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Ur::t: atps :Hain APATriJT: I
vl J. . ; ;:
' rU.'.fWrrnrV hV' Wftrkeri' PlaeW
v tscx; oi 'cbrd Fjr ota.
,W iMttf- Asked,; Tot Tel Their.;
Aim and UUerancefr'bf Lloyd.
, . t i:rnrra ann '. tp nnnT w is: an
II.. I- l.-J 'V . i ' I
tl g,t and.
January 24,. (Associated
Pres)--Pa'cinst'' resolution, liave
UehsWpt, asi'Je tid':tt)e.- labor
: 7, party oGff at Britain has placed
it$H liquareVyoii 'repprd' for' the
I , peace aims of the Engl istTapeak-
- i'pe'pMti!ned fc Premier
David' Lloyd" Geo'rge and Pre'si
d'enV Wilson. ' .This action was
talfrn' 'at'' tfcjr convention of the
. .labpi; . party )hef- yesterday at
tended .' by V representatives of
'-practically all of the Industries bf
" tne-'ljrtited Kingdom,'' '.
i In opening1 the. artrtaal labor
conference tnt president ot.tne
convention, (aid it was tvttlefitv
n .11 i '
QerrrianJoolrJot accept tW
" : terms, -which .were. 6et forth m the7
utteTa,ncesMOi Moya . oeprge ana
v '! XVirson .'-and ; the'; only : .course
' wttcli, vya operi'tp GreatBritaln
'7 J",; Was toghton: In tViese words
' '' v & aotlnded'the key jnotV'of the
( , con f ef tjn.ee, r v f- -
" '-jEverr pacif)stj reolution"whch
V jK-pey.tttW.d ;
... ;'. ' larlve maiorilv and the aentiment
, for -a continuance, of ,tha..w-r anOwhieh. Valoome.l;'dp aof tbraaleatdg-
iv'i.,! "T ' 'L t! vJ-
ti to hf -gov )mnt ,111 S;cj!
3' . 'duct)rjf the Wat was apparent., ., (
, be ' ietwrWhkil.tMUy:
fassed Wa thel on' promulgated
ni f f '-i" 'v.;..i.'.l-e.((' v '
, . Jy the . executiYp cpmroitte atad
Ke??a ..rW ''V.;'Wrjsppnds
': . Wiprw8ion oJ,ib5,pfnler
- 'r' arid' 'the Pxeatden't of, the tinted
: -.-t ' Slates I , , wekonies. tOse Statef,
. j, tnfrfeuvpns,,!! sirauny a
' i;; their. Vap aims; 5Thl idopt
V; Vd jby,.itythM;dsj ma(ority;j ;
'i Ihyestlflatjoit ShpWs ' Misleading
kX9BfiWQT0yt- Jaanaxy, 4t-(A-,
aoeiated-1 pTesiV Secretary of War
' Baaev yfetorday anaodneed the dissolu
tioa of rha bd of toBtrwl, f hibor
. . t , ataadarda 1 tha work, apoa war. aoa
t i tfaeta;'- Heraald that 'Inasmuch a rf
,"A '". . had" aecompliahed. the primary (purpose
for which if waa created it eould aow
be diapeasoaWith. ; ''. -'"".'.
t ' 'i-Th Quartermaster gleneraj offloa
WilL bow assume the duties that were
lArnl' urfnMil hr tha hoard, ha
- rcttorie of labor unrest in the Ifforthj
" ,'. ' easter staUs haV been greatly sag'
gerated, it ia aaaouneed by tbe Unl
','!,. ' : ted States employment servleo of th
- depart m1f of V iaboii The' reports
- ' aava. hen InTestifrated. it ia said,, and
" -, aW Xonnd ,to b misleading, often with
4it ay foundation and . in other, ia
.''.'" :'? ataBceajajueh essggerated. ,
' 'MlSjlllED
s - il
' ! ' ' - r t .. f ... . J
-PArTlWo6Jannary' 14 (Aoela--'''
tedtPrea)-lA' mak)n a landing yes
' tefday.i ov th aviation field the air-
plaae in which were Aviator Barry Al
, dtfca', an V. 0. "Deveran . of , the
-.', - fytar4Kad,V th, wtell t knowa polo
pjayer, eapsited, . ' .'" "' :
' (; i ' 'Ahlrieh,' waa seriously injareff hnf
,' Jhti"r;veTaaa 4eaped onbart ' ,
. fHlVBii January fi-(Aoeiated
. v i Pe)Belgftraf i replying to the re
... qaest ,of ,tlje pope for its neace terms
' j A i 'iii te, bo, AoIote political, eeon
' emical and 'territorial sostrol and self-
' : ' 1 brItaIn's war costs
' . 'LOtflXms Jaauary s24WAaoeiatJ
. PyM)Hi(at JUritaiB ' dails wr -
, , pondltur ar anw i 715,(K)0 pounds.
I was aD'oaid by th minister of
fiuant' U, )aa bou of somiaous ye
Urday. . 4
Suffrage In
Germany forces
' AM,vraBDAMj January t-
.(Xwortbted lfwa) IrnB th
".forcible insistence of , the' 0r
v ma" fcoverBment , that surTrag.
nd..,lmilnr question unit not .
, ;b ,male the object of agita
tion before the epd of the war
'and , the whole attention' tad '
r energy '.of tb Ration watt b
strd -tipon v victory for
. German:, arms, V'oraan' suffrag
'- U coming tni for 1fc. growing- at--
' tffttiOtt., Tk K6BH f . O
many . ir- bncoMing Bior , and :
nun iniistevt la thtr demaada. ':
. tm tMognlllon nd' ar lri-1
. Bln(j , nrty . fred . ,to their,
: ene.',,"' -,"i '?,,.-9 ;'
Tlire formidably aatloaat or-' v
i piakatVoaa hkvti oW pnly
ponpd the MM of ' wouUa
iuffrnft and ta their advoeajf ,
of .lt i!e atltlBK fe tk pfcjfe-
. (; of lwo during the ivar.aad- 1
, instating' there (an b o reason
'- tot f orthor; ijr, nhat ': i .
1iiiMffR'f' atKhi lawa ironld be'
1 a factor for the Kovernment aad
v ' wonld brTrift frott 'the ' wowen
of the nation aiffYrn more Ipjral
eupport t bah. it bae already
diepJayod, .-Afl -
,i.Z..,.,t.il ,, , ,
r (!- . W
in i i nil ii him iii,
1 1 L L I l fl I V 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1
rUporlEfnunattrifl,- 'firpp? Austria
l Do Not. Harmonize.'lrVith ; n
- ' v.- v ' 'CfV;. -1 . f . ...
? VASH JljfQ.TOftJ'j. January Aw;
elatele)-'Wahlo'fftotl oflffctale pot
littfe' faith' fn the 'wWta frmi Vienna
tkat'. tne'fene'ral' atrtfca itfXyalTaIji'
jaria laat aa.ead ui Ibe'.'iabor 'troub.
I Baporta manatmg)from. Vianaa aaid
ike. Bewsoaoers had ''asain made their
abpeairaaca and 4 majority of tha tnk
ijlg worker Ia all tinea of Industry had
letuined j Voik;
eredtjnee'la plaeed upon the'ekriie'r Re
ports f tb . violence of tha atrika ajid
Remands for peace , "ha from neutral
ooiircei "come.' ad vice., tllit,! labor trou
ble are o tb Increase aod th strk-'
u . 1 . ..w.- L
,No- tonfirraatiaa. of the reported rear
ignaiion of th. Austrian cabinet ha
Pi i. sr.- ..u.u'... ! .... ,..
Amsterdam fnm. the; Cdlbgnd 6'aielU
aayxtkat ppn.' ow.,aotbig of he
rapojrted cabinet resignation iaVienaa,
German Oerrjandr Too Hard Fpr
i Qaims; Would. Stranole- ,
. ,i rn: ic'U . iv?M 'v'n
LONDON, Jsndnlt 24-i, Aaaoeiatod
Preaa)-W1thdrawal tf'wkV7 peae
conference at Brest-ltovsfc i threat;
ened by th BoUhevUl dofegate., Til
ia largely occasioned by the demkadaW
. . , ..n r . . f . '
tba sJermaas that ttif-omers must Je
shown pre fare tl)tl trpattneB and, a re
fusal for -exchange io4 eual terms.'
' Referring to th' nmands,p tbe Cen
tral Tbwers, ud eMally to th "Her
Hn 'deler'ation, ' TroUky ' is i report 1 to
havr lid: tha demand Of 'tb Central
Powers' f ovrwlielminffly la favor
Bith the - hnnexatiouUts, glVe ' to Ger
many and Austria all of th advantage
which' that "faction 'seeks and Would
strangle Russia politically and econom
ically, , ';: ; ; ..; . j f.
' VABHiNOtON, Janoary 84(Aso
elated Press? 'AmeM foMga trad
for lust year totalled 9,1ifi00fl00,
much' the greatest Jtlure-ee reached
la Alnerieaa hltoay The balance lof
trade' wa In Amsrira' favor by mors
thai) two to one, "Too Mrtorta totaled
vaJue more than ix billoa dollar,
aiiila-'thc Import were below three
billion. "'
' , ....I.
There is no use of our. "beating
around the bush." W might as well
out with it first as last. W want you
to try Chamberlain' Cpughv Remedy
th Bxt time you hav cough or aolj.
There ia no reason so far a we aa see
why you sbuuhl not do eof, .Thi pr-
sration by lit remarkable cures ha
Barney, a- warii-wia-',rayintioif.raBa
teopl every where' apeak of "If Is
a 'the
I Oil
t i
liiphft term of pf is . It ' or sale
lr. alt dosler. . Beiaon,; 8jnUtt V Co.,
l td., ag.ut' for Hiiirall. Arfvartt-
' - i-i-:
a yi vyo. ju . ) -Vj - As; : .
SLQacntin. Sector. ;
Three. Are ftepbrted. Mfssing An
;0n French Front .1:
' 4 I I
r ASjrWQTPtf.- January Sr.(Ae-
alttted ; ; Prea)-f-Amerieaa forcea . are
now 4a the Rt, Qnentin eeeUa of the
iVentern front, ia indicated by denpateV
ei Teeeiyed. yeeterday ithlfh told of. pa-'
trl enfeagmeat i in that eector , and. f
Called fetatea . aoMlera t being C etnoag
thoee. fciaiing tlettpntehei from Gen
eral Perabing alio tol bf thjr AgueK
fan tolJlera aiUed n action 'oo'lMoodaJ
aut"ra' ao'dethUa, -A '.i''
('.(toiaartn effeartta and heaty fighting
oo tha-Franeh' front arw told ia official
denatchea from.-Pari.' After--an ' in-1
teniul barragit ty. heavy artillery had
made forward lines temporarily ntcn
kbJe for the French the Oennaa iefnf
try-'ebaraed ahd gained, a' ftJottnR ia
the Brat Jine- of defense to th eait of
Nienpctt,' .' ' ; v's'v M-v '.. '
At La Rue a derail a raid wae at
tempted bat Wae repulsed with peVere
loav'i v. " 1 f' ;. .y.t ; .' . v;v
'la the BU Onentia eeetor there were
three eacogntere of. patrol,, repofte for
tie nay aain urta m tnia 'eontiection
mentioned : that ' fhree; of the.' Vnitd
State holdipra were wiiiurina. tha first
mntin bf JUnlted States forces, being
engaged ia th fighting in that eeeti,
.Sr...: h-i.
Petrocrad VBreadi.'J
Quarter ofa, Pouvid--Starv;
f PCTKUUKAUi 'January Asso
ciated Pros )-iFmlne stalk tbrough
ut IRasaia. ' ' Especially ta'-tll wr in
h 'north ' where attention - ia largely
-entered upon the" lack of food, failure
bf transportation, and ,orrtmerc(al -atag-
taiion.'. to m removal or.inese grave
flaairer , aU-i effort posaible are being
'directed.' -. ' U. i . i :
Her" Ia Fetrograd the bread ratipn
has1 ben 'i reduced -'to all allowance !of
oKe-quirter 'of ,a pound to each' person
pairy. r fptatoe are on buyable and
hose' that can' he found 'ara of .uch
pof tiualiiy they cannot M asedl" i -MofecoW
and the Barhrirs diktrlpt re.
port ': tarvafiqn Imminent' n?I tho
tanoa aunenng irom ine pangs -or nun
ier and the weaknesh-'fr6ia' lack o
anrf Liyna.Quarter8 At
! : ,.t.v..,w
' Whether It "is to be regarded a a
realty ' boom or whether It merely Ja
sij ssiraoroiijary siaie 01 aiiairs, ine
fact remains thft .ther Js ao land -to
be bought ia Hild, aad tha dfttoaad for
homes "aWd for living 'quarter 1 om
hjng Ilk' 'one might expect f'd' find )n
a hew milling towa or ia New York fiu
a busy season. i
'This 1 th view given by a man prom
tqeatly , Identified with the' buildlti
trade la Honolulu after a recent visit
to the Crescent City. People who. havs
had difficulty la Hading home In Ho
aolultt would,, face a real task, if they
were in Hilo, he declared., All struc
ture eontsrntng living' qdartri, liki
apartment and roomioK houses,' ki well
8 jmall residences are filled and" the
emand .for home there, he said, is fut
la, excess of any, present possibility of
mtwiing t
Tha visitor . to th Volcano island
stated, that whea" he went over there
he bad been 'ashed to investigate po
aihilltiesof purchasing tract for thr
purpose of erecting aottage, He p
proached one : realty, dealer and wa
told there waa bo land , to be had. A I
though bis idoulrr did -not extend fur
thpr tha this, before i he had been
back at h ti, hotel many hour he wai
deluged'. with tjelephon call from peo
ple who told hinr they had heard )he
contemplated ereetlng a number of eot
tages and wahted to place reservationr
as tenarit. '; V . . ,:, .
The dolj. way one ean aeiulr Imnf
la the Crescent City for building pur
pose af the present time, h -tated
1 by leasing It. ' He waa given to n
derstand. he Said, that traeta suitable
for hi purpose might by hook or crook
be leased-,' Ant chance of buvinir how
ever, ha said ha found, was wholly ut
Of the question'.
'- -j T ;
. . In a rfommunieation to the harbot
board the' Governor ' takes the stand
that all hope for the brak water at Na
wiliwill,- ned not b abandoned al
though the Kauai railroad hda apnoupo
ed that it ha ao intention of extend
ing a; line te Newili will, 'even if
breakwater if built there by th govern
ment. In hi letter he says. "A the
right pf way that, afqct .th , proposed
railway aad tha water that iwill Pro
duce the necessary tonnaga ara lathe
'control of th land eommlssloner. Be
, will, sdvising with those affected, en
desvor to eeure the adjustment' of all
point )T tha harbor eorsmiasion ean
rarrv out It bbjaet, 'which' are eon
fined to th proposed , harbor t and
.... i.'m. -in ji t
i . . ! I
.1 if,'T'i!;.iT"-T,".T.! .".i. t.
tract l Acquired: On .'lease: of
,;.4p:YearsitstirriatT' of ,';
; 1') .V ' - - i';f :,.''
Hilo hi' to' have the finest apartment
euse in tha Territory acc'orillng to the
statement . made yesterd.y.' by ';U' E
Dafi of thd firm of architect,. Ripley
and Davis. In eommnntlnff on a' ew
tructnr for th Creocent . City ' for
Which hi Arm i preparing plan. ', 1l
addition to th apartmont Iiouh build
Inf. Which will bouse a number of busi
neas establishment on the ground floor.;
it will also Inc.Ktd a aew.and moilorn
theater building. The theater, , it ,1
ttedH -ill b leaself by Hlouolnlu'i in.
teritii'v::y:i,'Vsv ,;'-.!(, .1
TTlfe general dimensloss-of the if.
building ar 128 by-21X1 ftwt. It wil
be located on .Walrimtenoa 'nmf Ship,
man Streets, attending -entirely througl.
tha block from Waianuemi;! 8hipmp
Street.'.' The theater will IM located 01
IShlptnan) Street fanmedintely. behind t.h(
structure shown-In the Illustration, bu.
rill have an ratranre from Waianuenw
Street,' an arcadcr leading Through' omi
aid of. th mala buiMing, Tb entrance
to this) nj-eada-l at th extreme left J n
the Illustration,':' - " : i ' ' - . I .
Palm Qardea f k :; t
Adjoining tha building on One aide irj
tha Harftreld building and on ta othsi
'he Iemdethene grill, 'and a detail 0'
the plan a 'now outlined calls for.s
pleasant palm garden to be operated 'in
connection, "with . tha- theater and th
frill Jn a eommodiou court Jlfty-tw m
15 feet aenaratiur th apartment build J
inir from the theater.
. -Tha, new .building venture has beer.
launched by, a group of Hilo capitalist'
who shortly will incorporate a a build
ng company, -the name-of j which bar
at. yet been annoaneed. ' Prominent
among those behind the project are
Harry. B. Mariner and N. C. Crabbe
Sa tract on- which the building will
greeted .was acquired recently under
a loase for a periol or .forty year. Th
esttmsted tost' of , the entir work ii
100,Q()0, and the : belief is expressed
that plajB and., specifications will be
plaeett in th hand of contractor by
the middlo, f iFebniary. : ,' , '
WprK.Buria awoa -r,
jIO delay will be occasioned in start
bag work, it i stated,- a represent
Uv of Abe, company .recently made
trip to tha mainland and completed all
arrangement 'for 'prompt shipment o
ill buiUHng'rm terial ' and equrpmant
peoiletL.-.1 . .(,,': f. ,.,;;--ts -
The ground floor of the apartment
building esrill be given oer to commer
eial establishments, i Space ia provided
ror'foiir laftfe.atore and.' aa .many
bfhVfia. ' Th apartment to be locate'
an tha aeooad aid -third floors are to bf
modern U every). detaiL In all, there
will be twenty-eight two and three,
room, apartmenta sWl it; is announel
that when finished these will bo r en toil
farqisbed. ;; i :
i, Ia buil'lors' parlance the new tmc
tnre ia bo be a Class C building.. The
waJla.ara to be of reinforced concrete
with wood floOra and tar and gratel
roof. : ;'i '
Modern. Thate t ,
, The theater .will be equipped with
every t mn(orn 4 convenience and ai
bUanca. While ,it ia itated that it wiU
be -leased to . Honolulu theatrical la-.
tareata as a movirig 'pioture house, th
arrangement of the honsesare such' that
it will- be suitable for s'l forms o'
dramatic attraction with full ita stage
and all facilitlea found' ia any modem
theater.- While the aide will ba open
for air-and - ventilation and to meet
tropin conditions,' particular attention
m being paid " to acoustic properties
The theater will seat 679 : person.
The illustration shewn on this pngt
is th architect' sketch, of the mailt
apartment building and in all of its
geueral detail ha been accepted. iIl
i tatel, however, tkat a number o
stight change; may be decided ujion
but -these, if ?made, "wijl be' in the na
ture of further? improvements and elab
orations of the: plan a 'now outliued
CINCINNATI, January' 8 The com
mission annoupn'ed tthat' an ngreemiot
had been reached in the Federal League
ease, but no dotal! were given. Ill
was said, tha action taken would ibe
made public -within four or five days.
The questioa of the war tax admiaslonr
to ball park, Including passes, wa not
discussed by tha commission todsy
branch of . American Defense
League Under, Strong Leaders
KILO, Janaary 24 A branch of tt
Ajnariean 'Dafeaaa League, Hvrit '
VlgUanea eommitta OTgatuaad alonr
tha line of the fscently formed com
vitta ia Honolulu, whs formed here
yeaterday and '1 assured of a large
number of member and hearty sup
port. 0. B. Wright, manager of tha Vol
cano sHablaa, haa ba elected pres
ident of tha Hilo branch. John 0.
Plankingtou, manager of tha Hilo
Elactrio Light Oompany, 1 aecretary,
and H. V. Patten, cashier of thv,
First Bank of Hilo, latrefturer,
mm corps
AM!?TKttr)At, January, (AaWiated r-Zeas) KoUhevlkl hostility to-
wards RuViiahia hh reached a atage where ronflscatinn .bf Rumanian property in
KuMid heomnipncl, while tjneon Marie or Kutnnitia, wh6 has been living in
KIshlnat'.Yollowing th threatening of Jaffty by the Teuto Invader Of Rumania, I.
ha been obi i gad to (lee; f earing arf est, at the hanls of the Russian railieals. The
Queen ha rejoined' her
r husband, King
lorhn Miiiitrr.' t ,'.
1 nvmnw lAi-,mnwv minii m yvripvu
whatever pressure may be brought to bear
I ment on, (ieposlj in Moscow, dbiikb, iecirinjf n vonuwtecj oet susq oi Mil .ox I I I 1.1 I I I I I ' ( I I
hostility by Rumanians'. Tha crown Jewel, -which7 Quoea Tdarle had taken with P' llt I
her to Kishinev ana plaeed ia snfetyi deposit vault there, have also been solxed. L'UllJLIiUlJlll
I '-, i A dcnr)utch from Jassy: qiote Take Josecic, the rite Wexldenf 6f the rnlnls-: '.'.fT, 4' - fl
terial eo'unciL aa atatUc that Rumania will remain loyal to the' ButeifU, desidt ' "'.: i :A -.t-; '. . ,t ' : ' ' .
y'..vS .-'. ''.; ' ' '' '',::""- 1 , i 1 ' '. 1 " ' ;' ' : ..'". f' '. . ':'!'
' ilLONDONi' January tf (Asoe'iatd Press), ttempting-tq-eomplAe wih
bombs ihat they hS'f well began With shells from their naval gun, th British
(lermad ''fuis Ooelien by meaa ofi
Warship guarding tlie entrance to the uaruanoiio nve inaile lioth nlgiit and
lav atla k. dronblnu bomb on th. Turkish working bartiea ehde'avorina to
vffect repair oh the Jo'brt. i.Two drrgot
iiote-t.; i'r-t
i " The Cowman pros Is .expressing its
llreslsd. arrording 'to despatches from,
matches from,
?ctlon i described as aa lrreparabla los
Prestpa.TeilsiVYKat! He Expects
To . Shtiw, and Witnesses.
fevVWjQj Sale otShi ;
ociatad ' 9'res)--OnBecti6n of th
Maverick' wltb the' Hindu , revolution
feon'sptracy cm ptOmlrjent'ly into ih J
(ime, Jiht (io tha trjal of,,the alleged
Conspirators in the federal eourt ye-
terday.. ', 'Traatoai' t'- goyemmJnt
prosecntsr, in. a statement of what jha
intended ta prove by eertaia witnesses
aid he would, hpw, that Oermaay,1
through agent', who' are indicted for:
conspiracy aad aom of whom ara. now
pn trial, had paid 127,000 to eoavvrt J
th vessel into a munition carrier and
to equip her for a voyage to India. .
. W'itnesse connected With the Btasd
ard Oil Comfjaay wr called yesterday
to give testimony to how how German
Interests acquired the Maverick, which,
wa to secure a cargo of munition
from th Annie1. Larsen and convey! it
ta rebe): la India. They "told" of he
purchase of . ihe ' ' 'viMacl by John , F.
Craig, a shipbuilder . of Long B;ch,
California, and' how, It finally, aateted
the possession" of Jebsen. Ia this testi
mony, the prosecution brought ia the
evidence 'of tne eonnecuoa or uetea
ant: Craig -"wita.-the plot.
At AOPh nn itiniiA ;iv . :
bUJJtfcKtLfllTO' ;
Bank Established - As Result of
' Viit of Commissioners '
NEW YORK, January 24-(Aoei4
ted Press) Ggod result f torn the visit
of the- financial and economic com mi
sion from 'Japan' are' annouhced. - Dur
ing the visit negotiations were con
eluded, with the federal reserve, boph
board which brought about, a atife
fAry understanding' between- the (fi
nancial interest of the two countries.
, On of the .important results of. the
conferences hrs been the establishment
of a bank, la Japoq for 'the transaction
of 'all business which may be developed
following the new understanding and
tightening of relations' ' -
Solicitor Holds Law Doss lot
Apply To ' llovernme'nt
WASHINGTON, January 84 Aslo
'iated Press) Solicitor Lamar of the
post office department ha givea an in
terpretation of the federal statute
which excludes from the tanirs fot d
Itverv In drv states nublieatlon which
-OBtaio adverti'semsnU for -the aalejof
liquor. H hold tha statute does fot.
aoply to advertisement of tha.aal of,
liquor by th United State in ease, of
seisure of uch llnuor by th govern
ment or where it hn otherwise eome
into the government ' possession.,
LONDON, January 24-'(Aoeiatea
Pres) Many people tu lion ion ' are
eating horse flosb for ' beef ( just as
this meat ha long boea common, ia
France. At a meeting of London butch.
fer yesterday one of them announced
, he wss hilling a hundred horses a 'ik
and dressing the meat for sals. This
, he waa doing,, ha aaid', at'thf rsquent
i - - .-' ,
ui iub aupnrriim.
Becan- of Us toakt end Uzsiiv flt ci'
h.dttth6cdlparVt)ulbliui. pdctnoftiuM '
jcmrt,;hvloul out TjroinA duKilaa'T
fh slg'"i r4 K. V. ftre -:' 4X W
Jf.'' V;-; I ;
I . .
s r nrrr ui i nimAii
AJ i-ttthlN MM
Cbatlos, at Jassy, tli pro visional capital '
w (nm f mmw vi viiv iau, 11 hftwii- i
from ptrograt. ,
hyirroplanea, itA viator from th British
.hit on the warship itsolf have boea
' .-, ' i,
regret oyer, the loss of the Ooeben
Ooebea and
Amsterdam, loe lost or. those ship ui
Amsterdam, -
to Turkish sea powef." 7" ' ' '
tigs! LflifcsM'm v
, ,' LONTON, , Janpary. UjrU-i '
, ineiated 'iVess) iMisesi to tire;1
British) merchant fleet a re;" I
nit of Teuton submarine war-'
' fre' were lovr last week than ' -'
tor tbre week pat, though '
boavler thaa those in, the week,
ending December ti, a i shown ;
by the report of the admiralty. ',
( Issued yesterday .for1 tha week,'
:"endlng' last' Saturday -alght.'
; This .report tell of tha los of
' six vessels of a registry of more -.
thaa 'MOO' ton, two merchant
hip of a tmaller registry and
' no' fishing craft,' eight in all.
' Forth merchant fleet this! I
' the' f' ame" a ''the ' preceding ,
1 w'eefc but theft two. fishermen
were added ''"whieh mad the
total; ton,' ",' - '.."'-''' ! -!
f . Fpr the past fonr week losses (
( have numbered forty-foUr larg-
ei -Vessels) ten 'smaller eraft and
two-fisher: week fendibf Janu
ary 8, eighteen over 1000 ton,
.three 'under and' four Ushers;
wceking' 'ending "December 9.
eightaea over ; 1600 ton and
thre under,' no fisher. . '
h'W u" -
5 UiUUlU.ll
Continuing , ISitow; ' B I o c k a cfet
t TAiiU 1 '1 it iIaa ' T Tntft It n
tioa, to Relieve Congestion '
' WABHINOTON, January 24 (Asso
'iBdj)'t!ti;a' re'sumptloq of
industry . yesterday following the five
day holiday period the country' still
faced a railroad congestion largely due
to the weather conditions and this
threatened to grow worse rather than
Improve a train movement are block
d or hampered iamany sections of the
.Middle' Wert and '' East. ' Ho fqr as
bringing coal to the home of the peo
pie in tho Kast and for bunker for
the tronsatlantic shipping the orders
brought a greater i degree, of : 'success
though in ' thes respeet th unnual
weather riouly hampered effort. : ' .
In view of the continuance of tbf
eOBKeation Director General MeAdoo
authorised th plneing pf B freight em
bargd in Pennsylvania-' on all shipping
points east of Pittsburgh upon all Br
ticje except food, fuel and munition
It 1 expected this embargo will last
only a few day, he announced, and
will be lifted when traffic it fully re
opened and train again move with
0m degree of regularity.
' (toe heotleji alouilny wa epoueh fo
thf Kew, York stock exchange. . The
director met yesterday and decided to
observe tlifl., Monday holiday which
r to follqw and close the exchange
pa tboae. day,,
of .Cbmmis-
sioner For Not;Trying, OfiC'
, ' erof Mo.tjOfcycle! Sguad.,,1
( NEy YORK, Jnuary aCAssoclat;
ed Pwasj-iMayorHiylan haa asked Pp
' Uce Commissioner Dulgcr to resign his
ofiice beeuuse of his failure to bring
to triar.th motorcycle policemen who
i were accused of dere'letion of duty In
connection with the Buth Cruger my
After the finding of th body of the
' murdered girl investigation snowed a
strong friendship had been indicated
for the murderer by members of the
motorcycle quad aad their active in
terforane with possible witnesses
I a mi i ust the Italian wus the subject of
' "h'advre criticism of the fore.
Hylan insists hearings shall be had of
th ehrBes prferred against
gainst whom
the testimony wa most damag
damaging dur
lug the tavestigatwa, . t '
ix, fishers. By weeks they ara
aa 'folldw'! ':' - ;
; "Wiek1 ending, January 18, ix
over 1600 ton, two -uader and'
1 " 1 '. ';'
V. - - '. -,
rirr, M4pr- flTr.
lLll ' I ii ' V U Liil I I L
. f. . ,
I nr " ill ft rnil
I ' I I tm V ! ) L i J . Ul I ' I
1 1 k i 1 1 I j . J is 1 I I i I
Chamberlain iWlli JJeply Yo' Pres-
went Tpdayf and; snacp. ms- ,
cussion.ConcernJng War Pre-"
fparedness Is Looked For . '
Tun r-'t niir.nr
'.'t' i' Am Ijw Aim : a i W na a a
J .if a) i;r.-,:.U ' ii mlt'-V - 1
Administratibn. .SuppQrteru: Will
nL!..il w.'t ni .ui. t.
v.woi uujtui,., iu peiurentB id
Military. Committ8, Confident
of tVotes.nougb, to, Beat Jiiem
yV . ssocla'tetl Pres?)
The, trial of strengtjj, between the ,
PresWen'rrand .those kenatora who
are resoiveo u posswie, 19 ciip .
fhe, wings'? of. ' various ap-
)int)rfea' of - the. VVhite: House, irt :
activCiChare, of .the .various waf ,.
muustrics 'anu.: purcauxcrcaica
tiugllhnecessiiea, ' o(j tha 'V.
war Will take 'place irf. the, seriate '
next wVUiTneTei? p'rp5 : '".',
piCt of . a spiritad. discussion : bf '
tjj? potnis;'- at issuey, which 'will v
come" up "when the biU9 for the '.
creatlbn of a waic' cabinet arid a
j Vh. -Vt- it: nt ', '
lepartmcnt of munitiotts are ,up
for 'reference to cbmmfltce. y
-.,,f .lie maiier is one, in wnjicn mi
.tenate U, divided in sharp clcav-
.ige,withput.regard,to. party' lines.
iie ap vision is cieany one,oi,au
pimisiraiion . oaKtrrs,. lnciyting
both! Republicans' and , ' Denio
;rats, anjd bi,aoti-administratipn-""ats.
Ycstef day,, in A conference
if the administration senators, tt
as .debated whethprtor not, to
permit therefereuce,,of 'the two
')ills to the committee whjeh. had
prepared ; them, -and,. from." .which
.hey were intrpduced jbv Senator
i It has been, finally .decided not
'o .nnnose the refcrprtre to the ii
r . . . . " ' " x j
military committee, the. adminis-r
ration backers fedjng that they
yiave piepiy ot, votes .to Qifai
i)Qth, measures when they feap-:
pear on .second reading, : Y
Senator Chamberlain will;.. re'
ly, today Xb the. President's castt
ation of his New York criticism '
if the war department .and of the '.
general . criticism of the lack, of -peed
in the American prepara
tiona for war. The President de- k
-i 1 u - r :
tKICU 1 1IC WICgKIIIdll s -"- , . I
tiritm waa asinniehinc artA a Hi. V
tortioii of the trutlt. "
The1 " attack , of the President
upon Chamberlain will 'also be
Echoed in the attack upon his war
cabinet and munition department
lans by the administration sen-
tors when the Chamberlain Bills
Are up next 'week - , 1
The house Republicans are pre-t '
'taring--to back the Chamberlain -punltion
. and ordnance' depart
ment measure when it reaches '
hem from the senate. In a cau
us "yesterday the RepuLlicant,;
y a vote of seventy-five to riine
een,' decided to support the bill
is a p9fty.''LTnder,.thisbifl the
var department wduld.be reliev-
d of, .supervision . over the pur-',
j-hasing of 'munition and arma- '
went1 sup plies for the army, this
'0 be turned over to a depart--nent
director, to be named by '
LONpON, January S4---Assoalate(t '
Pre) Seven hundred and eighteen :
person ware lost in tha sinking of two '
steamers in tho Mediterranean Sea two
week go,' it wa yesterday' oflleihUy
announced by th . Admiralty,
It i believed the vessel lost wero '
transport and th casualties were aol-,,
diers for bo passenger ship with such '
number aboard havt been reported
1' ., , . .
he Tresident.
f , ' ' ' . . , I
v. 4 ' '-H 1 itgji 4 . I f - - . f

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