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.viitaici ouipiua rui lApui l Allies dllU
Americans Overseas Need Food s'
':'V f . s j-"r ;Vj . i , i . ' r. ;
Compliance With Many, Requests Left To
. ; Loyalty of;Citizeris; But Failure To Ob
serve Will Bring, Compulsion
W ASHINGTON, January 27 (Awociated Press) The
t tfhited States goes upon a war bread diet tomorrow, in ac
cordance with a proclamation issued yesterday by the President
Commencing tomorrow morning, every baker must cease the sale
of all-wheat-flour products, under penalty of losing his license for
non-compliance with the terms of the proclamation.
"Victory Bread is the name under which this war bread will
be old, the name having been coined yesterday by Herbert Hoo
ver, the food administrator. ' . -
In addition to' prohibiting the further baking of wheat flour
bread in the future,' the President, in his proclamation addressed
to the loyal people of the United States, ;aks that there be a gen
eral further reduction in the consumption of meats and pork, in
order that .there may be a greater surplus of these for exoort to the
Allies of the United States, Whose
ana tor trie American army in the field, which is growing steadily.
Compliance with the requests of the President is tp be 'volun
tary on the consuming public,', but obligatory on the bakers and
on a few others, but it is plainly stated that if the request for a'
voluntary compliance is" not met with good faith and obdience, on
the part of the public steps will, be taken to enforce the terms' of
the proclamation and provide penalties for non-compliance.' '
The chjef features of the proclamation deal with the obligation
upon all bakers to furnish no all-wheat-flour bread in future and
the obligation upon hotels, restaurants and bakery food counters
to use no all-wheat-flour bread. Commencing tomorrow morning,
no bread is to be baked by a licensed baker containing less than
five percent of some other cereal than wheat, which percentage of
substitution is to be increased until by February 24 no bread will
be baked containing less than twenty percent substitute flour. '
"Victory Bread" after this morning will be thelonly wheat flour
bread served in hotels, restaurant and lunch rooms.
The President asks in his proclamation or the observance of
one more wheatlesa dav a week
with every day having one wheatless and one meatless meal.
Hereafter Mondays and Wednesdays will be whcatles. with
one wheatless meal on Tuesdays,
and .Sundays.
Tuesday will be a 'meatless day, with every other day of the
week having one meatless meal.
Tuesday will also be a porkless day, as will Saturday.
Housewives of the Nation are
also urged in the proclamation to
use every effort to prevent the
waste of any food stuff, the, Pres
ident renewing his previous re-
quest upon tlie women and stat
ing his faith .in the loyalty and
desire to serve of the great ma
jority of the women of the coun
The committee on public information
yesterday released for publication tlie
following cablegram from Lord Rhon l
il:t, food controller. Great Britain and
tlie reply of Food Adininixtrutor Hoo
ver: i
Tnless' vou are able to send the
Allies at least 7",000,0l0 tiunheU of
wlient over and adove what you have
exported to January I. nod in additiou
to tlie total 'exportable suriduH from
'una. la, I cannot take tlie rexoii!ibility
f assuring our people that there will
I . c . i l .i
lie foo.l enoii&h to-win tlie war.
' Imperative ueceaaity compels me to
cable you iu this blunt way.. No one
knows better than I that the American
people, regardless of national or indi
vidual sacrifice, have so far refused
nothing that is needed for the war, but
it now lies with America to decide
whether or not the Allies in Kurope
shall have bread vnough to 'follow
out ' until the United Htutes is uble to
throw its force, into the field.
"I linve not minced words because I
am convinced that the American people,
if they know the truth, will not hesi
tate to meet the emergency."
Mr. Hoover's reply was:
"We will export every grain thai
the American people save from their
normal consumption. We believe our
people will not fail to meet the enter
gonc.y," '
Mr. Hoover points out further that
we must Hud 15,000,000 additional hush
els for Belgium's relief ami 10,000.001)
husheU-for Cuba an.) neutral countries,
milking a total of 100,000,000 bushels
of wheat .to be exported before the
next harvest, in addition to that aent
before January 1.
The Hoover Htatoipent reviews the
food situatiou and the needs of the
Allies, which Mr. Hoover place. I before
the recent conference of administrator
Seamen' Bationa Out
The use of lamb and mutton is not
prohibited except on meatless days, it
was announced yesterday by the food
administration. In fact, the use of
these meats is to be encouraged ia or
der to cut down upon the consumption
of beef, pork and other exportable
food need, are growing- greater
and n 'nor cwwlrWa ,la a
Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays!
It was Announced
Hoovcried rations are
rated aboard all Anier
menus of the crews to
The new system o rationing will
go into effect at onceon all American
vine leu. niwr. iwirir mmi i. ri o r
.ship Bailing from Atlantic or Gulf
porta, and will be extended l.t,r to
U,P" me.raciiic.
Ways and Means Chairman Says
No Use To Tinker Revenue
Act At Present
WASHINGTON', January 27 (Aso
ciated Press) Orntr wnr 1 1. v ies
,k.,i, . , . . .. .
lu.uujtii luftrs nut iiaftt- ,u lit- nru Hir.i
. . . 1
lAH Uft. ABtl.. .. .. II-..- ft ...
tvi niiuinj, uci-ortiiiitf iu u Hiurcilieiu
issue. I last night by Chairman Claude
Kitcliin of the house ways nn.l means
committee. The demands of the war
are proving to be even greater than
had been anticipated and greater taxes
will have to be imposed upon the peo
ple to meet the greater bill.
I'nder these circumstances, says the
way. and means chairman it wo Id
not be wise at this time to consider
uy general amendments to the War
Revenue Act, such aa have been nu
merously proposed since the passing
of that legislation, the amendments
suggested being mainly for the purpose
of removing certain ambiguities an. I
of equalizing some of the assessment.
The act will have to be materially
amended later In order to provi.l for
increased revenue, save Repruaentativn
Kitchin, and it would only be a waste
valuable time to tinker with it now.
The necessary equalizing amendments
can be takeu up when the act is be
fore the committee later for the rit. I i
cnl changes already foreseen.
There is no iue of our "beating
around tke bush." We might as oil
out with it firat as last. We want von
to try Chamberlain' Cough Kniie.lv
the next time you have a cough or c. 1 1
There is no reason o far ns we enn ,ce
why vou shfuld not do so. This pre-
puiniion ny in reniHrKuhle nrm has
a world-Wide reputation. Mill
people every hoi speak of .t in the
liloliest terms of nraiae. It is f.r sule
by all dealers
Benson, Huiith & Co..
' " ,ur "awaii. A.neitise-
i.i ... . .
; MONDAY . . . WHEATLESS and one Meatless meal.
T H t c n V
f - - w . w w w w w UIIU VI I V
Wheatless meal. .
t. u n I -
I WEDNESDAY. WHEATLESS and oneMeatless meai. I
List of Dead Numbers Twenty-two
NEWPORT, January 27 (AssrrfUted
J rfni iweive. men or the nnvy ar
among th known dead a the result
of tn explosion which occurred in the,
torpedo section of the navy yard her
yesterday, while ten other men arc
buried beneath the concrete mi on cann
ed by the blast. Defpite every effort'
that has been made, it is impossible
to rescue these ten soon and all bone
of being able to get them out alive is
' toro Xg.7 J 3 d..i h'er d.m
The explosion wrecked three of the
age in the station. Those within the
magazine an Hone by were killed
with few exceptions, while more than
forty other were injured by firing
debris or by being hurled hv the ore
Opponents to Woman Suffrage
Make Apology For Past Statement
. WASHINGTON, January 27 (As.o-
l.t.J 1 1 ft . 1 . i . . . ,
elated I'resa) As the result of the. open
support which President Wilson has
given and is giving to the constitution
aJ amendment which will provide for
woman suffrage, the National Asaocia
tlpn Opposed to Woman Huffrage yea
terday sent out an open letter qf apol
ogy addressed to Allee Paul, chairman
of the Woman Huffrage party.
In the letter it is admitted the
aoeiatlon had publiely questioned the
truth of a statement to the effect that
lVnnw"r? tdlrwtry from Preud.nt
iheTli ta rta.. wh!h,B of th Wom.'i' Suffrage part?
ane.wa. M jail and 'bad promised ,cr jn whom It was- ad.lreaZed.
an Atrocities
ADButThose Who Have Seek Them
f He ' ',
wmmunmw ... . . '
iated Pre- lnnJI. 7n
L .!?!-- v .portf .f rn,
yesterday that ro.itie have minimlwd the actual not b uZtioZl Zf. , T
J to be innugu- facta . bundr.d time, where they have XhSJf dnbt ,0 eV" ,hC
rlcan ships, the bcn magnified once. No conception of He eonflrmed the report that aol
, be cut to pro . them can be formed except, by those dier. of the German IZy hi5 wi
I - kuuiv wnnessea inem, nc
w n 11 n v aeviittiiv w..nnM. ft u i .
dared Capt. A. P. Simmon., who wa.
military observer for the Un ted Ht.teV
in Germany while the Oerman trooiis
were being' mobilUe.1. Hi. aerUou.
" ",u' ,n tne oe or a apeech
Republican Club h-
KepuDlican Ulub.
fn the coura. of hi. .ddres. Captain
de:t'"0onf"M;h:eh.e; pf ,peeifle iuci,
nents or which he had personal knowl
TOKIO, January 2ft (Special to Nip
pu Jiji) An order has been issued by
the Japanese government restricting
the entry to Japaa, of all foreigners.
From now on all alien, seeking entry
to Japan will be subject to rigid ex
amination. This order was issued on
account of the activities of German
sympathisers u Japan.
Throughout Japan there re many
pro Germans, marry of them Japanese,
mid the polii-e authorities in the large
cities have Keen ImttvMt.t,l ...... ......
nil activities which will give aid and j
com i on io toe enemy.
WAHHINGTON, January 27 (As-
sociatud Press) Assistant Mnnoirer
Howies of the Kmergency Fleet Corpor-
at ion, nrganiied under tlie shipping
i. our. i, nus Decu nesnatche.l to I'll nJe -
phia to take such steps there he ,
niu,t ir.oui iics-esfary in or.ier to speeil j
up construction work.
WAHHINGTON, Januury 27 (Asso
ri.lt tt I Pr. Thi roilrnu.l a .a wtn
inUnioD has tWitltfU not to Ink? up for
investigation the various trriovunea. I
coinnlHineil nf kv rilr.,..l luW. i..
will limit its work to wage questions
and to broad matters of tuilUv Th.
commission will recommend the an-
. - - " -k
pomtment of a supervisor to handle
the question, of laborer.' grievance, j
lUr.SDAY, JANUARY 29, 101
One Wheatless and one Meatless meal.
One Wheatless and one Meatless meal.
PORXLESS and one Wheatless and one
Meatless meal.
one Meatless and one Wheatless meal.
nf the explosion, against walla and
.Desperate effort hve been kept tip
to remove the tons of concrete which
formerly composed , the walla of . the
nagailoes, beneath 'Which are tea men.
The greatest difficulty Is being met with
and it W admitted that if any of the
ten survived the explosion it will not
be possible to reach them lefor the
bitter cold brings death to relieve their
Captain Beach, commandant f the
station, said last night that the sur
vivors of the explosion are unable t
toll what happened o cause the eata
trophe, but there are no unusual incl
dent reported and there can be too
doubt that the affair was purely acci
dental, without any kaspicjon that an
eae'rrty agent or a plotter had any part
in the affair. i " '
the President would setretly assist in
. k - - .j ii . . . ' .
the passage of the resolution br con
gress which would result in the . sub
mission of the adoption of the amend
ment to the states. . ,.
In view of the fact that President
Wilson later came out publicly in sup
ort of the resolution and made his
position so clear as to remove any rea
son for doubt the letter of apology il
written, it declares.
Copies of the letter, in addition t
being given to h ores were aent to
President Wilson, all of the members
Pass Belief of
FV n'1 ' oft" of which he
ad.erWeBce so stronrf that it conM
miy had wil
la . .....
tabl, u ,Th i!!11 tiD
" " ,h" fhlMlea "
I The tlnite.l Rtf.. ,...- i i
lion men Ic f Kuro ,. to win ?he w'.r"!,1.
! declared and he nr.,i i. .
t "-th7d.."
citnen of the Natiou had hi. or her
part in the great war, he .aid .ml the
rK"i,ion f HXt
'home to all.
WASHINGTON, January 2 (Asso
ciated Press)- The appointment of Ed
ward R. Sfettinius, big business man
and already engaged in war work, as
surveyor genera! of all army supplies,
Is regarded here as the answer of the
administration to the demand for a war
munitions diiector as a member of the
it is believed that when the bill
is pressed in congress the adminiatra
tion supporters will maintain that it is
neeilles in vie'u of the Htettiuiu np-
WASHINGTON, January 27 (Asso
ciated Press) -Guatemala is in the
throes of another series at severe esrth-
tiuake shocks according tn xl.u. r
'civcl ut tlie Guatemalan legation
MADRID, Spain, January 2 (Asao
into. I I'ress i--Kuinors of disorders in
11r' l"'". pain. have been conflrmeil.
i in- women me iieinuuiiing rueaper
' Vsi ' I il.' i l........ ... on
, i , ii 'it w.i " .
Chicago. Chnrle, Anderaon of Cripple
Cr..u C.A..r..i i i T
Colorado Knrines ivere' killed t,. .,t
. . .... -
two oihers were in in red iu
crossing railroad actideut.
8. -SEM X-Xr.T.KlY. . n'. ; V; r , ,
Tons of Explosives Are Dropped
- Upon Various Enemy Objec
tives Wreaking Havoc
Germans Lose Many Aviators
and Machines Artillery
Duels -Go On Steadily
NEW YORK. January 27 (Asso
ciated Press) Great aerial activity was
the outstanding feature contained in the
official reports of the military activi
ties on the Western Front. Beyo4
thee and artillery duels there were
only minor engagement which occurred
daring reconnoltrripg.
In hloffleisi report yesterday Gen
Aral Haig told of successful raid and
bembinga by British aerial , force.
Mure than eight tons of high explosives
were dropped upon German objectives,
he reported, and there were Indication
that severe damage had been inffieted.
The raids to which he referred were
those of Friday niKht. the second night
upon which they had been successfully
Mtempted. -
Heveateea airplanes were aent out by
the British under a brilliant moon that
made the work to he accomplished al
most as clear a in the light of day.
Of the aeventeen planes sent out all but
ne retorted in safetv and tttat on is
known to have been lost.
Tnonday Night Attacks
Aerial activity on the went front
took place on a large seal last Thurs
day. Hundreds of bombs were droppei
on the Courtrai and Doual German ata'
tioaa and elsewhere. 8evn hostile air
planes;. were shot down in the Alltet
lines and live driven down behlt th
German linen, out of control. Two Bri
Ush machines were missing, otherwim
there were no losses.
Several . successful night-raids oi
Mannheim anil elsewhere were under,
taken by the British. At Mannhsiir
nany hits were observed. One British
plane is missing from these, raids.
An. official announcement says that
he British have taken some prisoner
in patrol encounter southwest of Cam
brai.. '
- Hoatljo artillery wa active in the
Scarp valley.
' A German raid west of St. Gohien
f ailed.
ReporlFrohi PetrogVad nd,:'
A f 111. I 1 . '
caie uonoiuons in rtus- - . ,
sia Are Chaotic i
l.ONDO.y, January 2 (Anociat'
od Pre) Among f he many report:
reaching here, today concerning . th
Russian sitiiatioa and nearby activltie
;M that Kishinev has been surrenders
by the Bumaniana. and that there: i
hot fighting between the Rumanian!
ind Bolshevik!.
A despatch from, Petrograd say that
General Krylenko, head of the Bolshe
viki army, told the Keck holm guard
that all liber Get of ordinary life mast
be set aside for a life aad-death strug
gle with the bourgeoisie. ''
A despatch from Helsingfors, Fin
land, aay. that the Finnish senate liar
sent an ultimatum to the Russians t
cease arming the Finnish rioter oi
there will be war.
A Congress of Cossacks returning
from the front ha inaugurated Gen
Kamsenkasy ns its chief and has unsni'
nouslv resolved to declare war on Gen
Kaledin. All authority has been dele
jilted to the cougress.
socinted Press) 'raiik H. Gould, snr
veyor-general -ot the department of the
interior and temporarily here, dropped
dead today of heart trouble just outside
of his oftice.
No Rest For That
Aching Back
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tired. But it keep piliug up, aud give
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Hawauun Islands. (Advert ii-uieot )
.' 'H - ":... ."' I '.
Central Powers Leaders Forced
i To Plead For Patience
,.k ; :;.and Promise Food
WASIIlN'd'fON, Janury 27
(Associated Press)
How desperate is the situation
of the gn eminent leaders of
Austria atul (.ermany in their
efforts to control ,i starving pop
ulace atul force the continuance
f the war is indicated in des
atclies received from neutral
countries. In Austria Czernin
wa forced to plead with the
Reichsrath, and through that
Sody with the peoplfc, lot a fttr
her exhibition of patience on
heir part. This plea he present
d during his Speech before the
Reichsrath ot Friday.
The dominant note of Czer
lin'R speech, sounded frequently
through it. is the admission thai
Austria is starving and must
have food. To secure it he begs
'or time to secure a peace with
the Ukraine and with Petrograd
"If you attack me in the rear
and compel me to conclude a
;reaty in haste no economical ad
vantages can be secured. Have
vet a little patience, restrain your
.lesires yet a little further," the
premier and foreign minister is
reported to have said in hi
speech, as reported in despatches
from Basel.
"I wish to secure for our use
the foodstuffs from those sec
:ions of Russia which could be
made available for us and to ob
tain these 1 would make peace
with Russia and with the Uk
raine," he continued. . "It is the
uncertainty of the internal con
Jitiqns, of HusfHia. ivtycb' fir -causing
the delay, r It Is necessary for
J9 to learn what j foodstuffs are
available iithe.Hrame anrj jn
ather parts, of Rassiii ijnd. What of
these can be 'vniade 'available to
Thus the dominant 'note of hl
speech was a plea for support in
he present crisis and in making
hat plea he has been forced to
make known the desperate strait
in which Austria is placed for
food. '
"W'e do not desire anything
from roland,'? he; said. "We will
let that country settle its own des
tmysr lt jg aU trrfportant to make
peaq yvith th Ukraine and Rus
sia, whence wo may secure the
'ood for' which the people cry."
He asserted he could sec no rea
son why those peace negotiations
should fail.
Want Separate Peace.
Despatches from Petrograd said ad
vice received there told of an ex
oresslon of willingness on the part ff
ustrin to conclude peace with Russia
on a basis approaching the Buaaiun
:ieace proposals and without waiting for
Germany to accept those term. The
inly exception Austrian makes, it wa
aid, wa. that the country la unable
to agree to the proposal that the vuri
ona nation, involved should, bare the
letennination of their own fntnre qov
srumenta where there are ao many
(Concluded , from Pag 1)
acial difference and varvint Interests
prevailing. Belf determination where
L. T-l J. . .
'ii a racial oinercnces exist appear
impracticable,' ' ;
DUruption la Indicated
Seldom inre the war began " has
there been a muss of unconfirmed ru
inor concerning inteinu) conditions iu
the Central Powers rs is now coming
from varjus European capitals. Asso
ciated Press despatches from Amster
dam, Petrograd, I.oudon and elsewhere,
if true, show a spirit of revolt growing
up akin to that In Kussia before the
revolution. However, it is well to bear
in mind that the flermans are accused
of deliberately fostering such reports
1 a order to slacken the military activ
ities of- their enemies.
The Amsterdam correspondent of the
I.oudon Express cabled his paper that
there kin. extraordinary, reports of . a
revolution in Germany and that grnve
disorders for two days' have been ol
eoma g In.Berlin. It is admitted that
the reports ure uncouflrmed.
A Petrograd desputch to the Kx
. hiiiige TcU'grupli Company gave some
iililirmatiou of this ami said the Hoi
slieviki newspapers report a great dem
iiiKtration throughout A urn ria II onnrv
The organiftiutioiis of woikineo and sol
liers ure .leclari'.l to have made . I m
oust ration in maiiv cities. Vienna an.
Warsaw are said to have felt the saim
spirit of unrest.
British Preaa Comment
Iu view of the majority of the llrit
i-l. nenkpapers commeutiiiir on the
speeches by Chancellor von Hertliug of
Ucrmany aud Foreigu Minister l icimii
Blizzard Sweeps Out of North
west Over Northern Michi
gan and Drives Eastward . .
Chicago Terminals Findf. Traffic
Reduced and Complete Ces
sation Is In Sight -(,
W A8II lNflTOV,"7alinary 27 '(Ao-'
iated Pres Btorms and cold, blit-; -
r.ard in the Northwest and heavy
snow driven by eold winds ta the MiK
die West are once more bringing dia
tom fort and suffering, hindering trans
port tion and'threateniag condition a
bad or worse than those experienced ia
late December and again in the for
part of thi month. .
In some parts of the Middle Wert a
Complete tie up of transportation wa
threatened last night ami the enow wa'
still falling heavily and piflng.inta
deep drift before the force of a ririv
ing high wind. In Northern MleM
gan the blizzard, which had prevailed
ia the North m-est had eiten.le.L and
was raging furiously. 1
In Chicago, where the. belt' line
switching goes on transportation , had
been greatly reduced, arrival were"( be
Coming comparatively few ami 'it ap
peared a complete tie up wa a near"
MMibility. . ...
following so closely upon the former
storms from the drift of which the
-ountry has only just dug itself, the
langer presented by the present atom
become all the more threatening, . Cut
.that were opened to permit the pass re
nf traina are being refilled and the,
movement of all freighta ba already,
been seriously slowed down. -.. .'
Coal condition are fortunately bt
ter than- they were previously, but re
ports of fuel and food shortage may
be again exeeted, judging .from ih
Indications or last sunlit. -
Efforts To Stop Investigation
Told and Evidence Offered
WASHINGTON, January' 2&-- A
c rated Pre) Francis J; Heney. cenn
el for the federal trade rommiwloa in
quiry into the lT. 8. packing industry,
charged today that the big packer
have attempted to bring influence to
boar en the President to atop the in
vestigation. ' He aaid he would hoW
t telegram front Detroit tanker protest
ing taat the lavesttgation waa needlcH
ly. hurtful to the. country a economic
situation. These telegrama, e charges,
th packer insptred.' He aaid a vl
ienee of th packers'. ! Influence that
leader of the th indoatry, recently in-'
dependent, naked loan from a big;
New York bank, which wrote to Presi
dent Wilson in eonnectien with the ia
vestigatioa and it possible relation to
the extension of credit. " . ,. - i ."
He als declares that b ha evi
dence that th country ia divided into
flv district, and that on of the five
big packers 1. given supremacy in ah
dUtrlet. . . ... : ; v;.
Testimony May ' Be 1 Taken As
Answer of Admmlstcatioh :
WAKHINOTON, Janaary W-'(Vaao.
ciated Preaa) The feply,. th Wil
son administration to the m eril.
eism of the war department and in arv'
ucuiar to tne remark of Senator
Chamberlain, and the military commit
tee's war bills, ia expected to be mad
next Monday when Heeretary of War'
Baker will be a wi.tne be for th en- .
at committee.
Baker, who wa (umtnoned yestr- '
day as a witneaa, will glv a nmntarf
of the army prenaration and what
ba been accomplished. . Tbl j ex- ,
peeted to anawer th hostile triticlsm.
The hearing will be held in th aen
ite committee room, which will ai
bout 100 people. Th house military
committee haa been Invited to b
present. None other hav been tn.
vited. .
BIIJ.INOS. Montana, January 86
(Associated Press) Four persons' wer
killed and four other injured todoy
when a Burlinirton - line freight
rrsshrd into aa east bouud uaaaenetir
train. V ,.'
of Austria, the German army, and to
some exteut the Austrian army, still
regard themselves a conqueror and;
the army leader are determined on
policy of aggresslou. The. only term
which it n believed will result from
these speeches are terms which mean
that war will be continued. ' ' ' r
A deepateb received here from
Petrograd aay that the Council pf
Workmen and Holdiers ha authorised
Poreicn Minister Trotsky to continue '
the Brest Litovsk ieace negotiation.
New hu been received by way of
Amsterdam that Philip Hcheldmahu, the
Herman Hoeialisp leader, h -warned
the government militarist that if they
do not bring about Russo German
peace, "they will be kurUd liwra
,i '
, 5 .
. J.'
,i ,.
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.. V '-. i" , ,. ! f ;' - ;

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