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.v....r - . ((:v
' i. 11M i i i i iir
(iir 1 tm r x j;. mil, .i i) in.
V. .
Tt'in pri n f nr
wi:: r.n.
, Foreign :J:ir,;:!ri' of - Germany
,.,' ; '4&ni Austria-I! uriry and Gcr
V'man Chief of Staff Hold Con
,.;ference ln,Ecrlin '.,',;:,','. !
; ; Sudden Departure Glvctise To
Rumors of Oefinite.Ruplure In
Peace Negotiations Cntircer-
; r ' many Explains - J,-;
A'" MSTER DAM?;', February 5
( Associated Pitis)-Over-'..;.
shadowing. all else. in' important:
tC ,in Cermanj and in Austria is the
,'od questiort.Y Foit? conslder
ation Foreign Minister; von Kuhl
: man of Germany, Count Cuernin,
premier 'and foreign minister!, of
AustriaHungary and yoi Luden
dorf, the German chief of staff,
.hastily departed from'Brest-Lit-
6vsk almost' on the eye of the ex;
l ; pected ' reopening of ' the. confer-
nce , there on ';. Veduesday ; and
V' went to Berlin -wlicre they held a
, .'..''conference yesterday. y f
: It , wa to" consider Athe rot
letni of th.ie;food Question, that
Germans: and Austrians, con-
si) jferrd a yttterday,' .according; .to
;v;l" official advices from Berlin. which
v' ' were received here .last night. The
.1" -reIa'Uott of these prbSlems V nd
enemiei 'fn the Eastr particularly
tne desre of securing , ' peace
, witTi j Ukraine . which would' eh
JustriVUunftxyJaJiJCe lOaiiy-'fd" fee uc" 'cjipugh' ; sujiten';,;
-fchceq mitigate ihe amine.coiHwou
" ditloiis -Avas-; ilie subject iof , the
;t6nsuJtatiouivV '
;' f -;The Vudtfcfl'.' 'departure,'of '' the
;,: two premiers and yoii Ludendrf
, front rest;titoVsk tave Vise M
many jlimdri. In officialcircles,
- before-the. definite announcement
: Iroirf BerlinV of the purposes of
' tii conference ws receired, the
belief prevailed liat thei, depart
tare 'marked" the '.definite 'rupture
in the negotiations lor peace be
tween the Central "Powers and
Russial' -y.fe I''. kf' " .
. . After the receipt of the official
, communique from Berlin ifww
said in the pamecircles that be
; yond doubt the economic and in
' dustrial disturbances and their re
lations to the food and the peace
questions" was' an important fac
tor in the calling of the1 confer
' encc i .'l- . ''':
Radical - Reichstag
Convicted'of, Incitino High'
.' ';;:v!; Treason In Berjin ;
n LONDON, Fibroary --.( XocUtd
Pi-mJ n jrr' imprisonment iq 4
- Grmt f ortreM ti tb prltT' -hIh
baa be impoMd upon WJUhelm Ditt
radical ttotUUit daputjr of tk
'raiehatag tried t aitraordinarr eourt
; Martial npon the ebarga of inciting
kiKB tret ion.' TUi va told ia d-
L spatffhea frem Berlin of laat night.:
Dittmaaa wa ' arretted wkile at
tempting to addrew a erowd of strikers
and advlniug' them ( to continue thf
Strike. Tke ipeeifitf ehargea againet
kirn in additioa to that of iooitlng blgh
treaaoa ' were - reeietanea to 'pnbtie an
thority and fanigreseioa of th prohi
bltion againet the pertieipatioa ia tba
' Uireetiqa of the general etrtke. ' '
" Mitigating elrcumttaneet and tba ab
eenee of ditkonoreble Intentione apon
the part' of the deputy were admitted
, bf the proeeautiou. t ,
. Kev SUikt XeporUd : "' '
' Newe of further eeriovi development
in the strika litvatioa reached here yea-
'terday by way of Amsterdam. It ii
aid thai a new etrike movement had
developed in the Induetrial plante at
Jeaa o Saturday, when one-third of
the working foreee walked eut.-: The
Berliner Tageblatt wa reported to be
authority or the aewa. , (. . ' -,..,
' -JrVhetker or not it w oceaetoned In
Tt-1', ' i." ; ",'' -. - '
British r Bomb teebrugge i and
Other Belgium Ports While Ger
mans Kill Civilians -In Italian
Cities Venice Undamaged ' :
OUB rLETH V , ; ' - .:f(
td Pre)-aibinf ipditione " by
Britiek aircraft of peiete oa the flair
dere epat aad ralde by Oenaa aircraft'
n. Vmiff, Pad a" and . other c IUliaa
citloa are told in tke ieepatrhea of ye
terday.. . The bombing: of, thefBritleh
which Underiakeav by aeaplaaee is
Tt-ported. to here met , with eoBtriderabte
neeee la the deepat hee which reached
Amsterdam from the- Dutch , frontier.
The Ynid centered ehicfly upon ' Zee .
bragge and were Violent,' these report
Said. ; Bom Walab fell ia Bruges harbor.
Venice PnfeannM ' v-.' ' : ; ?
Vooiee offiflal reports told of the
Teatou -raid otf that ity and upon-. oth )
at iunan eitiert. ' A krga air feet, was
employed loathe epedltiona. - There
was little erx no property damaga and
no i .casualties thcrevbqt ia Padua, Tjt
vie ana ueetrea considerable deetrne
tion was wroagbt and some civilians
were killed and wbanded. .
Artillery. Zs Boomtof ' , : .
- Heavy artillery Art vby the Qermaa
batteries near tiens and Test - of Oa-
vaTBlle wat reported ia- British official
reports "whirh also told of sneeesaf el
trench raids .made .by, tba' British at
" BritHh
la.it t
V During the 'past ten daybt Paris re
ported, the French' havo shot down Af.
teea ,4Jennan jkireraft anj damaged
Others. . .. ... '
, Ater viblent-f rtillery preparation en
Sunday the Oetaians attempted a night
raid on thb Freenes keetor;whiehwas
repulsed' with little lifflenity Sad .with
the infliction, 'ot heavy .losses on the
enriny? ''' y , .'..' :i .'.;
' Artillery ftre ia the Mouse sector was
tbfr report of yesterday ' , .
Emperor Charles of Austria has ap
ttointed Generals Bosnia,. Armol tie' and
Bordvie aa field marshals, '
i A targe proportion of the Greeks of
the Infantry regiments at Lamai aad
a -few artillerymen ' mutinied on Fri
day, attempting ,to hamper mobllisa
tioiv .: The matiny kas been suppressed.
111 DILI 10
Measure Protects Soldiers and
;. . . Sailors From Law Suits
WA8nrNOTO.Vf February S (As
elated Press) i-Approval of -the Sol
ders' aad Bailors Civil Bights Bill,
which practically creates a moratorium
for officers and men of the army and
navy of the United States was favor
ably reported out of. committee to the
sonata, yesterday, v
- This ' bill passed the . house at tba
special session Isst year; and was one
of the' last trill to . receive approval
by that , body near . the tloso of th
session,, It was tba only war measure
passed ly the house which did not re
eelTe . attention from '' th senate be
fore adjournment. . . ' .
SlAnds seek return
I5NDON, . February --( Associated
Press) A deputation of Aland, island
ers ha petitioned King Ousts v of Bwo
den thnt the inlsnd be reunited with
Sweden, aceo'rdiug to a despatch to tlio
Time. - i, ' ''. i. - -
The-Aland lsUind aro new ineluded
in tha Bussiau . crovinca of, Finland.
but formerly belonged to SweJen. There
areaooot u toiea and islets between
itbH Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic sa,
near the Swedish coast .' ,
i loWa 'for. 'thel'week . ekdiaf r ''& t 'iTjL' ' ' -
Saturday. night -arrro reported from .V, r.-1 If. --vC ii : ,
sctl'j ef fact weeks. Tkeaiiled wernl-'r"":1"-1 .:ii.v' i '
c,-- .j ioa ,. k.! ciated .Prres)-i-TkeniieeretluT otwew
w w -muww amue wa.n Mvm nanw aiv B . J . ' ,
ded nut' wiasinn-; 173 .officers" and i Baktr.. -ifivel 'fartker-detail of ' the
any way by the strike is not known,
bu,t disastrous oa plosion occurred ip
a niunition plant st Prague, capital of
Bohemia. . The Exchange Telegraph
Agency despatch -from Zurich, whieh
told .of th explosion said some sources
of Information expressed tba bel'ef that
t ho explosion bad beoit brosght about
by malicious .intent. . ,., , ('.; ..,;
, .: ,v a ,:, ., v t "' ,' A
... .. v. '. ' , ,..,.i ' ; t t J ' . ':. .
THE LORRAINE FRONT Somewhere along the battleline howti In the accompanying "map
, are the American troops In Franc.' .Wtiltj the .information passed by' the censor doe not. spe
cify, the eaact locality of the Amcan,army,;it ia undoubtedly.,-between where- th$ . French line
crosses into German .territory, near Markirch, And the important city of Nancy. , ,vv :,; f;;
lh Weekly Besume of War Secre
tary Gives Details of Fight-
t woti;l',f v "ths . .'Ameriesa' contingent
Mrnilne neetdr in his weekly ro
view of ihs war which was issued yof
ferdsy, "He sald'in partt - ,
'''Qvtt Jtntrlotio ' .troops are now sctlvi
in the t renege and la No Ua'a LanV
and aur seoats are famjliarUing thenj
sejves Irith th positions opposite our
owa , position. , . .
.'.'ws.havo proof that the enemy it
stripping, men and military supplier
from other fronts, preparing for thio
Cotning struggle is the. west. The Allien
ji believed te- bat a preponderaoce o'
men and gnns.".. : ; ...
pespatehes received from the Amers
esn frost e France yesterday said:
Ai&arlcaaa Elatad ; , .
American oflieera-feel that they have
juntinrstion for being elnted at the re.
suits of tha Initial artillery fighting be-
tweeit tha Americans on the west front
and ihe Garaaaa. ,:
After a prolonged exehance aerial re-
eonnaissane show that the American
tlrer wta destructive in eaviag in first
Una trhos sad battering down ea
taaglmcnts, rTh hasty repair at night
by the Germans showed the effect of
the' American tr. , -l
Threo large dugouts were demolished
In tba. Crst iriog and - probably ras
palUr's wore caused, to the German in-
mtes. v '- v' v -lw.r '. ...
v.Damago on the American side, done
by tha t Germaa - eonnter ,4re, was
Slight,.-J-'t"''. ' !! '.'.; , ,
Transport Tadlltian ,
Hecrrtary of Navy ' Daniels author
ised. th statement that 'the- aavy , hat
assured'': transport.- facilities ' to send
half- a mltyion men t France early; this
year.'.. ':. " ''if:..., ..
Geurfral Crowder,;hd of the draft,
announeed .today that the movement of
the lset increment of the: flrst men se
leeted. nndert th draft ; will begin on
February 83, '..' , ''':''',' ' r:
TRk&a,. February- (Associated
Pres)-Presideat Fnff ' Kwoidtang Is
hostile to th new revolutionary move-
. .
., II -baa 'ordered bis eommandor to
punish rebels who. ''even ilar to Are
oa foreign gunboats, '. eourting forijlgn
intensntion. ; - . ,. -
AMOY, February . 8 (Associated
Press) The United Statea dollar is
quoted' in banking circles her aa at a
premium of thirty-four cents. This is
a, deiline of, eight eents sine November-
30 ..last, v v. ' ., .- -: .fy ' .
TOK IO, February 4-r(Spclai to Hi
wail, fhinpo) L Sato, who has. been
Japanese ambassador te the,' United
fcitates; arrived ber today.
' I Vic&SdISiral dies
TOKIO, February 4-(8peeUl to H
-wall Shi npo) Vioe-dmiral M. Taki
yams,' fumoes as : ;taetlelan, dttd to
1-4: t, y f!'.'
-. , '
1'.'. ,inn fin I nrraln Ppnrtt ';. '
, -.i.' ....
SiibjmarijiQ Seamen
Mter Tliir4 Voyag
c AMSTERDAM, :. rebraary
(Associated Press) - Th Gannan
' k aider baa created a err , special
dsceratlon which-win aa availsbia
to . members -of V-beat crewa. -, It ..
ywilt k conferred upoa soeh at
may snocassfuily; complat throe
voysaee in a submarine. v ; :
Comment hen on tha decora'
:oiUiig alter avyeac of luu-eauuv
i ad aubmriaXWarfaf, 'la that lit
Us la a way a raoognltioa of tha
, success .-srhloa'th Allies aca moot
ilng' in' ooinbattlpg tha Oannaa ,
submarine eampalga. ';' v v
-. 1 'i' 1 r
Ships 1 Condemned By " British
. .Prize Court In London , -
I.OXlX)X, February t 5 (Associated
Press ) In the' priced court, decisions l-
have ' been handed - down condemning
the' Kankakee, , Hocking and Genessee,
ownml by the 'American Trans-Atlsa-tie
Compaay and seised in -191S while
Qyihg the Amencaa Flag.' - -
Thesa 1 vessels ' war condemned as
lawful prise oa - the . ground that
though nominally American they were
in reality German ' owned,' the elaira
aat eompaay b'eibg only a name to cov
er actual ownership ot nugo CKinne
and the Woenna Shipping Company.
, . . i . i i I.,
WASHINGTON, February 4 (Asso
ciated ' Press) Conffreesional leaders
sre planning te speed War Isgislatloa,
Tsiiroad and financial measures. They
boe. to clear these -off during the com
ing week. -.' -y.v.. .
' Secretary of "War Baker en Tuesday
will be croM-examlned by; the senate
'military affairs 'committees, and the
question of n mnnitiona. director as a
cabinet member will "iwj resumed in th
euata tomorrow," ' '.-'.r-
. 1 I os .1,.,.-
McCIellan Has : Appointment To
Discuss It With Officials Today
WASHINGTON, Tsbroary 4
(Special to Tha Advertiser)
General Wlsser' report to tha
wax department . relatlr ' to tha
petition to tha Pranidant of th
Honolulu Ohambar of , Oonunerce
for presidential action oa prohi
bition for Onhn te being consider
ed t th War OoUag aad has not
yet been sent to Secretary Baker.
Tne text of Oenerai Wlsser ' re
port aad rocoBuaandatlona, If he
baa made any, has. not yet been
made public hero. : ! v
Oaorgs McJC. McOlellan, who Is
bar as apooial represent tire of
the Bonolula Chamber of' Oonv
.marea. baa aa appointment with
Wax College officials for today to
discuss the report '
. '. .WALKEB.
5,1918.' t-SEMI-WEEKLY.'
, . . - ' - ' .
Arguments.; flnVpoyernmentri-
plication Are Commenced th 0
j h 'W-' .- V'' I-' ''
5AJ? -nLVNlSOO-. fcJ. ' -iXA
soiaVpd Pr) Aruumcat u the mo
tion ef tb Vnited fttatc. govmiinefet
for tha. iappoiatniejut:. R Ttcelvar fo
fhe property, of , tba Hohelula .Cooli
dated. Oil Company were edtfimenced in
the federal eonrV bert .,yeterdjiy'.; Th
action groWt' outof ,th ff0ttf if the
goverumrtt ti recover pptesdloii o.f the
snpatonted lands of ,-t h eoaipauy " and
doe noli In any wise affect the title t
the . lands under" patent which : coneti
tat th msin holdings of the 'company,
Itaciaioa on the. claim for pswnt a
other sections .bav recently bees' ad-
,'vorse. to the eompany.N theve'eevering
sections sold by the company to Stand
ard Oil interest, as well as held and
opera ted"-by Ah company nndet claim
r rjgDt to tttie.
Pilot and Captain of Steamer
- ." Arrested At Halifax t
1IAUFAX,' February 4 (Associated
Press) As; a grim aftermath Of, the
stupendous disaster .which overwhelmed
Halifas.ln the explosion Inst Peoem
ber, two mariners have bean arrested
charged with' maaslaugbt sr.
The . two are Pilot Mack'ay of . Ball
fax and Captaia La Mondee, skipper
of the eteahier Mont Blanov Tbas two
men are blamed by the ' government
commission Investigating the .collision
between the Mont Blanc and the (team
er .Into, ij hlcb, caused the original ex
plosion.. , i " :.'"'. . ': i:-
otu men hav ooea arrested on tba
'manslaughter charge, and. Jt baa been
reoommenuea tnst tneir . ueense oe
cancelled. ". ., . V, ,
1 .-...
WASHINGTON, February 4 (Asso
elated Press)-.-A naval 'court martial
ordered Lieut, Com. Ernest Frelderick,
eommaadar of th U. 8 8. KaahvUK
redaeed thirty number a the rtsutt
of 0k actioa Of th Nashville ttt firing
on an Italian submarine la th Mediter
ranean last summer. Secretary Daniels
has approved th order, although the
Italian government Interceded for the
Americas officer, condoning the net tit
ais suporciinate. , . .'
TOKIO. Fbruarv 4-VBoselal to Ha
wall Bhinpo) T. famaaaks, on of the
most - famous Jaoanesd aviator, fell
to bis death today Bear Ksaey. France,
Bolsheviki Turn Upon Rumanians
and In Two Instances Are De
feated and Their Arms Taken
. From Them Including Big Guns
: :tOWBOlfll February r 9 (Aaao.
;altd Press) Heavy jlghtlag bo
ttrae tba former aCieav tha troop
! eif Bnmanla and oi Rossi so r-'
fonJynnltd la a common canM
wa reported in official tolagraaai
' received last . ' Bight , from ' eaasy.
Tboso report Said that a grA
. part of th lumaalaa army la now
agagd la' flgbUng ?b Ktwdaa
. troop irhicb aro OTor-ruaaiac MoV- '
' davU and Beaarabla. whll th Sot-
k t shevikl troops art oncsntratlng
After twea'y-fenr hattrt of flerca
VattUug th Knotaalsa foroas suo- '
eoeded In ovarpowarlng and disana. '
lag the ninth Bnsalaa army division
V which had attacked Oalata. thU
m engagement th 'Bnlbaalaoa - cap '
' tured nor than fifty. big catu in-
additioa - to i machine cuaa ' and '
smaller arms and much aaunanltloa.
v Bomaolaa -' foroas also defeated
' and isirad th eighth Kosslan
. divirtoa which " had attacked the
; cwtrter of th Moldavlaa front
; .' irightlag is reported aa in prog
'4ltosa botwsea th Bumaalaa and tho
i Bolsheviki force over all of Beae- 1
rsbla a far aa tho Dnalstof rivsr.
: . ' ', 1 1 -- - . v - -.
L, ..,.. 1 1 ,L till
All Factories and Munition Plants
I ) -'i.-Wyi -Shut .Down-
.'OTTAWA' February 5 Associated
:ress By aa order ia council similar
to , thst tssned by Fnel Administrator
Garfield lu the united States adopted
ay tba eatrinet'oa tha recommendation
of the .Dominion fuel controller, . th
operation of all manfactarina plant of
Central Canada will etiase on February
, 1, and .11, The Quebec, OaUno,
Manitoba, ad Baskatehawaa bnt doe
not affect the maritime and tho treat-
Kara province. .- - ' ...."
It is announced tn order is issuee
aa a conservation aoeasnre. Even muni
tion plants -fill bo rlosed. ;l , ... ,
. ' M ,-,
, s r..: . -- ... (. .- ::i ,,, - , .'.
cotiTROL of fie or ;.
VfASmKOTON,: February -(Asao-eisted
Press) Control of fndustry by
the government -was extended to 'fuel
oil by a proclamation of tho President
which ,wa tstmed yestefday.,' The' con
trol take the form ef licensing rnoen
in the nam fornt s the lieensing bf the
coal ladustrv and it distribatios. r -
Tho action of the President was full
expected for it . has ben .evident ' for
oqx time that fal oll'at well as eoal
would bavf to be nailer government
control., , t 1
TOKIO 'February 4 (Special to B
wall r3hinpo)-rbe Toshe Mara, har
tered. by bet Japanese owners , to tba
Italiea governmeat, baa been . sunk ia
tha Mediterranean, . according to ad
vices whieh were reoeived bore today.
Th despatches telling ef tha lost of th
steamer say she was attacked by a
submarine but mention nothing ns id
the fat of the officer aad erew,
. V ...1 ..., ,1 1 1 .
SAN FBANCISOO, February 4 (Ae.
sociated Press) IJcauo tha jail baa
bean placed under strict quarantine due
to an outbreak of measles and aiunips,
the Hindu conspiracy trial and other
criminal trials have been indefinitely
postponed, since the defendants are in
the quarantine buildings.
. 1 1
PARIS. February 4 (Associated
:Pross) v Tho eonrt martial of Bolo
Pasbsv accused of beina an axeat for
ermny, and whoso career in th
United State "wa exposed under sen-
national Ireumstaaees, was begvn tv
M Cenfrifupsls N. TV rr lb. t "
Pries, nwiui bssis.. .003 l ; )
tost torvlou ' qnotay 4
Horn . , ti:A"
Elimination of Non-Esscnti;
cuoationsr Transporut.cn
Importation To Ce Ur.dcruk: :
r By Government ' i , , : ,
madooasksTet UP
11. BuiLc;::a PLAr;s
Cutting Down of Imports Cy 0ns-
Half To Give f,Tore ps Fcr
Troop, Movements Cons:J:rcJ
: In Washington ,7. " ;
WASHINGTON,- February ,5
-(Associated Pre?)
Steps; looking . to1 the- concentra
tiott of all of tlie , energies of the
nation and its citizens to the pros
ecution of th war are being con
sidered 'by the government. In
some instances they have already
been put Into effect, in Mitt other
instances plans for taking them
are' ijearly completed. . .
, The plans of the government
alf aim to the elimination of ti e
non-s'sentialv and the ' -rnent
of essential occui'.i.! : .
d a tries and investment.. ( :
the most, necessary progrc: i-
be, encourbged and airea iy t
government ' .is . frowning v ;
building and- other ihiprovcmei;
which may be postponed to t!
profit of the .country in its pros
ecution' of' the war to a speed
conclusion. V'-'v"-
p. It ia expected this v il! ri . i ' '
manufacture!' and tlir-
"portiitfuii .. -. .
already , J.ii.jdoiu: .so Ij
teot:V Yehtcsday ' cotupn! n-iv o
priority regulations were put int
operation in the transportation cf
railroad "freight, 'non-essential i
being' felegate3 faf to the rear.
..rlt is now'- proposed - to carry
audi regulation into ocean trans
portation and to bring about a re
duction of fifty percent in import s.
Byr doing this ' it would ' nia c
available .' many more ships for
carrying trpops and greatly expe
dite the arrival of American con
tingents at the training quarters
in France.'- Importation .of non
essential commodities" will prob
ably be eliminated When this nevv
step' is taken. " w ; ". 1 .
'j Se;cretary of Treasury McAdoo
yesterday 1 issued .an , urgent ap
peal to the people of the country
not to build at, the' present time
and under, present conditions ex
cept where such building may he
absolutely vtiecessary r either for
the housing of . enlarged bu.sincs'i
(n. war essentials or. for. the home
but to say? for other purposes tho
mpneywhich .would be thas tn-
yested. ''f' '1. ' '' V '
Secretary McAtloo gives double
reasons for his appeal. lie urges
that the money which would ordi
narily be invested in building and
other improvements will be nioro
useful in the .winning of the war
if, loaned, "to the -.government ai
required by it.1 The other, reason
he. assigns is that transportation
of lumber and other building ma
terlals adds tq the difficulties of
the railroad freight situation and
i s factor in the congestion
which the railroad administration
is using tits' every endeavor ta
break in the face of the worst
winter V'hich tlie country has ex
perienced ' for fifty years, ' : .."
Far reaching priority ' regular
tionsrwe.re yesterday issued by
McAdoo as director general of
the railroads of the country,
These regulations give iirst pref.
(CoaUnue4 oa Fage 3, Column 0)
. Vlr,'
t.v-.l ft ' . v- .

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