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; , . v . .. ' .i i
( ', t .. J i. -, ' .';.!.
; '. ' - ; - . . V. ::i,-1. ' . ...
"f Other tfcingt than prire, eropi ani)
probable rop aad tha ruling of the
bfcroatioaal .and, ta' aatioaal aagair
ciaaaiiataa' aa wrryi gar dual-
m anj btom a Nw Jok. bort-
. ol and. aaortafp of aanabia
4vith a VrbiutJe yf now aad
loi" ar worryinj thm quits aa nosh
nl ubjrtin , tbani , ad, btbar Mew
Yorkers m weJI to laevera dietemf erta.
Wh a aiaa to timb flight after
'flight of eta in ta reaeb bt efflee ia a
akfeeraperr whea all of hia oHee forca,
.m,tba IwIjf eWCe -"boy jop to the
, trim, nd ' , daintj. utAnojre ijktn mnf
tjrpiete, have to aiailarly climb; wbea
, b ,nhe vmld eondaet baeiDeei with
the ffr ba1 or, clerical force meat
either aeeend these long "f ligtita at
Marble oe iroa etair or nae tbe tele
rion, where nil day long ae poet aijt
. la -a heatieea efnee with, the asereurf
fcoTiiof close te ere ttaJer thexere
merktiABneiBeee JUi aatyraily fee la
he hai grieraneee agaiaat the weather
b la partietilar Md etrery ether per-
t oa ia the Terjd ia general, thwh are
the condition which New "Torkert Beve
beem "enjoying," ia la ahoXa y : let-i
lex xeeelved hy anlocal ageaey roe, iti
New'Tork reprettata.tire thia week. .4
iippia Held &f . . ;
Jlow tbe eoaJ. ebortage ia affecting
ahioDlne i W told bw-rt, v.fi
which aboulii be moving Cuba erope or
bringing Migar fron Nw Orleaaa have
been idle for lark of bunker coal.
Siver JrafBe ia hiadered y miaiatore
lee, bergs and iee field, which aeldom
appear ia New fork harbor aad if
river before rebraaW.
i The letter w written before the aa-
ooneemeat f the' International
commiaeteia -aaa ua , aeepeubee rion
Mavaaa which toUi of .the securing of
the, whole Cuban erop for the United
. WaJee aad -it Alli, lh portioa
, which refer to the probahle cause for
the e4irse el tL esas eomaiisi
i " tins ms th.n' . tf i. ;.U
I "that beet eugar wiH net greatly aid the
1 . iTnitea, irom mew 1 or x, on January
u, in iwr ne weai agency aaya
J fcj-'f Again thi week there luvve bee
aale each market day te,the Interna
.1. J 4f'oal Hkigar CoaimUioa f .'CiAa)
l Porffi TtUof, Frw Mi 8aa pomlagaa,
' ; Ail at tbe equivaleat of the new fixed
I J -luty paid baei of tAOle, nhich'prjee
1 . .baa beea otpaiaUy declared retoaetive'
1. commencing wii I)eceniber IJ lst. j
t There appear to be no immediate
liWftina, the part of .the JUteraa
,, lional Bugar.,,, Commiasma to tonsum-
teste the aale of any 'great proportion
,,:.. the Cubem, erop to ; which we re
ferred la", our last report, lor thflir
. baM doe, not indicate any .interest. In
anything bat prompt pr nearby sugar,
'tin? wilj-ptft jfea negotiate with sell
. nlese h ha aesurance that .ton
rgn ur-jbeeH ecurd Sot any . sugar
tiiey may offer. This may be due, to
the frt that any number of vessels, ia
eluding munition aad supply ships,
' tisve been held vp' in variou United
.tystc porta waiting for foal, aome of
them sinee the end of November last,
It 1 beiievej, 'however, that sale to
sfba pintexniionai Bogsr Commiasida
pavje mycb exceeded the qMtttities ra
' ported and, that these sale are bejng
b"Pt Wtder ' cover for r canon best
tutewjn fhe committee, ,
rrelfiu Congastlon old
V.Poageatiowtef freight is thi viois
Jty h about reached a climax, and the
' pnpreeedentedly' severe winter weather
, b(v ezper icjaeM f or a period of ten
day pt has taxftd pur transportation
ta eilitie far beyond their rapacity.
. f'fikyMraper bieh never before
failed ta aeeur an Adequate supply of
Coal have had to go without for dajfs
t f time, tnd the occupant of the of
fir.es have 'hid; to climb Innamerahle
flight of ataira'ajti wqrk without heat
or rficial .light whef4 the lat(er de
judad ea the operation of dynamo in
tit Mmidiags Uuac!v.
iy4iuuture.: .ipe...pergi- .nre. arioxi
e verve here 4n' the1 Jerth and . Eait
n-vara, wa psrn ieei , jwuuni seea. ne -
I,' ring ail kind, f
rater borne eom-
,Cqld tafovata ;.rv;
"AVe could very well do with a little
Mtf 'KiUoe at pteaeit, for the fner,
. imnietfr ,aa.not been, ve; Aen, degrees
ill, ore aero Fahrenheit either night or
4)yy for Abaoat Ud day., ad baa bee
'r.s lew A thirteen, degree below aero
for V short time, to;4Ae donsteraatiof)
off he pJdeet jnUblUnt. ' , ,
,A ,V Figure (in ton) from. Cuba for
the week eadiag SVth ult. ri
---It.ew Cropjr
'lieeoipt . . . ,
l:i port. . ...
... 2,i4 nm
... l.i,i:ta
... 1,77
41,9 SO
f. Xpert (Atlantic porta)
Ki ports (New Orleans,
, vote.) .;.
Chn Orowth Halted V .,
lie wMKtbar in Caba i now repdry
be Very cold. whif mean tlftt
in growth ! at a staaJMill ? Aid
eMf'rpe ..if iNrfHfB-I .'TjA . of th.
ing attained are inereesreV by the ft
that beneficial rain in various pAfi
of the island (ahoot A nuiuth ago, more
than taade up the loe due to the mid
summer drought. Latest report, give
117 central operating against )00 At
" "' 'v:'-'''VV'!',' 'ft- A
tbe earne date lat year, and 135 aad
113 at eprniiniately the an me date in
191rt and 1S. -iv
veroa Content . ' .'
. "There appear a be 'some diuatia
faeHna with the pereeatage of ,ueroe
in the tne, Earlier report ef high
urrow content are - thaagfat te have
been doe to the.fae.t that aome hold
ever.rane of laat year'a crop, unhar.
tetd then for variou 'reaeoa, wa
anoag.ijhe f irnt to be cut thia year and
yiellet a pereeotajt that the more im
mature eane doea aot give. .
KeflMd wju Drop . , .. .
VKetiaed mgar w (fill quoted nom
luaHy by the Amerieaa at A.tSe al by
other refiner at 8.35e-, Edict No. 4 of
the International Hugar. Co in mi
Kowever. bring the eelling basi
dowa to 7.3c t Moaday. A i. a.
follows: ' t
. a ill-u-.i. ' r li ' .i.u
li ri.." k..:. ' t.i.v.
finer1 eelliag margin jot be baaed
Will be 6.u06e pet pound delivered, duty
paid,' for ainety-eis degreea eeothfugal
aogar, Kew fork. ttueh baeie priije
will be eetitiaueil aatil further notice.'
little Bee Mm 1 , , , , f y
rf 'There ia much )Tieity '. eipreid
a, te whether of aot .beet bgr fill
aieo be eold oa thi bod or'aallerf be
tified ,to accept 4 he evatomary dif
" 01 raia 1 aot naeiy w
be a buraiag auestioa ia thia aeck of
the wiMxle for the ' reaeoa 'that there i
very little beet sugar here. ,
After Babat Scalp ; . - '
. '('Tbe broker in. refiaed sugar are
(Babst with great vigor aad are insist -
I in on
their demand that he shall xe-
''itii ft the Interaatioaal.augar. Com-, ";. WUto t lw rate aound-fX-Non,-.
while the gentleman himself ? tempting U tbj shipper of sagar
fiom . . ... , , here their nnderstenJinir was: thev
lea to a.ld, the aympathy of the ugar
it. ...n. . itk k. fi..
eommnnity generally ia with the Mder "urf . ' lJT . 1
do-. . the fight, for: it wUl be 5irjS.Jtnfc
eult for the American 8ur .Refining 1 !?Pf ? '1
1 ( -
pmmj to proy cnai u w ! ixn
- . . 1 . 1 . . .7 .
ad TIB
r epach.''
Pesi Is Oke To CauSe Reduc
tion t of Estimates' On Sev
eral Plantations .1
How much of a factor will th leaf
bopDer prove in the present erop cal-'
eulatlon is. a question of, iatereet aad
some considerable aoxiety te planter.
Last season rthe leaf hopper ide aer
ous inroads and it will not be A aur-
prise tf tbl year.', erep on several, of
tb plantation re nuneriauy aamagea
la eorphmatioa of the leaf hoppei
trouble of last year it wa said the
heavy rain of the previous season hat
washed away the parasite which .keep
down, the leaf hopper and bad made
possible aa .undue spread of 4A plague.
The parasite is much amaJlet- than' tbe
hopper and. is therefore -more easily
washed away. Be. this as i may the
hopper plague became . threatening in
a number , of plantation and Aid eeri
u damage,, orcaaiuning a heavy lot
of tonnage on pthera.
.At (bat fim it was said the parasite
iaveaaed faster than,' the hopper ( ami
the dry weather ..would have a tfn
dency to, make ucb increase more ap
parent.. If such be the .ease lb. leaf
hopper may be readily controlled, if
not tbila hopper ...i Uhejy ,Aa be
beard ftom in. be coming season in
the sfiapc pf reduteil estimate ' after
the middle of the year.
1 . , , t
4.- f
., Effect f tbe dreuukt pflst ffar
are etiU jTeit in ,Hmnakuaand prtb
Kmbal oa Hawaii. -There have Ve
goodrai, specially in the lowlands
but: the ' upper lands, have not ye be
thoroughly, soaked. . . f.
; hiiinokao 1 repwrted to I riaanpW
of this. The upper ditches are aojl yen
ning so full aa they should because the
ground, i ((ill Absorbing nioit,ur.,that
would ordinarily b'shed end flow ju
te Irtlgatioh.-JUches;, It will ttk sev
eral more good snaking rains to make
condition ppriVslt is an id. ,
V I'ilod Administration ejiortA,that
siiU'e Juhe, the ,'ClUes of the Uivtad
tte aggregating ,00rt,d0O in popu
lation bay, reduced the .'.wastage ef
food thrown (way by tfi percent.;;
... i . ' -i 1 !
'the Mnntsns ytah fuifsr Cotppsnv
which bad financial dtffieuUfr last
rear will be re-argaaixed nefordlng to
latest reports. The beets grown for the
company were handled by the Orcat
Western fcugar Compauy.
Cpmmho. To push aetTvery ; poltc; P 3 ' he WkileTno detent nae been
wch tin easily bl SK' JHa?. be.. Z52SSi Z by laborer, in the eewtrwl.
specie, of 'profiteering' at th expen.e ?ta ? t i lttl r-ill tb,t have rcady atarted, the.e are
of., lontf e.bli.h-ed aad, on the whole K1' Vf u' AUieT ?hruh Ihe e',ltr t . Jrcr.either paid,,bo!
.fn! .vH. nerM-rv.' .-heel of thai S?. ?... . .. ""Jjlusc. m aaya aa inereeae.. . there , ere
fli 'vr 1 -
nn fairr otii 1
.liL I I. I
t uKUUuii 0 LL
Congestipn . On J Mdihla'hd Rail
roads Appeari To Have Chang
. d Earlier Plans and New One
Adds To Receipts From Ship
I Freight congnatloni on the mainland
1 apt to work for. larger , returaa
Hawaiiaa olautere . for their Ea.tera
shipment, H waa learned yeatenlar . at
the offleaof one of the laVger planta
tioa ageaciee from a repre-eiutive
. . t .
who le ia close touch
shipping aituation aa ,. handling .that ,
branch of the busine. of hie hooee, .
Thi would meen, approximateW a net !
return abont $7 biataer a ton the ha
been anticipated. . ;. i . ( . . ; 1 J
It ha been expected by evgar pro-
!l'r from the iniormatloo
i,"3r . prtowiiy received that the
is.ion,'k?f"r pan 01 tae iis crop ejrtern
1 ahipmetit. beginning next month would
if ,,Jr1r1, ,r" Ufi JPri!e.,C,,t
Jthe reflner of the East. Indeed each
Ibaa been the tlaa until .verv reeeatlr.
n. Anaiwi nca'
ha. bee. thej.Ua j
It wa learned only yesterday moraine
teat present piaaa . contemplate abtp-
seats by way. of the. canal
la otherwise " Eastern shipment aa
z "pzrb.."w.
are aviilabbt. The
osoar.,' far as
A t t .1. iL.l tlll, JI
eecMioa for thi i the railroad eondl I
tion of the mainland, th eengeation '.
whirh bad weather hat made it impoe-j
slble to in way way Adequately relieve. 1
Water Kate Bound Good
..rreigpt rate pyv water. yi tae
kTT eLt T 4u i. T k j
been fixed by the (hipping board; at
f 10 a ton while the. rate te Mew York.
ocean to San JYancjsco or other , I-)
cifie porta, and thenee by rail has'
been expected to be about- $22 a ton, J
ia each iastanee plu the bill of lad-
- wn "P" o be aoout az a ton,
! F'u" n "
J " -
T?U"K . J"- 1 "J"
- "a-k o. tire tune, for lax-k : of .
fmulm -ki- "a
: urgent I
t uinir iNMru will niTt
yniiau iBiaiea . eju mo miernauonai
WbS -SS Uaiderabl. eomrei
tion of Wert bound freight uch eoitdl-'
tioo ia jio Wi.e approaches the condi-
f ions which surround East bound,
since the , major part of fuel move
tast from the central sections of. the
country, all food and monition. suppHe
(or he. splijiers In France and for the
navy, the piajor part of tbe food and
upplie for army cantonment and the
heavier f omi shinments for tha Yinma
population move from West to the
East. Henre (upplie destined for here I
are lea arretted py railroad congestion f
than are statnmests from the iMlHnila ta '
, - r r-.r- -, i---
eastern, wainiana points. .
Ii tne plans be earned put and canal
transportation he furnished the East
ern sugar from the Islands will produce
about six percent more than has been
LIHt'E, January 24 The reorgani
tatton of the Hackfeld Company wilj
result in beneflting a number of pbut
tatiens on Kauai, a well a a number
of (agar pis stations, on the other is
lands of the. group, the Harden ialaq'd
am-ted buiiines through the agency i Of i
reports. ' Many or Uie iilantation. traa
llachfelds, -which Ann supplied ' many
of them with the, bag in which .they
marketed their .uubr. . Ureat Britain"
decutred an embargo on all good going 1
i jiwajrius, nii i sub me (uppiytex
bags vif eut off. The Lihae i'laata
tion, the Uaaamaulu ad the Wainna)
I'Untstiou , wra, aftejntad ami, all:pf
tbem found , i. necessary to oh thtw
ami less suitable material, and make
their own bag. This 'was Wh 'na-i
heady and , exnui ve, Vn'a , of the
East complained, slio, they eoulw
d use for the . bags . formerly anp.
plied, while the less valuable material
in the home manufactured bag Wtf
aat available "for their purpose.,
Beyond a doubt, now. tfcst the fb-m
has bcru Amehuted, Jlk fold. .Com
pany will be retuoyed from the black
list, aud th taodad iugar packs can
once uipe b,e . obtained, . ,
Brazilian Exports
' During the first six months of thi
year Brasil exported 65,3711 to of
sugar. In the first half of the two
previous years the exports amounted
to 13,072 tons hd 155,412 tons. ,
CBODP. .vt
Every young ihild i susceptible t,o
ercmp. Don't wnk until tbls dreadfu)
disease attaeks your little oue before
you prepare for it. It tomes in fhe
night when chemists' shops are usually
i lond, and this alone dionld be A warn.
'Ing. , Hi nnd 'keep niambflrkeiniV
Congb Bmedy at hand. It never fulls,
arts qnickly nnd is absolutely harmless.
for sule hy all dealers. Housoh, Smith
A Co., Ltd., Agents for Hnwuii. Advertisement.
'umi ULiyuuunii unu lu 1
Sucroselflore Than 'fun 'foiiit
HighfefThan Aflame ,
Period ot.Last Year -
ij -4 .Ouwiif a Ceiitrnl la j.aot , alooe
JatPlWt thB.Mgai anil apw ejrtn(1ing
fcgur.re parted, a,, net, cg and -Hleo.
irala . WpiHia,.la i1n' latTemtLHM
fc.V trlmtl
I v mnswaid Alt: maKiJH buehm
) t ; J.oiuimit.Wn A94
iiui.i nifiiui vui'iruMt .fKMTV V
n .iu
LzV. jTlS fL '-Jji-fit, t' (.ft flu- SI.IJ(
JtolAaiy (;eporta jjO,.,- (,,' R
( :lVeUjoJiVjr.i'riiprta troai Jlh.. aoutll
kiU lute cUui-t. .K Ano ha ahowa, ia
hichi.drgie,,)' Mrlty n9 .,mii:eiithMn
iverpT uturro . unlo,nt. fr ,o. lonrlU
In ml.e ,u4oti.i..iAt Uumms otiaisi ;
panted (that the ueroe i in ore tbaa a
fuil.ybrfSeit,irilKhf, th" t)i&4
n-.CHff.ml Kl-tirli, 'h i--4 iri i!i.
ik..,in.n. rutot l rwv ivim una
T... Si,. .7i.V.i.
j. ., .. . , j;nmuai utonertiM.,, vh
onaia 4Hne,fc ;b rpud
r4M''.i) f; ;9' "
" "Vi""M ' i j
f K'nJ -f0' "'rt tw t the end
Sfi" iJP;nf !ir 'foptiHPf VWty,;:t
m,o.04. h..pWu.,, by..,. B.wia v.W(
.aejrrtarx ,ftha vyjan 'm
wduceraf An-
lOeAfttipn,,, ipUif eling (tkt dbflta iffpuld
.f pp '(Output (f, ,.58,(W:Xir:ilb
iteoent : cf pp,Ho, ;4tUhd ntininbpa.!
prt(B .Ki,p'lx.par,t.d prpjctvw hH
fVyi.yJ.hr.i,xpwt" ,tJa B.uppt(,f.
, onnaj U or eliishtly in exeeea'of
gnu him ..ni' w" " " " ...
tW'sit.UtiU 'irUrtAfi''. ? -'Hi i
lbor tua.Upii ftOfti;Q;.t v. I .
rfJll n(i,.tlnn. kn th.
'ee may V
J?m fc "
1 "t L.-i.. J.' k. u k. it.'u.
ed estate' fiOf errmtenti ha .practically
Axed' the price' at which iugar U $9 bo
sold and handled fed tbe freight rate
for1 carrying augar to the refineries, It
ia Aot jnre,ohle ,U fk .fta Interv.en
tlpn;4o A, rwsgea. unless Jiom. otlher
.prsrJ-,auui sjBroo
C9ur ! agreed ( npoa Jbey are pre-
pared te Appeal for auch action, they
aay. -Fact About Sugar.
; f
-. V '
lpWUfVrtlra-Aiil ' continue ! to'
leiire Hawaii for the mainland drawn
by the promise of higher wages there
antj shrivel) by tha fact (they, cm not get
land here as they, hoped to owing to
tbe bomeeteadlng poticle of the present
administration.., ;Mv.)4S;j office ' th
labor and atatietic , bureau of the
He titers' Awociation It ia admiltjed the
Spaniard are leaving but it ia said a
number ' who went' ' have eaprMHed a
Willingness to return if transportation,
be uriiiabed tbenkii .. ... . ,.i
i.Higbf t , wageBi, obtainAble by ; the
Bjumlatds InXAHfomia are reported, a
th ! moving noUiemen xpr me u
trmi t departure ,fron,the .IlaU
that bavejocaurwd.;: Wh Abfyy.jget
thare,. it ; ie. .Aid,, they. fiAd. . the , wrV.
harder iijid living conditio le plea
that) bey .hajre bee led toj f xpeet
an4 upder eueh co.dltioo ' forty or
mete, .fc lqaV era reedf M eojno back,
so'.HawniV;.!! '. -"'mj ' V '.'
At ttie byreau of tabor and statistic
it w , ((0:10 ,pldef .Portuguese wakA
the. beet -plantation, fabog whero U (a
swaUlq 'of " to ba-v plane, to l)v
on aad -. wptrk'-'s) addition to t their
work on tlie,plsuUtion. r A rowfortabb
house, w;th gr0bi ;Aroun4 rtt f rh
isidunemHr needed for tbent to Uy on
any plantation. (Much r'onfitiona have
been found. for them on Hawaii in
several section,.,.,.,, , (..
From thi statement it i evident fhe
hoieterrting tjUey,,Aow( In ;ogue is
respodsible for departures of largo nuiiv.
bera of Portutuese' fom the Island. j ,
. pn the.Qtlier Isjand Juixir shortage
cpntUiufs , to grow pioe noticeaVI. but
Oh thi,. Island jt b?a .not beep felt- ;!t
1. less dimcujt to oeur ispor ner jrer
the reAsbn' thyrimanr. worker want to
lie of i betfor ; clans ; than .
T erri vls, r workeri oeeui-ed ,. f i
awav frpnl the )Ue and towns or tne
pbJl.MV "rWhst Will result trqm the
yiMli; rpf rj; tli to Wnililngtonj
which' hi 'la connection with liibor mat
ters Is nut, Vet .Vnon-A.V NoT'Ut' far
Cbinese labor, If . that s.all W made
poxsible to obtain, bava .jn ecnsldored
so far, a' bus been learned.
r t i v . t
aft ft I I af
be pn, the ; I.land 'Where , i,, tp ta.rgeet
-Jt 'expected mpre, TiUpluoe will U
brbnulit herel AiidMti lJimed these
siiipr,ii?N stow
Mrfiir' 'and 'rfaWarr Plantations
Wait For Further Growth of
-Cane .Thai Ws Retarded By
1PTCtrWIcd;rJrcu5M;:,: i (' i! .
flncar shipments are'tuhlnd' II
those of
at year but jlliU la hot rnlftly the
lifsfAt't Jthfl'angel'sn'lng eondi
(ion rWaultiag from b war, The grind
U.Mnciing later on tnoet of the plaata
tioo ,nd (In f jirAgiieettlng snore alowly
kAniwMle iWimpc .:l''-i, f ' ''.-' '
)UiipjurhtAt0 nowary ,PA .by (the Au
gur FAoto,ra Com(inr.,uavf,;been 20,112
ton) s ajisinst ;,00O ,tpn to he aeme
Aatejiiet j es.;; (Eotsl sULpinl o date,
bujtur Jwttoas-aAdlotbr produqt have
Vten '8e.tKi.7,:AoMiKMlARaMiat opproxb
mat ey.j4 2,(I0( 4o, (aefc W M the same
liu-te. it mnt also be reckoned that
f(Mtron ua" ia materially (mailer
thAn:,lHh y,ffri!;e in..,4 ' i-.s ." " "
ReeroM TpiJfVatt jf;;, ,,;luj
(...Isqiury ,t !,th . (ivaripp. plantation
aBcm'iea indi'ftn;the riad i starting
eoniider,aily ater than is former year
enr ;f or, . tfiin number., pf :jtopaon. are
tp Ate ourtdy ij ,,r tl.iv.i.f ,.':!'
( ,On liet-b-, Maul AadTtawji'il advantage
Is .bi'lna ,4 ken .-of the-,rf,ein gnpd rain
to SMurn afyrther (Krcrwth jpffthe cane
Jb s aoifvpriimi.lv, retarded by the
ront.l.t,flindituua ,if last, summer and
itiniii HuoUi :J',rr. fTera of the
plnnntotts,t it, reiKirUyl teajt the cane
i"..Oin''ilI!1pw?yirna ')el
!.irnt.x"f Jewr. eitent,, aa the
caM.Jney" bf ,P ithst iiTerent plaptatloa
Hwordiflg )40iitAej,d,ft'e,(ing conditions
thiyi.re.yiljngj to niticate; te dsm
see dmif ibyith tJrpjHrht,., Under these
fireimifitaweia, t,,,;,tbe part pf good
puniuensi.to aka. advantage (pi the ir
cmuHtnre bo4 permi.t asimur.h erowth
ind (itpf.vicingcjsiithrithc added, sue rose
content;, a ma.y.be paosiWe,,.. (
plrt Cause. etnof4l,i,P ii
.!i;Xl(er.e,tl" ju: oeiiOifion. tjief.tjhan the
Knetsru .pugee;, sbortpge.; ; to, ajpeed up
atMpmcp,. (BmijCwban itga i now go
ie iiO. tft vlie,i!ft.'the f'tnafiOA there.
Hawaiian iu:bji will be wantod and will
blfurii.rt)s- nwanbs4,4.thro.pgiv09t. rhf
ymr-nlir; ?aU b.fwant4 U(cri k if
wow.- iMer, wise, it ia eapeeted, 'there
will be larger and better shipping faei
litie than those now offered. It j
better, therefore, to leave the cane In
the field, secure all possible growth
aad tn.atnrity Uva )' to. .ept.. grind
and put into storage until such time
a here Is A .bVpty .of freight bottom.
. Wjk he fixing of tb price of sugar
the matter of uncertainty as to price is
removed. The producer need not burrv
aMotiente t secure nriees as his time' of
shipment will hot affect the price w hich
he i to obtain. .. ... .
'..ITnder . these, eireumstaoees there is
beip" 4natiif"t;CA ...mahope tendency
on, thi; nar of tbe, planter.
. S ii-y-lln - ) '
2-t ;.(
' 'Success pfKonn'o, msuiger of th
Kona pevelofiment Company, in sour
tiig more eppital for the company, was
epprtcd tfoin Tokio In despatches .re
ceived here Ut Wfdnckday p'ght. The
derpstebo. said be had aeenred ub
eripJion of ,a million yeu' for added
eapilal and had interested no less prom
ncpt Japanese financiers n the cm
pajiy ' than the former, minister of
f)uMe, Baron T. K. Ta,kshashi and T.
Aral, a member of the house of peer,
director of numerous commercial estab
lishments in Formosa,' and of those
saoai. instrumental in the formation, of
the JSank .of Japap.. v
Sere if js npt tlmught the company
seriously .attempt to extend the
territory of its sugar lauds, bnt ft i
believed tt will utilise tbe new capital
jjn 4bs doV'Obipm.eat of preseat boldiagi
nd in bi.fermenta(.aBd improvepients.
, The Henry Wrterhouse Trpst Com
pany is agent far the company in Ho
nolulu,' . When this report aencbea the niaiu
la 4 OA wiU probably be received with
interest spreij yapidly au consid
erably .fxaggoratcd,. for report s j bat
Japanese eontrol .the' augar industry
here ro. received there with credence.
Olaa will be among the plantations
whirh will be late in starting grinding.
There is ' no reason for aa early start,
it is sold, sine tho erop is expected
to be smaller tbtn since 1910, the tr,efi
ea.t . ctop estimate being about 10,QOO
tons tlader the estimate of last yjuir.
It 1 placed at 20,000 toui. Effects of
the drought of last year and lee.f boj
uec ravages are the Veasous for the
lower, estinytt.
A yirt the rentrnct for tlu bagasse
uAper pjjut for thi plantation has not
been, ordered bui It is expected (O-ices
f-vili ssou. be reueived aud vousidered so
,tbat iprdera. can, Un placed.'
move thn t4ii..; Used the world Aver
to curt A kali la one day. , T)e aign'a
tur A B. A, dKUVK Is on each lok.
Manufactured ly tbf I AR1S V. EDI
CINS CO., 8'.. UuU, U. B. A.
m reported -mmfflwm
i v' -"'. ','.'.' :--',''.' '''"" ' ' ' ' ."'.' ' ' : "'. ; ' ' ''" .. ': :
'' Trouble betweea contrast laborer
aad the plantation company at Hana
are Hearing an end Although not yet
settled, it, waa learned from N. 8.
Williams of Theo, Kv Davie, ,Cm-
Enny, Agent for the plantation.. The
irger proportion of thi contractor, are
willing to return to work And are only
deterred by , few of those who .remain
disgruntled, .fatlefeetory settlement L
expected to have been arrived at IA
the vwry near future. ..'
- Jspnse tpr (a onolula appear
to hare made more of the situation on
Msui than w warranted by the aetnal
facta. 'One 'newspaper aCnonnt of -the
trouble said 132 contract, labeters had
ron on strike. Filipino iahirqr sent on
bv the plantation man seer were report
ed to have bee drivea .off and
flumes were, reported to bave been cut
or brokea. .v ' '
apaneee Verxton .
According to the. Japanese version
the me baxe been working under a ten
year od contrart and have long sought
for a new' contract'. Their version tell
nt Innff waiflnfr a1 ireaata ' ttatlanea
w. .-- .. n ... n i- r- ' i
..nif.at.il . -Tka 1 ! -M in kava .tiaaa '
promised new contract from time to
time, bnt that the promise Were bet
kept and final demand, were .made a
few, month ago., Finally, it i said.
delegation; wa sen to the- manager
but the interpreter which they -took
with them, waa ejected. They . also
claim that aome of , their leader were
driven from their plaeee as trouble
maker. Then came the strike of eon
tractors, it wa necessary to send for
Hheriff Clem Crowell who wenf to the
plnntaUon with fiv deputies.
Meantime had oome th efforts of .the
management to put Filipinos , oa . the
work. ..they hnd been driven off and '
the flume cutting and breaking follow
ed. , ..'"
Other Version Told i "'!,,;,
,A always, there re two aide. Jloutbe
affair and tlys 1 version. Of the igewts,
as told by Mr. William put the , a flair
under aaother light. , ' t . : -
It ,J trn th' men were' working
nnder old contract which had expired
The American Beet Sugar Company
Issued its annual statement on Decem
ber 15 and this reveals some interesting
fact snd figures. The company has
15,000,000 common stock end aa.OOO,
000 preferred Q percent stock non-eqmn-lativev
The company wa incorporated
in 1899. and it ow ha sU factories.
Tta pxnard, CnUfomla, factory ha a
slicing capacity of. 3000 ton A day an I
pans 162 acre of )aJld..The Cbin.o,
factory has A slicing capacity, of
JO tons and own 4420 acre. .The
Socky Ford, Colorado, factory- ba n
icing' capacity pf 1600 tons and. own
tiOO acres ,pf bind. Lamar, Colorado,
baa the fourth factory with A. slicing
capacity of 400 tone and owns 14,404
acres of bind. . La. Animas, Cal., with
a arcing rapacity of 800 and. 417 arret
of , land is the fifth epnern, whU
Grand Island. Nebraska, wih slicing
capacity of 400 tons owae 64 acres. This
make, a total alicjuog eapciy,of 7300
tons day and a acreage of 42,9,V.
It ' means that the company can .lice
lip ,700,000 ton per annum eonsii'erio;
the average run of the fae'tori. as 100
day. Last year 675,072 tone were
sliced. The company ' land produced
ipt ,560 toa. The company owns 10,
220 bead of cattle also, to keep the
land fertile. ,.
. '. 4
i f'i r - a '
r!.,lit ar.alhar la raxiArtiui fram fna
other islands. nd bail, storm hv oc
eured en Maul an Jiilo. , i
J. N. M. Williams who- returned re
eeutly .yom Maui iU pf a heavy hail
store which occurred. At .Has while
be was there. Large bail atone fell
and the weather wa uncomfortably
cold. . .
Despatch from We .yesterday told
of hail storm, op Wleduesday at Waia
kca, 1'ahoa aad other, point.
. ! i - 't 'i f ... i .
Newspaper reports bring the infor
mation that the beet crop in Canada is
7(1 percent f what jt normally is.' This
report is dated October 1 and may be
improved by later statistics. - ,
Nine huudred thousand 'ton f suga
will remain ia Java despite the, heavy
purchases of England. A 'report from
Pari give thia if&rmf ion. .
, The Agricultural Diltitut n ; Borne
is keepiug up Its Work U tabulating the
world' crops and it rMrta that the
beet erop in thn raited Htntr will be
10,000,000 tuna or KltT.O per Cout above
what it was lust season.
ImUi and Hawaii
r.iiV rrf, .
two years Ago had that' It .1. desir
able to have new contract, when they,
eaa b arranged. Thi would have been
before now had not the war. and the,
belligerency of tb United BUte Inter-,
vened when the contract wr .to have
been prepared. The reeult -waa, a 1
known, an unncttlement of tb augar
industry which make it Impossible or
next te Impossible to .enter upo asV
long term contracts now. when condi
tion change quickly and when there
en be no etabUity Tbe company ask
ed the contractors, to go on a they
haee been doing for two years. .
llA'f AcreAga Affoetad ; .
Instead of 132 rontjractor .triking
there were only about -A third hat
many. TheVe however, .cultivated, more
than a half , of the acreage that fnd
cane to the mill. For that reason a (
settlement ot the difficultiea "ia highly
desirable..' y: ..... . r ,. y ,;
On his visit to the plantation Mr.
William' found a large majority of the
contractor, ready to ret am to work on
the old terms onee they understood the
situation.' This they have been deterred
from doing by the more violent and ag
gressive atrikers. They are. however, .
divided among . theteselvs with the
sentiment for return growing. ,
Field. Hot Flrod, ;
EepoTts of the' firing of the Aelds
by strikers werf incorrect. ' The report
grew out of a peculiar Incident. A
heuvv shower had been falling and
lightning bolt struck laborers Jtpuae
setting it afire. From tbe bouse the
fire spread to the cane, little attention i
having been paid to the daager of that
neeurriag for the reason it wa thought
th. rain had made it too wet to bnra.
When the fire waa discovered plantation
worker came from all direction h ex
tinguished the fire in tbe house sad. the
burning cane. ' -
Rome one, exeited by the incident, it
i presumed, nd not waiting 4o. oarer- .
tain thje facta, telephoned to Wailukn
sayiqg, the striker, at Hpa bad fired,
the eaae fields. JV'. .', ' i ; ," ."V.
t Mr. , William ad that while he .was
on Maui tbe weather was cold And a
heavy hall storm fell. -'
'Kiddies Spade and Plant and
,H6e, Then Turn Over the Pro
fits of Their SrhaH Faiths' To
Be Used For People of War
Stricken Countries
What school children cah do in a
practical way for Bed" Cross work was
demonstrated yesterday when five dol
lars was turned over to the society by
tbe principal and teachers of Manoa
Heboid, ou behalf . of the little ones
under them, as the children's mite to
ward alleviating the suffering of war
stricken peoples. '
The money .was entirely derive, as
I profits out of little garden, developed
r . l .. i . i .AM . i. ...mi...
LAI UI T Bl Uil .v UUUIG, ,.VW uv RU.j.w.
products, rpmaining , aftca-v the Vm
want had been supplied. v
TbeiMaopa Hchool 1 th Arst to re
spond to the rail for Bed Ciioss aid in
this manner and the children feel quite
proud of their achievement and of
this pride the parent take not, a lit
tle unto themselves. The pareuts, when
informed of the movement, kokoaed it,
and enthusiastically enterod into the
spirit of the plan. 1 1,
. . Through the instrumentality pfMrs.
M, D. Brpwo, th principal, Aptl her
oorps of . assistant jteaebers, the arbool'
garden 'at planted, a.pd,. from ,;,thl
fund hav been derive for ad'Ution
tQ Ihf playground equipment, iacluding
a crotpiet .set. Then the hum' Aiarden
plan was developed, seeds being' .obtain
ed . from the school garden, and else
where and planted in spar place ia
home premises. .....
The children of the Maopa ftuboot
are not endowed plentifully with, well-to-do
parents, but pearly nil have small
farms, or are wage earners., Nickels
are scarce with them, aad so the borne
gardens, spaded and developed by tbe
rhildren, became a source pf revenue
for humanity' (ke. ' -
The vhlldren sell their products in
the valley snd find thiir customer nre
generous both with money and good
DETttOIT, December 8 Most of
the Micbiirnn su.'ar faclorie bava flu
ished their slicing campaign and. the
few that coutioue iq operation, expect
to riuiclude their, spuson (bout the, jlrst
Of Jsnuary. Although th. production
is disappointingly small eoneidorablo
supplies have uccumulatedviand' these
Aocai stocks are being, shipped put
rapidly as rur service ronditiona .will
permit. The freight movement is yery
slow, lnwer, und bus been hamper
ed by weather conditions, Prices re
muiu uui'lianged.
Gardens fctiifcil
Ciureli eld . . "
1 .-
' ' ,'

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