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r,i". riTT n
. Wll'JII Uli
V f : . .. ,. ' I t
Hawaiian Propose Drastic Ac-
; .'. tioff T Forte Down Exorbi-
it V-tanj Prices, of Dealers
1 K t
,:i.ayor rem txpecis bpeeay e
J iiUlU From New. MoveWiO ;
. Not Participate tJfricially v;
? ; limbic of an Impending boycott on
,-. Ilia, readied Jhe off! of Mayor Joseph
yesterday, "a a mean of bring-
lag down tht Korbitaut price that are
fcakKd by dealer i the local market.
"I The plan ha -originated' among ,' -the
. ttawhliahi of "Honolulu, 1 awvera) ' of
' V VndntValleA iapott k tnaydr yrtprday
for th purpos of discussing tba mat
ter. tS ..v;;v.
'v The Threat bf ' ft boyeott became
'atrbbger yesterday 'when Hawaiian pur
chaser discovered that Mine, at Jenst,
of. the fish -vender weje .deliberately
' Violating th itrtca .agreement m,ade
Sdhriay'With the representative of the
..federal food administration, ..... . , ,-r
Mayor If'era, while, actively .engaged
v jn 4b securing bf ..information, about
the Ash -situation, will, not , glvw bis
official endowment ,to, the. (boyeott al-)j
tnougn ne Denevea mat om suea srep
H Inevitable With the multiplication of
; iehtlee Maya and tb, prevailing -priea
tf ash n Honolulu. , , , .' j 1 '
"The Hah boycott, according to atat
tnat 4riadfc. by several . of t$ moving
. spirits In the venture) Will be pattern!
a -the variona forma ef"foodr boycott!
that Aave take place in eitie of .the
'mainland frequently with the full Ap
proval of the- eity attthoritlea, ,, Theae
vgitaton ay that, in the abeene4 of
offieial -powet in the eity to. jet and
titaintaia flub prices, aome auch drastic
action U thi only .thjng that can pro-1
teet the
people from predatory ,un
AcaicrsL.' y. i
,W1U Kot Act Officially
' "1 do not dcubt that stich a move
Would have inimedlate reaolta,".. Mayor
,rn aaid,."but I do not inteml to par
tlcipata in it officially.' Btlll, I am an re
that the Agreement that has been made
by the fish dealers relating to the
'price of HjIi Is no agreement at all
abd la not binding in any sense of the
word." .
It to declared that the threat of
fish-boycott rn Honolulu haa much to
do. With the activities of CTines and
Japanese ' fish men to put a atop to
Droflteerinx ' in the fish markets by
means of airreenientfe. M. Oteni of the
Hawaiian i'ieheriea haa instituted r
campaum among the Chinese fieh jnen
tfcome to ma agreement of aome sort
that., will restrain-the - Oriental j p
iric.bbWek'dealerB. . t - V
Flab Lower Yesterday . '
'Mayor Fern and High Bheriff Jsr
rett . ia a lour throuah the flsh market
t .yesterday,' aaid they found that the
'''tV - i,rii nf 6h Kttfl HrAnneil eonniilersblv.
but it la on the mettles daya that ex
orbitant prices are moat prevalent.
Mujlet eould be had for a while yes
terday morning, by tuine people, as
low aa twenty -two cents per pound.
This was partly due to the arrival
from the Kahukd 1'lantatTon pond of
4000 mullet which were sold on a com
mission basig by the stall men and hot
.put through -the usunl auction which is
.aaid to be responsible for much of the
lrice inflation.
. . In many eases where purchasers, yes
terday,. attempted to bohl'. Japanese
atari men to the maximum of tweoty
Bve oeatapr pound which was . con
tained in the so-called 'aKWement, they
were greeted with theatagcRring
phtnatioa that ' in order to obtain this
'price It is jieccsiiary that the 'fish be
bought "on the hoof". The price of
twenty-live cents, the stall men ex
plained, Included head, tail and all,
and if the edible part of the fish only
were purchased the price - would hove
to be thirty-five cents.
This ''explanation" was made to a
government oflicial whoa tried to buy
opakapaka at the store of V. Q. Yee
Hop eV Co.. the oflicial said lout night.
Iianlau Ia Threatened
- The epoiling of the Saturday night
"laurau" of the Hawaiitum is the most
grievons offense that fish men have
Trpetrated hv niesns of prohibitive
flsh prices. From- the days of Captain
Cook this ftaturday alRht fish dinner
baa prevailed aa an institution of the
Jslanda. The threatening of this custom
ia one of the inttnniing influences.
One catch of uka, -. -amounting to
1210 flsh, Wold at auction yesterday for
$247.40, and this flxh was placed on
vale at a minimum of el(hten cents
' par pound. This .provided for a large
profit oa the part of the ' stall men,
Opakapaka sold all, through the day at
thirty jive vents at the stalls, . which
is a violation of the agreement an
nounced by the fish mea Sunday.
Open Shop Policy Basis Arbi
trate Other Differences
WA.BHTN0TON, D. C, Jan. 28 (As
sociated Press) A serious imluidrfal
dispute. in the packing industry hat
been settled On the "open shop" basis;
with questions of wages ami hours still
to be agreed un, 1
Striken which threatened to disrupt
work in ten of the largest packing
houses In the country have been settled
Try an agreement providing thnt there
' shall be no discrimination nyainet union
men: The qtrestrrm of benrs and Wages
haa beeu referred to un arbitrator ap
pointed by the departuieut of labor.
Ccrp D'iitat lly Dri !
A.td ; W US ;'., V.:? y,::S.
Bride For Sc!d:Dr
But When Irati Mother Cets On
Broom's Tran He "Beats It Ftif
, Safety t PbsH&irl Detdrhiitt:
fed to Stick U Her Spouis ,;
A aoap d'etat arranged by ban Cup
Id wai almoot aipped la th jbnd yester
day, for too irati Mother ppTara.n
the ' acenc; the groom Mat ' ' maeterl
retreat 4a th ibellc of the fortifica
tion of Fort Shaftcr, the Vide of aia
Hn summers was bared before Ch-eult
.urae sa , .
threats of proceedings' for as aoanlmeat
of the marridn - have- not 'et rdled
. Pretty Florence FepYowskt,.' ittteef
vcara old, but appearing 'older, thade up
her mihd ia a hurry, a Women often do,
to become a Wife and tba . wife of a
soldier of UnMe Sam', army.' She had
known Private Hear Lee Jore, Sec
ond Infantry, who hailed fom the state
f Arkansas originally, fot about tl or
arven . mnnths.., pring.1avea of aH
aeaee he often alayed. ai ler mother.'
looming house, the, Fairmont, on JJere
tania street, and It was there he.be-enme-acquainted
with iim. - I' .,
hlothsr Kot Wise : , . ' f.
i Private Joyce, tall -and Vandsojne,
won the -heart of tha danehteri of the
houeev: Pbe admUted.oa tansh te Joyce
nns noi 10 ner motaer, Mr. hm,;
. Yesterday aftrrnooa th itaother Went
out shopping and Flore ace slipped pat
of 4hOi house and met . be khiki-elsd
knight a block away. . they Immeaikte-J
y weai. to tne marriage ;icense uureao
ia the Kapiolanl hulldiag. Bh told
Charles Costa, the elerk, ahe. was altte
teen tfears of age,, (although aeuilv
bnt sixteen), and Joy gave bis age
aa twenty-one. . ,,t i ' ..i ...
-. Costa sited np the bride-to-be and al
though aha appeared; ta. be igh4 , had
rather yonng looking,; yet. Charley,
Knowing . thajt you a never deeroinn
a -woman's age. by her face, .decided
hat ahemost be tight,' .lotted the fcgo'
A machine was At the deor aad fa to
this they harried. and were drive away
to the Methodist Chare h, where Se. MV.
Loofbourow anited .them U. marritse.
aad Mra. Henry Xe .Joyce smiling ami
happy, left the church With a gold vlrrg
upon the. third finger, of her left bead
They expected to return ttf ' 4h
mother's home , aad make, their home
there,, he eomlng to town 4s, orten as
he eonld get, away f rest 4h,poet,;Thy
thought it wise to hay "toothing of -the
marriace. however, for a few davs and
let the mother gain per first knowledge
rrom the, announcements ttt tbe news
papers. ,
Masterly Betreat
. VThea we thought beat to have it
over with at ; once,, aad so. we went
bom, sad mother,", said' Mra.
whoa the reoaa-alfaetedi hie 'masterly
Mtreat'.f. Mother ,.w peev4d,. . The
rrootn realised t4ii nd .Mat 4t for
Hhaftetv . Thea th.f.motber . called bp
Probation Officer -Leal. -The girt wan
trader legal age, the aaid, and she wont
ed the marriage annulled. Leal picked
np the Mother and daughter in his
auto, and took them. .to the marriage
license bureaat 43b looked ever, the
records and demanded -of Costa why he
hadn't known, the girl wa less than
niaeteen. The girl remained oa the op-
pvmlte MdW "of the -room, occsiooIW
chuckling over bwiUl elopement. Bhe
dianiisaed her future affaira aad began
to figure new ehe eoutd set op boase
keenlns' on husband's "war pay.'!
"Well, If he hasn't efcV I can gn
out ktad work,1 ' th told with determi
nation. . , Leal phoned Jngb tfeen and Went to
hit ebarnbera bd talked the matter
over and ftanlly the "yrtone wife was
ft fn the care of blmkelf had Mra. Iee.1
for the time being.
HonoluluDS are. already becoming
useu to the horoet-diona of the motor
of the great larmy eaplan which has
been flying ovr their . head during the
post eiRht daya, Vet -to flight of U
plane yesterday afternoon 'before tbre
o'clock, with Mat,- Uoaold M. Clarkv
V. M. A at. th wheel, eauoed every one
rxcspi i boss eoiapqiiee) t Temam m
doora to I gut feutvlutei th strBtot and
gnze upward at the flyinir marvel.
Tha plane flew frosa Pearl Harbor in
an easterly, direction, hoeping over the
show ; line principally,: but "Occasionally
sweeping inward and over the suburbs
of the city, .
i Major Clark flew high when going
eastward gad elimbed to a great height
nntii the maChiae looked like a great
gulU At that time he was over the
beach at. Wai kl hi, -but kejit on and fin
ally circled ever the-aeapoiat f Dia
mond Head eratex. thea dinned and
wheeled. On starting! back for his base
he flew straight and. low, over the eity,
and on jemcbleg the Young Hotel cir
cled above -that. ' Finishing the great
circle ho darted Off for Pearl Harbor,
making his usual easy landing. -.
Major ClaA -was anaocomimnied on
thia trip by -any -member of the acre
simdron. v , , tl ..,.-,
fr A SHJNCfTblf, January Asso
ciated 'Prraay-WaM. Marshall, for
merly president bf tb Asaertsaa Ieo
mot'vs Company, iraa yltterday.p
v(ne.l akmstaftt rhtef of . the pvoKluc
tirth' fliviliioa of the 0r6Tiae aepnrt
mvnt abd'remrivbd fcpetial taetfucMoris
that he wenld we rooked ro fov the te
iuired seedlug up which the country
. smiE f snt
Corrals j!on Will pdtjucst'Part of
' : Capitoh 6roands Arbiory "
i;fahdOthir Property
' ucsikins relating tV.he proposed
site for1 tha First, Territorial Fair may
be. ecttied 'at meeting Vhirh is te
be held t the ofltce of the Governor
at twd o'clock this mftetmoon although
the ;TrHlttr ok 'aeettrlng a pert. Of the
p-rbpertf dceid will be left la abey
ance for thb (Mme.belng. la attendance
at the, meeting will be MajorDoogher
tyvcharnnan of the feJr corartilsslooj
ipertntehdent. of Publi Work Hobbv.
General J oh no n. as head of the guard.
City Engineer Cantia, Mayor Fern and
ttie trpvermot... To seen re other proper
ty, wanted the consent of the armv
r ot to federal government will have
to -be obtaiaed, and that matter will
be taken np later, as will be the se
curing bf h lot at the eortler of Miller
ftreet, Waiklki of the University Club.
. It will devolve upon' the superin
tendent f tmblic. works to corniest to
the tue or ibe maoka aib) of the Capi
tol oTouhda, 'which the fait commission
tsks. General Johnson will be asked
for the oh bf the armory aad the city
engineer and biayer will be consulted
relative to th dosing of Miller. street
fot fthe falrii period. June ,10-rs. ; tea
fe(ary frUlard aalil yesterday after-,
nbobjthit to the best of hi ihforma
iomv 'there woald be no difficulty ia
seruriaer.the.nrODertv most desired.
p bf Oapltol Orounda
, ii iae use or tbo apitot (rrounns
be granted It will ;lve a parcel of
ground, extending. 7JW feet op Hotel
Street bad about 176 feet mahat bat
varying eotqewhtt .ia width, contain
ing about four and a half acres. Of
this It Is proposed' to use the Ewa
end, two acres, for the live stock ex
hibit and the Walkikl end, two and a
half: acred, for tha . various amusement
concessions. i ', - !,
; . Plan of the commission hinge npon
iecurfsg this nortion of the Capitol
trrounds hnd the armorv. If failure ta
aeeare Either Ihould arise the other
would not fcvail. In the armory it fa
planned .to hotase most of the exhiblu,
though matter wJll.be simplified If
ether .balding -sought ran also be e-ured.-
Then are the -old armory of the
daya of the monarchy recently aban
doned' by the quartermaster 'a depart
fttettt wha it moved into new offices,
and - th ht signal corps armory on
Httetanla Aeroet. . .
Bulldlnga Are Eaaentihl
i4rtHngof the plana yesterday, Sec
retary .Willard showed i his drawing
aad, blue prints. The armory, he said
wooid be need for the exhibit of rnan
faetariag and - commercial dieplaya,
ngriewltral and horticultural exhibits.
Tat.ehl. aignal corps armory, ia wantel
for;, arte and school exhibits. If the
lot at the corner , of Miller and Hotel
Streets ran be secured It will be used
for tha display ..of .poultry ea,t, jrob-
It wouhl.be pbsaibta to hold the fair
wtuont toe Tjuanerm aster - riepart
mant'a property aad without the oor
per ilot fcsehtioned but.; the Capitol
ground and- thh. arbiory are essential
to the" program outlined.
Secretary Willard aaid the selection
of, the alt was largfelf because it would
require, to? little building and there
wen , not fumfr available for building.
Tb,aptr4priation of ..the regislature
4ra ptJy .lUOOO, Which Would not mftko
i .Mart eVsn 'th the, erection of build
jbgs needed if they had to be built.
Plot trhb 8trwt.
j Jrfille,:f.ret is 4u Important part
6f,th ilah for entrance and other
purpose .. Sevhral entrance to the two
eaotioof 4f the ground would be nec
oaaary hnd it it impratleable to briii
them - together, owing to the passaKe
tMough,16tel, Street kf the Asia Park
Waiafa.4 Steet cars.
' If the site Is scoured today there
will be called within the next few days
a meeting of the commission, the first
to hebl ia 1U, hW ollloes.
And Nobody Smiles But the Ice
Taxpayers saw their money melting
away rapidly yesterday, money entrust
4d to the eHy government.
it aH happened on the sidewalk on
Fort. Street; ia front of the entrance
to the city hall ofliec. ' Many pedes
trlaA tnmbled over the cause. Many
a dog eatnet along and alaked hia thirst
from- it, and if he eould have spoken,
Would have thanked the city .fathers
for their thooghtfulneas. The ice man
merely eteHedj '
. Th souse was heven blocks of ice de
posited in the early morning on the
curb to be later carried upstair and
deposited in water roofer in the varlr
u ffieee, from, the mayor' down to
the engineer . Nobody carried thorn
upstairs. Officials cam and went, and
(tumbled over them, but there they, ret
maieed all morning until at noon their
vitality 'W4 exhausted fend without a
murmur the seven block of Ice became
a mere void-soven wet smear upon
the- curb.
,' , ;
WASHINGTON, January 28 (Asso
ciated Prose) An American patrol
steainerwbw name ia not given out
in . the navy announcement, reported
today to hi navy department tlint it
haa gov ashore oa a rock in Kuru
peanTWater. , The vessel went aidioro
en January et, and so far attempts to
iluat it have failed. Uules efforts to
float the vessel without iujurv or dsij
ger to the crew ran de continued, the
steamer will probably be abaudoued.
Point Raised By El 6. Tehney To
-BeDiicussed By the Cham-' .
Her of Cornmerco:' ;
'The Hawaii Ptomotion Committee
differs with K. D. Tenney, president f
Castle k Oooke, who, returned from "the
Coast his week and expressed it as
hi opinion that promotion work should
be anspended during the period of War,
owing to lack of rail pasengr , trans
portation dn.Ahe mainland to keep up
tourist travel to th Islands. ' " m '
The .promotion cOmmitte believe
otherwise, and Will discus the matter
t Its meeting next Thursday after
heon, taking the ground that the Work
should be eontinued And ahro, de
veloprxlt o that when the war il.ever
the Island will have been advertised
in -in. i-asi, ana opponunuy i
nrbeil. . ' . . . . 1
r, Tenney expressed tie opinion
that th commit toe should go out. of '
business entirely and devote th money
to aom other good purpose, in directly
aiding the United States to proeeeote
the . war. It. is .reported that, many
other business men hav similar views,
anil these will tie discussed at the
coming session. Chairman G. A. Berndt
has called the meeting specifically, ror
this nnrtfoee. and the matter kaa also
been brouvht to the atteation of the
chamber of .commerce for doeiaion," .
The chairnran believes that, if. the
work ia halted,' when the war come
to an end .Hawaii will be. high aad
dry as far ai hnvrnR been advertised
i concerned,., and will have . to bcirin
all over again, and be at a disadvan
tage with places closer at home for
traveler.- ..
Secretary F. J. Halton argue along
the. sams line, laying also- that Sec
retary of the .Treasury McAdoo had not
contemplated taking off passenger, train
service in the west te auch an. extent
aa to Cripple ,' the service, ne , says
that up. to January 18 no drastic meas
ure had been . taken io interfere with
passenger traffic. He. aay that pas
senger tranie men look forward to . a
large travel, to California this winter.
Halton also 'assorts that the Southern
Pacifie Co., haa . been compelled to
lengthen, tome, of it train, liven if
Hawaii . doea not receive on tourist
It ia necessary he my, to keep np the
advertising of the Islands. , . ' .
.In. line with. Mr. Teaney state
ment, however, n despatch wa sent
out from Washington -on January 0. to
the effect that more than four hundred
passenger train hav been taken , out
of service -up to the midnight before,
particularly in the northwestern section
of the eoiintry.' .
Of these, the- i"enneylvenia soad had
dropped 1.25,. the New Haven, eighty
five; the Baltimore Ohio, .sixty; the
New York central, sixty, and so on.
- Mr.. McAdoo was also reducing, the
number- of chair car materially and
expected te wipe - them out altogether
except soy one or twa to . certain, trains
to accommodate old, people, and fooblo'
one,,",. , , .;';;,'., J. ..
, ,.
Caravans Traveling Cross Coun
try May Supptanl trains
EL PASO, Texas,' January 20-(As
sociated Press) The middle aged may
have their boyhood days recalled snext
summer by tha appearance of a long
line of cireus wagorts travelling over
land along the 'dusty pike roads with
the elephants atad Camels lumbering
along behind the 1 springless cage and
tableau WagouM.
Because the government has taken
charge of the railroads and annulled
roauy of the train, cireus manager
predict that the big aad mall circus
organization will 'hav to travel from
towu to town pext heasoa over the
paved roads instead of by railroad. A
local Cireus manager has already con
tracted for extra circus wagon and
teams to pull his show from place to
place next year instead of depending
upon the railroads which are over
crowded With war materials.
One large circus organization is now
equipping one of Its smaller shows
with motor trucks for next season and
a test will be made of this motor
before others are aent out aimilarly
. , ,
LONDON, Jnnufary ?9 (Associated
Prcss)-Smallet ia many weeka wore
the British military louses of lost week
which amounted to $588. This stands
out prominently when compared with
the loss of 14.177 lu the ..preceding
week, more ,t linn 23,000 the week bo
fore that and more than lfi,00U for tho
first week of. (lie year.
Of the casuultles ,Iast week twenty
five officers ml 1714 men were killed
iu action or died of wounds received
and 13H ofticers end 6781 .men were re
ported as wounded or missing.
Tli is slearly rofleets the comparative
inactivity the week on. the British
fronts, especially oa. the Western Front.
,, . v
LONDON, January EO (Aasociateil
1'rcsn) llonar l.uw, appearing before
the house of couiinons yesterday an
nounced he hud received from Wash
ington from certain quarters of the
Anieriuan capital messages urging i
speedy sett lemr nt of the demands of
the Irish.
Seizure of Tankers ' Is Given As
" Reason Companies Compelled
Rescind Agreements
, Honolihu ' oil supply is seriously
tbrateael by the intention of the
Standard H1 Company to cancel it
fconlract with sll customers that
eeive shipments of oil by wntcr, and
the-Oeneral Petroleum Corporation ha
notified Northwestern customer it up
plie that it mnv be necessary to can
cel Hi contracts at any time.
Such is th Information contained in
a recent issue of the Hon Francisco
Chronicle, and confirms the action of
the lonul representative of the oil
companies when they
notified lnroe
local consumers that
thev could no
ronjrer be bonnd by contracts, aud that
tn orjers received wonld have to be
nKt.i t ,i, ,ii.;i:4:'
. ,hlpments from the State.
government assnmption of control of
all the tankers on the Pacifie Coast
haa made necessary the drastic move,
heeording to William 8. Miller, vice
president of the Standard Oil Com
pany .and A. I.. Weil, chief Counsel for
the General Petroleum Corporation,
any the Chronicle.
Standard. Oil's act will affect con
sumer in Honolulu, Panama, Oregon,
Washington and British Columbia. Gen
eral Petroleum 's customer are In the
North wesU.
Cancellation Provision
f ' We sr getting ready to enccl all
contracts that involve water ship
ments," Miller said, "but we Will con
tinue to moke deliveries aa usual as
lohg hs w can. Provision In our con
tracts make possible cancellation in
contingencies such as that forced by
the government 's requisitioa of tank
rr; . ,'' Standard Oil will eontinne to serve'
.it enstomors, but the .service will not
be under, contracts. We, expect ship
ment to go on a usual nnleita "some
thing unforeseen happen."
General Petroleum mailed letter of
warning to its customer early this
week. '
"We notified them to prepnre for
aneellatioh of our contracts at any
time," Well said, "undeo the contin
gency dense. It my not be necensnry
to- break the contracts, but we have
been warning our cuiitomers for aome
time that the situation might fotee u
to net. We have told them to try to
make other arrangement for getting
their OiL" '
Soil and Pipe Line
' Consumer by rail or by pipe line
will not be affected by the act of the
bll companies. The situation of oil
user in the rjtate of California remain
unchanged for the present.
But oil men believe industries in the
Northwest, Panama and Hawaii will
uffer. All the oil nsod by the big man-
nl.nl. Ik. U.U..I
.aotnea 'from California, and ahlpaseatbyi
rati is impossible, aeeording to. oii men.
The Northern I'acific and Great North
ern EuUrosds, consuming thousands of
barren of oil every month, -are supplied
from California.
f show the impracticability of oil
shipments by rail, on account of ear
shortage, an oil man soys that a rail
road touching California oil fields pre
terred to have its fuel piped over the
mountains, paying for the extra serv
ice, rather than to handle the com
modity in its own oars.
Tanker Commands rnd
The government has commandeered
all the tankers on tho Pacific Const,
and already three of tho largest have
been sent to the Atlantic Coast, it was
explained. In canceling their contracts,
It Was pointed out, the oil companies
are -preparing for the day when the
government may divert all the tanker
to it bWn uses, making impossible pri
vate shipments.
WASHINGTON, January 29 (Asso
ciated Press) To finance industries
whieh are essential to the I'nited
Mates in the conduct of the war u
great corporation is to be created by
the government if the recommendation
which la to be made by Rerrctury of
Treasury. McAdoo within the next few
days is followed.
McAdoo 's proposal is for a great cor
poration with a capital of half a bil
lion dollars which will give to new
companies starting in the manufactur-i
of war essenttahi tho finnneial support
which they may require when properly
authenticated and approved by the di
rectorate, of the corporation.
1 4 '
PHIliAPBT.PIIIA, January 28 (As
sociated Press) The worst blizzard in
years haa resulted in the tying up of
traffic over a large section of IVnn
Hylvania, being particularly bad ut
this city. -
, . 4
Retail Butchers Make
Raid On Wholesalers
LONDON, January 20 (Asso
ciated Press) Retail butchers
stormed BlnithQehl Market yester
day because they had been uu
able to obtain a supply of Hcotch
mutton to supply the douuindH of
their customers. They seize. I
what was in sight, despite the
liTQtests of the wholesalers nn.l
the police had to lie called. On
arrival they restored order and
recovered aue sheep's curcass.
One Is Trahsoort Which Strikes
MinesBaker Issues Warning
of Submarine Drive ;
WASHINGTON,' January S& (Aso-
ciated Tress) Iies of four vessels
' from war perils, three from contact
r-,with mines sml two from torpedoes,
was rcporte.l yestenlay,
Forty lives were lot when the tran
port limine and the trawler Kerldhan
strurk mines near Marseilles on Thurs
day,. Porie despatches of last night
Two British ateamer were victim
of torpedoes, it was .reported yester
dsy. The Irish Iily Telegraph of
Helfnst reported the loss of the Cunard
liner Amlania, S27.1 tons recistry. She
was torpedoeil off the ulster eoost
and Respite efforts from a nearby port
to save Dcr, sank before reaching a
haven. No loss of life was renorted in
this disaster
Seven passengers and Ave member
of the. crew of the steamer Cork were
I "t when that steamer was torpedoed
t ,1 sank.
Warns of Submarine Drive
. In a statement on the war develop
ments issued yesterday, Reeretary of
War Baker issued warning that the
Oerumns are preparing for a great sub
marine offensive against the American
lines of communication across tho
ocesn and to France, in connection
I wiin me impending Herman drive on
the West Front.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Jan. 28 (As
sociated Press) The supreme court has
agreed to expedite the suit of the As
sociated Press against the international
News Service. The Associated Press
charges piracy of news by the Hearst
orgnnlr.alion nnd asks for an Injunction
to restrain the other organization 'from
interfering with its business. The cir
cuit eourt of appeals banded down a de
cision upholding the stand of the Asso
ciated Press at every point..,'
liONDON, January 21(Aaeited
Press) Three hundred and seventy
BritWiJ French and German, airplanes
wont a-eportea to hav been Drought
down th. Wctdern front during No
vember. Deducting fifty-two aceoirht
ed for in the last days of October, and
not .'officially announced till later, the
actual number is 318, of which the
British claim 108, French 84, and Ger
mans 12(1. .i
Do I like Hawiif Well, I wouldn't
be here If I didn't! said Bea Bruns.
Mr. Bruns also thinks it hi the finest
plaoe in the world. In California nnd
the Middle West, 'and even aa far East
as Philadelphia, where. I have been in
the past six year with my big B. B. C.
open air concert companies, I always
have a "Hawaiian Night" in every
eity I visit. My Company play and
sing Hawaiian song and instrumental
selections, and as, I have a rather inter
esting collection of -colored slides of
Hawaiian scenes and historical event
it always- prove an evening of the ut
most Interest to the several thousand
people who atteml. The lecture and
concert U free, generally on the Cha
tauqua grounds, and I dare say I have
been instrumental in sending a great
many people to these Islands in the last
twenty years, and, nt no cost to the Pro
motion Cginmitee, either.
Mrs. Bruns and myself are here for
the Winter, and Incidentally to call at
tention to the marvelous B. B. 0. Medi
cine. We have, been Vfry successful in
introducing it here, but that is nothing
new, as the B. B, C, Medicine makes a
sensntion wherever wjb go. It haa no
alcohol of poisonous drugs in it, and;
old and youug can use it with impunity'
ami get the- greatest results. 1
B. B. C. is a reconstructive tonic, es-
I ially applicable to this olimate, as it
stirs the liver to action, drives away
those sick headaches, diazy spells and
tin t dopey, tired languid feeling so
prevalent here( puts pep and vitality
into the system and has you bubbling
with the health , of youth, no matter
how old you arc B. B. C. ia a great
blood cleanser and is especially recom
mended fon rheumatism, and I have
many testimonial for cures of that dor
rivod from the Use of B. B. C.
Biliousness end. nervous spells, sleep
lessness and kidaey Vind bladder disor
ders can have no better remedy. " All
these thijuga aome primarily from a bad
stomach and constipation, and a com
mon sense herbal medicine like B. B. C.
niitkvPs (bort Work. of tlremWhs it tune
up the atomooh, 0(U digestion, and
with your stomach In good shape nbd
he body strong, the other kindred ail
ment disappear like mist before the
S 11 11. i.i.
I have scores of testimonials from
tint best people in Honolulu which I
hi vo plildiidied, who huu been restored
t.. health , by the B. B. C. Medicine.
Among them Mr. H. lilunchsr.l, of
Rowland I. sue, nu old ami respected
citiiten of Honolulu for over 50 years,
Im has been ailing over 20 years with
-tollmen trouble and spent scads of
money on his heulth, has received more
benefit from a few weeks' use of B. B.
('. than from anything else in that
u hole time.
I a ni the only mim who gives you the
1 1 :i of home people whom you know
i ml which you can verif y as to the re
n arkable reeAilts ucliievtVl by the B. B.
Meiluine. I inn at the corner of
K niir Street, opposite the Fish Market,
i-iery week day to epxlain the B. B. C.
Medicine. There is no rtiise in priee
ill 11.0(1 per bottle, and u special nil
M-i'tising priee of (I for 5.00. All
'buggixt und plantation stores now
l ine B. II. ('. on snle, or will get it for
v mi. Ad rrtineiiieiit.
., Hawaii Booster
fHtf.OLl;Lti STCCx-EXc;:'::
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' .hi.
htcWnawtihj a, ft r-l
Ah. A'zmldwm, Ltd.
u. urswec t, , muv
Em- Plsh'ttitlitn C.
Ilalkw Hniflir I'n. .
risw. Axrrtl. "e. .
,'PfMtP.aM 1 f. ,nf
Itnwmm Knintr Cnx A .a
1 , L. U. ...
tiutebiBsnn mi, riant. .
Khnkn I'lantsttoa Co.' .
Kekaba Hs. 'ai., .
Knln HnsSr ('. I
MvHrrile Mil. ., Ltd. .
osha Kusnr (. ,
(a Hur. s-v M.
Onomes Hus. Co. ,
I'aanhsa Una'.' Ktaac.' .
I'svltlr Hns-ar Mill
fata t'latitailon it
I'siMwlieo Vuxst. Co, .
170 1
. Wi 4
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i-mneer Hal i
Kmi srto MUlhia 4 In, ...i
no ,
ivstanm Aai-i'il. Co. ...
Watlake Musr. "i
Cadaf tvleonMt Oa
1st usee Ammm TO
Knri rmne I'aM Vp
rialkn K. P. Vo., Pf.U
itsika r. a r. tie, t
Hsw. -in. U y. T'j
fA 'A ,.-..'
ii sw. i -en. nr. w
Haw. m. H.
Hswallsa Rleetrlc Co,
Hsw. l-rncspple v. , ...1
lion, n A M. Co.. Ltd.
Hon. lies Co.. Ltd. ...
Iina. H. T. A L. Ho. ..
Inter Island H. M. . .
Mut. Tel. Co. .
OsHn R. A L. Cn. i...
Iahanii HuMmr Co. . .
Hi-Isms Ili,lln, Id. .
tme fWV .....
Tsnjuni OlaV Bub tier .
Iteaeh Walk I. D. BW. .
Hamskn IHtch To., to.,
Ilsw. N.o. Uy. 5 ,.v..
Haw. Irr. t., -fla
Haw. Tw. 4Hfi 1005
Ilsw Ter. 4 Pob. laus.
Haw. Tef. i'nh. Imp.
(mrlea 10M-1B13) .......
naw.. irr i s-w k,..
HU Has ce., Ltl., 0.
tftianfcas , nuirsr !o.( n
Ha. (las Co., Ltd. Oe .
Ksasl 'Hy. t;4 Oa -,vii(
Mnnna imp. I. M.
aicnrjae niuj.
UuBu R. A U CO.. !
w n. jo vfa ...
PsctOe Uaae A If. Co., is
nan usnus muiid. o
wrrvrKsk BOAJtot.. . ; .
Pioneer, Ti, JIl.Tn: McBrrde, 10, W, 0..":
Oaha, 40. SO. . na.OO; WaUlua. l 2m;
tMaa, lei), 60, 40.-e.imJ;' Rwe, 1U. 10, fl.OO,
buKU UALMa ',
BicBrrna S5i aso. . - ' ,;
J f ' Jsnnary t, JBl' '
K aaalysl bh (aaaarleee. ...
rttr-. ' "' it"
Jaa , ig;.:j, i
New York
t; ; jtomilnlii, jTannary 4B, loia.
-' ' -if ' ti
con.1 ou
Kns-ebv Cooper . , . ,
Mlisrral 1'roduets ,
Mountain-Jvlns; . - ...
Mimcsaa Aiaham .,.1
Usdera 'MloUuf . .
t-8T 4
. ,, , . . Ms,m t. v v .; -Mailers.
900, fcv-J l'lKl, Jfc) . Eacels. V'O.
6.1; MlnVirals, anoOicV - u.n i.,; , .
AN rRAN('Inil Jsnnsrr 2 V-
cCsted - Press) Totlowfai atw' nt -r,ienlii
and cloetna qootattens ot oar tnvl otiiui
stocks la the Baa ITranciaoo market yss-
Hsw' (Mint .
I la waits tfcigar tXr.
lUimikaa HiiKar . ...
HatxititMsttt majrar Vx.
(h Mua-ar Co. . ....
1Uhi Unasr T t I..
Oauuiee Unft-ar . . ,
Pminlnin tHiicar V. i.
ItviMlaHi'Uu ,
Kas-fla COppeV '. ....
tlamSalu HnntstW ,
A smu-la tt'VtOli
. .
- ''. '
ri.i. '
OOLUMBira, Ohio, Jannary; ,8
Grand, Circuit stwards meeting here
today annouhced bmciaUy that tins IBIS
racing, season Will be "opened -at 'tho
North Randall traek, aV Clevelaud ' the
week of July 8, one Week aarlior tiiau
hnd beetuhntieipated. Toledo, Ohio, and
Kadviii, wassaenasetta, a aubiub ot
Boston, wore officially admitted to, tho
circuit. . ',"'; , i..'t'l., ;.'',,
The stewards retired honorably tho
Potr(f t, and tho Goshen, New York, as-.'
soeiationa . and declared forf.iite i.tlii
Graud, BauidAw Michigaa.'-f raniJiii,
Dates for the aomiag aeaKny .ecrs
allotted w follow. , .,. ,' i- ' ; ' V
Cleveland, week of Julv 81 XV! luin-,
xoo, areek- of July 13j Toledo,' week
of July 22; Columbu, week of July
29; Cleveland, week of August. 5t Phil.
a.lAlntiia nt Anlrnmt 19 I'.tu.rli.
beepsie, week of August 10; Beadville,
week of Angnat Jifl Hartford, week ot
September 2; Ryroeuae, week of Sep
tember B; Columbus, two weeks followv
ing September 10; Lexington, two
week foliowinn- Beotember SOs Atlanta.
week of October liivi"" u
H. K. Deverenux of Cleveland wui
re-elected president of steward., -His
re election caused sonsiderabl aurpriw.',
aa he had previously announced ha
wonld not serve' again. 'Other officer
reelected were! E. W. PwlsTier, Colum
bus, vice president; W. H. Klnhsn.
Cleveland, secretary-treasurer.

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