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V ' ' . '. . ' ' '. ' ' ... ' .
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5 iii.'thtitr- ri-mV:'.vi.?
' .
mi meace
of.' Mies' ttnsJrer -Expressions Wort
XJatliUe than Peaceful and Misleading
: f:?lf the Allies will reconsider their present aims and will .
u,i(W ,..V na-tra rwhrlneM Wa Utll avferniMf
t CViliG ,4Wl ial U Willi )KV L' uuxuim ..... - . .
them carefully because our aim U)to Gther than'to achieve
. , a lastmg -peace wnicn is impossiore unm me iniconiy ui
: the Eernart Erflpffe, Its security and its dignity are iorever
'guaranteed. vf-.. -;;; - '
c Ttiu tntegrity of Turkey In Europe and InAsia, the safe-
fy ot its tapitall and the possession of the Dardanelles are ;
' V questions of vital interest to Germany.'! ,
; : vv -VON HERTUNG."
';' v'- r ...
t ASHINGTON, January 26 (AssMtated lWs')rL1ttle' prog-'
' YV ress ii the direction of peace is found it"officfal' and dlptc
tnatlc circle in the utterances of Chancellor vun HertKng lit hi
' Jong heralded and Often postponed reply to 'the expressions of Prfsi
. ilent Wilson nd, Premier Lloyd Gotge as to the war. aims of th
United "States' and Great Britain. This is the case here and from'
, othcf 'capitals of the Allied .Nations reports tell of similar opinio
Voiced itherei The expected speech of the German lnccllor
,' delivered oefdrt the rtichstag in Berlin yesterday and bftct mes
sages received frotri the German capital by way of neutral nations
. t,.t rivVii an titline of the soeech. Similarly it is felt, here that
the Words of ' Premier Crtrnirt td
;-. on Thursday, while more peaceful in ton; will rto specifically itd
Ml Imngihg about peace since tHey indicate intentloni.ibn thiart
of Austria td negotiate separate treaties., ; ' ?' i -:
,.'..':, FOUR POINTS ACCPtABt6 ;
t tn.commeht'ng upon Che' WaV aims of the United Staies'as exj
' pressed by President Wilson, von Hertling is reported to have said
that in the1 first tour points set x forth by the President there W
; nothing whicn'should make agreement difficult. The fifth pomt he
; feaid presented difficulties: j :.T Ki -?
. v.'.;. On the subjectof restoration of , Belgium the chancellor said
' ' Germany had never Violently insisted upon the incorporation of M
tetehtiort hf that i6uatry in its announcements of peace terms. '
i ; As to territorial acquisitions' from Northern Fra'nc, fie Said .'thi
8iatte'inreente4''iBmterl "differences, from ' fcuss'iafeVaciBJhion
' ' of Jiiskian territory now Occupied fc)Kthe forces 6! the Cetitral Pow
, eti concerned 'many 'pe6pies" white the q'uestipn of Northern Frahce
concerhed' Gerrnaiiyhd France !alon; -:Vfl1T' "r :- : '
'.Tirte'fate'i JPbtaW and the Balkans he said, must Vest with
Austria and .the readjustrrient of the I tafia border TOUst ktso be
determiried bV Germany's ally, j! - V,'rv' '
r.cm3riWrtnilwv tOh)idered thrinterritv of Turkey in
both Europe and Asia and the safety of Iti capitaVclosel associated
vih the possession of the Dardanelles questions which were of vital
interest t6 JtselL" 'hus Tie agafrt advanced the Teuton "Mittejl-Ep
, rope" 'pollcV oncfe rnore.' , . "
.'Contihuinj h sid; "If the allies will reconsider. their present
aims,' as expressed by.Great Britain' and the United. States, and com
forward with i-fresh proposals, we will examine them carefully be
cause bur aim is. no other-than to secure i lasting peace whictf j?
inpoVsiMe oiong as the integrity of the empire, its security iin
its dignity are (lot guaranteed" y ;
'- f lie' demanded that the head's of the'fchemy nations, set forth HiW
proposals and jinsisted the principles yoked in the speeches of WH-'
son and Uoyd George are not so stated that the Central Power.? car
"consider them a basis for peace negotiations. ' ","y;'B- 4A.Mf.Ji
? :.fVV.h6pe soon to conclude an agreement with the ykrain'ethai
, will be. ent(rely satisfactory, especially 'from an economic poiiitjoi
view. lie (siid also that when, on January 3, the' period ex'piretl
. which Germany, had set for negotiations on peace with the Entente
Powers, the Entente Powers not' having responded to the overture
Germany was no longer bound by its offer to the Entente nations
but has a free path for separate negotiations with Russia, tn thest
negotiations, he added, Germany is not bound to Russian proposal
tot a' separate peace.
: J y,Vt th'estate department and other United States official circle?
comment tipon the von Hertling and 'Czernin speeches was with
; held Until .the texts shall have been received as put out by some
' Official German agency. Informally tT'was said ho advance towan)
'peace seeWd to be contained in either Speech. They seemed tc
' hive; heeri; framed largely for "home jconsrimption" and with t4u
incidental purpose of exterrding, discord among the Allies by the
suggestion of separate peace. Especially was this the case with
,,ihe tittertinces Of the Austrian, JCzemih, who dwelt Upon a peacf
'with' Russia withbtit 'indemnities and without territorial acquire
tnefit and with the Unite'd State's because that country was asking
nothing for itself in territory not in Indemnities.
("Xaternin is quoted in despatches' received at Paris as saying rela
tive to peace with feussia : "I have no intention of demanding from
Russia a single meter of territory
. 1 rrA C-.i.Ai- P-t la nnni H :
enre to the speech of von Hertling ;.'"It is very warlike in tone and
i Certainly not a peace speech. ' It appears to have been dictated
Jy voq Ilindenburg and von Ludendorff although spoken by von
i i in i
. .' . , ; , i : ;
BAN rBANCISOO, Jannery 26 (Aa-eoc-lated
Preea) Alexander R. Baldwin
ot this cily, vlce pesldent and geuerul
Manager' of the 'Western Pacific, and
Edward IrJrowa of puver, president of
the Denver Bio firante, ave beea
appointed revsivers lor tne tatier roai
';.'!i'4'':fi'ieie,lal 'tiafri
PABIS. Janoar ' US (Associated
Press-) tXfajor Oeneral Tasker H. HI Us,
who ns been fehosea-as the pevmsnniA
, tprewntaivc-of-' .United Btates
: of the supreme war council 'la 4ara.
ha arrived her with hi staff aud will
btgl his duties at one.
- ,-' :
'.t'; '
;?i-. ' f ' .. ' u : . '
..-'. i.-'v,;,) '. ' ::
1; ',-:' vi'
the Austrian reichsta'g fri , Vienna
or a single mark for indemnity
Via vino' in Inndnn in re for
aociated Press) Edward B. Rtetttniua
of New York, head of the "match
I trust' aud a well known captain of
iBdustry, has been appointed surveyor
general for all army supplies.
Don 't overstrain tli fine membrane
of your throat in trying to dislodge
the uhlotrm. Chamberlain 's Cough
Remedy will areomplish this for you,
and enre the cold that Is -causing It.
ante hv all 4 euro M, stetiSpn, Maatth
A Co., Ltd., ageuts for Hawaii. Ad-vrfUemnt.
s tro-German Fdrceb Are
NEW TOIIK, Jtdair ES-i-fAiwOTU&a
nod httemi hf wka of almost rfwmtant bfTeniuve
JiT tk 1ii aJ Julian, kmmre4'ail4 puatll by
well dlrtel tHUlcty flr, the Auy-0rift form alotig
pnfiierabl awtor of tk ', Italia -front ar tij-ih((.
fhnlr ptthivt kail Worn untenable 'an thy iet orMi
tft fall 1atk.. Th wovMnant 4a takan1 t. haa abaa.loa
aiat,aX, plaaa to force paaaage' eouthward at kat until
milder rtatat-Mta Hn- H may mean the complete eollapae
f -the Atntro German offen.ire aftainai Italy... . rot the
tint beinjt at toaat lbe Italian, reinforoed by French Sal
Britlh hold Italy afe. ' l '.: ,
"htpmt the- Vrtlremeat ef the Atr-Oerta forfe
along the upper. Plata River were further eonflrmed last
. ,', - . . riSKOft ATTACXi AVAIL v
General wnhdmWala of the-Attro-ffrmaa frcea along
the Pttve River kectorf the Italian 1'roat were reported
?eaterday. ' Keport of Thursday and ThuriKlay l(jht had
aduaUtd evacuation of a number of lmpoetant point by
the enemy. ahL portended a geaerat retirement. TheM in
dications the remrt of yenterday eonSrmed apd ailded.de-talla.-'
Beporli ff ThuriHlay night eaid the Auatre-Oormana
We rrtlrinf in the aertnr fron Monte Tomba, a low moun
Cologne InuhdatedT to wnl l$bl-
..'Provisiohs Destroyed '
., "- ..- :
' teABnnrOTOk." January SO (Asso
ciated TVess) Flood conditidhs a the
apper, valley of. th,?hine and along
the tmhka if Ju trifautartet neeai ttf be
fatly s -bad aa the worst Reports re'
reived have truticated, ' w.'..'
'Cologne hmt been -inundated Tor the
flood 'dMrbtehea from, nihitrat eeun
trie, said, dd qtirttities of provisions
there haw been Hher destroyed ft no
badly darjiBjjed na to be made practice
afly worthless. 'V ''' ';' tt
,'The tribntariea Of the Rhine re re
norw3 to be high v beir banks,
rsree sections of coontry flooded , and
many sbmmtrnlties cut off from nil com
mnnleation with the valley tf i the
tthine and ft river eltles and towns.
Y .( ' . .- .i i" i4 I j I In,. I '
Heney Asserts HeaV of.lndusify
IJsea TfforTs'To mcR Fed '
erar fnvestifiation 'P:,
. WASimrGTOW. Janukrr fifAs.0-
iaiNiAW)ife'rg i7" leader'
Of lli Ainerican pckita iAdoatry tried VtU ,' ' Lr-, t i
throtigh poliiic. to Wockth federal J Y 5' """7
meat UvMtigatio. wex. made teday f
by Wela.3:'ne.eyr,WUntor'1h.pt th
iaveetigatoi v . --; '"i . ', te. of Macky,' . Queensland ,tewn,
; fieney 'says that the pack era used northwestern i Australia," which had 4.
their poUUekl Influence In ttempt.NpUiation of "betweert fve and aU
thmper the investigation. , read thoullklia pirgona ,nH wa. the center
docamenta t the federal trade board ,., . mi2v. ..,
Inquiry today to show that Senator .
Wadsworth of "New York, as he allegedv
stockholder in Swift Company,
. , . . ,
wan among those coucernedv in t,He mat-.
ter, i -, - . , i , .
The name of Wstlsworth 'was
inWted in connection with a letter
from LouiS. F. Bwift appealing i for
help la " connection with the matter
coming before congress. 1 '
Argumeht Over Sale of Bananas
and jealousy Ascribed As '
Murder Motive
An argument' over the sale of
banehes . of bananas, with jealousy
fanning the flames of passion Of both
mea, la held aa the motive for a killing
Whleh was -committed during a knif
and axe fight between two Japanese,
Hayashi and Fnkuyamaat Wahiawi
at seven o'clock yexterday morning. 1
When Fukuyama tried to best hit
adversary with an axe, sfter the tw4
men had been fighting with knives for
several moments, Hayashi is reported
to have dodged under his guard and
have fatally stabbed the axe wielder. J
Bad blood ia said to have existed be
tweeh the two men. for sometime as
they were both - enamoured with the
wore .Japanese .woman. t
i Haveshi did not attemnt tn eaesn
.mJ l. L-j li j i r j rH
!"!!. i2W FuJt0y."?.! B,,T' I
arrested by Deputy Sheriff Plemer two
hours later. -The Honolulu police be
lieve Hayashi was so badly injured in
the fight that he was taken to the
Schofield Hospital for treatment.
Conference At
Wants Only One House
England, January
28 (Associatud Presx) That( the
house of lord should be s1)o1ImIic1 and
that there should be no second chain
ber for th Britih parliament, either
hereditary or ele. tive, is the substance
of ia resolution reported to the nisi ill
body of the lubor conference in session
here. The resolution hux the aooroval
of the resolution committee.
Demands for s cOuacription of wealth,
wer' embodttHl in another rusohlthiu
which the conference punsed at yes
terday ' sessiou.
HflllSF OF I flRnv TO ,,,!1.'!1HVV.uM'y.'
UU ULlJLrilll II i m II Ml I ' , u
, , ,
Iti JJppwW
r'rwml Bfittfr'
tain jiMt Went of
j Inipoaeibiiity,; It
BlMMAfiK. Worth DmkoU, Jan
nary 26 (Associated - Press) n
Tnla' gtate yesterday put Itself .
oh record an favoring" prohibition "
throughout, the nation by consti
tutional amendetnent U well a
favnring torobibiUon .Britain. Its
ovn botders. ,v.'-' ' "
' The Brst Bute to act upon the
VtropbMd. .'conhtltatloniii' amend-.''
nunt which Vonld bar Into tlcatioa
beverages from th4 borders of the '
United SUUs. since th SnbmU
kioa to the States of the Union
br.eoncreea, li North Dskoti and.
the., legialatore i yesterday acted
promptly, dtctaively nod la the
affirmative. , Almost no opposiUon
was voiced i&.tbe Votf.
. Prohibition has long been found
to work we'l in this State and the'
action of the legislator was ex
pected. 'It was. source of satis
faction U th legislators and to
ttie UUMSSof th tat thai this
should bo th first commonwealth
to so xpre'lts wtl -v
.'(JuienslanrJ SugaY Shipping Port
' w oohiuwj uauidycu oj
" ' Ooubl8 Disaster
t, .l. -4.:-. i
RepArta from the -atricaen -(ity't aaid
J:T" "s'C-:""
m at a v tt miiiuuuv va iasiiaarw atuu
"w mMt lmB4ilU!rs t Jiiowed
Kv a tl.lal fctui Tnnitau 1tiJ! ha. I
w . . , ' .
'"I " " 2 "i "r ?M- ""v
Were many more dead.
Property loss was . reported, to , be-t
very heavy and tlte-'fosa to. suat was!
estimated at S,(MK),000. Mueh damage
'was - done to the electric railways
Which 'Connected up the town aa the
shipping port for the surrounding su
gar plantations.
Periding Measure Does Not Prej
Wite'lalerTondiicr WASHINGTON, January 25 (Asso
elated l'ressi Tbe administration bill
regulating' the control and operation of
railroada by the gsvernmeot has ben
modified. It Sow stipulates that the
federal operation Of the railroad, as a
Var measure, 'does not prejudice the
future policy to be adopted and has no
beuring on possible governmeut owner
ship. No specific time has been set in
the bttl for tne' return of thy railroads
o their owners. ' ' I
Prospects that the government will
allow a wage hierease to railroad men
brlirhtened Wer yesterday .sfter a con
V...u.n Uu.A... U.iM 1
I ' .... . 1
rector general or in i-oaos, ana rep
resentatives ef 450.000 railroad me
ehanics. After the conference, the la
bor representative expressed the opin
ion that the increase will, be granted.
V . ti ,' . i. "! l'
WAfklNdTON January 25 (Asso
rt elated Pis)--eueeessful. rerouting of
he railroad trains and warmer weather
gestion th).t announcement was mnde
! tndsv that the freight embsrcn in thn
'Vst will be lifted next Monday or
1 r
c, rrr rnDPflDnTinM
toaccip rnwnQnn w-
WAFHINOTON, January 5 (As- w bllna, bleeding, itching or pro
Lrlntvd Pre Chairman Hurley of frlli:i prr-po l J. Hi A
. federal ablpplng board I.kI.v ae-; tru1,n WtB3 In to 1, dy or
sec Intei
K. Ferria, shin dosijiner of the Liner-
cy fleet Corporation.
Forced To
.the Tiavq River, to Monte Ptdnonria.
f ' It wa4 only after a hard two whok; campaign y the
Frenah contingent in Italy and the Italiana that the Auetro
Gormanl have been forced to give wat.' A teriea of offen
alVe mtfvemehU by these fore had finally broken the
enemy au a eoaetant artillery Are from point of vantage
tirndo the Teatoa potltion no longer tenable. .The retires
meat la 1o a recognition by the Teutona of the imprae
ttunhittty of further ndvaarm into Haly in the faoe of such
wenthdr, aeiliai boon eaiierienced. whicluaiatle the already
diflioult tranaiiortatioa of munitiona and aiiPDliea alrnoat an
ha been the itea.ly founding of the
r renth nnd itnimn roreca, nowever, which piayd the great
est part-in turning the Auotro-Oetman atrong ' offensive
into a dcfouifive and finally into a retreat. ', -,-. . . ,'
' AB.TIIXEKY IN WEST'' ; y .;:','. ''.'
On trie Wetrtnrrt' froni yetenlay, -both ''in rianderh arid
In France artillery -engagementa prevailed' with' small In
fantry activity.) Wont of Vacuerrle-i according to the Brlt
Ji.h oflloial rojiortt there were heavy bombardaieata tear
i'asKrheenilaeie by the Teatoa 1)fttl cries, 1 ' -
The etirh oflieial rcpart told of ilve spirited attach by
the artillery iu the Mtt.ssons district in the ; Avoncoart
Weptor. '' ' ' ' ' '' v .''. .-.
RUSSIA iiiraiiEo
Berlin; Delegates Demand Cour-
" land and Army Organizations
i, : i Are Badly Disrupted ;
LONDON, January 0 (Associated
rress) If th, German threat, ot re-
, sumption of hostilities agalnat ttiiasia
' 'UhlM that country permits th oeeupa-
t'on at Conrlnnd by -the -end of the
. week Shall be carried out, the Bussian
army is in no position1 to put -up the
r pemoisn
bf Petr
(the repi
1 by bin. i
I semblance of a VeSistahc 1s. Indiaated
etrograd despatohes which tell of
reports which have been rendered
chief 'Of staff to votnraandsr in
Chief Krylenko. . These report say ths
army organiaation are in a stave p
pTf.achinjr complete demoralisation, the
o dicers are called roeompetat and in',
etpericnoed and maintenance of disci,
pline nnder such circumstances Is de
clared to imposeible. ' - -'
Is Jlot Pro-Ally ' :C
, 'ifieheral Krylchko ls'.qnoted Ih 'th
Daily- News' as having aaid relative' to
Russia 'a continuant in the whrt "W
will jiot be' cannon fodder that the
Allied Imperialists may . celebrate-
victory, . We ... will, : however, even
against' the' whole world,' light for the
revolution to the very end.'.. . ,, ..
. Demands for territorial sessions from
Buesin as the price of weae have been
made by the Berlin delegation to Brest
M'.'ovrfV and in th face of this asser
tioti by Rnssinn delegates have come
advices that Cxornih has declared Ans
trik will exact bo Indemnities and de
mitnd no territory. :
Beads Uk tntiatttoai ' ' "
r Practically' tn' the form, of an ulti
Mntum eame 'the (Jemahd bpon th Bis
sha dele?at 'for '' cession 'Of terri
torjri"; They were infonnea they most
yield 'Corjrland n,nd the Baltic provia
cc or at least .suffer. tnir.auptioh.
Unless this demand ' was granted 'by
fhe end of the' weeH. the Berlin del
gation asserted hostilities would bo to
aumed. . The Bolshevjki peace plan ol
no indemnities, -and no jahneVatione was
scouted by the Germans.
' These demands the Bussian delegates
'nr. 'unanimously Jn, favor of rejecting.
UKrsaiana in uispnt
v-The ntaatus of th new Ukranlan re
pnblie In the peace negotiation ap
peers to be open to doubt .owing to rt
eent iBevetopment. Despatches froi
Bertie say a new Ukranlan delegation
t"tna.de 1t ' appearance t Brest
Utovsk 'and denies that the first dele
rn'tnn. which was received and with
whfeh it ia reported peace negotiations
brogrotrscd to a t)tactical decision, wa
'mrroperly consritnted. And not author
ixnd to represent the Ukranlan 'people.
' Petrogmd steports of yesterday aaid
the embirssief of the Allied Nations
Were in eonsultition Over the propositi
to rive recognition to the Bolshevikl
at this time nl fhs gdveXnmetat of Bus
sin. ; . .
i s- .
Preliminary Figures Are Secured
By Trent Trust Comrany
Filings made up to yesterday with, the
Trent Trust Company, custodian foi
the property of alien enemies in tht
Territory of Hawaii, Showing ersxnti
property belonging to non resident alei.
tnuuiies or nou resident alien allies ol
the ei.eiuy thus far number more,than
200 and the property represented 1s ap
proximately $10,000,000. ' Huch filing
are largely informal and as yet are ua
Upon the arrival of the required
lurnts rrom waainngton, tne Trent
Trust Company' will issue tho blank
to those who have In their eUBtodj
or Ci.uirol here the property of ftliei
enemies renident of enemy territory and
others resident of such territory, Her
in Honolulu the greater part of the
property so hold and which will bf
transferred to the government to be
hejd in trust during the period of the
war, are stocks, bonds, money" and real
en' nte. Uv fur the greater proportion
will be found to be in stocks and
bonds. . .
It U expected the figures already eom
piled wHl be considerably increased.
lth sh to the number of persons and
fyn value of the property owned by
: 5
tlltC PlfDCn III t? Th M fllVC
PAZO OINTMENT is guaHant4 t
.Mauulactutail b)
. tli rAklS MKUIClNIt CO., St. touis
' U. S. A
Wilson Will Call . .
In Foods
ti i! f V
Wheato ' .Tieifs':. Portf tind $upar
"Must Be Further Conserved In
"Order to Meet ihe "Allies
Needs Proclamation ; JToday
WASHINGTON, January gft-i
t Associated Press) Prsidnt WO
son will lssno a proclamation today
calling tpon tho loyal cltlsen of .
th United States to still farther.
practlM conservation of certain
foods so that th needs of th Allies
may b met. ... ! v
v , Wn:t, beef, pork and ragnr r ,
th four artfelea of food for which
there ia the most urgent need and '
tn th nan of which tho bi tlx ens of
vtho .United Btates most na still
greater moderation. - s
On hundred million onshriis f '
: wheat ar noded, the Proident
will aayv .and thl cna b supplied
irmly by the United attci and only
through tho strictest economy t
hmav .'v. ' ' v
Thor is a head each month for
. rrenty million nennds of beef and
of hundrod . and fifty "million
pounds of pork for th noxt thro '
months, ' ) .-,.. ,.. .- ' .
.Tea Tettont addlttonai mgar to
that already ten tail velr assigned
to thf Alii will be rwiuirod,. ho
will aayv""- -.- "'" v v
. ' Tho food admlnistTatlon 1 srti- v
ousiy considering ordering a forced
reduction of twenty -flv percent of
the floax Sales and making x th
Amertcan . people ..if or fcertain
.period 'get along1 on venty-v .
'. percent of tho ' preMtlt flour , con-.'
sumption.: By this expedient It U '
believed that th country can spar -90.000,000
Jrasheis of wheat milled
before the next harvest. ,v -
,Vi 4, i... ' I i 'a m Q j r.'i i i.
Committee Adopls Resolution
Asking Prohibition
v ASimNlBtpN, JanuarV Sfi
L (Aasoeiated PtUss) rJupfimt to
" the requests' 'from ' Honolulu '
ehamber of commerce 'and ' other
organitatione to the President that
" prohibition be put in force upon
the Island of Oahu was yesterday
given tiy the executive committee
of the National Autt-Rnlodh
League, in resolutions passed by
that body. Copies 'of the resolu
tions will be presented to the Pres
ident. ' The resolutions pssseli by the
'Attti-Kaloon 1eagbe exeutive eom
mlttce recite the actidn taken by
'.civic - Organisation nd dobs of
Honolulu, the fact thM petitions
' for neh acKen havw been Inrfely
signed, especially by the more lm
portant business interests of the
Islands and sak the President to
proclaim tohlitlon for the Ter
ritory of Hawaii. .
EL-PASO, Texas, January 25 (As
wciated Press) In whnt is bolinved to
Save been a daring attempt at a raid
ipoa Kl . Paso, forty armed Mexicans
ittempted last evening to enter this
itV from across the border. Their
aid was detected and they were driven
'wek across -the river by soldiers and
After the party had been driven off
one American soldier was found deud.
: , .'.' ,
WA8irNGTON, January 25 (Asa--clated
Press) What niny be a deep
laid German plot with possible terrible
consequences to , the men of Undo
8am 's fleets has been Indicated by
the discovery of impurities of a yet
unknown nature in the candy furnished
warship canteens".
Farther sales of the randy and its
ua by th sailors have been suspend
ed .while an investigation is under
way by the navy department.
The rumor that Qermans are uting
powdered glass against American
force ha been revived as a,, ronult of
the latest incident.
j ,
VANCOUVER, January 2ft (Asuo
elated Pree)-"-Autralia is planning to
still further exert, itself iu .the con
duct 'of the war.' Cable roports re
ceived yesterday said it la planned to
raise war loan of orty million
pounds and the campaign is soon to
BERLIN, January eft (Associated
Press) A despatch from Vienna, un
der date of Wednesday, states tbnt the
big munition strike Is over and that u 11
the strikers have returned to work.
fjairs In
H -iWV f ' J.V ' '.?.".,.; ''
Colonel; House;: Slid ;Tq "Have
.vBeen Asked By JpaolVTb Go
f Over dnd Straighten Things ;
Out For American ' Forces v,'
j $UP;WlTH O30NffE
)l hdmifldspital tending Had
' To Cease Until Birracks
'Could Be -Completed and Fa
cilities Are Not Adcbuato 'v
EASrtlNGTON,XJanarry 25
tions; ' wilh the -American
contingent in France .art fay frftm
satisfactory, is th tpqrt',whicH
is brought home by Congressman
McCormick , '.' .who' . " WSsf,' ..Tecen,ty
over there and yesterday tolii the
senate committee, on military
fafrSiWhat he had observed and
what .he had leariied while there.
Cables Jiavtbeen sent to Colo
nel v I Iousr td v cbttie ' oyeV ' tid
"SijTiighteh.1 tilings. ,'outw -vvis o'n
of th most irhportaftt issertioris
whlcli Congressman VMc'Cprfniclk
made to th senate tbrnmittire.
ile'sajld Wchl; .cables ' Had 1W
.sent ;by' French "and British ofili
cials 8i,ncr;(l the 'return. 9X. the war
mission . from- the-' lnter'AUied
Conference. ' j..', .; '
. France is unable to supply the
UHited States with ordnance.. Her
own requirements brt the; Wirt
crn and Italian fr6nts 'are 'such
&$ to fhake this .impossible, he
'declared. The' tJftfted States; 'tnust
speed op Its- bwrtordnatice Irqrilp
ment If ft is to 'take "the ctfve
pirt which he Allies now; right-
He indicated the appointment
of General Tasker H. Bliss as
permanent repf esentative . pf. the
United States in the Supreme
War Council might .fio giVe full
satisfaction to the Allies and said
Llo Gt6rgf'".Wanted?,'Gnetal
Leonard Wood "to; be the frepre
sthtative of the United States.
Surgeen General Gorgas re
IH'rted to the same committee on
the health of the army at home
and the steps being taken for
I health preservation. He said hos
pital construction had been
stopped as a matter of necessity
to permit the completion of bar
rack construction Which was ur
gently required. , For th'is rea
son, he Said, hospital facilities in
many of the ramps were' incom
plete and inadequate.
He approved of all of the campL.
sites except of Camp Funston.
Government Ownership o Coal
Mines' Is Sought '
WASHINGTON, January 8 Asso
ciated Press)--Es:palloa of members
of the order who were members of th
Irdtistrial Workers of the XVorld, If
nny Such can be found, was voted by
the United Alia Workers in conven
tion here yesterday, as had been indi
cated ia the earlyr hour of the con
vention aa the probable course to be
adopted. The resolution 'provide
further for the expulsion of membeV
who are found to be affiliated with
any disloyal association or. organisa
tion. Resolutions were also passed which
urged the taking over and operation
of the coal mines of the country by
the government.
PKTROORAD, January 5 (Associ
ated Press) Riots amounting to civil
var caused the deaths at Moscow last
Tuesday, according to reports ' ' now
reaching here. . .
-. Tho riots accompanied the celebra
tion of "Bloody Sunday" by th popu
lace. In the course of the eelebrati
a number of quarrels b roles out between
various factions and atrt battling to
gaa, in which waa involved aoldier ad .
sailors from th front, workmen ad
peasants. Barricades were ereetfed
the street, from behind th shelter f
which there was mueh fighting. The
nuiabur of doad is not definitely known. '

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