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"4 .
In Vienna' and Neustadt Atone
; ; Mpre Than One Hundred TJiou
. $and ..Operatives Leave Work
'and Factories Are Closed Down
1 II
7' Labor Riots Occur In Madrid,
, Factpries Attacked and Guard
X "7 , fires . on , Mobs Killing Three
; y and Wounding Others ; '
LONDON. January 21 (Asso
, ciated Tress) Driven , tc
'. '' desjeratjon by ong continuec
privations and hunger and roused
, to a righteous wrath against Qtf-
' many the workers of Austria have
- ' .risen in an economic and indus
! ; trial revolution and a general
i' 7 strike has l?een called. This new
r ' reached Faris in despatches re
ceived yesterday.
' . Already the walkout has oc
:turTe.j..f andt if, is spreading
,. throughout the whole of the na
tion, the report said.,. In Vienna.
' ',. and in the important jnanufactur
'. tag &tj of Neustadt more than a
hundred, thousand workmen havt
left th$ir, j.obs. Even the tnuni
; ' tion."lac'orie8 are included in the
strike orders and the situation for
, - such .industries is critical. In
Neustadt, -always an importapt
manufacturing center and even
J . mpre' so since the war all oMhe
factories are ''reported as closed
or closing:. .
-----Tbe-Btrikcrs-are described 'at
't. Ljtinp strHgty lri-iGermanic irt
their expressions and openly an
tagonistic to all things and to all
"plans 'of a German nature. They
r j , are especially determined upon
J. 1' securing peace and their hostility
" v' to Berlin is openly voiced. They
assert Berlin is determined to
force Austria to continue in the
war despite the desire of the great
masses of working people for
peace and the frequent expres
sions of those desires by the
; It is reported that the -Socialistic
elements of the country are in
full and more or less outspoken
, sympathy with the strikers.
' i Labor riots occurred in Madrid
yesterday and damage to proper
ty and bloodshed followed. Des
' patches said mobs formed and at
i packed factories in the Spanish
capital. The men were joined by
women and attacks upon shops
and homes soon followed. The
guard was called out and when
"the "mobs refused to disperse
' quietly opened fire upon the
crowd killing three and wounding
a'number of others. When the
' shots were fired the mobs broke
and ran and quiet was soon re
stored. -
r SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. January
tl Herman Frederick Wilhelm Bab
let, tailor, baa beu arrested by the
' foderl suthorities aud interned at
, . Tort peuglua, iwar here, on charge of
" bfB aa enemy alien and dsngerou to
in i;hiti rwaiea government, no
July 'IS BabbJ wai glvena pruiit al
' Jon ine, bint an alien enemy to ro
, piiu -within a son one half mile from
governmeat institationa la Utah. On
man1 occasions, it if atated, be abused
the privilege extended to klin by de
daring that t'resident WiUon had
brought on the war aa a paid agent of
JJONDQX, January ' 21 (Aasotiated
EresaJ-GenerpJ ' ' Sir Beauebanip ' ptuBL
wba eonnnatided tba Britinb ( oreaa
a India from J13 to iUlfl waa fonpd
, (Juad la hi bed ywUrfyy iwuiaf
vrhea be failed to aiiix-ar for brwt
PARIS, January It (Asuoeiated
Prene) Derelopmeata ef kigbly aea
ational natura" ara ei peeled today
arfaea tba aenato take nu the eonnid'
eration of the ebargea preferred againaf
Loulii Malvy, former ai inlet et of tba
interior wbirh are elnaely eonaeetfed
with tbeee aainat ForneH Tremfer
Caillaux) of whom he i ahartfed with
being caUpaw, tool and go-between,
"' Vi urn Ueorge X'lemnceau tMuraed
the tank of orgabiaia a new 'reoh
ministry he derlarcd one 6 hia 'pur-pom-i
wai to bring to aeeount Lonii
Jrffivy, called profligate, gambler, oa
pirator and traitor, who, he alleged J
tbrough official poeitioa wat able to
ex e route a powerfal IBAaence on the
French government and ahnoet aue
:eeded in bringing General Harrail, alae
involved in the charge, into the pol
tion now o ably held by Ueneral
roffre. '
iererai Other InT0ly4
The charge againat Harrail haag to
gether with those broaght agsimt J:
j h Caillaux, Lonla Mall, ' Bolo
'I'aiha," and all the remainder of the
unsavory crew, borne of ' whoa afo
jmlor hwk aad key, two or three of
whom are dead, coder myiteriou eir
mmatanee, while the ether are fugi
tive from juntice.
Indeed, had it not bee a for the Vigo
tnd Bolo scandal, vigorously and pa
;rlotirally exploited br Leon Daudet,
might never have beard the trae
itory of the betrayal of Rumania, and
f the nrfarioua' pro-German, anfi
Ffeneh, anti-entente, and, therefore,
anti American, intrigue of ex-Premier
Cajllanx and of former Minister of tho
Interior Malvy. f -
Maivy Ooaa After Check
Aa attempt was made by Louii
Malvy, then minister ef the interior, to
recover the eheek' for Duval, on the
ground that he waa acquainted both
With the latter .and with the man la
whose favor It war drawn, a certain
Vigo, editor of kper of iniidionsly
pacifist and anti-Entente tendencies,
aad which subsequent devtl.ipment
thowed to have boea liberally subsi
dised by Caillaux, ' from bi large pri
vate fortune, and by Malvy,' from the
Wret fund of the department of the
Fortunately, the military authorities
leelined to defer to" ; the order bf
Mulvy. They purttU' their inqnirie
until they bad acquired the neeeeeery
proof that the eheek came from the
German espionage bureau la Bwitxer
land, and thereupon the military-gov-
PETEOGBAD, January Il - - (AocJ -
ted Pre) Unable to control the new
ly organised . constituent aaaembly by
anmerical strength, the Bolaheviki and
Maximalists have resorted to autocrat
e methods and employed foree to put
their will over the majority. The ijcn
Ine government fans declared the con
stituent assembly dissolved' and have
overridden the will of the people aa ex
presaed in the elections. To dipere
the delegate armed tailor were called
in from the navy.
Sailora Eject Delegates
The climax came at four o'clock Sat
urday' morning, when a rarg detach
ment of sailor arrived at the eonven
'ion hall, entered and disrupted the
meeting which waa in all eight session,
forcibly ejecting the delegates from, the
building and dosing the door, remain
log 9n guard to prevent any return
that might be attempted.
The break came when the Bolsheviki
Returning Red Crpss Official
Praises Sobrifity of Ameri
can Troops
(Associated Preas) High tribute to
the man of the American army in
France waa paid yesterday by Colonel
Murphy who returned here from,
France to sever hi connection with
Bed Cros work before joining the
staff of General Pershing. Being a
graduate of West Point be has felt it
his duty to return to the servke for
which be wa trained by bi govern
ment. 'Colonel Murphy aaid voter day that
while in France-' fa did not ee even
on 'soldier of the United State eoo
tingeut' intoxicated. He added the rep
utatiot pf the United States soldiers,
both a " individual aad as an army
wa1 high 'in the estimation of the
French people.
The Rod Cros has, he said, 2000
worker in France at the present time
and plan to speud .'15.U00,(HM) there
before the first dny of May.
Announcement was made from Red
Cros headquarter in Washington yes
terlny that there is an immediate need
for 30,00 pufse and the Red Croas is
seeking for volunteer.
I'ETBOGRAD, January 21 (Assoeia
ted Press) Answering requests for in
formation from the Petrograd govern
ment the Japanese embassy here yester
day denied ttiat Japan had landed
troops at Vladivostok.'
, : - --
Tlieae Tablet are intended eipeciallv
fur ilisurdfr of the itomavh, liver and
bowels. If you ere troubled with heart
burn, judieiitiou pr roO'tlputiim they
will do you good. For sale l all deal
ers. Benson, Smith A Col, Ltd., agent
fur Hawaii. Advertisement.
... ., i
ernor'of rarfe gave order for the ar
rest of Vigo on a charge of being la
the pnj of the enemy, ' . V
Knows Well By bUniater
"Vigo, whoad formerly "gone b'lhe
ame of Almeyreda,' and who in apite
bf being an ex-eovitt, nne) an adven
trier of the qiost ahady character, was
en terms or sueji tntimaey with Jdinis
ter of the Interior Malvy that they
nsed to addrese one another familiarly
as Uiou,'ad Vigo, like Bolo, wathf
recipient Of all ao.ta o official favors
nd privileges, took hi arrest frf
eoolljr, aad openly boaaied that unit
he. was immediately set at liberty he
would make a clean breast of the
tire "Oriental paper" affair, of which
nothing bad been beard, by the poblle
bp to that time. ' - " ' .: ,;.'.'
The threat proved Vigo's death war
rant. For before he Had time to make
any. fnrther 1 revelations, about 'the
Driratal paper matter he wn fonnd
strangled in hia cell with bis boot Inee
knotted tightly around hia throat) tc
examination of the corpse affording in.
controvertible proof of the fact that 1
Was a ee hot of suicide but of murder.
Papers Prove taxUUig ' " f ; . .
v These so-called " Oriental question"
papers found in the safe ef the mo
de red Vigo were not only, voiutnlnout
but' bf such a UrtHng character aa to
iseeeitate further ' lanutrfee of th.e
taoet eoofldenitat and discreet nature
to secure corroboration. v-
MeanwhUe Valvy haf been com
pelled to resign from the cabinet owing
to the peraiitenejr " of the attackr
brought againat him day by day in the
Paris Action Francaise, edited1 and
owned by Ieon Paudet, a johrnn)
which nntil the outbreak of the war
wu violently Royalist, but which line
the beginning bf (he conflict baa, like '
the members of the party whiah It
represented, abandoned' for the time1
being all mere party polUira, devhting
itself to the safety and welfare of
Frnnce, , . '- " j
Finally, Daudet addressed an official
letter to the president of the repub ,
lie, and a copy thereof te Premier
PalnWve, directly ebarging Malvy'witb
high treason lind offering to - furnish
the proofs. Thia letter F reed In tb:
chamber of deputies, which baf the 1
effect of making it - public property
and of creating a demand in the-chamber,
and also by the people) that either
Daudet should be called ppon to pay
the full penalties of the law for at;
roeiously maligning a member' of th
national legislature and a cabinet min
ister, or elae that Malvy should Ire
. and Maaimaliat-Velegaree W t. th balJ
after the aaaembly bad iy He vote con-
on record aa failing to approve the
peace method adopted by the Petro
gTd government and the proceeding
now in progress. Beaten on thl vot
they retired and .further action caatc
from the BoUheviki' Authorities.
Bailroad Men Denounce "
' By a lar votoiu its favor the All
Russian Railroad Congress, alae in ten
sion nt Petrogrhd, eat ' . its support
against th Bolehevikl and in favor of
the Pocitiliaf and Constitutional Dem
ocratic partie ' passing resolution
which pledgeil the support of the con
gresa and those whom the delegate U
it represent, to the constituent aaacm
bly a elected by the people of Bussia
The resolutions condemned the Bolsn
' viki authoritle fpr' their antocratu
course in dispersing the delegate and
I called for a continuance of the delib
eration of the assembly. ' '
Friends of Young Lady Mentioned
Deny Report; Frequent Visitor
At Father's Ranch
I.OS ANGELES, Janaary 21 (As
sociated Press) Despatches from 1'frii
to The Associated Preas yesterday said
the "Excelsior" prieted a photograph
of Miss Anita Patton of Ban Martdoj
California and says it is reported the
ia engaged to be married to General
Friends here denied the reported en
gagement to General Pershing. Tbey
said be wa now enrouto at . aad
therefore could not at ouee deny it
for herself. t
It is admitted Gsneral Pershing baa
been a rrequent viaitor at the lattea
ranch. ,
t -t t
Arthur Coyue, president of theCoyn
Furniture Company,. aud Harsy jU
Krecni, local representative of; the
Jlolt Manufacturing Company of Call
foruia. are the two latest Honolulana
to be called to the Color from civilian
life. Both meu are railed to the ord
nance renerve and are assigned to the
liuwaiinn department.
In addition to these two men Ave
ordnance sergeants of th, Hawaiian
department were called to active duty
in the reserve corps a flrtt lieuten
ants. These are Ordnance Fgt. "yVnV
liam . Bettry, Io'J. Bon', Thoma
(Uuiicy, Fred I.. Bice and John' fe
hon. ;
Pro twin to captaincy wn nil1
iioiiiicel from Washington today fd
First l.ieut. Inii Deckert, Coast Ar
lillery Corps, National Army.
f ;;iTiriiY
Rcpcesentatiy.es o i?lanterj .Re
'turn Frcjn nycoatipn .of,; .
' v.'.-..Suiar lustry ' : ' .
NofaHijiqU adoed t6 . i i
,1. ' PttailftUA ft ftl I ft si
1 I tVJUXh Iff IjlrtriiL
DelcQalion Will Reader Repof t To
- planies Association In.
Near Future
,.(-.: , i .;. t , , ) . '
After neving trorou.-h!y (ivestigat
ed the engar iadestry of the Philippine
Islands,' the ope sing for aa investment
jf capital on . the part . of Hawaiian
mi gar interest, the need ot centrals
-here .and nppottOnitie for profitable
avestm.ept'la aoca'angar mill, Frank
7. Atherton, Alonao Oartley Jr.,' John
T. Moir and Waiianl fiearby, returned
Honolulu yesterday on the steamship
Colombjn.'t Thry'etpfesaed themselves
u' pleased with th outlook. ' : ' -
- Asked a t6 th resulta of their tft
veetlgationa MrAtherJon id not add
knytblBft to 'he quoiatioa of 4 teech
thick the- Manila Bulletin attributed
'o hia before 'leaving Manila, to. the
effect that - the '. 'delegation Waa prae
.LesJIy . yoanimoua H opinion that
commendation should be given the
nvestment of. Hawaiian' capital ' la
ettral-for he fhllippiue grower.
;v Mr. Moir said the perty found there
va rooi for' several 'centrals th the
hilipplue' and intimated the ereetldn
f more than one might be advieed but
ef erred to Mr. Atherton for more
iefiaite' information. .
favorably Imprasaed.
" ''Ve' were Vhown every attention,"
mid' Mr.' Atherton, "and give, oppor
tunities to ace the country and inspect
' be Industries and it certainly made 'a
.'avoreble 1 impreasioo upon : ns. . Of
ourse, our report is not to be made
iitille, for It must first be snbroitted
' the 'migaf plaatcr aaaociatioa ,for
onlderation., ;. ' . ..
' Te eonyn lesion w eent to Manila
at tie request of certain, lntereata who
ire developing augar tn the PhilippWea,
vith a view to investigating a' plan
'or th use' of Hiwaiiaa capital In de
elpping arable land,' to aid in bufld
ng up a greater . production - of the
nueh waofed product. A part ef the
4vetigstUm included a plan to e
ablish a mill, the entire project cH
ng for aboat a million dollars, divided
ver a' period of two year in aama'of
600)00 each yea- - ' , ' .
Mr. . Athertoa aaid the people i of
he Philippinesj veer bowing 'great pa
otism Ah their desire iq raise an army
f 5,000. wien1 -for ieTvlee; under ' the
'tt(ftieoTatt "tha var against Ge
vBuine! oonditiO, ke aaid, seemed
htaay Qood Opportaoitlea '
". Joan Moir, manager of the Onomea
Jugar Cempaay, , near Hile, declared
'ilmelf aa satlafled that ther are
wjuiy. good opportunities there for
profitable Jn vestment. '
. " JV . travelled all over the group
iii 'X wU aauek impressed with - the
nilee of jungle which I believe 'could
S devcliped Into" productive agricul
aral lands,'1 Moir iaya. ? .
' He expressed tho opinion that there
wa room for1 a nbmVer ef eentralr ia
'.he islands, and intimated that the in
yesMgatiag party might recommend the
erection of th central by Hawaii
eapHal: . ' m .' ' '
.. The "remark made by Manager MoU?
may indicate that the Hawaii men are
bow v9nineed "that there 1 not bnly
irprnimng prospect for the erection of
one centra but of aeveral. ''
EyfBV ndfr primiiivf condition
Uiey ' sreV producing - . considerable
fngaa' MrvMpif aaid. He left It
tliD)y to4afnef that h believed
th nan- of 'modern .methods woud great
ly increa the. Philippine crop. '
"Of eourse, 'hemp i th great irnd
prod eel, ' I Marer Moir added, and
I -answer toi'quratioo aaid that thl
Industry ia more liable -to attract' th
aarplna 'capital ther than ia the augar
industry.' ' t:'..'tT''.-.--:
Millionaire Who
Married Miss
1 Helene Irwin, Receives Com
' mission From Department
, Templeton ' fcroVer, the California
multi-millionaire w married mis
IlvjJene Irwin, daughter - of the- lat
William 0. Irwin of Honolulu," and who
ha been a frequent visitor in nono
tula, b joined " the- United Btatei
navy and I 'commissioned an oasiga
'Ha received hia commission while ia
New York', and it U'expejUd be wiU
be atatiaed 6a the Atlaati Coast.
Hia Vife will give up her' residence In
California' temporarily la order to 'be
nearer her husband and wilt occupy
apartm'ept li th 'metropoli.- Crocker
1 giylag'up hll th official position h
held "California1 td be free for hi
official work ia 1b nvt
' Ensign : Crocker U above the draft
age, 'but did bpt feel tbt thl wai
any bar 10 0t "nnaenaaing active er
vice. He U a gradnat of Yale, where
he wa the wealthieit student, In IlM)7
Th marriage of Mf. Crocker and MUf
Irwin wa' an' ImporUnfr ocll ' event
in California U 1911. ' Mr. fend Mr.
Crocket on tbelr 'viaits to Honolulu oe
eupy th Irwin homestead a( VValkikl
Beach. 'T'ht '.f
fffVV YCr BELLHOP i, . i r
it VVILNII tun i lib fMM I
KEW ypKK, ffanniey sVUotel bell'
boy hv-ta 'pr -kitting. All
L..J. l.U ln..lk krm tiMtWAaa; eulla
it rrrriy
Suit By von ftamm-Youna Com
- parly W'tH Lead To Invest .
nation of County Books '
HILO," January " lVf a.f r ' r
Cbarle Bwaln yesterday atated that he
waa standing pat en hi decision not
t honor the auditor' warrant for 21,
578 which had' been drawa on Friday
last to the ordef pf thb 8chtiman: Gar
riagb Company, the Tribune report
' T I Will not pay the warrant until
instructed by the court tVdo ao," ald
Mr, Swain yesterday. "Of , course
mandamus ' proceedings toiay be insti
tuted. This is op to the Bchumnn
people.1 8o fat nothing of the aort ha
been done' and I don't know if - any
unh action will be taken.' ; 't- ,
B.' T. Moee,' l9eal (ent for tba
Stbuman Company, 'declared that be
repudiated th aervie of the Injunction
paper. ' ",:.'". -' -- f '
, "I am not an officer of the Bchn
man Carriage Company, and I refuse
to. aecwpt ervice,''' bel declared. The
injunction papers must be served aa
an officer of the company and I believe
thl will be 'done la Honolulu, en Tues
day next, when the paper will, I hear,
be nerved on Mr. Paxson,. vice president
of 'the company, v i i , , , .
' "I should like to aay, Ihowever. th4
th, claim mad by th von Hamm
Teong Company- that PupeTviao Albert
Aklna U an employ of the Behumaa
Carriage Company in Hilo ia not cor
rect. Mr.' Akina baa been considered
for a temporary ' position connected
with the stock taking of what automo
bile accessories we have in tock. He
ha not started, work en that job. yet."
Mar PJr Into ran . ' ;
' Oil of th ground ' on which Mr.
West ued out aa In junction la that no
call ; or tender wa advertised, and
rumor baa it that all th purchase of
th county for th part two year 'ia
excess of 1 1000 are to be raked no 'and
gone over. On tfaif subject the statute
reaIst -. ' ' , ..
' ' V A m Ttuin A f ii rtt ' tintills mnkitfv.
. - -- ,
except for salaries or pay . of officers
or employee, pr for 'permanent aettle-
menta, subaldie Or other claim or ob
ject for which a fixed aum ' br sum
must .pe paw D tWi or lor otner par
poaen which do not admit of competi
tion where 'the ium is to b erpended
shall exceed AlOQO shall be made,' ex
cept tinder ' contract let after pnblie
advertisement ror sealed tenders, tn
the manner provided ttr "by law.
l.ln this esse, the contention of the
county Will be that machines of a eer
laia ' make were ' desirable' and that
competitioa waa therefore impossible.
BeatH pi fohq p, Paris Come? Ail
Great Shock
1 Joha D, Paris, .prominent rancher
Mid land owner bf ealakekua, Kona,
Hawaii, ..died 'at bl lte home on
Thursday sight,, according to wireless
advicei received in ' Honolulu yester-
day. Burial will be at Kealakekua.
M. .Paris wa a native of Kona,
Hawaii, and sixty-four year bid.'- 4
wife ' and , children by 'a former' mar
ring burvlv him. He was the de;
sseudsn of one of the early Mission
ary' rather. '
' Th Iat4 Mr. Pari was educated lo
th Islands and was prominent in bus
iness and other circles. He was a mem
ber of the legislature of the Kingdom
ef Hawaii In 1097, the year the reform
movement force a new and more
liberal eontilutioa from the late
King Kalakaua He also served a
term as senator in the legislature of
1898 under th regime of the Bpublie
f Hawaii Thia was the year of the
gpanish'Amerlean war and the annex
ation U Hawaii to the United Btatc
as a Territory.
Acttra tH rolitlca
"Mr Parix' political aetivltiea did
aofceaa then, for be waa elected as
a aenntor from the Island of Hawaii
ia' lAUt; serving daring' that session
and that' of 1903, being then president
of the. upper bouse.
Possessing a good command ot th
Hawaiian language, Mr. Pari was a
power -in politics in th Island of Ha
waii tuid had the confidence ef th Ha
araiiaoa la the many campaign he uor
dertook- and 1 several terms he
served) as their choice ia the island leg
islature;' j. 1
.HP;as "ell knows throughout th.
Islandv : and paxtkalarly more so
through the Ken a and Kohalaa, which,
for years, bavs bea tba real home of
Hawaiian. Ha wa conservative, both
la poJiic and buainesa and was a
conscientious churchman.
, Of. late yeaa Mr. Varis spent con
siderabJe tima.jn lfoaoluJu, being li
th fity mouth .at time aud he wu
here only few weeks ago. Although
well advanced la years' be was pos
sessed o'f robust physique and newa'of
hi dsath somas as a shock to fajs mnny
friend. .". -
it' t 'i iry"i -1
tJALT LAKE CITY, Utah, January
10-rii er in: prjon, the maximum
penality for failure to appear before a
loual draft board, to undergo examina
tion in connection with' the Selective
fervicf .Law, wa the sentence passed
y Jdge Tillman D. Johnson -of the
federal court upon John AY. Kits, social
ist ana pacinst.
mt CURED IN 6 TO 14 DlYS
YAtOL OINTMBKT. U wuVr.nt i i..
I rurd hlind; le41nK.- Aching
f , ., f! or
money re(und4. MsnulauWvd by
I tliafAKIS MQDlClKBCO.,Kt.Unil.
V rs. e S
Prominent rancher
i i II 1 n r I i r' UUj
r l
Doubtful Attitude pf Organized
, Labor Made Situation Ex-. '
' i tremely Trying ' ;
' IflftPON- ; Joanar 14 (Asaociated
Pte)t'-JnuryI , kaa ' been th most
trying of alt ef the months of the long
and terrible -war for the British peo
ble. Thia has been chiefly vceaaioaed
by uflrestl la labor' eircles which .now
aeema bapily ended. i't',,l
The trade and labor union met' the
demands Tor more men f of the army in
a very doubtfsl spirit. First they In
sisted opoa knowing" the war program
of th government.' T" Th1 demand
brought about the expression of var
aims by t th ' premier. .. Thee hid a
splendid ' effect ajid they were greatly
helped by the ertbled report of .the ex
pression of war aims made by the' Pre
idept of th Cnited 'rotate which pro
duced the passage of some resolution
of approval.' '" ' ,,
t Vxt foUowed the" bpeecb' of Hayi
Oeorge ia which he set forth the right
of eoldier to return. If worker should
Insist they would not gd to th
trenche and ' fight. : Thia appear :to
have been"1 deciaive . arid', the answer
gjven by th government appear 'to
have satisfied organised labor at least
for the time: . 4 - .-: ' - '
. It i belieyed tbf erfi ha ton been
passed.' -." S-- !" !'-; .
I I, .i. ' a '
.i....f ...... a. - e-.f l e .
Missouri Senator Asked Not To
Aacj Republicans .frp.n)
Floor As He Intended . :
WABHINOTON,. January fl-H Asso
ciated Press Senator Stone ha bee
urged to abandon pr at least postpone
the delivery of th speech triticUlng
the Bepubliean minority 'in congress
which, ae Inst week onnooseed hi in
tention to deliver tolay. - It i urped
to him that this ' is no time to' play
fiarty polities, but 1 a time fot 9neil
ation of faction to the end' the war
may be more sueeeaefully wKd apd I
ine accessary wgiaiaiion ror in con
duct may ' M expedited and not ham
pored by the bickerings which may
follow faie proposed speech. '
Whether the requests of other party
leader In the eenate aad the argu
ments of1 hia friends will prevail could
not be determined last " night when
8ton refused to aay whether or not be
would ababdon his bxpresaed inteotioa.
r ' " , .
WATEKLOO, Iowa, January 21
Frank Brttner, a machinist at the 1111
hpia Central railroad shop here, ex
pressed aft opinion that "eighty-five
Eeree.nt of the American eoldiera 'are
urn" thia afternoon. ' Th shopmen
painted him yellow from bead to feet
and the company approved the job by
disekafgiag' hint. - The United State
commissioner practically told him he
got blf eailly.- '"
- Bniaer is a Oerman rVuian, twelvt
years in -the" United States end forty
year bid. Ia th back of his watch
case he carried a picture pf the Kaiser.
OBOVILLE, January St (Associated
Preas) Olive men in this district de
clare that a record f twenty years
has 'been' sqi ashed by climatic condi
tions this year. Olives la perfect eon
ditlon are at ill being received at the
various olive plsnt here, and' indica
tions'are the. picking will continue Into
Jsnuaty. This condition 'la' unprece
dented, a cold weather generally stop
picking December 10th.
. . Aa. result of the favorable leather.
f the park will be normal despite the
fact' that ine1 crop on the frees' was
ugnt. ioe oiiv on outpui, nowever,
will be curtailed a fruit is now being
processed for ripe olives that owing to
damag1 front' eold weather has gen
erally gon Loto ofK -
SPOKANE, Washington! Janr tl
(Associated Press)XT be' Spokane
cuapier ot ine neu .-roBi rnrric ub ii
membership roll two Angora eat and
a ' bulldog. Likewise, it number
among its supports an automobile, ' r
The two Angora eats joined because
all the other "membera of the family
of Thaddsu 8.' Lane already were af
filiated with fhe'Bed Croas,' and Mrj,
Lsna wished l aid further th siem
beTship campaign. The bulldog, which
belongs to Mrs. John Hut), wns gives
a' membership because of th good work
being done by JSed OVoas .dogs on the
western front, its mistress said.
As for the automobile,' Its owner
signed up for It when his excuse that
all the member of hi family already
had joined the Bed Cross waa not ac
oepted as grounds for Immunity, by
euthusiaatie campaigner. '
- 'li , .i n.f.i
' WICHITA, Kansas, December, 20
Cnable to master the intricacies ot the
draft 'questionnaire, 'John 'bosh -wrote
stress ' the .fate of the document:
' ' Bearln ' to go.." lie was placed in
the first classification. "
n rr
1 1011 1 1 Mil
sjBBw sbj m sv y - J a J wmm
im siliips
Former", German Vessels Goeben
and Breslau Ueet Defeat For
mer Beached and Latter Sunk
.fifl nnrrfanplle. Fntranra
. , ws war wm wn vajr s a apv aar s
. ; ". t ru4 n f vrtyf -HertvW
irtillerv Cnffanempnfi In
Two Sectors jof. Italian Front;
' 1 lit t sfl STM II 11.
, warsnips noyver. ncus upon
r Ostend i' ".rvv; . .
NEW VqRKf January 21 -;
(Asiociated PrcasJ Two
Tarkisb vsWshipa,; (oenvrly parts
o the Gcrmatt, vwy, ay? Jcn
dc-troyied in b erigagcmciit .yyjth
fripf ol jibe British fleta, thtn
trao.c? 'ot t Ive DafdnJlf!3 . Jre
po.rM issiu?4 fcy priUph Ad
n)iralty j;ool'pf tl enga'getnWt.
. , Jh TuykipH t)atU? qtaiatt
tf) 6el;m. prrrncrly the JJfte.bfn,
and iljej scovt cruiser Midiflv. fa"
wwly'the Bre?la ttack4 ves
sels of thp British fleet. - In the
engagement whjch foUowed the
M4i)ly Vr sunk and th . 5yUan
5clirn was driver! upon the beach
in flames. i ,rr f. v. Y-t
; , SQLn Tp tvrks. ,
: Both of these vessels Qcd irom
the Mediterranean . into.Turkjsh
waters after the war and .were
sol4 by. Germany .to Turkey nd
added tp Ujt 'Turkish navy. Japu
ary 11, 19H. The Sultan Selim
(Goeben). had a complement t of
1107 ruen., She was-built in 1909,
wax 610 fee pver.H, 9ff feet
b. earn and had draft. ,of: 2$ feet
and, was !o . 23,000 . tofls registry.
Per armament , wa s Jen , H . jnch
guns,"twelve 6 inich EVPS'
24 pounders -fand lour torpedo
tubes. . v,
, The Midulu (Bccslay) jvas. of
4500 tons registry nd Jva,d a sp;ed
of 24 knots. .'..She was. 440. fcet
over all, f.orty-tbree (ept beam and
had a. draff ef WA jfect. bhc was
nntatrtiat-srl in 1 Q1 !
vwaa , awAV W . - J ,k
Naval activity off Otendt was
reported . from Bprljrk,, th?, ofticjal
report of yesterday telling of a
shelling of the city and, Us. .for
tifications, but. giving mo Retails
of the damage occasioned. , .
Other parts of the Qernjanr.ofi
cial report of the war activities, of
the day said there was some
heavy fighting pa .the Western
front, jthc British artjllcry fire, to
the south of Searpe being' injense
while jn, th Verdun seefpr, the
French were very, active on both
sides of tbe.Marne. canal.
, JTAtAN FpotvT., .
Increased violence along . fhe
Italian , front, was .reported, from
Rome bm the activity, was pf.ar
tillcry and there were, no jnfan
try engagements of . importance.
The artVery fa was. most vjgo
rous in the Monte Asalpni? spctor
and along tb lower Piave River.
SAN FBANCI800, January tl(As
see!ateI Pre)--Cnder agreement be.
twear California packing ho.a.s.nd
ti . food , auministratioB a miplmum
price for bog which Is one 'ent a
uouad nndar - th ' Ohleago "prlee - lis
Ween tablibed and will become oper
ative today, The present price' is
15.50 a hundrail. ' ' .' '
KL TABO, Texa, January tl
(Associated Press) "Open Y' faced"
pie are being advertised ,rin ''the
local restaurant on wheatlps buy
as part pf the 'Hoover, food t ad
ministration campaign. Instead of us
ing flour for nittViuft the, pastry dough
which covers the filling of the pie, the
bakers have agreed to' ellmlnat' ttliis
top cover snd use graham flour, for
the bottom and crust. Many restaur
suts lave refuaril to server kny torn
of pastry except that made' entirely
from non-vheat flour on wheatleaS
day. :' ' '
u m
I aw- j aa w
' '
t ' :

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