.
Fuel Administrator Says Eastern "
Homes Have Fuel For Heating
and Cooking and Bunker Coal
Enables Ships To Move' i ,"
Monday Though One of Five HolU' .
days Has More Stringent Re
quirements Than Other Four .
Days Affecting More Industries
WASHINGTON, January! 2?
; (Associated Press) '
Two of the chief purposes sought' '
by the drastic orders for tlrt conV
servation of fuel have been ; cV
complished, Fuel Administrator; .
Garfield announced last night.
People in their homes in the
Eastern cities are receiving' coal .
for heating, purposes and bunker '
coal is again moving td the At .
lantic seaboard in sufficient Volv:
time to sujrply the trans-Atlantic;
shipping. -; ' v.r-'-'V
'; The' third aim," the clearing' of
the railroads from 'congestion has
not yet been accomplished bri ao
count 'iof i the , unusual weatheV
whichyis prevailing and which is.
seriously retarding that work. He .
has hopes for the accomplishment
of this alsd before the five-day
holiday is ended. ':f'' r ,
, Vhilefyesterday was", one" of
the five enforced liojidayt ordered
by Fuel Administrator ..Carficid it
difTered ' ffo'jn ''Tr'-''- - '
wy -anJ iroin vvi.ui -wi. c -serVed
today and tomorrovv in
that -it waa the first of the ten
MHeatless Mondays" which are a.
part of hi order. .. It was far more
stringent In ts operation and
affected many;' more industries
and. lines of business as well as
most amusement;. resorts. Its ob
servance was general,'1; even - the
newspapers "discontinuing ' public
cation for the day,' saloons closing
or being unhealed and theaters
were dark and. told last night'
While the New York Stock Ex
change held ; its session, it. was
not "as usual" since it; was held
in a .heatlcss room in" a hpatlcsi
building. Heavjly clothed jn.bver .
coats and sweaters, wearing their
fur caps and beating their gloved
hands against their bodies to keep ,
them warm tlie members took;
their discomforts, good naturedly.
Fuel officials declared there is
a radical change in the feeling of .
business men and of Ithe public
toward the order.- No violations
of any consequericeUtiave .so. far, r
been reported. It is believed that ;
any violations have been uuui'ten
tional. caused through" misunder
standing of the order.
LONDON, January 21 Associated
Proas) A an aftermath of the great
attack on Cambral last November,
charge are being aired that tho attach:
wa not a concerted effort 1y all tho..
British force available. The nwt
papers rautaia accusations aad counter- ; '
accusation, it being 'declared in sontej .
quarters that tho British higher com-i
maud and the war cabinet were o '
expecting the attack, and that t :
troops were not all adequaUly dlspoet
to carry it through to entire atteeess. ,
WASHINGTON, January 21 (Aseo
ciated Press) Private Frederick L. ,
Woodward, who was arrested soma day -ago,
has confessed that ho net lire ti,
the quarter master ' department wai-' ;
house here, whose reoeai burning causci .
a large loss. The man i declared to
be a pyramaum, . i

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