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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, February 01, 1918, Image 2

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,v j Ki7.77i;
I ' 1 , r
r (
y7 n' A I.
- 1 .. .i 1 a a i t .,, .. 1 n 1 : . .1 v .. . . . f - il .. . t 1 .
WHILE i;i 13
Ti 3: Thousand" Tons' iFaii ;T.
Teach New York As. Expect
ed and. Want Is Felt,..;. !
. " t-.i 77. -ti . . .
ah To Have Left ChicacA
Cut Eeyond This Inform.
' ' ation Is Vantina." ' ;
I.nst or strayed, aomewhete , - 't1
mainland and between Chicago Bad
N York, 200Otoa of Hawaiian sugar
is reported in letter from New Tork
tn a loeal sugar Beuy . here frm its
mt York representative..!. New vYork
r.-finers- could vs this sugar-very
: 'y jturt now a they havr ld
s "nnut It expected arrival , but th
Tn . i road . profes ignorance . ef (ta
l,rrabnuta. Its value- mi present
market fijpu-es for raw ia a. litti Bar
tiirm 240,000. To. the Netr Tork eon
rn -ofTm it mean much, mora than tbat..
flDerlea in the eaat not. roctir
i rnoueh Cuba eugar to Anrmnt
. tibial oporatione aaid thim letter kick
vn wnttoa Jannary IX aud aaid: n
Cirn:sinaion la Bnyat " 4 -
"Ail througk tai ireett th Inter
ntiial Bugaa Coimlaaioa kaa eoutln
u'd to aunounce purehaaea of 'propipt
and Junuarf ahlpment t, Cubaa at . the
regulation oqniTaient ta B.Ofti eeata
dntr raid. The qdantity approximate
400,()iKi beg for whleb, we may be aarer
tuiiiiKfre ha. tse.a providaa bot, aa we
atutvd laat week, the r.oal aituatioa will
have more or leaa rafHieare over the
net did daliverlea. Hlightly .milder
w i-athPT haa preTaiied far. the put few
c';:vj and, though another eold-anap.kaa
1 . . o predicted ther ia hope that mock
iiil w ill be quickly -diatribated and
In in? aomo relief from the- intolerable
eomlirione af .the- laat two weflka.-
CbtwV.i aa hand here axe but little
inrmoed- by arnTala aad aot -eaflngk
!ni brut .delivered to-enn to, war
rant their eoramenelns eperational A
niiiKequenee, angax Camiae eeaditiona-i
.ro piill wita,ae.. 'i. i'
Cu!m ngure.v': .
"1 igurea frern Cuba for week end
jtf January & follow , .
"Hlmely -Game
.?"" toae tone
"I xporta . . . 82,051
'Ftuek "4 10
'Tcutrala ; i 137
J : porta
c,,Ht .-.. .k... 17,819. vUfitl
"Export New OTleanr , 1 J" '
te.. .. 4,837
"The weather favora harveatina..
"Itp reporta indicate that floor
and roal are asrely aeedaKt In- Havana.
"Cent rale operating, today are aaid.
to be 148 aa eirainat US, 153 aid ISfr
in the three previonat yearn r Labor
to be mor plentiful than Waai
1. 1 one time anncipaiea ana is stai--
J that the Cubam government i about
to permit th importation oft a large
jiu'i.her of Chiaee. , ' :. 'V v
' ' Th demand, for reined agar Ja,
:u4 a insistent as ever and tk Ameri-
.ui, National aad Arbuekhr are doing
1 ii. -ir beat to distrikroi what bttl sugar.
-y bar to ta- greatest adwantag.
The nominal quotation ia 7.48 cent
l-a two prenn- i.t-.i.
' ' Tluire ia: approximately 2000 ton
of Hawaiian augar atalled omewher
1 . -i wen- her aad OUogo- wUck. is, t
u I- intent, and,' purpo, lost, foe- tk
ri.lroada themselves profeat Ignorano
.f its whereahonta Bam f it ka
1 - dn on the way sine last September.
K. linera natoraily woukl like: to getJ
it as they sold againat tta. arrival iong
nU'o aad- every day', dulay make IU
ar.rci'talilo. delivery mor. dubloas. .
"Th Aagar . in,veatigalioni ia. Wash
ington haa aufferad n mysterious -1
l-x. W understand ' that far day
pu.-it tk United, State, ha bn send
j r out daily f ton 600 to 1000 wordr
l-i. not enough appear i the pnblie
j nut to lndicat that tk prober are
t-till at work. Some line Italia kaad
vurk ha been don by vay of. up
I M inion. . Meanwhile front day to day
and each day. ia a separate nwapapff
a. (loulil column dvrtiaement of th
A. H. K, Co. ha appeared! all of tbi
wi-i k explaining .why w are, npt pay
in ' 30 'cent for. ugar. . .
1 i' i i'u
NJ?Wr0BLEAN8, Jaanwy pi Cold
w. atlier of cmtioulty ratbor unusual
in- Boutb L'enlaiana, . ve 1a' January,
l..i prevailed, nine, tk beginning, of
this year, but tb partj week ha wit
ncnsud soma modsrarioa la tk severitr
t ib and' it i t b hope, that the
ImliMic of th winter may b free from
i l.e extraordinary row temperature
Hint' hirv oaeacrttf twts aiacw it be. I
H iu. Tliors la no information at Band
r..Utir.to the effect of tha hard. fraeu
have had oa tk embryo crop, f
JlnTCI V - w . vHiytv vivp w .- -v v
yeat now doraunf H th ' ground fXuKf.LXfyJS' JBfJIfQ fjCTJJJN
..1.1.1a ar Call nls ntaif fim Ar rlra.ll tl i.' . -
as atulible r fall nlnoUd, can or pre
k. rvud in mats furv .aju-lag planting,
r .t.Hfactory rsina ha,v. fulliiir wbloh
will giv th can adequate" moisture
anJ the fluid aituatioa generally ha
jiromising onUookv-. .'.-' y
1 - -W4
Contf actbft Ard ' Returning,
Work, la Numbers, and Nor
.- mal Conditions Coming
. taftori trochlea, at Hana' Man J, eeew
ce be nearinf an end, aeevrding to. tk
ad vie TeeeWed by letter yetttfrdajf by
Theb. BP. DaViee'eV Co, agent for the
plantation. Thle letter aaid the.
a . v . j . . i
v I TV Z 7 "V"."rK"rple may differ aa to oreeda and otov
-" kwa
expected- eonditioae wonM be normal
wrthia a abort time. ', ' ;
' The labor trouble at Han rerattetl
from the demand of Japanese eontrae
tor for a new contract, and the revlr
of the management it wa impossible to ;
enter apoa new contrast, at a time Ilk
thia. when condition ware abnormal,
likely to change at any time and gen
erally vneertaiit and anttable.
The contractors drove o(T the Filipino
laborer who were aeni to do the work
which the Japanese refnaed te do. it hi 1
aaid1. There were flume broken, aad j
ia anenn- aaa m depntiee went ever.
and restored order,
' The aide of the contractor is told by
Euffene Murphy, whom the ecntiactur
retained1 to represent them in a (igned
atatement pabliahed ia the Maul News,
which aaid; 7 , , ,
JU attorney, of the Cane Contrac
tor' Araoe ation of liana, eompriaod of
one- k and red aad forty, membera, with
tea thaa ail exceptiona Japanese, I.
have the hoaor to submit their claim to
yon, and that their ?eaoae- for their
prewna aotiea. .1 lu.u , ': -
"Previoaa to the year 1915, and in
the year 191S. the membera of the aaao-
Koiation entmred. into a -.eontreet miih
the Kealahe, Sugar Company to rata
cane for the aom of 13.25 per ton, the
contractors te farniak . their fertiliser,
which waa te be- furnished by the plaa-
I'tatiow and te be charged against them
aeeort plaa tea peraeat tot handling;
the pfcatarioa also to advance 12 per
moaUk for each aaaa ; wh worked a
ghrtMs aoinbe oC.daye per moath;- the
plantatiooi to- charge interest at the
rate of tea-pereent . for. the period: of
peighbeea- mastha : for. susa. meaey at-
pvanae. . ia. artxittioa te'the forerinir.J
mm puazatio agreaa te rarman pftya
ieiai. ant eargeoa- for the eere-.'of -men
kitffage4, rn plaatatiev arerk and their
kfamiJiea ia- all ordianrv'. (immnm &!- aLuv
Htm,, lumiah. unn kauu (k iIimI Mia I
liramiliew were to. liv.. v.-- -.
After the lfllS crop, waw ha masted,
in' (he middlaof the yean 1916r the sane
oa onreetor wer told: by the.
ma(mv Mr. tbaliaara, to-eontinu
they had in th past, anw that in view
mt tkpifact that fertiliser had Jumped
hmuanaonaly la- priMv. ranigmeti. to
Placet auok cook would be.' mad before
pthir eror aiatureaU ' Th men, trusting
Managr cnalmere, conbnoed la tbeir
work, but. foe nrnjcuim, rcfueted of Mr.
Chalmera that he agree with them (this
in October, 1M7, that the priae of
cms b advaaced per ton, tbntra
tfcr to ctaad; the) adwaaaed coat of fr-
tiliaer-- tfrion thia aati beiaa aaade.
Mr. Ckalmer ordered' th aaea from his
oAiaad daniad that b had any OS
tract with th eon nratnt wfcaa-
rovc i . The cane eoatvaetart there
upon ourht legal aatvie aad demaadod
of; Mix CI aimer that - h ' Kv up. to
what they considered war thsir esw
trt wkrs, theyt wre indnaed. to alti-
1. water aad giw eaa. Thw aie d-
maaded that Mr. Chalmers charg
iagr than, tea nta per tow. fo very
ton f eane grown, by them and' that he
repay to them taw at per ton- foe
eane grow by. tho aader thai 1015
eontraet. savins; : that . there- wa a
aense in hi agreeing t pay 35 perl
toa aad after they had grown th ean,
taUaa km oft fop n. what--
aor, Theyr aJao demanded, that Mr-
L Ckalmer pay, to them one-hair of tn
cost of toe repair or th Building in.
which they Iivad. and which he waa re
quired to make by th beard, of kaaltk,
aa he informed them, and to which they
had. not agreed;, that h also, repay- to
them the -coat -of. whitewashing the
hoaa. la which they' lived, which Mr.
Chalmers alio- lnforraod them wa or-
derad by'tb board of health; and to.
whith they had net agreed. 'They aiao
demanded that- Mr,, Chalmers ceaa
L charging, them, four cant per ton for
Lwjtut.B termed n oouiv tor- cutting
can grown by them, aot anderatanding
what it waa, aad feeung that he, artr
hajRiag had tk eane grown, br them,
wa cutting their prie from 35 par.
ton. to-1341 pen ttuu. . .. .
"J..Chlmer Mfuad to listen to
the me kt alt He also insisted npoa
putting large numbera of man in th
field of the contractor to work when
ever ha eould find no ath plana to put.
them aadt wouldi eharg th contractor
$1.10 par day, although' he paid those
ms nly 77 cent per dny,.thU whetkr
er not the men wer. nevMary; '. '
. ,"Th ean contTaetorr then organ
ised nnd told Mr, 7halmer to take no
eane from their field which' they bad
under leaie until' he hat tlpnlated' aa
he had agreed. Mr. Chalmers told then)
there was a agreement wbataoever in
writing, and' what he would pay them
after be-had cot t he-cane waa noue of
their- business. - .'
? "Yours truly, - ;
kiu:,wauac, . upsu iu wpra aval
rmitm m ol m , on day .i Tb aigna
MM 4 CKOW Iwen act box.
Manufactured by tb PARIS MKPI
CIN5 CO., Bt, Lotti. D. ft. A, ,
.;( : '' " f ; '
&..4vTn&:f mptySugar:.Bolv:':;:?-v;tn?v :
Tae're' la ao eugar." W my eoek;;. ' ' ;.7' , ' UVrtVvl .' T " '' ',?,kJ''.''V.".l"-:
'Kea the augar-bowl are alt empty J:.',l , ' .' ' - . , I -Waring and flickering, : ', , . t ' V - V :.' - .
"There ia no Buirar." aaid the irrofer.,- ? Vl " . , t TcniDtinir the rabbita. it .' ; .' . - ' ; . 5
A nrf It la rtarwmitil! o tf arkan t tiara
Ke augarl ) ' '" 'i'.-.C "
It t hicowelrabl. ' ? ,f
We kavr always had angar.
( From Liverpool te .Nagaeakl, ' :
rrom ugema io oueaoe Ayrea.
nut tae whole weru acreee about auaan
TeaeboAoiate, eaaTeet c . . ; x .'
That ia t kwracter, or petaape, ellmate.
But augar!
Lamp. t .
Co lBb oy tnerhaairal proeeaaea.
Slittetl fro
agar lowvee witb a kitchea
Meltetl ;
Rpnn, ':
Kow of aa aolaafl,
Strained tar eilver of ft ere,
m"two im puuum,
Beaten BD with whiia, '
Cornli tinted and aprinkled ever meringues. .
way, the wort mvaaa noney, ., . - . .
And yellow atriped boo acroae a alant
Through the twiated letter, beee eraw
Kmenrinr frem a fo-tov belL
Btrikiag the tnagniltcence of gold and
. , apotted mauve. - .'
Bomming-birda quiver before naatarQnma,7;. ;' ' v'; '
Vibrating green rl black green' '. '''P T.'-'--Loug
tongue iear the heart of naotnrtiuma. " ' '
A fcandful of need,,- ;,; i - i i .. 7 7 1 J-M" :V.
A penny packet to turn Info ugarjj ',' ' .' ' ' 7s - i'
'And yet 'there ia nonet' .- -v; . ' s. ''' ''!
Not a pinch at the bottom of any of the sugar-bowla. 7 .
What ia Cuba- doing, ;- v tV , , ,.
ut uraain .. . . r -
Are all the sngar-cane cut down!
Where are the pointed hats --'.i'
Ami th aed baadannaaf ,' ; 7;
Waare are the stevedore .;
With-riage-m their earn, vi. : ,i. .-. ' ', .,
Cart-yiug long aogarsacka un a wooden plank t '
Whern are the chain ami th doaaey-angjnee v
Dumpiog. aogao- info- toldsf ; v----.
What ha the Panama Caoat tkTnhiag of - : .'
Not t open' free t tb sugar sbipat' .,,
Onn. ts. three, four. -fl . . 4 - r? 'i i
Talry.' with, ysur chalk n aa. old" board a they, swing tbeni
Ski. th-ey i th i4.v.i'nr.;;tJ;.t;vVft' l'- '
Snap kiawiat a taut wirv-,,: yjXAiJ,iV's))'-'l,"rj&'-lt
Spearing, far ubmariBea.r';'-;' ":'.' ''''..' .:7..:' '
Seratlaia the barometer '' '4 '
A kumlred timea A days' '-'','"' .' -' 7' V- j' .'.J-.i,
Set your forefoot daoeiag- thru tk bin, hot f
Ho last it eut a awammtag ! fatriy
awvera'tii. double, ? : ' t
Aad skims- tfcrw hi tttvisisuA. 1
Point perfect for Lag. Wharf.
Wide'pminV ' ';A ;-'' r. ;7;:
U'Kk liH-la a. liallk mW tham
Beet like a kidden pavemenir sader th plntnal ;
A BVmatt floor fbrtoorhl - t r' '- ' '
Do tnoMie have any colors teloal tkeaet ' , .
Xed aathe yea of eat in flrelighv - '' " ' - '
A carbuncle under lento non! '7 ''''-7 ';.
A th sua twirling Out of foggy kyA jj S ; fjl , Y
Roud applet - ;..?. .;) , : , y J
Foot ' topa, ' V :'.' ,' ' ' -;.:. ' ' ' W1 ilJk-
You snitr-voarsehrew dsew Into thai earth
And wll ma fatten. ",?.' -'-1 i -
Buffer I a anhnaoa eot '."'
BrUiah. India.' sugaa eaa aaraaga is
tram ia iu pertem irgr ini acaaon
than, lash, according to the- aeeoad ot
noial croD estimat. for. lfllJ-1918. ThU
Lferaaasi ia- baaad. on keperts furnished
,b wosince that contain 9 percent
of the augar area f India, and thaae
kraiMnraiadieasa en.aarc far tb eur-
Lxn eron t z.ooo.uuu,. as, againat. ani
estimated 34iLooa acrew at the. not-
iratmndla! date a. rase maoi an increase.
il, .10 peraent, As compared witn. tno
na aattmate-.dWsOOa, acre) : fo
19JS-1917, th prat aatimate ahow
an increase of 6 pereent; -...-,'
The Indiana. Head , Journal state
that, while th. erop has. been kffaeted
to n certain eateat by heavy rain, and
floodr (n "low-lying' are ia part of
th United Provinces, tk Ponjab, and
Bngabj and by diieaaa aaaV insect pest
In, torn of th eastern, districts of th
United Pzorinees, th present eontntldit
a Ad ftreepaets at th-rdpon tM whole,
ar god,
- TMiridrada. dwlknul a Dili nald' b. i
gar. copnl th atoeH f whieh ir
listed on the Honolulu Stock and Bond-Exohaag-;
war aa if allow during tb
makh f Januarye. , - . -'-
' 'January ' IVlaWHaikn, mti Kekahm
2r Koloat 1; PJa, 1 apd, Ploneen
zv cents. ir l.--r-.. rv ',,. ,
- .January 9,' 1918 SC C. V ft C 23
entj Bfonomn, 89 cent: Hutebinaoa,
so cents, an Paanham ir eenta. '
: JamiHTy W),-191 Wailulru, E0 keata.
Jary lfl, . 1H Hwwaiian Sugar,
80 cental Oaku, SO cents; PepeeWeer 40.
oats; Oatf Carlos, 10- sent and Wnl
alua 30-eenta, v.: 'y,.' v , i
Jan uar a. 10,, UlSr-Onome. 40- ennr,
and U. A." Cjr 40 seat.
- Jaanory 31, 191A Kw,; SO ceaU snd
Kabuka 10 aaniai '. . . ( .
,i ; i ..I i ' t i .'. i-i : ''"V
Bil era t T eallad far' ln Feb
roar for th eonstrnction of a aawer
ayatem in that portion f tha district
l.ouado.1 bv Dol. kletcalf. Wilder aad
J At I . ....... . f :. ... ..
.,:., ) ,iv ; ' ...
arilf lia tn
Tup-eiiape.l' beet-
1 Tnkiiia thriXHM
t ivnij-njn nevi siowiy jeraiag ana stopping,
Pi-ogiwiwlnif aaros a eorrtineaCa
. Tlli. nflnAniaa WAulife trl ra. emlirl.ena aiv: i n-f '
a--- -s 1
,Tn Kroeerimatw
.1;".. ', ' '
Mmrry, Meetsli A"
; Or we ehall mp-ll- yoaand take to aarrora, ' ,;',';,,
1 .Yonn ittl' pointd law will ail go out of Joint, i' '
y!, I Aad yoa-wHI rot ea-aidinga."; ....I ),. i. '.,'V1''!
: i-t .' If you' wait, to lua..- A v V.vm'h 7 'f
7.t 67 a r-'f v " n--l.v.7 -i .-v,' '.7,. : ''i-'
.gl;. VV V'V V"V- rri , "V- v v7.
" v r '
t -' "
TkIk blue cones !
. 'a -
aonshinet - -
black again
HriorVes-an.1 ta bsof trsmoe, ., , 7 r."V7 ,'''' '"l
Bath-buna and" Trlum-Tuke of England. - 777 4 , '
.. Heflaet a ah cUiiaaey of ayrupr-roa mnlbarry , , ', ; 7' -
Oa th grae of readied vloleta, v ,. ' ; v )( , ':
(m th Kj-uar vigor of peppermint drop 7,7 7-
i Oa, the aoti taate fi Turkish delight. ' v'-j V
Cboaider th honey and sets of ancient Bsna, '. - :' ;. v
Th sweet poisons-of th Rmmissaar, ; v - . , . 7
; Napoiesa stirring m coffee and manoenvrtnj wooden aol-
Hawthara buying, blackv jack 7-.''' V7 i ' ' ' ''' ''
On. kla ara in hi a nM.a - ', .. ' I .': i' '.
I' In th Salem Custom
Btirrapnp aad
...f. ,
, -'ii. painted' granlta; '-
Sweetened, win,
I ,. ,. ,,i
f - " . i .
' Cooler by the fain
."Sweetened' bread,
v. Turned &fh and
, -truv nr caaoe ta caadyi ,. :-t-
p." a. aiarct. of sugar.
rora cast to West.
Maicking in th pouches, oft hk lanmlurants. .
'' Warn warm fang'ht for th Spica.Ialaaday - . : "'';
Now war ha rsveogetf Itaelf la ogr. 7 '.V:' '!'.-
"''''i.'?1;.1'!':?'-" '-.ivj-w. ,'.'-0 7 7- -''
' lust sticks to th wheels of the? f etbriee . , ' i 7 -
I'-TJi- wharva ar deaerted, .v ... -.y7 i. '.'H-..
, Th freight earn ar heaped with ammunition ,
. Sbth order f tb world ishangd:. " ,
" Bag nnV.,r' -". -v v(. -i'y. 7
'And afterward! r . i'.'i ;-, '7' - , . v: r
-T ,.,..; ... 7-7 ' .."',
' The Sugar bowl are all empty,, f- , : -" 7 . ?.
' Aad the grocer say he do set know, when ka will b able
''N'-toiRllthem. v. !'; 7 r . v. -v.
' Ah' weir, my frlendn, these thing do not really mattMl ' "
amiaanlps, r.- ,t
xner ia- arm tn
And gentian, and
And. fcher ar atlll
' - ')? ?"
VrSHIHOTON, Dirlcr of Colara
;WbV, Jknnari .2-A, n gaTt; of ;iU
Urogram for atipmlating agficoJtnraKj
'yroduciioa rk fderal forntnrnk an-
nouaae- through? th; artai oC gri
culture the porcnase ftf about 100,000.
tUa f fltrnl tjf oda" which, will I19
aom, to' nmr at casa, farmer pac
ing th f retgbt -charge from tb port
V arrlvs and the 0tat fertiliser rag
...T,sitrM prsbaoly will a need
ot largejy by- farmer la th Atlantic
Coaet State from Long Island to Flr
rid a, o winff to ' tb value of ,nitrta
fpr och crops ai .tract, grain, and ot
ton, and thf groalr eoat freight to
Middl aad Wc.Uta State. -Th f r'e
'aboardt cr prle-t port will be
47S.501 .., '', 'i f, ; 7. --J:
, 4 County; agent and. local committees
are eoopernting with th department of
agriculture lo ta work f diatributid?
tA nitrate- ami wiU furnidt fvmr
.ttk. kpplieatio 'bfanke. aad, xplaa
tloa. of hdw am obtain, tk material
If th totin th ppliarinn ede
th 100,000 ton available, th apvr-
meat resorv th jsghi U paernt. th-
isnount w loom aaa ta amslir qoan'
titet, - ti.-,..! r-:.!n i,-' ! f -
Tn oft tb nitrate will b; sold to
dealer either direatlgn o Indirectly,
according to th department, and eaoU
fanaee lo- bin spplloatioa mnak agree
Jlot fo'reieir.any nitrate but t-use it
v.n his own, farm. . AppUsstioBS mu
be signed and. returned ao ss to reach
tyt' conntf agsnts or- memhm of local
(CommittMs by. !broar 4.. The govern
,ent I inslt4a every effort to reach
farmer whj . dlr' a. part of thia nl
trarr. but itataa that it will im lm
passible for th county. aent on other
person to, ylsit every individual, farnv
and. orgs all-who deair to nurchaae
nitrate to gat 4n touch -with - thir lo
cal county a cent 6r a mem be of tbeir
'local - commute. !'; '
' .-'.''ji'fVs '; s.i-i' .."''-..?. $,'''(.
Ll . - V, Mix
' ' '1. ,'
i v " ,f ' ' 'tl ,.,
la rum earav ;
J T " y
gapmgji w i. t .
i' i gnio l.n, j. 'a
Gaaiag down from the shelve of grocer shops' ' ':
Lic oft sugajvbarral -ranged, oa th Widet floor C ware-
jfck oases. .:-' ui ! .. : .'
Boft little Cvpaal aarkav of awprar.'J" win (ii'..i- lf -,7
Yieldinir aw kitten when. you Uft than. '' m. '.i,.
flMgariCultel arowa4iitrnt-Kluii'dihe 7-'V-7 ..,', ;'V
Kun ooFMut outr Of fruit nd tesa".uii, . . '. ' ' '' ''
Hocping uj in dowers rH t ; 1 i' -
iH-lppiim ts-ntn 'tfle-, lpgs of iasoetso; .. 7.- "; '' ..
Omaamon nlliiM mare, and autme. . ; ,;'.'
BM'aboveiallai lm- Wr .ti ., ' V ,,V
fiifLi:i..i'i. t.'tie, .( Bwg)i7' ',y .' v' '. 7
.Tluiik f. thet'desaert- f een'tiiry. ''' .' ., ;;' ', .; '; ; ,'
Tliiiiit of th eurrana cakes; and enokieta, V : ', ' .' '
Oft U aylla-bubs wnik fcu-t, and- pnetris , '. '7 ' , ' r
IinmiU.ivilUatiioi errKtaJlluedi iMo augarf iV'j' '.r
8hriirttf 8myn wacVliuUsi-i t""',.,v '. .,,' ',
Hons.' J-- -7 '
chlataiag. 7 1 .;',.. , '.7,;. .
waices, and wetidingv d feati-aala. , . W ,
Sugar la spirit-boat adrift oa tharivw of Japan i . ' '
Confeetiona hammered into coffina. and sealed la balm of.
-sound tarion th feet of idoln.
wind of feathered fan:
eaten- U-th- aound of ehanHamil ,i
symbol at the tinkling of a belL ', Pl
tbudr-coHtre4 acaaita, ,
hi, for beee. t ' ;r,l ,
th blood-skinned, beet,. , , r
waning, io De eruaned, pulped; and eaten. .w
ThundeMugnibloaVngw'.. ;..v..'u ,
Mondmentnnv Mr pamnnin "ifi: '
c-,fc- M iv r. - ttr.,j.t ',
Thr aMntUy aroy report f tha Be-
ppartment ef Agrienltar tor Dwismber, I," I v .,,77 1 '' ' . - r
r-reeBtlr iesuedi givam tfea probable be.tr T"1 Breiu' victory.
1 - - ... ' - lb. rr.i..J..a.... Ila.' t,.n aa kl.- a, .Ua . 1 -
uki praduction-of the- United' atata
rori tne eurrenf aeess - s48JM ton.
a ftgnrr efisideraWy higher tha that,
inovatedv by the- onoflisiaH- bant1 com-'prabenaHre-
report colleet by T'act
'About Bug early io DeeembeiV'The
Tepqrtr - forecast-' . peoba W otl' sn-rar-
out runt der HOO'.OOO ton snl
"probably nor far from- 775,0OO - . i
Th government 1 flgirrea, It ia ststdl
in the report, ww banco" upeif p rati mi
nary, return frpm' the 'beetr sugar -'fan.
toriea- openUUi ) Chayv atimata. pro
duetion for- th priaolpal state aa fat.
lbWa ' Califertiltr, ' LW.1B0", ton Colon'
do. g47.510 .Utal-J0SJo6; Idaho,. 43,r
MiWgan,i SOUJOin; Obtuf 30,404:
other atatest 143,700. 1 ' y ' : .. 5
The area hcrveared i stimated at
lWMo aerek, a 10)00? scran mor than
,in JB1R, d, thA'ba-4 erop t 63700
-too, or J 17.4.7 tons mor thn-for tk
.previous seaaoa. - i ns numoer.'or raCi
torle working-1 give at an, whra
nfnration' ntUeradS by facta Abaat
.Waimr In to.th eflkiet that amy. 91 fne
torle actually ' operated, tsnt, whjsll
'wer aanoan4i tn start failing to do,
o.-Taetai About Sugar; . ,,'7,,'.;
, .! ' .' 1 !':" "I'jA-t,:
bAi.t lAkk crmf v, .i;
ber. f4 Tb. Uteb-Idkn Bupar Com
nany ' f actsrisa-at Hpsnlak Fork a"d
rayson aave irniseanailelog tor n I
'""-' - ""''"I isiijwii us,
run Peeembor 20 nd Pavson Dalshed
tfly, dnyn snrliers Th Lekt factory t
njijecud te. wind ;, uft itsesmpslgn
about elghtr dky. ' v ' ' ,
.The Amsltmrnated- Sagav Crmpnnr's
proposition to nnrehnae the Hammond
'canal, repair and operstn. Mr, and" event
'nellr titrn it over t' the farmers of
tlU dl-trict st coat, provided the farm
er will rra t grow beetr for th
company 'l Brigham facforyi WRS p-preved-
at - a meetiag of raaidcnU of
th dlitriet laat week. " . ' ' '.
1. .
S!:j.V LAlLG:.i::D
ritovemcnt of Crop " Is About a
l Jhr& Izlzvt Last Year antf ;
Shipping Noi To Blame--- 1
' , Bugsr ;-snfpmnts ' ate" fboof thirty
ptcent below those made- to th same
date laat year, that. 1 to' Bay np ' te
Vledneeday of this, wee there bad
left th Islands, 37,091 ton aa against
S,7 t th sam dat id 1917., 'a'
Shortage of ablpa- does not fully ""
count for tk smaller Wpmot this
year than Uat Directly It is palrtly
reapomible, Indirectly It Is quite N a
rcsponaibl but there are other factor
thaf enter into th' condition that ia
apparent''. 7 .."',.-" : ' ;'.:';'. ''
It ther had- been; certainty of
plenty of shipping undoubtedly mora
engar would have been skipped; . Whnt
space ha been offered- has bees taken
adranteg' of but th' -plsntsObns,
reeiaing thw fact that there would
Jjfot b many kottoma availahls, have not
harried, to. atari thir grind, The
gnna I aniy now getting fairly under,
war.. - TTntil thia .) i.a i... r.
i - - -a- .mv VW( A W
lands have not retiortad: anv aniuIJ.
erabl quantitiea. awaiting, shipment.
This, week recorta ftom the IntAf-Ta.
land" Companyi captain toli 23474. bags
nailing auiiimeai xrota A.auai and 21.
'504 bas an Hawaii, . '." 4
Ou the l&land of. UawaH a number of
plantation' are taking advantage of
(the good growing Weather which 1
nonr prevailing: to seeur. a further
(JCrowth in; some of the ease which was
rttauded by the drouoht of laat aum.
rmer and;, autumn, Thia may aerv to
tsomswnai incress early, estimate in
apme inatanoe a. little- . ; v i t
, ' Other- plantations, ace taklnn advan.
Ltag f the, opportunity to make alt er-
inuon. na -repairs for which they ktv
not, previously had1 time. Th idea, has
prwaiH'u inai iners. wiu DC n. larger
available '- ahibplng . - apace later and
.thamfpra It would ba as well to hold
.backv The price has been stabilised.
:oy pric fixing, and they know they
,wim- raceiv. uis ssjna pric a --few
month from now that 1a now offered. !
' .Were there, a txed price for. raw
and. refined augara with the demand
land the supply a now prevailing, the
pru-n wouia, do sway, up and. ii we.it
o. pJsatera would, be seeking tq hurry
jUinir, eropa. te market This is nsne
tnssary for they Will, get no tnor now
than tfiay would latex. Tha apeculatlv
"a ox in.uiantry nas, oeen -eumin-,ad
..The grower, knows, just what be
fin! expatt,,7: '7-.-,S & V
OSclal Notlflcatida of Percen
taoes of,: Substitute. To
a ii a a fe ,(--
I'-gp VeQ. isaier .v' ;
Bakrw Honolnln: Intw ben. afS-
Vlnllf nqflfled- by tkr Iocs) food ad
Vdniiftsi 'thaVln,' tb,'fnturt they
imuah ineJuda 4v peraant of- som other
ease at. tk am wheat ia- miV tbain brand,
j Aiiw ar -j.. iJ
. .,.. r
4I yr S ' . " a waf , W
4 ',- iai ' . t.
lrvua . yail lll. Mi,- Hiwii, UKJSI4ail
kmrmmim, lata h nsed. ' '
ftj.vau. vt.un.m.wi. n uvib Runt uit: avis
LWn. njso' be given, tiis nam aa.. they
.boo ar-rv. , th-. purpo of eonsaiwlng
iwhitw flbtrp' bseanM.oft bbeir content
off- twwuty.flW pereentt snoiwr 'of.-, tb
wheat graia thaa ordinary flnnn '. v '
, Tb n- of thee Watery- bread will
be peraatssiblw at - U nteal ' nopt
whcatleae ooe and. on all' days. nspt
wheatlca day. For ftboaa .day aad
mcls a bread having a larger peree.
r-tngr f . mibattcur bnld. ba naed by,
au' pal noma raocuaararai . . , -,
, Jjimufacturerl dtf nmcrouli epbsgetta,
noodles, crackers, - breakfast - foods,
pie, eaka aad paatry ar also notified
.tlmtUiew ana-nab to purebermer than
banrr iperannt ' of . th- wheat, flour
need by. them during' tn orrpoad
lag moothot 1017 Whenever, posaibl
the mnfetnrert,wiu be performius;
M pntntetln, , aarvira by, osiag. asraul
oth'.-n than wheat fan. thai a production. '
Tk -aetiee ie4ad) yssterdajf, by
tie administration in regard to,--ny
flmr new beiegi annUUrnd. aa, a. per'
mlsblaiubaUtuv for wkeat flour, wi
ab aen t tha baker, and mauufac
mnoa ln. addidoi t a. remind, .of '
th wbentle! and, mantissa day a. and
Mnosl oftAaak -week. ''' ','
This letter n tan' on to-th groonrs
in regard to the, sal of as equal weight
of som otha eeeeal, witk. every ml
of white- float-waa also ent tnll-th
plsntationi stores of' the Trrltory in
order to reach the m
rural population as
L thoroughly, a possible . Alb store ate
asked toi ndvocai tne UC or, yietory
Wnd, mt all tim..- .' .-',-,:
, ,i .. ii .,. i. .,,' t, 4-
'Owlntfo fA'tTlpplg of sf ger a(
:thr mill of the Wsiluku- Bugar, Com
pany grinding' opera ti one have- bosa
iiin-.iiitinurd' for about?-a' week, w
. h lvi.n received by wail fruui 'Wailuku,
I 1! aul, under dat f January I'd. . - ,.
it r I'fiTm rirrr. 7
If Eastern Shipments All Go By
- . . . Canal Millioa and a Half - -:-.'vV(
-'V'.Car.,Bft Gained '.v..;.7 7
If, as is now'erpteefed; th steamers
duuv im tn snipyaraa 01 me rtorta-.
A . . ..ft a-i.t.' . v
wo dwidv jiawwi iia: coa ana
proceed from, here-to the Atlantis act '
board ladtaad. with sugar, thu reliev
ing' th transcontinental railroada of ;
that imoant at freight for th Eaat,
n win nnr great aaviag. i or Ha
waiian gaowr, a anvlng of almost six
percent.' v'"' ',,', ''.' -
Much 'atifactiort ha' been etpresx-'..
w it mj w uiibwii s ia a nnma w v s ,1
tiser relating to tb probability f ship-'
meat oft augnc going' te tb Ba-ih by
me nil water -reute inteaa or to th
Pacific Coast and thence by raiP Hfc it :
had- been feared would be th easa. 7, ;
- Shipmenta of Eastern auenr laat vcaf '
wer approximately 06,0007 tons -but ! --this
yesr's crop Cstimato is smaller, and .
it may likely be the ahipmenta for tha ,
year wilt, be' only . proportionally- aa ."
great, ar, wnr those of last yea. If -they-
are. proportionate it will - meaj
about, 220,000 totra -for thle yearj '
1 By areamer to the Pacific, Coaat and
Lthence, by rati would entail coat of
nnour fi-'.rju rnj. rreigor . as Dgaiaot
'415.45- making a difference lm costs- of ' -
ii. a ton. u an eiumatea ahtp
nnt of 220,000 tons, providing it nil,,
poesby.the-nll water routes thiv. would
mean, n aavlna tn- th. Hawaiian plan-
fters of 1580,200. -j .- 7;
0E ITS! Lii!J
Two1 fiivi, Ships To Be' Built At
I Alamed? , EiQht Thousand
$y. More WervTo Get Wort K :
Twn inddltinaj. alipg,' ..x-rd : and :
nop r yy pa construe sii at utAU ;
md plant of the Union' Iron Work' '
of ' teightWB teueU. included )t; tt
Aa-JlS! " ' a. - ..
geney fleet Corporation, says the Ban',
VM-nfaa- Frtmin r Tha 'anwaaMaa-
araaauBaBr uvi iuiaVH. aia ! AS1 ISII '
raant waa' mad- last- nicht brm J. W.
Paw'eiL viee-oreflldeni of the Bethla.-'
hem- Bhlobuitdinir CorDoratidit. Ltd -
the holding orgairiaatienJ of tha. Union
Iron. Work, who is at nreaent in, Ban
Tfanctaco.' Powell1 announced!
Tha Imthjfenei Bhipbuildinir- Cr
Deration -has contracted with the Emer-
at earner and air 'cargo reseda C n ?
rlt ."Th veaeel ar to be built at tb -
lAJnmed work,, which wiU-b eonaid- -
erably extended to handle the addi- .
tional' conatruction; " All- narv- work
wlll eoaentrntb atf th. Potest, and
Kiadon. plant.'.' . - f. , -7v,"- . ,
, The oonatruetloni of the ' Alkmefl ' .
Warlra ftn i.k. aaaa aS ll. .l.t1 11.11
plan will be comnwuced immediately? , ..7
,. ' Approximately '8000' additional : men -
'MllT L. ;.1 a . 4 nah. :n , -
vri, vv vifiuDu, xui win nurpif '
total aum nor or men- engaged In- ahlp-,
building in the plant of the Union
'Iron Work DnrorimateIW CO.OOOi Tha ,
.(.(.v. vlll nna, 1A.nu a. "
12,000 ton ' . The . twelver oib tnaknrs
will: n oil for fnel and. the enrgo w ,
BI.IB Will' 1IBW Wiail, t ,',r ,-,- af
r Outs id eontracts will b- let at one j
for tk enstruction a the- Alameda ;
viidbk - iiva nma win. as loss, in Bjirnu v. . .
i n0- AWa, Mia ta thj. trnwaMamaai . 1 .L i
iv ronls nsair-ufscrir , 7'-
i Kumprou investlgatipna by tha Brit-
,iV Imperial Institute relating, to thr '
aeveiopnwnt-or empire . lndu&try sni
trad are sumraariad in ' report r
cently presented to th xeeutlv conn ,
il of the' Institute. Quits some- stten-
, tlott is placed on the" report which has
to do with, the Production of. war from '.'
aucar-eaae' WMtt"." '.
i A aonalderabla amnnnt- nf- ttnHn
uam, u n. ia mill jcaiw lo TUB -
recovery of was; from the wast pro- V
duaedrln the extj-actioa of sugnr from '
f K a ,nn,I..ll 'anJ' tflila. ' . V..
now been started' on w small! scale In
NafaL Samples of the ffraf eonalu-n- '
w.. aHa. aaw, aw wa.. uuuav(r aaa
meat Of Natal' auirar-eanar ahlnniul
to England iavs been examined' at tho 1 -
LBritiek Imperiat Intirute 'and' fmrod ,
te be or. goo quality, quite-equal to .
that of the first trial aamplef toad and
'examined. "Sugar-cane wax-1 novr be '
al 1 - a.1 1 .
wir buuwh oa mi manic, '
1 1 . v. . . . . . .... .
"- - v. m .umwiuiv I Of
the better known carnauha was in the
.manufacture of gramophone1 records, ',
. 1,.. ' . ... . .... .
jiwiuacBi safiuica aun oiner tninvs.
v -1 1 : ?.;'.:'',;.
... - ..( ... v f- :. . . ,r;w' .I". x
Children are much more llkaPr ta !.: '
tract the ontavteu disease when they -bav
cold. Whooping ougha diphthe
ria srarlbt fv and -eonoumptiao r
iiseaees that are often eoutractsd' when
tna cauu aaa n com. -itit-ia wbr all -
medical authorities say beware of eolils. ,
Foe the-quick snr of eoid you-will find '
nothing better- than t Chamberlain '
Cough Remedy. It ran' always- be de
pended upon and is plesssnr and; af to
take. Pu sale by all-dealers. Boaaoi),
Smith LV, Ltd agent fr Hawaii.
Advt,'- .- ., , I- M- '.-I, ; ' '

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