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V.Vi .Mi .,., .,.r. .!..' '
V ' HAWAIIAN CAZOTE. ; TUF.SDAY,- FF.nttUARY' 5. 1418." 'Vwl SEMMVIXKLY. " -V ' '"V' -'
-r '' -4
u A
; ? iral.Probibidqn
' LY hoe wh$ frppe tor break tie law and
tliosewfioBtili huy to ihcic. bosom the, fool-
h i !ci that tthej handling, b'f 'jttie: booze, question
is s- ncihing jvJikji'hdUid be peculiarly local are
con tin ujngrta r oppole the idea of federal prohibi
lioti as opposed to territorial prohibition for Ha
waii. '-. " r, 'tC !''' ''"',!!.'!'
The ones who are . at present ' enframed in the
illegal sale'bf boore naturally prefer tghave a
hw enforced only by' our territorial authorities to
.ne that would be enforced by federal officials
who are not amenable to .local political pressure
They reasoti.t probably, that if prohibition ia, n6t
hitter enforce'd than, nine-tenths f the "other, ter
ritorial criminal lawa it offers plenty 'of r6om loir
1 ack alley' business, white local prohibition would
not, in all probability, be enforceable at all until
.-iftcr it had gone the usual tedious round of police,
circuit and auprenfe tOurt cm its constitutionality.
Of course the aneaWs kwho would selKand the
j-neaka ho would buy want only our own Jfiw and
ur own enforcement," if we liave to have any
tl.ing. V ','.-.': Kv..., .'.'. -'.V ,,. .
The ones who, are. opposing federal prohibition
m the "home rule' -issue are probably sincere,
however deluded and unreasonable. ' They consist-
ntly forget that as a Territory we" have numerous
federal laws lit force 'that arc not 'in force in the
States of theUnion, and still we do not feel that
my of bfar rights hare been abridged. :We make
no outcry, at .the "Edmunds Act , '.which is not in
f oration now anywhere' on the mainland. We
f . i ; I to shout at the assault tipoh our own. ability
to govern ourselves when Washington legislates
regarding the "right'. to. smoke cpium. 'It is only
when booze is concerned that "vt feel that we are
being degraded at a suggestion of Congressional
action. It is) then that' we want to swell up and
demand' the ! same right as the mainland States
and demand to know why; we should be "treated
like Indians"?1 And this in the face of the con
stitutional amendment for prohibition for all the
States only just enacted. , :V ! '-?'
This .would ; be funny-. If:' the; leader of these
"home rulers" were not the Delegate to Congress.
I f there is a man in Hawaii, however, who
should throw; all his energy into securing for Ha
waii at the earliest possible minute a stringent,!
federal law against the. manufacture, sale impor-.
tation and possession of booze in these Islands it
is the Delegate.' B6bz Is largely responsible for
the economic condition id which his own people
are today.! It is to a, very great extent the thing
that is killing off the Hawaiian race. -It forces the
majority of Hawauans to live
forces many . Hawaiian girls into the degredatton
f ti e streets; a. majority.of the.Hawaiians' who
are ccinvicted of crime haye booze to thank for' it
Kuhio is admrtted'ly the leader1 of' his people.
What he 1 'doe's' nbW" on "the' matter of federal pro
hibition will indicate ' whether he ' wishes to lead
them to life' and a fair share of the happiness that
should be: theirs or to lead them, to extermination
along the! road of poverty.', !''' VV;
T GUIS F. .POST, assistant
j was recently quoted as condemning tne agi
tation for, the admission of Chinese and1 Mexican
jigricultural' .sbor and as' having said 110,000 Por
t Rican and5 Virgin : Island laborers would be
1 rought to the United State for railroad add farm
work. "Arraneernents" had been made for the
i :,i Iv transoortation of 50,000 -
more would be brought." The first to come would
be used for work In the South and Southwest on
railroads and later "released to work on farms."
Tossibly 110,000 West Indian laborer! might
reduce tlie economic pressure to some extent in
the South .and. Southeast. Td
mi"ht relieve the East but hoM.
West? How" about California? . How many of
those' Porto Ricans and Virgin Zanders could be
expected to reach Hawaii? ' ,. '-''.- ";''. C
Cuba is nearer to Porto Rico and the .Virgin
1 lands than is the United States but Cuba -can-n
.t get, or else will not take, West Indian, labor
i n the cane fields. Cuba is arranging tbtiecure
( 1,'uiese.. . ' ' ' , ' ' i V' C
Cali fornia has cast ; aside it half century; old
1 rejudice against the Orientals fit least sufficiently
i ask for their admission during war times to help
l the fields and the orchards. States, of the.Morth-we-t
have cast ff similar prejudices. JThey are
asking iof, "the admission of Chinese. , Southern
California, Arizona, New Mexic and; Southern
'JVxas want more Mexicans. Is fhe answer to be
f ..mid in 110,000' Porto Ricans anl VirginJsland-u-s
for railroad and agricultural ork ;f '
Here in Hawaii it is a questlafi of permitting
'he rice growing industry to further languish 'and
f..l away. X It is a case of facing a 'shortage of
1 ihor for the cane fields. ; ' .' V
We have yet to , hear of any demand for Filipino
1 .b. r from' California; Nevada and the North
western States.'-'. f4V: . ' '
To use the. statement of Mr. Post as an argu
ment against the admission and utilization of Chi
nese agricultural labor in Hawaii has the appear
ance tf being blinded by love for the Filipino to
the real and true interest of Hawaii
, , - -
In,the''&aH'eii? has 'been suggested that Jury
i en take up knitting to pass the long hours dur
' the trial of cases and the longer hours of argu
nents-of opposing coqnsel,
tii.ils "a re soon to , be" resumed
M.j cjsal might be worth
7r A TT A KT:
; . FEBRUARY, S," MS. '
T7ic Week In The War
AT the close of last week" the success or. failure
of, the German campaign' .of unrestricted '.or
ruthless submarining of merchantmen came in for
more than ordinary attention . in, that . Saturday
marked the end of the 6rst year of operation of that
policy. v Sir Eric Geddes, first sea, lord of Great
Britain was out with a statement which went to
how its failure, that the menace was now well in
hand by the Allies, while the Germans, through
1 he German press, insisted upon its success and
-claimed the destruction of hinemilliona of tons of
shipping. These .figures the . Associated Tress
scouted; cuVthcrtj in iwdj'ind alleged general ex-
SKation V; TV": A " " x 'v'' i'!
In the rttts Ifro'rt the fighting fronts last week
there was no Ocws wbich was calculated to give
especial satisfaction .to the' Cihtral. rowers unless
ihey .can! find cause to rejoice' in the slaughter and
maiming of non-combatants in London and in
Paris. In those
the Huns , was more than usually, successful -and
reaped larger "rewards" of . innocent lives, at the
rame time wrecking jthe bodies of more women,
children and aged men than rewarded their former
efforts, '.' ; -: "'- . -v V
. ik.-.
Pn the. West
can Frenches.
from the United
in tenements; it
secretary ".''61 .labor.
and later 60,000
wme extent . it
does it help the
its forces into, the
'And at home
moment and the
ed to take on or
coal production
rhbrtage is a part
ndustries. f:
- . .;....',' a)
In Honolulu "jury
and the 'mainland
considering here. '. 'prohibition' under Bueh'oirlitrrrstinces, '',
' : .:-. '(.,;," " A r V"' ' .' " ' -r"J.":
t '. , - - ,' ' V . - " .
i 1
rn vtI Y I I
two capital the inhumanity 0f4
, - tL l
Front the expecteddnve by thel
Teutons is still m abeyance( ana gives no .inaica
iions of ari early; launching. ' On the other hand,
i-uch operations irt that heater as have -been re
pcrrtedAreflect' ' rather to thf V. advantage of the
F,renchand the British than to that of the Ger
ipahs.7r.Of special interest to the United States
was the news of the raid by Germans otj Ameri
The: losses were small and the
affair was nothing more than a small skirmish but
the interest comes. home in that they were boys
States who met deathor received
wounds in the minor engagement,-;' ". '.
, Pershing's demand for properly trained offjeers
at the front, also contains" deep, significance and
much (food for thought for the- people at home.
He has spoken; out plainly and bluntly in the style
which the people of. this country like and which!
is typical of the man. -Without a dpnbt his advice
will be prmiptly heeded.y It ihdws that trimming
aiid.'prunihg mustgo' pn at the.' same time with
thi forcing of. the 'growth of bur j fighting' -forces.
v In fhe. Italian war theater the liews-nas. Deen an
m'lavor f $he: Kalian? and' their Allied- ' From
the defensive Ihey have; taken the. offensive and
tfurt offense they have' made7,a success 's& .far.'as
it has 'gbnWThist Is nok' merely he claim of the
I taliahs; nttflch'. of it! i 'admitttd' by ' tlfe Austro
Germans al though. ihe fatter ;' 'claim to hive finally
checked the Italian advans.-A; V'i i7. -.''
. Overshadowing' all ' else jn ' world interest has
been the iiews of industrial 40,d economic Jroubles:
in Germany and the Dual Empire! In sortie circles
there is a tendency to 'discount.ilie ' seriousness to
the Central Powers pf these reportl'and to believe
tfiey have been permitted to issue' far the purpose
of giving to the Xllie n u'nwip-anted confidence,
to throw them off their guard nd. to, bring in let'
tfrig ;'down oti endeavor.! ;' These persona profess to
find Indications of .Teuton underhandedness ' and
intrigue in the reoorts and vieW'them in the light
they. do all mher, reports ' ron -such -sources, as
designed to conceal ,some ulterior purpose.
.'It is quite possible the" 'Bolsheviki are seeking
to carry out their second , program of rousing in
ternal strife, first in" the countries of the enemy
tjnd next in the 'other warring countries. In Ger
many and in Austria, there are factions that are
related not distantly to the BUsheviki and MaxV
malists of Russia.": Should 'the Russian 'program
succeed it would mean ;a collapse of the Teuton
arms similar to, that experienced by Russia and
by Italy at the "height of its drive into Austria. -'
Yet it will not. do for the Allies to place t66
much hope in such an eventuality. .The United
States must speed up its-preparations, must hurry
trencha,; must: train and equip
more, men and.abbtre.tl mustPd up the ship
building program. - v :L .' ' -
tb situation, requires even more
of. all true and loyal 'Americans. . Their part is, to
savi and then to iUve.rhore. This the food admin
istration is calling upon ,th'em, to do now more
than ever. EspeciallyVat tuniie must riot the re
ports of troubles in Germany and Austria, of great
ttrikes, and of riots, rouse such a feeling of se
curity that economy be., permitted to relax for a
people growcareless.
The reports give'eausefor hope but they' War
rant no feeling ol security. '
) If there is one, breach of traffic rules which Is
more common than' others it is failure to give right
of way to passengers', alighting from street cars.
unyers;wno careiuuy stop in tne aown town sec
lions when approaching' a street car that has halt
discharge passengers, cast heed
of the regulation to the winds once they get half
a jlozcn blocks from the center of the city.
It is not lack of production which occasions the
coal shortage in the East, In 1916 the anthracite
was 41,000,000 tons in excess of
any previous year " and : bituminous production
8,150,000 tons larger than any past year. The coal
of the result of speeding up war
The best people of. Hawaii want prohibition, the
sentiment in botK b'dusestollcdrigress and through
cut the-United SUtesJivcks, prphibition for If a
waii. It would appear as hi Hawaii would have
TweWt JipkDDM (tnntWra wr f
retted yftT(Jy on chart; r g" .
bling.' . . ' I
A mfwngt reiTd from J, T". Child,
(eder food adminintrator i tot Ha-
wall. My that ha Irft 6a Franrla
o yeatorday for Honolulu oa the Lur
Una. . i-, . ' - ' ..! -
Aa mora than a hundred new "box
...,r. .,..un., ,,Hlip.i.
anaater aaaouneea that aarone de. rnt
oTaT "r ; '
,K5m JBorl, Korean; wii fntncJ
ah.y. 7!r.,r. r?' T 'l!'.,
Itar Al'"' ",tee ' m'
.' e,Vg ' - v V a- , , :
poliea court onroTery. Srialng
from aa automobile eolliaioa Bear Heho-
iKTai- r)" i
tha two ... -
: Two eaaea of Rod Croaa knitted good a,
eoatpoainir 101 aorka, thirty-two. wrtat-
leta, nineteen belmera. 139 sweaters
and aeventy-two mnfflera, ware to be
ahipped to tka Front on tha veaael leav
ing for the mainland yeeterday.
Tha grand jory refuaed to indict
HayauLi Kainoku en a charge of flrat
degree murder of another Japaneee,
January tS, and the eaae waa etrlcken
from the police recorda. Tha defenae
m. ". : - ' 1 " " " rw
" , " - ' ' ' .'; .
Twelve hundred doll an' worth of
opium waa aeined yeaterday by Deputy )
vara uaaa i mm n incu rn vti I i j uj Jr'l I T
collector of Cutom Waiter v, Koib
. ir.ii.
and ia being held pending tha arrival
of tha United Jtttate marahal from Ho
nolulo. William 8. Cafario and Manuel
lenacian have beea arreated in connec
tion with the smuggling pf the. drug..
' Capt, Henri Begrrj retired band
auater of tha Boyal Hawaiian Band,
haa arganixed a 1 Koreaa band which
played for tha -Brat time .in public at
tha celebration of- the Korean national
holiday at tha Korean Miller' Street
eompauad yeaterday. morning. Tha
band made aa cioeHont impreaaion at
ita debet, i- '' : - K.t' ''' ' '-'-'. ,
' A call for bide baa bean made by tha
food adminiatratioa for tha printing of
S00 licenaa forma to ba ' diatributed
throughout tha Territory, aa only forty-,
eight blaake were aent here from Waak-1
ington when tha irat lleenae regulation!
went into effort, anU new regulationa
and concerne aaiag three or four bar
rela, of float a moatb have gone into
afreetKi'-. r.--vyit :: '
Oe0rge;'B. Carter,' trreaident of - tka
Hawaiian Vigilance Corps,, American
Defenae.. Society, eayr' that tha, cable
from Attornev-Oaneral Gregory ia aot
a reply to the meearfge aeat by the
eorpa aaktag that tha .' local ' Ualted
rHatea attorney bar given authority to
proeectrte eaaea ' of 1 treaaon, without
prcvioua refereaca. td Waahingtoa. Tha
matter will ba brought ap again atjhe
aett meetiog of tka aoeiety. i -
Sight Honorable Hir.' Walter David
eon, K. C. M. O., who, paaeeo through
Honoluld yeaterday q'u tha Niagara,
aaa he bellevea the U.jted States and
Oreat Britain eaa police 1 tha' world;
Until ..recently .he wl the governor of!
Newfoandland..' but '"ha beea trana-
ferred ta New Booth Watea. 1 He ia aa
eompanied' by hia afe, Ijidy David
aon, their two young daughtera,' and
aia military aide,, capt. A. c. Car
miehaeL He" admitted being greatly
pteaaed at the war preparation a which
are belpg tnade by America.. ;.
-Iv .V
kWASHINaTON, January V hTh
moat draatie war meaaore yet. propoeed
ia .eangreaa waa aubmitted thia after
noon by Hen a tor MeCumber of North
Dakota,'. when he introduced a bill au
thor! ling the drafting of all malea av
er eighteea and nndef -alxty-two yeara
or age. rlla predicted auch a meaaore
would be inacnaaary, before-the end of
tha war.. - .: '., , . - ' . V';-,"4.v,.t
The bill provide far the uea of. aiick
en. ia transportation, ahin ' buildintt.
production of munition' Ad any other
parpoaa neceasary to, tha -eanduct of
the war.- - , .--. ., .$" ;' tj
it would even go further. Jt would
commandeer room a it , private; vdwtfl.
ling to. house workingmeD. in-very
crowded. muoitiona .ae'ater. .,''' ' -
, - i'i i i ' . -, ,: ,v r-l
Advices by aable from ehe'cbUaae
embaaay at Waahingtoa. to tha conaul
ata here explained the recent departure
from Peking of Acting Freaident Jeng
Kwocbang. Tha meaaage aaid ha had
gone to review troop1 and hia depart
ure waa ia no way connected with tha
reported aetivitie of revolution! ia
eoothern 'Chiaav '.-1 . v v ' v ,.." ':-.
Tka table waa intended, to explaia
Sway any anxiety occaaioned by receot
Aaaociated l'reaa deapatche.
' . '." .-
Ta ' aa attempt ' to doilae behind
Hotel - Street ear, Charlea N." Marque
drove - a new Dodue ear. Into aa ex-
eavatioa in front of the atreet car
eoenpany'a oftlce oa Alapal Btreet laat
aigbt ahottly after tea 'clock. , Tb
ear remained Bprighf and bia. wife,
child and bimaelf eaeaped without in
jury, tie did not aea tne.red ngnta
placed to -mark the etreavauoa ana bo
plunged iato the hole. ; The car waa
enly alightly . damaged, the moat ap
parent damage being the blowing out
of the two front ttree.
' move tbe can. Ueed tbe world over
to cur a cold ia one day. ' Tbe signa
ture t B. W. GROVE i on each boa.
Manufactured by tbe TARIS MEDI
CJN8 COi. 8'.. ieuU, V. S. A.
FrtnV fitrnut in rrnt rrlTl from
ClevelnJ, Ohl..; ; . .
;. Cknrles 8toMnr.1( 1 CoL E. "UtytM,
and Mr. J. McDonald and aieu left
on th iarara. .
Mra. C. 8. Htcphena will depart for
the Mainland aext week oa a bnyiag
trip for Fernandea A Correa, auceeeara
to Whitney Mafah. , - ...
Charles Troe, purae -on board tti
tBterWM4 . ite,mer Mikahala, will
for hii home ltt Tor0Bt0(
Mt haTiag worked for
pnv ai(Nuieuir cuniiiiij 1UI
fta ak fvi a a v wams - ar a
yer. '
PU,W " Kaum.k.pill Charch, who
kt Walohiau, K.o. Hawaii" retorned to
Itha elty yeaterday , morniag la the
vKiUe from tha weat coaat f tka
, Big Ieland. .
.Univenrftr, or Chicago, departed for
jtba maialaad ye.terday la. the Vanoa
routa borne. They apent about five
- week a In tka Ialaada. .
Edward Deanooee, for aeveral yeara
pat aoperintendent of tha PaeiSa
Comnerelal Cable Company in Hono
lulu, will aail today for tha Mainland
for aa Indefinite atay.' Hln trip will ba
one of reaoperatron. If. Dodd wUI ba
in eharjre of the cable offlca. ; . ' r,;
Kenneth Alazandar left on the lant
t earner for a ahort trip ta New Tork,
where ha will obtain noma of tka new
photographic material aad gaia'a
few polntera from noma of tha moat
prominent portrait atndioa tef tka "Eaat.
He wiH'r.etnra to Honolulu ia a few
IT - .ti . . , .
weeks. ,'N-' '-.v.' ' .. . - -'
Dr. JH. Raymond, who waa man
tlooed laat Week by a Waahlagtoa eor
reapondent ye being in Jina wltk Clia
toa Hutehina for appointment aa Gov
ernor of Hawaii to aoeeeed tha preaent
ineumbent, arrived ia Haolula yeater
day from Maui. Ha aaid ha bad heard
nothing new ba the governorahip, er-H
eep uia latent report that aeveral prom
inent aeaatora were attempting ta ee
eure tha appointment for Jadga Coke,
which he had read ia yeiterday'e Ad
vertiaer. '. --. -v. : ;. .,
New arrivala at tha Voaaa by tka
Niagara Inrrnda B. Ttaa.lolph Bruce of
Iaverneaa. Britiah Columbia t R. Mar.
pole, an official of . tha . Canadiaa a
P. Railway, who is ' aeoomDanied-' bv
.Mra.' Marpoltf and Mra. Jaraon of Van-
leouver, Britiah Columbia; and Capt.
and ' Mra.- & . R. Hammond, .- Victoria
Britiah Colombia.' ' Cantaiu Hammond
i from aomewhere la Franca where ke
received aeveral wound. He kaa eome
here to recuperate and will remain for
aia ereeka, ..- , ""('i,""'.'
!.'.:i;V','.':- ' i.- v';;: ;,K
Moulder Jn the employ-af thejHoae-
lula. Iron Work , are , doing Jean com
plaining of the high eoat.ef living than
fdrnjerly for tbey are' la la'netteTTpoai
tioi. to meet the demanda upon their
puraea than formerly. .. Their pay- en
velopes are fatter than they were. J '
Ihcreaae. ia pay to. tha moulder "ia
ita employ ha been granted by the
Honolulu Iron Work, it we learned
laat night. The inereaae amonnta to tea
percent and that ia aot all of it for ia
granting the.raiae the company made
it retroactive, and tha 'new aeale -waa
made effective aa of December 19. i
When- ealled op by The Advertiaar
Uat evening, W. O.-Hall, aaansger of
the eompaay. '-eeanrmed tke report 'of
the ralae. , He aaid other ' raiaea had
been made ia other branehea from time
to time during the laat year or' more
and he, aetioa waa ia line , with the
policlea of the company. ; , t 'V- ,
;.; A', i , " . - -' ' '
, Pr rr. Manna Kaa. ral.raary 2. ',-.".
klU)M HAWAII Mra. II. B. Mikm Air.
B. it. Bevlun. A. H. Wanwy, W, T. Brl
ham, Mr, ead Mr. A. K. Turner, A." Hop
wood. Uaorge Johnaoa, Jilna Klutware,' Urn.
K. Manea. lira.' t'aaev. lira. UnranlaL
Tom O'Brlea. A. Imk, P. MrOlrmld, Kev.
1. I'. Krdroan. T.' H. Bohlaaoa. Mra. C: B.
Hherman. MUa Belaoo, Mra.. Hjrria, . Mlaa
flat Mavnard, Mra. A. M. Browa, .Mra.
I'enorer, Mr, and Mra. Kuaklnl and child,
Ham Naaole. J. Kaael. C. Hechtmaa. A.
Karrrll, Aha Ionlaaon.' P. dtaaira, 1. 0i-
Alia unmaatfii, r. rtiaaav, u. 1, wi
ll. Itodgiera, U. Parta, Mra. Mwopa,
vou. A. M. Hammond, Mr-. K. 11.
ad. Mlaa . Croaa, H. K.N'ariaoo,
riu, i.. it. Moagvmi, u. rt
l. Mtt'artlir, Mr. and Mra. K. P. Merrltt.
Mr. and Mra. O. B. Mtubba. Mr. a ad Mr.
IMoanun, lira, uudaell, Mr. A. r. Haw
jar, Ji.ua I. Neal. C. IiboIo, Mra. A. Ako
ua, Mra... Hamld Kennedy, J. P.-Wooler,
II. HI in pan n, Taomaa May, Prank Woitda,
K. tiaraao, C. ilrnrliiiie, ' Mr... and " Mra.
Johu V. 4'an. lr. Mliuimlra. Mr. and
Mra. A. W, Carter and matrt. Dr. and Mrm
McAdurr, 11. teiupke,;- W. . Ilowkuauul,
Ueortra Yaaada. . . ; - ,('
PKOM MAUI Mra. O. Rand wall. Mlaa
Kulnmon, Mr. L. V. Frala. K. lalilila. Mr.
and Mm. H. It. Alraaar and three children,
I'etrr Holomoa. Memnar, .,iiHaa. tt.
By ar. Manoa for Kaa PranrlMw, "Feb
ruary a Mra. i. H. Anilenwa. Kolifwt Aa
doraon. K. Aleiandrr. L. Aaron. Mra. i
Peyfuiat. Mra. t. I.. Brown. MIm M. Brady,
Andrew Browa. W. M. aaa. Mr. and Mra.
J. B. Co aad Infant, Mr. and Mra. I. P.'
rowan. Mr. and Mr. J. Iurney, Mr. and
Mra. C. II. IMvkey, Mr. aad Mra. H. Den
In. Mra. 8. W. Kualrr, Mr. aad Mm. K. C.
(ronaalrea, W, M. Ollder, Mr. and Mra. C.
P. Ilora. Mra. 1. Iltibenette, J. A. llnm
lnrg, Mr. and Mra. (). JoubIdk', Mr. and
Mra. It. I Kmu, Mra. Kiuma Kelley, Mlaa
L. Kuater. Mra. L. A. Kotilhfal. C. M.
t.ynna, Mra. M. Uahman. Mra. A R. Mar
hall, A. W. Martin, Mra. II. B. TLlarlnrr.
Mlaa V. Mono, Mra. nalra Marnard..Mra.
II. M. MH1aare and .Infant. R. J. Mo
Namara, Mra. U. II. . I'rall. Adj. B.
1'ayna, Mlaa Jean Porteraeld, Irwin Bcott,
f-oini. 1'. A. Haliln, Mlaa H. BautUo, Mr.
C. H. Htenhena. H. W. Hmlth. M. and Mra.
rbariea K.. Htahha, T. Tupliain. Cbarle
Traw, Mr. and Mra. B, von Imtuio. Albert
tob Iam to, Helena 'ma lmui, Taut. V.
H. WhW.loa, Mra. O. N. Wblte. Mlaa Mn
dred Wblta, Mr. aad Mr. J. U Warner. .
By atr. trorernor (or Haa Paam-iWo, Peb
ruarr 2 O. Buraln. B. Hrndakv. Mr. and
vMra. I. Barbour, Mr. and Mm. O. P. Baali,
Mra. Mary ('arvalno aad tufaat, Mtaa K.
('Brvallitt, Mlaa I., tarvalho, Mlaa Alb-e
Caralb, It. A. Canoon, Mr. and Mra. K.
Iteauouce, Master M.' Ueaoeuea, Charlea P.
Ieake. J. Ieaaureault, M. Kudo, Mr. aad
Mra. H. 1. Kwlna. U Kuala aiwrgrr. A. 1',
Henry, J. J. Hurley, Mra. L. M. Judd. C.
H. Ju.ld. Mra. E. O. Joboaoa, Mlaa M. Jen
em, T, A. Kerr, O. V. Keen, U.-I. Utile,
Mra, J. I.lghlfm.t, Mlaa M. Mora a. Mr. aud
Mra. V. P. Mnore. t'barlaa Maadrl.1. J.. L.
Mc-t'al Hater, Mr. and Mr. R. J. MrAdory.
Mlaa M. P. McHraue. J. Nepoa, Mra. W. T.
Ohamrt. J. H. Parreat. Mlaa K. P. Hnherta,
Mra. Mary A. Began, Harid Whlit, 1,
wka.id, Mra. L. Workevt, Mlaa U
WurkauB..';.. . '.'-..;,;.
ti..:-v.-; ::!. Ui !'-':'." ."'
a "Tcrrcr Crew" ;;
D:ck, In Hcnolulu 0
Captain Tinda!!, Now ' British
. Commander, Who Left Here As
Master of Kozan Maru, Comes
' In On Schooner Tanjjaroa . x
Capt. E. L. Tlndall, for two and a 1
half yeara maater, of the Britiah atem.
r Kestrel, but better remembered here
brcanea be; Went away from Honolulu
in command of ' .what wa knowa aa
V a terror ahip and crew" In tha fall
Of lSlrt, ;waa welromed to Honolulu
again yeaterday by waterfront work
era, -when he' came la a navigator oa
the Pacific Cable Board achooner Tan
gar oa. . :.. ' . . .;
It wa the Japaneae ateamer Koraa
Mara which put la her in llfl with a
reputation a "a terror hip",'' repu
tation which the veaael snatained to
eome eitent after Captain Tindall took
command. Upoa Jier arrival here the
Japaneae ehlp waa libelled by her crew
who alleged bad treatment by her ma
tar, Captain MeKinnon. He waa one of
aeveral captain who bad been ia charge
of the Kocan which had made a voy
age ia nearly every oeeaa iace leaving
Japan,' while-engaged in war trade.
Captaia MeKinnon waa taken ill herd
and difficulty waa . experienced in get-,
ting a captain for tha veaael, betauae
of the reputation of the Crew, made tip
of European, Malaya, Japaneae, Fili
piaoa and Jtmaeiaa negroe. ' - '. . . a
Keputatloa Not Dnwarraated '
That thia repatatioa waa aot entirely
anwarraoted wa shown- two day after
the-Kgaaa aalled from Honolulu for
Tokohama, when a Japaneee' engineer
hot a Filipino f iremaa through the
arm. Tki trouble . had hardly 'beea
thraihed out ia the court of Japaa be
fore a Japaaeae qnartermaeter, ahot the
chief, (toward, aa Italiaa. ; , '.. ,
But rem alt report tbe moat trouble
wa eauaed the aeveral captain of the
Koaan by the Jamaciaa-Indiana, who
had been ahipped at Colon, Panama.
However, they neemed to have met their
match ia Captaia Tindall who reported
aa pereonal trouble with bia crew whea
Lae.lteached Tokohama. Neither did any
of tbe member or tbe erew have any
thing to report to the authoritle re
garding hi treatment .of them. .There
were -only two member of the crew
who 'could apeak Engliah, ; the chief
steward and a Malay. '. . v, i -.
From Japaa Captaia Tindall took the
Koiaa to Vladivoetok aad from there
to Manila, ; after which he weat to
Sydney, . ' where be enperintetded tbe
building of the Tangaroa which he now
commando,' and - which - waa ' launched
oa Auguit 5, 191fl. . - . .; . .1
Ootmnand Trim Craft -
. The Taagaroa i aa trim a a pleaaur
yacht, equipped with' Bolinder engine
of about eighty hora power. Thi 1
the ame power equipment 'which waa
iaatalledJa the Mkkee of the Oahu
Shipping Company fleet.. Oa her owe
rwer the Tangaroa eaa make nix and
bsjf knot, and with her aail atUina
a apeed of-fourteen knot. ' Her carry
ing cpacity ia about ,150 ..ton, Thir
tee of hef crew are Fijian and the
engine crew, deck officers aad ateward
are white men, Hoe waa aixty-tve day
coming .'from Sydney with a week '
top at Fanning Ialand. ", Bh i to re
place the achooner Strathern, which waa
wrecked off die Auatrauaa, eoaat aorae
tima ago, ia the Fanning Ialand aervice.
- A the Taagaroa 1 now ia the Brit
iah naval reaerve, ber master ia now
rated aa Commaader Tindall..--' ,
Conciissiqn Renders' Lad Uncon
V y .'scious Five Hours ; ' j- ; L '
i, Ever Indlcatloa IaV tht " George
Borgea,' (Jk twelve-year1 oldPortugueae
boy whe was atraok by' aa automobile
oa Mokaoea Street Thursday afternoon,
win 'fully, recover from hia in juries,
whleh consisted of a bad knock oa bi
head and cut oa the forehead and face.
He waa. unconscious for Jive hours af
ter the accident. . - i j- v.,. '
Tbe boy vay he haa ao recollection
of how tb accident - happened, but
other wltneaaea eay that the ' rear
wheel of the bieyele oa whleh he wa
rid lnc vii hit by the antonvbile and
young Borgea -throwa - a, considerable
dictanee, fh back of hi head atrlking
tb' atreet curbing. The fore of tbe
auto colliding with. the bieyele twisted
it. around and tha frame work struck
the boy on the face aad held eauaing
tee'euf. ' - ' ' . '.'
h Nomiyania, a Japaneae who was driv
ing the automobile, waa e barged la
police court yesterday .. with heedlea
driving.- .'.' v '''v-. '':
Mineral Products stock was the weak
est slater la the. local atochmsrket yes
terday ' declining from seven to five
cents a share oa ealea of 3700 ahare,
8000 going at th lower figure. After the
session, and at the cloae of the session
it was-quoted at four cent bid, and
five eat akd. The occasion of the
decline wa a aelling movement oa tha
part of eome of the- bolder following
tb 'aetioa at tb meeting of the atock
holder when) a further. aemeat to
Snt the company oa a commercially pro
ofing aeale rwaa determined. - ,
The ; only other sale of enlisted
stocks was fcngela Copper wblsh sold at
8.80. y'i " ,- .,,' -,-.'"' ".'
Volume of busineaa in Hated stocks
waa not. large, - 180 ahares t betweea
boards aad SS at the seaaion. Pioneer,
Hawaiian - Sugar, Oahu, Olaa, Plnsap
plee aad Brewery were the stock aell
ing aad th general tendency of tbe
tnerktt u te shade off. ' ?
Chamber of Commerce Commit
tee .Says There : Is Four ' -?f
i Months' Supply On Hand;
Affording to the trade,, commercial
and development eoramltt.ee' of tba Ho
nolulu Chsmtirt fc Coriirncrra there :' ' ,
no danger.' ef?. lirtag ioi oil ia tbe,! 1 i '
Ialand for four month. Th
tion was gained after' thlf lett
Union Oil Company wa aent
cancel kit 'rontracta ' for fnal otf ia
Hawaii, and the advice given -that en- ':
timer change to th uae of coal or .'
other fuet -where poaaible. '' -
At tbe meeting or tbe chamber or .
commerce committee yesterday raoln-,i ' '
tion were paaaed'to Inform the federal
(hipping board,-" through the ' local
agent, that there wa a four months' '
upply ef fuel oil en hand. and to ad-, V
viae tne . noara a to me amount or ... .
fuel Ail' required Within a Certain peri- -V'
od and for what purpose the il i .;;'
aaen. ( , . , .
' H. B. Waller.' aalA'ageat' for the''
Unioa Oil Compaay. aaid at the meet-'
ing that tbe arrival here or tbe J. rJ.
O 'Neil with 73,000 barrel of fuel oil
had done much to relieve tbe threat-
ened ahortage. The tanker was sent
here by the shipping-board. . ' "
- To change from oil te coal fuel, as"
haa been suggeated, ia aa impossibility, '',;'
declare person interested ia the aitua-'.
tion. The eoafr. of coal a fuel, com
pared to oil, ia- over twice aa mack. "
The approximate amoant of fuel oil 1
touaumed in the Island' during ' one ',-',
month ia 120,000 barrel. Figuring on'.,,"
th present price of it. 00 a bar.'ei, ;'J
the 'total coat, approximately, of a ! '..
month 'a supply of fuel oil amennta to '
$228,000. . - -'; .'r-., .- -..' ,!
Kxpert give 4 the following flgure j'
ia regwd :to th sabatitution of coal "-.
for oil fuel: Tha equivalent of five
barrel of' oil, aied aa fuel, fa one ton'
of coal consumed. . Five barrela of -oil .
coat 9.60, while on ton of coal at the " ;
present price, good ' grade, - is from '
22.50 to $24. ,Thu tb aubatitution ;
of coal for oil aa fuel would result in 'V
the use of 24,000 ton of coal a month, '
at a cost of 578,000, a or inereaae of
AAA . . - .
-1 -i ..i.e..
County Fair Association Meets,!,
'Gives Ut) Plans For Local Fair '-
:-' and Promises Support . ;
Full 'and hearty cooperation in the ?
Territorial Fair, which la to be held V"
here June 10 to. 15, on the part of Maul '
la assured by the . action . which waa
taken by. the Maui County Fair and -l:
Baetng Association at Ita recent meet- . i
ing J at Wailnku,- as told in the Iktaui
News." Further detail of the action of! '
Maui aad the plan for participation :.'
will be told the other commiaroncra by
Harold W. Bice, ' the Maui conwila-. C
alonrr, at the meeting of the eommls
sion which ia'to be held today. "
'' But that Maui ia lining up strong -'
and will aend eome aplendld exhlbita is ,'
indicated by the following article: : '"'.
"The Maui County Fair and Racing ,,.'
Association, at it annual -meeting held
yesterday afternoon, decided to abaa-.'V '
don all thought of holding a fair on
thia island ia 1918 and to throw all tbe
energies of the county to the Terri- -"'
torial Fair to be held, ia Honolulu in '
June. -':-. ' "' ; ' ' '- V.
Local PIadj Abandoned
- J'When the question came np quite a
aumber spoke,-and the opinion aeemed
to be that while the local fair waa te be ,
deaired, conditions generally were auch -. 1
that if MaUi went whole-heartedly into
the Territorial proposition it would be .
quite enough to attempt this year,
- "Harold W. Blee, who ia Maui eom
miaaioner for th Territorial Fair, rec
ommended that tha association name a
Fair committee to represent' Maul and
aasiat him in 'hia work. He put thia
later ia the form of a motion and it
carried by unanimoua vote. The Presi
dent will appoint the committee later.
May Offer PrUes . " -
44 Tbe question of 'the association of
fering prlte to be awarded la eonnee-'
.tion wfth the FaUwa also taken ap, .
and there waa a god deal of argument
oa the point of whether. the prise
should be for Maul exbibitorsAnly or '
be thrown open to all exhibitors' of the '
Territory. ' That there abould be prisea
waa decided f avorably but,, the que-,
tion, a to Making tbem general was
left to tb Fair committee, with tha ad
vice that either way would suit th aa-.V '
aociation,- ' ' -',; ,- . ' '
.' "It was voted that the county super- !'
visors be requested to aea i at financially
and otherwise ia an exhibit for Maui
county at the Territorial Fair. next
June.'' ... ' .'' , ' ;.
i 'aaalklla .Bread.'! is the newest of .
tbe patriotic slogans to eome to the
front k a Hawailaa. wartime feature of
of the food conservation plan.'
' Laniklla ia the HawaiUa word nean
ing victory! or excelsior, or nuward.
?' Victory Bread" 4a Uncle's Bam 'a -term
for the bread that la to be made,a
Eopular conservation medium, but the
awaiiaaa have already transited tha
word into their own lnngunge, -and
preato, the war-winning lvTtf has be
come the "Lanlkile Broad" of the
Territory of Hawaii. . i
.-.'. . m a:' ".
The pleasant purgative effect experi
enced after taking Chamberlain' Tab- :
let and the healthy condition of body
and mind ta which they contribute,
make one feel that living ia worth
while. For sale by all dealer, Benson,
Smith Co., Ltd.. agent for Hawaii. '
Advt, - .. : :
i informa-: .
tter of the" rV "-
- 4 , -.,. ...... J .
?nt Out to ' ' ' ' i
...... ,
; 1;
V ;"'

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