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'csins j R jsmot '.. Frpm ?; $elce
S: topiArfr Granted ! Only
vl'OSt OFtEN APYA(liCp
5 -x?. "' i!v rv'
I7u$t ft ;Sliown Another Bcypnd
position At Wen V -
i tyitfHlwg jin' of Htll wilhlii
tM nittoaalr' that tWy fcM b
kie.i Ui afritihMia itUt v?Uk not
Urlug h:' jB( .tb Csfatl for, or
Vl7avV 'ha tbtr'hBa lnh.V or
the bfmfd f examiner at toe ftraiory,
kVdiiwIlenrpdBMitty Tiiaii aal blaeH
h6;leHiihianU ane A VhWh bring
them' "witKii pwttbttitjr fV early ' rail
t Wv fc Ti-le 8hih.'a irav.' -
THrh-ora ,'ho" AiMrVt board,
the high hoard foiBteit here uartcr
the aetortiv draff' bti'ihiw H H
fcW4 fittta f atitatia 4 tadicate
the- ncmbera are not "'M.xl to allow
(tyma vrhn;Vi th(f ' (mppt, tla'nbt
fleftfbr 4o the' f irlt f tb Moi-tiW
tlcatioaa for registranta Who are clearly
able to i f nlfltt datie to Vaele Sara
frheaerrr. a eaK eomea. Many claimed
th Ve?' ea agerf la trtmaeea ' mHT'
priW eteatt! to the" Iritemat welfare
It the Mtiov'haA theMfbr ahould be
allowed to renara at hoitiel " " '
Olaln la PiMlMv (..rfj: v: . -M.
- Seliryitf - VobtaaOH, :of Ratal, - u
amoo( - the wh4 iiiih' were ' die
allowed. 'I HU ear thh lwl .hoard ori
KaakI failed t make any leeorameada
tloa la Roblneoq Fa. The rrjrlntrant
elalaleit etaffltloa- lOtaaa I1I-J aat
lao Ih Clt IT C; oa th grownd that
Iiraa"ttgaf(e4 la ia rnduatry erne n J
tWtr t'tb wlfar or bo MtiM, and
becaute ie wu head of a work which
teeaaifUd. kla festlne!. "ivv y
The tfistrlet V hoard "disallowed the
eta!! kecoMtiig to tha winntej, ? be
ramie "hi to Mt iiaeeaeary awiataat
or aasoeiato , manager of a aeeeeear
atfrleiltttral oatcryhwj, por-ia.he
noceaaaix aolo nMaaliig'' head 1 6t' '4
aeeeaaary ajrlenlttltat ekteVririae; aonie
Other peraoii bemg rilable to take
hie "phujA' ' wah- advanced to . '
claaaitcation prrmftting ' the goveri
meat, to avail itself ft hta aTviea if
required,-,' : - -.' ' 1
Skilled McbaaJ5 0aaalfl4 ' I
' j Bohori' ji'VaJket' fcka been recom
mendM by. Local Board No. to he
elfarifld in Claaa III K. buf lhi ftelrt
wa diaallowed an he wtie blaeed' fq
Clhaa- II C. a he It A aktlled laborer.
but nott1eMirf aitant or aM
ei$t manaver. Three' Biemben of h
btai voAW'ln the affirmative and two
i HOfBir rive, ea tBih question. f
1 Because ha A wife dependent up'
' on' him, for support Jamea Oliveira,-who
..' had' benillHea by toeal Btoar-d No
e-V -rbfcletraat fa ClWbe 'I-C which
Sroagbhihim into the front" line Mi
raft, Vaa recmshtfld into Ctas4 IV A'
, Tha.Uirit board wa uuaaiuotu k
' waking thl decision; I
, Because ' tbo district board found
llier- Wrei lweat5to'' hien; eniJoj'el
U tbVbBj.lr f' J9A ?fimii.i:
wh would! have been entitled to tic
same exenintioWlamifleatlon, the iIvh
1 jtrirt board diMallowW' hie claim to be
in ! Class 1H-K,v which . provides for
those" Wh' are1 eugalrna in 'cnterprin
BeceaM t the pnbHe welfare while
' the aatiew is at war. - ' I
Oto' the jtrowad' Of dependency, local
c' board iie. I bad iishrjel Joseih Md
om1kkeyiut tht (fovernmept appealed
to the district hoard yyhich reversed
the local board and claesifted hint us a
Temporary exemption 01 yon
fkyairAi disability V the claim ad'
vanced'fey ATiarlo. O. Street, but he
was exahjiiMd by the 'physician uttachi
ed -to the district board and upor. his
reeomoMadaloA' to the hoard he wa
givyen aempxrrary.discharge for only sis
raobths. ad wi5 be febxamined hi thi)
enif ,of ; that- period fof rcclassiflcaytion
ir.b ta unproved. r
Kaia 8eW' erered m emim f er ex
anrpttoar M the gronnd h had depend'
eota.' Jiacb board Ji 1 ieaied' bis
. 'VWm, hd the Viiataieti'fcosir ssxtalned
thia'deeiaion on 'thof gronnd be had no
dependept remtiyea Wlthlh the mean
', in if of the 'registration law.'
, ; , ,Lidoi VmCyift h had ehtimed axemp-
, . tloja ow tbb'grouBd of beiai a ocasary
' uult'.in. the . developing of- enterprises
accessary for the welfare, the na
- - , tiiiii, lHitrthi ethlm was disallowed the
bprfrd -tddlrth that hit position could
easily' be" filled b a Bn.,beyod draft
'iJoim lS, llreauH appealed from the
yilet-lsion of local board No. '8 wbii li hul
clslnd Mia in X'h t A; the front
rank of the registration,., HipJ, pieul
was denlod.Dui ho4 Waa elassea Jn I-Uj
a little further doWa the line, It niar'
log that while, tie is married He Hits no
dependents, in the bplnldn pf the board.
i , ; r OUlm Xa BwUined t : 'l
Fred Manaryy who bad asked to be
classified ia the industrial division as
necessary ,tO the internal welfare of.
the country and whose claim was al
lowed' by local board No. 1, was sus
talait by 'taa lstVhet board on the
groan that h ta 4amet a ueceasary
skill laborer' lu a' necessary euterprise.
, J h ntcs . Curry did not fare so' well
la bis claim to be classed as an Indus
rriausi.. rxno lovsi'uoara ntrrveu 'inn
a ft. M. . Aft. LlT ft..ft A .ft... i. .l.ft.
him buf tha Ulstrkt 'board did' not,' as
U eoiisiderhd he wis hot 4 "heceSsary"
In this work, 'aa' Other mea wers avail
aide. to, ftlith Jlaxc,.vt
Faxhlly Not pefcndent .
. Alfred K. Magoon; had asked to be
placed Ip ('las 4 A, far down the line,
but whs rlasseif In Olass II A by uuni
moke? rate of 4ba district board, his
aiHk' being denied and the classifies
tlrwof thd loea oaawd iNnt 'I bbtug sus
tataetl, it bi-iag eWmed that the regis
trant 'a wife ajtd family have available
srwirceSof gdenuate supportbther than
registrant ' labor, "...
V ; One Purported Witness ' ,
Enter Objections ; '
Claiming i that " - the , lad'ctments
bropuht agalttut h ay; he. Territorial
grajid jury Vre faulty and do not con
Mhtnte a ahlMeient-'' eaiise' of f Action,
"Prineeiw'ThereM ytfoox BellhreaaJ
inuioicn on a lenarge pi eonup racy in
connection wfth the recently-filed doc
vment which the alleged was the 'Mast
wHl and Ustameit" uf the kite'Qtietm
Uliaokalaait yesterday asked Cireit
Jndgo Heea to, dismiss the iadictmeata
opsnut tier. 'v ' '. " r,,y
The", demiirrer : as ' filed ' aays that
Thfresa la not shown In'the Irtdietment
to 'have Combined mutually' or ondef
fnlc lny eonc.cstixl action or wroiiRht
fhMftice to S. M. Dnmoh, C P. Iaukea
. 0. Hmlth,'. tseii under the
trut deed of the late Queen Lillnoka
lam, er' to Prliico . I Kalaniaoaole, or
ot(lec,beneficiary-.' , '! .'
. She aUo ayt that "the imlictmeat
aoef not show who, or 1p what manner
ihfl prepansl or had proenred for 1ro--bdte
any will of Queen l.iiimkalanl or
sy other person, whether aaid wlV was
falser or genuine. Ia brief, abe made a
general denial of the ebargea. ", "
IVrourrers were also fjleir ta the in
dictments acaiast dames It.' Kcalnha,
whose elgnature appeared on vhro-'Lill-VnValcnl
191? will' as a witne and
n bieh 8am Kamakala, .the ' othW wtt
Bess,' sab) was' false,, as hiavwwa sraa.
Kamakaia did net pffer a deasbrrer, his
attorney beinjr ill. ri ';;.'-.-
t The demurrers 'will (bo-' argueoT 1a
Judge Heea't court next Friday after-aooa.-
V- ' ' . rY,
- ' - , m .
(4nd (Commissioner (.Says , Im
portant. .Tourist - Asset,. Will -
V. Be Ready Next Summer
Napoo poo, a town lying on the shore
of (he historic bay of Kealakekua, oa
the Kona coast of Hawaii, wUI aoon
be connected directly- with Honannan.
whore the famous ruins of the ancient
City of Refuge are conspicuous, by a
o4d;' as work ea which wfH soon b
fromtiencedi.i B. G.1 Riven Burgh, land
coaihissioner, Who has returned frot
Hawaii,' says the road will be eom
pieted thM suntmeV; ' ' ' V- f . .
TWs.wiu boost foe tourist fray-el-
to that aH At the-island. M by
landing', at' Napoopoe .tourist, may
motor to Hosauneu, which has Hereto
fere been- aegotiated, as a rule, by
horses from the pper road and over a
rongh "path dewa the lava slopes.
The City of Refuge li a mass of
ruias, but lias "been somewhat restored.
Wrtbia ie the" temple of refnge end the
ite of the tab a boas of Keawe, known
In the Hawaiian tongue as the Hale o
Keawe. r ski ancient - days ft wan one of
the tnost powerful seats of chiefly rule
had is intimately 'associated with some
if the most powerful rulers of ancient
days. even to Kamehameha the Great,
Frank Oomea. ' who- drove a motor
truck ever" the PalJ road and left the
sent t attend to a part of the gear.
VevieiT the es" to ron without a pilot,
hrns fine lOO' nnd costs in ju-lfrc.
Keen's court, prt'icipnl'y l-ecnuw while
he1 ear was not nnder control it
smashed into an ante. The truck and
eontents nt the time 'weighed three
Charles Hubert, who, while driving
his auto, struck a child and killed it,
was arraigned In Judge Hren ' court
yesterday, but the taking of his plea
'an postponed until next Hatnr Isv. '
John B. Guard, who rtaimed sn in
kiHtrial classification, with local board
Not '1 recommending this, rsn up
against the YtfetrW't board and the ckkim
wna disallowel, the vote .being four to
one. He was not considered h regisx
trnot who. was a "necessary" under
the classification asked for, and his
place could tie filled by another.
" M; if.1 Magoou e la iined an fcgrn ulliir
al exemption for hinisolf, but was rtv
omMieaded by Wal "board No. 1 for
classification if VIM III- The district
board disallowed tke claim by a unani
mous vote. It appeared a Wo tlmt he
was aot a ""necessary 7 in thut class
or enterprises! '
Fralt f Labor
. Many oddities are cropping up in the
answers made by registrants on tnoir
bUnks,.one of . the latest of the side
splitting .answers, being found in a
blank signed by one who ia not a Cau
casian. One ' question is whether the
amount of Income, noted' by him in his
answer -""Is the! fruit- f your lubor."
The answer In this particular case wus:
MYes, papayas "and bauauaa. "
'. fjiieetloanhire blanks sent out yester
day are ia. follows
Exeinution Board No. I from U50
' KxemptioaT Board No. 2 froirt 607
to ,
. It has been ueted in local board No. 1
that out af tit first 0 names i'luiucd,
2(1' ' percent or aiproxiuiately 05 nlcu
ere iilacsd in ULusa I. subiuet to first
,calr- by the aoverutaent.
. - .
Manv ' registrant iwece . marke
from Class IV to- das IU-
No more question aalres will be sent
out from local board No. I, as the
requisite number of blanks for mailing
lu local board No.. 2 the staff is pre
paring the Ana 'blanks which will be
sent eat vw ldeBdayanil Tuesday.
i It (M'tMSMsbk ardera mav.te received
as. k J a, - . l 1 A
nnn nnxnTn nnv
quuu iuauju bill-
here ta f Uniinate men from draft cull ' swimmer, declares' that 'C; A. Walker,
who have paasod the nfte f 'U since the foruwr- service swimnieii f llono
registerlng latt June, The renitration lulu, who is now in San Franctico, will
for Hawaii took place iu July, the soon be etebUMne new reco ds over
tnoutlt following. - - . distance i f,rom COO to 300 yards. 1
,RaiIrc:d Men Do
a IV a, wbu v MUiU i ,
111 H ft J k,;ih(,
Conditioni , Such', In Vladivostok
; and.; Rijssia Engineers f.Coiv
tinuo On cToaqasaM Where
.They f Disembark. With Equip
: ment Still There
' United Mites railroad men who feat
a week here tale ia November before
proeeedlsg'cn to Vladivostok '-an the
traniiport Thomas neyer disembarked
after reaching tke Russian port, except
(of two Tiours shore liberty which was
graared the rtllrtmd men and the trsnt-
port erew, according td pcraoa aniy
iagfliera from Japan. :. ,
The transport remained at viedivdl
thk from Deeembei1 14 nntil December
17 and thea left for Nagasaki with tae
railroad men stilt aboard, a It was
decided' to be- oa-wise to unload aqutp
atent tad establish a base with eondi
trnne sv-h ' as they were found ta be
ia the Russian port.- ' '
v' Aftor drrWing at Nagasaki the5 men
tretalaed their quarters aboard the trans
port-for three 'Weeks, because of lack
if accommodations for such a large
namber of mea, about 900, ta the Jap
anese ity ad to await instructioas
from Washington.
Vaload at Vagaaakl
: At the end of this period they (Us-'
embarked and are now scattered all
over Japaa. la contingents of about
afty men each. All the railroad equip
ment which was shipped out to the Far
East, intended for use ea the Biberisa
railroad, ' haa also been unloaded in
Nagasaki.-. ..
- It is also reported that several other
hips, British and Japanese, with sup
plies intended for Vladivostok deliy
cry, 'were turned back - front ''their
Wtinatloa- and the eargaes unloaded in
'he Japknes port, due to the unsatis
factory conditions, to the Allies thea
and how prevailing ia. Russia.
Safer Kadi OtMeenf or "
Be ports from ' Japan fay that ' there
eae considerable discomf ort aboard the
Thomas during the few days he was
In VUdivertok, oa account of the severe
cold and because she wae not eqnlptd
for" northern service in wtnter." The
cold kept the transport plumbers' son
itantly busy keeping the water-pipes
ilear from freecing, and a' maalU Had
td be used ever two hours to break tbd
lea about the Vessel and to keep herd
from being Iroaen m.
Returned AmerJpan Tells of ton-.
ditionviWhprc fwgh is
' Piled Up In Gutters
Demoralised , U tbe way the. people'
af Vladivostok Were la the middle o(
December, say transpacific-' passenger
Who Were in the Asiatie Russian port
at that time.
- The value of the Russian money fluc
tuated so frequently- aad general busi
hesa' conditions were so bad that the
banks were forced te close. ' Oae of iki
naasenges from Russia and 'Japan re
cently in' Honolulu' iays that the" lns
ian rnble ' was aelKag twenty for a
1.35 on one dhr, and an th following
lay the price had risen so only fifteen
'ould be secured for an American dol
lar. t : -" n-'M:
Old Coins Most Stable I
Thia informant added that the "old
Russian money, ' that coined under the
monarchy, seemed: more stable than the
newer coinage.' .He accounted for this
because af the great amount of conn
terfeit In circulation, which he sayt
as also" another reason that caused,
the bank ta -close.
Panicky, with the wildest kind ef
rumor In circulation, is'an outstanxUaa
characteristic tof the Russian -resident
of Vladlventek, ke anid. ' They aeemetl
ta -fear attacks from AayTlcas or. Jap
aaeset-'warshipey' so effeetrvs bar the
German propaganda been in demoralis
ing the people. A feature o this pro
psgsnda waa tatry-aadiestabiish the
belief that Japttn would attempt to
rnrse- c'utlectioir hf monoy loaned the
Kerenskr government.
Tnraa Fo11t aeatt .'
Front all . ontward appearances there
a r aw 'police owdiif y ia the Russian
rmrt. wltheugb three bne noklievs,-from
the 0000 or 000 Which filled the town,
were seem' on tv at the ratlraad sta-
tioir. These soldiers- are deacribed 'is
dirtv and poorly' dressed." -Wbea' told
weather first came' they broke into th
warehouses at V mdi vest ek and took
"hat clothing they wanted' in order to
keep warm,. it Waa reported.
It is still possible to purchase a meal
in the Russian towabut at very high
prices and every item ordered 'is ration
ed out according to rule, with butter
nn unknown luxury." " :
' This Anrerntan. visitor' to'Vladivoitol,
said he saw only thee otker Amer't ms.
One of theta wae a T. M. -.C.-t A.' seere
tary, who' had been there- a short lm
the secretary's wife and a woman
Frelabt In Gutters
Hide street-"r Jilled with- valua
hie freight which baa never bee si
lowed1 1 reach the, iaterior. ef Russia is
nne of the striking proofs of the utter
demoraliastiea of the' town -residoti
save thin Americas. Ha counted tln-iv
brokea c'steaof Mitchell automohilei
of the 10 Iff make a one areeti which
were billed to' Petrograd. He beliav l
he antomobi had ben i. VUdi
i-ntoV 'Inr riv- i? the yirieaii
war. Waste of maay other artie'rs :
lust as stavtUngly. show a,- he adds.
fekRt fifes rtuctf
Hid Cavlll, the famous Australian
ii Aniunomr untM
Vnfi'.Vv,nf-is. ' ni
f '' if . '..-; If
SistersWp Oregon Was Bound
South-Wlth, Lumbef Cargo
' Word has been: received here that the
Portland,! a sister ship of the Motor
ship Oregon, now in port after a nar
row escape, front foundering TOO miles
front Onha, wna bnmcd ef the; ieoast
of Pere.-i- ,t ' '"
: News ef the disneler'te the Port
lead reached here about the same time
that the Oregon was being towed into
the harbor bv the Standard Oil tank
er, J. E. O'fteiL The fire occurred a
week 'aga last - Wednesday wkUe. the.
Partland waa bouad aoth for Anta
ftessts, Cklle, where she was: fo have
loaded a cargo of nitrate fqf fhlpme'nt
td the Hawaiian Fertilizer Compacts
FifsfreBorta-Oft' the burning' bf the1
Portland did' not state - where it oc
mfi(t, and it was thought possible It
might have' happened after the motor
ship' had started to Honolulo with the
nitrate cargo: V Asidd - from -' telling
Whci"e the Portland Was Burned, tbe
iafnrmation received ia HonoJulu ye
terdsy did Hot gte any 4iails as to
the fate ef the -crew. ' -.
r The Portland Was loaded with ra in
ker fot delivery, til Month America twb
motitha ago in' a northwestern "port,
bnt eh waa forced to pat Into Balboa
for repairs to hr engines. 1
"A third sister ship of the Portland
and Oregon, which have had aoch dis
astrous maiden voyages, the. Pauline,
is now loading lumber at Portland.
Waterfront men are wondering If she
wtll.be able to escape the hoodoo which
h'aa acemirrgty pursued the rather' two
shipa. ' ." -.-.v
- The' motor shipa are owned By the
A. O. Anderson Company ef Portland.
rltl.f I
Thinks Jsland Needs or. Neces
sary Tonnage Win B ; '
, Cared For ' u" 1
.jp.' p. Tenoey, president of tke Mat
son. Havigatlon Company, returned froa
San franiacq. yesterday- with'tna. as
Sntaaee that the United States 8hippia
Board would take care ef the need tri
awai -for roercJiansUse and sugar car
rtera He la, however, inclined ta- be
iieve tke government will diseonraw,
travel of tourists td Hawaii, or an)
otker point' during the -warj
"tie la quoted as aayiag- that the Ha
waik PrOinotien CamntiUoe ought to gi
ottf at husiaeM and atop Us alvertiii
csinpal'gn ,dnrig the uiivratiea' of thl
war, aad the money how -used? to induei
'tourists ' ta' rohte here- devoted to pur
pesee Wfcich wril aid the government li
iefealing srn)aay.
Talla of Shipping .. .
Regarding 'shipping etmditionS, he i
not ah aU certain that th freight ratei
between: here -asul list: mainland ma
not afesln-be nwterVally raise U "Tr .
wift depend altogether oa the ,'aeeds o
the nation and the'Vlase of vessel
which-the United States chipping boon
will in consequence be abar ta -furnisl
us; ""he any. ' Continuing he ad.leil:
' ''Freight rate are now based on th
average cost to ,' Ualted ' Btay
sliipptng' beard1 for Ttha ; opWHJtiou o
the Vessels eagageff ifi' tble trado.', Ah'
tf the larger and morn cheaply operat
ed vessels are withdrawn for serviet
In the Atlantir 'one result only eat r
exported, namely hi ndvnnee ' li
freight rates mifHcient In amount U
reimburse the shipping beard for thi
cost Of the service performed.
Bttnm Bfiek Aaavraoca " ' ',-'"'--'
''The assurknee of tbe nhipin
board is' that the freight' needs ot Hn
waii will be taken enre of. The poh.
of the board is to care for all bust
ness which is necessary to prosocuti
successfully the business which tin
United Htntes hns in mlnil, uamely tli.
war. Its policy is to dhtcourugo al
basiness uoV umwssary to accompli!
that aim.
I am,iu formed that all of the so ( slleii
fe'rolga railroad etti-sk are to tie discou
tlaaed, net only in Hun Praueiaeo Im
throughout the't'oiteif Htatoa, By ton
elgn oflicM",- I mean ofUces itiniutaliiO'
bv rSilr'eads in other towns than thosi
which lie iu the territory tu which tb
cotniwn1es Oerato. I am informed thn
this Will1 throw eat of employment 3(M
men in Pan Krauclsco alone."
' As te wbether Hawaiian adgar wouli
be ahlpped over the' meiuladd railruadu
Mr. ' Tebiwy remarked" that: - no doub
oiue e il, would be shlpjiwl that wo;
bnt what plans the' government had ii
nuiud as to routes he could not say.
: 1 . '
I'ader attachment issued by Clrcuil
Judge H. B. Kemp Hatnrday in-eonnec.
tion with-proceeding brought by At
toraey W. H- k,yner tbe Ja'pancsr
scoDoner Nichigo Mam, which baa been
la i port here for several weeks kas brei
seircd. Tke proceedings wera brought
by'Attorney I.ymer to collect a debt ol
$1000 for professional services.
It. is stated that tbe schooner na
broaght here by Cent. V. Ebisu in cou
neetiov with negotiations that had
been opened by the owner, 1'maso Ta
kata, who is in Japan, with the Hawn
iian Tunn and Packing Company. It
was stated at one time that- the paek
ing company waa about to acquire the
vessel, and Attorney Lymrr's aervlces
it ia aaid, were given in connection
with that deal which fell through.
Attorney I.ymer is now oa the muin-,land.
mf , nnMssBniaftanaawB.MeBeBiftaBaMsanmai
tin lit i . t' .-y i
-.T.-.TT-i 111 ' 1 'T' '.T ,-
pmhft ,ntn Tri
Honolulu -j Wholesale Produce. Market
"' Quotation3 , f
i . .. . . ifjrjXX)' MTt TBM tnUUTOaUAJs
VThotaaaia OBiy. . . ..aMWUTa XXtVIJUOll . , January 2a,.19U.-
Island butter, 111
Kgg", "''litl, .luiten
Kggs, So. I, iloecn
Kktt. Dnr.b. ilnscN.
. . . i 6
i. . m
Toang Moosii'i-s, lb
.;:):. .fi-fe .
,0i to 6Vj Rice Haw. seel .
Jwi to -,Peasts, lb, huge ...
' .05 yreea peirpers, aell . . . ,
I.ttf Green prpfiers, chill'. . . . ,
1. Potatoes, lMawd Irish....
ii.SH Patatoen, sweet .........
............ JO -Potatoes, sweet, red . . . . .
. j. !M0 Tare, bunch, 4....
.... 12 ta E.S9 Tire, ewt
, .', . 8.8(1 ie ITa Taaaatoea .
. . "" M to" "f.lHi Oaewnibers, dores . ....
, . 7i.00 to 8d.W, Pumpkins, lb ,
tJT "
Beans, string, -;rein . . .
Beaaa, string, s'ax. . . .
Beaaa, I Am In pod...
Bekhs, Maui reds . . . .
ran. 1 '..iv--
Beans, Rmall whites. . ,
Beets, dor.es hches . . .
CafrotS, dor.cn b. hcs. ,
CbWiskc, cwt
Cota, sweet, too cars..
Onrn. "s i i vf.. . .
"(JiB-k, Hs. Itf yel. . , . ,
Mice, Jap. si'i-d .t
r$itasn, Chinese, rxh
Bannnn. conking, bed.
FigVlOO ,
grapes, Isabella, lb . . .
, . . J50 WW
. . ... .Ltt
" 4
w " . " LX7S8TOCK :
' Cattle and sheep are aot bought at
paid for on a dressed weight .baslsj
' -SXa8
Beef, dressed, lb ; .'. . .1 ta M
Jf eal, dresseil, lb . .'. .V.vV. I .0V taM
Steer, No. 1. lb.
.....i. .14
....... M '4
Steef, hair slip
' ,The following are prices oa feed K o b. Honolulu:
Corn, sm. ycL ion . .V sJ.0C( Oats, ton ....
Corn, Ig. yel. ton 80.00 ta 2io( Wnat, ton
Corn, cracked ton ...fifi.00 tf- 8,7,50 Middling, ton
Bran, ton .i 44.00 ta Bl.M Bar. Wksst
Barley, ton . .. .,
.0C ta 92.0a
Scratch food, toa'
'. wEa-klr inlx letteh
.. nonoiuiu, January. ,19,1)5..
Conditions of tke local market aav
.emaiaed practically unchanged during
Ve ; week, the only. notieeaMe - difirt
nya tetng rfc the prioes of gree string
ana, wag string beans, acd lifne beaaa
In bod, some of which have almost
donUed in price. Barley, is abont the
only feed that haa chana-ed. solos- nn
r"T" rr-.-r"r -r . i
- rxriouy xrasa nuaaa eggs, toougH
they have remaiaed- tka urn tn nriea,
are cemlag into the market la lorgef
a,ttnatitiea thaa they .have bee for
many aoatbe past, aad in all wobabili
Ity there will be a drop In price in th4
hs mediate f ntnre: Islknd - poultry ia
selling for thd same prices. I
.Toa after too ofevery fine eabliage
is being received by thVDieiaibn. Thit
cabbage Is setting rapidly at 24 cent
a pbyni wholesale;.- f,. , n 'i.'tf
Wad, Irish potatoes are. Jwst niglni
tirfg to come Into the meal market. and
el!ing foV 2.25 to $17S a -Bttnared;
Very good sweet pettitoes" ef diterent
varieties continue to Knger around fh4
tollar mark. There will, be a greater
iemaed' fbr the sweet potnte in" the
Sear f rttnre ' than there ever hs"be'eil
Small . Sfiipment o. Herp, lytora
. Com in g
: t Part of the shipment ef income taw
form for wblch the Honohilu inte'rssj
revenue office has been waiting fof
levernl weeka arrived Hatnrday and,
aoeut 000 pf these were mailed out ba.
5ol. Howard Hathaway to tax payers
the .name day; s. .
The forms that arrived are those, ta !
bo used by individuals whose incomes
in lKW-waa less than aHV.. , Tho i
, ... . . ..ft,
fgrms that are to lm used m ronnectiou
with incomes In excess of this figure 1
nd those tot corporations are pot yet
her. It i.,believad thej . ill .Hv J
wme time tbia. week and they -a M he
mailed ant a noon as tney reach the i
bliector'k hands. "
It is estimated that a bent 10.000 per-
sons come within tbe scope of the in
come tax provisions of the hew '
ternul revenue law 'and about seven
thousand notices In addition to thoso
mailed (Saturday are to be' sent out as .
(oon.as they arrive. - ' I
Accompanying every ' notice issued
Colonel Hathaway aent the appeal Of
ha treasury ulcnartment 'ssUina- . tnx
layers to- make payments V lash,
money, order, draft -or certified check
at the tune that they present the re
'-.urn -to the collector.. --,,',
, Vnder the law the tax payer haa at
ll nfarcb n fa Whiew-ae, makwbia as
'urn on tke oflicial.form. This is a dc-
' 7 " r ' . - . -r .
ailed,atatemeht af his lnauir, -Id 1917.
4e haa until vane 10 tn which to pay
the tax, but in view of the' govern
nent's need of cash fa It-war work,
the appeal' has been issued; that pay
Vtenta .be made when the returns are
VISITOR EN'tHilsiXstlC: pi
"The present eruptive stata; of Kil
,tuea volcano Is wqr.th all tha thousands
of miles tourists may traverse from
fheir'own homes, for the like of it can
not be seen sny where else ia thai world
ud aq other volcano on the .globe ii
to accessible," sad C. M. l.yoa yester
lay, having just return from a trip to
Hawaii and Maui.
Mr. I.yoO was here fc year hho nnd
the year before that aad saw the vol
eano on each occasion but necr a
bow with the lake dose ts the rim.
Jdr. Lvoa, with A. V. Martin, both
representing the I.aHalle Univemity
Extension Course, have been in the
Islands for the tiast two months, and
will return to tho Coast next Saturday.
hiiAlly ftiVEil ' ii fii fiiii il
- ' .1 ft..,.. 1 -f ','
48 to .40
TttMleya, lb.
Aft te .49
,.. .no to 2
. . JO ta .32
........ 7.00
. . . M to .U0
. . , .07 to .01
. i . .05
, t.2l to 2.70
... .7 to .W
. 1.00 to 1.10
....'... JMI
. . '.SO to .7.".
. m to .02 Vs
thicks, muscovv, lb.
Docks, Pekiti .'..'.J
Packs, Hawaiian, doaen.
Hawaiian Oranges (100)
IJmea, 100 .............
....... l.fS
1.00 ta 1.23
to" t.75
.0 ta .02Vt
PiBeapples, cwt
PRnalaa, lh.
Htrawberriea. lb v .
NM weight. Tkty sea iktsghtered bsm!
Hogs up to 130 pounds .13 to .IS
Maytowl dveaard. lb Hn fa .M
pwk, dressed, lb . 18. te M
r .totrmat wrr Trwr
Kin. ah.
Goat,' wkite, .
JO to JO
...72.00 to 72JU-
...... M.00
...48.00 te M.00
.-.470 t 48.00
Hajr. alfalfa .
before, These potatoes are' being naed
trow oy local oaaertee -for making 'i
new tweet potato war bread, i-tlii Rot
eelf of theTT. W. C. A. U a demonstra
tlon on Kanai last' November,' showed
the people af the (lafden Istand bow te
nonserve wheat aad IWeet potato bread
has been need exrenaiteljr ieyaf since.
A' similar demonstration wilt be 'given
by Mrs. tnesell tn the irbrarjr of Ha
waii on Wednesday, the SOtV -
' l.oveV Bakery la exprhntiilrf with
sweet potatoes as a prt' substitute 0r
at and., In k shdrt time will be ptft
rtnir a yefy fine grade Of bread b thx
market, made' of about" JJ '1-4" perecw
sweet potatoes. The Bwwt' fthop" or
Hotel Street haa been serving' a tdet
road s"eet potato bread ff Some- UrtV
past, which la madf on tkeif ow prem
Ire". " -. ' -" ' . A- ,''':. -. - i
the Bkana Campaign (0nnuen am'
brdara-ara comior In ia ereat nnmber
esch dy.' Afe the bnbli is Hcqnlant
ed wit.b the various dishrfe that ran V
preperad'wltn the' batikna; and ltd ue
as a substitute for wheat, no tabic
will be complete J?hout It appearance
la some form or otaay.rt," ' '!
. ; . ; ,o. a i.imrTFboT. ?
Cutting Ae J0'6a Ciiyen Away
Toaay At Station
Japaneoa. aaa foe cows.
Free ratting 'today. ' ; . ,r -1 1
Tea' United tate Experiment Sta
lylu, haa avaUable for. free distribu
lala, haatavaiiabln.for three' distribu
tlo a) ' limiledl naaibar of Cuttings o
the Japanese Uba cane. Tlie remark
able success which baa resulted fron.
T'ated ratoons from this forage crop
n maagel harvested Tram tke uunir
nured section of 'the field. The can
while only irrigated iu one single in
cI,r in,B ''erhirtbcr lUli 'has ei
pSiSr '
In the distribution of 'cuttings it i
the nlnr of the Htatlon ta ave ever",
dairy both large and smalt obtain
1"as a start from these. A second staw
Jaituhena cane to bo rut at sum
lato in the pear future ia being hel
reserve as a demonstration plot, aw
teijneatn Which it may not'be possibh
'0, "'I fron " present auppb
will bo supplict as soon' as the rsori
"tand Is cot. If not convenient to eal
l'P'l"t" V made by pbon
monl Station.
i m-A
"Kew people realise how easy it Is
to dry bsnanns,."-said W. J. MacKeil
yestvrday., ','If they are peeled, cut in
hulves leugthwise aad put into a -warm
oven for ten ' hours they wIM be dry
eooucn to keep nnr nMotBS.' ' idanv
pmounce them deliciout. ' They are
totally different font' BC fresh fruit
"This ia a very simple way of sav
iug; the bauann and It may be aned to
some extent a substitute 'for meat
and wheat bo that diore Of the Utter
may be seut te the. front.
"When dried in small quantities tbe
cost of tbe gui for drying I hand is
about five Cents fbr the1 ten teora. Vis
large quantitlt the eoet would be wra
nn tioiiBtelv less.-' Vsa a Vary alow
lire. '' Aluminum pahs art- 'best. Tke
rmit oiioss tees.- Tne- drea proline'
tsites like' mot. Eat' Vthem be you
would miidy or ineci ng,"
"Some hsve dried -the rnit in'th
mil. It would be InterestinftT to hear
of their results."
f'urn this yrsr will serve two main
i'nriMsi s. It will help ft feed' US so
that we can reluee oaf eonsnmptlon Ot
Kheat and send moro to Eutere, and
it will
feed hogs for both ourselves
sbA our afHocintes in the war
While. Fiepds WarWw,im He
Win N9UJaM. Wove, On.
pwit Behalh-Unqualificd !-
.- l-'iMlV T:'i f!,lfA'--""-i '
Washingtoa Advices' Indicate
Choice Lies Betweui. Him
and C. J. Kutchlns ; : .
Admitting that be Would, accept' the
governorlhlp If offered m.Jiut declar
ing he would not mar the dignity of (he
office by seeking It was the1 attitade of
Dr. J. Hv Kayatond of Maul yesterday
afternoon., .aftjrr ' a '' SWshington do-
spatrh : pyblisked ia the Star-Bulletin
from t ha v eofreapondent stating - that
the race for the position-kerf harrowed
down to bint and Clintop J. Hatchios.
The despatch, was a eperinl one from
S. Albert, tke Washington-eerree-
-MMhdent of -tke Star-Bulletin, and posi
tively stared that Governor Piaknara
am not be reappointed,, a' reversal of
former reports from thia correspondent
tn inr g;oTrriivrsDip ryminimrul.
) While' the eorreajwindent anys OoV
Tnor Pinkksm will wot W renamed, ha '
thinks it is likely that there will be aa
..H. Lt ft A l k ' . t . i
neumnewt win conttane.. . "x
C. J. Ttnteh Ins aad Pr. Saymend la
d way he sees It. U L. MeCandlesa
hnlnafed and Collector 'of Customs
Waleolm Fraakfia not Irt the running.
3octor KayiDond Haa Friends
Wlheo Dr. Raymond Waa seen aboard
ke-' toaaaa Ken 'at h- waa' preparing
leave for his Maui home ba aaid he :
vid eoaristently ref seed ta go tokWash
agtoa t seek thd position; nnd would
ant do4 aa nntil it waa tentatively aloe
ed'kias 'aad he wna aske to come to
ke" national capital for a eoaference
vith'tae President. .
Thronabont the' interview he em-
paaaixed tha statement that he knew
ie had frWada la Waahingtoa who were
UMfoae to have him named, but that ho
lad don nothing to md hi eaBdtdacy.
Mearetsn- nf Iaterior Laae, ba, aaid.
he. bad met when be went loWeshing
wn to work for Governor Pinkhsm a
ibpoin tmoirt. - '.''-' J .''.
. l have notbiag to do With any earn-
ign. i my "behalf.'.' Oa the' contrary I
my diseoaragod eH activity ia my in
terest 'which might induce me to bo
aWn candidate. ' " -;1 ''
outd. Accept 'Offeg a , - ; '
. f'r.kava said, however, and tb fact
'iaa been published, " that-, should the
osittoa be offered ms. by tae t'rcsi
(ent that T'Will aopt,i i i f
'''.'.Also'. I do know that 1 have friend
'-' ITashlhgton' who ! have '--iilterested
"he'mse'lves U ny appointment, but I
nv. no advices from fbgm concerning
H," Wnless. such -are in my mail which
I will receive on my retnra nome romor-
raV.i'-'-" ' . ,.V .,!;; ''..- .':
Besides, I have bad a - number of
leffere 'and have "been apwroaehed by
any prominent' eittnens ancT friends
-f th Islands who have voluareered to
jrhas my name in "Washington.
e'Thnra is a man waa wea ta r asu
fgten en an 'rnttrely different, mission
bat Insisted Upon espousing my candi-taey.-
I wrote bins' I would accept if
ppointed; but that I wauld not mat tha
' . 1 . . M 1 1 I .Jft
iciiiiT dt lie oinrr riinnK
V . And tw addition,' I rn formed him
Hat I woVtd hot go tri Wnshtngten ti
ll J'wad sea far nad tha position tenta
lialy ieflered -me." .
Vara Ve CkUa ..,f,
' in'eaneluaion I)r. itaymond averred:
'I lay na rlaisn-ta tke position polity
aRy ar atkerwlse' -
Friends of Mr.i Hateklns point out
hat wke' roaidenee la Hawaii will be
reestablished an -February 1-1 and any i
isr to lie nppoiMment removed, as it
viU the be a year since he eama here
tnd took net a leasehold, 'They- alio
duteatl that his- appointment then hi
ertaln as it Is believed be Was; ad vis
d early la 1917 to qualify fat appoint
ment as the. next Owarwor of Hawaii.
... . .'- - trTv t y-iu ,
Uka Reported To.. Have Mada
Gun Play It Suspended
, .1.. ". i " i
Boea has caused the .uapews pf
rVter Luk aa a poll ee ma a at V'Ua,
followliii; what Ja alleged te have bevu
en attempt to Ihdot np tha little plan-
'atian yillage, ami ended by as atraek
m a Catholic pr'eet. . Ila-Wae aVdeteil
suspended t)y SherlfT Rose yehterdny
vending an lyaactt,.b:.''f"m.i '-
His troubl-s started Whert his d iub
ter ran away from homo afcd he start-,
d in pursuit ef'her; armed with re
volver. During tV search kr W.rvport
"d to have taken seveial df ink.''Whri
Hcfinalty found the dnnghtef he fired,
several abota k the' air, ' causing the
girl to retreat te the' home bf a) Porta
(ueae, where the-policeman-foUemed,
kicked In, tbe door and took Us daugh
ter away. ", -f ..'' 1 "
It was on hie way home that, l.ufca
encountered the CntkolK priest, and ke
If alleged to kava aaia made threat
ening action's with' hia revolver, uutil
the -priest retreated within tha aharcb.
. 'jt. . , .
CBOTjrp. i, ;'.'? -
Every young child is sneepMbl Ho
croup. Uoii't wait unfit this ilrndful
disease attacks' your little one before
you Vp-art for' it.' Ia comes tin tlie
night alien rheirtista' Cops are vsnnlly
iWsed, nnd this hlne,boplil Wssim
fdg.1'" Oet nnr kfeil kC1ianil.et'aln''s
tfoub' gamrdy afhlniT, : ft wevef tail-',
nets qufeklv and tw fthst lutcly kar'Vesi.
For sale by all dealer.' Henaoa, Phi th
A Co., Ltd., agca'.s tit UaaUi.v-Adver-tlaentcat.

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