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I .'-i' Stact;Sofa(cr8 ort.rLbf;
r:.;ne Front Are Experiencing
l!:nviest Fire They Have Been
.C.-:::i Td; Encounter , ,.
A ;:.cr.AiFffAtTEMPT TO '
r rs Repfyeft ' Wr'shei
!i Enthusiasm 'and Casual
t s Are Not. Heavy; Prisoners
t cr.d In German Camp r
1 FRANCE, ' February 4 U
( Associated Press)For the'. bast
vcral clays the American sector
1 been subjected to the heaviest
. uillery.fife.it has Vnown since
American contingent entered
i - trenches.
Permission to ; announce that
-"! crican forces occupied sec
: ' of the Lorraine ' front . .was.
ted by the censor yesterday.
! ' i i 1 ere where they are meeting
' ' t attacks.' A
dcr mans, are concentrate
:'iir artillery ', fire 'on , this
t upon the American" sector.
- IV.ti! undowiv on-Saturday the
(n rmau barrage, was the heavi
est which the Americans have
t ;e ricnc'ed4fcint they entered
i!i is sector. .. The American gun
ner? replied I ,hellr for" shell and
m rved the big guns with enthu
siasm. During' Ihis' barrage' two
Americans were killed, 'nine were
v, o'.mded and one suffered shell
j , .y.a U -4-. I- V
All ...day Saturday fajS j the
tnemy airmen were, very active
i i the American sector. They
utempted to , cross behind the
American; lines jnd b this effort
they were defeated by the French
aviators. V ' . . ' . ;
WASHINGTON, February 4
(Associated Press) News of
A merican prisoners captured in
tie German raid on the American
t ranches on November 3 was sent
i ' the wa department yesterday
i i reports of .General Pershing.
Jle said the Red Cross had suc-
reded .. in - finding . si of, the
twelve Americans captured at
tliat time. , -They are in a prison
camp at Tuchel, Prussia.
These men were captured When
a heavy .Ge'rman barrage cut them
' ' fn 'thf "l Jcjoloft French
. ncli e$ "arid made retreat im--iJe.
. HfndeY the cover of the
i .,;e. tfje Gcrriians raided the
1 1 itches with grearty superior
j Liilij
V y 'oix WbrMSrjr , Kmo
I Vrit) To billion of dollari
fumt mhicli lit t b riiwd bjr ql
v nubMrtftia fbr tho relief of th
n of fflr u 4n!iat! moa
vr. This pnonBrmnt
? . nierdajr If Ailmiral Uiiber,
Hits' tttVwi 4itrio.;
I teller uid the fund wuM
I lr roularubwriptios and
' I f iliBtribated uitablq )lui
thotte drpeudeutji of naval ffi.
I mea ia that braach of tha
Imtb itirl oKtttni men ar
(i(, .Tavry AMea,. ' Hd
r. pr'i-Hciitinjr inifif riuH Hub
M.rieti? and Bior thaa 3().0tit
i i itjiij tffdjj thtir lJ
. tl.c I'nitfd .tmtt-i.'.H a qi
inuU-r h auMiit;ra f (hr IU
i t.f UoffiM. JtfoolutioM tr
1 HUHuriug1 . tha ; Praaldaut , of
(.i( itiut ioB of protwtioa ftom ua
l.icioa of diloylty.- ,
- 1
- LONDON", IVbraarr 4 (Ainoeinted
rrfUdJi rtnlatid is In, the Jhrofi of a
iioouy mtornrin warrara wit a the
Hotshevihi prowUina t anpfort N t th
VB.t 04nrn,", bin hr rejloi-ta Of
J-ctfdr. whcn;t;U f fjkNtlnltw Jopt
auMiMiinKtina and atrt fighting.
Traftkr tha Bohtheriki foreign mia
Jrlor. it l reported) npd" tla arrival la
Heliintfora made 4 prch ia which he
arged bit bearvra to follow the example
which hat bi fpt,d it being held
before the by Buwia. He p.-omiaed
the euppert f oia U the "Bed
Prarda.'' . IndithtioB. thot the prqmi
will be kept are fouad ia reporti from
HtoekhnlnV which aay that r'aforMf
ment f rom , PetrogTBd ' to the "Bed
Guard" which hew ooeapiea HcUiug-.
fore are reported to be enroute. ;
I Heleiogfortf the' rvoluHoniti at
tempted to aearel the hooee of OeheraJ
Silverhoplm. ard eirrhtv reara. and He-
pite hi tnfirmltiee the old man rlaf
ed and defied them. He killed A agms
bar of the revolntionista and thin com
mitted eniclde, and It wat otr over hii
dead body the aurvlvora were hbte to
eater hii houae. ' "' ' ; ' .
At Olenhnrg. areonlirtg te HTnfiiBdn
Italian and British Achieve Big
Successes Damaging Tram
' way and Airdrome
NEW -TOBK. February -(Aoci-ted,
Prew) Huceeeefnl air raida were
told ia the affieial reportfl of Loadoa
aad ftome yeiterdav. ' beyond these
report of the air activity the only re
port, of iaiportaaee wa from General
Alien ly in J'aleetine who eoutinu
lag hie ; tyetematio , campaign againat
the TqrVa and report he hai made
aone alight progress la advancing hi
petition. . ,-' ' " ' J
fleavy artillery ire wtiieh, reached
immenee, voinme at , time Yesterday
waa reported from Borne t la progres
along the lower fiave Biver terror. '
la the air engagement thtf Italian
report tell of Italian , bombing ma
chine attacking the aerial tramway be
tween Caldonaua and . Monte Bovere
that the cable waa.ao severely damaged
as to prevent the1 enemy from trans
porting hy farther munition or up
pliee between thoee places until it can
be repaired.:' i ,'.,.,;" ; o ' i
" Air battje oectirreil o ieverat eec
tori of the- Italian front wjth, the. im
eeas of the Italian apparent yeaterday.
rourteen Germna airplane and one bal
loon ' were downed. ; '' !
V. In the British report .there i aa ac
count of a raid by British aeaplanea
upon Vermennera, The airdrome waa
den ttftteihrt aurbnvn) iatp.f lanies.
' PCS'VEB. .Taanary 19 ifirriage of
boy and girl not of legal aire are
legal. In Coloraila and cannot be an
nulled. ' ' '
. Thi was, the decision of Jodge J.
Ki Jenloa, ia,. the district court la
denying the 'petition' ' of Mr. May
Gardner for artnulment of the marriage
ox her daughter to Don Bigelow.
Mrs. Gardner' teld the court .that
Mrs. Bigelow tires' not .eighteen years
old whea she1 became a wife, aid, that
Bigelow waa less than twenty at the
time, be. obtained lieenaa to wed.
Jadgo Peoison' keld that' there is no
law I pplorado; makiog the marriage
of minors illegal, but that the offi
cial who performs suck ceremonies is
subject to $uf and 'imprisonment.
Few Sweel Potatoes Sent
Mainland From Here
Shipment ef sweet potatoes are hV
solutely prohibited from Hawaii to the
mainland, either as freight or by mail,
because the Hawaiian product is offi
cially - declared by the department of
agriculture to be infested with aa In
sect which would be injurious to other
prodaetioaa, And quarantine hns bee
declared spot suck etporta, ay J. M.
Weitgate, director ef the Uuited States
Experimeat Station. :
Associated Press dsKpatches yeater
3hy aAnbdneed : that a weevil infests
the sweet potato ' and It would b
barred from the mails. Mr. Westgate
saya the sweet potato has been under
the ban for! several, month. He re
ceived aa' fHiel , notice about Christ
tnas time that meeting was to be held
by the department of agriculture to
take oieat-ure tar prevent the Hawaiian
And Porto KioSO sweet potatoei from
being shipped to the mainland. All
Irson4 Interested ia the development
it the tuber were given $u opportunity
to be present and prenent arguments
for or against.
'However, aid Mr. Wetgate:
"very few iweet otntoes are shipped
out of Hawaii; We eat practically all
ae, raise, lad some are even imported."
Pz0; O1NTWENT i, uaratoed U
,enr bliod bleeding, itching or pro-
trading PILES la ft to 14 ds vr
money refunded. - Mannfsetuied by
.0. 8. V.V ; , i. : i
I hhrti-h TS friiTrtiin nriTritpiiT nr ii
despatches, tfeaerni Mannheim rs;itr
roHOdlng .the "Bed pnards' hn tftf
enpy ma town, me revolutionists have
ought to plaeat him bat he has pos-
uivegr retneea io enter. opon, any ne-
vriini.ii7nii wnn inrm. - ' . -
IMpQtr AJaaaatnated ':.; .V''
- 4eputY Kmiekyola-, biie of.tV 1el
ing members ef the Finnish dint Is re
ported to have been ssasnlriAted 4a the
prison where he was eonflned by the
revolutionlita. Newt of other similar
deaths are WMtM.v.il
Plunder and Murder ,
The "Bed Oukrd' is reported to be
murdetiug and plundering in Helsinb
fore, There ate. thirty bodies in tQ
morgue there and Kraadlaavisa Sent
wod to Ptorkhi.lm they were leaving.
The safe containing the bank el
Finland gold reserve1 is 'it the hands
of the federtliftts. .. r !,; . - . .; ,
.Here. the aotioti of ttdtikr la e-
i i . . . . .
eonraging ie revoistHiniste, ts taken
to meaa that the Petrograd nlithfvikl
are. eseoursuing a aew ' ?ovtroment
with the end in view of having such
government unite in the "FeHerat ton
of Hepublics' which Is a bart of the
FHiiieni' son workmen's eouneil.
Parliament ' Dissatisfied; With
' Silence of Government As
. k.- Other Speak .'
AMhTEBDAM, Fcbrnary (Asso
ciated Pren) Strong protests . by the
Bulgarian parliament ; against ' tba
silence of the war alms of Bulgaria ia
connection with the recent pronounce
mtn of the aim of ' Ina tintral
Powers by Germany and Austria are
voiced ia resolutions ,wbJsh .haven beea
passed by that body. The atleac upon
the war aiais of Bulgaria h commented
upon in most Unfavorable terms.' .
In' -aaeeiii vocal - terms' the delegates
demhadedl an Immediate 'and clear en
lightenment' on' tha 'object aad ' pur
poses of the government." ' . -V
German reports of Friday's session
of the peace conference at Breit-Lit-ovsk
Any, that the session -was msinly
devoted to discussion of the stsnding
of the delegations f rbm the ' Ukraine
and Finland. From the t'krslse there
are two sets of delegates eaek -insisting
the othsr is not properly eonstitut
ed and not .representative of the count
try and its people. . ' .;'" ' ,, - '
The ;: political , situation " snd it
threatening internecine - conflict' 'are
sack aa to upset plens for the admis
sion of the delegation which is aow
ttyre. k tJ ,
From Mainland To
H 1 1,0, February 4 (Special to The
Advertiser) Those who have sent in
their names for enlistment in the Uuited
8tatea(Publie Service Keserve from yav
Hons part of the Territory of tfar
waii will not be permitted to enlist
at this time. It may be that they
can do so luter, when their atplica
fion klrieidy seiit in would be consid
ered, if it is decided to extend the
work to these Islands,
. Tborntoa Hardy, eidtor of the liilo
Tribune, is In the receipt of a letter
from W JP. HaK national director of
the United States Public Service Re
serve, ,i a which the writer ays ho has
gone over the situation thoroughly and
tt has. been decided not to extend the
plan to th Territory of Hawaii at
this time.
-.( . . .. . : :
The proposal for the enlistment of
thoie who by ae or from other rsuses
'were excluded from the draft to entis
id mis reserve were nret male in The
Advertiser laal.Iaember. The object
was forhem to oiler their services to
the government in ucb. capacity a
they mU'fit be required And fitted to
serve. The many who sent in their
applications for membership In the re
serve will be disappointed bv the de
rision ' ,
' Mr. Hardy whs in llonolulu when the
blaa war Drat proposed and has given
it support. '
Situation In France
ATUKTIO' POET. Takrnarw 4
AaoelU4.v Press FavorsJuls
reports from Fraucs, wers Taster
day brougbt home by Major Geo
rail Barry rfnd Hodges wjho have
reeaatly csnwlte4 tour , of tn
anwetloa of tk French, front,
. Both af tkd returning army ofll
cerf Were , Wghly bptlmtstie 1$
their , Mpresatoixs aryl , preed
thsnutves) ? wU sMlafled . with
; cowtltlon aa thsy have so recent
ly vlswed thsm.
wAR Nfitris spbfrrs
'VYAttlS, Oregon.' Febrnarv
f Associated. Prse) Hand grenade
browing 7efnlr velifit true
meet, is a suggestion that ha beea'
aiade a direct result of the war. The
proposal ha beea made for adoption ia
ia l
tue ., western vonierence.
- .... .i.i.;.. '! tiV.'
LlTulenant Worrcl ReedArresVe'd
' and Disarmed After Bark, of ..
j". ;llivoTver TerfilieiCrowB
:: r:,;;; - ALLEGED AS CAUSE
V-!r ,,-v " 1 '. 11""' ' i " '"'
Shooting Occurred On i. Room
. Kloor - j Where : " $tvedt-fiyr
' Couplet Wert Enjoying Waltz
. : Charged witk irie'k shot Jrom his"
revolver at aa 'entUU 1 blaa on 1 croSf oV
ed dance. floor, Second LJWt. Morrell
Seed, Coftipnny'p, Thi'itv second Infan
try, i under sWeH todaV by the mill-1
tary author. tW, fotlewing his being
take, into custody bv the p. lice and,
booked at ike police station fhte 6atu-
. ' Tha man at whoi Lieutenant Bead is
aiiegeil to havk flrei the shot is Pvt.
8. U Le-mirdtcr. homDlnt E. Tblrtv-
reeoad InfanVry. lealoua Inspired by
the fact tha.1 the fcrivetn was dancing
wun a girl known u "Minnie." with
whom the officer i said to have been
iafatuaud, i givp by. tk authorities
aa in snpposnu.cause or tne shooting. '
'.The sktoUng occurred during the
recalsr. monthly social of th Plioo-
ix. Club, in the midst, and rrevrhrw of
seventy-five couples wllo wers dsar.lng
a'waltx, after the armvffleer, aaeord
in to the DOlice. rtnlleil the- revolvei
from, kia jacket, and while Leemiester
waa trvlnff to shelter her from what he
thought waa intended a a nrurderou
attack Bpoev the girL . ' '-'-. , .
V.80 far ha can - be ' aseertsined the
young wemsn is 4 Portuguese girl from
Wakiawa, ,-wko is known only as MMla
aie" to ether who attend th Phoenix
Club doacea.M '$ ' ' t- V " f , -
i Immediately foIlowinW the ffiri'nW of
the shot, two soldi era are allacmH tn
hav grabbed' the araii'of Lleutonsnt
Seed and trevVhted him from dlscharo--
iag the revolver' again; although they
did Aoi attcmjit r ta . disarm. IhtW -superior
offieer, put to deflect his aim so
any other shots world enter the1 datie
floor. i,-' vV'-- .'- 1
Ia the meantime tesmlenter kad ana
eveded i guttlag the girl to the ntaukf
exit of the Phoenix' ansc ball and ikto
the comparative enfety of the' ladles
dressing room. .'The! be Crossed to the
me 'a dressing reltn where. he remained
until notified tbkt the lieutenant had
beets takes' info custody,' - 1
I This happened aftef 'tke -two soldier
holdiag the-officer kad induced kirn te
walk out of the halla CMtside-tha halL
the- Jolioe iy; M. H, Sanders of .the
Honolulu polite "force, who waa .at thi
da sec,' fnileil In An .attempt U Secure
the gun," but when Arthur, E. Carter, of
the waterfront police, appeared, the
army officer surrendered the weapon
without further protest. . ,
Taken to Goftrd Hon , -; - ,
Lieutenant 'Beed '' taken t tt
police atktion U li'ik patrol ' wagon,
where he submitted to a further search,
and the 'milftary Whertttei 'were noti
fied of the ihootins, Tbo,y lieutenant
waa booked at ten o'clock, and aa hour
and n half later' be. was taken to an
army guard bouse by th guard of two
arniy officers' senf for kirn, .-'? 'S
I am id love :withtke'gtrll,ind I
lost my head, ikeia f. sa her dancing
with someone, elser Phoenix Club
tewkr4a;ay.fh effle'er'lnfcJd V.H
beiar taken f rojn the krJX:, Qrkers sy
he declared that he had warned the eirl
in danee. with, ho-oa hbt kimsjplJt.
, Muuiooann nca is, saiato n.v Dean
going Uk tkej girt for about iwe
month nnd had seemed badly. smiKe
with', her eharms.'-whieh km said, by as
un intaneea to hiLatttaative, 1
Foraerry Good rrtda; r. ,....-i.
kfteforc'LieotSotnt Beed -was pre
ntoted from' the rank and glvei k eom
miiglod, fonr- or- fivh month age, h Is
ssid to kavk beta wk lrtendiy terms
witk Lesftiester, tki two soldiers often
going to .entertainment nnd trances 1n
eech other company, During thi
rime thers .waa not trouble bctweea the
two men. They were supposed to still
be,, on good terms, and, checked from
pintua) nenocijsion only by their differ
W i'nni.ant.;,-i " .
f-i"r.om xpUaaUoa given fcy LesBoie
Utkt hss,- friends, at the danee, ster
the exelteihent created by the booting
had-eubulded, be' vawetL LUu tenant
Seed 'with, the tyotng-woman; in bia
arms, in time' witk alQw;m;tn hlek
wa being. tOajAd.br the ojrehestra.
KThfl- girl posture; the position of 1fe
left arm about th soldier', neck tbe
clasp of their right nnd left kanda and
the slow anastevLesmiester said, aeeiaod
to drfve tbi eflicer iotoi a'; Isanti rag,
This tke'gisl ;tfnwlttikgty )uereaed b
flinging n flaunting " Heto, Kid," at
th offices, as she daael Ly. - - ',
rsmieste reverned s be paused the
pffiser.i birjfllnj5 thejllestant ato hi
view. According io kia own atory; be
ssw tbe offieer feverishly opening bis
jacket nnd tbeu" unbuttoo n .stiff while
shirt be wa wearing, la order to reach
in" .. re voi vet. wuicn: ne, ; was V?tjw&
"Texas fashion," with th cartridge
giinTd vr tk waistband of hi
troasen; V;-1 . '.' ' j. t,- ',
prtctCirt ,m - l;n P i
. Lesmiester t told' hi frfcndr that b
K n
aaid'to ths glrW ""IU Is yeaekitrg
hi gmr, and at the aame tin awn
he'manil with bis badv 'lwtween t
Affiiwf mnA his , A . 1 oartner - nd
pushed, her toward the ttppr entraae
0 tki Mill. .'.''.' 4- s r$ r 4f I
, Jnst sth seldier 'and- th fir)
rVafcbeYf' the' tfoorway Uentf aant itd
fired, 1h pMlle any, while the dancing
fioor'wa tem)orartly rlesTsd between
thetoAleer and th roujra. ' ' J
t Bafor'n'aeond eKot could b fifej,
Lestnlestevrbad puched the girl Into tb
bsdtesf DneseSag mom ' aud - himself
aooglit'aWety it'.'Uf - ' dressing
Wm neros ths kall.iv. V i.."? v
i Employ: b th loenlx Oub ea
tka the neaeksd Ike dasoe ball thor
ough! yesterday 'but aould find, no
trace of the bullet: and they believ!
the pflicer' gun contained a; blank'
'-sr.....' -
n- i ily.
1 1
I Ii
SLiilidl biti.ir
War i Department. Rules that
They Are Uabla To Taxation
Hawaii Courts Sustained .-,
;irlvaely wned notomobile olf nrmv
bmeeVs lr Itsble to taxation, n'ocortling
to tls-dieluni of th wai" dopkrtnient M
ef foHk 1 Drtlle tit. 70, tdiV1c Of.whirh
hav. just, reached. Honolulu . . . . ..
--Thi pronouncement settles definitely
tk-uetlA that kat agitated tk ktgis-
latuVe and the courts of Hawaii, not to
mention the liflVe of th Governor,' .
Prevlpur , td the Idnt session of th
legislature the Governor, no be stated,
drderisd, th treasurer ihI the tax as
sessor not to; snfprxe the law- as it
affected army officers who owned eoto
mobtb?h. ' This matter' was .brought, to
the - attention-'of th legislature and
btonght down a storm of Indigmition
bpon tb( gubernatorial head. - The Gov
ernor ' was severely criticised for. In
structing a subordinate tn force the
laW. . " - V ,' - H,
On top of this, however, the Ooverhor
tried to .get '.the": legislature to pass n
Itw specifically exempting automobiles
owAM by army officers from taxation.
The legislntttre refused to do any suck
V'M .' I '
. A. test ease was taken to the court
by an1 officer who contended that be
onght kot to pay txes on bia machine.
The court decided against hiw. - "J
' And now cornea the war department
and clinches tbe eiaion. ,ll rule that
only officially owned and operated an-
lunivuiivs mrv vxvnipt xrm- bii v, or
territorial license requirement and do
not have to pay the fees . involved1 la
the ownership or automobile , -3
'8uch vehicles come strictly within
th law! and regulation as established
by stat or other local authorities, nnd
the use thereon of tags marked ' U, 8.
A.' r, 'V: 8. Army' m prohibited,"
says tk. bulletin.
With reference
to th' license kad
registration of motor vehicles owaed
by tk Vttlted Stktes,' kn offlcem of the
armv here have been instructed to take
particular note of tbe following: ."-'
"It is net necessary to procure such
license to' cover the ns if a motor v
hide owned b . th otovernmSnt'. ar
operated exclusively by officers or era-
pro yes or the; grvemmen, fer effioial
purpoWes ohty.'t Th ns of psblle funds
for th proeuremeirt It nny license for
motor vehiefe: or " for purchase -of
identification taga supplied by eivll au
thorities, is hereby prohibited. If, for
their vwa;eo.aveniene local officials are
willing to eranra license and furnish
suitable. State , identification ,' tags or
plates, ;Witbout charge, -In "no way in
volving an expenditure, the lanie will
be aeeepted nnd placed In ns witk 'the
vehicle for which issued, nloag with tke
pistes furnished. by the government!'
:" AH motor vehicle ,' owaed ty! the
governnientr and' operated exclusively
by officers or employes of- the govern
ment, for official .use In .the military
aeryice, will have' attached to them
metal plates bearing an Inscription
reading as foUoWst Vor the ejukrter
msstsr corps tr other corps of depart-'
mentWQ.M.C, U.8.A No. r
''Great o,r will b taken to observe
regulation as to epeed and to rule
if the road, and nil concerned will he
qntilnt themsol ve witk these retula-
tion. :.. " w r: ; '-- '.-'
"If. while In use on official business.
t motor vehicle be atonned bV n oolice
offieer, or If otherwise there be) Inter
ference by Btat or other local authori
ties because of failure to make regis-1
tration and "tiair" such ' sneelal tak. the
offieer or employe should give fntl la-
rormanon as 10 ine ownersnip ana nse
of th vehicle, nd th instructions fa
der which operated, And should cour
teously request that thsr . be n fur-
tker tnterfereno. rla ease measures are
then' resorted to by Btat or local an
thorilies fo obstruct or prevent th
proper ns of fuck agencies r ihstro.
mentaliHek of th t'nited State, full
renort will rat one be mad to the ad
jutant 'general ef the army, wtlh tbe
View of submitting the matter .t tbe
depirtment of justice for such legal ae
tlea ka tt msy deem ndtessary to pro-'
teet and make clear thi right of the
United "(tate III that retard.' yAx
' Thd Tortotng lftstrufcUoc o not ap
ply td katomobUea onmod by offlcsrs
and other la th military serrtc irblck
it mrod for private porpoasa. Suck
tefilcU com strictly -witbiij tiik Utt
and rognUtton aa stabliakd by 8UU
or other Vcal authorttUa, and kba ns
thereon M tag barkd 'V.B.A." ot
vy.g, Ajar'' J robibltoV
Mm fe6i-rbft AftREsnb::
!? ABEIttJElEN', fWutk tH1t6ta, January
f J. T. Paul Gross; associate editor
of the Pv Preis nd NSu Dentech
Press, German weekly papers publish
ed here, wa arrested today knd.la be
ing held U conneetrod with -alleged vio
lation of tW espionage-act od 'on
sAthsr? of seditious publication, t.
vfi fiallAf, editor and proprietor of tka
publications, wa Arrested yesterday on
like-charges.' v 1 "''' "''''
cartridge.' This sfatemekt, koWeVef,
friends of Lesmiester scoff at, for they
ay the bullet must ka v 1 struck the
hee 'of lis shoe, kit he ss swung half
Way found by the force of this blow.
It is explained that tbe Bullet prob
ably rieoehettrd after striking the heel
of the 'shoe and rolfed unnoticed down
th.tlrwky. ,
n The revolver-hU'h (was taken from
Lieutenant Reed and, deposited at th
poll atatton wa loaited, with the ex
ception of one empty shell.. ; It wa an
Old-fashioned JS-ealiber Elgin, John
son reroivsiv '---.w. l.vpj -..
; At th police , station ' Lieutenant
Bed seemed surly, rather tbaa down
sst, but uilnd woeq be recognised
one of the army 'officers sent to tak
him into military custody.
Th lieutenant is .about twenty-two
or twenty-thfee year old. H. was for- 'jon't htiow . where a persistent coagh
merly, a sergeant of the saMe cotopany will IfcSd yn. You et afford to al
io which he aow holds a eonimUSSoa. Vour "throiat. and .lungs to become
" Tieotenanf Seed, it is expeetetL will liseasd Whea it I such a si hi pie thlna
m l.iail 1. 1. .1,11.1 m . P, 1 . I u Mh.WM.AB.MS
carrying concealed weapons, assault
with intent to. kill, and conduct unb-
coming a gentleman,. jV.'; , " '' '
1 r
In Swhi Biii Trouble
. . : . 1 '
01)6 FcViiuary lVXsswtated i'ressJStnking r rnoyU
liri triiisi return Id &6rk tddajr .'of ubjecjt, thcmVclv.CjS.to'' ,
rt rriartial whi'cfi' i authorized t6 order the ilifliciipn ot "
th death penalty within twerrty-four hours were the orders wnicn ',
were issued by General vqn Keseef the Commandant at. Berlin yen- ; "
terday. i j 'r: . : vr,
These brders show how serious Germany conslcTers the nidus- .
rial aUuation and tne drastic steps ttiat are taicen 10 put aown
K' industrial revolts Cither rcDofts which have reached here frorrl 1
various peuirai ,ourck snuw nat .n iiiuci wiitiufi yus "
Mtuatibn Is no irr haijd by . the Germin fedvernrncnt conditions ,
-ave been evVn more" serious than were indicated by the reports ot '
!ast week; It is now claimed that many have returned to work but
here are admissions ftat many plants are still, idle and will be mull y.
.M employe are forced to Jetum td work today by M'llitaff force. .
Reports also tend to show how widespt? ii hiye beeii the lawil- dls :
nirbihcea.- - 7'- ';i.-'. - -; ' ; -'' '
Reports which reached here yw'tcrday tonfirmed the" Arrest of.
epVe'sentatjve Dittma6 of the tekhstag.-' He was arrested while
iddressing i 'body, of itrikjs snd.'hargef with infringing the mafT
t.ial laW in force., file will be charged , with high treason in urging
ui hearers to cbntlnue their strike. Vv ' i .. ) .'.W '
Tn the,, proclamation, which was Issued. by General von Kessel,
jommahdant pi the Berlin District ojdering allemprojyM to Irttufn
to their work this morning at seven o'clock, it Is announced' trial, all
strikers failing tQ-report for and return to Work will be summarily ,
trrested, tried by, court-roartuu and, on cony iction,. may suncr inc
death jienaltywithin twenty-four Honrs.' .? 1 ; 1 ' ?4 .
In a seml-'orric'ial 6titement tssifed W Berlin arid rieceived fn Am
sterdam it is ofedicted the strike
that everywhere, the strike, .was'
....Le2v aM Csniar9nn YJ k
More than half "of the shtoyard workers at' Hamburg' wee said
to have returned W work on, Saturday but the committed hen called '.
....'.. . . . .. v. i . . ... .: i.- a:
the strike again ana. tne men waiicea out. . imw many iruvni
Second time, the report .does not r.yl:;ry, y.
tn Trieste shipyard ,and othe .workers sjrtickj. demanding Jobd ,
and the ending of the war. J ne
snetch'so moilified the fieliriitr'that
i,... ,...), i ..i,, mmxwmmv. fin ktvVrn 'i, . ' ' '! ''-:'.,
rvru pps arc rcportcu nave
reau, the semi-omciai uerman , news agency, y i ncy : nave iu
eanized an advertising' agerfcyand thus obtain Vontrol of some great
ndvertiiing contracts which are
GerhVan interests.'
irily Basis For Peee
I'tONDOir, rbtrtiary 4-tAnociatd .Ptm War alma as axprnwa ty
i BteUn. tk.0rBij CiincoUcw and Cxcrnln befor th Attstrlaa
KalcJuB-atk ar not In nay way aattafactory to tka Allies who will g't .
with their agatlnj nnUl 'a victory J obtained which wiU mak posulbU
nek a poico aa H desiredj j this wnk offlclaily unonkcod by th BopraaM
War icpuoctt whlcb noentat m la WamUl ttfr.tl .rr i. trv'H
. Coctrary to th report Which irr lsn4 th Buprsm War CouudJ
aid con si let i tba Pao aims, aa xpreased by ormnny and' AnstrU but
Us tby found to b poaslbto of iitlnv Witk .tt sUghtost fatorc
j tTb6Acikl Mnoncmnt'oir th result of tk doUberatlon of ths 8-;
ttrem War Council od thi point says tha mambers found tt approximation
between tk war alms of Germany and AnstrU a axprosaed xpeottvly
by von HartUak and Osernin and tkoa whtch hav bean ajinoiiaced.ty th .
jt5u; .:w?',-ii ..'' -, : ' ,y- y-?M
v arik v4. jUutUtnm h. -tha
.rigor by tkAlHa dnut sack tint
j'b4 oa IA prlnauiea ot . rrscqom,
KEWi YORK, Jaauary .tO rrhdo'x
eaL Ju. Brpskdwraxw Jtoowin mourn
ing. Cyo, nigft;aci , weqk-4iunday
and Tbnrsdaya. ( All th .big., advert!
tn siiV from gusa jto th'eaA, are nAt
jet uW3 O'iVftpWiiad Jj
inga. Itll ibibl. tV'a'i Broadway n
joy the novelty of being Hooverixed,
of saerifleing the lights to save eoal,
but the Joy is not mentioned sbov n
whispr.i, ( Broadway without jlghts is
something akin to n eircu without red
lemonkde. '' ','
l kior.DennJ '.3P. Qoinlan, 'who' was
ststionei at Kchofleld Barracks, .with
tk(;iri(tk. Cavaliyi'. and .ja-as ttrknsfer.
red to tk jiidge advocate ' derjartmchi,
is now a lleutena'nt-eolonei ia the am
department.'-; -.." ' : i.'M " '- ' V.vf
Colonel Qulnlan 'was admitted to tk
local bar' after? passing examinations
before a local board f lawyera, i and
wa privileged to practise la nil court
of tk Territory.' ' " .. ;
',. . '')) " ,
..i:.-..'v.;-.t. POM't oovoh. : .
' It is absurd to allow a eeugk to hang
liln. aUd SSn roo VitslitV whsa-Chauiber-
uiii M Cougk Remedy Will cere you. Yon
. . . a .. n.Un..aft XM knl i.ut m
bottle if Ohamberlala's Coagh Remedy.
For sale by all dealers, titjuson, miui
Co., Ltd., agent for Hawaii. -Adv.. .
Irs I l:,.;
1 if 1
' u'(
1. . . . " c
will come to an end today. It said
waning"' irtd that many factories-'
tVlflSt f till 4cTC 9. ' ' ,4 ' . ' ' ''"'! '?
governor, aaar,essea tnem ana ns
He' 'men' agreed Id return work.;!-
sccuicu luimunui ins
td be "allotted in accordance with
nenwss-Hsaa S.L. 1 m . I .x.i
wir tiM .M ' smtinnM nun BnaniiM
as they may be abl to obtain a peso
jnaue ana t iniemauoami xtw.
. One more th name, of American
warships which becsnjp Hr-tonc after
th opening 6f the nineteentk century,
and particularly during the , War jt
will b heard f again In tbi
war, as , ths aayy-department has.. da.
elded to give th' names of manyvaf
the old-time frigate, to '-new - btU
cruiser under construction.: Publia n
nounonment f the change waa. mad
Ut )( yarr aad th vosaol wiU M
named'. foltowni ;v.' ... . . ... , -
Constitution, - Oote11ation Baratoga,
Lexington aaat Baagerr, 1 1 , ,.'j; ......
1 Thf oJd ysssels ; now ' benriug. k
abov name will be newly .usuneo, re
prtvely. a -fonows; Old Constitution,
Old Constellation, Rochester aad.,Bock
port.. The only old vessel not renamed
U thi -Lsmngtoiw 4
slacker! prefer jal'v:w
to Lighting at. frout
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Ja'nulVx Vo
During the p'att six month tkara khV
b'ee more ; men H'etween the" aijes of
oighteed and thirty committed, ip'Wa
penal institution ttsa ever. pprf .
Tber Have beea fewer' men over Mr
tyne committed thea in, recent-years.
It baa baea poisted put itkjMt situation
may be due to slackers eommittina pet-
ti A (ta ft I M it I A 4a. . A. 1 1 : . . ..
( duty.. There are about 604 more young
- men eonanea tbaa record Of previous
(years show., .,, -

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