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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, February 01, 1918, Image 7

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:'' ' . : ttAWAflAN . (TATTR.; v FRIDAY; ; FEBRUARY i ..101ft. : -tt.Mf-WEmV: r '
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.'"niidi'v; iirrrnfrn hv tiif
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' WABHIWaTOW, SUxmrr' 8ft-(AMOUtl rrwBirty iiManr'
by Ch fual' kdmlnlntnrtion looking tavui ilgiAi eoatrsl at th oil ln '
turtjy th ostitrol t ba aarrted -w bjr tk govern m rrb-mr. rrv.
taat todaT after rtil AdtnUUatratar Harry aarfiaM: Tlattad1 W WhlM -Homjie
l t$ mdMidtut that tat fnl adninlatracioa to wartdag 6a a plaa '
Xor gwamuaat control af foal oil an(V poaalblr aoaa of lt aceaawitarat '
k1 "" mV r ,
a-wery-i md.ifry i. tha
.Tartitwy of Hiraily lt sriaal7 a(-
R tittoi tf. tJijf proectla altortajt of
, oil, 1 Together wlfa . tftanndunceificnt
. bw Waauijibto. b. ikilauiuatra-
' tor Garfield, of proposed gOYernmeot il
i. ; Waploftneil ihdustry.-. Bo notioui.: W
K ' . v j t'-i.i JlT0' gasoline, for automobile usera di-
P U ..:;;-i.th-Mtkt Nf jtllle'e' '' a power producer, or e-
- Bi ftirVor-furre Uirlt by-the
ij. Union OJI
Company ta ecavert their oil'
Mnr.M,.. 4 .i i
...birnrt oyt
Tbo. UiOaa-.
; i i iJ25 I
troaa of tb eaaueilatioo. of all bland
irtl.iV - .TA-.-. iiT II-f-T I
,r"rZL i"" vi"z:?or te eompanle to w
oil laonii, W' lu. iiiiuiuk . aia no
. itroek consumers ayjnarely until they
Union O L'oidimdv'i eoatraeta yeatef-t
day Burning, wkiak rame mm thai
Kaia. office o th eompany in Los Anj
aulas,, but wnicb, waa. aen, out here br
diatriet. ' aaiaa. maaaeer. . Ji. ,
Evea waaipt w the. ewntraet eaneel-
latioa, notice did Sot aeriously d-iturb
some of the blewf naereof fuel oil
in im. .otuJiV in,!,,.in .tmnj
of the notice which naid; -r i
v"Wa strong arga Mob t nit-.f'1" ;' . - . , . '
tom.r. an eanTjw thamsaWea in a p f ' Tha CHy of Honolnln Ibaa itoWi'
aition to do no, to aomrert from fnl o', "'f "lr ,vth 011 Com.
to aoa0ioolieBf4ieLyf'J . T lthoBgb, it bad n aentraet with
nDDlr May Bo Ctat Off ' ,
Belra .for tho ""da.; Jt U possibla
' Such advice coming from the n-Tora P;0" Pyjr".1 " t0
H il bf,fnr oil oouM not butr tprivo ftTSlV TMUP
: v ,r of' the probability, of th. pit aupply b; SZJJMIi
V ,' rv ir off fron, Honolulu and Uh 1 ??Jll
, Island port nn darkening to tho op "Si TLtSSH STL !mw
M: ti,biaf a?me who-ehowghotlia. gov-, TCw ! on JLi-
. r ernment will look aftoTS'" . t ,,w7 D ? .VTfr
'K.. u iTJkV iM poaaibio'V This-notisa, neverthe-
eivte rtW tw tJl wtlr ba nseJ leJmWoticnll y eloayrvrith ft. irtate,
gowrnmejvt -war tt, rthoaa pienfv Hilwnya having' id mind first
the Allies, which would eut out tha can.. th- i . - ..
porattt) or indfvidnat eonaumaro- from
mfinW 1 v Vl I
Commandeering of all tha OU tankers
7 on tha Paeifio . by the government,
; ' wbk have. 9 eartytn espaai ty- oft X900
'na sir niora, ia given, aa. the reason ty
tha Union Oil Company why its con
' traets murk be suspenMed. .. The aancel-
rlyiwf, oft it euatdmer b iv,l
theirToU. by taaUra in tba Coastwlso i
. Wiat- throe af tha largest tankers ha.v
valreaMy beea wJUulrn. from tha Pa
eifia Coastwise aervlce. v
- mtnttUm.9uOMUt' '.''- ... . ;
Notice, of pmetically tha aam
. . u . . ... , . ....
nr .""!Lu; rzJZ" rI
B;..ji..j nil nmn.i r TW.
I" .7 1 T:..i!l .
r."T 't TZJi.... ?CZ
tion of tho Standard: Oii Company that
Jt Jnlgfef bo fpreed very shortly to aaav
pead iU aontraota filled) by water hauls
' undentJU 'fcontlngeney. elaaso'V f bla
; warning', wa
w January.
waa Irnoed W8dJrranciacd
-.iVnVtrbfrt.T it
i a, p 15 .tT l! w fcl
' - With. Hawa!
. t aupply tha leading industry would b
jiara nit ana some wi tob. nuiui ni
J bwdly sripled, UeiridBi readn(r prob.
I lem as to bow oil' bumlnp;, ships are to
be., supplied with fuel here to keep
v them in service, " - ' i
; TKo iateataea af tka! oil eompaniea to
- cancel- their contracts an tho- threat
of a shorts ge here- as eommnnleated
: to W. H. Avery, general advisor Of tho
: Asaao Hyndirste which, operatea tho
- Tovo Klwn Kaishn steamers, and ho
'tJ was asked how. they were to got their
); njormab supply. ; '. . ' rv. ;; ,. :. i
Mr, 'Avarf; waa, in. Honolulu yester-i
, dsy, a passenger on tha, Korea Maru
- bound for Japan,, and ha appeared eoa
. aiderably perturbed over, tha announce-
' ment. He. eniilnins, iowever; that tho
. ; t K. ataajnera only : naa; oil .for
. spraying tie coal burned, and are not
- wholly dependent upon oil f or f ueL -. '
-' Tbia' thought ia notf so fortunately
the ease in many, of tho big, plantation
, niille, an other itesmsblp lines, in'
' bakariea, maekina kliops. and in many
other industrial plants which uke and
aro equipped only for tho use of oil.
' Lova'W , bakeryv: atr t" -largo expense,
anlp. neoonUy aonvertod its plant aa
fuel oil could be Uke4 instead of coal:
May Be No Qas
, Honolulu. would feel seriously, any
deeidbd nfetrUttiou - of its oil' supply
nd ronablr be driven baek to some
. . , . . i . m . x i. i
ago to get light wad fir la many borne
and balance placna, for without oik;
' tho, Honolulu Oas Company would have
ttt' go completely out of business, as ,
it is'sntlmly 'dependent upon oil for
making-- -waai' 1 .-v4)., ..
"PUre l. bq substltut-for oil In
making garth. only altornatlv ia to
dlseaver aaiaeal gaif. ga. i still to
-. ad on Ui ilkipf4y la atpptwd,
it waa Noxuloiaad yesterday. And
1 ..vi. there's as aatnra) gas ia . Hawaii..
' .tx;. f.i:.'-:i1i.. . -,'! i'".' i' n'" -
!.u I LU ' U Is ' L
j i . hw. . (... v. . ... ;
., . i.ir. i. iiitn.ua ....
'.I th announcement regarding-, Ihe
government 'a plan to control, th oil
supply, Jbare la, also, iwelude asses
sor! e. Gasoline,1, distillate ' and s-
phnltum re,s6ine,'o the accessories
vrhirlr-1 might be controlled, meaning
phaltnm for carrying out tome o the
I hi(f improvement project planned
Jby the City of Honolulu. . ? V
loef tba bland, Wa Oahn.
u..z!t r ..j 4v' m-.uii
UnMkaW all- Iranr .o 1 their locomo-
The, Hawaii Co-oUd Kai-
whleb t)i- Union
Oil Coaipnny eanrellation notice "wm
" f ... ,
thr Union PU. Company had
'oout nfty contract eonanmera fn the
, mcjuainu "ucn eompaniea aa
: wn- w taonyj Ajexa,nar a
i i Baldwin,' Oahn Bailroad and Land Cob-
Pny...K Plntation, Hawaii Con,
pany,;Kahuku, Plantation, Hawaii Con
aoHdoited Bailroad Company and tha
aiuui. m company. a atreraga
apMoxinjat at tha oil aapplied on suck
ion"5,u; ftW3t bawala- of
w company. , it roa Dwmg and m
tV aupplw if Hawaii wtoamt
promlJ fa th9 eancellaMon notieo
. fleeting in. tba aota of on government"
A Kay of Hopa ' , , ,
", Promrsa for oil consumer without
contract foir tha' future- may be found
Jn s6me statementB which were recent
ly made in n letter. tq tha City of H
noluln and received frem an oil conv
panvj IX aatdr
Tha fact thak the eonaumera havt
'. fot proof that such
r not to be supplied with
te taakers' or
2500 tana; thercr-
I 'fore, aa oil eompaniea do. not have eois-
tar af ' fleeta"- formerly 'operated and
duo te tha fact that kome of tho larg
est oil tankers bavo- aetuajly beea re
moved .from former aervieft ia whieb
. turr mrtrw aiKTa!
: thew wersr operated it ia natural te
mhItc that tbo-oU eompaniea aro not
''.0 P0"0? nt ontract
"'dWnttBir oWigIng tHem to deliver fnel
w y givw period."
Atttac&ed to ' tho eaneellatlon notice
Bat. Mt by that Union Oil Company
was a pledge reqoestf asking acceptance
of tho terms- ouiiinsd. It read aa f ol
.J-- 'TT". "
'"AeknowWRoment ia 1
"' you' tetter otf the subji
hereby made
eet of future
oil deliveries under our contract. The
terms and eonditlona of aaid letter bt
hereby accented.''
Alexander tt Baldwin was one of the
Jlrar .firm holding- m contract with the
Union Oil. Company to sign and' return
the pledge, it is aald. ' . -
The suspension notice letter of the
UjiMit Oll Compansv waa as follows:
" You ore hereby notified that dollv
erios under eontrstti made by anil be
twaen.thio eumpany and- Touraelf, cov
eKng the sale and purchase of fuel, oil
hava. been, suspended, and will bo die
continued', duo to eonditlona over wblcb
wt have no Control and wfaich are re
CltAL bOIOWVr .. ' . i' .
" Under ' the ' Emergency Bhipp'ng
Fund Beetton of the Urgency Tie
ficiency Act of Jnno 15, 1917, and the
rroiuueni't executive order of July 11
1017, the United Htntea Shipping Bonnl
haa-xeqiiisltionevf all ves-tels owned by
this oompimy aovcred by requisition or
des of Oetobet 111, IB 17; aueh. or ier be
coming effective as1 Of October 15, 1017
jimr acr or tho unitad Btatek Hhip
pino Board- baa deprived -ns"of the ouex
ntion of ' bur ahipii, trankportntioa by
which Vak eon tain plated, when enter
injf into this, afireemenk, .Tbo United
8tnte Hhinpinc. Bosnl ! bas already
withdrawn. Utreo tankers-from-tbo regU'
lur I'ae if i CpartwiaB aervice. The oi
AAmnlniAf mr m mrl mm if nr f N n f. ,ijaH
with th shipping board' for tho op?ra
t'n U.thrir rognlnr service o suoh of
theao requisitioned tankers aa are not
reajiired by th government for its use,
and will endeavor from time to. time,
ns oBporiunita nu afford, to have the
shipping botiMl) supplement Mils ton nag
by bUa ukok for un iv two Conatwis
trip, if tankers bu!ldig
e'fio 'ortt for Atlantis
tbtfttlUce of fankera
withdrawn from this 1
'tu - i.-"'"'V Mil",
imteri :;r.Et n gap;
Alien' Enemies fnVilandi Expect
ed Ta B Cnnnerf By Spring; "
::;j,toa Made
. rionolulii. 1-ArrpretKd; ttr 1W denlgtatf
ment .camp ?or alien enemies,' which
w. intv spriBsj as m mie ior an intern
may he pt lata aanHc about tht time
the (prat natloaaV aamte r aretatng
to Fraoa.'j: , .'.u. . . "v.y
'With about two handred and ftftT
Vnown, alien enemfea residing in Bono
lulu ana npo netghboriag island and
tie fact. Mint ktkar tntermnen easntMi
vata.4 loeMeoV aom distaaaei back.'' fram'
he Pnaifle Coast, the brojeet for aa In
ternment camp at Honolulu to aerona-
modateHen enemtea from tha Hawa
Hair. Chiam and"1 Bamoan croon. 'li
planted. ' ; V
Auiong tke known alien enemies ia
loaohilo alona are many who- have fol
lowed' the sea or' who have done ahora
Vorfc connected with sWpplnr. Aa
alien enemies they are barred from the
wnterrront, , ana not permitted te go
within' 100- yards of It. They ore not
permitted to travel from one Island to
another accept nnder enrveiUanee and
by epeeiat permission- af united States
officials. Kept away from places where
they tan earn their livelihood, many
of these atiena- of the laboring classes
ra almost destitute, and It is eaid that
som would welcome place within an
internment -camp tnciosnra.
, -DriTtn- to deeperate ends, therm, ia
even the possibility that some might
commit criminm or bostiie acta merely
td be committed' to prison or n esmp.
otAU tba' uermaa prisoners of war
werer moved from hete early fn the' war
period and in interned at Fort Deng
iar, . uiantf-Auea en envies woo may
ttill be in tha aeryiee- of the-United
tatct army may be a problem whim
bo f internment ' eamp would iolvo.
ome aueh' takes have 1 already" arisen
irtonj troops' n Oahn, but they were
-nereiy aetacnea irom wietr eompaniea.
Tha goremment for soma time baa
been shaping atrnter regulatioa do
earning nlien enemies, inclndlng" tfaoee
who may bo in tha army, and if they
annot -eonfbmi to tire nttaosf'- reotrire-
Lnkentaot tbo-war deparmont, they will
natnrauy m 'droppeai'-'
The internment camp planned for Ho
Maiuln ia for naaidant ailon anomies in
the, first plaoo and those ' serving', in
It he army or navy, ia tha seeond place.
u i,
i 1 2 :
IV MBmbers'of tho board'of!' scxUh.'ire
(o, eoaduafc- a, inqiry., ls aoomoetioB
with b official position held by Dr.
Karl , Hoffinann wH s' employed" by
tbo-Territorr a nbyaieiam for East and
West Han;' inland of Hawaii, and who
la aaid to be an alien enemy.
ftf connoetlba" with tb'. eh-' it i
stated that the Territory has a legal
right, to iwtaiff' thr doctor' services
should it see fit to do so. When th
.attention of tho board- Waa called to
r-Mie fact that it wa employing an of
Snr said- to. be- am- alien enemy the
question wit referred t th attorney
ooaerah Who held that tho- government
eould retain1 the-ma if it saw fit,
- What action, is planned bv the boar'
Icr addition to tho inquiry haw not yet
Dea MnouaoMi ; : - -. .
. 1 - iw. i i. m:
WITT Tf VTT T an rri.i
I Bank of Maui, it is announced, has em-r.eredon-
a new pbns of ' its rnreet
nknnng paaaeii cn million' dollar' marl
i It total deposit. 'Recently officers
of th instHnuon celebrated the event
with Heoverixd banquet at tb
Orand Hotel. ' Dj H. Can acted: as
toaatmastei and members of tho staff
delWerod addressea. - The' election of
offlrer was held at tb same time when
fll H. Cook wa r-eieoted President!
IX H.. Case, seeretary; J.-Qareiai cnb
ier; 9. N. Lufhia,. eaahaer at Lahaina
an n. t. aikcb, easnier at fata.
. ..." Tb, Union Oil Oottww e Cailf or
nla wi fn "no way take advantage of
oe siioniion Drought i about through
(He suspension of this contract, or
"'hroujfh the requisitioning of its steam
ers, and will make any dnllnerlea of oil
which it make to you after this data
m, in oasis or the pries indicated in
he nontrscr abo referred bo. 8ueh
ictusJ adiiitioaal coat as may be im
weed' by tho shippina board a a condi
tion of further dull verien to you. will ho
, ihargedi to .you. t Until, funtbsr notieo
will guarante that aueh additional
xpens on deliveries aaade- to yon- will
not eeod two centa per barrel abovt
fh price bHpulatad ia tbo con'tiet re
ferred to in-tbi letter. -I order that
. w and tha other oil, companies may
conclude arrangement with th ahip-
. omg. Door, waa notify as promptly
,'hot thl will bs satisfactory, and hat
viou r. willing, to. pay such additional
Verge and to accept deliveries mad in
-'hik manner against th quantity called
for under ur eor.traet.'- ' '
"In view ott th. vory oerians. sUua.
tin nonf renting the consumers of f ie'
pil an the Ihxeifid Coast, due; t th rr
quiaiuoaing; of tank vewsels and th un
-certainty a tb when' the government
may require to take mora tankers from
the Coast, ww strongly org such of our
customers a cam plnee thWtaele hi
poHiUoni to do so, to' convert from fuel
oil to coal or other fnel.
' "Po th meantime1 w. wish, f aasunal
you that w are doin(k overything poa-
Hi Ilia to protest th latarkU-of Hh fuel
oil oonsnmiag: public on the' Pacific
Coast, always, however, having la m'nd
first tha inrrt of our - ovrav country
no roriesicd in tba our; govern' ' orr Jack Walker, sport editor r Thelras
-awi th- F ineot:"''''' ."-"- "'-. r . iBoyunt, art baitoti) flctftt NicolL liter
servledk to thkl"UNlON OIL CO. OF CArTFORTfJA, arv sdUr.. . , . ,i,.ln ..., ,, '
hlcb have been f '. ' :. ' "O. G. SHEFFIELD, The entire class fs, tal tmli
rvw- ;i I .''.'' l-rM- V'l Dept.' - on advertising. ;.:
- riAi torrs sci ;gols
Timely Statement By Mainland
,t Educator Onr Needs Shown
v .. By German vy.ara A
.'bur publ.'c A-hopI system,' ah7tld
tho outgrowth of American conditions
Vnd should respond" to Aueriean eavlif-
otimont, aaya Jobn V. Engl, principal'
or tl PTnrf Unlo Hlgl kraRoo), i-
burn," California, in an attfela printed
teeently in tbo Ban Francisco- EitaJnt-
inot. This fast waa. steadily kept In
mfndV'bY tbo founders of our' nation.
These wise men mads tha township- the
unit for school government, thereby i
mnbinv it easy to- foon.l aeboola under
frontier eonditlona;' They aW bad it 1
en.cted lhat "duly iiW.'.W.AjeeU
...- -
woro to-be taught in, tho public kcboolk.
This strain 'abjoerod wlkatm, laeu rdt)
noero are forW t develop iniallve
' t '.-. 1
They, tseed fundamental IraTttipm -in I
reading, writing and arithmetic; this
tr-Hnisg.skoBld, boj fqrniahod hi ajakft- fho elkb string ,aHf of tbs
$tato.'. -Our' father furtketo ptoVKtra 'institution V' '. U' .' i . ' ,
for. tho-1 development of tbo public! C Umemoto waa olratod president of
Rchoor, BVftom into oreafc MnAi taniwes-ithe 'CnrnmaiTisl Pluh wtt Tom Tin
si ties and splendid agricultural colleges
k as to meer American eonditlona,- !' : 1
Our forefathers mad l nlear i both
their k writing and thai addnesea that i
tho- pubfior. school is an instruimnb for
the protection' and development of the
ettate. Thar sewool aeeompliaheo tha pre
ceding porpeaet by developing good citi
arna, and . good- eitiaenav mr thd a
tvriahk out of wbioh great State4 are
made.' ; ,., '-. ... fc . , :.
Fiar Torodigtt fj.'f
.'.'Thejc foresaw that mjlllona of immi
grant, speakngv',stVange tongues would
crowd onr porta and throng our. oitios;
4hey.. aJsd, divined -that tho , pubiio
schooU wcre-tho; only, institution 'fitted
to grappU with tho 4ranwndoua prob-
Ira of trnosformiag the 1 ohildraa. of
ineso immigraatB lio Ametucan. , oitk-
seas.:, Had it- not been for tbo aaoimk-
iaUng. pawer of our publie- oehoalo: to-
day wo would bore in- thhn eowntryv- a,
mosf perplexing, moo problem, r -.. .
, Thot Ataeo otaada-far above tolitivki-
atrifo asxl aeotaria eoiUeatkana . For
tni reno lk, very properly proMUktk
th toaobiDg of party polities oa of e-
Lliglou ddmaa i it pnbli school, If,
th Btate ahouid allow matter of
lie- eoareiitaoni and ' strife to b m -
bodied i it nabsi aehool -avasm.tba
i bin rytsa wuufcb beeoakot sr tttmas for
XiBdermintn tn Btsatej - xj.l- I
'Thw trfWi arhaak mnmh MnlnA tk
Hgbuiow fi '-warydy, kocanaw it
teamhe oalyi thwaw thing which. rery
body wants tngTt.- It axlats primarily
fori th.reeTVwnnf -thw-trtska
-rh-tkL and
Bot foF iiidivUuallJ' i f V. rt
If pbUUnaiwetnltdiight, I tho publi
schoolb. thkinrSkkiuld bf to inatill into
the mind mt ebydat eortain policies
ln.lgrtnmentr.i, Ko. attempt wool bj
d -IkvMlttU If jujnifcrm row,-
mt .Th teabroV Mi alwavk
spir renpeet- nd rwrorewc., f r th
ate.,' Thw mbivi naetflkf 1 knwe.er.
nuio.. IBP . rvoLin- - pacl.vt.' Ufmvwr.
teeehea- a doctrine that: if oarrted" out
... . .. . - - . .
JogicaJly, would, render thd State utter
ly derenseiesSv. " -i .f!r r
Absolut NKsity "
Td render tho fltht ' dnfertre'eis i
tsntameont" td. deatroying if. To pro
hibit the- teaching- of politics, an re
ligion' in onr schools 'is wis- and salutary-)
to prevent thr teaching of ox-trem-pacifist
doctrfnet ,it(, our public
schools is nbseTutely. Bccrasary to- tb
welfare of the mat, t ; .,, ,
Daring th paatf- twenty -five years
many" American , educator have at
tempted1 to introduce . Lntoa AmeKcaa
Mboola German thedrjis end' practsaea
Tn certnin localitie and ia some schools
it ho been thought prbpor t xatt all
theories' coming from Germany..
' Ed' my. opinion ar oonntry. 1 today
in ss much danger .from th educational
pro-Genuaa 'a fnnn thr political pro
German.. Question: D Wf need an
edueutiodal housetJeaning,, beginning
with-tboc sit th top aetd extending to
the ones at th bottom! Answer for
yourself . :,.
1 Not lng sine at friend of miao no
sorted that- nearly alb, of' onr modern
high school, text, osf European, history
ha ye boon written up- mors favorably
te Germ any tha to eitrtiw Eagland or
"Franc.,' . I-id not kow whether the
preerdlMg' statement ifrao or fslso
HoweWtv, Ircdv4' air tahersn mod
era- BriWaaan hi0ry bs edmpar wtmt
their textboeks say abont modera Ger
many with the statementa made in Am
bessndor fKpnwV'r hook- osf Sennany.
Maa- B; All Amortaj v ..: ; ( .
We need ah American' system of edu
cation for AmerietV children, based
upon A'mrrsnA sondiioiia. uus. pwn
s&bolara who manifest sjnough energy
t. master' German philosophy- ought) tp
IM.ssess brains enough ' to .develop- si.
democrtvti oluoatlonar philosophy oui
of American eondiWon--' Our 1 public
school system has attained ita majority--it
acorns the ertitoh'1 of ' Gnnan efli
cicney and relies upon native common
nap and fundamental' training.' "
America munt become distinctive atti
charaateriatic befor aha- can- fulfill hei
world destiny. Th pacifists- and tbt
Gorman propagandists should' have nr
part in ehaplng our publie' school ya
tent. ' WltOit It comes to tha education
of our children, let non but Amerioi.n
bo put op guard. '
The -Maul High School 'is planning
to get out a year' book ' this spring
and at a' recent meeting of the Hlirl
Hohool super visors the members of th.
Junior Class were appointed commit
tee to edit and secur material
book, aaya laat Friday's Maui 1
1 ror in
News o
Wailuku. - They plaa t sjt- out, boe
of from aovnty-flve to 1 HO pages. Dure
thy Foster woe selaatod' as" managin'
eitort Gladys- Meinecke, aaalstnt edit-
t At TitLs sciiodL
Typewritta. M?BookM(Sptn,
U - uQpvm' TaRlngreir.: At i
U .Mawa,Jflti.tM.jpti.v ly;
fcMIJ,L 'fiCHOOPr JinuorV fSk-Tha
mercthl dopavtment of Mill Hlgl
School ban been aetiro 4 jmt taw
months and, as rmitro eomnteTrlel
Hub , waa, lQrgnisl,',. called tbi'MiHe
rVhoo! Commiwia4 Club':. Karl 61' Las
bead of the-omrrl.(VeTt.
ment, h4 bee especially hftereetedT ia
the' work of tho club, which la to tnl
elua all' tho members hi h eanunor-
elni deportmrnt. end- all tb aluwoi of
thi department.
1 1" TH r,ub wln P'bw imbntl
kioi w vi i-i suv miurjiHi rnuwiumi wn
I jftv talks on their operiB' and
othrrr who bavo bad. swraa- buainoBa
tAldinr;!!! speak to tha? stndento and
Although kt praeeit Hi nh.r-kip
is about forty, it is, hoped to iaeraea
it ronsiderably in fsw tmrs and
Fook, a bard worbio youth f'rom Kola,
aiaut, as vice prem.tcnK r.. HMnkkWi.
who hails from Kukuihaele, Hawaii,
ws the membem'ebi for saoretary
and T, Uyla for troaaurortt Tho offi
ers ore all from th Senior' Class and
hnvo had experience Ut oV LanaaatM
and Marritt A. Maior have been electt
ed honorary, members an4 adriaora mi
attenr evurry meeting of the elut).. 'y l
Clttb Boosts Work '.-.'-.-a-'. t 'i
With tho forminw of( thin eluo, the
members Bavo been greatly .interesting
In nil branebe of tho eomtnesolel- worls.
Mr. Major, who is now sr prirato wmjof
Im thir flurtrinBiifer 'HifnavtvnMr.-. hss
started tho sving of-the Underwood
credonHala for typewriting' snuV wireadj
mors than 'oifffat-bovs bavo been Ovmrb
wt eerttfieafe, writing' tbasratdot
'froor forty to- ktxty worda - mtoutW ok
tha Underwood typewriter. Tbo- award
Mr tb sitr wools' tosfr wso'gbren G
Umemotey, tb only one isr schooV foi
I varitingat the rate of sHxtyvelghS.word,
cer mitinr for tea minute on tJw Um
dorwnod typewriter, t Alk tb koyw ar
amnio to teJto the teste and kttw thi
ability i bb hanxiUngA of thas try
writerand nweb good- bo beeov don by
wib-.Wi erodontia sysrem, . :.. .yi
, la pentnaoahip aly tho boy aro-in'
Itaroatoik aauU 1U W Copaland- formerlf
. lustrnetos , of- th commoreiaL deprt
,mon, dv nv, wiuut treasurer an
4ho Ahil.PaciftS. ' Institute-' o- wial
i Sciooif i part, baa. smraade
th Oriental boys oa, theit ability, is
aeqhiro aueh eiceJIent penmanship ' la
I short time. , Moat of the studoatk
uibo a year-a "eours aaa n sao
of the year moat' oft them, pas tha
Americaak Perimair test' for their edrtlfB
eates for proflcieney in penmsjnhip and
wnniioa xn eoriinc
jTeilSL 2'S
eertiflcntea i Many oi
elaaat ars now
h,lB f Buainmay Edutotor nmut
ffirf l
f Amerisan- Penrnan 1 ooitiflcatoa, and
I' . ..' , . - . , ,
.nmr ia ib lm rtJL u, a. iwr r-
nolrxmtnr-Takkkr Wall-
The bookkeeulBg ' edurae ', at Mills
School has been mode .more and mors
difficult' and" at pxosejit, tho routs laid
don i for three- years. - In tb Sopho
more yesr the Howe system of book
keeptng' for'keming retail-1 busineaa
house- books'' is taoght, ; ami" in tb
Junior- year Howe's wholesale set
Tied Thla- taker thw Student? thorongh.
Iw tlrrough-' bookkeeplngv ' and" in' th
Senior year the Twentieth Century not
ooantiag ayateM- i' oned, taarmg th
atudettt atxl" thoroughly rrainlag huu
in cms aecauattag' lav -artnnnff house,
This act tir atone e-o for tb boys and
a eowipietkow of. it 1 requlsd for grod
uatiom-.' , . S' -'' -
The members', of thr freskmsav'snd
sophomore elasael, of tha, Maul High
School held' theia. elsp meeting las
Tuesday to elect ofhve rw for the da
suing yrar. aays last Friday'! Man
ltw of. Wailuku. '
The' sophomores elected Altbea Case
for president arncr Lillian Tavares foi
secretarr-treasurer. They also decided
on purple and golir as their class col
sr' . '---t.jw.. .
The freshman class chose Ed wan
Baldwin for president ShiuchL, Hase
gawa secretary; ana aose i&mf ; ireaa-
urar. ' - - ' -'
ThearltrTTm to
I r mf ' Jf ' ' W ' 1
If Tdu".Bnn oeeY W ttoilhr: even
nodernteiy, Io6k' out for lldner tron
i ' - .1 i . - i st -'
tie. AIcohdl.wllL'Sreaken'tbe kid
n time and then yen may eipeet uri
iary diStcuttie,. backache, rheumatic
.ttai-kkr dtoay spells, nervousness, or
delr headacher- Boa wait" fos wers
rouble. iUa Dean 'a Backache Kid
icy Pills. They help weak kidney a,
vhntever the cause. Thausuuda thank
Doaci 'a. for quick relief.
"When Towr Back ia Lame Remam
W tha Naaaa." (Doa't.aimplx ask fr
i kidney remedy ask distinctly for
Ooan's Backaahe Kidney Pills and take
io. tber)v Deaa's BackAih . Kidney
Wlla aT sold hr all drugointa and store
T.eeprk r wfil' be mailed on receipt of
price, by the H.oIlliiUr Drug Co.. or
Benson Smith' A Cql,' ageuis for the
tiawsum islands. , ,
ill 1 S IBMM at amoo M tsiatil A. a kiim h rta
- t.. n - . .-j- -v .
' ,, . - . f ' "'t
White Population,
a a a a a nana a a s a a aa a m s ui - aa iiiilu l. a
liitK Says. Immigration: Inspector"
Because Unable tfbS Secure: Land'
'Autocratic induktriajism," of Ha
waii, the territorial land knit watT
pollelsk, the importatloA of, FUiplitob
a laborers on the plantations and- thd
nermuttn of the better el as f Eurom
fwak laborer to )sr tbd lstnri'"bi-
'cnnav'ir cannot -gnt Its' f oof on'tb
VTennW are severe! y' rYaigi)eot , ib
statements mad yesterday by Klcbard
U Halaeyi th Inspector in charge of
th United States Immiirratina. Rervb
in Hoaohilu. -j ' .:.,-",' . '
i Doe to the greaf number of Spaniard
and ' Port oguene, estimated as1 over 600
persons for the months of January ant
Doceraber, who -bavo left-tho , Inlands
tb.aeenre homes in California, aom of
whom, laid they waated to, lea Ha
waii bocauae there was no- chance to
lecare a' tract of 'land hero, Mr. Hsi-
wy has Been, making a study of. the
onditiona. environments, and- nenem)
Sav led" to this exodus from thd 1st
nd whn labor Is in. big demand.
He fl ads the white, population, deorea-
ng ny tne thounands. .i -.. V v
i a. miDiM nnuunga, ox. so. ii
doctor it that aom ol th island, poows
vro-"tlll on, tha prrinx.of Shlnar a4hor -Induatrial afffelencr, and its ef-
worahlpplng th golden' calf.", Xf-nl
'h united BUtos had stmllat. aondk-'going t more inviting fields are mule
tions to those of Hawaii "the natioik. mor dlffcoir under the. . ljietenng
st :th karth would moclf a. 1 onr
irerthrow, a did tha powers of daikv
leas Whan the. throned on of Xabyiot
i'meMM, ore, aa themselves and, 'tba
lory of. tha. Cbaldaa': axeollaocT, had.
'on down foreveiv' 1 ha ayaf , v ... ,
FOlplnoa Poor Woxkars , o ,
t ; Referring - to the Filipino used to.
uppiani tn &uropPMk and- Jap1 ekpimTona;- , Labor Kkb steirty shonl l
laborers, bo eaysi ."Wbibr there, may j b able to get foot on, th ground,
So iodi4da aeuiosr aanwnsrt thi.buL who.wonld.thinlt of msltintr such
illrpino Inborem, as a' maba it; ia oft a
-ooror v grado; of workers wlioa in
mrtatbioa bmbi an iwreaeimr. pp
h iovef viv.cBii and nrandcr, as is
Lewn-by thd eeart rscorda.'! ,W"t 1
f ,' V There, 1 foodt fo vraflectlon la a
r-'-omparhmBji f th'Gwerr'b annn-d
eport'for IBia.wilh that -of .IT7;
Lay. Mtfe Hafceyr:. "f Ia, tha pepulatbtt
hsvrtw.w birv 11.642 riven' as the 'pe
-ulation of . Amrriean,, Brlrlsh, Germ e a
tnd Busaiaa ruses, for the year
vnne 30. 101ft The charta tzi
'II w the population, for" these
br.theyea ending- June 30". 1917
-Th. charts ahowr sni increaor.ef
flAJWn, thi reanarkahiv ahwwiag
Li mad y adding ia 13,70 of tbls4 rio'r jltatio hoepi
rmy and navy and 1300 of th wives
tn children- of men" of the, army and
mrvy, a total of 14,0501 and -ne im
urease - ia this class of twenty -six a
pa 1916f aratistical basis; . t ' 1
The addition through the army and
pawy wa not reekone 'heretofore ia
''ho- populatvo proper- of the Territory,
nd sine June nanv buw lft mttA
ftaany nmre wiir V ad. '.-Aa far arbon
ridw resident are concerned' the charts
thow- aa increase -of 15-Portumiee
nd a decrease of U7 Spaniards; f
WTittf PopnJatlott Decreasing 1 J
1 Tn total doeraae of eonwmld wWt
ipaara to
JopolaOoa aai
to-b or abrati,
me W)BUt thereof. . - , -1
The 'incoming of this resident WUIH
Hwry -p-opulhtloa. here is offered in th
tovernor n rrporf as an oirset ros, -do
larturer of those of Eurooeaa descent
vho- left the Island br tha-reiiao of
f likcouraging features of th syaUat o(
-oarwrnal industrialism. The eonunnann
tr thir system has left" them? withont
hope of securing land' or water' with
which ther ranld heciimr ektshliahsil
f f homes of their own, thus-to form
healthy middle class, la- this eoTsuavni
ifr. Thai excessive Individualism of
'he fW in' Hawaii dlsindividualises tb
L many, who are; reduced to servile dr-
Mndeneo upon those who, fatlinir t
raeet their, reasonable; economic; spirn
ions, larroauee.in, inei pjaee a. was
if labor, which, while there ma b
indtviduat exceptions, a a mss it. t
poorer' grade -of worker and who
mportstion means a ineroaainai pro
orWoa office, crime and murderfc as
IMIM Ml - n A MAftfa mm A
Iirilnlnna . . : V '.
rj vw.-w ve.uu .b
k-.---r- ' '.' '.;. ''. - . . k
rrom a moral ana aoci' .atatwi point
L he Importation of rhosp lx
Lieat svoeutdveaM. Um rtH demon-
uu,u u so oononuaur -anni.fns lauuU. ol. alu..laf. k tlw.
..II.I.bIIm ' ' .M.UAJ.. - A.
'melting pot vsUl not. forever eanxoa-
1 tha subordination of moral to nuu
rial oonsidrtion a, ,,, .
Worshipping the. Onidoa fMf', . ,
"If thr who of tha United State
vena subjected' tr tb" domination o
I hos who are . still an th plains of
'lunar, -and. . worshtoTuna: ' the goidoa '
-alf. imrMidenee and vie and rrlaan
-niildi brlamph, owe. hoata. and
"lal jusUe until tba nations of th
tartar wweleS ve I w. ss. vvthw
- did h pewnr nf darkn wha th"
throned se,, of. Babvlea hesom ewr
iMalvf. and the glnry of th
Cbahles' axeaUeocy bad goae doavi
forever,. ....
"In a eruaad to save Hawaii frnw
wr deenletlan we eammt ves'iw'
envthins. which tends to lacre thr
ncrcentnjre of vice end crime.
- . t iiH hoakes mwr thnnV
dud' tat , the nla"1' "C r e"w
mnr them., hit the "pain- and tht
ntv of it is that amon the Hwli
of the poor there aro Introduce- '
menta tht break down tk i-"V- d
fenses of novrrtv nirninst th inldiu
inrnoil of Correction.'
"Th rreotrat ad --".
tn im Wl 1 th th la-d ia -n w1
Intavf. fa WTO fit and tm-it mm)
ih4Utw tirny oin frn-n . tvw
riere. j Lt a 'nrnin-W'.snn
UmA rtrh anl swHen. - Uttle
with tontentmcnt la great fata.
Decreses By Thou-
f , v ;', ' ..-' ' ' , -
t' .,;. "v.. ."
"For sl month- ending Doeccaber
im 1917,. tha eaeas of arrivals of
Enropen descent over departures was
fifty tw hot this1 doe not Include
or psawMger t ravelin
a'traosparf) and d"uriirg tbosa month a
tb oakgotna w 1 xcs. This month
th hppitestions of Span ink. and PortJi
guee. to gay U,' tb moialaiMi is. the
.greatest w bar vwr experienced.
OvS 100 MtUacatoa have been, given
and abu 109 more of tbeir Hawaiian
bora ebildrea , will deparh with . tkem.
' Th-er at about fWOO- lea Japan
oat tbw pmntwtiona than ther were In
lik t Wkarfv hBab ftr strike, thd
paeicy: of iateodaelng Filipino on- th
plantationa wfc Inagurktedt There are
how about-BOWk Filifilnp on- the pin
taeioakT) . bu thrw- a Industrial Units
by n means oiTket the Ions of Jap
an mbor, which, I mere effieleut, re
liable and satisfactory from moral
and material standpoint, while the do
part! of th R-pa-iii: and Ibrtugu
ia most deplorable.
There tr a world-wide aversion of It-
Be to autocratic induatrialism, which
Is tbereba beWg ifrlven to dependence
rntxm - element of eomparnti vrlr infer-
.farts to prwrrnr destrabld' labor from
World-wider aoovemnt , toward dem-
" Antoenaia J Influnt rr K; "neeessarilr
! limits the . bona of labor, n'hich nndr
It: does not exert Its maximum rower
j J'a'nd ia not content nnless the remuner.
altlnn la ennaommltan witk a domestio
and social environment eonrenUI ta it 1
' nroooeltfow hre.; Do wo dream of tb
ijmpraellal bat. eonld' this be done,
I the futnr. of, Hawaii for the, mc
of her ikenple would be s beautiful as
tn snort a on tor eai"''.'";1 ,
-. I . ... . .. 1 ie 1. ,., . ; I.
'A j," ! '- .' - J ....
e'r.;h ' ; V l,"' f lUl m t lll i L
. ... .
ltw Kcaka,1 s) Labainaluna' student,
dat b Taeaday of thi. week, after a
;sbortiillnea fblfewlng an. operation for
easlnMnr,'sityr tn Maul News of lut
Frld'ayi, Tb funeral service, on. Wod
nevday afternoon. wa conducted, by
Father Btuno of tb Catholic Church.
Tb. Lahninal) Btudadt attended the
f iiwrrxl i a body' and sang-,-' Kenrer
Mr Oor-to Thee," at th grave.' Thd
flnrebofTerinsrov wvrw rery. beautiful.
'. Koj wws front. Knmwlo,' MolnkaL. lfo
wrw of a -ntlW and" kindly dlnpowt loi
-end" grentlr lowed try hl teachers and
fewww stdntfkf'- Hi father came over
to' krimt U wk. t be near hit
and hia mother .earn o TursdHy.
Tueh' avwipathyi fia for thr father
oad nsorher in thetr nerravement..
Mf 11 .1 k'f k if hi ,
- TBd follnaing aclicot notes are from
the Mul' Keww Vrailuku, of last Fri
darfv - ;" i . ,- ? f- -i. 1 ,
' ' TUtk-eontemT la the cboTs,'eoniHtn(-;
of written comdositiona on the subject
- M T . , . 1 n . . r . . ., 1
ii - tmmt m mm vaaservauoa . ciOHea
ryeat'erdsy a4 tb pnpers are being
turned 10 to Mrs. A. C. Bowdinh. chait-
1 me. of the. Maul Womnn 's. Food Coa-
servation fv'omousston. ;The rmult will
Kj Inn mm . i n m fmmr Tk.ai m.:ii
- w - .1 . - ' 1
b olae, to 450 palter acid thoro will
p iw eeiviioVcatea of maxiL.
,-..',.'.' -.X ' :. ;'''"!'.
Supervising Prineiotd EaVramL who
thd, beea a tha Hanw aid for. a. week
returned Wodnasday, Ho faond it very
Wet, a4 cooL, but .managed , t
..auwiBMk to aik or in. acnAota.
- - 1 . . t .' . , .
I' . .
1 . t M,
MfB.K.. Allniw Grmmu-v mtm C
roeationaj iaatraofoa af KauaU t
had, bees, . risUina relation on Maul
Clsa Uia. Uatnrdaf , swoniag for ham.
f Mr. K, E. Plossant; of. Kahalul, ha
ac4ted a paitioa aa- a aaaiktant
teacher in th Maui Right School Mrs.
Pleasant is an experienced teacher as
waII mm -M-.. . . - j ....
" ' " mr.. mmmtmmim BJfWinMW .spq la
aehonli dapartateat-, may ; b, anidered
fartn la. )vhu mhlm la mkiJn Lm
services. ,. - , ,-.,..-, (-. .ij v '
CAMBS1DOT?. Eaglrmd, January SO
Assecisted Press V--CambTid ire Unl-
rerility autheritiea bav for tlte past
Hire yea.ro been makinir an efforr to
rorm wttattbey hope, will be on of th
8 nest and i meet oomplet' collection
of literature of th present war. Much
materinl bo been gathered'at the v-ri-out
fronts, nud ageatn in the United
States, Spain and ..South Amer'ca. a
lUl thm Hjkfentit.tfUM ....a
Holland, hava beea ak work. - A anai Ul
appeal has -boo made to Cambridge man
in an part or the world to aid in tb
work. .V. k; ,-,'-,' v ,.y,. - V.;.- . r
,. - - k.i
U. 'W.' kinaey sn--istcndent ob.1
W. G, Avrvw, st.-tisfc'a of th boird
Lf Huratit-tk mal a tor tf th U and
ysterdav, vtstt'eir m-ny of th i.m
try government sctiocU.
M ft,,
I . , :, - ' , ?,-ti fit 1. ""'',
' ' 'V . 5' '.';.'. ' . "',' fl .

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