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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, February 05, 1918, Image 3

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1 p ' , ' - V : ' . . r . , ' '
' '"t.A s-if . 1
. '
- "r ' i- a. i -la k ' f. -
Sq?4icr5 and
' V, evXf . . - 'i? "i i ' ; U
On Chinm deail, tixty-tire 'others
arMsUd 'on rbaree' of vAirrnc And
four Kllirs, thre .bfgroM '. fn And
,rbit, rotinilA np anl fumed vei; to
th military uthoritiw; w ib toll
i'monBtcr' drive comlucteil ' b'ilb'e
flty deUtiiv ftiiil (lompauy o oV
dir( in eoniinaatt of an odioer (i6t
Oriental- rorti- nusHM'tii if ,lKvtig
oniuih dp early yexterjay mrnipn in
J ia i who ia toai4 aiiof fcy a
corporal with th eoinpany bC aoliera,
after Un Qrinntal. ha. fuileii' to 4alt
when orforel. to' do a aa.hf was leaving
- i -: i i ' 1 . t L - . M w .. i.
ing be aaw tha toldlere aq4 iniinetliatai
him within a few feet by a tullt froin
his ride. ' '. .1 , r f t- i..t,'J
The bullet entered the Chiaaman's
' right leg a few inrhee below the hip
joint tearing deep auV 'wWe . giui
' about ight iacbea long. Xhi 1 th
' tmnsl m.Hl4.of a wmiail from tka nod
mrm arm v yiflA-if ia ak ahnrt raama.
at the bullet swivela .tintil.it geta.tu
.fall .velocity, after ..leaving the. ,ril
barrel.'; v ; Hi il H,'-.
plea rrom Wona4 ' '1... ' !.' -:
nnjie ine inuamao aiueu in nm i;aiu
yesterday morning was given treatment
at tae emerganry aoipitai anortiy afiar
be was shoty be taik-d to recover-ffom
seHnlary shovk sxf rienee4 aftr;b
had begun" to - reeever-' from 'primary
shook and be expired; at eight o 'cloth,
about throe hour sites; he aaijwound
ed.! f !'. (i :j (;' I ' w
': S ' many -of - the ' opiam dens 1 were
raided by the detoctives, after a mlUJ
tary guard had been eatabltshed around
the districts where they were lonate4
that two trips' hwl.to be made to the
police station te book the prisoners. At
ten minutes 'of four o'clock forty-six
of the Chiuene were received a( the sta
tion and held on charges of vagrancy.
The next trip to the station was made
by the dot eft Wos and soldiers at 'Ave
tuinutes pf. seven 'clock when seven
teen wore ef the Chinese Werq., locked
ID.' , " ' ' . '
ftaMlera Arraated
jflimwin,"',,.!; : f -
-. The soldiers were broufcht In with the
flrHt prisoners and -booked as George
Monroe, Company E, 5th Infantry;
T .. .1 T T I '. PAnMitit T . Ofk In.
fantryj Cheater Sewell, . Poinpany ! H,
. 25th InfaaUy, and ,Villiara, C Astltjy,
..(Quartermaster 'a. trpe, i ort Hhatter.r
The raid-started shorty after 'one
o'clock and lasted unti a clean, ap o
the last ' jolnt viitei was made jwst
before seven o'cloc yesterday 'morn-
ing. As the officers and' soldiers, would,
eater one, of the dens ..the" occupants
would be taken into custody and 4
quick search watte f or epiuiU and, aiaok
ing utensils, t ) ' f j. .'I .t
. The raid cnine as a -surprise, every
precaution being taken to stop the newk
from spreading frotn oue d . to 'aa-'
other, and the eleinent'of surprise 'epji;
tinned to the .very la-t,' the Chiaatiieji
of ton being found sound asleep in. ejr
buuks when an entrance was effected.'. ,
Thought 9oltter'fooUng'' ; -v ,t ?
Chinese residents of llooolulu say
Lum Kn Cliong, -the' Qtinaraan killed,
as, the victim of eircuni8(ahceh ' knd
not! aware, that he was 'thought t4q
escaping from, the law. ' . ..They, 'say
('hong was a" wood : chopper ,by occu
pation : and was" leaving the- building
near where he' was' shot early ia the
morning to begin bia day 'a ' work.' At
one ef these ' tldneee 'explains, .''ba
thought the soliifir fool biin When He
telj him stop. Soldier all time: fool
Chinaman.-" ' ' - , ''' ' ' '
Howsver, it. aee.J- that Chopa'f
death was brought airout partly b.y his
lack oijinyHicai reHissnce,uuf . is
'ti.li.ll.i I t A Ilia Af Allium. . 1 .''
'Many of , the Wiinamci arrefted,' ppt
tip a on or f.-uu awn, aiinouen more
tbaa half of them were unable to do so,
Their, bearing In the police court has
been t for toay. ' , ;",! 1' .
It fa'estiuiated that the vftlue of the
opium and pipes seized in the' raid (a
about 15,000. ' .' , ' ' ' '
All the'dens raided wore locst4 be
tween LHiba and Maunakea Streets and
King and Knkui Streets. 1 'J'-.u '
Yee Ynp the nrprietor of the pork
shop at the cor'nftr of Smith and Hotel
Htrmit. imt ii n the bail (for moat of. till
(Chinese who -were arrested and after
whrds released. ,1s' ?i h...
i . VI if X
' i V r '
Recovering from a shell wound which
tore away port of his hip, Lieut. C D.
I). Htaitly,' of the Canadian Armyand
son of Judge and Mrs. W. U blanlsr
of Honolulu, still remains' in k hospital
abroad, and even: 6erf he tt discharged
he will be out of active service tbr at '.
leant a year, in the opinion of Judge
Stanley who recently beord from the
young officer. , - -i n y.
Lieutenant Stanley waa la the (hik
of a fibt in front trenches at Pse
srhsndselq when a shell landed; in his
sectioa. killing a snsn directly aext to
him and badly wounding blm. , He
suffered from an lntlammatioa.
' . .'- ! .'ft
i ;'.s -jf ' : ir
No Action ISy
Huber ts To
w Seized HAvc'W
"A peeuiifr (peet.ofk thj police ral
0 yesterday morning, on. ' Jlonolulu
opiam dens, la the oplnloa vt United
Mates "Aftraey '0."jT. ttuber,"1 la the-
fsct thst n Quantities of the Aruff
WrodbleoVW'Mfll'tDi . taT wont
of opipm la tinefeikes the offense one
f T. I . 7 -.17 . , f -
hpder the bead etl'JmBo
;Theipertness of th methods of In- -t-atfueinff
hpium-Hotsi HawaU ' aad of
kep(ngjssnlStles of la beyebd . the
reach 'of ofttciala 'has made, thia -the
prtneipat polat for tbe'oetlvitlea ot
gnvernment-'HCeotrf, -"ThU -port takes
rink vV hither than tn rrsseiseo in
spit ' the fact that most of the ssp
ply Is fvom' the mainland of- too. United
Mates, ;., n . ,
Moch fo-Haro v.''' ' i J-'V '
' Thift Sonotalu' eontatna large qnsn
ttttee of opiam to the conviction of Mr.
Hubf r, bprie but' by thf fln'anfif ica; tUs
harvo,b,eeataeiised ln. nanecewf uf smug
gling esterpri-ej in,(3iixc-it ib
use ef bo drug, t ',
'.TJje favorite atlo4j ot introducing
tae dni by throwing i overboard from
ships. be (ore they enter, the port piaeee
sJmos (nsupersble oVtselcs In t path
otitis agents aombatfliirf the tif
fiv. j tb( Wly. war hk hls' metboi
o operation ..eft, be. frustrated "la. by
te occWent.of spoUiag U rtuff wkn
it is dropped into the sea.- n this, ca4
the kgents aboard; the sWp or h ship's
ojfieers wlfejess asf(e,fi)4 agent from
tke hore.r; b i pik npi tb p.
tfttners or eve, ..tfrose who ,avj( gpnf
opv to..ge )t s.Jv..' -. .'.v vi i... .-.
T0 experle,peo of (be federal author:
ities has been that the introduction of
opnn '4j Urgely' ia, !be .liapds. dt JT;
panese It.-a kow tha;opi)oi thst
gets, rnto Honoluli; is laved,.ja flo?t
'Maa.' rnm .Vh Orient i ntn . Melico.
wntea . nas. ififl vrenjriBVon sitamni, ia
imporvanpa.i , ls.amuKtf'a iw
United ifsteo actoes. fte Meifsn bdj:,
d Suad these; la. yooplul..,.Hr . V-.'
llc,l4 iltgH VVwv 17'jjo.vr -i.
.Tpep price .. pai4 . for. Opium js now
I139v pw foupd. ia If onolulu, while It
ea be Voug)it in esn.Vsnclsco .a lowt
M 75..0f rj.pound., federaJ..Keota ay.
Tin rie wrls for smugging it hnye
eansed many . Jekf ho.rK prinft
in It In and-hare- given, riae io sll
sorts of dvie,ea. -,f Japanese, woman
was arrssted who ha 2)ft worth ot
the dru tonjaie ifi: bladders- ty
were oonoealed i her clothing. Anoth
er woman was equipped with specially
eofistauctqdi , half .of boomers from
wbicKto. jtVqryiw. bere'H sixteen
tins of opium.', One sian was caught
In the act ot boldly coming aahoro from
a ship, with ; whQle box ptijll drug
carried en hU shoulderj p khotfaer
recent initande" ofl .Vta' er found in
two trunks on the, Alakee Street pier.
-Tb -penalW v for, importina Is two
year. lmRrsoBmen 05 f tyy
After open being" cUseed in Class I
of the eltx;tivs draft, registrants; id the
Jlawaiiao Jends .will oe ermitte
y recevf ,oomniistons if ki huii cuii
bataol arinsofjtn'e Arjnr service,' and
wMen the;' District Ward of Honolulu
Aeidea Jinay that a draftee is proper'
y placed In that 'class he cannot gef
eut'SJiflcpl go into etle service.
.This iaanopuceinen fol)6V'4he pass
go -of . ,' resolujlcii, pdopted b,'y tbe
Var Council and approved by Secretary
Baker 00 January 10, It ii the an
aounead purpose of i. the, War Depart
burnt to draw flghhig w4 jfrpm this
(bus of registrants, and the departmebf
is said to be detisrmined to prevent fur
ther iarood? poo tbo nation's fighting
material for stalf positions unless there
W a subtnti eaSon fof' Exception in
Individual' r'aseadue to special qualifl
t stioas of the men, involved.
1 Fprdber expaniloa of the commie-loped
persopnej-of, (hf oneopibataot
will ho made, by drawing from man In
the deferred .;elaaaea; whre. yonpg men
iro' ae4od. s' i-iw ',,!. ;. ',.' .-rt-
' ;t": 1-'.
tpl f ; AID
A ealL for hslp: has boon Issued by
the chairman ;aad.soerotarK s of tbo
Legal tAdvisory.' Boksd for- eondoctlnj
iraft auenttounairaf 1scarkah..tha Arnv.
sry, atUrrnooao . aad evenings. Tb
beard la beiugi swamped with work vasd
additional volunteers aro required. 4, The
working luiurr Ore front' bae 1o two
ekluck' In iho n.fter4ooA iAn4- front
seven to sine 0 .'slock ih. the vniSRs.
Belays, aro, already! -forking bsk'ntare
members of the t' legslprofesnios "are
seeded ThO'leaL) tseiesuedt by (Wade
Warren ,, Tbayoiv :wfvtary:yifi, fbjL
MOT. ' -r .... i
f.W ssnnttlptr ponce Hjlb- bjdd;., strictly .iMpmmusado.vVith., k
tioM ari stifBcicp'i a eoir the' Ijlfcnsfj heavy military guard over him. ,7, r
of4 kec'pipg !o 4iordely: houM f' dls- - 4 la p Q the yery'.few Oer-
poMneof tb.druVout tba passion ".fyiP; -ffrHi!
mm riso;;
heavily Gir:-La;
, Pf ucsperate Escapes, Hcia .
i ' nv ni nniy a tr- nlittit-n
... t
W -t i ' - - i
;aiaviar; men trom ,pacuio.,
'J-Wis-Caurjhf IrV'ThiJ Citv::?'
Csptafa, Borene'on," sy Oermaa'aaylga
tqr, wko'ls finwn io ihe iiutcli autbo
ties Jvl, fhBtisl): ft'utb'tnitiM it
feonth AMci1 and the : America
Borltles .of.: the Phlllpplnfes, a' U
wise ani bad hembrs', or Its equlva
leht, becspae; he speeexd once, in. es
eapinjj f.rprn a Britist) arnlaer en tM
west oast of Bduth Africa, after aln
'tsi shells had struck bin ship,r.and
..' Onmn tnterament fsmp- io
JuTorth Sea sines I the EuropeaaW
Jbteteorlej or ' .devllliihly ' cunning as
yoo; iVlew It,' baa beea Csptsln Boren
sort'scsreer since, Germany Started, out
td subdue tbo world FoV h'wa. the
pprmsn ' master "of ,thf Cecils Marie, 'a
co;nVerJd frelghler, ., which'; sueceeded,
evading the British fleet anT ma
nig hef. way td the east coast of Booth
Africa, where 'she Jarided' food supplies
and aiunitlons for the Oermaa army.
ttTekv Vainly resitln4' the- Boef Army
under .General., Da Wet and the British
Snd native forces commanded by Oia
erni Botha. ,..,'''- k, .
Ship Hl Ofto v '..--,' ".J-
LAndinc of 'these snpplies was effect
ed.- by Cuptaba Bqrensoa after be bed
eluded 0 British .erpisea wkish .over
took And pursued bint oev the west oast
ofc rlooth; sVfrina,, T.ho eraser maaagod,
tOviMak4'ainoteen bits wJth.shelW fnfro
hr guns, but. none of, th shot reached
a, vital eaoofidv ortloa -of 1 tbs ship to
check-, bff apeedi ;an4 abo. flaally., op-
autanneil- thi, , British ,nsTy-ves-u
;.Tho Cecils Marie, after, her. long
voyage from, Kiel,, was badly, crippled
pod Captatq
Vessel into 1
paired her
iirVt'eomnonkreieawdtV t eomman-
lew,v, Wo tOiwmaaitajnnjr,; ii South
rfitrr, i (i i-iiist k' f -.
Captain Sorensop, said afterwards.
when he and his. ship, were interned
bjf. tb Ptc) atjieritjea, IV 'Jrfya,
where he ,wpnt for, .that purpose, rihat
th"U)(,Ties,,aiid munitions' Were' safeT
dclivojed t the' Oerraaa,.arn: on' tlie,
east .coast of South Africa whither
bo wentv of tof, making-, repairs to. the
Cocilei Mario, -passing far to .tha oouth
of Capo: of Jo6l. ,Jlopo;i., '; v.; ,v,(,,
'. It waa . about' 1 y ear . after, tbo . be
Crnninr'. of- the ;EurOI 'Wa' When
Captain,, Boronson -left ;Kiol Germany,
with the Ceaiie Marie ;on ns.qaring
aad nlangeijfuS,:jiisso of landing sup
plika in Boqtb:- African . .- t,u
Cottflnemant Oood.'.? k r ... , . ,
1 T . : 4 V. .1 , .nn4V,a aCarara4 lia
Dutch uikorttles o avA had bias' fa
custady Botavia,. :with -other, -oer
vibiat wb bad aought , sajtety , iaj that
taevtral lKland eoauU-v. ki: h,,,,; t,
v.'CoaAaeateat eoalBd' Captain .&oren'
kos aad with German naval officer, who
la mlso o Drtooneo..witb. him, In- Homolur
lu, made plans for -eseapg.' , JJis hopes
Were . realised aad - with -three. German
sailors and the ; naval officer either
through 'bribery .or astounding 'daring,
they, managed to'eoeape -from- "their
frlsoa hnd get 'aboard iriap'neb' py,
wpich tney , maao tnetr, way, .to win;
danao ia the southern parti, of' tbo
fqmpplpe Islsads. 7;.- -v -l ..?; , t.
; .Wherl they Came, ashore there thsy
were' apprehended , by .-United Btatea
customs men arid- ovontpally taken to
thv were aHven thetn libertv Jn , Mar
hlloi, about . year ago, last jCkrlstmaa.
The Qenmana enjoyed thei' freedom
sptU '.America entered tbe Wkr , Jt
April, when ,Captiain: $oroason' aad his
aseoeiate, t te uertnan naval - nfflcer.
were ONleseoT locked ud- In.. the Gsrtnao
iniersment camd established 'ah Baguio,
the summer capital of,, the Philippisea.
Cacapea Again.,,' .;V.VV'V.V.
tU0WM'0Jr repnyia. ttpiain. out,
neon escaped from- Baguio, t matter
still of investigatibn by army aothorl
ties. This time M made bio break
I es liberty Alone, , and be ia erditd
ritk having - reached Manila -' aad
frith succeeding in' 6olting"ab6ar4 tbo
tra'naport Loga. 1- ' ., '. ".' T'i
t The remarkable pert of this,: escape
story't regarding ' the German captain,
io ho atatement" tht he was abls in
somq'manaQr' to escape . detection "until
after ths Logan baa mad calls at. Ka?
gaaakl. and 'Xokohama, After;, lea vfng
Vokohaji)a;Jt is 'said, he was discovered
ad, locked; up in 'the ship i W4' until
llosolulu, waa reaah'edj,; '-v- - ,f 't , .',)
White the story ef thja pscspe can
ot be verlfled, i is tbo general' belief
in .Manila, .that, tho ' oaptaiil, acjually
did reach'-llosolulu, aad' that, boas
returned from,' hero tq Bagnio on
other trk.po-.,.-v.!: XJJI , -l:;r
., To, show, how, r.dsairerouar Csptsjn
SoreOsna ii eotsidered by the AmericaS
authorities. U u rfserted bjf' armY pffl
Cera that it wm decided, io hot, mov
him nd the 4haval -oflleef to tbo Btatea
with' the other joq:, Gerniaa WisOners
who psc(i through , herf 4 It tmiiSt
fort Hhermaa. a tew imoaths go for
ehr .that Jbey', wduld, lvh up -some
plot among the XeUVoo io ut or esp,
uso tho Kovej-nmont Vessel. .(,'.k -,;' .,(,a.
I 7biv it ia' sabt,' Accounts , for bis
presence' la.. Hojotulii' ft , tho present
tiuie. i Qn this .oecppii, voyage -of the'
cptaa from Manila,-although fe ajsd
thoj navl Officor were allowed o travel
f t elasa, they weife kept. Under- loc
aad key,' in, their atatorouiav enceptlug
When allowed a' fe'n0nutes for ex err
tirt omk iiospita) deck of the steam
or wider t guard of four soldiers. ,
la 1 a .. I al a. a ra A41aak. . IlanxiA
1 ttorensop if rtngiyo ran ;pta
'fartiallaoncealed." and , js-
while bis. ship's wireless got
Char.btr. of Commerce RecfelVes
'..'-. rL r-:-'. s.' til"
. riuji i. f nai uai nuts, fire oe- ,
;i Jca, HaruUe Satisfactorily
L , 6ubtint steamers', placed the
flnu fraiv iieo Iloftolalu rsa by the
Kederai Hhlppin Board te replace the
forme Mutnoq Users are handling the
freight ,rsrgofS out of the Coast port
.in a. eaiiHiat-torr manner, is tne reoort
which? pecfery Baymohd Brown of
and the reoult has been f orwrdet , to
06rtd McK. Mrlellsp, the chamber 's
repreaenf stivo' at athlngtoQ. '!'
HI nee Mr) MeClellait Went to Wash
ing0n , ilt' December; o" forward the
chuJiiher's campaign to utilise foreign
veel IS the pssMnger-csrrylng trade
botweep t' it Ortii Hotielora, . Wil
liam' 1L Avery; aasistant to the ffeaeral
mauager of the Toyo Klseo Kalsha lino
has' been to Washiagtoa - and passod
through' Uonoluls oat . route to lapss,
and he said thnt ' arranoements had
been made wjty tbo shipping board for
long' time permits for', psiwenjrer ar-
rj-.mg traie... on pe , Cos.t nonpiuiu
rb.ute. . f llowevOr, Ihe requet for.'suc
permits has' yet to come from, the. Jap
anese: company and, It has. aot , beea
produced. r,':- . )!-:,
Loft tp McCloUap. " ' 'V: v
- 'The' hmbef tf commerce has not
placed asjt' extra prehsuref npon Its
nqveraent 'to.: take 'advatrtnge Of the
Presblent?s suspension of the coastwise
law' during the wsr period, but Is lesv
in the -entire matter in the" bands of
MrClelTaa. Apparently therei are many
anglea 'to 'the" -movement arid 'McClel
lan'oilnqulry",u to, whether or. not the
substitnto vessels were caring for tbo
f reilrht Oad Of ' the traffle is - therefore
pregnant with intereet.' It apparently
means iMt.eo car as no pae peen atiie
to progress, with the '.chamber's, reso
lution, the. Washington' effelals , want
first ' tfl,now if, the ,, uianddouad
freight is being eared fot vTho reply
has been, that tbo felght end, ,lp apts-
.The , promotion committee, . however,
lajdt sUeHS ' wrioo the - necessity ' for so-
cur)lg' all., passenger, 'acpbimodations
Ppssible,. and nse..vry atpni of in
fluenc'O to We f ? oV.K. pno'tsko
aavtatagOf. pi. the "ooastwise ,sdkjensl6i
ritatio.0, 04, ente : J', ,'pasien
'it3 is said Oiat some, of the .substi
tute vessels come and go with rmall
ptwenger' lists,' knd that there how ap
pears " to ,bo ' pp ' demknd v for, push ftc
cOromodSti'ons. Uhtlf the movement of
sll Woods In Hawaii la finished there
wtll cOritinue' t be uncertainty about
tno aoDstitate- vessels Ming available
for) schedules trip, as far as' passen
gers ere concerned. There win "be 00
uncertainty '.whatever ' in tbf ease of
tko'Jspaneso liter keeping to sched
ule, however, or, being lorfign vessels,
tnev wiu oof poj-requisiuoneif oy tee
Upitel Statee ,6hj?pjng Board fpr ear,'
ryifg fngit ok-.U; UKe off for war
PrIJO"0."r..":.V.' "iiirjwiA- ir i-i.,-ii
Diplomatic, AagleoH.-. ,v r5n- v-ar
nhero arr still ssiny diplomatic an
te, to b Joppedi.ott'io securing the
gles, to V4 roopedi.os-iii securing the
X. C. K. xeesels tor tpo coastwiso trsdo.
One o tho delays is said to be due to
Itbe fact that the -Japanese prefer, that
liv. . ' . , . . , r . l
tuf ,: rl(w Ot, aier. ,,fa- eoawiw
treble should, come from, tho, -American
shipping board. ,a other , words, .he
Japanese .'want .. the , United . States to
,..N meetng. tbo, e,hmber of tors
mereo baa been . bold: rece'ritly to eon
alder, additional ways ', pad nean t?
lino op friendly Influence to "bring to
tof l. ,uf insss: this j wirijter . a oil in
comparison to last year's crop at this
time. The .granting ot single trip per
mite, (o stesTpahln companies fives no
obpoTtn'ny. to.',ayertls' tbft fact', and
hejr.ebir 'seenrf usiuess,, Biit months'
bermlUI,' en,' dq'. po'gtve' enoqgb' time
io, carry ouf, an, uvri;iBing propagnn
dJl. .M.if meeU.tbe. oitiatro. to. some
' Coast news:
iparenr are ,pow, carrying
whole, page
aae- caium
si.' t'
n4 ita
California 'r auns&liM am
enhiajte,' lvft)t))r''a'nd .summer.' and' ad
VUing the mijilsd popiilnflon to trsv
er and take - advantaire Of ' the' rilctur-
esquo. Coast &f ate,, 1ta titled hotel and
bataral attractions, war or no war.
thr is no aUpgoirUoa' lo the Coast
ado' that ilravel le . bolrig dicoursgel
by thrf federal jgovernraent. - The' more
ressop it .is argued, 'why1 the ' cham
ber of commerce should' put Its shoul
der to 10", ,'VrheeVbaeki jhio promotion
commtee and appoint a opeoial com
mittee, to push the ooastwise shipping
permit matter through pud give Hawaii
somoVol th' trhVcl ' tht rA5s liltle
difficulty ni' making the rounds of the
mainland.' -. CV t ,
Promotions Given To Youths
""V Kroni Honolulu
Many: of th Island: ' boys sefving
aboard the U. 8. Ji tit. Louis, who left
JlonoUilp 4a tho vesstd; t the.be ainsiug
p( theiwar and. art nov snppoeed to be
JMjofnewhetB loo bot Atlaptio.", have
pot Only, made good, but baV boon pro
nieted. Tr KamnkV aad i W ward 'il
t9X bavo qualified) as drat'-class Run
pointers.'. 'Wiliwx ',waa i formerly with
tbo Iator-Ialbnd dfydoek. ! Qeorge Han-
I ford' boo been' promoted' from oner to
ri.n-.t .laaa n.. till, l.f ' . .
' Frank. Wfight, aad Tisher, the latter
formerly with the board of health, have
passed oxaWlhstlouir for eoiantttstous as
nsigns ana nave peon; icoipraeiieti
for the ongiooeriug department K. Low,
son, of "Admiral Kbeg LoWj is now
with a subtnsrina chaaey and Is an ex-
f erf motor repairer," '.".
John H,' Townsend, formerly with tbe
engineering departmeat of tbe city gov
ermuunt, it now a first elaes machinist
Joseph Nuues
hiulst. "':'
is f second class ma-
Government Considers Means of
Shutting Off Unnecessary'
Articles From Commerce ,
(Concluded from lgO 1
erencc in railroad transportation
to individuals, firms , of corpora
tions engaged in the production"
from or manufacture tf copper,
iron, steel and other war ( essen-
tia,s- --i'v'i .
Another hip storm Sunday
again tied up freight' on man
eastern roads. So much ii now
stalled that the situation, is' de
clared to le the worst for fifty
years. Just as the congestion was
being cleared up, the snows 'stalk
ed many hcaviiyrladcn - trains
over a large section of the coun
Flight Oa
Record For Air v
On Turk Ship
Avjalors Journey ' 2000 MTies
"VVVith Only Two Stops amf Re
turn Home Io ; Safety. '.After
Hitting Their Mark' and Other
Targets As Well
' LONDON, January tt -ri '(Associated
Press) Interesting details of , the re
cently announced flight of a British
battle airplane from London to fCon
stantipople where it ' bombed the bat
tleship Qoeben, the German headquar
ters and the Turkinh wsr office, were
given at a banquet here the other day
by Handley Page, -who described it aa
the longest diMtnnce military attack on
record. Tho flight of 2000, miles waa
made without mishap.' , -i ' .... " '
The feat was accomplished by bi
plane with two 270 horse-power en
gines, carrying two pilots, an engineer
and two mechanics. ,-.'
Only Two Stop . . ,
V Loading up an Hendou," said Mr,
Page, ' the machine, which with spares
and luggage was over sis tons in
weight, proceeded to I'aris, Lyons, and,
to avoid he Alps, continued hi way of
Marseilles. Frbtn Marsoillns the' jpur
ney was bywsy of . Bpearia to . PJSai
Rome, Naples and Otrauto, tbo, l"t
point over' 'a friendly country. The
next . and perhaps the aidsf dilllcult
stag of the ".journey, was 'overf tho
Albanian Alps .to Salonika; 'a .trip of
8o0 tnirea 'across mountains varying
from. 8b00 fa. 10,000, feet, with no soit-
.able plane for landing in ease of need.
In covering tbla'dlstanco only two
stop were - made,, -the first at' Paris
and tbo second t Pisa,
'.'Fromi.jBaloniha ..tbo . adventurous
party flew .to tneir base, overhauled tho
machine , bnif"preparer for. a lotog die
tonco bombing expedition to Constan
tinople, a uitance-o( y-0 nue,
w,Qn their 'attacking trip they set I
forth' with 18 bomhov and on arriving
at tho pe of-Marmora throttled down
from 2000 lo 1600 feet, .: the Golden
Horn and other points being clearly in
view. i!f
1 'After 0 abort survey ot the lights
of , Constantinople, ' and . to make sure
of. their objectives,' they came down
Ur 800 feet and dropped a salvo of
for. bomba hoping to bit the Qoe
bcn: which eras anchored just beneath
them. ' Unfortunately they mlsseil the
ship, but managed to hit one or two
ssbraariqes that were lying alongside
be'. "' ... , '
'Turning on their trark, they made
another attempt on the, Goebeo, and
this time in spite of the attentions of
a number of Turkish and Gcrmsn anti-aircraft
guns, managed to lnnd four
bombs Op the battlcHip. Then they
flew to a ship called the General, which
waa the headquarters of the Germs n
sta$ and dropped two bombs oo her.
Nsxt they made their way to the Turk
ish war office and dropped two more
bombs : on that 1 building,, the Turkish
official report. of tbe incident stating
that 'the war office wa not destroyed.1
" After 'half an hour's bombing on
Constantinople they turnctV-J-qusd and
made for, their base One of thejr en
gines was disabled andeno fewer than
twenty -alx bullet holes wore made in
tbeir machine. '.The, journey to Con
stsntinople and back, distance of 640
miles, occupied ' seven hours.' Tboy
were thirty hoursjo the air on the
flight frqm London to Cnstntinople.''
An automobile qwTWjl by the Hoiui
Uiju Papid Transit jnd. Lund Company
iirid driven by a liawalisn youth' be
came the 'center of cTtcitonieut on Here
turfia J-tf rest nonr Keraumoku about six
o'clock .last niyht when jt skidded ii
the ! Roadway and - overturned, piunin(;
the driver to the ground. Adjutant
WeNt of the Salvation Army and a
number of spectators went to the bovN
Bid and righted the car. The driver
proyed to be but slightly hurt unci wa
able to drive away. '
Itids fori1 a newv power house to In
built at a cost of "approximately ."i,
OUO hv the Hawaiian Kloctrtc cuuipuny
nn Allnn between H'lHhop n, Alnk-u
Btreets wore openod yeMterdiiy sud the
loweHt biibler was found to be Wonlcv
A Beeton, whose figuru wuh 21K,!)1 7.
Tha new power station will liuve equip
ment adiUre for future needx of the
cltt' and . 'Will be so'Tunstruetod thnt
additions ruav fie' mnde- wlu-u rctpiirsd
la all six bids were submitted.
I ... V
Chief Executive; or Cty, Leads
Way and Urges Cjtizerts To ,'
' ' Buy irid Help H$m ' '
Mnyor Joseph Fern of , the City
and Cosnty of. Honolulu leadatbe way
for the . people ef jjrfawall to, aid tho
Thrift Stiimr, namnalim. for he haa la.
r a, j - - --i
upd a atirrino, tipnelsanBtlaii idviifnff
m w j ;( m
cvsry one, old and Veupgj to buy pSJ
ele Sam's War, Bavlnga' Btsmps,
through the medium ot the ovef popu
lar "two bit" piece. "V, ' jv '!''
"It Is a good movement and one
easily popularised," says Mayor Fern,
"for It reaches all our people, Hawai
ian and haole alike, and the youhg ehO
urchase them as well a the' old. ' '
"It is patriotic, end ye, at tbo samo
time it ia an investment. Uncle, Hant
asks us for pur moticy In small plecesj
and he give 1t Oil back; and SOmS
thing besides. In a few years.
. "f earnestly hopo that the people ot
this City snd County Of Honolulu will
heed nil request made to them to boy
these little stamps. Our government af
Wnahington asks tho citizens tgi help
swell the war fund. Therefore, our
people in these Island should respond,
and. respond liberally,' J s. Pi.- H
Thrift Week Otf 'l ,
Thrift Week Is now on: -v.' :
. ,It will bo io, f,oll swing today, and
be given a gret impetus through tho
Patriotic request ' embodied ,1a tho
Mayor's proclamation. ' Mayor ' Per'n
bscks tbe VVVr. Savings' B tamp ean
paign to tb last' trench. ,''
It 1s possible tho Governor may, fol
low Mayor Fere ' good' example aad
Issue a proclamation in a few oar. '
The observance, of National Thrift
week in Honolulu wnicn is peing ear
ried out under the direction Ind 0
otieration with, th T- M. C. A, Will be,
observed todsV by a bia; shop meeting
st the Honolulu Iron Vprhs, when the,
fork's Club, will pu( oi a special Boon
meeting program at, tho shop. Tho pro
gram to. eonsist of 0 short , concert by
the Works Club Orchestra, will beg n
promptly, of half-peer twelv' o'clock
and included two talks. E. A. Berndt
will be tho first speaker talking on
"The Thrift of Today", followed by
rJ. a Peters on the Thrift Btamp. Ot
ITn.la Ham' ...
Talks CUvoa Tostorday , '
"-At th X.. M.,0.' A. yesterday Ulks
were given, In tbo various elubo ot tbo
association, tno gymnasium classes sua
the nleht school classes. " Wade War
ren 'Thayer mod Bobert Stever bf ' tbo
speaker's eomnjitte talked al he larg
er meeting. , : .. .. ,
'Meetinm will ba carried thronchotit
the association 'during the Week W tmO
aa casipsiRn. for th promotloo and
education along lines ot general thrift
The motto of "Earning, careful spend
Ing and Investing has been1 adopt
ed tor tho week's slogan. The, Y. M.
C. AJ has put the -Thrift .Stamps,' On
sale and U'rdanalnir to ihtrodneo the
Cards, into ait tho activities gf: the Or
gunisation. au Of us rjnpioyeq oys
will be urged to start the work of sat
ing ia this direction. . , ' f, ' .
National Thrift Week was started la
a few localities in 1914 mod has since
spread to become one of the Import
ant yearly programs . of many eltleal
This year tbo comtiined idea ot Thrift
Rtnmps and food conservatloo Is plhced
before the cities as aever mioto.
NEXT 0R&EAN3,' January , If-The
season just ended waa frqm. (he, pont
of view of tho . eanq powers a great
sueeess;', Bugar masufset'urer's say thit
it was ocne growers' y eat1, and that
bW tbe, factories' also id satlstae
fory ret'urnrfoa the - crop,', e Vulk'.bi
tho financial good" fortune wkieh1 char
acterised it 'went ;tp tbo 'ease groweri
nd there, isn't planter in Ixiuisians
who does not. fuel very bapy.that It
did to that way," for if means o-gVeat-er
lntsct next season ampn'g tWeii,
fiu mere who aro getting every year to
produce more kn4 more of the bulk of
the came 'etfop' Of tbo' Bt'atoV'.V V:'!J V
Tbe best indication, or proof, of ths
prosperity of the. Louisiana' sugar belt
at this ifmeMs to be found ia the of
ficial report tiade by the sugar dlstriet
banks , to, the, Ptste ' Bnh - Exam inf.
showina cash,' deposits . greter .than
ever before In their history Sttif OS be
fore stated, the cane' farmer are the
owners of most of theae inerepseJ mo
neys.. Commence on tbe conditions Jof
the vsrlius' Sugar aeetioo banking
houses ftotn tbat tbo banks in tho iu.
gar towns .are, cqpested, tb, deposits
despite,' tho heqvy over subacript'ion ot
th sugar Interests, to I4berty Bonds
Snd other war funds. The three banks
of New, Iberia, (-a., have combined, dt.-,
posits ss of January 1st of approximate
Iv tSjm.OOd. '. The deposits in the two
banks of Franklin, La., In Rt. Mary
I'arish, aggregate over two millions of
dollars and every other bank la ths
parish reports lsrge increases.'' '" ,
Vermillion rariah i another head
liner in the list of reports of financial
institutions filed with the Stale Book
ing Department snd much of this sbun
'1 a nes of wealth in the sugar parishes
ia doe to the sugar harvest of 1917.
Roland O. Marx, aasistant engineer
of tee Federa,V Wjrelcss Company, is
to be 'speaker at a meeting Thursday
evening of the Hawsiian Engiueers' Aa
aociatlon at the Library of HawAil.
It is to be the regular monthly meet
ing of' tho orgaalaatioa. It is statod
! that, several new members are tu bo
admitted t tho meeting.
f . 'jrt ' . I .. I-
I Iil (I I: .
HOrjgnjuj stccj pep:::; :
l li doaoinl'a, jUhrbssir 4. An
at. A -Batdola. ltd. .
,oo 5 -is
f a Pisntstinn qof .
Hulkit KSirsr to. ,
IISW. Agrr-tly-tlo.
Hew. 1: CL ,4..'.
HW; tMiui' Cev ' ....)! 4
i. . .
ltdltnniaj n, u. ,.,,..
si ,
Sliilotilnaftn Mug. risni.
R,i Su. CO. . 1
MBrrde OOO. Cot," Mb J
nit, ,
1 : "'", 1
.irma, www. ,u
I UDomea n1
na-ar Co.
I'sinilisn Hur. IMsat
i-BflOc . M1U ..
'als insnt. to, -'epeeheo
Hib. f e. i
riuswr win io. . .....
naa t'srliM M, Co.. U.
Walalns Asrctl, Co, . ..
YVsUukB Sug. Co.,
' -' . . . T'
HaSao PovslopmeOt Oo. .
I Jni tausr tip ....
Haw. ttra. K. 1 A
Haw. 4Vn. Hr. IV Z B
Hkw. ra. Kr. Oam.',.
HawaUaa KlertrtC Co. ...
Haw. I'lifeamH CO. ,
Him. B. 4 at. ., LtL ,,
Hon. (in IV. Ltd. .'.'...
tin " '
Hoa Kj T t. ....
Intar-lxlaad a. M. to. ...
Mrtt. Tel. o. .....
Oalin KaUwar U Co. .
raaaar ' KiHiiwr -u.
hrlaina-lHnrtlsx, Pit
Mam nMXC Pd ii.
M1 ....
... a
Xsojooi 0a Babbof
80NQ , .
Beacfc Walk I.
Hamakna Dltek
HSWi Ton.- HJ.' 0..;.,
Haw. Irt.. Vak, Oa v.
Haw, Ter. Hef. 1008
Haw Ter, 4 Pse, Imp.
Haw. Ter. I'Dh, Imp.
(-sriM imzioim I......
.',.-.r!., '
1IM .m....
11119 ll
Rnaokaa Co.,
(in. On Vv., Ltd. oil ...
Kanal Kf C.,'
Slanna I
uill 'lei. oa
a 4.0
Oano It.V I. Co..
yam ong-' vryg
Col :
Padflo Unsn V. Co., 6s
Baa Carlos
auam, v a,
Hsw'B Hue. '00.- 41 JW: HMm(. 900. .(!:
OslMV aa 20ih Walalaai'10, JnL 2&.O0.
" " - r boabd balk . .
None:. Tr " i .i i- , ; ,a
: ' r- rIabOary , Ml '.' . .
' fr analTOto-fcesM pse dreeaf. , v ,
Parity. ;'
W Cent TTor Haw.) Bniraro . .... 6-0uO
- i ' -- , January, au,' iwis. '
ninsaporo . . -Mew
"York, v i.-.i
f 4y o o"o
ti :, .-
-. i . .-."-'.'
-RAtf , VnANOIsr-O. ' fehrosrv 4A!.,'.
datsd Proaa) Kuliiiwlnf are tu oi,n,i,
amt'Cloelirff nofatlowa, a an t ,,i ;,--r
at'M'ke iu Lh . Km a Arauclw u i , t.
tunlnyl -,- ,i i .
Haw'n ComT ."-....';'..;.''..,
Hawaiian fttxar Cot a, .i....
ilonokaa Susar . . ......
Hiltrhlltaoa Hgt Ci , ....
Urtlia Huvat Ka. i......,v
Oiaa Rugar '. . ..,....
Onomea, Huirtir Co,
t'aauliaa Hnitar Co. . ........
22 -
ilsoululn )!( , ;:;.rKii.ii
Kninil Cotiiier . .., ,.
Uouululo nanUtloa . .....
Li'ttoisTEO SEC'jniTi:s ,
Honolulu,' February B, I'.Hi.
ii, ii in 1 1 1 1 ii , ii iiL?-r-i
HvVoiu i! Vf 1 1':-;; -;.'
" , V .- ..... . I . . ..
jloy 'toa. OU 180 14 1st 3 '.
Ensela Onpper ., k... 112 ' '
Mineral 'Pnxlnrta. . .IH -M . u,
Wmiutatn King '.11 . 1.: :
Mouiaiis Rtiixnam. ,. M J2 : A
hUiUri yiiUmr1 '-l .'-'M 'i
i fy. . r''s,ALM't t;
Morttans, , 100. Xuv; , fCnreU, . tin i.
! & W. (1aerl. 1.-.S. " ' '
irin'Tn iMTrrrpTrn
.iu.vqii( LiiCOILU
Comes Here To Investigate Crop
ot IslandsWill Visit Plan-
tationt ot Kona
ywaJ 'a. tobacco outoUjt- iaj attracting
Core, and more etenion, on te tnii'in
pd and tbe eyes of many jobbers CMt,t
and west hav,4 been turned to Hawaii
, , i., ,. . . . ...... .
aa, a possiDie paso xor a supply to m-'t
tbo off sesson in Cuba.,' Among tWeu
who ha vs some hefo to Investigkte thu
crop4 U B.-Waxier, tobacco broker lit
New York, who .alao maintains an ot
co la Beottle Mr. Waxlef arrivi 4
hero tin th last Niagara from Canada,
and leaveo today for Ksilua, Hawaii,
to take look: ot the plantations ou,
the Kopa -eoaat. . , , .
"This is1 hi flrst Visit to tbo Islsn.la,
although he has beea ia touch vuth
conditions here for sometime. lie Vs
attracted to the tobacco gtowlnrf indnx -try
Of te Inlands about year itu" .
through a tobacco story to Commcum
Beports, Published at Wsahington, sd
brought this leaflet with blm to cbt-i k,
op.: , ' '..'..,... .;. i. :- .-. .,;
' Mr. Waxier say there is a. heavy de.
asand for tobacco,, a heavy, as or even'
heavier than, before the war, but owing-
to eertai. war -conditions the to- -baceof
jobbers aro scouring all parte of
tho world to seeuro odds and. otid oC '
erope, . : ..'.-' -- . .!,.
It 1 reported that la Cub man? n't
the former tobacco growing land have
been, taken over-, for the growing ot
unr can,' v ' ; .

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