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Ill '"EAR 7lPh.h,;u,w0r:;ris.:.
111 lilG FOIiCE
'. - Up Until Midnight No Enemy Had
Been Able To Pierce 'Rarra.e
Defense of London ;y :.;
Britisff, Public Resumes Its Oe
. mand For "Reprisals.., Urging
. s That Lesson Be Taught- -f"
7 UNDONvUnuarVi36i:Mid-
, . JL 'night) (Associated '; Prcs),
Another German air. raid , in
..... force isY being r, triade; tonight
4 v against Eastern '., Fjigland, ' with
the encmy-air squadrons attempt'
? ., ing to pierce the air defenses of
this Tityv A,1 number' of nearby
towns ; have 'jbepn . visited by then
. raiders id bombs ' 'hare been
dropped u ,'thc suburb of, hop
don, bufup until t)ii time no
raider, has succeeded jn'' crossing
, the enrtairt o HhdU beiiig thrown
. up- ty, tlie tknti-aircVaft;;g'uri$. - ''
', ,-. No -details., of the ' damage In--.
. flicted outside the tit hate been
glyen ouC .The, first raiders ! ap
peared at- nine-thirty.'. - V Vv1
. A The raid of. Monday, 6igl( w
one of ttie.wprstjn thehlittii-y of
: ... ; the ".war, . forty-seven -.persons' lie-
- ? ing killed ' and' one' liUndred and
-.. nxty-nine -Voundcd.: The' "dead
include -rnenf' Worhenv jindVc'hil'
. . dren.'.'yyt'f '
, A-The aif 'de?ert8e ; service in-.
. nounced v: yep terdaf fhaf tliere
v ". -were. , fifteen''- large ; macbnes; in
; :, . the first raiding squadroni'uVeiof
which reachedjthe t;itjf firnits; arid
1 none gamed past the'barrage'.
pne vof tjie'jaidcru' .wis .'rrgb4
- down; the' three avjators 'trialng
i up" its rew ? being', buried 1 to
- : death;. V-.'yc -?j
, The second squadron wafJArg
. - er and several "machine reached ,
their '..objettive" t and,'' dropped
v'j-.-i bombs within' tht "city limits.
The reappeirance"; of .raideri
; and the. heavy ' ca'sUalty . list.' of
r ; civilian- noncombataivts, jnetudihg
' -children, has ; brought . forward
' ' again in great force the jniblfc e.
, ' rnand' upon the government - for
,i reprisal "raids.;'; The! premier ..Is
, being remjndcd,thai he agteed to'
' ; exact a full penaltjtjuporf ihi "IQer
mans .if the . raids against undei
; fended British centefser, r'tct'Be
: v . resumed. A demand is tnade that
. . Germany be' taugfiV a lesson' aod
that .- English.' .cities '. be. inside,; its
. safc-frvm raiders, s' the; French
r-iftia YiQtr hon ". .- .. . V
England. France, Italy and Amef
. , v ) ' lea, Represented i ii.
' .i ''.." i" '. '.i.' .' i,; -'1 ir V
YEKSAlU.Efli Janunry . 89 (Askoel
ated . Prasa)--Grat Britain,, j. Tnnpfi
Italy and in ''United States are repre
' sented at "the' session ' of' the siiplreme
Tuf council wblchbejjnff; today; preaid,
i Over by ; Prenilfr J C'leaioaeeaii :.of
. J'renre. U it expttctMl that ibe'fiUa'a
for the coming campaign win Jio de
tided upbn... ; y i . t , f
i. v. y
WAKHINOTOW, Jauttory 2S-Aao--ilated
Press V-That Germany la coldtV
-violating the terms of tb armistice
agreed to with Buesia, aad is transfer'
ring troop from the east to .the west
front in preparation for the great bait
tic exe.epted la Frue, was tb eharj
i(te Id a .statement, by the tilted
r'tHe nr dnuartutent today. .Th d
pnrtment say that the truee ucdi'l
whl"h Onrmaity aifreed to mere - no
troi-ps from the eit froot 1 beUHio.
lattd repeatedly py verm an
rmz n;
tovs LAu;:ci::.i)
French ' Storm Trenches h Al
'i tace' and' .Smash jGertr.ani,
Italians Win Brilliahf. Victory
,and Drive Teutons Back Over
v-Wide Area(,Jf.i. i
"iUj IVei Th Hun reler' l)ck,
Itunnrd nr .bleeding, row . brilliant
! iuwwfur ttttekk drliverfd oo Ifo
front jrfter4t, M oaly eonitolittioii
tk (iiurjcr of elvi)it-hlnfly omu
nd hl)drti ! the Second air rtid o
LAfiflnH In 4A itiM V . j' .. . . '.w.a.
j -Both tlie Ffnri ka.f th itajiohii, h1
(tter ldHt hd Snpportd by troops of
their Ult, Uunrted )gcroug ttflk
camaT tn Hn llnM, and r o both
fibt rh ttriki er uceiiifuL Et-
forti mt tk Oinnant Sod- Aui-tri to
fti UU Iomci wf futil nd r-
(ted enly.iin further )Mi being tu
tlna-.i ' .'.(? '. ' '' - t-
l-rmch Vlettttaui:'. f, ; : "' y '
) In ubper-AUkeo, rriordUtf to the 0
ficl f'rH(rh.,eommnlnit. the French
troop ttornnvl the Oeraitn-lines and,
brktintf btek nil milatiniu. H9trnnd
Hhet (lefnf vf i lhfi,.()piK)iiot)t and
nw ,Jth a lar? grlat bt prieoB
b"sido hting rnnuy Uuncdead
ad woliiuUd- la Hh. trri4rh. ' '
;' Dtratirhai IrflK Jtome announce that
brilliant and joe enf ul olTenlv u
Uunejie'bf ItaliaM on ILe north.
trM .nd of 4he tine rhieh aa eroraed
with ompleta (ureeM. . ,
1. Berlin fifflrlally admlta that the Ita)
tAg lattnehed a violent attnek between
th .lttA and Brenta poilt loan, and U
Iffniflr.otl.T ntlont at to th rraulta.
Itaiu&s Bmasa Huns ; ' '. '
v 'i'ha Italians, aeeordlng to the Bam
iepat1iM,vsiiakhed through - ,the en
tmy'a lino hf several pointe, atraeplng
the-Huns bash with - beaty loss and
irt-estiai 'a larre aroa of crottad front
(hem. -.-v; -:-..: -s
m -in 4eeperatt effort to stem the tide
r attach the Oernaaa and Amtrian
rushed . tip large aumbera of feiaforce1
ments, bwt theK top, were cruahed and
f)erd, ; la tbelt oftueeiifnV coua-ter-offeasive:,
'tbef-Ttatn' had- great
combers killed aid vouadedr while the
1leeMfu taliaaa took, no, leas thaa
ipw prisoners. ' .. .v" ...
The. great air . fleet of the. Italiaiis
do a striking , part v in th attack.
Hfoutio(tj battle and- pursuit anaehloei
ro into the air and attacked the e
sny plana, . Thooiand of, feet above
ae two armie dMperat battle took
plaeei with.th Italian eminently aue-ftesiful,-
-Tl enemy, aiplaa. wert
-hot- dowa and, th others driven from
the Tight, leaving the Italians .triatten
f the, air '.'J.'.V I ;- " ' :- k .'".;.
Vhejr took , full . a Vantage, of .thir
riaitcry, ii'nt . over, .the enemy i. ilfle
they" ranged, , notinjy position, and ,(St .
owitioft- of . teiiR nd wns and e4
aliling the. l;liaa infantry . tomovr
while the Teuton weta blinded." r
wvv.. sblp torpedoadT
,' VjLn English armed ysel, the.Ji'e.eb '
tin, w torpedoed And ftraftded jr
tbe,.Kuglish Chanael on January 80,' r
. anDoifpel )ast night by the Brit
llh admiraUr;'. Three., uffieer tn4 teo
ltaen"wena..IpRt, the others, beinj rea
eued.' vV.'''x-'r-: ?j'.ri:.V .".'; '
marlcAa Tiler XlUed - .
, "A- deapatck front. Taris ysr Puma
'hsqne . Mprneer, an t American svtttor
from Highland. Park, wa . killed on
Wednesdav rtornlnr while rvtttrnine
from ah hi patrol aear Belfort, on the
atari, 'f"et. ''.'';.. "
Slanghtcred ; :
By .P; Villa
rea)-TropVled by Paoebo ViVa in
person' tore out 'a seetloa of railroad
,whth bf jbanta. Bosalia' on Saturday,
w-recking a trata aad killing a number
or soldiers and otoer passengers. The
Vllllsta followed , up the, wreck itk
4 maiitaere, patting - to death every
surrivor. la aU, one hundred Sad ten
person were slaughtered.
. WABUIKOTOX. J.nii.rv 30 f A sa
tiated Press )-r-Jf date bas a yet bee.
et fdf toe drawing of the aest (Iran
jpr tiie 1 formation . , of , the .National
Ary Uarahal, OeaeraP Crowder aa
kannced Venterilavj 'Tt 'liss taan
pflcted that the vdroft fonld take pi act.
some time iiunoi tbe foming month. ,
' :. ' - -i .v, .
', M. Daaaer. America a seoretary.
or the Alianon, v lpera, who baa Just
returned from atady et the Jeper trt
enis Janau and China, aaaerted vee-
(flrduy.th:t the, Molokal colony, i-a the
ttawailon Itlaad. I tr superior, to all
tthers . that he 1 has aambied in itr
trearmeat f the Inmate auV In gotv
eral method of eondaeting'tkeV-' t
kae made a study of, the "Kalaupap
fiettlemedt aad . has high s words of
t.rsie, for the: work of Joh D. Me
velgh,. the superintendent. lie left
Thursday for Xw York where he wilt
make his .report of eoniparttiv estU
mat of leper eoloniea of the Paeifle
... ; . . ,
j' Chanibsrlaln ' Cough Bemedy ha
(een eurlng cough aad colds lot the
past rorty year and ass gained in po
Dularity every year. What better reo
oiniuendariou 4a reauiredt -. For iaJe .by
all dealer Benfton, tJinith Oo, litd.,
gent for tUwaU-AdTt. tU a;
!nnip nrr'in'i y
Lenlne and Trotsky Face Loss of
c PmW Forcet'-Belnrj De '
feated At Three Points
German . - Peace. Off ert Rejected
'. By Council of Soldiers and;-
: :-' Workmen. Vs
-jf '''... vt'..
vLONDON-January SO (Associated
Press) '-The 6ttshev1M administration
i . faaiait a lew) of power at bnie, with
te, "peblle opinlpn now trending to
ward the Social Revolutionists, and it
force Tiave been defeated ' at three
points In . the, civil war. raging dally
more .savagely, on the Tkranlan and
Don Cossark borders. Added to the
iuteranl ; diffieultles ..being faee!t by
Leniae'eTnd Trotsky, the repeated fall
jtres of the Bolshevikl leaders. to meet
he Oermjn peaee terms have angered
m DKrin teaaera ana waatever tup
port .the Rnrsiae " Maximalists have
been reeeivlng from Germany la mow
prs;nruy gone. -
OernMoT'i Tenai Scorned
' Out ef the welter ef reports from
various Russian point come the-one
'flnifee' toot that toracticallv ieverv
Rnseian fMtloa. of influence is opposed
t the acceptance- of the Oermaa term
whereby peace may be Woa only thron-h
toe jnaa or important territory. The
eouneil of soldiers and , workmen,, the
nearest approach Russia ow has to- a
narliameat. - ha Voted ' t . reject the
Herman offer and ha approved of the
ittitude assumed by the Hlav delegates
it Brest I.ltovsk.. , The various Boeiai
let eieentlve have likewise gone on
record a, preferring a resumption of
the war to tb taeriflee of Conrload
and t)thor' Baltic' provinces, . the nn
tntmltv of 'the factions eenterinir 1a
tad around Petrograd, forcing m dental
from Trotsky that be intended to lead
the Rttskieji delegates back to the peace
Conference and a announcement, that
h 1 considered these negotiation de
finitely concluded until such .'time a
ew term might be outlined at Ber
lin. 4 ; ,!...-;; v, . .., ,:
Arut Democratic J aaci ' ,. - ,
.Addressing the workmew niid soldiers
)ouncii, Trotsky, i reported to. have
"We at!! Insist en a. 'democrats
,' aaldi ; "Wnt all the ef-
tirts are. vaaueeeasf nL it might be po
t eohelude : an : ndemoeratie
enftt'ibut we are not vet in that posi-
It I now pronosed' that a new Cab-"
inet. be formed, t inolude -repreaenta
tlves of Jl the. nti, annexation t aor
olbevlkl Def eatid. : i) 'J. -" :
- la . the meanwtttle ' . the Bolshevik!
brees- ii the 'field have,, been ; ex peri
neiag! defeat, bofli' by . the Coasaeki
'ad the Pkraniana.' A wireless report
'rod . Kiev to tieneva. 'announce . that
he Ukraalan retrlmenta aervlnc with
the Bussisni, have united and declared
neir aue(ianee. to tne new varaniaa
Government. Plhtittir: between these
regiments and. those loyal to the Bol-
hevikl broke out and after a three
day battle the Ukranian drove back
h Hlave and seixed the eity of Lutsk,
bieh they are now holding
war em Kta&ania. . ..
Premier Lenine has issued a forma)
federation ef war upon Rumania and
the despatch yesterday, from Petro-
m report that the members or the
Rumania ' legation - .were givea ten
hour notice to leave.' This decura-
ton hss brouebt about a political eri-
ils at J assy, the Rumanian provisional
rapttal, according to a Berlin despatch
by way- of ..Amsterdam, which states
hat" the Rumanian Premier, J. C.
Bmtiano, ha beea forced to resign.
! The radio! i, Finland have appr
ntly been able, te carry through the,lr
coop aad have, ousted the provisional
government, front ' power., Uobringf ora
the Finnish capital,; i Uw held . by
Buaaiaa Ked Uuard. who have sdn
forced the Finnish revolter.
To Register Women
Of The Nation s
For, Work On Farms
. WASHINGTON, January 30
(Auoeiitted pre) The department
of Jsbor, in ah effort to meet the
clearly een ahortage of f ram labor
whtuk wlU b acutely felt lo the
priAg,,'pln t carry out a nation
wide regiatrattoa' bf women for the
nurpos of listing those who . may
"be wU to' take - the ' plaeea of meu
on the..farai. ,- - v
' 4..- ,
v ,
nW lUads of Bio'Sysfem Again
r 4 .
AT. I.Ol'IS, January ?0 (Asociste.
Ifwss)-The receive rship for the Prise.
Uses, .which ha been in existenee for
the past several 'years, wa yeaterda)
dissolved and, the various line of the
seven thousand-mile' system are again
under their individual . management,
subject just bow te the ceueral opera
tion by . the government. ' The line
grouped a the Fri system - are nine
la janmber, including; tbe Ht. Iouia, Haa
-.. .f - ." .. i .la w.
1 -'L" V'f ""w.- lV f
inviw.ewa bio uraaae. . ; ...
.TCJKIO, January .SftfHpecWV Cable!
ta Hawaii . BhinnoWTV. WluIui havy. haviaff been cut into on I
, i ., .7 v
her have been, abandoned. .: The Japan
ese admiralty, bat hot announced the
eeh of the wreck but states effietnlly
that the members of the crew, have beep
rescued without 4 on of life. ' :
The Kasuga U', a vessel of 7T$0 tons,
with a speed of tarntv knot. Hhe in
Ariticipate; -Floods Witi l
WAHHINQTON,. January ao-r-CAsso-
eiated Press)- The unusually Zt greet
ruantitlea of -snow that have fallen
throughout the entire' northera half 'of
the country durfng the past two week
make almost a eertalnty 1h "appear
ance of many flood within, the iNxt
kit or eight weeks, la anticipation of.
Bank Teller Fperidly ffinK Gcrnijms
Arrested on iPridmdidWaiimi
, .BAN FRANCISCO January 304(A-,
aneiatod. . Pre) Oeorge Bodea, who
, Whir,
l bank,
for the past two year has beea
rhaage teller in one of the Joal
was arrested at, Berkeley yesterday by;
federal ageata on a President war-'
. . , . ..I , ' 1:
.": Boden,vae:eording to federal ofBuisU,"
vas ordered out of Japan two, yeara,
go, et a timefwhen lie w alleged, to
ha.va bd .tb iipaarial eontrcJ of two
6f the newspaper there, through wkie'
I carried qh ab , aetjve pro Oerpian
l i t-
Qet (Mo Pay and Hear Nothing
r-rom j'etrograar so mey. '
: Decide To ..Quit Wor:.
"I am' on strike, with', all tbe other
liplomatie staffs xif Russia,' says W.
W. Troutshold, Russian consul-general
it Harbin, Manchuria, when he I ques
tioned. .'regarding any . information.-1 he
eeeivee from Petrograd.' VI aavV had
no pay from or ao eommuniftatloa with
Petrograd since the : Uotaheym , party
;ot la power," he add. . s'.,' 'V;- '
Consul Troutshold reaij here', last
September tq represent the .Kerensky
government, then la power in Bussla.
o return to their, native eouutryi ... 4
Application were received from .aear
y 400 Russian U HwaH ,who were
nxious to return to. Russia and these
tpplicntions were forwarded to Petro-
rrad, but nothing ha ever been heard
f them since, due to the disorganised
conditions of the Russian government.
Consul Troutshold say that son of
the former ambassador or eonsul is
now officially representing the Bolshe
vik! irovernmenth : they have all
''gone on strike"' because they have
Seew receiving nqfnatrurtiene-of' pay.
'He Intend to leave her aoon for
i. - - .v. t..v
"TirJV!!l T.:TO-.-rnU
eJprwe. eonndec that eventu-
.ii. -.i.i.
3uirt'ii rii
which v.111 not forget to nay its diplo-
Isiiui Gowi
January SIA.
elated lress) The senate ,-m
RAMIItiM tnftllV' ' AABHidMPA.1' -J fhSt'til
....... .
posed new provisions of the1 draft' law
to tiring within the. Operations of the
Selective Draft me becoming thirty
one years of age. ' v',, ' : . ,.
- General Crowder, provot - ma-sun!
general, explained that the war depmt
meot 1 supporting ans amendment ' to"
the law by which mn not call. t into
active service will- be discharged freuv
the draft on reaching thirty one.
General Crowder said there, would be
a jiew drawing under the new l-lnsaifi-eation.
- .
i .
-., ' , ,,i ' . ;, - eatea, , irre) The senate commeiee
' .., , oommitten by a vote of seven to is de-
NEW TOKK, January 30-Aoiav . Wed today to amend the Railroad Con
ted Press) The United States " Steet trol , Bill t rovM that th govern
Oorporatioa paid, to the government in men) ,w(U Relinquish rentrol of ths
tase and super taxes over 0. fry" per- road a' year after the end of tbe war.
rent of It tola I earnings during thy Some pf the committeeman will en
Anal nuarter of , 117 wrewlinr(tn:1''ravprrf-Vv the TMnmmendati'n'r'--
I statement Jasud yeiiijc.rvy 'he.or .
poratioiv -' '. .. ' .' ' ..' , vY-' !'
. -:vV; ,-.,.,
;.i. -.'V- -V -J., '-''vv
one of the madera .shine rf the JiMs
om urmi rieiHni'a.iir oonirouea. uer
complement was 623 otoeer ai
' AnolhT 'marine 'Csttrttbfi
W V.
ported yesterday, ' the steamer Vaha
Mrn being sunk of. BaLkaesekl, witk
the lose of her raptala aad thirty-three
mear Khe was a small eraf t,ibf a. thou-',
aad ton, aaUing aader the .Osaka Hue
eew Company house flag. " , ;
' )!' ,
which the federal railroad official are
iweparing. . . V '..';. : - i.-.j;-.
. H wae officially announced JeM night
that the existing freight congestion oa
a majority ef the Kastera and Middle
Western line will not be .cleared up
nniil about the middle . of Marc. Whjle
the anticipated flood may ao damage
tb, ' lines and - Jaterfere : with , traffic
a to delay the eleaa-up evear later, v
Tampaign,.'. striving tor incite - Japa
. againn wreat nntata and to ereate
"gams wresi nntata and to crest. a
feeHng ef hortllity toward the Uaitad
: since ' hi arrival la '.ftaa '.jaeiteo
Bodeai ha been eonspieubni U hi
greeting a to tbe Oermaa and -Austria
trartn.ilu ll.. Ul. ut
ion the way to Germany from China and
the Philippine, following their depor.
Utlon from those eouirtrier after the
declaratloa of war. ;'' -..V." -',. 'i'C . T
He hss been abder euapieioa for some
, time and ha been closely wetehed;."' '
f-S rl inn t sn a ir- in
I:. UUiuilli tAoI JtAK
t'atBMT TORK, 'JMaarjgWA
ted Pre) American losee since th
cenimeneemea.t of the Oermaa policy ef
unrestricted ' ubmrinlng"vtetal.to date
stxty nilie ships, in the ' Jnklhg et
which.' three hundred 11 ve "bve beea
lost.r-';y''',i.l,::'";';'r.''.V..'! ;
s To 'offset ' this, i America ba take
ever- one hundred and even Crermau
and.Auetriaa owned Vessels,-represent
ine eeveral time ' the ' tonnage and
valuer . 1 . ,',"! -.. -
" ' : ' . . 1", . 'j.
Buildings Destroyed But No Lives
,4 -r f .
IJABQUETTE, Michigan, Januar) . 2S
(Associated Press) a eiplosioa oe.
1 Area 'today ta the plant of the Pioou
ait' r..-...--
. eerviron Company aere, a the result
which te building W.r. wrecked,
' Jfc ffi
"re were lost, far a known, bo
t.d'"i "ch, w
""f":,0"" 17":"":
. u a 1 . . ... j... ..j.
, . . ..- -
' . Wn' Hobby, acting auperln
f ,pnWB,6r'k;..'liai' tee .'apwrtbfeJ f
fedoraf, licenser.' f "explosive for vth
Territory of Hwil under theniw fed;
rral lw Kleb Uefl
liloh'.ekuloslvcs . m
frsl law ntleb defines method under
nbioa'.ekpiusivcn .may be manufaetur-
be ntanufactnr-
' ' . '
d and distributed. I ", ' . '
la future only tbol 'officially Ucen
' XSHINGTON.: January. Asso-
c,(ud.UoiUrwle. ;4lm,l nuijolt' rill
V-. sunflictlnu irport to the sraatr.
1 '-.-;'. .-
t .. '..'' '-' '''"-
eu wiu re perroivtea to buy or us es. eominjg -rrpnn, taetV lee; gorge through regulations to bebeerved by the vart
ploetyea ?ana H jaeeanes, la. Honolulu wbi)h . the, fiver pours. .. . t. ' n insurnn eompanlee in which tw
MU.b(wkiued by the aewl.r hmed of- V " 1 ' 1 ', ' trlcUon re placed upon the rather
wui';!1? ueV.11rkl ' RiKER TO 'ftEfcRfjiSS ' ' ' e trannmlaalon of all Informn-
sddltioa te, b pwniidnU. ? jr PMfW,' V.s.LrK ArUrBe tin. concerning mnnufaeturlng plants,
kiM.L importanVlnd.::
-.7 -, " j " " v--. --. , t ,hx ; ..;,.','n,t ,ij . ..- : 1 ne. uae sompaate may secure' and
f.w. Ftotd,ms ho All s Ai ;iVMHKT0S,,V January 30 (Aaeo- tabulate the nstml data but must o
!rt..f VIV ' ele. PremiiUSeceeUrj' Baker will as- permit the Information they receive to
; 1 pear's rain before theiseaate rommlttaa tranamitted out of the niinlr. v.
Socialis ts Fano irig Enibere: 01 4 Revol t An d
Urging Workmcn To Stand Out in Protest
pectoral' mx'i
1 LONDON,; ''jum3tAiiiui PreM)Well uthintlcated
I ld .'fCDorta. reaching here through both Swiaa ind ftuvh tnnri-M'
innotinc a wldaprtad defiance
uwi t wi ui v tuiciiuBu mmmm siiu iuis tonuiiions conunue inai
r5, paralyaing. the plana of th army leader. Operl disregard of
tht oi-dera of the junkert atejeing ahown in many cities and plant :
after-plant working upon war orders ia cloaing down.:,) '
Berlin despatches admit that tht majority of the plants engaged
hvthe production of aircraf ts have been .forced to 'shut down, and
tht many other of the main war. industries have' been' affected and
are practically at s standstill. .:; tCtfUj vV-'v-'j''ji'''' -:,' '.. ' ";
M '.;' Basel correspondents announce continued riots and food demon
stration; in,e'.Oertriv'iities::,''-V i-;,'- v',',:X vVt.X..;' ',, ,(.,'
VThe Independent Socialists, who are reporte'd to be taking their
lead, ffoni Philip Scheidmann, the Socialist leader in the .reichstag,
art' carrying on aq active and undisguised propaganda in favor of
jhe strikers and, 'Are urging more of the German workmen to fall
Into line -arid -voice their complaints against the government ' The
Socialists are furthering the disorders, they announce, as a protest
against the delays with which the bill for electoral reforms in Trus
ja is being nlet in the Prussian diet, delays inspired from the high
est tiuArters' - : ''''-' ;,.,.'ri'-V,f ' ; ' v '' -i".
?y'. TB. FaterYand party is also carrying on an agitation, demand
ing tJiat the peace negotiations with Russia be not allowed to drop
ut that Germany take steps to meet the Petrograd demghds of no
indemnities ind nO annexations, -' f.-'rV'; t. ,.,s ' : - j.
The leaders of the strikers have been called into a joint confef-
.nace. with the Independent Socialists and. the executive committee
. f. the Fatherland party.
Into-Seals Report
m n" 1'.,,, '
Swedish- Steamer Anglia Reaches
' Atlantic;-Port -.With ; Story a
V Bloody Tragedy : Master,
Mate and Steward Dead v i
1 r y-;v "-! - ' 1.' "-(' ' ;' v
; ATLANTIC TORT, January 30 (At
sociated ; Pres)-i-Th- Swedish steamer
AngUa -arrived Jn port yesterday with
CaptalnV Wun. missing and Pirtit Of
0er Purst nn4 the steward dead, Ted
rril .oflltial ifnmediatfly-, took; posses
sion jp the ship to conjuct an,'nveti
jrwtirn rnd definite' infnrwation .if ws it
is admit ttf io'bnvd been a sen tragedy
K.Wuaod.i ::..;;
.. Anit hnoflltiiJ ; tatheaV te the
effect that -the f captain,' went. Iaaa
shot down bis Hwo'V officer and .then
jamped overboard and .was drowced. .
. ' : :, ,,,..- 1. 1 ,t ; :..
Rules' Washington
Mpnumeot; Is
i Place Of !: Amusement
AVAbH&qTOK, Jsuuarv VJjin-
cjate-j f WV I inl Adminiitretor. Uar
teW yeiterdav rulod that the M'aahin;.
ton t onvxaent' come ander . the gen
fhdrd'H'iptlon) of a. place of amuse
ment. L'nder this ruling, the levato;
ts ,tlii sHosiunent will not be shut down
oasdafc r -.r,. W .1";
Ai,..,-..-,- -,,T --t .. ...... T..?,.1'
PAUUCAU. K.ntnrkv. Ja'anary
( Aesociatedprenal-i-Taat masses
1 lusting icc,xoovergiBg nere ana .rrmi
ing gorse and ieeberir. have awept
down the river a fleet ef packets and
omer Peats moored a
other ,,beU moored along the shores, the".
1 boat beiag carried down the Ohio
noat iteiag carried dowsr the Ohio elated Pro) Secretary of the Trean
Hver, Appeals for help have been heard nry Me Adoo hae Issued a series nt
. - ,. ., , -j; ------ T- - ... - ,7--.
an niiiiL-Lr-r anitrii u' iivMtiMuni i . i i , .. , .
Larr lITiiriL "saw iBVMtlcrattna i(
b eroea-uiued byith vseeatoria
probers. . v ' ,
ml IU Ssalc ea4 Uaativc aStcl.
linri aaoMO oriKum wU1Im.wI -.,-lwtee SUtee on the ground viola
iMtt than erdtnarr Owinian, paa not - 0' tae Chlneae Exclusion Act. The
lurttimii. bor rhtaias m'thk bead, ii- "halted State' immigration eommissioa
s :mtUa. iusteiy - a4- ol.ins:l It i1n, t ptrl t:i.., ,1 ts
taeMnw- , . .
by derrnan workmtft of the war
Secretary . Wilson. To : t.;: ; ' .t
.-Board To Conciliate Zz.z :
iV: and thfi;VVorcLi3 r.::.i -
WA81HKGTON. January 8 (As o
clated' 'tT,res9)-iThorougk .reorjjsuia.
tien it I, the' departuten of "lubor is
being planned by Secretary-Wilson, the
purpowe of , whUh, .it la "announced, is
to broaden the . influennn, ef . the . de
partment and to aaumdirectlon of
Ubor throughout the country as it ,
affects the war.-. , .'; ,r., v--' .''""."
An effort in to be aiade, Secretary
Wibtoa announces, to conciliate capi
tal and labor and Induce them to com,
pose their diffnrencea, in view of the
necessities of the-. Nation and. the ur
gency of meeting the demands occa
sioned by tbe war. '. . . ,
To this end Secretary. Wibion yto
pose to appoint a ' board of to u
usBiucn gi, wiiypi urn soau , ie rrp.
resentative or capital, Sve repre. ,la
Uvec of labor and tw eutral. ,
The board will meet ..! Washington
to .formulate broad principles -gcra-iug
the attitude f the two .classes
toward the war. One of the chief ob
ieete ef the board win h.l nt in lit a .
strikes, ' Which , are already neriously
hampering tbe Nation in its prepara
tions for the great struggle, aod this
will be one. of the principal matters
taken1 up for-. consideration wken tb
board convenes, i.- - , ,
insurance co:.:paTc:es
"mcteo 0:1 m
Regulations Reoarding'Jnforma
tionjssued By McAdoo ;
- WASHINGTON," January 30 .f Asso-
WASHINGTON', January '(AmI
dated. Pre Th ' sunrems ' i-.imrt
1 banded down an opinion todav holdinir
-ur .fiaborh..'no jurV
'..'.1 ' -leporr jV m- frnm th
1 j
,1 '

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