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, FED 1 61913 'j
LATI3T ca:: 3
9(1 Centrifugsls N. T. I r 1 .
I'rlo, Hawaiian l icin.. (,( ,. s
I.at prTioua quota---
uom 9. :
;ofa;um Hawaii itiUmio;
I; K I ! 1 W. FEBRUARY . 1. 1913. -.SE MI-V.
t i r-! :
. 1
y c,
:ly c . .. iz
!i r ' J h To Tcr-
; i.i r r.
; : t r.:::.:r To T:" 2
: cf Cvcry Crr:rU:r.:iy
o:;i;():;,, IV ruary'- l (As--i.-
sociuted Press) Further in
tini;i!',ns of the critical condition
of social and economical affairs
for Austria and Germany continue
to filter through from those coun
tries I y way of neutral countries,
' Ai sMcrd it'i appearir.j; to he the
most fruit f;;l news center. F.ven
frc i:i there the reports are some
what contradictory hi tone, some
tending-to indicate a growing
.ci iousness In the situation and
others seeling to, minimize their
importance, The opinion prevails
here that there . mvt "be much
: tack of the reports which. are fil
tering through hut even under
" such condition' there is nothing
to warrant any letting down in
t' e war'efTorts of the Allies but
rnther that thc-e should. be .in
cre 1 ' ' ted to take
advanu,,: . . opportunity
which, nv v I f f r 1. ' . : ,' '" t
.''IT. '
.. by t..e t
ia indicate J
. : I hy the
. i to be taken
, i ; . press them
the latest des-
Ametrrlsm list
patches ' from
.jmiviivo a v - .1..-..-.
night wriich quoted th$ Cologne
'nf m. m. ..I tW tit A - OVI 111-
tnrv commander at Ilambure bad
j oriered . 'he striT rs -prevailing
there to cease and the strikers to
I tlll It - V' UlVll 9 V-
H , Aa, earlier report from Amsterdam
aald tb ktrlVn had rxtohded io near
Berlin and half a million persona
tnvoiveii. '. ; la c n inii'M" -
. V.. .Un itimtlniy from tha Xeth-
j(rWI ! I'M ......... ...... . r
' Han.la eaultal were aHNortioDi that the
-r - ( . .
report! heretofora rei-etyed Wr
S a'ggeratiopa anil not mora than 120,000
'! were tuvolved in tlie trike In Austria
i aad .Germany eoml ; n'1. It .wna aald
aa atrikera had ..iuad no atreuRth
: jiiwsa Tuesday end intra wat a diaorder
' Report Strlka Bpreada i .; , . , .
i- . Tha Koalidacha Ze!tut,
atronger provlne papera il qiiotad aa
1 declaring the atrike waa apraadina;. in
. Mrlin and ia the croviaeea ia Ita Wad-
neaday imtua, and tnv aa. reaaona lor
the atrike'a tpread the demand of the
Pau-Oermanle and Fatherland' partiea
tka ntitlniiannii nf the mar and BO
' pea without iodemnltlea and aonexa
tioaa eomblned with Ue diBeouragement
. . i. . 1 -.. - ni tkk Miift fnnrl
, ahortage, .-... 'i. r j '!.. t.".
l. th tturltnAr Tiiirohldtt waanub-
i Wished the T'l'ort fhat Sm-iaiint teadera
' In h Titichitinir hail, naked Chairman
. Ka"a to Ruiiiinou that tody to I mm
diately cooveut for p;ial conference
in view of the reoant alarming develop
' nmiita la the iuduntrial aitnatioa of th
, country. . -
1 .UM1in.rn MinArtl iAmtflLT from for
ifaspondenta of tin Kbange Telegraph
agency were of the more alarmiat type.
'Clue reuort an Id 700,000 woikmen had
,' gone on atrike in Uerlia and nearby.
, Another re)ertcd that martial law had
V.. Jxlnrait In 1 1 n IlltitiriT. AltnnB and
Y(r i . l L. luiw rAtwirt. At ilia
. . VV RIHIITI l ' - - - - I -
1' 1 .1 1 I 44. ...1 I.--.. - ... ,1
r would aeem to eon ilrirthie. ,r'..
Soma Bea Bubtarfu
", Not all of the J.uropean comment of
"'atrikea and dUordcre in the Central
.'. Towera credit the lieruiana with being
la a bad atrait U might be imagined
Among tha view voiced. i Holland ia
' that of aome ritii' who nay that der
ma ny la expuitiug what ia hardly more
than. ieaatinia deiuooatration with
' Aklvrt f tirniliiiiliiir a mora aerioua
'. Ifiorailivui Null lilfMl'ifl 1 m nv
,; rouatriea. . ; t '" .;,'...' ' v '.
';, Ktw 1M4 Army" '
,. '-retrograd depathe iold of a.Bol-
'. aheviki oflle.ial atatamcnt that "a new
V 'red' army of workmen and peaaaata
i i. iv ' a
Will aiipwr inn ruMlinn vmiai rvvyiu-
; tioa tn turopa. -i ' '' . ..'': .
FARl. 'n"iry .10 (Ainoe'ated
rreaa)--Tha Duke da ChevuHe hat en
, allied wiite testing ail airplune. "
J. JZi
O l'lvllVijLvO
i j ii ,j. iu
. . J a k i.i
.:;:iViiSt at i'a;;d
rrc:'Jcnt Scr.c's I'.zz:
irj cf Deferred C::
' ' ::i
tr.i Furioir '.s v;;:i : C . ..t
Cd Jhose 'Needed Fr:..i .C:r
' vice : -
WASHINGTON, February 1(.W,.
dated I're,aa)-Farmern and farm nork
era ar to be given a grcntly deferred
cliipxiflcatioa in the draft and tUnfe
who tave ' already Xierti drafted and
are now In training are to be granted
furlough during the harvest ftrnsun nn
thnt they may return to tluir himiea
and farm and aid In the hart-cut ii nf
whnt it 1 huped wilt be a bnmpi r ! r
vest. Thia waa tha comforting Hh-nr-anee
which Ire!iidcnt Wilunn piuhi vpiI
to (iovencr Cupper at Toieka, I . n m,
in a iueii)ie which the l'resi ' i t M-nt
to the K annul executive l:iKt h.miii w.
"It ia e!acntial,,' aaid the l'rc-i -I. -nt,
"that work o the fnrm slinll be con
tinued with undiminished energy mi l
that inereaaed eropa over the luht t!:ill
be produced to meet onr own nee. In uti 1
thore of our Alliea ao fr aa ahnll lie in
our power to help them. To thia end
farm era and farm workers are to have
irrcetly deferred claMiflcation in the
next draft and thone who may be in
the aervic when harvent time cornea
are to be granted furloughs ao they may
retnrn home and aid in gathering Hie
ere at hnrveBt for which we hope."
I.Iurt fcurplf Allies , ,
president Wilson n1o addreed tlm
farmers' conference in Illinois thron; li
a letter rend before the convention in
whirh h anid, to tho farmers .of tho
IV-iit ' '.lateaa. ' t. .'. .
' ' y" ffOe. a I think, the itat'-H.
men on bolli xiib'4 of tha water realise,
that the culmiufc' i n; crisis of tl.a ttn
Cle baa come en. I the achievements of
this year, on one Hide or the other; must
determine the. issue.. The foreea that
fight for freedom men all" over the
world aa well jis our owa-depend on
na in an extraordinary; and unexpected
degree for sustenance. It wilt be our
glory when tha war is over that wa aap
plied the materials abundaatly nd it
will b all the more glory .because in
supplying them wo have mado , su,
prema . etfort and sacrifice." ; ,
. . - NEAR FAT.'uiE
.. 'Washington,- Febmarj i(Aaao.
elated Press) Iusreasiag coal abort
area approaching : a famine ia again
threatening parks of the eountry eaat
of tha. Mississippi . Biver beeaose of
tha eoatinaanee ' of conditions ' which
make Regularity'; of train movements
an impossibility aadendttiona aiasi
lar to those which existed, priar to tha
ttve daya holiday may be seen.' .
Continued bad weathec la eausinj
diflieuity for the railroads. Traina are
far behind their schedule time and
freight ia moving slowly and irregu
larly despite tha withdrawal, of largo
umber of passenger-traina to allow
fuel to be' hurried ' to' those 'points
where it la most needed. ! The ftTel
administration . and , Director General
Me Adoo of the railroads art (.closely
Soopcrating, ..V , t;:i;.j4:-i!. '.
- ' U.-y
1 PkLLINGHAM, TebiMary: 1-K Asso
ciated I"Tess) C. P. l'atten, presii'.ent
of the Atlaa Lumber Company Henry
Thomas, county eominissioaer, and tw
others were killed and twelvo perse us
seriously injured in a. railroad collis
sion on the Oreat Northern railroad
last evening. Of tha Injured, 'several I
may die, ' . .; i-t i,.vjiK'ihlKJ
Tha aecldeot.was caused by a freight
train breaking away anid the runaway
train crashed into the rear coach., of,
tha tiaasenfrer train in whlch'Were. rid-
In thnaa killn.1 unA 'Intnfeit. '' ' .V i '"
l'aaaenirera In Cither poach AS ' esCnHcl
Willi BB SV l I "7 aa ii an aa, aj ar Mil .
WAWlINOTbN; January 9(V(AOf
elated Press) Hcnator William Hushes
of New Jersey died toduy after long
illness.' :' '
Senator Hughes wa forty-six years
of - ager ; a Spanish war veteran a no
served several terms )a the house, be
ing elected to the senate u 1913,' Ilia
term would have' expired .Ma'rph 8,1
1S1U.1--Ilrf lii a ih'inocrut, "L ' 1 A
. . J v', r;i ' i oiisft7
IENO KUOCIIANO, acting pr i ' r.t f f C i who is report
, ed to have gone south foil " 1 1 y t- t ' nd Boh'.'cix, j"r
haps to figh, perhaps to negotiate a hctllcr. l. ilhebcl 1. .'. rs.
; r : :
. ';
Acting' President of Cliina ;
' Starts To Meet Rebel Force
PEK1XV 'r Jnnunryv; Sl-H! Aaaoeiated
I'rese) Kxplanatiun of 1 ho.. departure
of Acting ';. president - Peng Kuccbaag
for th-sotith yesterdsy was foynd In
tlnj reports . pf today'- of growip
strength, rin .the revolutionists and of
their rapture 'of Yachotr. . ' It i Wf
i . I Hist hn inn y be aikn8..t0'. "'V
i tr' ii, pi oini e on a..Jul1.yif i'"
tiinvenia tlic old parliament." .
V i-h i i'filness was mnnifeefed in
ou war ai:is ; -
Committee On Foreign Relations
' Will Draft Composite - Opinion
t of L'pr-P House Members On
' Expressions ' Made' By Wilson
' ' ' : VVI
WASHINGTON, February, 1-H Aaso-
einted ; Press j--Senator ' Stone, ..'chair
man of the senate committee a foreign
relations, aunoanned last bight that tho
conimittee' would meet soon to draw Dp
a composite drat of the senate's views
on 'the fourteen principles laid down In
the President 'a recent address, oa poa
aibla penca terms fot the world.' ,; , -
These principles were enunciated by
the Pfcsiilent as the" war aims 'I of tha
United Mates, aima for the , full - ae
Complishmcnt of : which the --United
Htatva would- continue to fifht. This
address, made before a joint sossioa of
eongress, followed' closely afier , the
prououiicemcut of the British, aim by
Premier 1. loyd George aud were genet
ally regnrdnd as an elaboration of tha
statement of the' British premier;
Tha I'resident'a declaration has been'
taken aa thnt of the .Entente, a well
aa of the t'nited Btates, and it is taken
for granted that he spoke with the full
knowledge of all the alliea of America.
t'HT Dl MM.''!fn Km
Jl I Uimunu I uuil
e I
' T,6r5oV, ' Jpbw'ry (Xssoela.d
rsa)-r-pculal of 1 the rumor that new
war aims, are to be outlined by the
Allies at the ' conference of tho Su
preme Vnr Conncll' waa : made-, by
i I '-. i',V'..i.. (-fil I'...-':' -.- V.
Bouar J,d ,ia. tha bousft ef f euramans
yesterday. -' ' v. ' .
To the, lUrert.. question . as J 4 tha
truth or fUi- - tba Report' Honar
L.a,w: ,epiel Xif ijoyt Arant(a t' iio,v, in
progress at t'aris hjJ 'tipt .and would
.fornmbite ne;.( statement of -wa
h0 pc'tiee; aims.' ",,. J'-! .".'' .--...
f i.. , ... ,'-vy! . -
." WASHOfOTONi January 1 (Aaao
elated Press Ileeause of certain eon-t
ditionn rhlili the government consid
ers of advautago to Germnny and.dia
eriminatory anainst the L'nited HI a tea,
the Allies! War Trade Hoard has ceas
ed to issue eiport permits for cargoes
to .Spain..,, live .thipa ready to, si Toj aient ' hnd, will . b aenf ; to I.ohdijn to
c-pauish poita- huv tiuvu held." ,i.ieprsut,th board there permanoatry,
- ' . . ,, .. ; ; .v'.'v't., ,- ,'i.-v.'
gnvernnicnt ' eirrlea yesterdnt doe to the
departure for some-point' to the south
f the O' lin preiideat for the 'osten
sible puix.se of a conference npoft th.)
niliry it;i.itiin, The' special trii
Vtbirh iirTied tin acting presideat also
ferried soldirr nnd -tiiRC.hina gnn,',-s'
It in repotted t lie : special ' was fent
the niy tiyle ' n-va sniithwsrj car-.
iyio -military "nd ibW-0,Mt( tuen wee
carried' lit .otln-r trains which inn
dintilv fnllowrd the presidential train.
Governmeni,'To .Supply -Half Bji-
!. lion and V- Corporation.; -May
r; Issue 'Short Time; NctesiFor
''Four. Billions of Oollari:(?v V
; v WASIIINGTON February ;iraiicj"-clatedj-
press)--Hef efary ?;if', jTreasnrJ
McAdOo'hcld 'a long conference .'yea
terday regarding the war' need o( the
country and financial operations tyh)eh
will bo' wiuirad ta meet 'thosrf. needi,
; Aa-.'' result 'jaft the low j eoe'fern'c.e
it ' was agreed that tha bill which, kla
Adoo augK"te and, whii h hna (lie sup
port of tha President and, the- ev,binet
shall be introduced in both' house and
aenate ot Monday. 'i , v -v,' j :."
,' This measure pravides for, the crea
tion of a half billion dollar corpora
t inn to be finasced by: thp .government
and whiiR'ahall, li turn have the, au
thority to issue ioiir billion dollars of
short term aotea- to- be used in financ
ing the lndustnHl'Oiterations of private
concerns in such, industries as may be
hiost essential to the I'nited Utatea in
ita eondurt 6f the war,-,',, ' - . v '
f Kepresantntivea uhf eight' .national
educational associations,! covering "the
what field of - tho '.'American- nation,
have .organised an-American council. of
education fot emergency , purpaeea . to
eonrdinate aud render more effective,
the., work of the colleges, Universities
and; schools ofthtt country ia helping
to wtn tno war. - , s , ,
i NJXON Uriti-iV. ColumtMaf- -February
-mr (lAssoc'iatod presa)4-Etghton
children, out: oa B- vlcighjng party -last
ntght -were mangled beh,ata the wheals
of . a train at. a grsic crossing. (The
children- hssl dieen out on- a sleiirh ride
ami in CroMsiag ha track thd'aleigh W'as
hit by the fast eeeling train. Of the
eighteen id the party two; wera killed
ml all of 'tbo' otheta. injurotU ' " ;
; '; ak ...i.i ii, , ., - i. ' '
r '.,
' WASHINGTON, January SO (Asso
ciated J'ress) -Ray wond B."" tteen
waa'rhoaen today as vice-chainsaix of
tha .shipping board succeeding OeOrga
Buble of New llaaipshire, .He ,i con-
aeeted mtth the bourd a leghl dspnn
: h-v 'if. - (',?v;;, .'..
a a n
e: . :c..' I.tr
h I T
i H .5 .. 7-1. l .
I '- I.ONPON, Ftbn. 1--c inte.1 Prees)-With Rufifia awertiug 1
. the propoHals of the ( Mtint I'ow. are uunnveptabla fend cannot bo eater
t.iined, preparations r ciing l'irnr.t among tba Central Howera foe ,
' resumption of the t i .iijons at J rcst-Litovskaadtthe Turkish graniy '
Visier hoe expressed I n intention of at tetuling.. . . !
.' 'r Suitgestion that J ia tit iwe ortranise an army cf Poeialista in,,
preparatiost for a retuivptnin i i hoitilitiea coniea from the Workmen'
. nl ttuldier' dele;;-ii-s council t Moseow, , rWj'Stvhcs froin I'efro-.. '
RTad last atght said tin nuue.il nntinj at Movow had declared the peae
proposal offered ln i in oonnir to these presented by the Itussian
. delegate and which ha I curried nut the will of the eounejl, the work- '
tlien, oldiera and v..-mt, ei absolutely iinaeeeptahln. The riwolu
' tions pflsaed angles!.-I to tlie n ,.ionnl eouae.il that it atari at once with 1 '.
the tokh of organiiuir a fociaUf-t eriny to combat German Imperialism., ;
"-'.Taloat I'asha, acm lin to ! -put - ,cs from hrest-Litovsk will be in at-' -'
t.eaditnca at tha aonferem v.h . h it ia expected will be resumed next Vt
fc .ncsilny, . Other Ontr.il Poneis have sent word their dehjntes will be in
attendance. ''... . 1 '. ' ' ,'
- MclHinnfore, copit .1 ( rial nd, is quiet, but the tghtiii' between the
: "Ted" and the Vwhiie" inr.n is continued elsewhere. The "whites,"
'. or aoti bolshevik), m r ; ii .1 vietorious, said Htorkholm -reports of yes-
teritaY. ' ; , '' ' , .'
?. 7. 1 C "
i ' i
' I
Req :2stS' For Crs-r.'jn'Jcn
, Fittccn r,::;;r.:r,'3 : ;'
i- a : . "Xrjr.tcd " ,v
WASHINdTON, Febrnary J-r-(Assft.
rlnteil I'ris The war -denn - 'merit has
npprorcd of the Tecsinmen .itio e.-
eentl.v mudaby flenernl lVr: ! injt for j days of the-week, ..continue nn the ltal
the or.'inilatlon of fifteen .r";lmcnti J isa fcint, oflieial . reporU from Konie
nf ravvlry -a a part of the National j elaim;rR a cont unisitce f the aueeessc's
Amy, und steps to erganiu these regi-i of the Jtalmn ' arms and' ' Its- Alliea,
nit 'its' will he -take Bt
n at a n ou need , W h c t h er 1 i
It i'
will be selected from a .' i ' u
no' la 'training in the t,! iitor..
tnent or - whether' tha r-'m. -i Mill
b formed -from amen tht men of the
second 4 raft, who wilt probably "Ol
be enlled.t " J.. '. J ; ' '. -- .,':,..,, .
Infarancea Dntva "- -
' The teemrlmendatioa of General Per
shing is tsken ia-military circles here
tO-'nean that it ia believed in I rs nee
that 4 b era will bo fighting to be (Inns
in the open during the coming summer,'
which take for granted that the Huns
will be -driven from theit trench tva.
tcmsand forced o fight in tha older
method' 'i ' ' ',;. f)t - . -
- ProvoBt' Marshal 'Crowder, hed ' of
thf- idraft, "yesterday . nanooneed V new
retrulafjona- for the physical eamin
tinn Of registrants ehanfftng the rules
n Keieht,-weight and other onditioaa.
The various draft boards, are., being tn
strneied ; hot to rHeot reslstrsnt -js-secou'at
of defects of the-feet or .teeth
but to accept all with-.defeeta whleh
ara tirely tamporary. and on be re
medied -.by treatment. V ; - v .1 -. -
. '. . . - - , i.i r.
' ' LONDON,. February lAaabcUtoi
Press) British casualties an all of th
lighting front where her f erect wer
engaged during the month of Janaary
numbered 73,017, the deaths totaling
lt,0rrt asidi tho wounded and mlaaing
58,9(51., .- ' ;, .'; , ' ' , v-.
;:,Offleer. kiHei ia battle J ot
wousjs., were S6l, and wOunded or
missing 1205, in' all 15fl3.'
'- Of tba losses In enlisted jmen, 71,43.
there were killed in battle or slled ot
wounds ' received in engagement. 13.-
and the wounded aud aliasing num
bered ,7,75. r '-' - ;
-jL f W S' V .f," s-M .V
X WASHINOTOX,' Februar 1 (Aaoo.'
etattxi itcss) ecre(ary , Me Adoo oi
tho treasury department atated yester-
day .that', the, department . hat eatab-'
lished a credit of . two hundred and tear
million dollar .or , Oreat Brltaia, for
Febmary. - ,...;. v . ,. n f,..t av-'-V ,
The total eredita bow established for
tha Allies amount to M-'5,900,n00,
'htm VOB Kl January ' Jl tAkaMi'aV
ted Presa) Waria reports the inking'
nf th Argentina steamer Mialetre trrl
eado in tbe.'.lUediterraheaa on Janu
ary 43, .tho report being mad to the
correspondent, of I I'rrasa, of Bueao
Ait.. v -. '"i;'t,T--' ' i
; WABHINGTON, January 81 (Aaeo
eiatad - Pre sa)--Aeaording to a atnte
tent . given out here today, retail food
pricos increased one percent duriag th
month of IVcembeT.. th total iacraaaa
dlirlng the year being twenty-four pef-1
Dnmoii inocrc m
irir-or;: -i r-'
,i.J I L.i ' .. ;
cfiHcr.s r.Torts - Scrr.s Further
Gai..3 ...and , Positions '
'.Strengthened , ;
NKW yoUK,1 February I (Asso
ciated Preas) Pightiag, heavy though
of less Violence than that of the earlier
whi'c Berlin reports rlny. such ecei
i , nd ci.niii the TCnJinn offerrslve'l .is lice-i
i necked and repulse 4 ith heuvv losfcs.
. ,I"'!..iet .-eontinued yesterday at a
hrtmlier of points in the Asiugo sector,
aecerding to Italian official reports.' At
the Col del Bosso objective the Italian
liaes are' reported to have been some
what ad vaaeed, and west of Frenaela
positions nere strengthened, t ; '
Berlin cluimei I the -Italian' attack
broke before - tho Austre-Oenmaa fire
aad 600 prisoner wer taken. 1 -
' On the Western : front' , the French
continued successful raids of minor im
portance.' ; Their patrols entered a num
ber .of enemy trenches tnd took a num
ber of prisoners. ' No military move
ments o major' impor t nee were re
ported. v ."-,: . .. ' i
- French air raida on boiata behind the
G eras so lines ara told la the -tafUeiarla re
port of yesterday.- Oa Tuesday a tire
was atarted as a result of such a raid
upoo Thiaueourt, the blaao being in the
vicinity of the railroad atation, which
waa the objective. , - ,
la tba night raid upon Paris fourteen
fons of explosives were dropped upon
tha aityi according to tho German olH
ejal reixjrt. . ,.. v-;- v.-;' .
Parle reports oa ; tho eaanaltiew in
flicted aaid twenty were , killed aad
fifty wounded.' ' ''.a ' -t .-;.;
'.One of the attacking airship wa
brought down. ' -' ,. '. .,.,. ' 'L
urn mm
WASHIjrGTOX, Tebrnnry . 1 (Aso
dated. Press) Hamuel Oomners, presi
deut of the American 1'ederntion of
Labor yeitcrday issued a formal state
ment in which he gave an OQIclal and
formal eadorsemont for organized labor
of th' plana made, and work already
Sono by tho ITulted States employment
ureau. ; . r ' J
Oomiiera aaid ,'lt w an effective
measure to bring tho employed wbero
moafc needed and to abolish unemploy
ment aud unwilling Idleness. ' ' ' " .
This ia on of several m-ganlzations
for the coordinating of labor and cap
ital la the meeting of the needs of the
war put in operation trader Secretary of
Labor, Wi hum.' v '".' t. ';' , v-'j ,' -' f
v-'r-.'. V r-:.",
v" TiTi7rncurp' Rruitu
'., WAfiHINGTON January Jil Aaa
elated Press) The house immigration
oomiuitteo today tabUd a bill by MiM
Jeaaette Jtankia,, the ).ngreaawoinnn
from.. Montana, granting to Americas
women who marry foreigner the right
of retainiag Ameriean. cKisenshlp. ;
, ;,,'. a aa i. ; . ,, t'.
LIMA, rebruary-l (Aasoelated
Press y Tha Peruvian aongreaa has eoa
(anted to b eoavanod, at once fof it
third eitraordiasry aoaalon. U which
tha international relatione of tha Ba-
publla are to bo made tho subjeet of
serious consioeraiion aad atfpa OZitb
atatoat atoasoBt X Par probably takes.
: I" 1 '
,- - ' ; .
f r
Two United States " ; s ;
.Killed, Four V.'oi:r .. J ! C -
Missing As Hcs.-'t cf
On French Frc-.t
allecentTT'" "j . :
; were i;i ti;;: c :t: ;
ShrspncI Fire, t ' '
There, Is UW'i i . , ! .
Trcnchss, i:;s L 1 .
". Toll Frcrrt tv. ::i C
AM rrica"n';a r m v i ::
1KANCK,' January n
(I)cfayetl in transmission) (As
sociated Press) An At tic;
Kisitiotr in a ccrtnin srcii i if
the French frnt was r:
A German force tins r
dawn, the attacker tx i
s.pproacb the American t
unobserved ttirouli a ('..
. Iir the figlitin that f
the appearance of tlie Co
tlie trenches, two Ann ric
killed, four .were woun '
one i missing. It is tx-lics
he was forced to surrfn,
was' taken back to the t;
lines as a prisoner. .
: Casualties have been occ
1 ly
almost daily for the rat -
days 'among; the Ar "'
nitiR thisi secti T. v, 1 i
constant fire. It is now i
ed to disclose the f.irt t
tP,(r,,ci H Ta!' '
t!ie nfilci-i' n
Washington !-..
have occurred in t! - t
The deaths repm u .1 l .ut
caused ; by shel'fire, j ti n
from shrapnel, nain.t ! i
trenches do not oflcr fall j
tion to the men. i
'A recent, Reuter despatch i
out from American Hi '
ter in France says t! t t' :
American authorities l.ac !
cd from an authentic soun r
Germany is treating Ar,-n . !
prisoners . with, vry much 1 '
consideration than they do t
British and French pri- . r-.
From the reports received it ii
believed' the .Hun cajt rs r.r
treatinif Americana in ubno,t t' i
manner in which the Fv, ' i
prisoners' were handled, and i..".
world knows what thnt i i s.
, Jt is expected that the Unite I
States will take steps to aim'.;, .r-
ate the conditions of tie few
American prisoners now in (kr-
man bands.
- 4V '
brgeibi:: ;
ill Pu 3 b
-' Zl'EICH, February 1 ( A
Press) Tremendous exj i- i t, t
found like that of firing I ! i I t
from,. the direction of 1 ii, n.
This wa oa Wednesday si t i. . ,.
which, had keen delayed m i re
ceived mst night sald'tliut it v 1 j N
br tho aounds b-csultur; f. ,k n
aerial attack updn the , , .a wurka
there , which hu.t Iimii ( T.'n
port of the damage dou was coutaiucl
l L
in mo nsessage. . ...,,..,
railroad i:zn a:.: ' -:
rum Ti:::n ti:.:r.:zz
- WARtllXOTO V, Janunry l-(Am0.
elated I'ress) AVaje incrciine - ,nd
are piling up rapidly bef.ne te Juter
stnt Cummeree Cuinmiion, jcivdinj
th aettlment of the deium. 'j j th
government railroad director. in
ereasea asked averape foity ) rceufe.
and aggregato kalf a billiou are. .
heavily ovu.:u;:cn::Eo
' WABHtNGTONTjilouii ry !U(Ai).
elated Press) The trci.i.iy . depart
ment announced today thnt tl.a ine
of treasury eertiflciit, of j, . ; ih,1h.
M ioo.ooa.vix),,iiv .iui XsiUvtljp.
Mr utacribd. ,
-t. - -
- , i ' . i .-; (. , -
: 4
'. t

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