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" ml
L, lean ana
pays (eri Pershing
.Strong Drink, Strictly Prohibited
I., and Adequate V Safeguards
j Against Other 4 Temptations
Have - Been vThfoWn Around
Young Soldiers, .
American Mothers May Rest As
sured That Their Sons , Are
Proving Worthy, Not Alone As
. Soldiers But At Gentlemen
'and Americans T':. " ''pf
. WASH IIGTO U.t January 23
W ( Associated .; Press) No
body of men Iti the, world ever led
cleaner lives thaa do the men of
the American arnly in France, is
the statemfnt' of. General - Pet
shing, ebmmander of the expedi
tionary forces.
. (fcneral Pershing made thel
statement in reply tf inquiries
cabled him by Secretary of AVar
Baker regarding report, that had
been disseminated of immoderate
drinking in the American army
in Frahve.v
Adding -to his assertion that the
men of the expeditionary, forces
are leading the cleanest lives ever
lived by the men of any Army,
General 'Pershing saicUthat ' not
only are they forbidden', to uHe
strong drink and are protected
by stringent regulations against
other evils, but they have the
strong support of their own
moral courage. Their good be
havior, said General Pershirigjjis
the subject of favorable1 comment
by all Who come in contact with
them, especially by the Allies.
American mothers may rest
assured," said General Pershing
in his report to Secretary Baker,
"that their ;'sbns are ' a credit to
them and to the Nation for wWch
they : are fihtingr-T ' '
General Pershing's reply to
Secretary Baker bears out '"previ
ous reports concerning the ccjn
ductof the men of thejexpei
tionary forces It was announced
some time ago that Pershing- had
issued strict orders ' that all
Girting intoxicants must be avoid
ed , by the American 1 soldiejrs,
light wines and similar drinks
being the strongest they "we're
permitted to drink.
His statement to Secretary
Baker effectually nails the ca
nards that have been dissemmat
cd by Hun spies arid 'Waitorops
Americans to the effect that army
life was demoralising and that
the men would tome out of the
army worse than they entered it.
It has been the belief of govern
ment authorities that these
stories were spread in the hope of
arousing sentiment against the
war and causing difficulty in the
formation of the great forces that
United States intends settd-
ing across
the water to crush
the power of the Kaiser and His
1 1 ii ii hordes.
,1 !'
WAfcUjINOTON, January. W-Aslio
ciated I'ress) The thirty. German Ulpf
twi.rd In the harbors of BraaU '.whea
tdat Republie! entered the war against
Oenuany,' represehtitg a toiilagl 'of
one hundred and .thirty thousand teus
prM., have "been all.' chartered to the
French, government, and will be put at
once into the war trade between French
and American ports.'
TOKK). Jannarv 23 ' (Special to
Nippii Jiji) More tKoa 450 in iuers em
ployed at tbe Otorl mine in Yamagata
prefecture, were eanght, under an ava
lanche a they were leaving the shaft
yesterday. The miners were buried un
der the snow, which wis in many others
forty feet deep. A number of men
were sent to the' rescue, but only twen
ty of the entire number were rescued.
AU of Canada WiU
Be Bone Dry '
First of Next Year
Liberal . Majority of Parliament
v Decides To ' Vote To Place
. Quebec, Last "Wet" Province,
In the Prohibitiori Column ' "
! QUEBEC, JaAuary JS (Associated
Press) All Caaarta will b a 'ArjV
territory on January 1 of if it Tear..,
1 Thl tad virtually tertala Tea-
tetdat wba the liberal majority f
parliament decided, to. vote for abso
lute prohibition for (he province of
Qneher, to be effective January 1,
Jl- .'.
. Alt of Canada, with the exeeptloa of
Qilebec, has already placed the baa on
iatosieating liquor and that province
In now the obly part of the Dominion
where It can be purchased. .With it
added to the "dry" column the flrat
day of aeit year, the entire Dominion
will :b prohibition territory.
Federal Grand Jury Does Not Be-
. neve He Wrecked and Set
; Fire To Vessel
. BAJ rRANCTBCO. Jannary E3 (Aa
aoeiatad Pren) Captain Charlaa Graa
now, formerly naater of the schooner
Churchill which went aahore on French
Frigate Sboala on October 25, . 1917,
ana afterward wait burned, waa exon
erated retterday by the federal grand
Juty of the charge of deliberately
grounding and burning the veaael.
Anistaot Vnited Statei Attorney
Ornbaum imued a utatcment la which
he aaid that the tailor on whoae in
formation Captain Oranxow waa arreat
ed were ' ' over-zealous in their patri
' Captain Oranjiow waa arrested in
San Franeieeo on cabled request of the
ooolalu federal authorities, who bas
ed their action on affidavits made by
John Weeaick, carpenter of the Church
illv Otte . Anderson, . able . seaman; H.
Junh icook: and Lieutenant Ferris,
ji.'.h. toTine'eireet tbat Captain
Oradzow had deliberately wrecked his
veaseL ' It was pointed out that Cap
tain Granaew waa.Qermaa born and
that the Churchill was carrying a
eargoof eopra consigned to the British
consul, at Heattle.- ,
. .The local. offtelAls ordered also for the
arrest of Fred Wilson, aeeond mate of
the CnrehUI,' and of the two sons of
CaptiuM tiranaow who were on the ves
sel when she went on the rocks.
. One of the statements made in the af
fidavits upon which the local author!
ties based -their suspicions was that
Coek Munch- aw Captain Oranaow and
one of his sons pour a can of parrafln
oil into the forward hatch and set fire
to it. . "i.t
; It was alsO charged that Second Mate
Wilson bored a ' hole in the forward
hatch; - ThU report was confirmed by
lieutenant Ferris, who waa oa a pleas
ure trip with Captain Bite, la the aan
nan that rescued the erew of the
Churchill after they had abandoned tbe
Maximilian Harden Also Advises
, Restoring Alsace-Lorraine
AMSTERDAM, January 2.1 (A HMO
ciated Presst Matimillan Harden, in
his paper. Die Zuhanst, bin come out
boldly against the plans of the annex
ationists and is even in favor of meet
in the demands of France regarding
the restoration of Alsace-Lorraine.
Over hi signature he states that
Germany should ' abandon whatever
plans she may harbor for the anoei
ation of any portion of the territory
of Russia, thus meeting the peace of
fer of the Bolsheviki. .Oermaav could
well afford, too, for the sake of peace,
to ajbstore to France her lost province
of Alsace-Lorraine, territory which, In
his opinion, is only a burdensome in
horitanee of a former war;
aid in raising army
WASHINGTON, Jsnuary 23 (Akso
'ted Vrs)--Two bill mere introdue
i I'd in the housu yesterdav deniunod to
J facilitate the formation of the great
army mat America is raising to lignt
the linn.
One of tbe bills authorir.es the Pres
ident to call eien liable under the draft
laif into military service by classes.
Thnne of draft age have alreudy been
divided into five clause", to he called
unoe. for military service in tbe order
of their classification.
The other bill that waa introduced
provides for the registration of all
young men who have reached tbe uge
iif twenty-one tinoe June 0, 1017.
Ml. S Mil ! ; I i
. '"v,':t -iinwrn mrn rnr
nniMno attipi -
UULUnlldnNhOIV '
Huns In Italy Apparently Have
;v Abandoned Offensive F6r
; the Time Being
V eaawaMstkaaanl
NKW YORK, January gS (Aesoeia
ted Press) With apparent ronflrma
tion of tie previous report from the
Italian front that the Teutons have
abandoned any idea ef further offen
alvet tor the present comes word of a
renewal of the lighting on (he Mace
donian froat, with tbe Bnlgurs attack
In heavy force the Bulger launched
an offensive yesterday against the ad
vanced lines held by the Fn-arh west
eraly of Lake Vardar. The French
rejMilitod the attack along the greater
part of the line, hut were driven out
of some trenches, which the ftulgar
hastened to consolidate, l iter these
lost positions were recaptured by Greek
troops, aeat up to reinforce tbe French.
Hew Austrian Xea4er
Reports from the Italian front state
that the supreme eolftmmd of the Ans-tro-German
forceat baa been transfer
red from the Archduke Eugene to Gen
eral Boroewie, which is construed by
tbe Italian general staff as meaning
that the enemy intends to ronSne him
self from now on te the defensive.
-The French communiques report a
German- raid westerly of Navarln
Farm on the Champagne front, which
was driven back. In the region of
Auberive French patrol brought in a
few prisoners,
"There waa no activity reported from
any portion of the British front in
France or Flanders.
Many Now Flying Over Battle
fields of Frances-Three Kill
ed In Collision of Planes
WASHINGTON, January 23 (A o
eiated T'resa) American aviators in
itearitiy increasing numbers are now
flying over the battle fields of the
front iu France, and flying under ac
tual battle conditions, ax-cording to re
porta received here by (he army mi
Each American aviator is accom
panied by, an experienced French pilot.
-ho teaches him the "tricks of the
trade", how to use and control bin
machine under actual battle conditions.
Three of tbe American flyers have
tost their lives ia the dangerous game
Lieutenants William Cheney and Oliver
P. Sherwood and Private George
Beach-wer -he men who gave theii
lives tot their country. They were
killed when the airplanes in which
they were flying collided over thi
flying fields ef the American aviation
school la France.
England and United States En
ter Into Agreement
WASHINGTON, January 23 (Asso
ciated Press) Britishers resident in
America are soon to be subject to draft
for military service, according to the
terms of an agreement that has been
entered into by the TJn-'ted States and
Great Britain. The agreement provides
that even those who have taken out
their first papers and declared their
intention of becoming American citi
zens are not to be exempt from its pro
visions. The age limit set for their en
(.-ring the army ia forty:five years.
The airreem'eat does not cover Brit
ishers who come from Canada, but it in
announced that a separate treaty in
cluding them will be negotiated with
LONDON, January 23 (Associated
I'ress) A sob of the late General Kir
Ileaurhamp Duff, who waa found deud
n liia bad on Sunday, testifying at
he inquest yesterday, said that his
father had been affected by the ad
verse report made In parliameet last
.Inly regarding the conduct of the first
expedition against Bagdad. The result
of this report had been to affect his
si her 's health and make him morbid.
The jury returned a verdict that Kir
teniicliaiup died from the effects of mi
ierdose of a sleeping potion..
WASHINGTON, January 211 (Asho
iiited Press) A non ricochet Jdl ha
.een adopted by the navy department.
leioE announced as the newest mi l
deadliest anti-submarine weapon yet
i-ruduced. The new shell may lie flre-l
ni h I boat uudnr, water ami will set
:i ilepth charge.
WASHINGTON, Jauuary 23 (Asso
ciated Press)' The great radio station
lit Arlingtoa is Id constant and flireet
communication with the government
ststion at Home and messages are ex
changed dally. These inelude the offi
cial messages received from the Italian
' nuvLfi uvlh rut
Urged To Start X
League ofNations '
Their Sisters In England Urge
Them To Take Lead In Move
ment and Use Vote To Make
It a Reality
NOTTINGHAM, F.ngmnd, January
43 (Associated Press) A plea to the
women of America' to join hands with
their sisters in Caglsnd and take the
lead In the creation of a lengne of na
tions was issued yesterday by the wom
en of the British labor party.
The British women sny In their mes
sage to the women of the Vnited Ktates
that they hope the lnfranahised women
will take advantage of their power of
the vote to head this movement and
make the proposed lengue of nntinns a
Arthur Sandsen, a prominent British
labor leader, in a rlreulnr letter address
ed to the delegates if the labor con
ference, asserted that all the Kneiallst
parties of Europe now essentinlly atrre
to the peace plans of the Russian Bol
ahevrki. ,
- .
British Determined
the Irisli iQuestion ;
Resignation of Sir Edward Car
son Lends Color To Report Eng
land Will Go To Any Length To
Accomplish This Purpose
U)N'DON, January 23 ( Associated
Prcss)-i-The resignation of Kir Kdward
Carson as attorney general and -member
of the British war council, which has
been accepted by the prime minister, is
held here to I lend cotor to the report
thLt the government has made up its
mind to go any Jengte that may be nec
essary to bring about a settlement of
he vexed Irish question.
Lord NorthclifTe issued a denial yea
terday of the report that he is to sue
ceed Carson. There is no truth what
ever in the report, he snvs. Lord
Northrliffe hns consistently refused tn
accept office, holding that he can be of
greater service to the nation in his pn
vute capacity as publisher. '
Austria . Undergoing . Severest
Crisis of Any Nation Strik
ers Numbered, a' Million
GENKVAj. January 23 (Associated
i'ress) Some reliable news concerning
tbe widespread1. strike wlrirh has been
under way In. Austria and Hungary Is
now trickling across the Nwisa frontier
seemingly proving that Anatro-Hungary
is now undergoing the severest economic
crisis experienced in any country since
the beginning of tbe war. It is esti
mated that more than a million men
and women took part in the strike and
in the numerous riots, the majority of
the strikers being those employed in
the various war industries of the Dual
Monarchy. The strike lasted for several dny
hut virtually eame to an end on Mon
day, a majority of the ' demonstrators
returning to their work that day.
Throughout all the widespread trouble,
the demands made for peace were the
dominant note, although there was
much clamor for , bread.
In Vienna there were serious dis
turlianees. Hundreds of shops were
looted by the rioter nnd at one time
there were determined efforts made by
the street crowds tn force their way
through the military cordons to reach
the imerial palace. Spokesmen for
the rioters said that it was the desire
of the people to lnv their demands for
reace and for a hre:ik with Germany
direetlv before the Kmperor. Poller
nd soldiers held the r-rowds back and
flimllv dispersed them
Th Moderate rWinliste are support
ing the government.
Succeeds Brady Who Died a Few
Days Ago
BOISK, Mnho. -lamuiry 23-(Asho
i-iuted I'ress) -Mob u K. Nugent, vho
was chairman of the l.luho Democrat i
State central coiuanltee from tJMIH to
1912, has been appointed by the Oov
ernor I'uiteil States senator to sueeee-f
Senator Brady, who -lied last week
He will serve until n sueressor is elect
ed hv vole of, thi pi-oplo next No
Kenator Nugent ifiiined nntioiiwide
nine several yeurs ago v lieu he wus
associated with ( liui'ii- e Harrow, th
famous Socialist uinl lawyer, in the
defense of the labor leaders, Hey wood
Mover, and I'ettilione, who were
charged with cotispmn-v ill connection
with the murder of (iowtruor Steiinen
lon t dm r-triiin lli- tine me-iilii ane
of voir ih'OHt in Irving to ilis'ndir"
the I t in . Clinin'-er'a'n 'a C uiu!i
l.'eineilv i'l !'-e-uinli-h this f r you
fi ti-1 en-,- the eoli! i lint cansifff
For sale by a II dealers. B.-iison, Kniilh
agent . I ii Law an. -1'
mini niim nrmnn
Mai rtmuu ;
More Snow Detracts From Bene
fits Gained Chicago With'
out Sugar, Short On Coal
WA8HtN0TVN, January 2tf Asso
ciated Press) The five day suspension
of Industry throughout the Kastern
States ordered by Fuel Administrator
Garfield eame to an i-tid last night, and
today the thousands of manufacturing
plants, ofhVes, theaters and other places
that were closed will be allowed to re
sume business until next Monday,
which will be the second of the ten
eoaseentive "heatliss" Mondays or
dered. The Industries which have been
closed down tlirnnthut twenty-eight
States are eapected to resume this
morning with a rush, nnd the govern
ment railroad officials are eiper.tinir o
flood of orders for ears for handling
outputs nnd for transporting coal to the
factories and mills, orders which the
officials already state they will not be
able to handle at all adequately until
the return of anraml weather.
More Snow rails
Yesterday another creat snowstorm
blanketed the entire Kastern seaboard
end as far into the South as tbe north
ern part of Georgia, a snowfall that has
undone oil tbe strenuous work of the
past several days in clearing the lines.
With the snowfall unabated last night,
traffic, managers threw up their hands,
and all attempts to run trains oa sebed
ule were abandoned.
.The continued snowfall in the Middle
West adds to tbe suffering due to lack
of coal and food stuffs. Last night
Chicago was completely' out of sugar,
none remnining in any of the stores
or warehouses. The rosl supply was
also reported to ne reaching a danger
ous shortage, which must tie relieved
at once unless Intense suffering be ex
perienced by at least a million people.
New York Not So Bad
' The situation is not so bad in the
East. New York reports coal moving
freely tp households, with the eity
yards stocked, up. The matter of sou-
plying bunker coal is not progresaing
o satisfactory, owing to unfavorable
weather conditions. In New York har-
Sor good progress is being made, des
dto the worst Ire .jam that has been
known in years. The number of ships
Being nein ror bunkers has been de
creased during the past five holidays
rrom two Hundred and thirteep to nine
ty -ne.
Thf department of lahor yesterday
Issued a eremptory order to all big
manufacturers to cease advertising for
labor, which many of the big concerns
nave been doing on a widespread scale,
Secretary Wilson is of the opinion that
such advertising will tend to unsettle
labor conditions and will bring hard
ships upon many of those answering
suco advertising.
Little Hone For 'Recovery of
Treacherous Hun Minister,
Is Fear of His Physicians
BUENOH AIRES, January 23 (As
sociated I'ress) Count von Luxburg,
former German minister to Argentina,
who was forced to leave tbe country
for a while following the exposure of
bis plotting against the nation to
which he was envoy but who later re
turned when his health demanded it,
a seriously ill and the attending phy
sicians fear that he will not recover.'
Von Luxburg sent his treacherous
meosuges to the Wilhelnistrasse through
the Kwediah charge d 'affaires. One of
those which was intercepted advised
Germany to sink Argentine vessels and
' ' leave no trace ' '.
The storm of indignation aroused by
the revelation of vou Luxburg 's
rencliery almost brought Argentina to
the. point of declaring war on Oer
many. Von Luxburg was virtually
licked out of the country, hut uo other
South American country would receive'
him and for a time he was held on a
mn II island off the Argentine ('oust.
When the state of his health became
prccarioiia, he was permitted to return
o the country and was placed in a
detention camp.
Delegates Ousted From Conven
tion Returning To Homes
l-HTROGRAD. January' 23 (Aseo
c luted I'ress) The members ' of the
ronxtituent convention opposed to the
Kolsheviki regime, who were forcibly
-.jected from the amiemlily hall and the
convention dissolved when the Bo's'ie
iki et ndidates for convention office
Her - defeutel, have decided that it will
be impossible under present eomlition
to resume their work. Many of the
dele-'iifes have ulreudy left IVtrograd
for their homes.
I'lt-inii-r I.rniue yesterday ordered
members of the Red Cuiurd to e unli the
eit in an effort to run down and in
rem the Red Guard men and the sailor
who :ire charged with being the one
who murdered A. I. Hhingiiroff and
I'rof. Feodor KohohkiiiH on Sunihiv
nilil, the bodies of the two former
ministers under Kereusky being found
H i'ii 1 1 iu their beds on Monday morning.
I'reinier I e nine t.ites that the mm
derers, if caught, will receive, no len
. It was announced ;it th mmi-try ..I
hiii yesterday that Mol-luviki roup.-.
had defeated the annv of Kiev I'uschii
1 - ' ' 'I' ''eh i-, ima
securely ia Bolsheviki baud.
Hostile Party
In His War Plans
Hoover Will Call For Two More
Days of Saving For Army In
France and Allies British
Also To Pull Their Belts In An
other Hole Or Two
WASHINGTON, January 23
(Associated Prise) The American
people are to be called upon very
ahortly to add still further to the
conservation they are already prac
tising, Food Administrator Hoo
ver announcing that the food ait
nation abroad and that created
through the necessity of tending
rcr Increasing supplies of flour
and bacon to the Americana over
seas demands yet greater aacrlflcea
from Americans at home.
Tbe Nation Is now to bo called
upon to add one more "porkless
day" to Its week and another
"wheaUess day". This will mean
that the people are to be asked
within a short time to observe one
"meatless day", two "porkless
days" and two "wheatleas days"
each week.
Reports from London state that
Lord Rhondda. baa ordered two
"meatless days" a week through
out Great Britain, effective Imme
diately. On these days no meat or
poultry whatever will be allowed,
under penalty of heavy fin.
The closed hours for barrooms
has also, been lengthened.. Here
after no intoxicants will be allow
ed to be sold between five o'clock
in the afternoon and ten-thirty the
following morning.
The sugar ration for the nation
has been cut and no person now Is
allowed to purchase more than sis
ounces of sugar for use per week.
In many of the hotels, transient
guests are obliged to supply their
own sugar, walls in the majority
of hotels and -.hoarding houses the
permanent lodgers are under the
' same restrictions. .
Privates At Fort Seward Plan
Uprising Against Their Officers
But Conspiracy Is Discovered
- r
RAX FHANCIHCO, January 23 (As
sociated I'ress) A report that three
privates of the garrison at Fort Reward,
Alaska, attempted ty Incite a mutiny
there was confirmed yesterday by Major
General Murray, comnsanding the West
ern Departmeajl
The sold ira (implicated In the at
tempted mutiny-were men of Company
"C", KourteeqMrtnrantry.- It is alleg
d that the trio plotted a mutiny
against their officers. Ia preparation
for the carrying out of tbe conspiracy
they secreted rifles, ammunition and
explosives to be used when the time
came for the uprising.
The plot waa discovered and the men
placed under arrest. They were tried
by court martial and the leader was
sentenced to serve ten years in prison.
I'rivate flooding was given a sentence
if five years and I'rivate dinners two
n KTKOIT, January 23 ( Associated
Press) Three bandits yesterday held
up Knlph Dewevj a jeweler, entering his
-tore and covering him with revolvers.
The bandits then gagged and hound
the jeweler and rifled his place, (seal
ing with jewels vnlned at sixty thou
sand dollars.
Hard to Shake Off
That Backache
The daily grind is mude ten times
worse hen afflicted with lame lack,
sharp, lurtiiir pains, headaches, dizzi
lien in I annoying kidney diAii-ulties.
If yon want to shake it off before
there'- danger of grmel, -Iropsv, or
Vtright - disease use lnan ' Hnckaclic
j Kidiiet I'ills. They are p nUcd the
I world ver by thousand wh-i hnve had
relief 1 1 otn those exact troutdcN.
' "When Your Hiick i I anir Itemein
her tin .Name." (Don't simply ttik for
a kill v remedy u' dis in-tlv f ir
! Iloan '- Backache Kidney I'ills andtikc
no otl-rt. Donn'- ltni-1 -wh i - n - - -Pills
ate sold by all drugj-ists ami store
keepei -, or w ill lie mail-o on receipt 01
price I iy the Hnllister Drue '"
Henson Smith t Co,, -iiients for I..
lluHUnuu islands. ( A.I w I , ic i-.ciil ,
Is Facing
Despite His Opposition To War
Cabinet Bill, Seriate Demo
crats Seem Determined To
Push It Through Chamber
lain Quiet Under Attack'
i i i aw anal t
Reaches Washington To Help
Speed Army Preparations and
Says America Hardly Started
Although Nearly a Year In the
WASHINGTON. January 23
(Associated Pre)
The President's denunciation of
Senator C hamlierlain, firr'iht.(t
tack in New York on Saturdiay
niRltt njion the war 'department,
and the presidential approval of
Secretary Baker and his prepar
edness program, apparently has ,
only tended Iq solidify the deter
mination of the Democratic sen
ators to hack up the proposed
plan for a war cabinet, as outliu-
cd in a hill under preparation in
I the senate committee on military
affairs. The President "has made
it plain that he will oppose this
legislation and any other legisla
tion along similar lines, luit this
opposition will not drive 'iny
Democratic support away from
the measure. '' 'VX
Senator Chamberlain' refused
yesterday to make any repljcto
the denunciation of himself by
the President, but reiterates that
there has been unexcusable de
lays in preparing the American :
nation for war and that the le;1 ,
sons of the past appear to hire'
been lost 'upon the war depart ,:
mcnt, which excuses itself for
what has happened anid tnakei
no pledges for future improve-. '
mentst ', " " -v r' rX'
Theodore Roosevelt arrived? at
the Capital yesterday.to talce part ''
in the controversy that is. raging.
At his apartments yesterday he
received a stream of calleri,rto
whom he spoke frankly making ,;
it plain that he proposed to take" '
a leading part" in the campaign "r
for a greater arid speedier prepar
edness. , ' . :- ..
The ex-rresident saitf to newju" v
paper men that he is in Wash-
ington to help speed on the prep
arations for war. "Although .' wt ,
have been at war for nearly a,
year now", he said, "we haven't :
yet really entered it, 'We,'nHist
speed up and at the earliest os- .';;
sinie day assume our lairj share .
of the burden our allies have l)icen ';
carrying for four years";
Mr. Roosevelt said that he in- V
tended to get behind Senator
Chamberlain of Oregon, Repre?
sentativc Madden of Illinois ami'.
Representative Kahn of Cali
fornia in their campaign to put
through legislation calling .fur,'?
universal, compulsory military J
service in the United States' tn
order that the next time Amlcr- v
iia may be called upon to defend
the liberty of herself nd of the. :
world's democracy she( may ybe
found prepared".1 ) s,
The Rough Rider laughed '
when asked if he proposed to re- : '
ply to the description pf himself '
as i he most (Kitent helper of the
Kaiser in America, as made" in
the senate by Senator Stone' of
Missouri. It is not his intention
v pay any attention whatever to
what Senator Stone. may ay,
WAH11INUTON, January 23 (Aaso-
iiite-l l'reiw)Joei)h Lilly, o? thrt
Niutoii Lilly Coiiiiuny, has bean of
tn-. niul is reported to have aeoptml
ii .linf as aiilo to (lonrVal Qoethals,
.iiiMiti-riiinntpr iti-m-ral of tin armv, in
..hi j ii wur mnilien from New York.
u '
-' .' '
r to
, v
- ''r,
If . ,,
s. I.
. .' .' 'T i
III' lt
f' -
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l 'V''
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