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r, 8
v.l V.,i
Type of CraQt and Engine of
, Vessel Condemned By Officers
and- Members of Crew
Captains Of. Rescuing Steamers
Praised For Their Conduct
.By, Master and Mates
,- Condemning, la the strong language
of the motor ships in general un
th engine f the motor ship Oregot
- 1,' particular, officer and member '
th -crew t that vessel toM yester
, Jay of the: four-day fight which wai
nal to ' keep ' tke - new wooden shi
from being 'sunk .ttift her engiaes be
came nicies en January 18.
,r Hut this after' they had relat
ad bow J. S. Jtulen, the sbip nh
wireless . operator, , had tenaciously n
- aiained at the kem of hi instrument;
for- 4fty-Bvo.'hnr, although In th
interval-tk older, and stronger ma
of tha engine crew had succumbed t
the demand for sleep and had turne
in, even . though tha ahip was bein
blown to tha northward by a west
southwesterly (rale, with bug wave
washiag over forward and moment ari
ly threatening the destruction of th
r uncontrolled ahip. Tha engine man ha
'bars without sleep for eighteen o
. twenty hoars when they gave up try
lag t repair tha Oregon' anginas.
..' Knowles, the wireless operator wh
' remained at bis post no faithfully dor
lag the worst part of th' fight to
th ahip 'a aafaty, la little- mora , thai
a . boy, being between eighteen an-
twenty years of age. His bom is ii
Seattle. He modestly denied that ther.
w any reason for praise of his worl
r be said: "I have been to sea be
fre." -''
One other incident of sea gallantr?
is related by th survivors of the Ore
gon 'a experience. This la of th DuUI
eommaader f th Holland eruiae
Zeeland which ' sailed for , Baa Dig
from Honolulu last -. Saturday, afte
aearly a week ' stay .here.
Potca Captain T Bcu
The Zeeland was oae of severe
ship whhjh picked up the 8. O. 8.
' the Oregon whea it ' was derided t
ask"-for assistaae just after midnigh
last Saturday night The Zeeland wa
then far to the north of the Oregoe
but replied that she' waa on the wa.
te reader any ssistance possible,"
Later, " Whea Captt'B. O.-. Nelson
-ommaader of the Oregon, learned th
the President aad the Lurline wer.
Tnearery bemotlfled the Dutch -eaptai-that
bia assistance would not be need
ed. The Dutch, eaptaia replied that h
wa coming; on anyhow beraaae h
believed tha aearah light f the eAii
' 'ser would be useful in helping th
: Xarlia ,t-get a Una to the belplesi
roe to bis' word, the eaptaia of ta
Zeeland breusht hi ship, to near th
position of th Oregon at nine Vloci
: feundaT niffht and used bis searehligh
aa suggested. Of the cruiser eaptaia
Charles Brow, the Oregon first offlre
says Bueeinetly: "That Dutch eaptaii
waa an right." ' '
Both Captaia Nelson aad First Offl
ear' Brow are also emphatie in the!
Jrais o the seamanship of Capt. Pete
oUoson. master of the Lurliae, in gat
" tins a tin to tb ship by the mean.
of nraalX life boat in the midst o
' the heavy weather which was prevail
lug at th time.
Tber also tell how Capt. Uus Holme
.master of th Standard Oil tanker J
V E. OVeil, which relieved the Lurltn
of ber shipwreck tow and brought th
Orenon to Honolulu yesterday, floate'
at Una from leeward dowa to the motoi
-" ship . by the nse of two buoys. ' I
' " took seamanship to do that, and th
tin came riuht nnder our prow a
,,: estimated, rr aay: First Officer Brown
'. Itaward Waa Prepared
' :, Neither Captain Nelson uor his firs
' offieed tells of. thev.ep.ft they ma
to save their ship, eieeut incidental!
, ia which it Is mentioned that they ha
but lUUav sleep for, Hv days, but the
. do praise chief engiuner, Kinuey Rouse
for hi efforts to repair tue snip s en
t sine.
And half lestinEly, there praise
: far the chief steward of the Oregor
1L McLaughlin, who, they say, "ha
; sense eaouuk to brine along enough t
eat to last for sis mouth", if ueees
, ' aary."
He says he knew that all the net
motor ebiua were having trouble an
that he thought it would be welt to b.
prepared. He-ra tha lean yerwrDe.
' officer at the ship when she reache
i, Honolulu, for hi department was.tb
i only en wbich bad made the voyagi
without serious trouble.
' "Bhi Jaborluir hard. Kocines on
Of eomiuission. Drifting belplosH
Iv." are statomenis from the ship i
, log which appear i time after time in
the four days' entries inade while thr
i shin was in distress.
'"'Tttmbi i for the;Oregon started be
' fore the ship got out of Baa t'raneisco
' bav. She bad hardly left the Matson
. whsf oa. (laauary It until a stop ha
to be made to make eumne repairs.
This aiu'omulisbad. in a maaner, tb
Aef aKas reuiu4, . put. thereaftei
, for -nearly very day of the voyage
infill the -storm was encountered the
Oregon had to stop while ber engine
,,. rer , worked at her balking engines.
v B often . di'd sUp- bav to be mail
that When forty-eight hour" of steady
sai'ing was enjoyed u log entry was
iiitt le of the fact.
'. Log TsU Btory "i
i-'Capt. Nelson delegated the duty of
' tel lng if the ship's rough mhidea
deep sea voyage to bis first officer, and
pel heps niih ensoa for Virst Officer
, B'!'"- Mfl fuu,,v 'or ivinK B0
' tmeiKive - narrative and descriptioa
In -fi''ilile nni'ils. Kill r if taken from
J.U lo muse clear thu troubles of the
. . , r . ,
Oregon on th iaeteen'dajr voyag t
Beginning v January . JV whea tti
it ores wnt run Int and when the moat
hreatcning aspect of tb . voyage , b-
ame appaieut, fee Daa written i , i.. .
"Bhip not undor eontroi. veseei not
steering. Drifting helplessly;' Heavy
n pinning. . Teases rolling terrible.
Vessel laboring badly. , .
January .19 entries tell of efforts to
av tb .vessel and read:
"Helm lashed and rtlievifia- tickles
uaed to take strata Off rudder." Then
later, at midnight, last Batasdsy, this
oatatioa wai mndei ,',
Ml tb Wan .-,
"All engine ere w went to bod, only
lynamo ruaaing. Chief engineer aotl-
fled matter engine beyond hi bower
to repair at sea and reeommeaded that
i tend for asistsne t tow snip to
lestinstion. Vessel driftitiif northward
before tremendous cross beam sea. Ship
abort nr hard., Bhtpped lota Of water
oa ileek and I, persoaally amashad in
r aad oil barrel -to let tt run
nto sea to stop seas from breaking
iverboard. Baroaiter - - atilt " f aUiag.
Vow t.M." ' ' ' ' i'f
Ia tb afternoon he wrote;
"Big sea still running, but wind
oderating some. Bhlp rolling heavy
m which- storm - sail forward cot her
lead turned ' around, v 1 are feet or
- . . T a
cater in the hold. Btarted band pomps
vorking.'- .-. f
A( ui Kl n i u , vi saw umJ uw atBUf
bene entries:. ,-.,...' . .
"Relieving tackU on tiller Crtie4
wv. Bteering gear ,(11(1 tonsidrDie
lamage a in and around Jon and
brongh'the odd sad Various places It
las -bee placed: 'i
This last entry .-wa a dig or toe
late at the strsnce plaeea where the
steering shafting bas been placed, wbiel
an tarough Hi ' gaiiet - aad aKia
nuch to his disgust. ,
Other entriee oa tb nam day, the
ne on which they finally had to eaT
or help, reads as follows:
"Sent out general eall for assist
nee. The Lahaiaa station : waa th
rst to answer." v.
On the following day, 8unday, com
lunlcatioa waa established with thi
resident, whiek left her Baturdsjr
fternoon at two o'clock.' Th Or-
,!on reported - ber position, . by deac"
eekoniog, a latitude B4Jlf longttndi
54.42. It kad been tke day sine
'aptsin Nelsoa bad been able to get
. sieht. but hi computations by dear
eekoning wer ' .correct, that by
iving the Oregon driftage, th Prer
lent waa able to" Pick up th vessel
laaday morning within a half hour f
he time estimated, by both th navlga
ore. .r."i
The Presideat then tioott br as she
ad no eauinment for Cettlnir a line
board the wrecked tblp, aad natil the
.urlino reached- th positioa or th
wo vessels betweea tris. .aad tot
.'clock tkat night. -, ' i 1 , ,
V ITarrf Htraerta -
Then beasn a struggle t get a liat
board the Oregon . whkk took ; fonr
ours. Csplaia i'cterson maasged ti
et a life boat and srew launched whlel
ulled over to the Oregon ., with
ope' attached to a steel towing lin.
tut there wa no power on me ure
Von kad br winches jwer out of com
alesion, th line- had to b pulled In for
i distance- of about 100ft yard by band,
rhls, . though, th erew of . the Oregon
esompllahed,' despite th handicap, of
he rough weather and, their weariness
rom th long vigu tney naa msiniain
d for two or three days,
STiea the Oregon wa picked up by
W Lurline, tb wa about SCO mile
'rom Hoke Head. It was at one o'eioes
tfondsv .that the J. E. OTJell took
-ver th tow of the Oregoa from th
-urline, after the Matson steamer had
eadered assistance lor over twenty'
'our hour. ' . i
First Officer Brown aays the Oregon
oiled harder than any vessel h bat
vor beea on in thirty year of
erviee, and that ah went so far ver
t times that she dipped up watac with
ler hatches. He ssys she rolled ' o
tard th weather glaae stopped. But he
jsert th hall of this now type of
'eseel is rood, and all that Is needed is
ngiaee and engineers.
fotor Ship EnglB
Hot bearings is the first sign of
rouble in the motor ship engines, ay a
,'hief Eneineer Bouse, and then ta
ibafting gets out of line, which bseakt
iff the bolts in tne couplings, men
here comes trouble with the air com
ressions, during which the injector ha
o be robbed to start the engines,. The
'Burn-oil" engines used for the auxili
try engines on the deck are just as
-ad "for so soon as you fix them up
bey are uone again, be says.
But these are oulv a few of 'tie
hinea he says about the motor ship en
ines. He does not pretend to know
yhether the trouble with tiller shaft1
ng setting out of line and other trou
lea is due to faulty construction of
be ahipa, or comes as a result of th
nip s contact with heavy seas.
Encrineer Bouse left Portland with
he Oregon as first assistant, bat the
hief engineer loft the ship at Mas
Francisco and he was promoted to the
osition of chief.
Captain Nelson is an old Matson
avigator, for many years ia com
nana of the Enterprise, who had re
'ired from sea to enjoy life on a laaeh
n the Buasian Biver, when the war
r:aDed him back into service. He is
veil known here and in Hilo.
First Officer Brown has just return
d from the Atlantic where h took
he former interned Herman sblp Long
noon, aow the Coosa, for, the shipping
Oook 1 Injured
The only injured mnu on the Oregon
wa the cook, William Go.hr, ho lias
blood poisoning in a cut on his bsnd
which be received during the heavy
rolling of the ship.
In all, th Oregon lias s crew of
twenty-three, besides the captain nd
first officer. There are eleven mn ia
tb engine erew, ten deck hands nd
chief steward, cook and wireless opera
tor. Before the Oregon's cargo is din
charged Lloyd's survey will be- held
aad the damage estimated. What dam
age has been caused to the geaeral
merchandise in the holds bv the weter
ha not yet been ascertained. Tb
deck load of burrels. oil and iintUlate
which waa piled oa a lot of ntruetural
iron, is the only cargo washcil over
board. The Oregon may remain here for
nearly a month, if complete repair are
made here to lier engines, or slie amy
be towed back to the ouat to Inn the
repairs wade.
Respond Generously To Appeal
Of Revenue Collector For Help
: In Collecting War .Income Tax
. Betpeadia to appeal Issued by h
treasury department aad presented by
Co I. Howard Hathaway,' internal rev
aue collector, every bank, trust com
pany aad finsacial institution ia Homi-J
lulu kas volunteered to giy aid 'in
tb huge task of olleetlng larom tas
under th new law. ,.T ..'
It waa pointed out tkat n the main
land financial . Institutions . generally
had been quick, to offer aid along this
Ilea. The average- iadividual is whol
ly at sea, in interpreting, the law aad
la making return in the proper man
ner. ' As the neve revenue law bas
quadrupled the number of individuals
subject to ineom tax and has tremen
dously increased the amount of money
handled, Income tas offices have beea
wholly unable to attend td la Individ
ual cases as wa possible nnder th ol-i
income tan law. In this emergency 4
baaeial institution of th nation bav
responded.'.;' ' :',' ' " ' . , '
In many of the. banking houses of
Honolulu one individual, haa bean
named, to car for questions pertaining
to the income tas aad in ajl arrange
ment are being perfected to give ev
ery id to those in doubt about bow
to prepare their return.; . ., "'
Appeal I Isstud .'-''
AU who are subject te payment of
income tas must make return to th
offie of the collector before ktareb 1
nd payments must.be .mad . fief ore
June 15. I thi connection . Colonel
Hathaway issued aa appeal yesterday
to tas payers generally to make their
payments at the time they make their
return. .
Notice from the treasury ' depart
ment is to tb affect that material aid
t 'the government In its war ,work
tan be given by those willing to make
their ineom tas payment early, and
lit tke tim they make returns. All
o!leetor-,hav been naked to - appeal
to th patriotism of tax navera with
th statement that the cash derived
from income tas collection i needed
at the rliest posoible moment by the'" " tnererrcmi. jna wireau
goveramaat la the prosecution of war ;Blt"td that shark - meat,
In connection with thi appeal Col
onel Hathaway emphasised that it (
requested that all payment be made fa
estt, by money order, draft or certi
fied check, i He voiced the belief that
Honolulu wquld respond speedily to the
appeal , " . .
rote iBcroaaea
Upon authorisation from Washing
ton an increase was made to the staff
f collector ia th Honolulu revenue
fi several weeks ago and a number
f additional appointments, were mad
yesterday by Oolo Hathaway, ( Tha
aW appointment ar temporary ana
roughly f: will cover the period of in
come tas payment, i nose nsmeo yes
terday r. JJUs Margaret McCarthy,
Vrt. Lusy JScott, William Harrison
Barnes, Howard 8, Bobertson and T.
Hamada. ' All of these will be deputy
Collectors and T Hamada will- bt na
oiated with;F. 8. Nlshimoto who 1
pane interpreter of the office and
will handle income tax collections
front Japanese residents.
. Colonel Hathaway said yesterday
that kia appointment of women dep
uties was in line with action being tail.
en in many mainland offices. He re
ferred to a recent ruling of Commis
sioner of Internal Bevenue Daniel C.
Boper who passed npon question con
earning th appointment of women in
internal revenue offices and held that
appointments and promotions should be
mad strictly on merit, efficiency and
Ths four women who were recently
rounded up by the police department
and charged with vagrancy were each
sentenced to one year's imprisonment
by Judge Harry Irwin. '
Royal Baking Powder rnakes it possible to pro
duce appetizing and wholesome cakes, muffins,
corn bread, etc., with fewer eggs than are usually
In many recipes the number of eggs may be re
duced one half or more, and often left out alto
gether with excellent results, by using an addi
tional quantity of Royal Baking Powder, about
a teaspoon, in place of each egg omitted. Try
the following recipe which is a practical illus
tration: " " 7
leaps lour V DIRECTION. Ml i aad silt 4rr In-
4 tssspaoos Royal B.klnc Powder.' arsdumts, add milk aad BMttsd shsvtsw
1 labUapooas nir ma and baat ualll laMb. Baks In
I laaapeon san
I rap milk
t UMfjoom hortming
The old method called for 2 eggs
You must use Royal Baking Powder to obtain
the best results.
Mew book of recipaa which conomlse in egg and otbet expensive
Ingredient mailed free. Address Royal Baking Powder Co.,
1JS William 8t, New YorkV U. 8. A.
Mad from Cream of Tartar, derived from grapes,
and adds none but healthful qualities to the food.
No Alum No Phosphate
SKafk SMri Industry 5
To) Be Lauhch:.y
iiy'WcUcr Hacfarlane
Judge Lymer Leaves For New
.York To Conclude Negotiations
;,For Sale of Product Johnson
f Island Fisheries Expected to
rYleld Thousands of Sea Tigers
' Shark, akli a substitute for
leather,., sample of i which bavi been,
prepared .from sharks caught to the
westward of i th ' Hawaiian f Islauda,
and' pronounced to b a rare eommsr
eial product, a outlined in 'The Ad
vertiser ( yesterday, r may become th
basiacof '.an important new -war indus
try her, f6r Judge W. B. Lyrofr left
yesterday for New York carrying sam-jview-of
shark - skin ' leather on oehalf
of Walter Maef arlane, to conclude n
gotlations for sale ef -skins collect
ed by the latter. . ' f-. y V
'Contracts await Judge 'Lymer 'a ' ar
rival 'which' he will aign, following
which ' ptaa will be 'matured, for' the
equipment of . vessels , aad , enlisting
crew, particularly fishermen, who will
seour tne-Water of the Pacific .in the
region if' Johnson Islund for these
"tiners of the sea"". '.
' Pifteca cents a pound for sKark
skin in ,: tb ' ernde state haa been
offered, by an eastern leather company,
and upon the basis of this and other
offers, Mr. Maefarlane bas despatched
Judge Lyinw to cinch the deal.:...:
Johnson Island risherle ''
Mav Rchlemmer, the former 4 " King
of - Laysan Island",' haa glvn over
Ashing right at Johnson Island for th
shark fishing, and It Is there' that the
Sinefarlana -company- expect ; to kill
thousands and ' thousands of shark.
The latter ;wlll furnish 'not onlytb
trud. material ' for : leather; but also
oil, which is in great dumand upon
U mainland. The bureu' of fisheries
C th department ' of romraerce - at
Washington, laformen Mt-J MacfarlaneJ
liutt ifw ' v in ! nnvnigv. im raw
materials for manufacture into leather,
or oibx, aad f ertilier materials, it -is
important that new aoiircje of sujiply
be deveiotea aa xuuy' possible, xae
l oureau-ama tan' tne snmpien oi issnra
fn indicate jroed leather
a good, food product.!
V.Th eastern leather concern asked
for B0Oklna 'weighing tea .pounds Up
and would bey fifteen eenta a pound,
fob. New York,
WW Flab on Largo Seal
.To meet the-coining demands Mr.
Maefarlane expect to leav for John',
son Island ' about" 'the first of nest
month. He will commission a good
sired vessel, secure n complement of
expert nshermen.' -and will commence
fishing for shark u n large scale.
Th chark flu, Vb aotable Chinese
table . delicacy wiB bo disposed ot
loeallv lor-UOn,on.' );;-...
Fifty cents 'per ' Igalloa of seven anr
one-half pounds is1 the price that wli:
be paid for -C shark' oil delivered t
Bao Francisco.. Thi would be for th
lowest grade of oil, and the price run
np to $15 - per gallon for high grade
oil. ' ' 5
"I believe tber .are millions of
hark la 1 those waters . we visited
while ago," said Mr. Maefarlane. He
intends developing Hhie new iudustrj
through bis tup a cannery company, and
will, not form a new. company.
. J. N. 8. William of the T. Davjes
Company ia on his way to Maui to in
vestigate the strike of Japanese cane
grower ou the Haa plantation where
some disorder has . occurred. Sheriff
Clem Crowell with a Squad of five dep
ntie is also on Hie way to the scene
of the trouble. The Japanese express
ed dissatisfaction with their contracts
some time ago and the strike is believ
ed to be an outgrowth of the former
trouble. The situation is not regard
ed here as serious. "
irHHd muAl tlas tn kol ovsa 10 te
nsjaut ,
Hoppe's Manager Proposes Plan
f.. That Would Help Red " f
Cross' Society.. ' , f.
There ' just 6a way te! fore js
WHlard into-the ring a -a' Bed Croa
attraction, in th mind of B,B. Ben
jamin, 'manager of' Willie i Hoppe.i
world' star billlarttist, says. Marry B.
Smith in th San Fraaclaeo. Cbronir.l.
It' n monster big scheme, plan that
mean bund reds of thousands of dollars
for Jhe great charity and will inelud
not alone Willard, but other reeognlaed .brnnck of th National Camp Fire
champion, whether it b?i-boilng, Otrls' Association," . said Mra. Phaw.
wrestling, billiards or th dik. Aad "It t" purpoe of Mrs. J. Knbs
Benjamin, I making tb kaggestlon,' Bodel, who really sUrted tb ewb, te
I not broaching an idl dream. He's have of It an organisation Which would
a promoter of th first 'water, is this beaeflt th member ia very wy. The
handler of Hoppe, and if there 'a wry girls who went into it liked the ath
body ia the country who could bring it tirs mora than anything else, and as
about, ."B,nny, is th fellow.' this called for pretty streauons work
" Briefly, and to let ,you In o th 'n th part of th leader, aad Mrs.
schem, her f what, Benjamin' pro-; Bodel has her bands full, With ber
poseti . .'; ' - ' 'church and Tparlsh duties, was asked
. "I see way clear to force' Willard to take over the leadership. Lately I
aad Others like him into the service have aot beea very well, and th club
of their count rv. I would brine- toceth-
er every known champion In his lin meeting Monday afternoon wa to get
and match them against tb bst possible th girl together and reorganise oa a
contendere. A many as possible, of Ttermsnent basia.'-'
these sporting events I would stage at Hilo OlrU rorttmat
Madison Square Oard in Nw York . "Hilo girts are fortunate in their
and vry last penny, minus what ne-, opportunitiea for ' outdoor , athletics,"
eesary xpeneea might be called for, ! continued Mrs. Shaw, "and for this
to be "turned over to. the Bed Cross, reason we think Jt will be comparative
All Would Help Out '.-' i ..' -' " ly easy to have the club a part of the
"The champions would b forced to Cmp' Fire Girl of America. . Long
donate their service ad to stand their hikes .'are possible here, and mountain
wa , expanses,. ' I , would 'cheerfully climbing te height where a camp-fire
donat my .time to th promotion of is a pleasurable necessltv is quit with
such a, series of sportlag veU, I in ii th reach of our Hilo girls. . Also,
sure the publicity would. ctt u aoth- 'in the warmer months, we have here nn-
ing. It might be that w would have equaled opportunities . for glorious
to pay rent- for Madison -Bquare Oar- swima, so that, all the year round, we
du,.but evea that, I believe, rould be can have onr outdoor athletiea. ' -arrsjiged.
, .':,;:,. , i 1 , ; . ' 1 "Then, too, we hav day when the
V ktott . f th tttlholdr, ' I feel club can meet for indoor work, sUeh
sure, would be gld to give their ser-, s sewing, knitting, songs and 1 games,
vices. If there are any who hesiUte, On th whol, we can hav splendid
I have a ehm. tO, Ire. hm into Camp Fir branch her, and. I believe
lin.1 . . - , ; . '? , : we shall. It I our purpose to get in
; "It would b my suggestion to name touch with th national organization
a ' commit tee -of sporting critic for, as soon as possible, aad become official-
say tea of the newspapers of tb eoun-.ly organised."
try. Then if any of the champions' .'The next meeting of the club will be
should refuse to do hi part say Jess announced Inter.
lift , m . t t . .
TTiuaro. xor example ne couia oe reaa
ii oi nis title and oarrea for an time
t com. Th ap'ortiag writer of th
otintry wuld have aometbing on which
t base their acHoa and th entire coun
try would, beyond doubt, be back of
them la their decision.. ..
Tbi Promotet Ban Bigbt Idas,
There ia.a Bakerefleld sporting promo
ter who knows bow .to gei. in ; close
stunt in v small community that mOrht
be- harder t work, any in Han Franeia
, h' got the idea that spells success.
' Just Defore the . .Pelalnger-Brown
match, h bad arranged that ' Eddie
Campi was to meet the winner and it
was so announced.
Brown waa . the . victor and Campi announced last night that he had trad
figured, therefore, as the card for tn !d Edward a Plank andtD. B. Pratt to
next date. But Pelsinger had put up
such a slashing bout against the' Los
ngie boy, 'the fans wer so pleased
hat Mr. Promoter decided it might be
arise to make a switch.
. Closing th shutters of his fight arena,
hurried to the poolroom where many
of th sports of Bakarsfield congregate.
' Aad the matchmaker made a speech,
saying (smart chap that be was) how
he was perfectly willing to give the
people lust what they wanted. Ho
wa going to let them vote.
It wa to Campi or Pelsinger.
Pelsinger received the applause of
the multitude and aa a result will hav
another trip to Bakerefleld in a hurry.
HAN JC8K, January 0 Three mem
bers of the Campbeli Athletiea, ama
teur' baseball champions of Hants Clara
county, will be seen in fast company
aext season. Prstt, catcher and, cap
taia, has signed with Ham Patterson at
Dallas, Texas, and "Dii" lonard,
Pitcher, and Henry Oliver, outfielder,
have affixed their namea to Sacramento
Coast League contracts.
Leonard pitched most of last sessoir
ror ounnyvaie, where he made a re
Ma.Li 1-' . ... ... .
markable record with rather a poor
te ivv'
for Campbell during the season which
ended the Sunday before Christmas.
HT. LOUIKt, January V Bobert
Hteele, pitcher for the Ht. Lout Ns
tionals prior to June, 1917, but now
the property of the Pittsburgh Na
tionals, today prepared a declaration
of Intention to tile in the federal
court preliminary to becoming unt
urniixed. He ia a citisen of Canada
and began hia baseball career there.
He now lives in Ht. Louis.
lu a game of thirteen innings play
ed between th Utiiabowc vmi tbA
Volcano Stables team yesterday at
Moobeau Purk the score stood seven
seven, says the Post -Herald of lt
Monday. The Rainbows wanted 'to
play another inning, but the Volcano
H tables pitcher, Yasii, the Dig Hii iif
Hilo. sas.ti'ed. His arm hurt. He
wanted to quit so the score was a tie.
OXFORD, Indiana, January'!'
ehca, dam of Dan Patch, 1:55 paoer,
died here lost nigbt of old axe. 8b
waa twenty-six years of age and whs
tbe dam 'or 'several feals which made
l-niv'ertitrteamH ithe fTfJ"" Kike," V.noYh.rheV of 7e.a
Lu T.ky I . .. Ji-T mbllity. Manager r'ielder Jones, while
o ?v.e f " 7ti J" ?1riltS5a lo-lg two good men, 1. getting in ex
Oliver is an outfielder and bit .Mi . i.'.j..i .
Mountain Hikes With Camp Fires
and Swimming On Year's .1
;:rf Schedule' -!c
... The Oirl Club of Hilo had meet
ing Monday afternoon at the residense
of Mr. Bertram C. Bhaw for.th par
pose of ' reorganising tk club, aJ
starting It out on a program for tb
year' activities, saya tb Hilo- Post
Herald f last. Wednesday. ; ' : ' '1 ;'
( ."We want to make this etub b
hs been partially disbanded. Th
I 1 T 1 n,
of Browns Trade
Htrri and. Pratt for Five x
'- "u- players and Cash ' ict
,'. ' ' ; '
. fiT. 'LOUIS, January 23 (Associated
PressV Manaffer Fielder Jones' of the
Qt. Louis Club of th American League
the; New York Americans, receiving in
exchange for these two star players,
ia addition to a cash consideration
which waa not named. L. O. " Nona-
maker, Fred C. Maisel, Joseph Gedeon,
Norman A. Cullop aad Urban J. Hbock
er. In tke number of players involved,
the deal i the biggest of the ssaaon. .
Tb Brown are-losing two of their
foremost players in disposing of Plank
ad Pratt. A feature tkat stood out
prominently in the seasoa 's work - of
the Browns was the showing of Ed.
Plank, the veteran southpaw, who cams
bark out of the Federal League and
demonstrated, that he still had major
league goods in stock, although it had
been snpposed that h was all in at
the end of his fiscal years with ths
Athletics. 1
Pratt la Keyston
Pratt is an infielder, his teal position
being at the keystone station. He is
a player of note and, like Plank, will
kelp bolster up the Yankees . a good
deal. He is also a good outfielder.
The five players whom the Yankees'
manager, Miller Huggins, - in turning
over to the Browns, in exchange for
Plank and Pratt, are all well known
men in baseball circles. L. O. Nuna
maker is an A1 eatcher; Fred C. Maisel
Is a Stirling outfielder; Joseph Gedeon
dbs uvea ine ivnKrri invoriic seconu
. , -!,,.
baseman; Norman A. Cullop is a south
bas been the Yankees' favorite second
paw who is still good, and Urban J
William MeCallum was elected presi
dent of the Pep Club at its annual
meeting Tuesday evening, says -ths
Hilo Pont Herald of last Wednesday.
Other oltieers elected were Oeorge Low
son, assistant cashier of the First Bank
of Hilo, as treasurer and Karle B. Mor
gan, assistant cashier of the People's
Bank, a secretary. Entire member
ship were present and new by laws
were adopted.
Tbe Pep Club, as everybody in Hilo
knows, is made up of the batclielor
members of the Hilo Yacht Club. One
of its duties ia to see that Hilo society
is entertained, . the members looking
after plans for danees and other func
tions. "We did not mnke any actual plans
at tbe last meeting," said Mr. Mor
gan, the new secretary, "but We bav
some ia view." All the members were
present and new by-law were adopted.
. , , ,
CINCINNATI, Ohio, January 7
Branch Biekev of the Ht, Loui Nation
als announced today that Roger Horns
bv is not for sale and will not be sold.
"Once and for all time, and this is
final, Roger Hornsby will not be sold
I or traded to any club in North America.
I Neither Weeghman nor ' MeOraw can
get him, no matter what they offer,"
ai4 Rickey.
Another Ycchf Sc!J .
And Taken
From, the Race; Game,,.
Although it la tnktf b year sine tb
annrsnnnr .11 as inne nan in aa mmwiw. . ...
I --J SMD VVUSIUCI evi mw m "sntw f sn
ber of th family that Is nbw prastio ')f-'
ally xtlnct, for tb llawaU, predeee-: :
ser and successor, and La Palonti hav x '
bee sold nd re now entirely out off--':'
The I.uka was sold torn day ago by '
Jodge Henry G. Cooper to K. Matsu
moto, aIapanes contractor for 9290. -'
Th. sal , was. .mad by. Elmr L.
ctehbsrsberg of tk James F. Mot an
CortU)nv of this sltr, - v , ' : .'- v
The Lnka wa about to leave ,' for' .
Faknln lalaad. Jnittre Cnnnar'm Pci '
through. ..She ws loaded with a cargo '
VI lumber inv -winwr niivrwi miv
Judge 'a island.- uowevar, nnder tne v
term of th salo tb Iuka remained , ' ;
under charter tor th oae trip to Fan- ;
HEATTLE, Jaauary ft-Al Bommtrs, '
Ptrtland light heavy, had a shade over
Chet MclA'yren 4hr four round boot ri
here last night, but th referee elled ,.
It a draw. ' In th sml windun Ffatyk .
Farmer of Taeoms-and gteve Beynold
of Seattle boxed a draw. - .
' 1 mrrrn ''":
Ewa Plantation Com pa ay f
Wallah Arricnltural Co., Ltd. .
Apoka Sngair Co., Ltd.. t,
.- Kohsl 8ogar Company ' ' -.
Wahlawa Water Company, Ltd.
riiwi ... -. ,1
Fulton Iron Works, of St. Loui -
Babeoek .4 .Wileoi Cbmpny
Ore' Fuel Eebnomixor Com J ay
. Chan,- 0. Uor A Co, Engineer
'' 'k:'rf'.'i';K T' . . '.'v
aU you can;
all you can;
V all you can."
John Wesley
Msrcbant and Fort. St,' Boaolola
from. Montreal to Liverpool,
London and Glasgow via th
and St. Lawrence Rout
Vr. ""the WORLD
. end
By th popular "Princess"
&tamere ', from Vancouver,
Victoria' or Seattle.
Tor full information, apply t-
Tbeoi E Danes & Co. Ltd
Genl Agent, Caadiaa-Paoific By. Ce.
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Walalua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Bugar Co., Ltd.
(Hilton Iron Work of Ht Louis
Blk'8tam Pumps
Western Centrlfugala -Babcock
Wilco Boilers
Green' Fuel Economiaer
Marsh Bteam Pumps
Matson Navigation Co.
Planter Lin Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co.
Bvsnrsss cards.
ehlnery of rery description made t
Issued Tuesdays and Friday
(Entered at tb Poatofflo of Honolulu,
T. H., a rftnd-clM matter )
Par Tear ........ ,', . . . . xoo
Par Tear (forslgn) S.0J
Payable Invariably lu A-
Castle &Cooke,
' 'if

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