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-rv.-"' -S.v.-)a.
r,' v -f4- ..' . if-s.-f v "''J ; ' .'. C ' ',. M-1- ' v v k'n-4 .V '. w.'V ', .'li .'... 'i.. :... .j .
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- ' ' T ' '. ..
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da in is mn hit
' ' -"i:J.V-'-Attorpcy GeAf af' Gregory-Hofdi
Creation of Island Prohibi
tion Zone Unconstitutional
ary - l--(AociatoJ TrtM) TH"
ialo4M '0f.. VntJtf ,! rrobbly,
' b rota otfV.f iii'if todays
ky tk Clt om:il th fwnilt
of Ulefraphlc Tequest from Bee
Mtarjr of tb KTjr Dmlels . r
telTd ,' rwterdartn- ( tb
Din ttri rwreiitly rotbldden by
th Dlvkl AnthoriUMi to Tljiit Vl
UJo on tcoiiaf of . th immoral
eoadtllori prrUlii( In th town
MvA H f rqnn Tloitlon of th .
law prohibiting th mO of llquof
to man In uniform. . ; 1 . -v
v ,.,.. . ($
v'V.v. - ?
. ''S Chance ',: ol" Owho Wing 'daVlitroi
: . JrT."l. territory. . in eooformltr witn
'' ; ;i ; - ' tho resolution nlopted y tho-chamber
, i --, , oiner .ana . nt'; to rreuaent
: 'j ' .'WOnpn hava reivel what appeara t
':'''.' 4 a riou blow by. an oinnlon rea
. v.''derl by Attoray General Ortgry,
' '.' ' ' 'or"nK t0 11 'abjegram that baa beea
V' Ji . rareivml br Delceata Kohio. v- " i
.J TUa attorney gnral, a"ori1tnj to
... .- ''. tha jneage, haa held . that it- would
i ' r,"',f !. .' bo uncOOTtttutioaal to rreatc th counr
' v .: ,; ., ty into a military- aonfr for 'tha pur
. , ' .' poa of .carrying out tho prohlbitioa
-t ' -a .1 policy akea for from Honolulu.
' ,.;; If rVeilrteat Wilaon- and. Bwaetary
of War Baker ara content t accept
. . ' V . v tha attorney general 'a opinio 'aa flnal
l Vi-. ! ad binding,' it appcara probable that
vr' tha aale of boore here will remaia nn-
reatricted, ao far aa presidential or mil'
ltary action ia eoaeerned. ".' -;
- ., ''srrarident Wilaoa, Delegate Kahio ia
tnformod, baa- raferrad tha matter to
, , , Meoretary Baker, with the request that
, fee obtain , from Brig. -Oen. , John I.
y, ; lWlr, comaiaader. of the . Hawaiiaa
r'' s' Department, farther information on tha
s: subject of liquor insofar aa it eonearaa
tno army orgamaationa here,
i'."'' Oeneral Wiiaer,' previous to the ao
.' ' ' tioa of tha chamber - of coram res ia
' ;" , ' adojiting tha resolution, refusod to en
v . rore ,H, to have anything to do With
' V ; it -one way ot another or to offer any
eonrtroativa, suggentions. ' i
! ' .The message to DelegtKuhie, which
L i '-" ''' 'ala from his pfiavts secretary, Angua
' K. Erly,. a( Washington,, gave ao addi
" j tiosai details, but ia takaa aa referring
i i to taa Tssoiuuon adopteii by the cham
', ..?- , ber of commerce, urging tba President
j ta praomiat Uaha a "bone-dry" eonu
-: ;ty,.oa tha grouad f present military
' ' ..V ioeesaity, a a move in tho direction to
'-v .-. J.inipfora moraL. conditions .surrounding
the soldiers stationed here, and aa a
' forerannef of efficiency for tha' eivlt
. ' iaaa who may yet be called into er-
vt. .; .lA.v. r Tha flatter part of tha resolotwn re-
9 - S erred to tha necessity . for civilians
:: : ' i w -' who mey.be' drawn into the ranks to
' .',te physically ' sound, tha. nrgamaat
';. ;! . S v being that with indnlgence in tha use
'. '.y' ' liquor, fflciency and physical aoaad'
:'r ."ji' t nsse woald ba ioipoasibia.
T raaolutioa w,aa anaalmously
adopted . amid cheers at one of the
r -1 r meetings of the chamber ever
,i evar aeui nera. ,..-,
V-'i- Claaa-ip Campaign
' -Vv 1 r i Affording to the , telegram . received
. (v r. by irice Kuhio, - Ute sntira matter
baa boea referred to the eommaading
"" v t. nioer er" nyh.tne . secretary ot war
' V'; ; . andoubtedly tha information which
ba will supply,,, will incJude th recent
. action tahsa by the geaerai in which
', ha delivered an ultimatum to, Mayor J
V . J. Fern to eleaa up .thaejty of illicit
: uaBie in. vica and bootlegging,.
The .eity autharitiaa, .withi the, n
' . . eistsace of the local representatives of
the (lepartaaont .of luetics are now ea
lggl in "cleaning ,,Bp ,tha aity", in
' , neordanea wilh,, the ultimatum. Just
' . what effeut this local "leaa-up" - earn'
. lfa'g eompiu tee general 'a nj
; , fimatnm- will have on the, possibility
. . ot tfie rrexuient - exerusuig aw proroe
, - alive, which confers upa biia tha right
i . to proclaim a liquorlevs community for
V Imlitary purpoeaa, remains a queatioa.
f i. rratioally all, the leading civte or
, t'gunlzatioan here art on record as fa'
: vorlng the chamber of commerce reso--1
lu tion, Vf .-. ;' ,' ', v . ! ' '
, j 3"he , Selective Praft Act contained
.. . aweoial provision with retard to tha
"4 ' '. President 's powers in declaring sonea
fcrounj. military rasips to eeluds
;:. r ' liquoc. and vice, giving the executive
high power . as comuiander-ia-ehief of
all the arnuea of tha United States.
Tha interpretation of - the meaning
or v camp" baa bad much to do with
th decratWn of aouoa around or near
: - places where soldiers ara stationed
"Camp" ia geaeraJly Interpreted as a
. ,.' T pioro. wnere soldiers specially drawn
' from civil, Ufa into army service ara
. . v being traiued for soldiering,' and no.t
'j established poata or. forts where
soldiers are on regular duty. - Bection
, 13 of , the . .Draft Act, covering the
. i rV:. . IVasi'lrnt '$ powers follows: v ,
' r: - That the President of the United
' , . . States, , as . romiuander-ln chlef . mI
, . t - the aruiy. is; authorized to , make '
, . ', aitrh regulations governing Xht 'pro
hibition of alcoholic liquors in or
, near military camps and to th oflS--
eera-and enlisted men of the army
as ha may from time to time deem
; , necessary or advisable:, provided,
, yist no person, corporation, part
i, -aersittp, or association , shall .sell,
,,: ,' supply, or have in his or its possea
. , . , . sion any-Intoxicating or spirituous
liquors at any military station, ran
v toantent, camp, fort, post, officer'
or diluted uiea's club, which ia
being need at the time for military-
purposes under this act, but the see.
rotary of war may make regula
tions periuittin)f ke sale aud use
or intoxicating liquora Vor medici-
: nul purpose. It shall be unlawful
, t sell any iutoxieating liquor, in
cluding beer, ale or wius, te any
1 alliaor oi meaibsr of the military
forces while in iiaifurnt, except as
briu provided, Aay ponton, eor-i '
v lKiration, partnership,, or-aaaoria-',
iion' violatiug tha provision ef thin
sev-tiou. Mr the regulations, .made, v
v -'.tliarOMader -ahall, ,nnlaaaintbaiWaa '.)
,iii -:;l '.lawalMkabW udoan tha AstUljof
.l,1.Ai.i'VVar,lie.vWsnl .guilty dom a misvl'i
, deinennor and l punished hy- .
. ' flue of not mora than tliMM) or Im
' prisouiiasnt - for nut '( more ' than r
'.'J-- ' twolva mouths, or bothi'" . . 1
S'iows Rcccrd GrowtS
direct actio:! o;
Chop . With ' Aiei' if Ne
ewary r o : Reauce fisn
Dividend Amount To.Onft Hun
' dretf and Two" Percent On
) iCapitdi; Plant jC'rVif tncreas-
ettndTifure1 Projects More
. Tharf vcr Brilliant .' ' ! i
v-. i f " t't ' :
Wockholdera of the. Hawaiian
ipple" Company received
stock knA ea.k 7tXn(M
year'1917 npoa tha -company espital- inlgl
irntion df 700,000 on Jaauary Ir 11T,I . These are. a. few, of, the thing that
'aow(l,200,000.. Thl waa a total .in j, A. Bale, advieea be dona to redoee
?ondth5taV:; JCatti Ijonoluln.;: Thia
pany. . ; : :. ,!,, , taa "direel action' against
Highly satisfsetory are tha reports i the Qsh market and the middlamen waa
;T.' Prices, Urge Batch '-.';'
', JCaoc'oubihe mt. Jlomnn j'ut U
the making of four or .nva proBts
twten tha Asheraiea and tha aonsumef,
' I and aa after tha nsarkei wtth- nxea
Ia a''a tr ,row that b tteoeiisary
in -divtdeaaa, i . . .l. . r T , .
I during tho nd ' M the " ,0' ,te,P.rt
my s .capital- lUigh priea of .b." ; ,;-.
of the Hawaiian Pineapple Compaav
or tho year 1917. That of Janes D.
Dole, -the presldeat and manager, goeni
into tha general bnsiaesa of the eom
paay In detail. It anya n considerably
srosller paek. than 1n. ltl had bee
expected dna to a smaller qWaatity of
fruit available for purchase from ont
side growers bnt the pack was lft,33,
BK3 cans, 786,721 eases, which wa only
2J.977 fewer eases than' the iOlif out
put. , Seventy-six and one-ienth pe.
eent of tho fruit was prod need on tha
rompany' awn plantations at. against
68.4 percent in the previous year. Thi
year It ta expected tha plantation -will
produce considerably higher pereenc-.
are of the fruit need. " Th plantation
loeks well and tha company should ob
tain snfllrient fruit to put out 'a paek
roasiaernoiy irfr then its best prev
iew record of 70005 eases, that of
1915..,. '- , V;- : :i,y
Improved Methods Shows ' : )
Improved methods eaabled the rami
ing of naadsoma profita desplta inersa
ed easts and excess profita "taxes- of
1 184,034.80.- Can alone coat propor
tionately 152,044.03 mora than in 1910.
While price were, considerably hljfhef
than during' the period of extreme d
preseion the company avoided taking
advantage of aa opportunity 'to profit
eer and its prieee wera only seven per
eent higher, tkaa tha average for tk
given first at a meeting of tha, l
waiian Vigilance Corpa of. the Amer
caa Defense Leagoe held on Jnst Wed
nesday, nlieii(.th4 , prlea of .111 wan
bfonght ,,up., for; dUeisrian. ' V v'
$ When 1 asked last night' onemiag
thee stateMnt tnadoj, at tbt Jefns
society meeting, bfV..Birh aaid: i
, "Ton bet 1 Wonld go aftea the fisb
market wltb axes or anything else that
would bring down the' price af-ftsh'Jt
ia ad outrage tha prices which '. we
have to pay. I would get rid of the
middletae some way. and ate' the veto
ing of four or, five profit before the
flsh get t the consumer. And- I'd do
It, too, U 1 had. tha auUwtUy! Btlch
vehemently declared.
lrlca an Oattag. , nj.'-.. 'v .',
t "I am not backing flown on anything
acid at the tagu meeting. . I meant
very word Of it: I dont earn bow it
I done, but 1 wat the'pfiee of flsh
reduced,' The- price" wa are paying
now l-aa aatrage, he1 ritertd.
One of the member! of the defense
league -who-waa prssewr ht the meet
feeg Wednesday-say Bale mada bna
of hi characteristic attack wbaa tha
fish queatioa waa brought top. Ha rather
startled some of i hi-- associate, it ia
Jndged by the beaitaney they shov it
diseusslng the leagnw'n attitude regardt
kag the Bah-h reeomwaadatloa, but
or in aay year prior ta J09, - ;;.. ."? 1 ,Tt) WM doubting his alncerity a
Jfaeh of the-year crop waa taken i repeated last night what ha thought
pythe united BUte army and aavy
and fortr percent of the entire winter
pack will ba faraihad ta tha gavemi
menfc, Phtpment to Oreat Britain wwra
ngain Cut' it two and - twenty percent
of aoeh ship merits .were .'eommandeerej
by the, British fnrarnaTiant.'-v.,.'y j
Profita Are Invested &?.if? J,j
.Op December M the capital of H
oompaay waa increased by vote of th
profits- which -had been -: inverted in
permanent, 'improyeinenta at ..the ean
aeryv'on tha plantation wad In growing
ernps. This entlay is designed to en
able the company .to rais it output
to 1,000,000 eases a -year.- .- c ' . ;
Aceompanving th report oi the pres
ident' and tbd frnaneial report of the
Audit Compear of ' Hawaii there was
nt--to the ttoekholder a-letter tell
ing them of what advice the eompaay,
h;reln(ive to taxe upon the divi
dend of the yar..7 , .;
tofltn Inveatad v ", ,
Relative ta the-atock dividend of
January 20. Ustj year-ot 300)00, the
letter aay the company i advised by
it attorney, it' la not taxable as re
venue under tha federal income tax
law nnder either the normal or tuner
tax and should be admitted In making
out ret p ma, '.
- A to the atoek dividend of 200,000,
twenty percent, the letter ys:
V'f Unless affected by .the recent deei
Iqn of the-U, 8. Supreme Court in
Tbwne v. v Eisner, . 93.3.13 percent o
$3,894; per ' share ia, aubieot to super
taxes a ,1917 income.! The remaining
IMi percent ot .306 pe. share appear
to be also aobjeet to Mpertaxes, but at
th tax rate In stTect in the year 1916,
It I oar opinion, cubjeet to adverse
ruling of the treasury department, thnt
thin amount (hould be returned as 1W17
Income, but subject only to the rate,
of tax prescribed by the Act of Sep
tember 8. 1916."
The monthly and spec! si dividends ara
both fciihiect ta supertax as income
under lOUraiea, . ,rH )l
,, i i 1. 1 .i
German Will File1 Novel Petition
-V ; : Joday
, Adolph (J. Conatnbel of Uackfeld &
Company, a natlva of Bremen, Oornuiny,
pinna jto raise, an .intonating point in
tha faitod Suke ourt.,toly with a
petition for pataralisatioa a aa Amer
Maa aitiann. ' . -. Uaden ruling of Wash
ington ao Alien euemy mny become a
uitiaea while the 1 war in. in progre
uultta be ileelarod intention te become
a eltixen. before the United States en
tered. thj eonHicLvV- ' -
i. It ksiCouatabel'a belief, however, that
ho raa .file petition .and thn nsk the'
court to idef or, .action, on. U uutll the
war is, over: ,lf this- plan ' aoereetls,
Couatebel will aot b nbliirad to file an-
otbo .i.hmtloa of iu tout ion aud wit
two years .before asklag for full citi
xonHhip rigbta,',,,-.i,(n.ii r !
It is itated that the. applicant will
have six mouth after the. filing of his
petition in which ta ask for a hearing.
If be doea aot take etHM within this
period be will be given thirty day no
tice by the, o art aa(l .then if he raa
not gift aa adequate reasea for a fur
ther eoutiuuanen, the petition will be
dininisHed. . '
tn i i -i anil ii s ii siit ij W
k -n ; ',;
klivS i .SifcftPlli '
Sin u4 $rWiuKlBldr
WJvw,iar u4 ln4- I
drr KtlwJyhn blwu4V,
Cllir nil LunUvs, . 'v
AH UluvKl',. J
ought to be doee to aava the Heaeln-
ln eonaamar from being gouged by tho
flab, dealera and the vwriona middlemen.
oya UTnat ' Baaun .: nc.-.r'-tfr-l:
t Mr. Baleha recommendation' have
revived the memory 'f - th'Mtartenl
aaacdota of bow on of tha Kamoha
nleha broke a Chi a esc pol trutt ia H
noluluj ' u.fv ., .v i v-l
;' Formerly poi waa sokl ia aalabaahet
and the ' Chineaa bai aeeured control
ef tho available anppty wntii they wera
able 1 tn ''fox ' .tha Ha wni iamV'oy yaf
fifty cent for n earabaah of po4.- A
this wa doobl the Wsual priea H In
cited the king 'a aaget and ha atartad
an a personal investigation of th pot
tnnds. v.. n-.-v-' -.rl
Arriving at a Obinaaa ataad h point
ed to a' ealabaak of pot and naked- tba
priee. The Chinaman a newer ed "an
pa-lua". ' Without "a word tha king
struck and broke the calabash with a
atiUett, which h waa carrying for thU
pnrpona. i1- ' . '
Moving to tha aext ataad tha mmt
thing happened, tho kiag retaining his
ilence, except When making a query
a ta the poi atcw . I k - ' ' '
.. But at tho third ataad, the poi ven
dor, who had noted what had happened
at tba thr two. ataada, fvightaaed by
tha king'a preaenc ad hia anger,
qunveriagly ' aaawaredi -r'bapa-ba" or
twenty-five cents, a atty peraant rae
tion. )':; . V'-'t . ' !''"
It U recorded that tba kinf bonget
tke poi for n quarter,, and gained titl
aver Teddy , Baoaavelt aa th first
"trust boatorv1'-! ' '.-
Thereafter, alao it la aald, poi old
for' twenty aenta a aalabaah. ;
ljiTatigaUo Startad. : a -;
' While there were -no ' indieatlon at
the defense society 'a meqtiss that Mr.
Bakh 'a (eeammeadationa aboot' tear
ing down tha fish, market era to be Tl
lowed, U'waa decided to make an ia
veatigation ef the fish price fnd the
condition causing them.- :
President George Cart appointed
Col. John Hj Bopor, a president of a
speeial fish, committee, and Lea Todd
and 8. 8. Paxsoo at .assistants. t
Colonal ttoper! nay,' V thai oommittee
will make an inveatlgation to e what
enn be. done.. We-havo.-had a number
at nggeetlona whish: wa iwill consider
and determine if they are practicable, 1
These auggestions came from Various
sources, be said. ,; . . i
.When, Questioned about tit. Balch't
recommendation ; he saldt ''Well, I
hardly think that' it li practieablei Do
yout". , , . ' ' ': t';i !" '',
r kiayor rern " idea or naving a mum
cipal fish market seem to be growini
in favor almost as rapidly as did tha
advance ia tha priea Of flsh grow in
disfavor ,after, , the innnguratioa. of
maay meat ipsa metyj py uio ioa aa-
mlairtration. .
One of tha uggetiona (nada for tha
municipal fish market le that it be
bnjlt over the treara Which enter th
harbor at the foot ef River Street, ao
aampana epald brin J their load of fish
to the market' and oaload them 'witb
out unnecessary . haadltag.' e; j iv
- Mayor Fern' latest anggetion I
that the present flsh market' b"oe
demned 1 au) . taken Over', by tha city
government, and that the fishermen 'he
ardffdtjo erflvdlrafft "t tba- consumer;
wita Ha eatf re. elimination' f taa mid
dkMnaa, ue la, however, reported to ba
puiet aa ttf proper method of pro
cedure. . . i .
lie also advisee tha bajidrag Of a
mtiaictpAt market over tha river, near
Fort Street, arMhe Keaciaf of a num
ber of'atalle in the fish, market by the
city,' If hia plan ta aoadtmn all a a
parr af the-present fish atarktt'eaa
ao legally be aarrltd aufc ' -
The x pease, ha admit, ta one of tba
drawbeeka "la 'the 'plan- ta build the
muaiolpal market aver, tba river,' but,
avrtblesa, ha r'i'l tak up the iuea
Hon wfaaurig-. aucb a -alte-w'th- tna
terrUortal awtboritie d try. bad aT
leertaia.ifram.tihe auperyispr what ftindt
can pe (joJte fur' this purpose, 1 Mean
time ho intend to get the eity attor-
condemning the preseut market. ; t ,-Advt.
r.n: n".ii ni dnini
;; 1110,1011 Ui MWllil
Some ' Member ot ."ParterFai-
tion, May Fonow'-Kim Out:)
Because ptAdverse Ruling ''
feemebody tWhWa uto'rf'ta ti aft'
that wat fionred on tha troubled water
at Knw Inhaa " Cbnfcb and tno al
that ft wab aald wwld follow? (ha reslg
natldtt'ofthw pnitor. Bv. Hearw H.
Parker, aremlagly iao going te mater
ialise, for the ffnir of .tha oongvega
fron, tor state tttnildlyVagln are la a
diitarbd atata-t. -t '.vn.,i vi
The resign tie af tho Rev. Mr. Park-'
e went lata effect at' wudoia-ht lt
atgbt and it waa at tha annual meet'
lag of the, ebrh bold Ust evening
when threo trustee were elected that
a wrench ws droptied into the machin
ery.": Ctear 'intimation waa given "thm
whe Rev! t. Parker" leave the
church anumberof otherk prominently.
wentinetr witn n acttvitie t airair
win r with bint. Among these bra
Mr, if. T.-Wih-oX, a' deaconews and aw
perintendent of the Itundsy School for
thK pant thirteen year. Mr. Jnlla
Bowers, paste assistaat 10 ahothe.
mlth'ia Ohatr". --r'-'w
-ft. O. Smith, president af tha Vmrd
of trnateea. waa ia tba- chair - at leaf
alght s Wteotiag ad a ruling, kemade
ta re admit te fall atandlag a mambeiw
of tha eongregntion a faction 'txelnded
from foembership by Bar. Mr. Parker
and tha board of deaooaa aoma month
ago seems te be the ennae of tha new
dist.nrbano'' . s : v
' In "the faction in question al are
reeagnised ,:as leader. t These aret
Jsmee Kaleo, who ia a, trustee D P.
Kahavlelia, .Mr. 1 Alice Kabok,nouna,'
Mrs. Maikaf Kalel, B. K. Bathburn and
Mrv Aahal LahlUhi, Thaao with their
folio were bad a disHgteemeat about
eight mnntha go with the pastor over
th holding of ' evening Christian En
deavor tervieec'V'The ecd"ers, appar
ently nanintng to tak part a the baa
tor t even lag service, ordinarily keld
in the ptayer meeting room 'behind tba
main 'chrtrrb Uceeeded i holding a
number' of service ef their awa ia tba
main part af tba church, - ' ;
Ara fimamaadad ' ' i' ;tV-V W"
'"Upon ahargee of riotiag'fa tba tharck
alt the' were uspded fwjm aaewi
bcriklp and when last nlgkt'a meeting
opened th qoeatioii waa rarsed about
their Brnt ataadlng. Tba chair waa
apnoeJed to' for a raling. " Mr. Smith
aid ba bad eonaulted haWyef on. the
question, 1 He had alaa eansnltad fnin
ioierai b"ad,J and had taken np th
matte wHb tha Hawaiian boards la
gtving.tba ruUng, U la td ha held
that ta action of tk paator and th
board of dacooa ' in suspending tba
member af tba faction waa illegal ad
by. tba term of the' ruling they wet
again placed la 1 good Maoding, ' i
Tba three ; trnstee ''. elected at tb
meeting ara Joel KlakahLK who" Wei
seed tha Ute Edward' K, LiUkalanll
Frank- Archer'' who sueaeeda ' XdWard
tC Wood waH, "who renigned, ad-0", H..j
H. Kalso reeleetel.'-"lha otier metw
ber af tba' tpard, beMe Prasident
Smith, are . J. K Kamanoulu Peter
Paabai William Breda and Fred Water
bouse.' 4 ' ' ' '
i Matter in eaaaecHoa With 'exteiKh
lag a caH t a new post or to eueeeed
the Bev.-Mr. Pnrker are ia- tba bad
of a committee; Uat 11 w pastor Uehos
a 't li atated tke pulpit will be filled
by ather cmrgymea af tba eity woo will
ba askad by. th eonsmittee to aonduct
tMe-t ,-'V it rilK'M
. i . . ''
'V v. t
tt JaiirrdafkyealgH two gamaf
ai Hila daeidad pretieVlx tba two
team whUb w-U Aght it eat dafiag
tha :iokibf woefc Tor the ena
pionohp jai 1b Jiiia Skftiwr BaakeAbaU
Leegua and poaes4ioaaf tba bandaemi
enp nbt p by Joha T. Meir, aaaaag
af tba Oaante.- tngar -. Oompaay at
Papaikov. tHv'!.n --
Only a handful ad faaa saw the Sat
urday double-header,' according to lata
reporlir' received" 'from- 'Him, Botl
game ' war attoethw too one-ide
and, far that raaesav rathef tame and
unexciting. Tba .' M I. five, whiea
uaed K ba ths 11 .word-Mn Bilo bss"
ketbaU airolc, libce soma week pact
took an' awful dump nod went away
down bciowi in 'the -pereentage of tha
leagua.v'V'i' - .' ..
Last Saur,ry aaw tba' Hila Yaeb
Club defeat thei Y.M. Iy by the urn
oaaaKy top aided aoara af tftyfonr to
ain points, -while tha Hilo: Boarding
Bobooi nook 4,Uawnri'ltnemp to
tk tana of fifty4sigbt ta twenty-nine.
Taebtxnna Laoka Like Winner iy; c 1
-Tha Hila Taeht Ctwb- baa abt Wt -a
game W the aeriea and tap tbW leagn
standieg wtta-i.eo aetaodt Th
HUa Boarding ttokoat team eoase aeatj
with but- on or twO gama dropped ao
far during the seaeoa. The other team
are. so ar behind that'aan of them
will even-b Ma.'tovstchIp to the
lewda aad aanaaa wpo Thar baapion4
bin tbaaafor. will we foaght out be-tweea.-tka
Hila Yaeht Clubi and the
UileaaawUng rVhookc-qmnteU, with
tba cbanoeaaf winniaf grently in favoi
af tha HiiooVaebA ClaWvxi
; -i.'-t n .'ii oai , .. .'.
;,. iihui, voia
' Juhn'S.,,iCbiive ttf Honami Hilo,
Hawaii," died yesterday id- Honolulu,
where ba bad been but "a- month. The
deceased was a nlttv bf thf Island of
St.' MUhael, Arete Portugal, ' and
sixty-nine' year alti. v He Wa married,
a farmer; aid oiejaber of Banta Anto
nio Society. The boly will be sent in
the Maomt Kea-tottoriyw a ft f moo u to
Hila for. burial.' ' r yaur- '
. Tha pleasaat purgative affect experi
enced ,nfter.aklag.Ohinbrlain'' Tab
let and .tha healthy editonof body
aad nmind 4a 'whieh. ther . oootribat,
niakea ,one feeliahat tliviag ,i worth
while., ror aale by all dealers, Bauson,
Ha., ageuta for Hawaii.
Aged People Celebrate Eighty
fiftri. Birthday Anniversary of
I'Sovcfreiga Who Left Most . of
Estate To Provide For Indigent
HawaHane :. i& -
The ged peopl p tba IUlilo
Home celebrated yesterday tb efght
fifth anniversary v af th birth ; of
King LbnaHlo, who left th ' greater
part of hia aetata for tha founding af
tha homo for indigent Htwaliaaa, But
they missed ona who before bad aJwaya
attended tke relebration. f ,..
' Annally, at thi anniversary sle
bratiso, pnuetiUanaiy. observed, at the
borne, Queen l.iUaokalaal waa' alwaya
on of the guest present when she was
ia Hawaii and bar health permitted.
On :ncb occasions the 'old" people of
tae noma derived great pleasure in pay
ing their rjeeta to the last royal ruler
f Hawaii, but -tbia waa den lad them
tal by tha death, of queen Lili
noVnfaoi a few month ago. ' ' -KevTtkleo,
the birthday celebra
tion, at tha I.onalilo Home yesterday
W.aot without itk cheerful features,
the aged Hawaiian; blind, ''lama aad
half,' appearlag to get mneb pleasirr
out of tie-singing and playing; 01 tha
Hawaiian band. " .
v' Preceding tha reeaptioa and band
aneort of tk afternoon a typical Ha
waiian luau waa served in the home at
noon, nt which all tha choice food and
detlraaies of th tiUeada war aerred.
" Thar are aixty fonr old personi in
the Ltonalilo Home,' which I located
maoka af the .Maklkl fire ttion.
-Amog the wha attended tha ele
bratUn yeaterday were the Governor,
Mayor Fern, Colonel and Mr. Curtis
P, laukea and Mr aad Mra. W. U
Smith. A. H. Smith, tba superin
tendent, waa' in general charge of the
aatcrtninment, i-.-:-.--.iiis.-;
- . i . s f t -J
Lon Sterling of tha office "of the
Secretary of Hawaii had JasSea H. Ha
koole, accompanied by a etencgrnphet,
wilt leave tomorrow afternoon in the
Manna Ken for Hilo for a two-week
etay on the Big IsIaad.' They- will at
tend la at least ninety-five application
for registration af Hawaiian birth 'cer
tificate, The "haaau court', a th
division ih popnlnrly known, wilt hold
meatJng in Hilo, Hamnhun and Kan.
Mr- Haktwdc baa been granted atw
week leave' of absence -in srdr.--to
of Mean a nwemlaaiowera ia order t
aalt la hadUng't hi other govarv
nwaf wptk' ph. the ig Island. .
,'.' .-..,vW. )4. . . .
WASHWOTOW, ' Jaauar 30 f Ao
elated Pras)-Th' htnta 'department
bM tecelved- a' cablegram, from Ambas
sador David Francis; at Petragrad,
My (eg that a group af Busaian anarch
itta baa 'notified him Ut ha' will be
bold personally .. ' reeponiible '. for the
safety Of Alexander1; Berkasaa ' and
Emma' Gdldmna, the' - anarehist aen
tetteed ta prison. .The (upreme coun
ha jut' refused W nllow a retrial In
their, eaae.v
j... r- '. : ' ,
fWo germans'Arrested
TOKHJ, Jannary 0 Spcial ta H.v
wil Shinpo)--Two Qenaaoa have been
krrested here'and charged with cspion-
. l: -
Takes Charge of Bureau of Mili
tia Affairs '
! ITenolur, iaanary Bl, liia
-t rVrkii,5T
t.s..u n
kftROAirTTUI :
Alex. Rsldwla. Ltd
. armra est
Ki Plsntsnen 'Ce. v.l
) Cable order from Waablagton r,e
Cefvad t department headquarter yea
terday morning aananeed tha appoint
ment of .Ismes t. Dougherty b a major
la the ' United State Beserve Coma
He immediately relieve Captala Wit-1 .' Co.
aelt In eharg of tha bureau of mIKtia nir ii'i, V- '"
-a-.;.. jT. .. vj . . I ?!. nag. t .i....
Major Dougherty has been a major
In tha Hawaiiaa National , Guard , for.
many yean, end roe - directly from
thaf organlr.atloa with' the same rank
Into the federal service. H Is a mem
ber of the firm of Wall A Dougherty,
iewelers, and ia tha guard, aside from
being battalion commander,, wa aide
ta the Governor of Hawaii. He ha
been deeply Interested in military af
fairs and gave them . closo atndy, re
sulting In hi selectlo for, thl im
portant work. , HI brother, Frank, i
now a captaia ia the reserve corps,
holding the position af chief quarter
ier nt Fort Shafter. y ' . 4
fajor Doughrrrr i tha third orrlee
to be taki a inta Federal service from
the guard, the- other being Major
laurane Bediagtoa and '.Major I. M.
Stainbaek. the latter being now jad(e
advocate of the Hawaiian department.
Hamnksa Hnc, Co.
Hi.uomn i)u. ('. i......
Hstchtnann la. flsnt, ,
KsHnka I'UdU ("a.
Kekaha Raa. Co. . .....
KhMi Hsr V:
slcnryils Hug. Co., LtK .
hi lis Xnsar .........
Ha htiirar ' Ltd......
iea M". I'o. '. .....
fas ii a u Ku.' Plant. Co..
IVinc Hit. II Ml ........
I'sla Plaatatiea C. .
I'eveakMt Hu. ', ......
floorer Mil) Co.
Hen TsrfcM M.' CO . Xt4..
.i . .
WaHnka Ba ' t., ......
I .. .
Badaa Development do. .
it ias inmw rn
MOBTttACrtB'tf tftmct OT INTEN
v i., .Via f:: k yit iLi'
iPjraunt; t and in aceordanc witk
the power and nutbority eontnlned in
that certain mortgage made August 19,
1M3 by "tavid P, Kaiena and Kaul
Ralenn, bin wife, id William K. Ckstle,
Trustee, rbieb tuortgag is recorded in
the' Office ot the Registrar of Con-vey-a'aeea'in
HoOohjra.T. HT in Liber t75,
at pagf8, aald William B. ' Castle,
Trustee, give notice, and notice ia here
by given that- be Intend ta foreclose
saV mortgage for condition- broken,
to Wrtr" non payment of principal and
'NoHoo; 1 likewise give that the
prwparty' eoavayed y aM 'mortgage
will ba, advertised for aalo and wiH be
old at pablle nuetion nt tba Auction
Room'tf Jameh F..-Morgan Companv,
LImlteit, la-the BUr Building, ISA Mer
chant Btreet, Henful,'T. 11.; on Batur
dsV,''he St:r -day of 'February, 118,
at 18 a'cloek' naoa af aald Aav.
. i Tkra-:of'Bl'Vhhin IT. a- Ool.1
Oolni'dead-at axpbna af th purehoaer
to u prepared by the attorneys of the
Martgaaea.'' i. .V, s : f.
;For,urther particular apply st th
Office, of th.MHgagoa in said Btar
The nrdierlle -Veavevst l.v
marfgtga and to m mm arer
All those premises'at Mokaoea, Kali
hi, In ahr Honalnra, being Lot 7 nd H
ia mora vof the' KaVulanl Trtet, de
aeKbad. a f oilowat .
Beginning at' th west corner of Lot
7 fn Bloeh S, whlcfc is nUo the south
ornar 'af i,b fa aald Work g, n,d
running na follow, t wit)
1. B 28 69' K. 100 feet along roal II ;
2. N. 61 1' E. 100 feet aloug Lot 9,
, Bloek .
3. N. 28 59 W. 100 feet alouu' Lots
- 11 and ix, 8lx k H;
A B. fll W. 100 feet along Lot 6.
1 . Block 8, to initial
point,'' containing an area of IO.ooii
aquara feet, a tor or less, and being a
portion of the premises st forth ax
A pan of Boyal Patent 509 on L. C.
A. 6430 ta Kaunuohua no Mbehontia,
U"ltig th premises o4vyod to suld
David P. Kaiena by William K. t'astle,
Trutev by dead dated August 18, 1W3,
raeeraad tn UtbeeMH nt. page 4M,
i Dated at- Jlooolulu, T. ll. tbi
day Of January, 19 H,t, t,,, . .
',. ; WiLlJAM B, OA8TJ,K,
.'"- ; - V . Trustee
tiwwis, is, !i Feb, i, a. ,;,;
, Rr tr. Msnna Keiw . JnosBrr itn: .
: rirOM HAWAII W, Mlllor, MIm U.
White. Mr H. M." White. fv. ami Mm.
i A. MsUnlre. r. O. Jainiw. f. K. Mni-msnr-J.
J. Hnrley. MIh Jsffa, lira, lrr
son. MIr V. Kmsht. Mr. U. Iji. trwta
HcotL James V. Kentrl.li. MIm K. TnnmB
snn, i A. motile. H. Weitfht. ). Knn-h.
II. TlMHiinwia, Mulilhar. Henaila. Mrs.
Mahnnaaril snd Infant. T. T. rarm. . K.
r. Vap. (leors B. Hpraee,. Pms Akl lr.,
Mfet K. Herrsof Chitrleo Knliat. Mtw
Mllrr. Mr. ana Mrs. Jmu liMrnrv. Mm.
W. Kmlerli-k. Mm. PrK Mm '. J. Kih
laaoa.Kslit.iua Ks. Mrs. U A. KoatKh
fer, Mrn. W. H. Htitlth, Mr. and Urn, W.
K. Rimen. Mrs. 'H. II. Maris. Mr. d
Mrs. V. Jvantuirs. Mr. and Mrs. R. U
K.Mt. si. KsK-skniii. Mrs. W. A. Frenaer,
Mr. and Mrs. ibw A, lahia. Mm. 4L K.
V.ll.um. M. ilata. K. , NaJtamnm, K. Ye
ma. Vim V. Martin. , , . ,. .
' MAII Klyeta. B. Tnkemerl.
Mr onr Lindsay, t'barlvn WOrox. U.
Mori. J. (. Hnaldln. ' A. ilannerber. H.
rnllliars. X.' r. )l..BMa. . H. W. Ilssv
mon.l. W. if. FrbUr, Jsmee A. Kerr. L.
WHiMKelmvr. . .
Bp str. Klnan from KsimI. Jsanary HO
Mm. ;-. Wll.t.x and aaiistiser. II. Kuht
mann. Mlw L. Kuhlinan. Urn Vlcksre. A.
R. Ilnle. J. ItsiMwa 1. Hmu. MIm n. MimI.
er. ojlmetn, Mbw IHUem. . Okano. Miea
p. nr, miim n. Mtntmnrt. u. Ton. F.
1'attmwHi. Hhlrama..K. ilaaeaa, Ii; M.
' ".rot. Ai, "eoU.y. T. Kawit. it. Kurt
sumt. Yi Kawawikl, H. 8a.viia .
Bv.Atr. iiavwranr fmtm ii.ii PmhIma
January M Mrs. HI. Itallvy, Mrs. . H.
""tt sim mills uihs b.niti urrler,
Mrs. 1. Ksirbalra inl Dim ikll.lnn Mr
i. B Polry.i Kdward 11. Ufcmr.- Msa. K4-
ward II. UlmT. J. W. Him. U.utrr Km,.
rt- Maxtsa. Mrs. TV Ullam Ilaatwi. Mra. h
Keaio. (Ji.Td . KlllaaK ' J.MM.h. J, Me
Keeaa, mirn MrHm. Mita. Kra Voran.
Mr. M. TlMMwas, T. M. Norton, Mm. ,T. IL.
Norton, Mra. B. I'inms, U, r1uw-W-k;
Mrs. B. IVtherfc-k, KrU Bsnnuwa. Mlns
K. Railtb. MbM M. Hotltb. MIh H. Urolth.
UW MBliUB Sutak. f 'llriatlun a.nl.h Al
K. Taekshnry J. I'. Toliitaa, Miss Hsttle
A,k . Wm'H W. WUssw,
Mis R. Thoinaa.- '
' Br str. Manna Km for liulns mA nnA
iaBnarjr Jfc-( mu William K. Vimrer. U.
a. Hararl. Uewire ISsuMla. ., H Bkak.
TbunuiH ICvansi Mrs. Huuver. Mrs. A. M.
nrow. r. v. Mrlionaltl. rHttouum IsrSst.
W. l KIl-KtriL. fl II. Urna-ll. Mr anrf Mn.
Charles OouOmsu. Mm T. K. Burgs, Mm.
tn M. Aniras, Mrs. IX IL llsniiuoad. MIms
Cmmw. J. P. Berry. A, M. IUius.uuI. X.
ltol.lnnnn. W. -W. 4'hanlwiHaln. Ik ln
Mian Kt4MOH. ll- T Ulnulii iT
Talra, Mm. II, ft. - Bran, ' Mr. and Mrs,
ivmraa llauer.-Mlsa K, l"ua, Mea. V..J.
Bsipcs, Mm. oh Cnllen. T. IS J. Raka
ta. U. Ma. Mosaa IitUo. Mrs. M. B.
Moor. Mm. B. K. Ulan. Mr. H. Barnard,
Mrs. a W. Oould, II. U Hultelit. U. B.
Hsnds, .J. floliwtson. Mark rrrU, . U
Heclaiaaa. Mra. Versara, Mlaa rara,
fiamual iobaaim,.. t'.. llMrtnuw, A. Maa,
Mr. aud Mra, A. E, Turner. Mrs. Charles
waara,. niw., r. Susjmr,' Mea. V. K.
Hliermsn, Mr. 4'lare Mayaenl. Mr. and
Mrs. V. ta. . Xklll.lia. Cl J W.lUr . Xlrm
Hn-op. Mlna kom. Mrs. '. Mr. By.
rt. Jm-ub Ulertshi K. T. Maker. T. Tada.
Hy str. Kluso fur Ksuak. Jsuasrj 8a t,
c. JiasutaMHea. ailM Aunle Ueverl I
Mr. llsvrrlU. K. 'E.' Viwnw, Bkt
White, A. Homer. B. U. Muntot k. J. Bouaa,
tk K. Woui.j, Mrs. Tons Ho. I'ns Km.
C. Fan. . K. HaachstL' Mlaa M. Manor.
E. A. TiMtrav.
Baldwin. Mtm Unx-e 1'irnU,
Mr. and Mrs. t. K.
i'srrmU. Mm. tUmmt
i. M. BpaliUna. Mrs. B. A. Maniuee aad
iww cHu.iiva. ura. . eouDiain. I. j. Muit.
don. .Jama . kiundo, Mr. nd Mrs, T. H-
Br str. Korea Msrn for the Orleatj Jan-
Sr . Ii. B. R. BafnAla, A. ftmvim. J U'al.
uerie. r. Unuoa. Mra. r. Unaum, Mk
a, im-wc, n. .,. ixiaii7. n. iieuniHtoa,
Mm. B. UeunlHton.-' Mr. Kslit. Mrs. Kebly,
r. ueniet r mwiry. u. rsrlies. Mies B.
KesUy. M.. L.KlelnhatM. Mm. B. L. Klein
baun, Mbia A. Uoy. '4irrv kkHlarr. J. 1).
RcMUie. W. l itlmmaa. Mr,Mr. U, Hbw
m ri rr-'n 'i u- -s
. f I
' y ' "''
Hon. r..n. ou 3.S5 i uo t.ia :
' MINlKw
Knicels Topper .... 5.W S.RSV
Mlueral I-roducts ... .IM .117 .
Moiiuula King . ... l i H .ix r
Moutsmi Blaukuui .. . ..'it .SI .54
Mader MliUua 8i .SB ' . Jt
' ' - BALES
Muutao Blnuliaai, tlisi. 1M-: noo. ilci
II silent Oolri. 4UUU !c: KuwWm ;. U
j lK-''llpululu, t)U. -Si?, Jt.UO.
'I i M '4.'tt ' i.
Quotation a th follnwlng New York
earn stocks, wlrelssMd to Th Adver
tiser by ntonsbsai a tu., arc:
'.inil liani raid ti) ...
flatko Ft A K He., ltL
Halko jr. ft V. ., Cum.
Maw. W My. t'i A ...
Ilaw. t'im. Ky. vi, U
III. w, ini. nr. lfi,
uawauaa rjsc-ine ..
Itaw. rtnenpiile (V ...
Hnsu B. M. Ve.. U4. .
Hon. (las to.. Ltd.
oa.' I. T. t L. Oa ...
latee-lKlsad n, H. '. ..
mm. i vi. i'sb . ..i...
Oah U. U . ...
Paksa nulwr l.
IWama rtnlliur, I'd.
Mam W m ;;A...
lanjvag wta nunoer
100 '
1 '
175 .
4 ao ..
Beach Waw I. I.
Haiuakns llt-h Co., oa..
lis. I'oo.' Hy. titfe .....
Ilsvallsa Ire. t'.. Oa ...
Maw. Ter. 4 Hef. 1009
Haw Tee. 4 Hub. Imp.
w. Ter. ran. im. t'fr
mHm mix-iiHrn .......
Bsw. TsrrT H
Hilo Oaa I'u., UiL, VA, .,
M.taokaa Vuar !,, 0.
Nw Wa '., LM Se ..
Kauai Br. Aa ......
Msnna Imp. IX ...
Mt-Uryile-HaK. I'o,. St ...
Mnt. TeL ft .'.
aiMi U. L. .. (I'M
oaa a nug. i o., , ....
Haa nan. IW.. A ..'..
Savtae Unaoo a '. Uo., On
a A'arlv Mllllaa. li j;
. aa
a. 003
41 CO
Oah'u. Sft, a, la . i25: Olaa. 30.
.Um- ;,-;,,'"' :' ' ' rH.y.
OU1B1I , ...
Ws la Ilia. a. VAM: l'kmeer. 20. S1.T5: Ola
i 'January S, ji
! eW nalyk om i rtck .
a Osnt.' (for Bsw r- anirmrs ....
Jan. UL. 1!1S .
DleiBlpttt a wa Bn.i aft o-e
Nsw kork , hi
''' '- daaaerir .B tu& )
Haiku .
Kekaha . ,.........
.!. K , . . . . . ,. . 4. ... , , ... ,
"ate ;
'loueer .. ......1... ......
Jaauary ft, VM
h. c. s. Co. ..........
lloiKima . .,
HaK-lihiava 4 j-.'..t...
1'aaubau .. .
. January ia, lflH.
WaUuka.-: ..,
Jansmrx'10. lain.
ftnwallaa Buxsr ..............
labn . ;...........,.,..
repaekse . .
Po t'arlu ..................
Oi it. a L. iK .................
' J.nn.r iu ima '.
A. A B . . ' I. ....... .........
II. A. Cw , .A...,....,,
liaw n raertric.' .....i:
Pabana Ilubber
Taujoug Olak . ................
tannery 04. luia.
11 00
J 101
. . . .
.11 0.)
. -AH
, Alt
. 1.11
.. .I'l
Usw'n l'tas
1. I. 1
at run ..4..'.tt.. .k. ......
n. n. ce.
t' BrtwH t .-., .......
Honolulu Oa ,. i.. ..........
hL H..h t-W, fti.rw-)',i..
' .in
, .7.".
' .ill
. . .40
- NEW YOBBT." aViruary. -(A-late.l
Prowl folluwlng . am 1 the opening end
eliMlag autatloH ot Murk lit tit Nvw
Vsrfc market veMterrtsV. . -
' t' T,'""
iAmarK-aa Ban !:...,,..
uierH-na Bet
M4atMl 'MI V w.4i.-.i
Ala-W tiuid .
American lMxunotlTa . ....
AHMrtraa Tel. tc Tel. i.,...,
American Huii-lter . ".,. J,;-,
AaMrtra Btrni -ttrg:.J.',.
.rhino hailaay .ui.'t.J.;
lalilsiu- (Niuiintlr ,' ...'.',
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UMUtvamn Mtesl. CH'
Hlg Lads
Kiums Copper
Ilargravn .
Iroui ttlom-iiui . .......
Jlw Butler
.Icroui Venle ,
Mulwsa! nil, ooimimu .
Kay ili-rcuiea
K-wue Kola
He 4'vaa ...... ..
Itlcbnii.iiil.l'uliiMrr .
HIlYW Kin rin-.. ......
Ten'ipikiv KMust,iU j-v.
1'll'lllllllU .
vllli'. V. iV.t . . . .
Kerr lk .-..........
Ilecla. .
('MMHon fluid . ........
WimIbcs Thurs-
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,,. RH-JIZ
,,. s.wi
,...4.33 .
fiinri.int I'etn.truui
1 ratrai cata--r
Cauaiikan l-ai-me
v. u. . tu. iv ui ........ j.
Colo. ruW A frin,
Cr.-ll.l Bteel V
CiHat nuxar Ce .' .,..
Kn Hiiniua .'...,.',
Uaawntl :iwlrta . .........
l.eaerul Sl.Kom (aewi ,,.
least Ni.rrlit.ra ord.' t...a
tr '. . . i - ,
Keiiuecotl 'ifver t .L,,.,k
luteruatluaal 'Kicks! k. ILi.
ludustrtal Ali-obol .
y naiirou
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Watatf VA.VA.
Lehigh Vsllsy Battroail
new rkv 1
fur t'-Nkaulblat.
ItcadhiK ruiiiii.ua
HtiaMIO lra euaiutoa
Hunltirrn Paulnc
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