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, ft. ' '- '
v ' IK.- '.-
New Vessels' To Be Sent Here
With Coal and Then Despatch
, ; ed With Island Cargo
Three -Ships Nearly Ready To
Establish Panama Route To
v 1 :$.f Eastern Refineries
from information gained from vari
ous tonrce it appear that all th new
steamer built 1 til ship yard of Ta
coma, Seattle aad 1'ortlaad arc to be
detrhed to the Atlantic by the way
of Honolulu.
TJios new teuers, of an average of
flOOO toa deadweight carrying rapacity,
are to efm here from the northwest
. )ort with coal for' the later Island aad
, reloaded with a cargo of sugar for the
eastern refineries.''. ' ' . .
.. That the Hawaiian sugar crop of
1918 for eastern ' delivery was to be
seat to the Atlantic seaboard by the
way of the Panama Canal, instead of
from her to Has Francisco aad thea
serosa the voatinent by rail as first
expected, tat-ame knows to local sugar
men this week, . .
The eongesti of the trans-continental'
railroad business is given as the
reasoa for the ebaage of plans. At
first there was much speculation as to
bow the ship were to be provided for
moving the sugar east by the canal, but
this was explaiaed yesterday by well
informed Hoaolnlu shipping mea who
are seeping .n close touch with the
Intentions., of the aational shipping
lxard. ' . .. -1
Work of Ked Adams .
It is asserted that the shipping board
was iadneed to despatch the new steam
ers from the -northwest ship yards by
the way of Honolulu through sugges
tion mad by a former Honolulu resi
dent, Ned Adams, ths agent for Alex
ander A Baldwin and the htatsoa Navi
gation Company in Seattle aad Ta
coma. ' Up sstil about ten years ago
he was an employ ef the Alexander
ft Baldwin agency la, Honolulu.
Adams appreciated tbe need of ships
for the island trade and for moving
the 191S sugar crop, aad also knew that
the ships coming from the ways ef the
chip yards early this year were all in
tended for war use in the Atlantic. He
took up the question with the national
shipping board, showing how a profit
able cargo could be carried ou all of
the voyage to Nw York, If tbe trip
ws made . by the way of the islands,
nl how a need for shipping could be
supplied by the earns means.
Three Are Coming
Kvery indication is that bis tugges
tions hare beeaf adopted by tbe ship
ping board SS twe of the big new steam
ers arc already scheduled to leave Na
naiaio, British Columbia, with coal ear
goes for Honolulu. ! Information ha
also beea seat here that these pteainers
are to be given sugar cargo for eastern
delivery. Three of the steamers which
are scheduled to come to Honolulu sooa
with coal cargoes from Naaaimo, Brit
ish Colombia, are the Boston, Sacra
mento and Absaroka.. The first is a
small steamer of 2000 tons rapacity and
it is aot definitely known that the ves
sel is to take sugar cargo by the way
of the canal,, although instructions to
load the other for this voyage have
been received. '
No details he Iteen received yet
as to th Sacramento, excepting that
hhe is to be given sn eastern sugar
cargo and that her carrying capacity
is about 0000 tons. Due to her sir.e she
1 believed to be a new vessel, although
there was formerly a steamer of the
earn name, but murh smaller, operat
ing on the Pacific Const
A recent issue of tbe Railway and
Marine Nswa,ntin a description of
the Absaroka and her launching at
the yards. of the Skinner ft Kddy Cor
). oration,1 the .biggest ship building con
rera la Beat tie, Washington. This de
scription Is given after oue telling of
the launching ef the Troutolite mi. I if
follow! i " "
launching of Absaroka
The second launching of the Nkinuei
& Kddv plant was that of the H.ttOO ton
steel freighter Absaroka, which took
pine.: Saturday, December 22, Miss Jaue
l'arrv, fourteen year old daughter of
the late Will Parry acting as spousor
The Abearok is a single screw ves
sol, aud a sister ship to the Neilsen
vessel built at these yards. Hhe if
4.3 feet In length, fifty-four feet moll
ed beam, twentv mae feet, nine iuche
inotiled. depth,' end her contract callr
for a speed sf eleven and half knots
M.e will be equipped with three Scotch
marine boilers, built by the Coiunier
. ml Boiler Works, Seattle, aud pro
i.elled by 2"0U horse power triple ex-
psusioa engines with cylinders 25 inch,
42 inch, Ta - tach, by inch stroKe
l.iiilt by the Seattle Machine Works
! lie has . been commandeered by the
I n i ted States Shipping Board.
Tlie IssschiOK of the Absaroku iiim. I'
ll total number of launching at this
i.lant for the year 1917 of eleven ves
m Ih. with a total dead weight capacity
of US,ou tons.
It is estimated here that the Absa
itika will carry about 7000 ton of coal
or sulfur. ' She, as well as the rtscra
niciite nd Boto1i, are exectcil to
ui rive h Batly.lu. Jebruarv.
II iU Morrison Heid's many friend
is Honolulu and Hawaii will hear with
rcL'ict of his sudden death at Berkeley,
Cil.fyrnis, January 2'.
Mr. Hcul Was student st 1'uuuhou
aud a graduate of the I'niversity of
t'sliforaia In 4915. Hs Baa been con
nected with The Sierra ft San Francisco
I'ov.er Co. M electrical and construction
cnirtneer. fur the past few year.
He U deeply mvurted by hi wife,
Lrutltcrs and sisters.
New Steps M
For Extension ' v
Plans To i Acquire the 7 Tracts
' Needed For Improvement To
Be Made Are Outlined By City
Attorney A. M. BrowrvCon
demnation Probable
first steps were taken yesterday by
City Attorney A. M. Browa toward the
condemnation of property necessary to
lie acquired by the city in its project
for extending Bethel Street from Hotel
to Beret a a ia Streets for th purpose
of providing additional en tie t in the
heart of the city.
Property Owsers having a total of
about 30,000 square, feet were notified
yesterday of the projected Improvement
aud of the amount to which their pro
perty is sseei . aniier . ta last tax
roll. They ftr requested t name the
sum for which they will selL ' After thr
total has beea reached aad the boon
f auperviaor ha passed 0 the ex
penifiture, the next step . will be thi
appointment of a board, of appraiser.
by court, rrom the award of these
appraisers th property owners wil
hav the right of appeal before, the
final sum will be arrived. at.
To Coat $100,000
City Engineer Cantin estimated yes
terday that th cost of th impr ernes
will be about 150,000 to tho'eity, in
eluding the total damage mad. the it
stalling of street paving and gutters.
The fifty foot street projected take
uneven slices from the property throng)
which it passes on account. f the fact
that tbe blocks are smaller at the eas
ends. Much pt the permanent property
ia the course of the street ' extensioi
was built with- the idea that the street
would som day some' through, tht
Liberty Theater havlag its back wal
just on the line aad th Qulna building
which lose a slice, having passage
way along the line oa it ground story
In. Addition to1 this, the two-story brick
building of - th Bobinsoa estate ot-
Hotel Street . Is th only substaatia
building to be tovched. Th Bomai
Catholic mission, whish also loses ai.
end, t aa old wood building.;
wui BBat rruurty . .. i
Th Impfovament will be or gre
benefit t all of th property facia.
oa the new street Use.. Both the Ha
wall aad th Bijou . Theater- properti
although cut, by the line, ,wjll reeelvi
new entrance oa th street irbleh wit
greatly enhance th valo of th pre
perty. Tb owners of .- property, tc
getber with the footage which tach wil
lose, are aa follows ,
J. H. Schaaek 471 sq. ft
Mart Book 9,037 "
Prod Harrison 1 47
Rorabaa Catholic Mission .3,738 " '
Mary II. Damon 6,100 "
Bishop Cstat , 1,821 "
Palitheoa Ce, Ltd. 4,408 '
Territorial Government'.. 121 "
George A. Aldrlch 1863 "
James Robinson 3,210 '
The loss of property per bloc!
through the' extension will be, Hotel U
Pauahi Streets, 12,423 sq. ft.; Pauah
to Chaplain Lane, 0,828 sq. ft.
Chaplain Lane to Beretauia Street.
10,758 sq. ft.
It is believed that the property ewe
ert affected will be willing, to maki
every inducement to the city to pv '
through tbe extension on account of
th value 'It Will be to their property
and tbe 'property nearby, tiity lus
gineer Castin believes that unless somt
abstael that is aot foreseen sow eomst
up the whole improvement will be fin
ished within Bine months, provided the
approval, of the board of supervisor
is forthcoming.
Four new indictments were brought
by the Territorial grand Jury a gains'
Lionel R. A. Hart, who was brought
before Circuit Judge Been yesterday
morning where the indictments were
read, two charging him with embezzle
incut of shares of mining stock and twi
with having forged and passed forgei
document. In the absence of his at
torney, Julge William B. Lymer, wh
is uow eu route to the mainland, th
arraignment was postponed uati
March when the attorney will lm back
Hart was brought into court by I
representative of Judge Lymer 's office
and was released on his own recog
nizauce, as a heavy bond is now ot
Ale for bis appearance in the original
rase brought against aim few nmutbi
The indicted iiiuu was origiuallv the
Honolulu representative of the ('liarlet
A. Stoneham Co., brokers of New York
He suddeuly left Honolulu, went U
China, was indicted, and was caught in
Han Krancisco asd brought buck here
to face trial, bv Chief of IMective
Mc Duffle.
The present imlistments grow out of
the same case, for Wilbrrt Mining Com
puny stock are the basis of the new
charges. 'He is charged with haviug
taken sud couverted to his own use
200 shares of this stock, for which he
is indicted for e mliezzlement, ami af
terwsrds forging the name of V. K,
Zane to the certificates. Tht1 other in
stances are for 200 shares of the same
stock, to which he is alleged to have
forged tbe name of K. K. Zaue.
Miss Lucy Adams, one of the tost
known missionary workers of the isl-
and, disd at the Kula Hauitartuin at
midnight Wednesday, interment being
in tbe Sanitarium plot the following
day, sav the Maui News, Wailuku,
of last Friday. Deceased was a settle
ment worker in connection with Bs'd
win House, Lahaina, and In 1914 was
placed in charge of the institution. Hhe
remained as such until about two year
ago, when she became ill aud went to
tbe Sanitarium.
Mia Adams lift many friemU on
Maul and throughout the Islands, mIki
will regret to learn of her death.
Illicit Drug i Sellers Have Such
Well Perfected Systems Cap- v
ture Is Near Impossible . ,
avmtlgatio.. of . th machinery. f
the Hosoluln underworld of vie, which
i being poshed by city aad federal as-1
tfcoiUMW have revealed syjUm of
)t Jllll TVpTVIItlil JR . tUVT smjl SJ lf
drags,, which would do credit tn thr
hssnt of Paris Apaches. It ia said
. Tht flrst law of the illicit business
i that ef "safety first" whl-h make
the. trailing ot tb offeaders a well-
nigh Impossible accomplishment. 'It hat
bee found that the street agents of
tstese tellers of drugs ar so wily that
It is Impossible to trick them into tnak
ing any of the well-kaowa sigat to any
but a user of the dope.
"They seem to hav torn form o:
if i,
ncanny recognition of Jeseh othe'
'hieh cannot be nnesrthsd by aa na
iaitiated persoa," said oa of the of-
Heials la "Itarge of th vwe hunt. yee
terday. "No matter what the langa..
tee mav be these men seem to under
rtand each other at tight aad it la
very rarely that on of th agents
vho are known to be oa the streets' at
til hour can be tricked Into revealing
According to information that i ha
beea secured, the "high sign" of th
lop user seems to consist of a steady
i.v i. ... ki.k i, ...k.nj v
he pnrehsser of drug and the agents
rf dealers. "Snowbirds" at they are
armed bv the poli'. r reptrtd to
ave various marks of Identlflcation
Sot it Is onlv the expert Ja thi tiartf-,
ultr line who is able to distinguish
in of th users of the drags, and thus,
Sy means of tireless shadowing, at last
Ind where h 1 getting th stuff.
Many Dealers Her
Honolulu it repotted t contaia deal;
ira la-plenty is every kaown eontra
Sand drug. Most of these are Oriental
who have mean of getting it from th
Irient or of manufacturing , it here,
that the use of drnga among th sol
Her has grown to alarming propor
iont it declared by thot who ar the
'nttigatera - of the elean-np Most of
h placet where "hop" ia told ar la
-he rear of email Chinese btisiass
abliahntentt of various kinda, chiefly
a the vicinitv of River Street.
' ''Hop" told by th' Honolulu deal
r it famished in various forma, from
tmall pellet to bottle aad powder,
't hat no mark of any manufacturer
ia it and aothing to give the slight
st evidence where it war made The
taekages which the purchaser carried
'way with him are disguised ia every
onceivabl form, usually i each a
aanner as will correspond wttn tne.n arcord with bM just share. U aays
latnre of th ostensible bnsines of the
ledler. ' .
Tamlllarity Eaaenttal
- Even whet a maa has succeeded in
aialng . th attention of th treet
tgent, it hat beea learned, the first
iga of uofaaailiarity with the us or
tandliag of-th drug is suOioient ' to
ring a stop to the tale at once. There
re many tlgnt by whieh the agent
n tell a novice from aa old timer and
'f a beginner in the uss of th drugs
't to make pnrehases oa his own hook
S most be thoroughly instructed and
HMrted in advance by some person who
j, After the proper identification and
iarttfying of th prospective purchaser,
iverv meant it employed to escort him
' the place of tale with all possible
ereey, the only outward siga being a
ttraight look in the eye and then an
innooeaft-appearing viilt a tailor
ihop or laundry nearby.
Pertont wh hav given information
have usually come into possession rl
tt throns-h accidental sssociatioa with
tome soldier or other user of the druss,
6ad frequently, it it said, have great,
Tsar or tne consequences inai may i
tend any ttatementt made by them
selves. Ofncialt say that tbe sale of drugs is
'he most difficult thing of all to trace
and yet they are determined to root
int the illicit business. Evidence is
lready at the disposal of federal agents
which promise results within a short
A. P. Halbush, the local long dis
tance runner, thinks there should be a
running race from Keaau, Nine Miles,
OU, to Hilo in the near future. He
says there are many runners about on
th same mark and that there is keen
rivalry Between them as to which is
the best runner.
lfelbush suggests a handirap race,
with the better runners at scratch
aad the others at stations compen
sating for their agility.
In Helbush, Forbes, Carter, Mscha
do, and a Couple of other runner, a
good scratch bunch roulil be obtained.
Tber it much interest being taken
in the proposed event and if some
busintss Arm will donate a suitable
trophy, the event may be pulled off
within a few week' time. Hilo Tri
bune. ,
DrJ.Collis Browned
Act ha a cnarm is ,
th on epscino io
The nly Palllsvtrv Ir. NBURALOia, OOVT, MIUMATiaa,
CsainiM asii Tsrfssj masanw sa wnn
.Vi'.l in IWv.Uhi bv all Cam.u.1
P,um . k-OiMi, ge, IV.
Fish ; Dealers and Companies
Come To Agreement With Food
'Administration Representative
' i fish dealers -tnd companies hav
made an' agreement 'ja-itn the food ail
smiaistrkttoa ' fixing maximums for th
0 b sbarged ibe consbmet. for
fish In Honolulu. ;
According to a statement hsuWi.yet
Unity, It ft agreed thit fish la Hoaor
luln shall not retail for more that
tweaty-five cents per pound, aBd aha
hall not be sold at a higher rate that
fifteen ennts per pound, '
Thft sgreement ws reached after a
conference yesterday .with' rf. Hani-
mora, who .1 a special rcpresentativ
of the food admiaHstratinn, Th max-
itioll . of tweatv flv percent la , the
prirc, tut hav beea charged ia th
Ju,u fof wrUi k,mU f
resents a distinct.. concession oa the
part of the fish men which It a reault
of pressure, that ha been brought to
bear upon them by Mayor Fern and
members of the city administration. ,
. - The new schedule "ef prices, while aot
making a marked reduction, ia under
stood to be a 'Victory for th consumer
is tnat it tort) hi s
ia that it forbids' the charging of -
orbitant prieet f or fish at th talta Of
th ihhrket. Under this agreement any
purchaser is Justified ia Insisting oa a
maximum price t twenty-five cent
,'or fish offered for saw.i
Only a Beginning -
Mayor Fora sa:d last night that the
agreement is still iarfrom satisfactory
in several important respects, and eaa
be regarded only a beginning ia the
regulation f fish. .prices.
"If stall men are going to be per
mitted to sell aka for fifteen cants per
pound with the ..backlog of the com
t aniet. then the ciUsesion irranted la
the terma will be, more than1 offset,"
said Mayor Fern last night. "Thr
maximum' of twenty-five, cents" at ap
plied to mullet la something gained to
the pnblaj, but liam ttill.eonviaeed
that thr price for this fish should b ar
low a twenty-tw cents. Aku kaa been
selling, even -at these time of high
prices, as low aa eight cent per found
aad it should aot be sold for more than
that.' " .
Mayor Fern, said that no agreement
satisfactory to the elty authorities will'
have been reached until some sort of
arrangement haa been made for limit
'ing the middleman' profit to one more
that the nsh companies still remaia
a combination that retains foil power
over both th fisherman and tb ulti
mata purchaser, and that he will con
tinue to fight i antil ' this feature of
th high 6th pricf. i eradicated.
Flak Art) Icarc m .-- ,' ::
The parties -to the agreement eon
tend that there" is a scarcity of fish
ia the local market' and that the ready
sale for them run the bidding to high
figures among the ttalf mea who com
pete at the auctions. They say that
after March the situation will be re
lieved and there will be a greater sup
ply, when prices will fall automatical
. K. Hamauiura, special representative
of the VnitM States Food Administra
tion. Who effected the agreement with
'he fish dealers, said last night he had
advised i the. retailer to be ehary ia
their bidding and aot to run th prieet
up at auction, at otherwise they stood
to mm tuoaey.
! The statement issued by the fish rep
1 reseatatlv. of the food administration
is as follows: -. '
Editor. Advertiser With regard to
the fish situation now prevailing and
discussed among the people of Hono
lulu, I took this matter op as part
of fcy authorised duty aad held a con
ferenee yesterday with the fishing cor
porations and retailers, the outcome of
whleb was as follows:
Aku or Bonito to be sold at not over
fifteen eents per pound to, the eon
sumcr. All other fishes to be sold at
not over twenty-five eents to consum
ers. Respectfully,
Hpecial Representative United
States Food Administration.
HILO, Hawaii, January ll. Tw.o
fast game of basketball' were played
In tbe Hilo armory last night and
while the flrst wa "won by the Hilo
Vaebt Club team which defeated the
Hawaii outfit by anre of twenty
seven to twenty-two,, the second gams
went to the Hilo Boarding School by
t tally of forty -sis to twenty-four.
There was a fair crowd present to see
h games aud tb excitement ran high.
The last gam was a most interesting
out, and during the second half th
nlay wts very fast. Hilo Daily Trib
one. ,
i - Checks and arrests
J Th Cost lmdy know for
IC00C2S, colds' ;
I ' " Msolsltlsrf,
1 1, T-D4vsssoav, Ltd. Lmi 1
I. : r
( : . : , ! . oa- . ' ,
Carnival Committee Decides To
;r',For Events !:v,
v x
Tharsda, February tl,V aad Satur
day, February 23, have beea decided
up UntaUvely a tbe date -for the
coming . Caraival A. A. U. twimmtng
meet, which will be held ia the Y. M.
C, A pool. VVItr-tlm eondldont have
prevented the. staging of th meet' la
th harbor and th us of the Outrig
ger : Caao Club . beaeh aad Fort Da
Baaiy . pool for' th parpoa hat bees
fotnd Impraetteabl. .' . '.
The Carnival committed, ' through
George H. Angus, th' chairman aa-
noune4 yesterday that Will T. Kaolins
wilt have full hrg of -the plan for
th meet. Mr. Rawlin will be atsUted
by John Fl Soper, chairman of the regis
tration committee of the local ; A. A.
V., and other official of th orgauixa
tion. - .' '.- (
Tb Hut Nalu, Hesjanl, Outrigger,
Pa lam a, Y. W. C. A. and other wim-
mlng elub are already putting .their
mermen .aad mermaids : through 1 ths
paces jot ta. coming', meet '.aad tb
eompetitioa will probably b greater
thaa Honolulu' ha ever witneaacd be
fore. , ..'" " V ". "''
About -and. around the "Y" pool
thr is seating capacity for at least
a thoota'ad tpectator. A. E.' Larimer,-
executive secretary of the ;"Y' V It
cooperating with th meet fflelals.
Mr. and MY. E. J. Walker of Hams
kuapoko entertained , tb member ; of
the' Paia and . Fuunene; bridge .teams
last Saturday night, says last Friday 'a
Usui ffews ef Wailuku. Tb oscaslon
was aa auction bridge toaraameat be
tween Paia and Puvnene, and a team
representing .. Paia were ahed atv f he
clos Of . tb evening by tk aeon of
2401 point. . 'V .i '
The following team ' renreeeated
Paia: . Lindsay aad. Bieet'' Kosecraas
and Smith j Bee man and MePhe Wal
ker aad Boynm. -
Puunen was represented at folUwtt
William and Prsttj Pratt and Colli i
Johatoa as4 Chaterton ; ' Bobbins and
Fantom.' ' ''- v u .- .
In the tournament each tn p'ayed
each other team for one hour, aad th
total score counted. v During the v
iag,. rf rethmnts were tetted,. and
evwryon report , a moat enjoyable
It It likely that Hilo will have t
representative la the coming ten mil
race, which will begin at Fort Hhafter
and finish at MoiliUl Field.. A. P.. Hel:
'nsh. 'sptn'o of the Hilo team which
son .the relay, from the Volcano to
Mooheau Park, has beea appealed to.
H kaa decided that ha cannot com
to Honolula bat expect that Jarne
Oeorg Carter will make the trip aad
represent Hilo aad the Island in the
local race. - Carter waa the yoaogttet
who ran the last lap for .the Hilo team
ip the recent marathon. Should Carter
ran In the February 0 ten-mile event
Hilo will certainly lend tone and alasa
to th affair.
WASHINGTON, January 7 The
prospect of a series of exhibltioa games
with tb tThUaderpWa Nat loo fs Va
Florida and at military training, eampt
during the trip homeward it causing
Manager Oriffitb to give seriout consid
eration to Taupe, Florida, as the spring
'raining place for the Washington
' . n
MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, January
7 E. F. ("Red") Egan, a ball player
of twenty years' experience, haa tign
ed a provisional contract to manage
th Milwaukee Anfericsa' Attoviation
club for three years, beginning with th
1918 aeason. Owner A. F. Timiu an
nounced today.' J
NEW OB LEANS, "Sanusry 9
Jockey Arthur Johasoa, considered oue
of the country's star riders, waa in
jured and his mount, Popitee, was
killed, in the second race today at the
Fair Ground, The horse fell at the
half post and most of the ten other
ratters rsn over Johnson, but physi
cians' said he suffered ouly minor
men who played in the Santa Clara
Valley League last season have been
signed by the Sacramento baadball
elub of the Pacific Coast League. They
are Milton Leonard, pitcher and out
fielder, aud Outfielder Oliver.
Troop IV and Troop IX, Boy Scout,
will engage in a basketball battle this
evening. The game will be tdaved in
'he paiues hall of the Y. M. C, A., and
will begin at seven o'clock sharp.
lidlllU 10
Past Twelve Months Saw Eleven
; Hundred Ring Bouts Staged
;.v ' In Mainland :s t '
NEW YORK, January '(Associat
ed Press) That boxing' held, its" posl
tlon at Ose of tb leading sports, from
th ataadpoiat of attractiveness t tb
spectator, during 1917 U amply dem
oastrated by tb ring records pf th
past year, Neither promoters nor pa
gilist ar iaeliaed to play th gam
sales there is rtasoaabl remunaratiea
involved and th fact that som Mvea
tr; of the leading glav knights par
ticipated la clot to 1100 bout during
the twelv months just ended indicate
that th box offic receipt wer up
to th usual atandard. J. v.vU.
Sueh Btatlstica at are available show
that a large majority of tb 1100 bout
held wer staged in - Eastern cities
wher. th contest ar , limited to en
gagements ra aging frost six to twelve
round unless cut short ty a knockout.
As a result a large percentage of the
bouts terminated ia draws or no deci
sion affaire- but ia allowing far thi
-aaauicap. in reaching a decisive finish
, the . percentage of knockouts tu a
trifle better than aeven percent. Light
i weigh ehampion, Benny Leonard lead
ie this respect, hit record thowing the
earprltiagly . high ttsndsrd of winning
almost tw-third . of his bouts by
kbefkouta. .'!..
Bora Idea of what this tixty-ait aad
two-thirds percent efficiency mean eaa
be galaed from .comparison of thi rec
ord wtta that of other Americaa title
holder for th year just closed. Pete
Herman, thm kanlim . l.m.:.. ' ..
about five percent of his bouts y th
K. O. route, Johnny Kllbane holder
of the' featherweight title did better,
winning ten percent ' of hit ring ' en
counters by knockout. ; Ted Xe wis,' the
welterweight, champion, woa twenty
percent of . hit battles in a lik maa
ner. The middleweight title holder,
Mike O'Dowd, just eroased tk tixteen
percent mark, while Jeas Willard, eu
todiaa of the heavyweight crown, did
not indulge himself to th . extent of
defending hit title aad so- drew a
- w ,; (A,
, The Paia Winter Basebal League of
axaui it going along swimmingly aad
detpit th iaclement weather two eood
garnet were played' at Paia a week ago
yesterday. Th Weekly Tim, Wail
ku; of last Thursday giv a column aad
a half writ up to th gamea, .whitb
ahowa how th psstime Is taking on
tha Valley Island. The Haiku defeat
d th Japaaese Athletic Club by the
score of nine to six, while klaaager Me
del roe' Beauts walloped th Filininos
thirteen to six. Yesterday' game of
tae league were to nave been played ai
Haiku. Maul is the poly island with
a working 'baseball circuit.
.. ,..
Aa elimination tennis - tournament
wil) be started cn the Puunene court
today, according to tbe Maui News of
lust Friday, the purpose of which will
be to. work down to the two mixed
teoms which will meet the Coait aad
Honolulu player In February. Playing
writ go on every day tbat weather wil
uermit. The entries thus far arai Tt
C. Lindsay and Miss Mary Couch; Bav
B. Rletow and Mrs. E. B. Csmpbell; W
H. Engle and Mrs. W. 8. Chilling
worth; W. A. Baldwin and Mrs. B
Hughes; Caleb Burns . aad Mrs. E. B
The regular monthly touruament of
the Plantation Tennis league will be
played on Hunday, February 3, at Ha
kalau, Hilo, Hawaii, aud teams from
many plantations are expected to take
part in the matches. Tbe Hakalau
' team now hold the cup, which ia up
for competition. '
llam r. tinker or New Tors waa today
reelected (president of the Phlladel
pbia National league baseball elub
for five years, fred J. Chandler Br.
was reelected vice-president and Sam
uel N. Clement, secretary. The stock
holders of thr elub unsnimouslv an
proved the acHon of President Baker
in" selling Alexsnder and' Killifer to
the Chicago National League elub.
SAN FRANCISCO, January 19 Jake
HehseYer, Jr.. defeated Koji Vamada in
the 18.2 balkline billiard game held in
connection with the Elks' indoor ear
nivakin tb Oakland Municipal Audi
torium last uigbt. In the three-cushion
yum John Hora, former world's
champion, was beaten by Harry Wake
field by a score of 10 to 6. Ben Saylor
won the red ball contest from Joe
Carney by a score of 25 to 20. The
archery contest, which wa one of tbe
big features of the show, was won by
Arthur Young with a score of 172.
ST. I'.Vl'L, January 18 Fred Fl
tou. contender ,for the heavyweight
ehnropionsliiit, won a ten-round bout
fmm Hillv Miske nf litis ellv tiMrA n
nni iv rn
UL hill LLL
PAlflLO I! Fill
Raises Bug Juice, Alias Samshu, ' "
Instead of Pork, j Marshal -r;'"
.and Revenue Km Find
.1 ' ' " i..i'iJii-' r -VjM V.
Le Wsh Chung's hog farm in th
Peloid Valley 'has com to a bad nd.
Whed' TTnited States Marshal Hmiddv.
accompanied by som. Internsl revnu
men, went up ther to tee how th ' -critter
wer coming' along, they found
twenty, gallon or, , the choicest aham
tha liquor la th cellar of th hou, ,
twenty-six mash barrel, and a krttl '-',
in la outbuilding, aad a loaded ' aa
toaiatie under L' pillow. At the
head of, th bad stood pump gnn tha,t ,
looke4 as It it was tber for business. - ,
Fortunately. vLe was absent , when '
th party of officers arrived at hit
place, . aad there ' wan nothing to - do iv.
but sit' around, aad wait for hit return, -when
he w arrested - and take to '
the lock-up oa a charge of possessing
a liquor manufactaring outfit that waa v
aot registered.' - -( ,.. , ..f '",,'-, .; - , ;
Th four demijohns containing tae ; -fermented
product of rie potate aad 4 1
bean wer tsted yesterday and found s
to arerag pretty nearly lw - pereeat
alcohoL .-' , 't'.'t " ...""
Lee. ark own a-hlf dosea piece v .
of property in , Honolulu, furnished.
bond t tn amount or aiwu tot. bis ,,,
appearance in United 8tate district ,
court. .' Th penalty Jjt six months to
two years imprisonment or' a tin .f .'
lnoo to iriooo or both. . w . . .- r
, l 1 ...-""-. '" ) -f ", ,'L '
Ewa P)snUtl6n Company , ' 7, y
Wailnka.AgrlcoJtaral Co, Ltd. ;:
Afwhaa Sugar Co., Ltd, :. , 5 '
Rohals Sugar Comptay
-c , Wablawa Water Compaay,Lid.
Fultoa Irea Work,' of St. Loul
Babeock eV Wilcox Company
Greet 'a Fuel Ecooomiser Comaaay
Chaa. a Meor Co, BnginrtJ ,
all you can; '
save :
all you can;:. '
all you can.1
MetCBUt and Fort ' 0U, Boaolala
from Jdontrcal to Liverpool,
' Loadoa and Ulasgotr via th
and ftt. Xawreac Koute
' aad ' .
By the popular 'PrU"
Steamers from Yaacouver,
Victoria or psatUs.
"or full information apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
den 1 Agent, Caartdian-raeifle By, C
HooLuiui t.; It ; '
Commission Merchant?
v -v
Sogif Factors
wa Plantation Co.
WaUlua Agricultural Co Ltd,
Apekaa Sugar Co- Lfd.
Fiiltoa Iron Work af HI 'Loul
Blake Steam Pnmpa
Weatera Centrifngalt
Babeock Wilcox Boilert
Qreen ' Fuel Eepnomiar
Warth Steam Pump
Ustsoa Navigation Co.
Planter' Line Shipping Co. '
Kohala Bugar Ce, ,
chinery of every descriptioa made te
Castle IkCooke,
. -,-;.rUMiTtD-:y.-.v
XaatMd Tueedayt and Frldayt
( Eatered at the PotofBc ef Hoaolulu,
T. H., at erand-elaM-matter )
Per Year mow
" 'for-ic- tv.-i gA
Payable Invariably Is Advaae.
0Himrw) a). Uawa4r mri)

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