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ff " ' Hoaotutn, fsnnarr M, 11S.'
.'.,'. . SS(B 4.- ( , U 1.1,1. .
;:.. li-'-Ii-d 10. Vl;!a 1''JJ-'I lLi"vJ I
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., .;T,:H,Q,np)) M,; Iff Allowed, Thirty j ,
(f Dllnit steps Were taken, yesterday
(ewatd J 'cleaning up'4' Honolulu ti hi-
.. delf' to void 'the 'carrying into' effect
' of benertl'VisscW threat to" keep
eotdier out of tke city unless flaunting
vie .were, eliminated. ' ' ,' "
' The municipal affaire committee of
the Chamber '. of ' commerce ' virtually
' issued ' at ' ultimatum itftelf tbnf the
city must be cleaned up, and the po
lice department. 1 Bheriff Rose anil
' Chief of Detectives McDuffie. promised
that they would do the job. and do
it batiafaetbriry' Within thirty days.
They anted that they be given that
much time In which to accomplish the
1 object, ' and the' chamber ' committee
greed to their request. " ' i
. The'' 4r ra marked ' by an ex
Change of letters between General Wl
eer end Mayor Fbrn, aa a result of
Which ''' conference will be held thla
afternoonr by tbrtnyv municipal and fed
eral official to' work 'out plana for
driving pimps, profrtitntee and boot
taggers from the city and making It
eaf for the aoldiera.
After slumbering for yean, the civic
' conscience appears t be finally wide
awake. " It , haa been ahocked out of
. ita slumbers by the danger that threat
ened business, and the result la expect
ed 'to. be that Honolulu will make an
honest and vigorous attempt to get rid
of the evils that have caused the city
to be' advertised all over the TJqited
Btatea aa a place that is not safe, for
Vara Bam 'a eoldiera. .
Events crowded closely yesterday
upon the ' issuance Tuesday of the ul
thmrtunY '' of Brigadier-General. John
P. Wiaser, commanding the army foreea
la Honolulu, that the city officials elean
up: the city of vice traffic or he would
forbid the soldiers, from , vtsiting the
city until this was done.
Following a conference yesterday
morning of the municipal affairs com
mittee of the chamber of commerce
with Mayor Fern, Hheriff Charles H.
Rose and Chief of Detectives A. Mo
Puffie, when the police department
pledged itself to effect the clean up in
thirty days' ittme, Mayor Fern re
quested General Wissor to agree to a
conference to be held at five o'clock
this afternoon. 'Thin conference la to'
include the peneral. the nrmv officer'
'especially detailed to ald"in tie 'Wotlt,
trie -department Judge , advocate; "Tne
United States attorney. United Btatea
marshal, city attorney and his depu
ties, the sheriff and chief of detectivee
(I Honolulu.
The above, in substance, were the
results, of yesterday 'a' conference and
correspondence passing between the
commanding officer, "the mayor and the
sheriff, while at the same time the
sheriff Initiated the battle to be waged
against immorality wherever Or how
aver (t may exist within the city, in
which he has the cooperation of the
chamber " of commerce and the daily
Wisser Answers Tern
fjeneral "Wisser replied yesterday to
Mayor Fern's letter of January 23, In
which he; fecknowledged the difficulties
confronting the mayor in carrying out
the wishes of the department com
mander and adding that he as depart
ment commander has always been ready
to '" cooperate properly and legally''
with the civil authorities, but reiter
ated his unwillingness to use enlisted
men as "stool pigenna".
Mayor Fern replied to this letter
from the general saying he was pleas
ed' to know the commanding officer
real)ed that neither turf community
nor the officiala of the city hnve the
duty or power to enforce United Btatea
laws and regulations and that he, the
general, appreciated the difficulties of
the city under the circumstances.
Winner 'a Letter
General Wisser 's letter datod yester
day addressed to Mayor Forn and sign
ed on the general 'a behalf by Captain
John Smith, Jr., acting department ad
jutant, was as follows:
'The. department commander begs
to acknowledge, the receipt of your
communication of January 23, 1018, '
"He understands fully, from the of
ficial 'reports o his officers, your dif
ficulties in the ipatter.
"'He has been ready at all timea to
cooperate properly with the civil au
thorities,' and, by a circular issued by
order of the' secretary of war, Novem
ber 2, 1917, every1 commanding officer
of this department ia requested to re
port, through the department judge' ad
vocate. a me ir. . district attorney
all violations of Section 12 (relating
tr alcoholic, liquor) of the act of eon
gresa ?t May 18, 19,17.
"Aa above stated, the department
commander has always been ready to
cooperate properly and legally with the
civil authorities, but is not willing to
use enlisted men as stool pigeons (that
is,' the use 'of our most respectable and
reliable enlisted mvn as decoys or in
formers), because that tuke swny the 1
eelf-respect of a good soldier, and in '
tqe opinion or tho department com
mander, is not warranted.
'"'The' department commander lias
simply stated what is, in his opinion,
the only proper and legal course for
him to tuke in the event of failure on
the part of the community to carry out
the President 's proclamation.
"An officer of the Army has been de
tailed to naxist the civil authorities to
obtain evidence, aud he is available
for consultation with you aj any time.
Moreover, the department commander
is ready at any time to discuss with you I
ins enure matter. - ,
Mayor Fern 'a Reply
Mayor Feiu, replying- to this com
muntcaion yesterday, called the geq
rsl"a attention t6 what tea mayor con
sidered a wrong impression concerning
the attitude of the alty officials' towarp
soldiers, particularly as touting .tn era
hs "stool pigeons' V adding that there
ware quite respectable' Methods by
which enlisted men could be nsed in
the . enforcement Of the lawa, and the
ejtj'.exefutive suggested that the da
pnrtment commander Assign a number
pf men to aid tke police and other lty
officiala. The mayor'l, letter, -In fMl,
addressed; to General Vissef, follows
"The communication of the 2tk tn
atant of the department eommander
by Captain Bmith, acting .department
adjutant, ia at hand, ; -,. ; . ;
s "The mayor ia pleased, to kaow that
you realiaa that neither tk community
nor the officials of the city and eounty
have the duty or power te oaforee U. 8.
lawa and regulations and that yon ap
preciate tke difficnltiea of .the city un
der the circumstances. . , ,: -f ' . . '
"Let ma correct a mistaken impres
sion wklqh seems to pervade both of
your eomraunieationa. :,' Neitherj the
mayor nor any other official of the eity
and eounty haa at any time intimated
to my knowledge, that enlisted .men be
nsed as atool pigeona, er deooya W In
formara or. in any menial capacity ia '
campaign, of the nature1 yon auggeat.
There are quite 'respectable, metsode by
which, a large number .of men. in your
bommand aonld be of assiatante in tbla
campaign. The detail of oho officer or
two: officers is not tha only method of
cooperation obvious under the circum
stances. '; ;. ' 1
'Accepting your suggestion of a eon
ferenee between the department ednj
mander and the mayor, I Would recom
mend to yon an enlargement' Ttpop
aneh a conference: The' mayor would
be glad to invite and doea Invite 'tiro
department eommander. the special of
ficer detailed by him, the' judge' advb-v
eate, tne united ntaiea district attor
ney, and the United Btatea marshal, the
city and' county attorney or 'his de
puties, the sheriff and chief 'hf detec
tives Of the City and Counfv 6f ' Ho-
nolhtu, to confer together fn hla''nfn(i)'
at five o'clock t the afternoon, Friday,1
Ssnnary E5, 11S, t discos' tM foast
illfleaHf eoblieTit!n IH lln IrftV
epnditiona jdm complain ef.i h! ,
"Among the posMWlltics which y oh
eonld give information upon la whnt
can be Hint hr yoW 'dejiartmeht' to de
tail a 'number bf men to act In conjuiie
tlort with"-the aheriffi'br, the United
Bthtaa marshal as special depbtfus with
reference tb soldier; offenders I botk'
thk matters indicated y yonr letters
and aid' the eiyH authorities to bring
to iiistiee both aoldiera and afl civilians
aiding and abetting eucb'1 soldier of
fonderh. You aould ''further aid ,'snch
a conference' by bringing; In any btMr
annerbstimt which you may liave 'ar'jo
'cooperation between 'yor department
hnd the bfflciala'of the City and Coufl
j.rl Honolulu " ' ' ,
Aak Tlrfrty baya :
Thirty daya ia the time limit asked
for by the police department of the city
of Honolulu to clean up the eity of vice
and bootlegging traffic, not only as it
concerns soldier but' the' community
generally, tha pledge of tha police de
partment being accepted by the munici
pal affairs committee f the chamber of
bommeree, while1 the daily newspapers
have also pledged, their cooperation in
aiding the police' and other officiala to
make the claan-np effective.
Hheriff Charlea H. 'Roae, Chief of De
tectives Arthur MeDuffie,' Mayor J. J.
Fern, and the municipal affairs com
mittee met yesterday morning when the
ultimatum' of General Wiaser wan ron
aidered; resulting In mutual-and cooper
ative agreement,' but tkb committee on
giving Ita town' pledge of cooperation
demanded that the campaign of flie
police department 'tie kcttve and thor
ough AnL.the Initiation of an immedi
ate enforcement of all laws that will
brlnir thta result., ,,
Chief tof DctecUvaa McPume. acting
as dpqkesmnn, for the police authorities
at the conference, 'aaid that many ele
ments ef ao-called Vice'lad been exag
gerated hut ' thAt h w.a' ready to co
gpcrate in tie sijppresaion.of any vice
evil filntlng kere And asked Hhe cham
ber of commerce' committed to give the
police department a month to execute
plnas already' fofmujated.
Sheriff Explains
The shesiff explained difficulties eon-fronting-
hie' department, the lack of
men to deal with tha increased popu
lation, and that while he had asked the
tioard of Supervisory for more money,
tms request had been turned down.
MeDuffie eiplalned the difficulties en
countered in handling soldier cases"
ia which 'blindnigsM and vice traffic
were problems, inasmuch' a General
Wimier will not permit the pollee to
wear soldier uniferma to rua down army
violators of federal and local lawa. The
ahtef charged the ' committee not to
believe nil they day have heard at to
vlco condition here, but he' aJded he
thought lie could got; results if he
could secure' the' army cooperation,
form to the ultlmatam of General Wis
aer, all resulting favorably. '.
k Falsa Imnrenlons" ;
Commenting 6h" the ultimatum and
the .conferences of city 'off(ola) with thp
cnamoer or commerce u,.puty Uity At
tomev A. M. Crflitv an 1,1 ,Jaf',lw' ti..
the offtelals'wouVt nbV YM' aniwhe re
I "until all fhlse' impression are cleared
avorabJe.. Conditions; ForAvinv
jlion Found By Oa ExtfecV-!. f
it ep.i p.fiavpmpofian.i JV?8UiVj
t daho rilV within, flyhyaara develop
Into one bf vtha greatest eviatlon bases
Of . tha American army . and of the nary,
also, in th opinion bf local army offl-
cws aa eirpreatvid ' yesterday.. Their1
bplnibn In based upon the rtporta made
Major Tiarold M. Clark, U. 8. An of
tne' three fllghta he haa made over tha
Island during-' the preaeht week In kia
aeaplane. 1 " '
( Thb upper, air, f Oahu la unusually
favorable-for flying, Major Clark re-'
porta.' Tke major was extremely en"
tbaaigatta "ipon returning to terra
flrma, aaying tkat he found no adverse
aerial eonditlona in tha higher levels
te warrant the criticisms that have it
the past bee made by other avlfttora
who bavin flow.herej . ' , ' i
, The Uaftdd Btatea ts now" well "Into
the work of developing a groat aerial
army to aid intlfe wotk'of crushing
the ' Hun. Thousands tt "young men
have shown eagerness to join tha avi
ation forces' of the army, and a may
of them re being1 'trained' aa can be
acnommodated. Aa the aervlce develops,
more and more of them will be enlisted,,
fot' 'it is the 1 declared purpose Of the
Nation,, to send'ithOimanils'of fliers tb
the, battle grounds of Europe to send
So 'many of them. In 'fact, as to drive
thb anewy 'from the ait and 'blind the
armlee of the Iluu,
Hawaii Ideal 1
One difficulty that has. let en-
fountered ,is to, find suitable locations
or. aviation training grounds. Particu
larly in the winter Is thia true, for cold
friif 'stormy weather grestly hampers
unskilled aviator, '."',.
' But Hawaii has been found by Major
Clark to be ideal for flyinirl'and if that
is true kt thia time of the year, it cer
tainly ia true nil the. year round. Army
officer said yesterday1 that' they be
ileved that,, if th array, authorities at
Nyasliington follow up cloably 'the per
fq'rma.ncea bf Major Clark' and his sea
plane, Oahu will,' Within live yeara at
tha rooat W one of thi 'greatest army
knit navy avlatldn bases of fte country.
Mara ttfajttom ''' ' '
. .The Vtperienc.es' of Bud, Mara, an
acrobatic' aeroplane performer, wlio waa
tia firaf ever to fly IW the Islands sev
eril years iP,' were such as to cause
kirn" 'to te'gard Oahtt as .bhf avoratle to
eaay firing. "MaVi,' however; flew aa a
cbrorhefdialt prdpoaitibiV 'and had per
force to' look to box-office '"receipts, and
for that iVeasbn selected MoSnalua
polo field for the atarting and finishing
of 'hls'-flight;" a' fiht ' which' ts located
Jn 'the bottoni of a 'gulch' through which
h air1 currents' fairly' bolltfd and made
flying an act of nnusual nerve. Mars
did not reach -any great , height, and
when Massop Hew in from SchofieM to
Kaoiolani Parkl earlv ' one morning.
using a light monoplane, the air L be
low, af well -aa bdv ; waa , unusually'
c'albit , Vara machine , waa ' also ' b'
clumsy contrivance.
' or qiark ' discovered that the only
real air' currents are those encount-'
ered.,00 the lower air levels, the ma
ehibe passing out of these on reach
ing a' laVei.Vith tbe mountain ridges.
t Up above this last1 level the "flying
grounds'" are reported to be exception
ally favorable for any kind bf flight
maneuver. "He also "f bached the conclusion--that
everything here, at loast
during "kia two days' flights; was mora
favorable! 'than at 'San Antonio' ' where
extensive flying instruction is being
giveir not , only t4 Americans, but Brif
iahar sent ijftuth f rpm Canada to es
cape thf , bKaaarla, , ami , cold.,
Many Advanttgaa
ThadfanUfeewhlsh Oahu possesses
oyer' 'Bait Abtbnlb- arid almost any other
aviation! etatiori Wnob 'the mainland is
tha ' kll-year'rou'nd 'equable Weather,
turnery thfbughbht lacking cold "be
Ibw,1'" aid'' witil' "'exceptional water
stretches for seaplane work. The -proposed
aero- beae-'i 'also ia an unusual:
ly favorable location- for work permit
ting work to be conducted far inshore
during 'weather that 'roughens the sen
outside and rendering hydroplane work
impracticable our there.
It' is known that Oahu is to be grad
ually developed into a vast offense and'
defense atationjj but if-is believed that
eventually the Station will also be des
ignated' rot training aa well aa for ac
tive service. 11
Major Clajk did not fly yesterday,
but it ts' possible he may ascend again
thia forenoon; providing the weather
remains 'as' pleasant and sunny as it
haa been most of the week.
United 'Btatea Attorney Huber said
with' refereibee "to tha part which his
department, is expected to play in the
proposed clean:up, and regarding asser
tions that kia department haa not ap
plied ita power . to aupreaaing eertain
vice violations in the past, that hH
departmbnt will eooperate and has co
operated In the past, He referred to
th records' On file in his vfficeTshowtng
what it did in the e losing up of Iwitei.
Ha said, however, that he would not
permit the court, through Ms office, to
be made into 'a police court', for the
trial of offenses which should be
brought before other courts and through
other -pdlloe,' channels thia his Own and
the marshal's office.
Brown's Idea
, City; Attorney A, M. Brown is quoted
as follow
"the military faould either cooper
ate or withdraw from, tke city. If the?
military '.would .leave thp 'eity there
would be little or no vice here. The
presence ' "of th$ sold,lera, in my opin
ion, i roaponaibkt for iUlcjt. liquor sell
ing, and responsible to a great extent,
far Hie disorderly 'bouses. y'With 'the
pomtdete eoopera(ion, of the military
authorities. Honolulu Sould be cleaned
up In a very ehprt time1." 1 ''
The city1 tt,orpey further aavs that
when vice became rampant St "Blood
town" near 'Wahjawa a year ago, Gen
eral Btronjf, tneit In command of the
nrmy departtaeu't, placed gnarda around
it. and til Ihrek daya "Bloodtbwb" was
blotted 'oat.. 'The pdllcejjhe addn, eould
rot have done this alone, lie new asks
thsf the snm cooperation be' given the
police in tbe preaent ariaia. ''
bf dcrof SccMar f Hake h
W rrnVio'Vilii Thi : ArietAViliin ' 1
'-: . urn milil ..,.." .i, ' ' . '
, vwmi oegin uunng warv
' . . .. ; hA.:
t A the temlt of a recent drastie or
der of the -treasury depsrtmta' Hono
lultj 1 In e feir way to lose,' for the
time being'at least, the long-koped-fbr
pdfeitattlullWn rdrTf, tftla order
annohnts t&. t needless eoastrnetiob of
pt offish Shif'fc. lt-al bbildiilg gener
kliyib'lJe afepped 'definitely' in order
thaf mpey tiajy b ved for 'military
purpose Ruak buildings, even thougb
they krk bean authorised by congress,
fre hot lo'.be bbllt. '
; rlai'li fot thf hew Honolulu building
Wore presented recently in Washington
khd It baa been believed that Work on
tbe new- structure might be started
within- the nexf few rndnthl Mather
or not' the Honolulu building Will, fall
under Jh ban bf the order baa not yet
ben disclosed, but aa It Is ststed that
real bead for It exists, there i still a
chance That it Will be erected.'
Order Ia Sweeping '
! ThV order' in ' question waa Issued as
war measure by Hweretary MeAdoo
early in the month, ft was directed to
the supervising1 architect. How awPop
ing it r mat he seen from its text,
Whish is as follows:
'; "Alt extensions of buildings tke nr
geney iof which' is established " to the
ssttsfarraien of the assistant Secretary
of the treasury in charge of public
bnlldlngs are te be placed on tbe rnar
ket for bida at aa early a dnt aa prae
ticblo and' carried to completion. All
buildinga-.and extensions of - buildings
now under construction are to be com
pleted. ' ;
No Purchaeea To Be Mada
'f No additional sites "are to be ee
leeted' or purchased.
'"Marina hospitals, quarantine and
immigration atatiohs, being convertible
into arm and navy hospital of ether
war uses, 'construction work and im
provements t hereon or in ebntempla-'
tioii' in connection therewith are to be
carried ori aa rapidly as possible. ' ',
4,'lq H other eases where aire bave
been acquired " or contracted 'for the
work of in supervising architest'a of
fice in preparing!'deslgna, p'snsj speci
fications, and so forth, is to be' carried
out toth point of TCadiness to adver
tise' for bids for eonrtruCtlon. In these
casta, however, no bids are to be solic
ited without Ordera"
",0 new buildings are to be placed
under' contract' unless tHoir urgoncy' is
established to thb' satisfaction of tbe
assistant 'ieere'tary of the treaanry,"
Mr. McAdqo said in one of the lettera
to a member of the kouse. ' "'
, "Becausb of . tbe unprecedented de
mands which the' war is making upon
the national resources, the policy
Should be bbscrved of curtailing expen:
iture foY'ot her purpose as far ba pos
sible without1 detriment tb tke public
intereta.,',,' ; ', ,v """ '" " ' '
Approjimntely 154 public buildings
have lieen authoriabd' by eongresa; but
not ' tontracted for. Treasury -officials
estimate that - the kidding up of con
struction" of these 'bulldlriga' will save
more than 15,000.000 'for"Hao present,
nt'lcast: r; ' '-' ' "' ' "'' ' ' '
I I .. Ui 1 i 1 1
Owing to delay in getting out one
tiounau-e' bank ' tgfJfegistranti and
failure' of ,i iargo number to receive
them on timM ami 'the difficulty of reg
istrars handling the number of nation
alities required te answer them, the
legal' advlsoryf board' 'announces 'that
the booths H tever th city and Island
wftl rvmaln open a week longef, closing
bn Februjiiy SI'insteid'of on January
L'8, tti OrigfnuJly scheduled.
Wade Warren Thayer, aeeretary of
the advisory board, la notifying all as
aistanta' to thla' board that bwing to the
delay in getting blnrik into the hand
of registTanta'the work of the advisory
board must be continued.
"You hay all' given- very faithful
and patriqtie' service,; iaiid w' are re
luctant to ask you to continue this for
longer than was first expected," he
Writes, ''bOlt' under tke 'circumstances
it ' seems' absolutely necessary that the
booths be kept open Until at least the
second of February, and that the mem
bers of the legal advisory board con
tinue their1 Srork of assisting 'Regis
trants during that' period.
"If any' 'member of thb legal advis
ory board, Hither ' associate' or a lay
nW-mber, is' unable to continue the work
until; the date mentioned; he U request
ed, io notify me immediately, but under
the circumstances we earnestly Urge all
who have been doing thia work tb con
tinue until ta end." ' 1 ' '
. At tho local exemption board rooms
the clerical taffs and Vdlunteer help
ers, many bf whom are busy men down
town, but' who' are giving their time
and energy in the interests of this im
portant work, are going, at full speed.
Tbe board ' notice thkithb number of
improperly, filled -out blanks ia becom
ing' less and 'less, indicatitoj a better
understanding on the part of the regia
irars in the, handling of tho blanks.
Up to yesterday the FoUrth, District
board (exemption board' Nb.' 1, bad
sent out 400I blanks, and the Fifth
strict ( '(exemption board Ko.' 2). bad
sent out J5G8,. These represent the or
der numbers of the draft registrants on
Ibia Island., , ;' ' ' ' '
wild Npt, Closed and. Old Evil
Still In ExIstende-i-Hack DrW-1'
r and Woman T?U , Talet
l"IL a. HS
S ....
School,; For Cooks laM Bakers
Perfects a Woover Uoaf ThiV-
Gives Entire Satisfaction
. Ko whit behindhand in patriotic food
tonservition, the School or baker and
Cooks at Fort Bhafter has . perfected
a war loaf which is to be served to thp
boya of Uncle Bam 'a aervice. en day
each week. The bread is now beinfe
distributed at Fort Bhkfter and Hono
lulu posts and will be extended' te tke
entire garrison as soon aa praetlrable.
'-.The war loaf la made bf flne'eofa
meal and wheat floor in eqoat parts,
with the addition, of apgr, salt lard)
and potato ferment or Veast. Tha for
mula haa been worked -'out' by First
Iient. Charles Koerpel, 'officer in charge
0 tha school, nnler dlreetiena from
Colonel R. W. SchbflebL ' 1
'There are four reeipea whicb have
been tried nut at the school and have
given entire satisfaction It ia found,
say the officer In charge, that the
read is Wtter twenty-four hours old
''in when fresh. It doea not crumble,
an 1 will keep for aeven daya under
proper conditions. Thia bread far'
nlshes the necessary calories to keep
the human system in good condition.
The process used in making tbe war
loaf ia aimilar to that'ef nay yeast
bread.' A sponge is made ef the corn
flour and half of the wheat floor. It
la allowed to rise and fall bef or thb
rest . of the wheat floor i added end
the dough is worked for baking. ' For
a bne-ponnd !of. twentv minutes 'is
allowed for baking, while for tbe fonr-
pound loaf, which ia aaid , to be tha
mo eatisf actory, fifty mlhntba must
b glvea.
(Llstlng of a gallon or burgundy In a
counter claim to a civil- suit filed
agaimrt'him by Louisa Fleehelle, a
French Woman of Iwilel, has already
caused Joe Lucas, otherwise known aa
Job Lucea, a naturalised Austrian hbcK
drie, to be investigated iby' thb
Qnited Statet internal rerenne depart
ment on charge of selling liquor with
out a' federal Kcepfe. . .
UOtker papers filed in tb ease may
fveotually lead to hi preeecutlon, by
the federal authorities for a viqlation
bf the Mahn Aet, or by tke Territorial
ctneian en a eaarga ef aoneitiag. '
, Incidentally, the several papers in
the civil ease show how Iwilel la hot
"jflosed" how patrons of the dlatribt1
hve' been " introduced" in thu dia
triet by at least one back driver, and
Indicate b section of thb city where the
liquor traffic has illicitly' flourished. '
' Bevelation of tfeese facta eaiffb when
th Flechelle woman filed a suit In tbe
district' court Wednesday tb secure
Judgement against l.ucea for 9 and
attorney's fees. In response to thia,
througk kia attoraey, George M.
French,' Lucca filed the counter elaim'
for il3S.OO, la which he allegee "Io have
thia aum owing him by the woman. -Man
of AM Work ' '
Tke attacked bill is an itemised one,
running back to July 11,' 1010; And al
leges among other thing that money
ia dne Lucea for hack fare, French
novela, tending canary bird, hair tonic,
cleenlrig two Holokns, fmlta, flowers
and xandy. It is in this itemised bill,
that' the claim is made for "one gallon
of burgundy;, 2." ' ' ( "
'Another' item ia for two months'
rent for a house on Laiml Boad at 15
a month. The Lucca elaim waa based l:
on the contention that though, never
occupied by the woman H waa bold for
her use. ' ' . '
i It waa after the internal revenue of
ficera were notified of the elaim, for
tne gallon of burgundy that they began
th investigation of Lucea 'a activity ia
supplying liquor to the Iwilel resident.
"Lucca waa called to tha internal rev
enue office yesterday and questioned,
but what -disposition waa mada of tke
else wduld not be told by Deputy Col
lector . George W. Ashley, Jr., although
ha did bay "the matter u under inves
tigation." , According to the 'deputy collector
anyone -who sells liquor without a fed
bra! license ia liable to the amount of
the federal tax, $25, and a fifty percent
penalty.'- This amount la the. license
tax'for the aale of liquor In b quantity
less than five gallons. ' All bootleggers
are' liable to be assessed thia amount
by the federal government, ha aaya. If
prosecuted bod convicted, th pMisU
mnt I much- te ore severe. " '.- ,
Claim and Counter Olalin t ...
"' LueH'fjIr, bib-eVruhbif "claim '. admlU
having received ma of -money from
the French woman in fifty, thirty-five
and twenty-five dollar amounts, but
his aetroff to her claim alleges kha still
owes him $13. 05. " ' ' '
. ' Her elaim la for 124, which aba any
ahe loaned him last October to aid in
purchaslrig hadt ' No. 91, which be
drives'. Of 'this amount ake credit him
with havlbg repaid,..b25.
, It, ia an affidavit filed tn answer to
Lucea 'a counter 'claim .'that tbe nau
seating detaila' of the traffio he ia al
leged to have beea engaged in are mad 4
' One paragraph of the affidavit read
aa followat' V ' ' ''' '. '
1 "That .'for tha last three year or
I hereabouts! affiant ' has resided at
Iwifei. i the CUf and County' of Hot
noiuiu ana mac ounng mat permu j Notice u iik6wjM iven that tBe
? a T r n y 70U?"P property conveyed by said , mortgage
btaiBOAKtlta ,
Rwb'tt'tsriM". i..t
' 1 The Ideler quartette ia to be beard
tonight irt a Bed Cross benefit. at tba
home of Mr. bnd Mxa. 0; 'Montagbe
Cooke in Manoa. ' The. program whieh
hak been prepared ia one which wilt
phow this gifted string quartette t
their best, and a large advance aale of
abate baa already been made. '- -'
The members of tha quartette are
pdwia Ideler, William A.' Lcrve, Ben'
jamin L. Marx and,B. C, McLean. They
will be accompanied en the piano by
Mra.. Edwin Ideler. Ticket ere, for
alq for on dollar each at the Berg
atrom Muaie- company on Fbrf'Strbat.!
j - " IS SUgJvtAiylCJIly
. AMERICAN PCvBT, Jannbry 25,
(Aaeoeiated Prea)--Tbe Owaaeo, which
waa thb German steamer Allbmfcnla bb
for it waa take; by the United Wtateb
on the entry , of thia eoabtry' into th
war, baa been, aunk in, $bt Mditeirran
alt. Of hef crew all. ,br two' wer
navbdu -- i . ' .-. '
Tipjr ' TO TOKE
Pursuant .to and In' accordance with
the power,, aud Authority, contained in
that certain mortgage "made August 19;
by 1 Davhf I. Kaiena and KaUi
Kaiena, hla, wife; to William. IB. Caatle)
Trustee, which mortgage' isreordel In
the Office pf'the .Jtegistrar of Oonvey
ancea in Hebelulu. T. H4 hi Liber' 275,
at page, 208, aaid . William B Castle,
Trustee,-givba notice, bad notice is here
by given 'that' be intend tor forerloaa
sai I . mortgage for , eonditiona broken,
to wit,: ' non-payment of principal ana
interest. r '.:'- ; 1
his friends and' acquaintances and other
nien lo visit affiauff that from and by
reason of , such "visit said Joe Lucas
ha charged and collected from affiant
tke 'sum of one' dollar for each- tf 'the1
vinitors So' brought by 'him, and affiant
says that the' whale of the transactions
she, st any time, has bad with the said
Joe Lucas have beeri eaeh transaction
and'' ready 'money 1 hbs been handed to
hjnt for all and . any service, outlays,
commissions " and hack' fare for af
riant."' '' ' ' '
Hlie also denies that any time has
she hired Lucea to tond to her canary
bird and home aa claimed, or that she
has ever1 rented a house from him;
' Ljioca haa driven a. hack in Honolulu
for many yeara. 'His stand ia near the
totuer of King bnd Nuubnii Streets. .
Delegate JCuhio launched an, effort
vestorday, to revive .a court ease Tpieci
MarvclouS'StoSMcli MmB- '
staM ana Sysww HsImlM f
Uvr, Kiiliwy sn4 Bl4-1
tmt UB-.rin Hi,a L.
CiwnMr tni Luav. .y
AtlDrstflst.- ' 'V,v
X ;
several (yars ago ana merge it with
the present court proceedings in which
the estate 'left 'by tbe lute Queen I.ili
nokalaai ia ibvolvbd. ' -
ISb,ortly after Queen LiKuokalani ex
ecuted the will of JI09 which is now
befbfe'tb court for probate, Delegate
Kuhlo attacked the' Liliuokalani trust
which was formed about the same time.
In this court 'ease be alleged that the
Queen ' had1; been: ubduly ' Infmenced
when she turned, her holdings Into a
trust ana be alleged also that she was
mentally'1 incompetent.
In th 'present ease Kuhio ia attack
ing the validity of the 1SHJ9 will and
the ' I-iliuokblaM trust on the same
grounds. Proponents of the 1909 witl
died an application this week that
tuHtimon given by a number of wit
neses in tha old case 011 questions cr
tainlng to the Queen's physical state
at the time she signed the llHy will be
admitted lb th present case. Delegate
Kuhio's action bringing all the allcra
lions of the old case into the present
one follows this move.
The hearing of the will case wan re
cently postponed until the latter part
of April to enablo Delegate Kuhio to
attend the preaent session of congress.
llV Aire).. O.
liw tw.ist- ttcfan-,
iisw. nuj, il.. ri..s..,
Ilnnokas Hm. A . .,.
Iftmonm .ii. -f'o. .......
Hut-hlnnS iC flsnrt .1
KslsluiU'iaintatWbi(i L.
Keksba 8u.
Kntis frC.' r'
MaHrrAe Moa. ('&. I.td. .
lscke -uisr MUI ;"T...
Pkla .rtaatatloa fa. , .
Hperkeo Humir Co n..
iur MUI- t-si V7.
a Tartos M. tv., l.W:. .
Wailuk aug-j -Oa. ; t ...7.
MlbEttNBOTVf. !
Knits a Devtbeement Ce. .
lt tmiMi iiawt Tb P4.
' laitHsaae ItM fp
Mslkn K. A V. Ca HA..
Ifslku r. IV ., Ouu.
I la an. tn. .Ti T;
Hsws y.vm Kv.
Ms fon.t Kr. I ml.. t
He waUaa Kltwtrte CeV .
I law. l'Ui mils (!. , ...
i nn B. af. Co, Ltd. ,
Hn, Oa V, Ml. ...J.
noil. K. T. U t'o. ....
Ihe lJand M. N, Ck
Mntual Tel. Vk . ......
fa ha oc Hnhlier Co. .. ...
Helana-IUmltair I'd. . ,.
. Hams W W
tsajoaf mab Rubber ...
42 li
Urn hi
iO I
1 . , .
Reach Walk IO. -t
Hninakea LHtch Col.
Ilaw. Ion. Rjr, 5
Haw. lrr. "., bs...!;.
Haw. Tr, 4 Kef. It
Hsir TVf. 454 -Pub tape,
Haw. Terr'h BW.. ....
line as Co., Ltd.,
Huaokaa Bncar Co., 0,
Hon. Uas Co., Mb.xb
Kaaal Rr UoJ
VSnoa.lnip. U. bVb ...
M.uwrae mB.
MHtuM- Tf e"..f. ,.'iv.
Oahn Hng.-Co., et ....
PscMo Uuaae V. Co., U
nan vams Muting, m
. r
1UO .
e a- -
t' .
. . . 1
'Wn- -.
. . .
...." -v
b '
if e L
a'b 1
I :
swe 1
a a 1
v 1
. e b
UcBnrfle, 28, 40. W: lit,(.K7f WaUliln. '
iu. ai.2.i( imnu. mi jkjo; cwa, 10, aiiO; ,
an sMlysU iieeta (a abvbesab.
60 Cent. For HawiRmrsra ..., f.0US
mvMMmm niuui a r tune , , ie
....tJa. laVibia vi.;",
.' .'? ','ttoUi'Wabl WihlB."
.. ,-' r.
VI,. it
Ilea. Con. On
Rngeiacopper i .,.
Mineral traeuotsv ,.
Mxiunila King .
kUiMaUammaMsa i,
Madeca Mtainc ...
jm i
8.00 ,;
Wnntsna flfnchsnv' ftrt;" Ai m,,,!,.'
fliHe,-foftut ban aaj Cmrels- V.c r.
o.aui, uonoiuia uu. iuw. a.w; tuo. t o. ,
' -:7--i'.i 'I i ,;i 'sli. , p rl'
will be advertised for galfj and 'will be
sold at ' public aubtiota at the Auction
Rooms of .Jamea' F, Morgan Oompany,
Limiter, in the Star Building, 125 Mer
chant Street, Honolulu) T. H.V'otr1 Batbr
dby, thb 23rd day of ' February; lbln,1
at 12 o'clock noon of aaid dav.
Terms of Sale t Cash la U; 8. Gold
Coin; deed1 at expense of tha purchaser
to be prepared by the attorneya of the
Mortgagee. .
For further particulars apply at the
Office of the Mortgagee In aaid Bur
The propertiea conveyed by. aaid
mortgage anil to be sold are: ' 1 ' "
All those premises ar Mqkauea, Kali
hi, in said Honolulu, being Lpta 7 aud J8
iu Block 8 of the Katulanl Tract,' de
scribed' as followa:' - - i i
Beginning at thb west corner of .Lot
7 in Block 8, which is also tbe south
corner of Lot 6 Ip aaid Block -8, bnd
rudninir as follows, o wit:
1. a 28 59' K. 100 feet along road JtV
2. X. fll" V K. 100 fbbt aloSg Lbt !
mwh r? :
3. X. 28 69' W. 10Q fet along Lot
11 and 12", Block 8:
4. 8.81 1" W.. 100 febt 'along 'Lot a,
' Block 8; to initial
point, containing an area of 10,000
square feet,," more or less, andbeing'a
portion of the premises set forth aa
Apaua 8 of Royal Patent 2C09 on L C
A, 6450 to Kaunuohua - no Moebpnua,
being the premises ' conveyed to : said
David P. Kaiena by'William R. t last ha;
TruNtee.by deed date.1 Auguat 18, 1005,
recorded in Liber 209, at page 426.. '
' Dated at Honolulu, T. Hi, this 18th
day of January, 1918;
470;Wan. 18, 25; Feb. 1, 8.
tl1 U III' I HL'I ') X '.I 'I 1 !
RRW. -IORK, '.aaaasrv 24-r(Ak4M:ki.t
PreasreUdwll "ire1 tb Blirf 4 and
rlvniur jautkii f atycka tei.Utsiiaw
i or a miarset
ABMrlcaa tsaxar Co... .,.. J
aaau4atet ,...,,..'...
Alaska )4d .
Aasartcee liecouHittve .i.u
Amariraa Tel. ,T4. ,'. .
Aewch-SA-'HaMlte .')U..
AiMrtsa Mtwd ViXtj- .
ABaemM"tiMr .
Stchi-.m lUUwayi.S
sbtwia ,iiaomottve. A.4..
RalMmusw r !
BUilieio Rtwl, "B" . ..
iwuraw viniivjui i . .... .
central Ltber , ......
t asSdUb .Vsrt HO. ......
i.M. .bt. lwut . .....
CMo.'t'M'e iron
tlruotU. KtM .. .......
( aha bbxaa Uana .
hrka ewninpe iA......
Ueneral Klectric
BWal Mutorn btwi v ..
ureal simiwra uiti..-. ,
KuaeroM'VXiinsri. ...,.
Hiernaiuinai nicsei .
adnstrtat " Atcubai .'.'..
Ihlit Vallac RaUruab
Kw York (lent rat '. ..'.,..
rfeaaertvaasa na.,,,..
Rar I'ouauMdatsd: li .......
nvauiiiB-inwiimr ..... ...:,
Helinlille Iroa oomutoa . ...
nouthere raain. .. ......
HtiiOabaker; .
Texas 4)11 . ,
Lnlrtwl Hutea Rubber .
l!nta Paviac .
l ulled MUWseRtael
niwiaiMinx , ........
t - ' 1' "i li i i ill
SAN KUANCIHIO. Jsniisry 24 Ano
elated Pr) ollowlas are tbe opening
ami closing quotations of augar and otbat
liki tn tbs Han ' ITrauelauo mart at jrse-
Omb- hCloa-
Ing lug
IIhu'ii 4'4m'l
Iliiuiiluui Kimnr '. .
Ilniiiikaa KiiKar
I Ini.-lilaHoii Kuusr I'm.
Oitlni Hiiaar Co
iilini Hiitfiir I'o
iiiiimiea Huirar Cn. . .
riiHuUau Kniear ('u. .
Iliiimllllil Oil
r'lixelM ronlicr
Honolulu I'lautsllou .
' -JbTi.
tng ,
,.& -im,
W'i .-.
'JH .
4 : -o4
147 '4
- N '
Qno(aUoaa'e 'tbe totfawtag ' Nbw Yank
curb, atecka,. aa- wlralsaasil U Tbe Adrer
tlaer by Bteaeoam b Ue etet -.-,' .
Ilia Lwlga
m) tllllM '
I rti. - -
Jeroma Verde
Jlin HotWr .
Uotber Lode
liar llemolM .
hew lie Kula
Rex 'b. ,
Hllrer King Cihm. . ..
iMab Vftouslua . .
IHilllUlQS , .
Wllhmt i
Uk-kiuoDll ('upper , ..
K.rr Lakb .
llwla .. , .s
rtwtMne Uuid
Midwest OU, eouaioa
"'.' ay"
w 4
..... 2.70.,
y.'.v. ;73
..... au
...... .M .-
.... l.U
Tbur. ,
- .47 .
.4M4 ,
b-'w H .
t.t'l 1
a. H7ii
b. OO
b.r '
' ,5
1 i,
1 t '

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