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: v HAWAIIAN . RAZETTE T&SOAY, JANUARY ; ' 1918. feMI-iv EEKLY. v '"'T ;
..v v. ' ; : 1 -.
1 '
V tharljs, Asks! lip InSernrutie N o
' Annmlion But fcwinuwi
" Yield Ndthina :Uot vPtrmrl
Others To Do So
, Hungarian Ministry Resigns and
New Cabinet Wilt Be Formed
'.' "-K: Witfc - Aleand.er Werkele As
, rnme Minister. j
,. ' VTEW YORIC January 28 -
.(Associated Press) Ad
"' mission fy JVemier,, Caernia ii
; v Austria-Hungary . that the war
' aunsbf ihe, y Dtia( j-jEnipire : ' and
, y;rraany jlijfer ridicaijy nr an
announcement of the resignation
ot the Hungarian caibinet with
, ilani' fyrjtj reorganizatfon were
. !(. added yesterday to the reports of
. internal troubles of the Central
; , . : In a speech other' than the one
which, he . delivered beSore the
Reichsrath last week the Austro-
ign. aflfairs is reported in tb
' ' . Cologne Gazette to have explauv
. ed the war alms of Austria and
". .I of Germany and thir differences.
If is-reportea to hare said thai
-' Germany wanted her," colonies
" ' back and would not consent to
V . the abandonment of any .territory
."w , occupied either ty hct own arms
or by those oi her ally until she
, WAS given satisfactory guarantees
for such restitutions. On the
f' other, 'hand ' Austria occupying
enemy' territory everywhere ex-
cept in Galicja was ready to wave
, v fl 'annexations, and all mdemni
es,'and -to-accept a .status quo
- rr. nf,9. ' tcn-itoriai ppssep
l sion goes if only she, wilt thus be
able to secure peace.'- .
' '' The same paper says Ciernin's
Va kirns, as expressed in his
'''?'':'; oeech ,o th Reichshrath were
' pirrpared in advance of the de
ive'ry of the speech by president
Wilson upon the .war aims of the
United States and the text of
'Jbeni was submitted to .the ,Uy
", triaa delegates to the Brest
Utovsk conference before Wil-
6on had spoken
' ' Announcement of the resigjia
V t jon of the Hungarian ministry
nd of the acceptance of tbeif
resignations by Charles, king f
Hungary and emperor of Austro
' Hungary carme by way of Anv
' etcrdam. Charles announced, it
'was said, he
would call upon
ytcjcandej Wcrkele, priiryt minjs
, ter,rfmany years, ago and the
strong nua (ft the opening years
o, tjhis century, to form a new
oifBMia Bewtpftpmrt jrkic kvf beef
; ; rjceled kee a ery mlar. oyer
fJ()ieraaw. of btgpmy in Oerviapy
' dvtMg-liuz. Tky w tk Buy
'.' juittU ) the jonient (entcsee lm
; j(fi4. Uite tht, the tutboritiei art
.vAJnoagvthp exeiuiei plpJ4 by th
: no, ccu J re Iqm f imory brr
UDM ot ill ell ihoek; departure of
' J,'. , tka Wife without leavitg to adttreM,
1 and laAUUty oa the pait of a wife.
Hitmt bve cone to far to declare
boldly that llurriafTijrM ara goba
' for the aetlonSr f utnrel ) A Orpofal
': told a Munich ourt tht be gnt mf
'. f lad. erjr time he, qbUined leave
,' ttvt trenchf, and le believed he
, ' fcsll (ftwe'wlveei ' '-.
' 'tleVei 'ete were tried in Berlin,
'eeven li Cologne; aud in Munich
"f-t Ian1 Weember. The. deceived wonipa
-" t uiually iM not willing to froeecute.
j&npWTw, ,w, jnUry -
- Thrpuk k , Aael lt(MUo a
j "Mrnm tlim geverament bai ktarad tout
. ...r i.JltbMtiDa llieJla : l Hew Bediatd,
MaMbktMa4 Jot Matpay .of
.' Newport, RUda IeUad) taa twa Amef
lea aallofa take pvlaonete at the nlalt
' lag of the deitroyef Jacob Jonee, are
now held brieoaarn la Germany, having
1 been at the priaoa camp at Braudea
iurg aiact Pwimber 20.
Air Raid cn.Treviso and lustre
Kills Six and German Aviators
Find . Hospital Buildings Are
id Taraets1 a
, ROMK, Januafy 28 (Arnw
elated prem) Attaeka in force ia
the lower Piirr ecotor Tf th Itnl
iua jTrnnt were eveeeesf ally repu)Mt
JreetertUy.and heaty loan ta awaal-
' tlea and ia prtaoneti were Inflicted
a pan the Anntro-Oennaae, who re
tire.! prwipiUUly before the well
directed fire of tbatlulian artil
lery and the fieVee eoanter which
launehed against their flank.
It m at Canipo Aila where the
heaviest fighting af the day oe
eurred, hen strong enemy foreea
attempted to approach the ttntioh
lines. They were checked by the
artillery and winehine gnk fire aa.I
roated by the flank movetneht sent
ana'nKT them. TJier- loft maay dad
. and wounded ow. th field In (heir
haty retreat and a large number
of prisoners were taken.
Oerman airmen eontinue to make
herpitat their targets. A flnndny
raid -i was eoad noted yesterday
against 'Treviso' and further south
on Mfntrt. The bombs which they
dropped" hilled ' aii tteople ' and
w-ccked tkr4 terpital boildinge.
fiaval Offlcfals. Start investiga
tion oi. Newport Disaster;
Twelve Are Dead
v -
NEWPORT, Bhode Island, January
Wr- (AsVoeiated Prone) lavestlgatioa
f the explosion ia the navy yard here
MMt atartod , yesterday by naval en
thotitlM. 'k The rt ' aagla : . presented
was the i theory the explosion, was
aansed by a bomb or other infernal
machine and proof aa to this Waa ex
amined yesterday. Cant Ed-ward
JBeack expressed the belief tb -
plosjon was not the result of any plot
hnt-was purely accideatal. ' ' '
',' ItevUioa of the flmt list of casualties
skews tbey were coniiiderably. over esti
mated. The death list numbers tweKe
and the injured serea. AH . wets civ
ilians.' ... ;.
Early yesterday the rescue party
which was exploring the ruins found
two njen. They were living.
Report Qf Employment Service
Shows Exact Equality
WASHINGTON. Jsnaarr 2S Asso-
siated Press) Exact balanca of the
supply of and demand for labor ia the
(T nit ad SV-fja reimrtpj kv tW fMU
jsral empleymeat services the duty ef
which te to secure the distribution ef
labor to the points where it ia most
needed. . Its preliminary investigation
was directed to ascertaining supply and
demand and this investigation, is the
subject ef the report renderel. '
It is- not intsnded that it shall be
inferred that this exset balance ex
tend to the various industries. There
are some in which there is a ahertage
of labor and others wherei these is
aa ver supply whioh must be later ad
justed.. - Aeither is it to be taken that
the . balanca is equal treoirraabloaHT.
There are sections of the United fttates
where there ia a shortage of agricul
tural' labor, for instance, while in
other there is found to- be an abund
ance. WASHINGTON, "jTnusry 28-Uasso-
elated. Press) Proper : treatment' for
the soldiers in the camps and canton
ments or the United ntatea is demand
ed by the war department, follow
ing some eooiplaints as to ipiproper
treatment of sick sol. liars ia the hos
pitals, the department recommends that
in cases where it is proved before a
ooart martial that any one eeaaei-ted
! . L. 1L. I! I ! I I
iijt no iiumu-si srrvjrc naa ues
guilty df mistreating sick soldiers ' a
penalty Mvim than dmmisaal sban be
tatpeeed.' H holds mero dismissal aa
utterly inadequate imnishinent for such
cirag THAT COUOtt. ,
When yeu have a troublesome Congh,
It does not mean that you have .eon-
ananitian or that you are going to have
Hr'avt it dees meaa that yoar hiaga are
Ibrsateaatl, ssd 'tt is lust ax wtl te M
on the safe side aad take Chamber
lain ' Cougli Remedy before it ia too
late. For sale by all dealers. Benson,
Hmith A Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii.
msenihqS" ,
titi., ii l ,11.:.
- ALiiGhiuii;;;!
Scheme ContempJates Economic
Domination ' of Europ. On
TOtel Europa Idea . (
u. h , '
STOCKHOLM, January Assoc
atd..rrese)A schema for, 'gigantln
Oerman-Russian 'alliance to dominate
En rope la being puT forward in aH
parts of Oermany by 'the advocates of
the old "mlttel-Ruropa" -plan. The
best summary tt the tew scheme kiek
naa yet appeared la , publinhe j., IM' a
ITidningea from the pen of a German
propagandist. - He outline the project
aa ioimwik,, f, .v,4. y , , .
Hamburg World Market v :' v
'"The future Central Enrbpa Russian
'block', among other aims, will have
before it the mighty task of bringing
the ' great riches of Russia. Into the
World markets.- For this purpose there
are two natural windows so the West,
one Is Hamburg, the other Copeahagen.
These two towaa will become the great
markets of the world. The produce, of
Month western Russia Will go by. the
Danube and Shine-EIbe waterways ta
Hamburg; ' the riches ' of Central and
Northwestern Russia will ,' go by the
Dvina and Volga to fie Baltic and
Copenhagen. Ia this manner an .inter
change of produce and ''irtnaufactures
will be realtxed between-Scaadina via,
the Central European block, Russia, and
tke Whole Mohammedan world.
Winning Fialand k
H"The Germans have been given a
friendly welcome by the Baltic peoples
who hsil them as libers tors. Germany's
occupation of. thii territory will- have
results that no peace conference eaa
prevent. Germany has opened up pros
pects of a Northern Mediterranean, the
waters of which Are now under her
control. Moreover, Germany 's ' plans
for .activity, atil) further aorta are
being materially assisted by the In
creasing friendliness of 'the Finnish
people. While -. Finnish Hgcialista are
fraternising with Russian soldior. Ger-!
many Is winning the friendship of the
middle slasaea and the : peasanti of
"Germany, however, ia meditating
neither the Incorporation of Finland
in the German Empire nor any kind of
Apolitical alliance, but rather an econo
mic a 11 lane. Hhe would be delighted
to see Finland united td Central Europe
aa part of the eeonomte block, thus
extending German economic power far
to tke North.
Inclined Toward Central Block
" "If Germany gaina Control of tke
Baltic and -Fialand becomes aa inde
pendent state, joined by economic al
llaaee with Central Earope,' there will
be oe outlet fei.!Busia westward ex
eept thtooirh . this economic I alliance.
Even the Western Powers cannot help
Russia here. Tet Russia must do her
utmost to retain for herself economic
brsatMng space in the West, flhe can
not dispense with the powerful Cen
tral -European block. , It would hardly
be te Russia 'a advantage to even try
to tight her own way even with the as
sists nee of the Western Powers) the map
ahows this. Rossis, once peace, has
been restored, will gradually .incline
herself te the Central European block.
This will be in keepfng with her na
tural economic development. -)
"la order to recover, Russia must
above all, procure an outlet and anarlet
for ber Importast natural riches., With,
no free passage to the West, she will
avail herself partly of the assistance
of the Central Eurepeaa block and
partly of fck-andinavin."
McAdoo Orders Railways To Cur
tail Unnecessary Expenses
WASHINGTON. Januury 2H (Asso,
eiated Ptcss) Curtailment of expenaot
in departments which arc not required
upder govenment control, of the rail
roads was ordered by Director General
McAdoo yesterday. He ordered the
various railways to dispense with the
services of legislative and political
agents and atl ettorueyn who are no
aqtually engaged in necessary legal
work for th roads. i
JTlie legislative agenta are largely
engaged in watching pending 'railroad
legislation, some in Washington- but
more at the. various state capitals. I
McAdoo also ordered the railways te
strictly observe the law relating ta this
issuing aud honoring of passes for pas
senger transportation.
AN'' PRANCUVX), January ' f28-
ffadge Megan' suggestsd ta Probation
OtHcer Wlliam Nichols yesterday that
he get behind a movement for the
purpose of securing legislation which
Wnld establish the whipping post if
California for husbauda whs refuse to
support, tiieir wives. . . i
. .Nichols was In court to corroborate
the testimony of Mrs. Adela B. Cas
sagnes that her husband has refused
to obey the order Of the court tf sup
port her. Judge Mogaa suggested that
Caasagnes be sent to the county rock
Ele te work and the IJS0 which the
w provides for such work be given
to hf wife. NichoU said tbat fund
for this purpose bad becoms exbaufted..
OAKLAND, Califotsitt, Jaiutary
(Aasotted press) Aa uaasal, large
number of amateur baseball teama have
been playlug this winter owing to the
bite arrival pf the rain. There has been
a auBgestion of mid summer activity on
Sundays,., a hen every available Held
bat been u tasted by competing nine.
More Than1 HalrAr Deslroyed
FltENCn FRONT, Janaary i (At
seclated Press) The Zeppelin bogey
hs been laid or at least, the major
part of its tejrore Aave vanished, since
tellable information how th reiiorted
existence In Oermany of greait atmndaa
kf thn erial drcadnanghts to bate
been absolutclr mrthiral. AltoeMher
only just over-one hundred tf these
dirigibles have been constructed since
the late Count Zeppelia launched thel
prst- owe over bake mnstanee.-.
i !H to ' August. 1U, the total of
those buiH had numbered twenty-flve;
sine hostilities began the two great
works at.Friedr'uh-ihaen and Stankea
have const rue tel between sevestyflvs
aad eighty, brohably nearer the lower
than the higher flgo're. This mesne aa
Average of two per month. As the mean
period for the building' af a Zeppelia
is, known with .certainty to be two
months, there must always have been
tout hew hirship on the stocks at the
a me time." - . .
Bfoet.Oama.'U Ortef rtt.f '!
Most of the. Zeppelins lauarbedvtnfa
the air before the war Warne t. grief,
hbs leaving la the serHch wf the
man army and navy a of less' thaa
a doxea when fighting begha. l Since
then nearly all the 'dirigible old and
new have, been handed leVer'i'te1' the
German navy, which hss used them for
many kinda of . work stick as' bombard
ing expeditions, protection of mine lay
ers and small torede-boat 'at ' .sea,
chasing submarines, searching for ratas
fields. aad.r last ' and moat rmaertnnt.
reennnoitering for the High Seas 'fleet, j
an oibr whelming - majority ef . these
air monster ao fewer than 'thirty -af
which are ha own te have beea destroy'
ed in oas' way r ahotasr, aa ia sbewa
by the following 41 j Hu ( H -. ',
L. KDectroycd just before the war,
when it" fell in the North Sea near
Heligobidd.i U '.i'. "o.4.n I .
U Sw-Bnrnt at- Buhlsbtfettel just be
fore the tar. ' !.'.' , 1. 1 ' -i h i'-tf r I v
I Descended -at"Fanon U 'Dr
mark at beginning af the War and was
burnt ky'tts arrant ft. "iMviiv1; !',, .
U lef enied at- Batataadsi Huki
Denmark,' at beginning af the war and
wae barn bylta erne, uv ;t- litk-Vi
L. 6V-Broaght. dowk ea the Belgiaa
front ia 1MV part af' ereni natedV- m
L. Bnrnt at-Bublibuettel lit Its
hangar In September. 19l ' MnUstt
L. T-Droagh tw. by .British de
stroyers off Jutland, crew being drewa-
ed, In- tia.i ,- v ! I )'.'
L. ft Brought down, by 'mnebln-guna
in Belgium,' part of crew being killed,
in 1M.' m .. J..v 'r ."Its.
L. nWButab' at Bnhlsbuettcl la Its
hangar at tame tipd ea U, V ;'i t'Mv
L. 10-8track by lightning aehr Cul
havca duriog ' Ue" initial flights and
lost with its crewr,' f! !V,i,.,-t "
L. 12 Destroyer-at Ostsnd llB
when returning from a rabl on England.
L. 15 Brought down the Thames,
England, (a ili'iil' 'T'...tc H; Vii
U 1 Ic1rotsdoa 0otr 19, 1RIT.
L. 1 Burnt U bangar at Toadern
in .T.4'ii A, t m iv
L. 19 rell, ia the . BaHW . while re
turning frant a raid ioattsglaa.il ' HW
L. 24 Burnt, actidcatsll. whim coat
ing out of Its hangar' attTsndorn;! .
U z.l Fell sMi .theA luigilrtn'eoaet1tL
L. x5 Destroyed while? ttclnjt ernplfty--"
Chosen A
Editor of 'mm
Miss. .Genevieve t-iaggarj w
Preside Over? Past4,rM anj
Unjrsity of Cpforqia Publi
I l 1 i i ., ii lit.'O.tn '
. BERKKLUY. CaUforala; January
Associated. FressV Mtsai Gene
Vieve Taggard . of'.t Honoktln f'haa
beea chosen as ('editor :f ithe1 Oct4
dent the University of California
literary publication..
k. '' 'nM c.a g't
ktiss Taggard is a Pnoahon gfad
uate, Ciats of '14, and h daughter
of J. M. TaggaroV -f esmcrly prinnlt
pal ef the Kalihl-waeaa government
school, this elty.VMr. Taggard and
family removed to CPf oruia a lit
tle over three year age,! Ml fag
gajrd 1 hbortly afterward entering
Berkeley, ' .. . ; ;-
WASHINGTON, January 28 Three
men of the crew of the' patrol, bant
Alcedo, sunk b Ganaan aubakriae
last November bate been commended
for heroisnt' by Secretary Daniels. They
rnYVi; ' ':
Patrick J. Quian, eoxswalu, and Wil
liam J. Bellatty, yoeman, rescued com
panions from drowning, and George A.
Colllex, fareman stopped tbe engine of
UiA litedo vhea 'tke torpedo .exploded
and raised the safety valve, preventing
a explosion.
, HA l-TIMORJ?, January e2f (As
socihted Fress)-ity 'war pa
t teats " have Mfivcd. bere lrQai
iVaas to receive V treatment for
various "trench dUcasea." ..This is
the first body at men of any. eou
eidarable aiae , that ha ,beea in
valided konte or haspim reatinou
for troubles arising front their ser
vice since the first contingent of
I'nlted Htatcs soldiers waa landed
in France, i -.
hooey mm
d as' a training balloon at Wildpafk.
' L. Bt--Fell lit London in" 11. ,.)
L. 32 Broiigh down in London in
Ibis (Sept. fia.st). x r ?"
U Sa-lBrmrght 1 down i U 1 England
Bett. 2, lSM.'snd crew interned,.
L. 35 Brought down la England. '
' L. a-Broughl dow at Cwmpiegne,
Vanco, March, 1917, '
ti 0 rUl In thk woo-Is hear Em
dcn. " -, . ;' . , '. .. .
L. Rconght'dowa in Jalyj lOlf,
at Terse helling. 'v
I 44 Broi)jht down afire .at Saint
Clement, October 20, 117. ,'. i- .
L. 4V Bronht down ' and burnt at
gistcron, October 20, 191T. ;
L. iH Brought down la, V England,
June, 1817. r. '.'. .;,. ) "
. Lu 49-rBroHght down at Bonrbotiae
let Bains, October 10,' 1917. V
L. Bd Fell at Dommartia, October
20, !BJ7. , x i...;. t. k ,i
. L. G7 Broke up on its first voyage.
The last namCtl Is the highest nnm
ber believed to have been la the service.
Miaslng numbs rs In, the list given above
are accounted for as follows:-
V L. llt'ut out of aervice in 1917 and
believed to be In she. I at II age. :
' L. Is la the shed at Hage 'since
May, 117. .. -f
. J 14-rSchoot airship at NordUolx.;
. l ueiisvea to.
stroyed at sea, . ..'f ' .'
Believed to. have ' been de-
L. 2t Dismantle
ed .''
ed, believe
L. 21 Dismantled,
elievpd burnt at
; L, 24 Dismantled. X l- i
f"L, 26 Planned but , never construct
ed.' .
U.-17, U'SH, L. 29 ad L. 30 Danned
but never hstructcil
IM Believed destroyed off Eng-
I' L.'.JTrUAttached t Baltic squadron,
but. believed deetroycA. '
: L, ' Str-'Whercabouta unknown. '
V "Li 41. IL 4t 4L L. 47, L. 31, L.
Sf.'L. Si, LI St. L. S3, L. C, In service
tlh-NoVth.'ea;.eh 1... ...
Others''. Tata XXaknown ' ':
No In fof riMtion tat obtainable as to
tke fete ef Ike rcminr of the Zep
petina,? aolr -.as'ta whether their eon
Strur Ilea was. ever (completed, but the
few) other i. types 'bfi dirigible airships
n4Q'iby th Oermaaa have not been
better' served by fate than their more
rertdwed; sister fU f
M.The rSohBctte-Lciaa Vllrigiblc Is some
thing bke Zeppelin) but with A frame-Work-
of bars ben instead of aluminum.
There bnve' been, eight of these in nse
tinea rthe .beginning! f the War and
thctf fate'ev present condition Is shown
in 'the following UitKi f
t'-Sv L. 3 put af service kihre a long
tlr.U. 1-VfV. "
tl U-4 Strack by lightning in the
Ba'RM.. V -'(vM.Vid j. '
ll 8. 'U' ft Believed to have fallen into
th Haitk'v, .wciTrVf '"U.
;(S. U fa. asrvtcet In the" Baltic.
S. L. t--B(irat at fltolp.
. ft U 14 U aeririCe in the Baltic.
Si L. 16 Believed to be still in ser
vice. I , P-'k
9) h 2Wdm asryine.
I'lTheca ,waatlsenae Gross semi-rigid
dlHgibw4-.Wbi4i. fas put out of service
iltaC end, ef February, 1815, anV three
Faraetknbaigid I airships,' pue of
Which wa dextroyed in Russia, the sec
ond net as' anheai-ship and the third
fitiilefstood Jt0 beT sfill in service.
l;5ktc"ds, tM.j Mm, the
But Shivers In Cold
KWtrKiK1 .'f:'n' ,
nWAILPKU), -Jaamry.iWTyailuks
and 'slhcr town. o central Wsl WerC
tiaatdi,tai.!grea sigbt WedHCeday
aMWniag.wkea .the slopes a Haleaj-kaia-'were
heeai V be 'covered iwith
taowv-he ilaai Newt reports. AFrom
the) tticsUad .Immscs of WaUukii.thc
ilghtl'wea thlendid,'-the aarw ttoming
frs-drwn tkr enouaUi -ide aad dis
appearing gmon tar treed. X
1iAad,,ih,!bot it wsa rrtd for awhilef
That wiad freat-ihr xaoaatwlns waa at
ot Kkr blasU' Iron. Alaka:t l Jrisrn
ho4y kiMtled'Into-ikeaAibt'ctetkee hud
rant evertoewere ta be neea around
4a the early riioraia(f;. The, thermometer
h tswng aee-abt.down to the reo
or, bat-Ihcwadt trWm the snow -fields
fully made nix for thai. i., UJ.
The.eaire atorm. on the hightaadp
njaa,pv4sc1, Before daylight, 1y
Ukaadei1, figktning and some win.
Tftju Came tke snow, which started
filling on HaToakala first "and then
reached dawa toward the lowiaada aad
Kula. In Kula the sight waa srand.
Lthe higber regions, being clotkod, ia
wkite, the snow, .carsjed by the wlnk,
being at much ss a foot dflpp Ta
crevices and against , obstructioaa,
Kula, became very cold . about eight
o'clock so much 0 that several pec
pie took to their autos and came down
to the towns. In Kula there was eonr
siderable wind, a tree being bkiwa
dawn near Walsh's place and there be
lng ether alight damage here and there.
The enow is said to have been' the
heaviest rn years.' Front the mora pop
ulous region of Msni it eculd be sarg
extending from PoUpoll nit around the
edge of the mountain, the very top of
the mountain, however, being obscured
by clouds nearly all the time.
LIVCRIOpIV' January 28 The
"l'ost" says that hfaj. Richard Uoyd
Oeorge, eon of the premier, will go to
Amerloa with Karl Seading, high com
missioner te the t'feited Htatec.
: ', n 4, - ,m tU
LONDON, January 2a(,ssol4ed
Press) The Natioual News' publlshea
the information that the British labor
delegation which Is to visit the United
States will leave soon. Censorship pre
vents giving date of departure. ".
t' :' itrvri ;rr
Under Cheerless Skies -Twenty
V eight States Are Strictly -
Obeyind Fuel Orders r '
:' t". ill fi ..r (, ... y ,
ITA8HN0T0Nt' Jahuary 2B--(Assd-Hated
.Tress ) Under lowering eklet la
same 'sretiana, ia a driving anoW aterrs
la others, with deep snowa filling the
streets af the northern' Middle West
cities, twenty-eight states are today
observing the second ." Hcatless Mon
day".? The weather condition are such
a ta make evident the? necessity of its
observance' in order td conserve luch
coal it ll os hand 'for fuel purposes
and to.tldr ' over until transportation,
can be resumed upon normal lines once
The businesr bCusea -aat nstabltsl
nent affected by the order for today
are as follows i ; ; r, b. tit
a Any busitics or prfrmlonal t
flee,' ekeept office used by the United
State, , State, h . county , ar mnnicineJ
government,- transportation companies,
oT'Whlck are occupied by banks ad
tract 'companies or by phyaieiaa or
dentlsfs, f " y , X :. -f ,' , : j P
b Wholesale r retail ttorea, of any
other stores, business house or build
ing whateverif except " that ior the
purpose, 'stores mar maintain neces
sary heat until ; Iff o'clock nirWi
and for the1 -.'purpose . af aelling
drug) and medical sopplte only, atorek
may maintaia necessary kct through
out the day and avening.
s Theaters, moving picture house,
bawling" alley,; billiard, room; prlvat
of pnbHe dance halls, or any- ther
place of amusement. , ; 'i
Noyfael halhbe burned for the pur
peer af orating room or buildings ia
wine liquor is sola. k
Strong Oraanizatian - cf Pronv
Inent and Influential Citizens
' : Is Perfected
1 '- if-'.: '' :ii-C : ; . ' . ,
WAILUKU, t January 2J At thmc
e'elrek Taesday afteraoen a very tat-
r oft ant and interesting meeting wa
eld ia the Circuit Court rodm at Wai-
rnkb, tt purpose being to distrus aid
form a branch of the Hawaiian Vigil
aacr -Corp of the American Defense
Society, th Mast Nwa aay. Leading
citlsea of Central 'Maui were pres
ent, aa were. also ft number of ladie.
Offiesrs . and an executive cenvmifcts
Were cheacn and adjoarnment wa the
tken,rtk;executlv eamlttea,'fft(ra
meaawbilek to btin further iastrue
t ions, from Honolulu la' regard te tke
enrollment- of- ether mcmbera. V
' Hrf T. Baldwin opened the meet,
ing and ealled for nominations for
temporary ofiicer a,."- Mr. Baldwin, was
himself elected ' . temporary , chairman
aad Mr. I). C. Lindsay temporary sec
retary. . , -'
The chair .explained the object f
the meeting, and the .secretary read
certain eonrespOndenee which had pass-,
ed bet wren tke farmer aad Mr, Fred L.
yraldroat Honolulu, regarding a Maiii
breach of tbe aorpe. .
-Mr, Q. B Penhallow, moved thkt.thc
meeting proceed ia.organiae. Second
ed by Mr. Field and carried. '
I'r. Case moved that Messrs. Bald
wia and tiodssy be elected permanent
chairman . and -secretary, respectively,
but, following a. demurrer of Mr. Bald
win to this method of procedure, the
motion waa changed, tr ona to the
effeet- that a committee be annotated to
rrecammeind a .chairman, secretary,
treasurer and aix director. This car
The' chair Annotated oa this commit
tee: . Judge w. S. Ediag. chairman;
W. H. Field, H. B. Penhallow, W. S.
Cbilllngwortk "- I" P Timmon.
Adjournment. w taken for five min
utes, following which the committee
reported the following a It nominees
to be permanent officers: F. F. Bald
win, chairman; C. C. Camphol), secre
tary; D. C. Lindsay, treasurer. Direc
tors: Harold Rice, Cha. D. Lnfkin,
David T-: Fleming, . R. Bevlns, Dr.
V'm. D. Baldwin and Wm. Searby.
The report; of the committee' was
adopted, and, on motion of Mr. Charles
Villier, the officer recommended were
declared ' to ' be olticerr of the Maul
Branch of the Hawaiian Vigilance
Corp. '
. On' motion of Wra. WaUh, It wa vot
ed that the membership question be
held in abeyance nntil the parent body
at Honolulu ceuld be heard from.
rilGH ANpt jCr COLOheD, .
NKW TORK, January IS Gay eel
or and 'high top for -women' (hoes
will noon br thing of the paat. No
hoe will be made higher than , nine
inches. The only color used will be
black,' white,' tw shades of ta' and
two of gray. The present fashionable
shoe are made from fifteen to elght
ten'taehe high, tv wear with short
The change in women's footwear
were'denided oa a a war eonomy by
the National Association of Boot and
Shoe Manufacturer today. They will
go lata effect neat falL
MADRID, January .( Associated
Press) Pllaged and sunk by a Oermaa
submarine in true piratical atyla wa
the. fate. .of the Spanleh steamer Oir
alds. Her crew took to boat and
were saved, rekchinr tiort and brinains
(their account of the affair yesterday; '
(Yitblets). Druggiatf refund money II
t tail tr cur. The signature rt
I. SV. GROVE ia on cat h box: Man
iiattured by the PARtS MKD1CIN
CO. , 8t. Lo"l. V. 6. : A.
a i a, I 7 t
BolshevjMf .Assert ,Grrnan$. Are)
; Unyielding Demand, For An
nexations and von Kuehlmann
Alleoes Bad Faittj " 'r . ; .'
-j f tt-vf h 1 1 r i '
Soldiers and Workmen's Council
' Endories , brpflrajij a,nd, vVotes
Conidinc In Obyernmehf of
1 Maximalists '
"ttf ASIMNpjp, January 23
yf (AsjlocUtf rfe4 1-:
yift the JftpthficiKi.aq tJ.ptx--'
ltn delegates to th Brest L4tovak
peace" tonfertnCR tach . accusing
t(ie: other! of lactcpf gf4(fait,h. Jn
the egrtiatkn tiff prtspec for
ap early agreement (or a. separate
peace between Russia, and Gcr-"1
many, becomes more remote un
less such .action shall fee fenced
by the entering into of a pact be
tween ('Austrla r ao Russia of
which Pctrpgrad entertains some
hope because, 6 the ,'tnanifesV de
iref Czerntn o bring this about
as shown in " his speech before,
thekhsrath. i , (,,
. . fJjiairoian , Joffe the !Russia,n
peace delegation told the Assp-'
ciated ' Wess ' correspondent at
Petrograd yesterday the attitude
of the German legation to Bteqt
Litovsk showed an entire ,qnw
ipgnes on its part to acceJ.he
Russian formula of no. annexa
tions and no indemnitiecj. t
Jin the reichstag,. in a . speech
which he delivered - befora; that
body yesterdayj ypn Ku?na.nn
ia diplomatic language,. Accused
the Russians of bad .faiths des
patches from Amsterdam related.
Me is quoted as having said:. ,
"The Bolsheviki vstatetnenjt
have clearly showed that they aje
engaging in another policy , than
that of concluding an open and
honorable , peace " , . , , .. t ,
Plans for a federation pf repub
lics in Russia are include ip tijc
progra.ni of the Workmen's and
Soldiers' Council as is shown, b
Petrograd despatches of, ypste.r
day. The council of delegates
met and passed a resolution ex
pressing their confidence .in tj1?
Bolshevik govej-iimnt and the
national commissioners , nnat ap
proved of all measures enacted.
The council also approved. ,pf
he declarations of ,he, central
council, those which were reject
ed by the constituent assembly,
including the making valid of
land transfers, giving control of
0,11 working establishments te the
Workmen's and Soldiers' Dele
gates, the establishment of a re
public which shall be a federation
of various smaller Workmenjs
and Soldiers' republics, national
ising of all banks and the repudi
ation of the national debt.
The Bolsheviki anri'ouneed that
their forces had; occupied the im
portant manufacturing town of
Krementchug in Poltava.
, 41iWTl,AND. Oregon, January 28
(Associated Press) Fofmer" United
Mate thuator Cbarle Vtlliam Futtoa
died yesterday. ,.. ,
Heuator Fultoa was la his sixty-fifth
year. He served la 'the L' sited ' tttatrs
senate front 1003. A lifleluag Republi
can, be was elected to the state senate
fint it 178 and lator.iar different
tbnea, wa alectud tu that Lbly. Wli),
1H98 and 11X12 and waa president ' of
that body iu 1H93 and In ltK)l. Hcwas
chosen presideatiak rleetor- la 1888.
VyoDNpEp r7 ACTfQN
WAHIUNOTQ-V, January atH-tAaVi.
ulutsil l'ro-r-Ueueral l'ershinH iu. JUs
report of yesterday told pf five Ameri
can soldiers having been wounded in
action. Hri irava no details nf ,Utn r.
jin' what sector they wer whn they
niov ineir injunr. . ,

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