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Such Reports As Were Permitted
To Issue Last Niaht Were Evi
dently Intended. To Minimize
'Opinion of Critical Situation
Censored Reports Say Socialists
Give Only Halt Hearted Sup-
. rtnrt Rut Th! fo Pnntrsrlicterl
' Dy Proposed Demonstration
' nvnnKt . irKv...,.; '1 "t a
sociitted" Press) Germany
is . tigliteningyita t-nsorhip,'pn
news of thctetrike in progress n
that country and irt' Austria-Hun
gary 'and t)f the greatlv disturbed
industrial ' and. - economic , condi
tions ol those, countries. ( Of. this
- . ... . s
i. : i: : : i
llicic i cic iiiunauuiin in jjicuij'
yesterday - and . such reports ' as
were nermitted to nass' throitcrh
indicated efforts on , the. part, of
German and Austrian officials to
minimize the rrimine of the
'situation, '.v.. ' :-'V-.'.-'
Tir1-n.l irvf at t-l nAtrtnfa
. r ,
imize the troubles; were '.to-be
id sin t thel despatches J from
, louna
' - a
ei.i.,.i .i..4 iiir. f
the news' received there. These
said reports from Berlin said the
strike, had. reached- men water
mark. The majority of-the social-
ists yippear to hare, been half
hearted vin their Support of the
movement., irom f lire Beginning,
these reports asserted.
" : Leaflets ' circulated Iril Berlin
are iamc v py lenjtii, ogj.ciaiV,s
for the' spread of the- strike' pro
paganaa. inis, itauei, u is said
, IU UUV IUUI KUT VI mucin o
end the,' misery , which was a
uiviiiig viiv vvii-uivii vvjiv fasu
the great masses of 'the country
was to overthrow imperial gov
emmcnt and to establish a re
public.-. , i' .' .- ' V - '.;'
Reports of yesterday .Svere
again very much in conflict with
one another, but contained eno'rigb
, to indicate the German authori
ties were thoroughly alarmed
and had found need for the use
of the mailed fist at home.
. Berlin papers .which were re
ceived in Amsterdam told of"the
arrest of William Dittman,
well known Socialist member1 of
the reichstag whowas taken into
custody while attempting to ad
. dress a street crowd. ; Confirming
. ,u. 17..
. 14UII, HIV
change Telegraph"' correspondent
at Berlin said a national Socialist
demonstration was beintr Orcfan
zed in protest, to the arrest of
Dittman. :-';-'':': -'y': i-
Other reports ' from 'Berlin
came by way of Amsterdam and
said martial law. prevailed ' in
some of the manufacturing, sec
tions ; of Berlin. . , No ' less than
seven ' factories were .closed by
till Ktrikpn nnrl th tritrr ' Viarl
been Warned that if the'v failed fo
return to work by Monday morn
ing at seven o'clock they would
be taken into custody by the rnili
tary and punishment would be
meted out to them under military
Serious Hoting was reported to
have taken place at Spandau on
Thrsdav when a ' mob had at
tacked some soldiers, ) dragged
them from their horses and beat
en the policemen who sought to
interfere.. : ''r "''-'. . Vv'v.V
Resumption 'of work at Danzig
, ttyl. rr
was reported. - , ; xJ
:r. -Kriy-::;
British Sea Lord Issues State
ment, German press Replies.
and Its Figures Are Refuted , ,
I-ONDON; February 3 fiolt4
lroOii th annlvirnary tit the opeb
Ing of the" rtmf rIii of TentoH, ub
inarino ruthleminesii Btffclnot thr nnr
chrnit nbtppiiifF "of iho Alltri n) tit
neatrtlii well,' Mir Krto Gedde, first
m lord of (treat Britain yeitterdajr 1-
siwrd . -atatement to the ' AiMlated
rreaa In which he derlnred the aabfnit
rine menaee had been met and over-
ome and that now; one )'rr after Hi
eomnimoement, the altuation was not
only hoiful bot waa dpflntely advan
tafjeoiia to the Aniea. V . - ;v
Oormany Claim Saceeas ' i -
, To the etatement of JAlr Erie Qedurs
tre of Oormany ii loninir no time
In replying. Deiipatrhea which, wern re
ceived lat nlRlit told of eomment tn
the Oeraian Bewiapera on inch report
of til etatement ai had rearhed them
nd their own ' eonrmentariea ' on the
rampaijin, which rhey iooint ha been
highly ueeefnL TheM Germ so newi
paper e)aimmoree than nine million
tone of Allied and Neutral ehipping ha
been ntnk and deatroyed -by German
anbmarinee durinir the rear which end
ed yeeterday. . To offeet thee lnaeet
they nlaim that' only fear million torn
of new ehipe have been built.
Aasdatd,,Prss KopUea
To theso etatemente by the Germant
the Aenoeiated Preaa repKee that -the
figure friven of loea have been exagi
Berated by more than fifty 'percent. It
haa kept end compiled record of al)
loeee through nnreatrieted aubmarintnff
nd of minting Merchant eala whleh
miRht have been M loefc - Fronv CHcn
record it bane it aertton ' or.-
affsermtion by the German,' -t -".
Loaaea Vow Bodncod ' -
In hi atatement to the Aiwoelated
Pre Air Erie Or ddea eaid the L met
chant ahip ainkinc have been reduced
tt a point lower even than that when
the rnthlea warfare began. . , "'
V Sir Krie added that Great Britain
i now buildinff meNhaut ' veaarla' at
the sreateat rate in her biitory and
thai the- providins; of ahip in Jarje
nnmber i now the treaiendou Con
tribution which America i making to
tbo eauao of the Allien. ' v- ' a
He pleaded, however, that the frreat
building program In the United State
go forward without cessation.
gays Wows Falsified
7 He declared that comparison of
German atatement with tbo actual f
feet of .the submarine' emtipaign a
known to the British admiralty shows
that Germany ha aystematirany falsi
Bed'aewn of the sinking in. an effort
to buoy p German confidence and
peranado the people to atlll further
saertflce in the beliefs that England
ultimately would be starve out. . Uer
man claims that the . rate of destru
tioa th fubmarine) wa decreasing
are false, he . raid, and declared . that
though Germany, elaima' the .decrease
in the ainkinif of ' merchant ahip la
due. to their- decreased sellings, the
fact; is 'that : the sailing are numer
oua aa over. ;') ' ' , . . i..
No Evldenca of Withdrawal
There 1 no' evidence. Sir Eric hold,
to . support Secretary of, War .Baker
in mo view- inai. me uir
marine have been withdrawn "from
, , t . 1 . i.t. s v
attacking th English fleet pending
an offensive they ar4 to undertake
against ' United State transports.
"The evidence tend to enow inat
the many submarine striking and the
unexplained failure : of tlte I U-boat to
return to their ban shattering the
morale or the erewe," ne poinrea- out.
Two Hundred and Twenty-four
Navy Men Went Down
With Laurain '
LpXDOX, February (AssOcieteil
Press)-7-The heaviest loss of life due to
the successful torcoduins of a naval
vesnel for some time was officially re
ported by. the admiralty last night. Tti
Hhip torpedoed and auuk wa the Urn
ish armed hoarding ateamer I.aurain
which - waa aemt , down in the eastern
Meillterraacan on January 1. with th
loes of seven officer and two 'hundred
and eventeen men, f '
The.Xaurain wa acting ia eoojunr
tion with the 'Allied naval force ir
Syrian waters, but was unaccompanied
when, torpedoed. She went dawn rap
idly, being badly hit. and many of th
men lost were not even able to gain
tne aeca Derore sue sank.
- ' m ' i
'PETHCMlRAn,.', February ' (Ao
itiated I'reti) Forty; tliousaiul Tolish
troopa, who have maintained their unit
intset. despite'' the" reorganisation of
the army by the Bolsheviki, have tieen
refused permission to return to Poland,
as they desire to do. The reasons as
cribed to .this refusal by the Russian
minister ef war is that the German
have protested against allowing these
repinK'nts to enter Foland aa unit, be
lieving that 'they would be a source
of trouble to the German provisional
government of that country.
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For .ale by .11 dealnrs, Bon., , Smith for dropping? , Ao.tiU V proclam.
J Co, Ltd., agent for .;-A4vt'iritlir Germaa territory, .,
vv';,.;.V,r.,::.V;';: ;Vo v. : ;:.
crshing Reports Casualties!
Guns Active Along the En-
, W ASHING tON, February S (Aeo-.
elated Ites Further eamiaHie in
action among Americans on the French
fro ii f were announced; yesterday, two
nliMed ' aie having bee . kfllod and
four-wounded on Thnraday laet. While
the details' of , the report of General
fernhlnft fcoverinj , these' deaths have
not been Clverf out. It is presumed that
the- rsHusltle were on the name section
M host reported durlpg the pt two
weens, Arner uerman ffunnrr are civ-
ng the boy in khaki their baptism ot
fir. ' , ' ". .. -r.:
Italian JTtit ' Bliao - ' : ' , ,' ,
.There wa no flehtintf of eonse-
anrnce along- the French .and1 FlemtiH
front yesterday,, areordiag to the de
patches, but the, entire Italian '.front
biased' throughout the day with artil
lery dnehr.: This firing was partienlnr-
ly heavy along the sector east of the
Aslago plntean, where the Italian mad
their recent heavy drive. ..
Airmen An Employed .
Ayiators of both armies are ftlso'basy
alonf thi front, tbo, Anstriaa flyers
carrying out a eerie of bombing raid
between the French and the Plava linen.
The bomb killed none but there . wen
numhe of wounded 'men to eare for
after ; the- machifie had passed.' The
material damage done wa insignificant.
Italian airmen, aeontmg over the Tea-
ton position, fought a number of ir
attle returning aa victor after hav
ing shot down two Hon machine. 'in
hn neighborhood of Treviseo. - . .
Brlttah .Report Bald - ' .' V:
An .official British 'report veeterdav
myn that Liverpool troop Fridav night
mane' sneeessful raid on the German
trench south of Armentierea and took
4 nnmher of prisoner, r -
A a enemv raid north of raesebendale
wa repvlsod., j : ', ;' ".
Freeze Tn
I : a.
To Steel Rails
(AMoclatod i Preen) -JjutrnjcUoni
' were lanaad to tbe railroad y
, terday to talcs foil ad van tag of
th natwl timday ahotdown of th
Industrial plants of th country '
' to mora coal and to oxart thU
very energy to getting foal to
" the coal yard' to : moot the d
; man da of the homo U th Mtddl
WeV'E'.ial'i Vortheast but
v Moat ' specially. to New . Tork
Stitte and , to tho Nov England
: State where almost unprecedent
ed cold weather Is prevsJUng. ,
' Bo cold was it . yesterday la
; Northera Nyr Tork. that tn him A
instance locomotive which atop
. pod at tanks to take water frots
to the tracks and, It took Svo
othrf loeomotlve to draw theoi
' t Orwaid, , :,''v:.
" A proclaim tioa Is soon to ho hv
sued by the President placing fuel
oil under-tb control of the fool
adindnistratioo and Its t1 censing
Senate" Favors Restoration of
Railroads In Eighteen Months
J and House Two Years
WASHINGTON, February, i-(Ao
ciated r Tress) Senate and house dif
for a to how long railroad should re
main in control of th government' af
ter the end' of the war. The senate
favor a continued :- control, fo two
year ancF-the house for one and a half,
years,',.. Favorable reports on th ad
minUtratiosj Railroad Bill km Wi
voted by the committees of th two
house but these bill jis they leave
the two' committee will differ in ev
eral resjieet, ' . . . ,
In th 'senste committee on inter
state; commerce it ws-yesterdsy agreed
o favorably ' report ,thia .' administra
tion measure with amendmeate provid
ing that control airauld end In eighteen
months and giving the President pow
er to initinte rate but subject to ap
peal therefrom to the Interstate Com
merce Commission. -. -k. ' .
' The house committee voted a favor
able report but limited government
oontrol Jo .two. year after pence.
. Hale Holden, . well, known railroad
man, haa . resigned, from the-'railroad
committee, advUing Secretary MeAdob,
director-general. of th government y
tern, and Carl H. Gray, formerly presi
dent of the .Gruat Koftbern, succeed
him. . V ,' - .' ',,;.'.;. . ' '
" . .
SAN FRANCISCO, February 8 (As
soelnted Pros) foetal authorities ye
terday annonnced the' sending nt weet
,ot toes from the Territory of Hawav
through the mails'! to. be-prohibited,
Presence of weevils in such shipments
is given as the reason for the Issuance
of the order, y- .
, ',';.v ,
AMSTEBDAV, February (Asso
oiated Press) The Berlin Tages Kel
tung says thai' German eourt martial
haa sentenced two -captured British
aviator to. ten year' - imprisonment
IEIEST ROf.lAII OFAi:i:wftfca o.i;-.'0?lWCGAl!0:)
John L. Sullivan, Popular Idol For
i Years. Loses Last Bout v
4 With Grim. Reaper j:y
ARI.INdTON, February 3-(Amet-et'et
Press--Joha 'L. Sullivan, most
famous of kit prWflghteT' and f oriher
champion haryweight, did here tpilay
of heart trouble. y ;'
Pamlnated Sporting Circles .,' '.'
t'ohn Laurence Sniiivan - was' one of
the most picturesque chnraetnr' in' the
history of prize fighting. For. more than
ten years, from the time be defeated
Paddy Ryan la 1882, in a bare knu. kle
iiht Ubder the , Lobdoa ; Prise Kiaij
Rules, until he wa defeated bv James
J, Corbett, in 1RB3, his prsonalitvt,anl
methods of flijlititif eompleterr dominate
exl spurting circle 17 the United fstate.
- ia the aanaia or pogiiism ia this coon
try two nUble dmtinctions were hisi
he wa the last champion or the United
Stntes to light under the London Prize
lving Rule. It was Jargely throngh hi
achievement that : the championship
title wa made a prise of treat mone
tary value., in the early' day of hi
rareer, $1,000 a side wa looked On a
a great sum. lie received only $S3 for
the fight tnat mane him a national
character in flstleuff and won hlin the
right to challenge, Pnddy Ryan 'for the
championship, v , --.-,
III rricn.ut raged all the way from
the ordinary1" fht fan" to many men
nf social and financial distinction in the
United State,' and It I sold bo wa on
chumming term with the let King
Kdward-VIl of Ene-Isnd. ,' ,. .' - .
Ho began hla fighting career' boob
after he was seventeen, Wnea aa me
.'Boston Strong Boy" h took part tn
amateur' boxinn contests in " several
cities in Massachusetts, if Sullivan's
rnetomary procedure in bis early youth
couii lie called nosing, laetics, strate
o-v. -ulajis ofeamnalffn were all awent
away when John L. h.immered hi ruth
less, undevbating way to the front.' His
stVle - waa' atavistic, a return to the
simple, primitive principle of battering
an opponent into ianenstointy. Mis sac-cesfw-
coupled with his free manners, a
certain .' social .trinmph, and hi subee
qnent position a a semi-public' charwev
ter proclaimed him- a sort of dignity In
th sporting World: v '. f.'ii'
Tko riist ?' Knockout" ,'
After his nine-ronsd fight with Psddy
Ryan, on the strip of greensward on
the Gulf of Mexico, the word "knock
out" was manufactured by Buly?Mai
don, jllivaa's trainer to describe the
effect of his blows , when properly de
llvered. ,'. r, -, . ' ' --v: (
111. h.r.l.t- va. - S,k lk V 11.
rain. It waa fought near New' Prieahf
and lasted for seventy -five rounds., That
wa the' last championship contest in
the United States to be fonght with
bare, knuckle, under the old rule,'
-.That fight practically decided : the
QseleMnesa of trvlnt -tO' boat' Sullivan
by eombatting him in hla own sledge
Hammer style.'- ' A thirty-nine round
fight with (Tbarley Mitchell, a wary and
Utillful boxer seemedj, to showvfightiiig
managers that the great John.L. might
be vulnerable to man who coulj box
well' and stay with him long enongh, to
near him dowau :,,. The-opportuaity to
trjr'thU method ' on the champion' full
to James J. Corbett..' The ' purse was
the largest ever put up la tr ring battle
up to that time.. The purse waa $25,000
and the stake 120,000, ' The fight that
was to end. John L.' championship wa
fought before the Olympic club of New
Orleans.. When the fight waa. over there
was a new ehasupiot of the-world. Sul
livan was thirty-four at the time of hla
defeat. ., .-. -. ':
' He waa bora in Boston, October IS,
1808 and passed the Later years of hi
life : on a. farm whick .be owned , near
West Abington, tiass. Ho wa twice
married. . His' first ' wife wits Annie
Bates,, of Center vine, .R. t. whom he
married in 1882,' but. -with whom ' he
lived only a few nuinth and from whom
he obtaiuad a divorao on the ground of
desertion aftef twenty-eix joar. , At
flrtyi-on years of age the former cliam
nion took s hi second wife Kate Hrk
ins, of Roxbury, who wa bis aweet
heart year before when be wa "The
Boston Btrohg Boy."
. t; "i .
Lineman Employed By' Hilo Elec
. trie Company Arrested and
Nine Tins' Seized ,
Fifteen hundred dollar worth
opium, in round number, was snixe I
last night in the Waikea borne of V. S
Canario, a linemun enlployed by the
Hilo Electric Light Company, when bis,
hon. wa, raided by 0eo Ri,h.d?
enter or ueiecnvei, aaa a suso.ii 01
men'uudor him, ssys last Friday's Hil
Tribune. ', 7 f '
Canario was caught in the act of
passing the opium to aChines. Tw
Una were received from the eustome
aad more: was found secreted under
bed. 1 1 .
Chief Rii'iiardson oUawed Canario t
tolephone t hi wife, who waa out
the- time of hi arrest and as sooi
La entered at bedroom 'where the"
phoue hung, "he glanced under Jhe bed
j .l i . ! i row-
ana inen vrvreu vut m wiiumw, 4 n
minute hi ffcee showed. aeam from
flashlight met Mm fulK between th
I eyes. y ;
Th ehbfA grinWj, for it was al)
1 plain to. read. vCh rest of the opium
l-Wvsa-tins at it waa unilor the bed
C....:k. IhAiink in knw If
outof ih windowi ndperhp jump
out nfter it himsidf Seeing that there
was chance either of eonsealment or
escapa he took it quietly, and permlt'el
himself to be led to. jail, just before
he. left his wife, came horn, and he was
permitted to have a word with her.
Being unstile to find bail, he sp.mt
th night JniL : , - ,
M Bi
nf Armu "Pnr ihn
j wa uiuij , jg vi iuu
oou oi ine oervice.
Regiments'; At Oemlng Purged
and Rumor Has It That Same
Will Be Done In Hawaii and
Elsewhere' '
PEMINO. New Mexico, Feoroary. 3
fAssoelated Press) A rigorous weed
ing out from the regiment IB smp
ere. of a large number, of soldiers of
fllen Alrth has Just lea carried
throngh, nnder order of the command
er of .the ramp, .the first such program
to be announced "at any of the regular
army .or mum ramp sine the be
ginning or th wsr. . '- '
, In all, one hundred and twenty four
men of alien birth have been give dis
charge,, the discharge ps per, each
bearing the same reason; ,','For th
good . of the sen-ice," ,; v ' " -
-Kumars tbnt hsve bee ' circulating
ere state that what has happened at
Demlng W under process of happening
at every one of the -regular army and
militia post throughout th mainland.
Hawaii and the Philippine. , Not nil
th , me of alien enemy ' Birth ' h'avf
been discharged here, but a vry large
proportion ha fend ,no a man of u
ported pro-German or pro. Austrian
sympathies ha been left in the regi
ment. V,-' "- .'"'." r'.'".1.-
Attempt -Ta Plunder ..Junk Xonv
: pany Frustrated-i-Watch-,
; men.Are Exonerated r
,Joha Kaleihua, a Hawaiian, wa in
stantly killed ' . yesterday ' morning at
fenr b 'clock while attempting' to ob
tb-Honolulu Junk jfompahy, at the
corner1' of :' King Street and .. Dowsett
Lane, by two Japaseee watchmen, W,
ftsisni na M. poimomura.. . . -. .. -., :
' Both 'the watchmem were etonerated
of any crime by a coronet' jury which
waa.eallod to bold an inquest over the
body, later in the morning aad were re-
lessed oy. tae -ponce. ,
. Onlv one bullet wa fittA at the Ha
toaiiaa burirlar and thl passed throngh
his hearts. The watchmen, saw Jtaiemoa
enter. the building by. prying loose a
woodeajntch to one of thk' doom,, When
he flashed a aearehllght' ia their faces
on of them fired the shot which killed
Kaleihua 1 . ?y-
The verdict of the coroner ' iurr w
iiurtWUble 'WlUiit; ,-",',. - ' .! j' V.
Kaleihua had only Butsued a jail
sentence of three month ago for bur
glary. . During a portion of tia,en
tence he wa a trusty at the city prison,
but had to bo sent -back to the Oahu
penitentiary " by Sheriff RtJ w 'he
proved .natntatworthv. ,v -jt.- -,i-'Ji '.'
, ' Vhea hi , body, was . taken to the
morgue yesterday morning it was dis
covered that the seasehligut h had la
hla possession; wa oneko Jia4.'BtolB
from DeDutv Sheriff Ascb. - - . -. .
Kaleihua; was only abont twenty-six
yeara old;; i -v-;; ;"' - ",'". J-'?.jr;:
WiO. Teach Constitution, ' History
and Diplomacy of America,. -A
NSW tOBS, Tebruary J-Uo"
ed PressY Donation" of !12,1,000'to th
University of Tokio br A. Barton Hen
barn, banker, Jinanoial erperW former
college professor and an author of not
of ' boons 00 nuance aad kindred no-
iecta, 1 announced by the Jiast aad
tWest Kewa, Bureau; ',...:-
XTh donation by Mr: Hepburn ta an
noVaced to bo for the purpose of found
instead endowing a'rhair in th. To
kio University' for the study . of th
constltwtlon, history and tdiplomacy .of
ise vnitn Diazes...
EL PASOT Teia. Fcbniarr fA
sociated Wry)- Felip Al vurca, hlest
ess. today Wot and danserouslv wouud-
ed Mrs,. Trinidad l.neero, killed her two
hi' and hid In the , house wiilob
ntnWUte thoVonM
and a deperst battle .ensued, th
murderer . having plenty' f ammnn
tion. After aoliceman and a civilian
hud boon kutvd by hla deadly bullet
the policexp)odd four v charge of
dynamite; onuer tb house.' and stent
ed thsviinilding completely, burling th
lllftthw body of the murdered high in
ruary S- (Associated : Press) IndUa
tions that Austria Is planuiug system
atically to destroy th Serbian race are
in the hand of Italian authorities. Ex
changed prisoner relate almost unbe
lievsbl eriuvltle practised on prison
ers. . ; ,
Serbians were the worst , sufferers.
"Mrtv to 40,000 prisoner 'alon lav
been atarvad to death. ,
v ? 1-'. T 1
I IM Sl. I . .
iiAiLimiimiiun iui . ,
si ArrmiilirY ni ktiiirn
Luuinrjv Ul AMMLIl
uLIVUlntlu I mWWLV
Despite Story That Appeals -To
fity - Prisoner -Must Serve
Term In Penitentiary
"': '- . ' .' ' f' .V: . : 7 - ,
Ijiw Bad Order . had . been- ontrajred,
and even though the emaciated .Fill
pie .who stood before' the Judge told
a etcaJpbtforwsrd story of th provoea
tloa which had finally driven, him to
tbrnt a knife bind . between the
boulders of a eonnttymaB. who bad
bounded him aad hla wife, the course
of the law had to be followed, aad Cir
cuit Judge H sen sentenced Yietorlano
de, W Crw in not Ices thsn two years
i prison and to psy a f ine f 100.
,Vot anderstaWog the judge's sentence,
given tn English of conrse, th Filipino
stood, shaken 'with, the-, force of his
own 'narrative, bnt when th interpre
ter .'gave him th stern news, visions
f prison bar and km of liberty un
served him and he aat upo a bench
hd wept freely nd his head dropped
nni n i nor sea bis boots. - . 1. '.
t. surely as th law bad bees out
rayed and th indga had seat th poor
re) low to prison,, yet surely too, .the
Filipiao told b tale of sordid live, ban
pines being sundered by another Fill
pino wh came .betweea him and bis
Wife, who pnrsned them rik a hound.
wh intimidated de la Crus with his
great physical bulk, and prevepted him
fro holding employment. f . tC
Th. indictment eharced Aim with
having attempted the life of a- Filipino.
t wit, by stabbing him with a knife.
Th maa pleaded guilty,' When asked
It be bad anything to say before sen
tence was passed th maa told a bums.
interest tory....- .1 ,'' n ',
B bad married a Filipino - woman
wh bad lived with th man -whom he
had eventoslly etabbed.
Craa said he and his wife lived ban
pily until Alvad earn wp'on them and
troubled them. No matter where they
moved, Alvad discovered their address
and troubled them. Cms was afraid of
tha big fellow who so persistently fol
lowed th . wife and threatened her
Finally Crn told hi wife that, it she
felt it ' would save- th - situation for
both . of - them, sh ' might -return to
Alvad. . Sh would not da so. Alvad
Often challenged Cm , to a duel, bnt
Cms refused, Alvad appeared at each
of . their little tenement homes, and al
ways carried big kalfe. ,
Oonttaat Stato of Tarror ,'
;It vwa ireitrn. Of ' terror' for : both
kasbaml 'and,, wife.;.. Finally after loa
ing a positioa and .living is fear or
&iva&:TBrM--'ironnr- wter Alvad iia-t
made . partif nlrty strona threat
Crus procured,! knife and' followed
Alvad. finding him on the street tslk
Ing t friend,. Cm earn n behind
him and thrust th. blade, bet wee, the
boulder..'; ; r ,-
."Did you try-to kill himT".wa tk
'No,!l wanted to! scare him ohe
would remain away,;' .wa Crus,' aa
swer.- . . ,,. '. l;
FrTocatloB Admittd - ' .:
Tha judse- said there! had- apparent
It; been , a oTeat 4ealt if. provocation.
Chief McPoffie did not make ahv state.
mnt to' the court concerning th ease
bnt, aside, said th' defendant had th
strangest provocation in tha world 'to
esuse him to make, tha attack., -A. SI
Brown. ' proseetrting, did not ask .the
fudg to ,b lenient, the law took
Its urse and the man will now atind
two year in prison, leaving .Alval
dear and orf field with Crua' frWit-
nd wife,' but Chief McDuffle remark
et.that he would take rtartieular eare
f, Alvad In th Interval, ,. ri -
V nil 4 1 1 .! 1 1 I- .
WASHINGTON. Fbrnry 2 Ass.
elated Press) Sesretsry of War Bak
er wtu b cross examined by th senatr
military committee Tuesday regarding
America s war nrenarattona. tisbi im
Bouaing IB aew: aatloirkl army .an
prevuioa or,- mnonutn.-
T'..' -'...'.
MAJDHID, February J ( Assoc.! atetl
Pre sb) Thapanlsh premier today said
that h-i satisfied with th progress
or negouaiion lor barmonion Mmmnr
eial arrangement .betweea- th .Unite'"
State aad Spaia.. It ha been iadl
eatedj that th United State and other
Allies might retaliate on Spain for
blocking) of Allied aommercial trans-
action. -
:l f
a Bundle o
Nervousness and narvs'pala often
come from-weak kidneys. Many a per
son who Worries over trifle snd fs troo
bled with neuralgia, rheums tic pains
kiid backache,, would find quick relief
through B good kidney remedy. If you
have nervous attacks, with headaches,
backackes, disty spells and sharp,
shooting pnina, try Ioan ' Bueknehe
Kidney Pill. ' They are for' the relief
of weak ' kidney and have brought
quick benefit in, thousands of such
cases! , . ,
" When Tour Back i Lame Remem
ber the Name. " (Don't simply ask for
a kiduev remedy nk distinctly -for
Doan'a Backache Kidney Villa and take
no other). .. Ioan ' Itucksche Kidney
Pill nr soli by all druggist and tors-
keeper, or will be mailed on receipt of
price by the, Hulllster- Drug Co., or
Benson Smith ft Co., agent for. the
Uawailaa IslasJ (AdvurtlsaoKut
V . ...'!:. . '
General 'Pershing Says Higher
Ups Must Be Personally Re
sponsible For Training of Sub-
.ordinates .';,; .
Colonels and Others Have Ocrn
; Found Unable To Handle Thc'x
Units In Open Warfare Tactics
and Otheryvise , Wanting
ASHINGTON. .February" .1
AsaociaUil . Yxt s)
American " , army f,. officer! ' who
erv in France mut J(now' their .
business and be prepared to meet
the stern demands ol leadership
under conditions where error.
mean death. ' Those whri fail ia .
measure up to war-conditions .
need expect no mercy. . .
This is made plain In the por- ;
.Vf Sif V V . V SV GB iiait. KJ
the , war department 'by General
Pershing vhich haye been made
niihlic. l.rneral j'ersnino- mntM
an insiAtent recommendation that
the general officers, the trolonels
and other, high 6fficerv o( the
American, expeditionary force
should .be held directly-responsible
for 4he training1 of the) plTicers
under them.i ' Excuse t. for failure
based on the 'stumbling of sulKif-
Jinate must" not be accepted,
says, tne, commandcr-in-cinet .in
t?rAo , ', ;-'4i:- '-'! V. .'
' General, Pershing's report pr'e
sent , unflinching:. riticismL-of
ome of the orhcers sent to I- ranee,
presumably .Regtltaf Army - oRl
cers. Officers from colonel
down; he' says, have been f i " 1
ignorant ot nandung their u"'.
in open, warfare and uhder guch
officers it wilt', be impossible to
send Jheir men Into battle with
out invitiig disasters
The .report from ; the comman,-,
dei rn France; ks ' made public,
brings the information Jo therico
V!ednie United State -that the
American ' Navy X' establishing
ano'thef. big. wireless .station, to
operate?. in', coitnection with the
Arlington station and giye. Amcr
lean headciuarteri in Franci di
rect .'communication with ' Wash
ington.. The new station is be
ing, erected at American head
quarter and is a plant as power
ful as those at Arlington-, Fearl
Harbor and Gavite, ' '' ','
'At the "'conclusion'' pf the waf,:
the pfant 'will ht transferred ti
the "French , government. Good
progress has already been made
on the towers and Jhe plant h
expected to be irt working order
in August.' 'When, this station is
completed, the United States will
be independent of the cable ser
vice .except i tn times Vof tinsual
weather (conditions , ' or; for; ex
tremely confidential messages. ;
It was Announced here y est er
day that it I, not the intention of
Secretary Baker to continue Gen
eralBliss as chief of staff. It Is
stated that Major General' Tev-
torj Maffh,. now witlj, .General
Pershing, will be recalled to fill
this position if General Tershing
is able to spare himl ,-
WASHINGTON, rebruary" 8( Asso
ciated I're) secretary of the Navy
Daniel today authorised the announce
aieat .that a baa ant luked th present
congress fop any aer naval station
appropriations ia is noilTB AtlSBTie,
the Oulf Coast or Iks' Puila .
A PACIFIC l"ORT. Tebruarv 8-CAs-
sociated Press) A Japanese stenraer
arrived! her today' with thirty thret
Japane flslieraen, resesrd, twenty
hours out nf YokoUama, bsrisg hen
adrift. In a disabled and unprovisioued

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