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Q '.-.. i v 1 ' .
t i nvn npnpnp w a tpq
. , ; - -' ... . . . t -
"heWTens Trades Unionists If
- They Will Not Go To Trenches
. Men At 5 Front . Have Equal
f Right! To' B Aura Home v"
ifust Flohf'ahd Not Talk If flel -
t V ft. I... J .-J rki.,
' Dium is Restored and enns-
liahs' Freed From the Brutal-
Jties of. Mohammedan Masters
' i i i ' I
t'ONDON, fanuirV 19 (AsA '
. i ,. .
r iated Pfdss) Men at the .
front have the'ir rights as have
.. . ... '
.u i,m- r nr.
form the necessary
labor there.
II the men at home refuse to go
to the trenches the men in the
trenches have. an equal right to
return home. ' Addressing a rnn-1
ference of Trade unionists yester
day Premier David Lloyd George
httrled those unanswerable asser
tions at hi hearers. His speech
' ws strong and logical and dwelt
especially on the necessity for a
. more general service iathe army.
' '"If there are men who say they
" will not go to the trenches then
the men who have long bqen and
. now are ii the trenches have $
. right to say 'Neither will'' we reM
' 'main hcreVThis means you have frooi tho Uaded country to variooi
S 'l 'i uU fod in Borlia a "War .Booty Offloet'".
got to put. yoir whole, strength part of( t work for tb.ir
into this warf of else do what is comtnerora. Tbero Vai boa'oitabiiBh
j . i.v p 'with thl witfc-, dPt at twenty Bcboeaabarger
.being, done by Kussia.iWitn tne i j. mfl meh
. ivussian army,nu icn uic uif
fellows at the front , they may
6top -'fighting 'entirely unless vol
do it weU.
Claims ignored
' l The premier told the trade
unionist representatives Germany
. ...would.4io j!tep,.lts. proinises and
' the. Kaiser, von Hindenbnrg and
6i ' Ludendorff will not recog
nize any1, claims unless they are
made certain ahat those advanc
ing, the claims are ready, willing
and able to enforce them. Then
AnA fvMl would the kaiser-
and orrfy then wouia tne icaiser
bund accede. ' 1
Germany ha refused to right
the-wrongs of, Belgium, Lloyd
George continued, and has insist
ed that Mesopotamia and Pales
tine shall be restored to Turkey
and to Mohammedan rule.
; You may pass all the resolu
tions which you see fit but they
will avail you nothing with Ger
many. The reply to them will
come" from von Hindcnburg who
will, say: 'Pass all the trade
unionist resolution you will. You
cannot turn me out of Belgium
with resolutions spread updn pa
per., Tf you want to expel the
Germans from Belgium, if you
wish to free Mesopotamia and
Palestine from the horrors of Mo
hammedan rule, you will have to
fight and not 'alk.'"
The impression made by the
premieY was splendid and he was
again and ag?in cheered to the
' ccHq by his hearers.
WABlilNGTOX, Jaauary 1 (Asso
ciated. Proaa) Comparative quiet on
the Weat front wa again report
ed yeateiday ao far aa important in
fantry movements were concerned.
On tbo Italian Front the aggres
sive of tbo Italian ami taeir Aiues
continued and reports received from
Homo Bald the pressure of the Austro
(,ermn force on th Plavo River had
beea broken.
. i
' .', 'Q 9TKAIOHT AT IT.
' . Tbero la no use of our " beating
around rho bush." We miht as well
out with it first as last. We want you
to try Chamberlaia'a Cough Eine4y
the neat time yoa hare a aough or e li.
Thr i a roaaon ao far as we caa see
why yoa should not do so. Thia pre
paratioa by ilta remarkable ru-es has
Unload a world-wide reputation, and
people overywbero apeak of it in the
highest term pf praise, It is for s-ile
by ail dvatora.' .Benson, Smith A Co.,
Kid. agent' , for ' Hsaaii. AJverlise
meat'1 . - ' '
come Home wnencver incy ucsir farnittiio, pictoToa. li poreoiaia, rar
and there wijl be none to itftA&J&k.t.!
, 4 . ,, (elothlna;.' Whethorstbo prie paid goei
them ' You might just as wtU t the Oarauui Kovermaont of ta tba of-
. Ai ,. i
NEW YOBK, January lAjktoess
,td Press) AOu(irtf w MSA
'by oem.a J ttM J
!grmeSr ha been "Wehed between
l),b,4.tM trum armn and tho
?f th recently aBapoaeed Wubiwofr
Ukraiae whlcb determine mo statu or
th, uttr. tht opinio. prvu that
lla nniHiitht taken tin an effort
to fo:ee. the fiande of tho Bol-fceviki
delegation. " . ' r
It .k .nUnec! ia Berlin that Visa
Hertllna ha siraln postponed
toe tin
(or Ma promlmd r
ply la ta
t war aiUB f tM eait wataa
i aad Onm BritaU at prmD4 br
Pmiident Viloa and by Lloyd Uaorga.
fhiilillntil In Ruuift AM fea md ton.
artaia for tb daralopneaM of yvtt.
'gr. Sg
dwnaadiao- ft. mhii tr ita army
1 Jay p. two Uor far a tapiy,
FBENCH raONT, Jaanary 1 (Aa
aochited ' Preaa) Official reoglitiOB
bas becajgivaa by tba Gonna ffovera
meat to tba practiaa of Oarmaa troop
itt Fratiro and Bolgiuta of UylHJ tkelr
I baadt oa varytWnf hi- fiad hi rt
koviea aaa oa toa iaraia ooioagiDB; io
tha. oWilian'a who Savo'booa deported'
rar aaie.' .r n ' ' ' '
Ser or aoldicr who f cwarded the booty
not aosertainabla hare. '
la tba Rreaf ihedo of the 'depot are
Anplaved for Bale farm-wajroni, ajfri
caltoral impleaioota and other agaehta
ary aad aatorlala of almost every Mad
coiloetod from the devastated diatriatk
of Belgium aad Frane. OfllcW Balea
elerKa aopoiatd by tha KofnimOiit
ar ia'ahareo, but, la splu of adver
tiaeoieata. of ealea, porebaaora aro aot
alwaya f eund and then whole lota .of
gonda are otferAd to charitable organ r
iatton or patriotic aocietiea. ' ' j, "
Advert iw menu arc JiuertM evea la
calling attention to thf opportaolUe of)lr,M"n , i ". ,aePf,V
fered at the "War Booty Offi. ot-iuuIc dJr,et! vfHd,,1V!'la4a.
' obtala ng b&rraiaa ia asefu jroodi laHL"""" 'T4V"'1
a ' Mi-. "tha wriMp tooperkt -witb. the government
sr. Freneb steel helmed aro oao of
and the government for a fee nf twenty-five
marks offer to snpplv with them
eertlfirate of the euthenticitv of th
trophr. Even . In Oermsnv. however,
the public hao become skeptical, it it
raid, as to th oritria of maav nf tha
-r relies offered for sale and the be
lief is gaininir avonnd thst msnv of
them are specially manufactured by
Krnpp. '
- .
DUBLIN, January 11 ( Associated
Press) After spending thirty month
in hiding ia occupied territory by the
Oermans,' Samuel Kldd, a youbg rish
drummer-boy, who waa officially report
ed killed a month after war broke out,
has Just been reportod safe in Qr-.
many. Be was taken prikoner at BU
(juentln la August, lOH, but escaped
and tried to rejoin bia regiment. Un
able to ltave the town he took refuge
in the home of four spinster dress
makers, who kept him bidden for two
yeara and a half, until Ht. (juentin was
evaeuated by the eivilisa population
on March 8, last. He then decided to
surrender, and baa been sentenced to
tea year' imprisonment for refusing to
divulge th names of bia benefactors.
LONDON, January 11 ( Associated
Press) At the British Academy, Pro
fessor C.(H.' Firth, Bogius professor of
modem history, Oxford, dealt with the
dispersion aud destruction of historiesT
records during the war and with pre
cedents for the restitution of archives
and manuscripts. After detailing the
vandalism of Germany and her allies in
Belgium, Franc aad Serbia, be gave
precedents for restitution which he
thought should be borne in mi ml aad
similar reutitutioua of archives and
manuscripts exacted' by the iliploiuat-i-irs
of the Allies when the present war
4 ,
WASHINGTON, January 19 (Asao
e itt tod Press) Htmator J. Ham Lewis
of Illinois yesterday tol.l the senate
'he had reason ro know" Hint the
Hermans were planning a uew set of
prnfMisals for an early peace.
Th sepatpr did not discbise his
sourte of information.
I I vll, 1 1 111! I jjr lllvltllrwj
acordIaf to IBtrotrad danpattfcta.
t M ia rsportad Ua brMH"'btwMa
Prcaiiar LJa aad Toralia Uioiatot
Trota-f hatw4daat aaa tbat Laaio
t tfnaotly JtavtoaMd twltbltbB- tMlkiy
af Trotaky km bUNmdflt 'of foreic
affaim rrkrada o tTk prenUr aay ba
ta latandlna; ta raMga lw otdat'.ta fore
votfr eonirmmea" Tor bSKiaeir wnici
wmld-Untlarlr ai''tair bftonfti-
dpra la aad tba removal; of Trotsky
! Austria, and PrnTanV tJW deair
for ta o leka ut. - ZMapKtfebfift
from Amaterdam aaid a paw; Clerical
party bad tear formed at'Maaloh aa
bad teVafrahhed't tba irelcftftac il
eoaaiderrd tba eipraaeioa ef war . aim
by rracldrat Wilaoa eontaiaad m basin
apon wBiea ewio m inaagaraMa aego
tiatioot for paara. '. y s'. ' ,
Brporta of atriVa and! riotinf ta
Vtaa wra ree(rd by ay -of ta-
Regulars Ordered
Honolulu Waterfront !
Army guards Are Placed At' A B
;Weriv and Wilt Arrest, Air Per
sons' Foiind There; Without
u ..ni..i. -i. s: ,
Proper Aufh6rittfaidf pqlyer
Them To tha Jltarshaf V
. . . :',. .
InfaBtrymen of th'o refa' hrmy ar
to patrol the waterfront 1 the future,
onlera poiitg ithded yeaterday by head'
anartera of tbo Hawaiian . department
'fialllaft. M Com pony of (-the; Second Ini
raniry, r ori nnaiierf le ine cuy at once
foVjrtrtrof duty.' ' .v i ,
Tao entire waterfront from pier one
to pier twenty will bo onatotly. eov
red by the army guard, Who are di
rectotf U begin thefr patrol imiftetliat
ly. Thre' aortlona ol tJ patrol will
bo aatafaliBhod.' tbo' f ra covcriag pier
one to ten. ineluiive. tbo Beyond olevea
to flrtecn, bad tbo third from aixteea
to twenty. Sqtiada will be (armed and
wilt be on duty day and night. '
Pereona placed under arreat by the
olRer aubnio a uapt of alien ene
mtoa will be turned over to the United
Staler DiaratiaL"; If the arrest l ml
by torritoriar 6 private piard, th
prioonor will bo turnoH oyer to thoarmy
patrol add delivered by tlvpnV to th
matahaJ. . ' .' ' t
TbO placing bt t&4 artnf' patrol -doe
jnot obviate tbo neceaalty of civilian
guards, it win sUt4 yeaUrday M l
Vf& J?ubUeor' privato owner. wi
still b rfquired to maintain the Ident
Station fampecrora. . Tbero may . bo i
reduction lils the number' of eivllia
guards needed. "-.( i ' I
Tha duties of th idenUflcatlon in
pec tors will bto keep station at th
atraneo to any dock.' wharf, warehouse
or othor waterfrodt taciDty at any
hour In which' they are 'In (operation
and ta identiv kb the truVernment
patrol all persons who aro entitled t
access. The identincation will apply t
officers or employee of the wharf of
shipping companies! truck: driroi- of
any. other having legitimate buslne
in th vicinity. '
Names of both watchman employed
i by tha companies or imllvlrtnall and the
' ; I ...il ..il ' i . V.-
luenuucahiioa ijisuocsvrs uiws urn yiyvo
in writina to the United Stales marshal)
ail 1 a statement of the' syttem of fir
patrol and tire' prevention m use moat
also be made to him la writing. Th
operators of the waterfront facilitie
are held responsible by the regulations'
of the department or justice ror aeop'
nig alien enemies on inair pfenusoa.
So Can't Take Any Action Against
Man Who- Sold Booze
To Green '
B. C. Hubor. United States attorney
doesn't know, officially, that a bat
bill from a Wniluka concern waa found
. among the person! effects of th latf
Captain Irnnci j; Ureen, and as
! eonsequenee ha aaya ha baa no luteal
tioh of eonductrbg. any lavestlgatio
to find put who v hoisted th law by
selling liquor to a man in uniform, "l
Mr. Huber ha been Informed, nnof
ncislly. two or three time that such
bur bill Is in existence., but that ia dif
ferent. The information waa not rive
to him officially, and of sours h;
rsn t act. 1
I Mr. Iluber says he doesn't even know
that Captain Green waa drinking whil
he was on Mavi. He has ao proof of
it, except that atatement made by Cap
tuin flrcou himself, and. that, of course;
is not enough to causa him to Btart
any invcstltfation. And eveh if ta
selective draft officer, who always wot
his uniform on duty, did drink whil
on Maui, as he said, he did, Mr. Hubor
says he has no knowledge that tbo of'
fleer was in uniform when the boos
was sold to him, so there Is nothing he
uuu do about it. j
I Mr. Huber wai Informed yesterday
tluit the Oovernor could tell him the
present wliereshbuti of the bar bill,
but that didn't impress him. He n
ileruted thst be erjuld take no actio
unloss the matter referred to him
111, I iVn vq
Menocal Issues Decree Giving In
ternational Board Wide Scope ,
' In Distributing ; ,
European Shipments Witt Be Sold
F. 0. B. Cuba Witn Lower j
Figure For Southdrrr Ports f
elated Tress) Permission to tha In
ternatlonal aniar commute td Uistrlb
uto tbo en tiro Cuban ugar crop for th
roar 1918 waa eraated by. Preaiden'
bfenocal of Cuba yesterday By a preet
dentiaT deereo which provide pri
and quantitie for' delivery. '"'It pro
Vide for th TJnlUd etatee' aeUrln
It quotum ab4 for th Allls aocurin
their share, th latter to be distribute
through th agency - of th Unite
States government and th internatlob
al tugar committee. ; '" , f
rroTidoa ror aw .
In hi decree MenoraJ biMda Cuba
lb Cuban goveritment to dispose of It
rop through th medium named. Twi
ad a bail million ton to to tno unite-
auteo rroVhuoBaJly for distributor
amona tbo Allies ahd th balane to th
BniMd Btatos for lto own- as. Th
coming crop baa hea estimated' aa le
ta aeigBbWhood Of tares and a aar
million tons which would give a million
ton for Use ia tbo United States. ;
FMM Bottlod , ' I
Prices are fixed ahd- determined ir
the prelmtioh which do not alte
th ilffurea -es-reed ubon between thl
iateraationai commission and tbo eom
mitatow of tb Cuba planter as n
BOBBced after the agreement betweef
chose bodieo was reached.- It make!
sertaltf, howrver, that th freight fron
Havana will b added to Atlantic por
price and from otbr Cuban port thf
producer must bear th differene ir
freight rate between ucB port an
th port o ' destiBation. - Prices fol
New Torn- and Philadelphia artr W W
S4.981A a lrundffed.' duty unpaid' ahd t
othr Atlantic port ' proportlonatelt
Europotsfl BUthrjaUta !
Hhlpments to Kuropean countrie
have1 a prieo tj O. bt Cuba, no freight
rates having been agreed npon and pro
vided. To Bouthern Europe .the 'priel
la fixed at S4.53 a hundred and ' t
lorthern Enrnno 4.fl0 .
Tha- aeHoil of President Menoeal C
feetually etiftOej th tugar market ait
nation, it Is believed here, and eulmis'
ato oce8fullj( the eTort of tbo foo!
admihuitratid ad 1 two tiar eom!
mission. Itj fwpii moaa the stnbilixin
of th price 'for the entire season.
1 .1 s, '
Ten Thousand Eligible Will Se
4 - cure Commissions ,
VASHINGTON, JannBry' Id (Asso
ciated Preaa) Orders issued by th
war department' yeftetdny menn th
promotion of ten thousand yoonjr' mei
of tho National Army. The orilers aay
the Arst ten thousand oa the elifibl
list afe io be given commissions a'
'wmporary eond lienbrnnnta and wil
e assigned fo posts in tha National
Am -. " ..
This order of th war departmen
'ollew out an rpeeted' pcoeedoro as I
'tna beea aBnnuncod that; eomminajon'
vere henceforth to. he (riveft not to me
o be taken from civilian life but fror'
'he rank of thoae already in the mili
ary ervic bf th tduntry. -
' LONDON January IS (Associated
reaa) Th English paper or paying
nereaaing arieaiuipv i juua wnaiwufn
m tha British Islss. They meatlBn th
lemands for a rationing system and il
' charged that farmers and Bpaoulntorf
hat ercated an arttflelal acareitr. . '
. ; 1,. ,1 ; !
Former Czarina h
Retiised Permission
to Visit Her Cousin
FETBOGBAD, January 19
(Associated Press) Tho fact
that tbo ex-Empress of Russia la
a Oorman prittceaa, daughter of
King Ludwig of Hesse and eou
Bin of th Kaiser makes no dif-e
ferene to th member of th Bol
shevist provisional 1 government.
The refused to look upon her oth.
' erwiao thaa a a woman agaiaat
Whom formal charges of 'treason
to th Russian people have been
mad and whom they intend to
t'ace noon, trial to answer to
these charge.
This 1 th atatement made yes
terday in Maxim Gorky's paper,
which publishes ad announcement .
of the faet that th German dele-'
.goto aow ia Petrograd . have
made ' a ' request upon Premier
Leal a that k permit th Em-
.pros and her ahlldreh to travel
to Germany, there -to live with
their reUtivss. This request has
boo flatly refused, with the ex
planation that th members of
th Imperial family ar soon to
ib brought bach to Russia for
trial.-' '-
1 - - in t - r-' - '..-- fl
:Vvf h.k Vll'i.il J'.f j ..fn i- fl'A i-lh .'H
, , ;fcWar calls for many end heavy sacrifices", President Wil-V
' son reminded the nation yesterday, in a statement .given but,
at, the White Houae In support of the coal conserving order
. ot tutt, Administrator Garfield, ' a statement that gives un
qualified endorsement to that order and calls upon the people
f the-twenty-tight States affected to also endorse it by their
; full obfeervartef of Its tefm. ' v ' 'v: ';:' :'
-. "It la absolutely jiecesssry'lthat we do everything within
btir f6Wr to get away the ships that are in our porta loaded
.'. with', muni tfons ahtl supplies fof otif own 6oys in France and
,, tot, ouf allies, and fol; these, ships we must have coal,.,, V: '
. . "I is absolutely necessary that we take actten tp relieve
the congestioa on our railroads, to move, the gooda we have
lit tranatW" avj, , t.". i -.4.-... 4 .
. v"It U Absolutely necessary that we insure the people Coal
with which; they may. warm their homes. .. . t; '-; , '
' ,' "Hd halfway' ' measure . would ; have accomplished these
things Xf,W had stopped at a half way ordet;"we would only
have Rmped along with a halfway improvement; In Condition
but without such relief ai had become absolutely necessary
ori account of tfamc conditions..".-,. '" -;; "' '. ''
y"I have! every confidence that the result 0! oar action will
jusiify us Ul h step ws 'fcave takert, :'. . .;' :: .; i.,;..'..
."Ws, are drr.a waf footing, and I am Confident that the
people: of those States affected .will bear this .in mind and
show a discipline, arid solidarity that will Inspire Other na
tions with the might ol our war purpose. . . ,
McAdoo "Announces Four Selec
r llont and Includes -CTiainnan
' ofifipubtidaft. National Com
mittee In His list ivv V . .1
WASrWoTON.1 Jariuarv lsfAHo-
siated Pre) To iavoatijrat th rail
road wape question ia SU of it phase
mnimitto of fouf 4m named yester- j
day by Controller of KnrOBd Me AdoO.
H'appHntmr Bcretary In; J. Harry
Covington, chief Jnatieo of tb aoprem
court or tBff Dfatflftt of ' Columbia,
m...is ri.ttiwn -.1uT1.rThnwiv .hr tha- in. 1
tcratate enramcreo ommite nndrWlr-.OOO.OO
Ham R.WiUoox chairman of the Bo-
publican national eommitto. .. '
The iBvcstihtory power of tb com-
mttteo aro larro amd broad tn scope
and thoy WUI look into .tba phase of,
earnings as wall as of th needs of tb
railroad employes. There exists , I
ttrong probability of rate increases la
case raises in th wag scale of large
proportlon shall bo recommended.
aiag anaounced hi resignation from 1 1 T aoaato. eommitto on millUry af
tbo National committee. Hia actios fairs yeeterday presented a. favorable
had. boeji axnected for some time and report on th bill .which provides for
jug-. TffAllDUJi lkl M VI as. IBOt
na' moralv nracinitatad a little hv hi
1 TLa.' . ..'..
appointment. . i is o ucraoms eueciiva
February 1.
Alien Enemy Taken Off Steamer
By Marshal Just Before Sail
ing and May Be Interned
An Attempt by Bruno PanHrets, a
German alien enemy, twenty nine years
of nee. to escape from the Island
vesterday afternoon oa board tho steum-
r Hattio Luekenbaoh was frustrated
by J. J. Smlddy, United States marshal,
wno arresreu uie soan just prior sv ins
lepnrturo of the ship and lodged him
n Oahn prison. Pseding the receipt
of a decision from the attorney-general
at Washington, to whom the facta of
he'easo have been referred, Pankrat
Lill bo held ia custody.
Aiar truim uim ltioii tv rmip
PankarU will be sslled to account for
riolatlng that section of th President'
reclamation making it an offense for
Herman alien enemies to approach with
in KM yarda of th waterfront, Marsha)
Imiddy aaid. He had registered at th
marshal's office as required by law and
Had been allowed hi freedom on
frderal permit
' Pant art first earn to Honolulu more
than three years airo aa a fireman on
th German collier Pommera whirh
sought refuse In thi port. Phnrtly af
ter his arrival h secured a poaiMon
a machinist at the Pioneer plantation.
Lahaina. Man!, and later na ncemted
similar position at the Walpahu plan-
B.viun, lyniiu. -
About twelve months seo h wa cn -
gaged by H. H, Rands, a local contract
or, and wa ebiployed doing odd' Jobs
along the waterfront. He waa forced
out nf this work some abort time beek
'br the president's proclamation bar
rlil" Herman- ill" enemies from ap-
firoaching within 100 yards of the wa
erfront. and sin re that time is said to
'hav been uttemploved.
According t Marshal Btniddr the
'pasiblUty i that Pankartx will be in
terned for tha' duratioo of tho, war, ni
lew perhap hh 1 paroled and r'ven
into the cbargo f one of th island
plantation managers.
8T, - LOUIS, 'January t BoV Gnrd
laer and Joe I-otx, pitcher, and Owen
Wjlson, outflold, have been sent n
Woasroil; Teta, by tb fit. Louis Na
tlnnsla ' -' i - .'. .
Senate' Acts On Ktcasure Which
. .Wtjf. Enable Speeding Up Work
of Shiptuildlnfl By Employment
WASHINGTON, January 19 (Asso
ciated. Prase 1 Aatlan lookinr to the
proper housing of amplove of ahip-
tract and at Jovernmsnt yard was
iwnrtoa oy IMiUunxi oiaiee aenaie
! yoatordav vsben t passed the ndmiaia-
trationbUl which authorises tbo tak-
' log front tbo funda of the ahippinf
board for February tho Bum of 50.-1
for th Wchaso of tbo land
Jdb amfoMoryomM
Aur of tha axniaBAtionn 'offecad for
delay in ahip construction, was tb
of housing faeiHtiea for worker
lo t Impossible to increas
working fw M waa deairod to apeed
P eonstraetion work. To rtlf thl
condition tb administration had th
WU introduced which baa jut passed
f - ,
th creation of a war board to bo com-
C tlua alvlllaaa -
k""- -.
Drive Motor
Trucks and
Other Vehicles For Army
PBANCE., Jnury 10 (Associated
Press) American; women in war work
hav mad , theli appearance at tho
front and aear th front in other ca
paeitie thaa that1 of nursiag. Some ot
them are driving motor trucka which
brtnC u fenptilies and munitions aud
other ar driving motor vehicles for
other purposes. They are working in
a similar capacity to many of the col
lego atndant aoatinveat who went to
the relief of France before the United
Stat' entered th war, many of whom
ar Bow nerving either In the regular
arWy or in tho medieal and hospital
corps, ' ;
LONDoV; January 11 (Asocite:l
Press) Tho house of commons acting
tbrorpb tho apeakhr, would aominate
the members of tho house of lords ac
ennlmg to a plan for the reconstruction
of th uppsr hdno U the B.ritlsh parliu.
metit brought forward by Lord Hugh
Cecil The qbestion i Wng discussed
by a eommittee composed of members
from pom, nouses ana aenaea oy ina
Bryesv It ta generally -ngreoir that the
new louse sHould bo limited to 300 or
I !."'' - - - - . - - -
' some kind of hereditary element.
BAN FBANClb'oo, -aiuary 19 (As
nociated Presa) Ia tbo trial of the
Hindu rvlt conspiracy case yesterday
the prosecution. lutfOiluce'l ilo uim-utiirT
evidence which tended to show attempts
to embroil the United States and Asi
all countries in the alleged plot to
fowen a revolution W India.
rVlilety. Druggists refund money il
t fail to' cur. ' Tb signatu. ol
. V) CUOVS 1 on tak box. Man
.. turcd by th PARIS. MEDICI&'U
O.. St U'lt. U, 8. A. .. '. v
Attempts' Are Speedily. Made To
Shear Somej pf - the Powers
Grarjted Ta President For the
s Conduct of the W'-7 '
t ' k -ii.i 1 . s..; '
Last toai ueuverea 10 Manutuf
Iturers Until period Set By Gar-?
: ' field hall VEhd - But Munition
Factories" Will Continue
ir r ASIU IGtON; Jatitikfy 19 '
,YV. ( saociated Fres;.
While the manufacturers of the
twenty-eight States east of th
fissis8ppi Valley iaffecte'd by the ;
order of Fuel Administrator .Gar- .
fieldr which has closed down all
plants for ive days and fcrovrdes
for ten . Minday ; hoIidaysr,',have
accepted tfje order , ami, are put-
tine it into effect, and while the
workingmen affected are'erfering
no organized protest, congress s
in a turmoil and many members
of both Houses are demanding
tegislationi that willJ deprive; the
President of many of the powers .
voted to him for purposes of or
ganizing the nation for war. '
Action along-'. this' line was tak
en yesterday by the senate corn-'
mittee on military affairs, whfch
voted quick approval tot ia bill to
establish a war council, to con
sist of, thrlse members all of
whom must be civilians. This
council will take over the greater
part of the work of directing the
war program of the nation.
Another bill was voted otft of
committee with a favorable re
port to establish a director of
munitions, the head of the bureau
to be directly responsible to the
p . hut t caK:net mem.
1 nvtitnt but not a cabinet mem
ber. - '
Various senators expressed .in
yesterday tuihe fact ;
that-Fuel Adniiflistrator 'IGarneid ;
f , ..j i:.
r , '
attention to the protests against ,
- voiced! in ' the senate. The "'
l a volccu luc ' .
indifference to Senatorial eritl-
c;sm.nae. been Styled a slight Uf
on that body.
"All thia chaos la shameful, de
clared Senator Smith of Michigan.
"The senate mult take action to clip
th wings of those who ar exercising
authority in a manner tn which it waa
nevor intended that it should be? used."
I Appeals to tbo President to force the
; fuel administrator to auatmnd or modify
I his order mot with refusal, tbo Presi
dent, on the other hand, issuing a tat
ment giving unqualified approval of tbo
act of bis appointee.
Bocolv JU Ooal
Yesterday the last train movemeata
over the spurs bf the varioua man
facturies were made and for flva daya
there will be. neither fuel and supplies
carried into any factory or mill nor
products taken from those plant. K
few exception are made, some of tho
J exceptions being decided upon- at tho
lust minute. '
It ba been Anally decided to permit
all plants working o Orient war con
tracts to' continue in operation. Tb
principal munition plant will continue.
One lee plant will bo allowed to op.
crate in each important eeutor and
twenty three of th Mrgelt steel mill
will continue to run at full capacity,,'
A steady flow of telegrams poured
Into tbo office of the foul administra
tor yesterday and last sight asking
for interpretations on various sections
of the order. ,
It wa announced that there will be
no interruption in tho production of
food product, ' and . tb handliug of
these will proeeed unchecked.
. 1. 1 1. i. i ''
(Asociated PresslfThe American Ha
waiian steamer Texan, which waa r
liorted aunk from an unknown cause a
few day ago, ha arrived at an Atlan
tic port undor Jier Own steam, A war
ship pouched a' largo hole in her port
siJe la a collision, it W given out.
-T -i w.
LONDON, January IS (Aaaotlatetl
Press) Commander Tyrwhitt, who- ba
boon ia eominaad of a aquailron, waa
yesterday advanced to tb rank of act.
iug admiral.- Whiio b hir lMn mpch
in tho public eye and ban performed
- ilistinguUhed sarvleen bis - prsaieMon
1 wa aomfetbiug ia tbo' nature of a
prion slue h. was prwtaot(f ott tb
1 lined of Mveral other. , - ' t ': . l,
I officially.
. . i
. t

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