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.'.Uilll. UwUi.iiiUiULL Id
j i hi, i
Receives GableSaying Strong Sentiment
In Congress For It and Asking If He r;
' Will Favor Measure;1 He Asks
Delay Until His Arrival
"Strong sentiment in" com
mittees and both houses re
f cting sentiment In congress
a,.l throughout the country
for straight federal prohibi
tion for JlawaiL ;1'
"Will you favor? Wire
quick." .' ' 4 '. '"' ,"'.''
Wireless from senate committee
01 PiciAe Uudi, ul Port
lUco and . bona eonrmdtto oa
trrntortiss to Delegat Xalsnlaiia
ol. h ' -'. . '
iviegat Kalanianaole 1 ia a -position
to iieeura for Hawaii absolute pro
hibition of the liquor traffic by con-p-enMnnal
enactment aad at this ses
mon of congress,-, v ',- k
What will ho da with Lis oppor
tunity! .- ... '1'' ; ':,"'':4 ' '' -'.'., '
The Delegate has repeatedly said h
in in favor of prohibition. He well
know the difficulty, the well Bitch im
possibility of enforcing the liqoor law
now ia force inthie Territory with
4he means at hand, lie also knewa
tint flral prohibitioa will mean the
forbidding of the importation, sale, giv
ing away or eve the poam-mnon of al
coholic liquor. He has aaid he ia aware
of the terrible .blight upon hie penplo
which liquor had been and ia todayi -Under
Which Master ,''
Vnder eurh circumstances will Kuhio.
stretch oat his hand and accept the
boon whic h it offered to Uawaiif Will
he let hie avowed sentiment for prohi
bition govern his action or will he fol
low hi shibboleth of "Home Rule for
Hawaii!", ; ' ,- , '"r , .'. '.'-.. . -,
Will he secure prohibition now or'
will he delay it sntil eurh time if a
plebiscite can be held, months hence T j
; Will he accept the certain' enforce
ment of law under the strong band of
the United Btate government r will,
he insist npon the weak aad doubtful
enforcement of a orohibitioa law nnder
territorial officialsf J '. - - .t , r
roopto Ara WatetdBC f -
These are the question the people of
Hawaii are asking. ,- VJ -:
On January 12 there was seat to
Delegnt Kalanianaole the following
, wireless message: .-'"-.
"Stronf sentiment la eonupi'tteee. ,'
, and both houses reflecting aenti- ;
; man in congress ana throughout
tli country for strict federal pre-... '
fclbltlon for Hawaii . .
"Will yotf favor? Wire quick.".
This message waa signed by Chair
man Miafroth aad eight other senators,
meoibore of the senate committee oa
Pacific Jslands and Porto Bico, . and
Representative Houston aad aine other
representatives, members ef the Com
mittee oa Territories' of th house of
representatives. , .f-.-;-;-..j".''i.,-: ,''.
Kuhio Bays Wait ''- T r ' i; :;. '".n V ; f )
To thia wireless query the Delegate
replied in a J wireless message which
was reeeived la Washington on Janu
ary I. .. He aaid: i .,;;,,.','
"Important boalnsas detains ma
here. Defer action until I coma." .
Information of th Beading and. the
receipt of these messages has come to
The Advertiser in the most definite aad
circumstantial form and.: from abso
lutely unimpeachable sources. The mes
sage sent to the. Delegate war dated
two day before the pasxege of th'
prohibitioa resolution of th chamber
of commerce, a week before that body
renffirmed its stand in annual meeting
and eight day before the cable from
the chamber, giving iU stand, was sent
to Washington, ' Po iar aa has been
b'urnvd he told the members of the
i Lumber of commerce, nothing relative
to the sentiment la congress of which
be hnd been informed. ,At the annual
meeting it wa reported the Pelerate
lmd declined to present the resolutions
of the chamber, and he was aasailed
for hia reported, atand. la the matter
t that meeting.. -v
V.'ilt Watch Action " ' ' -;
ttPoorts from VTashinittoa have Indl-
ati .1 a growing aentimeat for federal
;rnhibition and a' Trowing likelihood
nt the desired measure being passed at
this seselon but until oi there' has
been nothing to Indicate now tremen
dous waa the drift, of ' eo!wient.' wne
that the matter lar virtually In th
' i nlia of th hand of Hawaii's I)e!er.
N'otr tbi has been mad rlear and the
ieonl of the. Inlands , are aware of
Knlnnianaole 'a control of the dentin
of prohibition for He-a" They eH
w-ateh his tetions la "Weshlnjloa with
the deApest interest and with th grav
ret concern..-'' y'r . -
There ean. be wo')uest?oa that Dele
rte Kalanisnnote ia leformed of tl
ro iitimcnt shih exista here for prohi
bition. 11 w her whew 'h r"1"
tions of the chamber of eommere and
the otbev clvl rpni2sione were
iiHxcnd. He haa bee here while large-
lr :ii.1 iH-tifiimi for prohibitioa wer
i-irculiited. ' ' r, t-
Vlt f"m r.tp .';.
As to the futility of the present laws
he can have oo doubt. , lie has bees
lieie t home at has seen th eTnrt
i imJj to rope with' th evil of Illicit
. ,.. to lcie" w anifoewt and
luck of snocess ef those efforts. He
l.u -e.'it the spevad ef bootlegging and
ihii' M but b rogiii'aat of the terrible
c"n'liiots that are closely
ullii-'l with Illicit lifi'ior selllngv , ,
I With this first hand knowledge and
with the bnaineaw which haa detained
him at home. Bow1 temporarily ont of
the war, he is going to the national
eapitol te give hia approval to or to
withhold it from the legislation which
it appears congress is, ready to enact
and fax which the best interests of th
Territory are clamoring. ,
Himself s Hawaiian, the Delegate
knows full well what liquor has don
for hi owa people. H cannot but be
aware of the tremendous responsibility
for their welfare and their, future
which rest upoa him. ,' - .--
Knows Pinkham
Works For Bryan
. Aa indication of the standing
of Governor Pinkham- in Wash
ington among those who know
. him beat la afforded ia a letter
just, received, in Honolulu from
Representative John I. Nolan, of
the Fifth California District, writ
tea ia response to a reqnest that
he use his influence for the nomi
nation, of Prof. W. A. Bryan as
Geveraor.j 5Jr., Nolan wrote, is
fart: ..
"I wish, to take thia apportuni
ty to tell you that I ant not very
much ia love' with the present oc
cupant of the position, uot on ac
count of politics but because of
my owa knowledge, being per--eonally
connected with hiui when
I worked ia the Islands. -
"Whearvef I can get a rhanc
t say a. good : word for your
. friend Bryan, you may count up
oa me." ..". i .
vo:.:Ef i ch:ef factor
' J'Tbe womea ?s committees are the
most powerful factor la the food con
servation movement oa 'the mainland,
said A. Cuatle yesterday. Mr. Cast.;
relumed yesterday morning oa tbt
Niagara from a trip of several week;
which took him through the western aar
central states. Ia additioa ' to Bad
Cross affairs h took aa active Inter
est ia )h food, conservation policies
worked out la the 8tates.,
"The women have full power in al)
conservation activities," be continued.
''They go into all the hotels and homer
and see that the directions of the food
admialstrator are. Carried out. '.When
I was ia Colorado the women were
Just starting aa eat-a-potato-a-day cam'
paiga to increase the use of potatoei
and save more wheat. Th state com
mitteeS of. women appoint their Vep
resentatire to do such work and al'
the responsibility of planning and car
rying it out is theirs." .,-v ' -
News that a eeeood drive for (100,.
000,000 would b started ia April wa
brought by Mr. Castle, nvho said that
ha had sent the nam of former Gov
ernor George' K. Carter on to Washing
ton as the host ma a to handle the
drive for ' Hawaii. The appointment
would doubtless be made, aaid Jar. Cas
tie, though it was not knows whether
Mr. Carter would accept it or aot. . :'
The women are working hard ffir the
Red Cross, said the returned Bed Cross
head, and work rooms for the making
or surgical dressing are open in hun
dreds .of places ia the large Wester
cities. ' A great deal of knitting is bo
is" don m the' mainland. . . - .
Mr. Castle was la touch with BeJ
r-osa officials ia the Westers and middle-
Western eitUs during most of his
stay. He did' aot reach , Washington,
i- hU train was delayed two day la
I Columbus, Ohio, by the fierce blizzard
then raging, and when the storm light
ened enough to make traveling possible
1 it was too late for him to go on to
the national Capitol. Mrs. Castle an J
two children returned with him. .
.' Accidental discharge of a thirty-two
caliber revolver yeaterday afternooa re
sulted in a .bullet passing entirely
throng th left leg of John Matthias,
, watchman employed by Harry Evans
''as the Merchant ' Patrol. ;.
. Mstthis was cleaning his revolver at
bis home ia the MoUMU district, pre
paratory., to goinz to work laat aighl.
. when it was ac-ldently discharged a
the bt.Uet Tired through hi leg. He
'wa-.takn U'tha cmergeucv hospital
for treatment, wher be will be eon'
Hard for several day. The bullet
pe"traUd hia leg just above th kaeo.
The atrolmaa give the usual ex-
. nlseat'tn for th aecldeat, saying be
t'didol kaow U was loaded." , .
coozf5;,.;:t.s i;;.' iciaii..: iTB"
Liquor License Inrrrctor Pcint3
Out Efforts cf ruycrs To "
: i. Conceal Identity , -V.
"For way that
that are win,' - th.
are dnrli.. tricks
hesthen " Chinee
hasn't got 'anything on Ilonolnlu blind-
plggera," mimed W. H. Hutton, liqtlor
license insiiector,' yetterj.iy afternoon,
a he" paraphrased Pret Hnrte's mem -
orable qaotation, and sorted out appli-jthe
cations of the thirsty ones to buy hot-.
tied boore. ' , "
'".Talk about the Chinaman l.cinir lie
cullar now just look at that," he
ploded as b grabbed up a Imiu-h of ap
plications, all plainly written in the
same handwriting, with a variety wf
name signed r. Inch surges'
every known race under the sun.
Jbveu if the applicant's handwriting
had not given him away as trying .tonow pvng and at th same time make
Put over a clunmy trick on the license
board and saloous, he bad given a
street address in every instance Which
bore an apparent relation to the one
given rightly on the one .application to
which he bad aiuned his correct name
and address. . . '','V "
Effort Does Hot Deceiv
For example: This liquor buying ap
plicant for a permit had written his ad
dress 184" King Htreet: lt81 King
Btreet. J4 JVing street and blHi ii.ingi"" "v" - "
variation of
the four numerals which could be used,. -
before "he got a new address." '
"Just a though that would deceiv
anyone," Beam eiidodeJ ."'op."
Why, a child could aee through such
a simple subterfuge." Then laughing-
ly'th lieense inspector aaid: ' "I -expect
he got too much 'dago red and
got hi figure pied and couldn't get
back in the right position". .'''' ; -Incidentally,
the street and .Dumber
thia evader of the license laws used are
net the same ones given above, but
"Pop" has the riirht address aud may
Call on the "wily one" today.
Others Try Evasions '
"I.Otsjff them try something like
that," the license inspector says,' a he
explain that all the ariplicatious ,ha
they are received back from the sal
oons are carefully checked and sorted
to ascertain who haa been buying
liquor with the evideut intention of
selling IS again.'
.' ''But their tricks are all vain,,"' he
added, a h again paraphrased Bret
Harts., "V' ; :. ,'V.
Hubb May 4 Escape First Time
But Beware of Second r.
If you sr young sad aot experienc
ed in matrimonial warfare and have not
learned the arf of moral suasion with
your equally -young and inexperienced
wif and use year flat as means of dis
cipline, lust once, you may avoid being -
tent to jail by Jadg Irwin of the di-
..4 T A . 'iil
" -,"-"
iraw you s mouto . jmpnsonmeui- (
'.f the injuries to. th wife are not very'
apparent. '.. r, , ' v
At least that ia the precedent which
'its been established in th ease of
Ail lam Luke, a Chinese-Hawaiian, for
vhea b wa ia court a month ago on
s charg ef assault and battery sworn
o by ; his wife, he escaped with bia
entence suspended for thirteen months.
. But yesterday be waa la court on a
ilmilar . charge aad Judge Irwia sent
Sim over to theVeef for thirty day.
There' be ran ponder on some other
nethod of keeping hi young Hawaiiaa
wife in the order he requires.
, Meantime the young wif also will
have time to repent of her temper sad
her InaUtene that her husband be pun
ished. ' -;t-:.'. :- ,.
A list of forty-nine numbers wer
drawn ia th office of th county elerk,
yeaterday, ta determine .th lucky bold
er of improvement bond in, five dis
tricts where city work has been. done.
No record is kept of ths names that
correspond to the various numbers, and
public notice baa been - made by the
treasurer a notification to. th holders
of th numbers posted. The drawing
wer made by Treasurer' Dk I, Conk-
ling be for Deputv Clerk , Bnfandeau
at th city, halt The following bond
will be paid! . v , . . V
Beach Want No, Z, twenty numbers
drawn; Kalakaua Avenue No. 4, twen
ty ' number draws; Beretaaia . Btreet
NO. 0, four number drawn; Bea View
No 6. three numbers; King Btreet Ex
tension No. t, two number drawn.
- Acta -Iks) ft QtWW
' . . ' the on Ssecln h
The nly Ba,ii.ta In NSURALOIA, OUT, THtUMATISft.
l Ifl'iiei IVi-rt.- .11 Com.il is
k rrivM4 kNjjML 1lL tl. IO.
Government Is Disposing of Hun
, tired Tl,:;::r.nd Tons To, ;
Farmers At Cost :
, Several artiolits from the dopartment
'of' agrirulfnre telnting to the parchase
af' nitrates by tint government under
tlie provision of Die 'oo'l Control Law
have been reeeifed by The 'Advertiser
Jand pnblbtieil. These nsve all told of
pnrchsie by the government and
its Willi ngncw to Supply the fertilir. J
(to, farmeM. The prle tneotioned in
'th articles has been S'u.RO a ton at
ex-',the port of delivery, a price consider
ably lower than the planter here are
variety ri ' ' "" e -
ted aboutcd that possibly the planters might be
able' to secure, nitrate front the gor-
rmn.int at m t.u'.r .l. tk.n lliav mrm
certain of its deliver?
Applications are to be made to the
county agents not later than Monday,
the last article received by The Ad
vertiser ssvs. This reads a follows:
. WAHHINtiTON, January 18 The
secretary of sericulture today an
tieuuced, the plua for the sale and dis
tribution of the KHI.OOO tone-of nitrate
of .aoda' for fertilizer , fse purchased
Under the provision in the Food Con
trol Act which authorize the President
w sreurw nursio oi soaa iau 10 eup-
'Y " '"""."" "r 'a ?
1"rt",,r V" '!nun ln? P'" IU"'
forth .is 'being mailed. tolay to th
county agents w ho. will reeeivw orders
for, the. nitrate and transmit thera to
Washington. ' -i- -. -, ' .
Prtra la Named! v';V'
The f.o.b. price at ' port will -be
5.50 a toa, farmers paying th freight
charges' from the port of arrival and
the etat fertilirer tag fee. The plan
is that in each county where there
la 'a -county agent to har the agents
asaoeiat with themselves three or more
local business men in esch community,
who will serve without compensation,
to assist them iu theeale of the ni
trate. In each county where there. Is
no county agricultural agent a Com
mittee of three or more joeal business
men will be ai'ointed. A farmer liv
ing ,iu such a county who desires to
make application for nitrate of aoda
should, if he does. not know the ad
dress of the local: committee, address
aa inquiry to the State director of ex
tension for his.'sfnte. '.The post office
Address" of the director of extension
in ciKh state is given is th circular.
The ships carrying the -nitrate will be
directed to the most convenient ports,
including Charleston, Wilmington,' 8a
rannnh, Norfolk,' and Baltimore. Ben
rescntatives, who also will serve with
out compensation,' have beea or .will
be selected to, handle the shipment at
these places. ' "-u ' , .
Making Applications ' '""; :-r'
Farmers will make application for ni
trate .upon . blank ''furnished by the
county agents ar the local committees.
Applications must ' be signed and re
turned so a to reach the county agents
or members -of the local committee by
February 4. ' A the nitrate, under the
law, can be sold only ' for cash, the
farmer will be required to deposit the
money covering tse cost, of the ni
trate Be wishes with - the local bank
association,' or individual to b dexig
"1 y th department. Ths order.
'wiU b transmitted to th department,
seeompanied by the amount covering
the' same. If the "quantity of nitrate
that "ran be secured -will fill all or
ders, each farmer .will - secure - the
amount he requests; otherwise it wil
he necessary to allot th nitrate ' to
those applying for it so that all may
participat on equal term in it dis
tribution. Nona of the nitrate will be
sold to dealers, ' either directly or In
directly.' It will b sold, only to farm
ers directly for Cash at cost, aad gen
erally not in1 excess of th amount
used by them heretofore. " ?:
Th government is making every ei
fort to reach farmers who desire a
osr'of thia nitrate, but State that it
will be impossible - for . th , county
igents or other person to "visit every
'ndivldual farmer,-' and urgea all who
lesire to purchase , nitrate to get in
'ouch with their local county agent of
( member - of their local committee.
A tentative '' pries of six cents r
pound for Island ' cornroeal in fifty
vound bar and aevea cents a pound in
five-pound bags waa reached yesterday
between A.' W.. Carter of the Parket
Ranch and J. D. Dole, of the food com
mission. .Comment , from . th Parker
ranch ia expected to " reach Honolulu
iev ws-k. i. .''';.'". . ; " '"'
Corn flour is also to be made oa a
commercial scale withia a very short
time, and will be sold at' th same
prlee.Thia flour 1 excellent for use
' Hread'snd bakery products to a large
extent. -v
and ONLY cmUI'IS.
Checks and arrssta. -,
The test lameay known for . X
UMm BdMl ImUmu Maswpaata mB BMtlw ... ;
I J T, Davbspost, U, UtHlOB, S.
Everybody Is Us in:; it
rati Fcciinfj Fine
: ' Llnrvclous
Reconstructive Tonic
i '''....' . -. :., ;, .... ,',,,,,..
I Ctomach, Liver aud Kl Iney Eemedy. Bemarkabl Blood Cleanser.
i , Boraovcs Worms From th Bystcra . , '.' . -
Testimonials by the score from amongst the best people in Honolulu prove
oncluslvely thst B. H. C. does more than is claimed for it. We have thou-end
f testimonials of people ln all parts of the world whom U. B. V. restored back
o health and strength again lJut w seldom Use them here. We have given
ou the name of prominent and respected people who live here whom you -now
and meet every day ao there can be no doubt as to their truth and genu
nrness. Use it and be convinced., "No alcohol No Poisonous Drugs Xo rnise
n price. SI. 00 per bottle; special advertising price, 6 for S5.00. IJEN BRUN8,
i:cut, t corner Kekaulike and King Bts opp. the Fish Market, from 9 to 6 '
very day, explaining the B. It. C. medicine and how to get results. Full diree
ions in all languages, ' All Druggists and Plantntioa (Stores now have the, H.
I. C. Medicine on sale, or send Money Order and I'll ship to you. I psv charges
hi all or.: rs of 15.00 and over. Address, BEN BKUNS, Houolulu, Hawaii.
Elimination Tournament Now On
; To Dcc;-3 Pick of, the
..i';; - Valley Island .; :.:
ta th elimination tennis tournament
E. It. Bevin and -Mis Mary Hoffman
defeated Dr. Aiken and Hie Ine M.C
Phee, ft 8, 61, says the ilaui News
of ' last Friday. V, '-. . v. . ' : ' -
' W.'8. Beeman and Kis France Mc
Allister defeated W.. 8. Chillingworth
thd Miss Anna Wodehouse, ft 4, 2-G
Ray n, Rlctow and Mr. K. B. Camp
beH beat A. W, Collin and. Mr. Fits
jernld, 7 5, 6 2. V ' ''. '
Caleb Burn and. Mrs. Bevin defeat
sd C Lindsay and Mia. Mary' Couch,
-4, 3 5, 6 4.'' '"'. '. 'v.'.-;
This afternoon1 the matches will be
as follows: . -. ..'. ' ,.1V-
W. IL Engl and Mr. Chilllngwerth
will play E, B. Bevin and Miss Mary
Hoffman V ' v, . 'M v.',
W. 8. Beeman aad Mis MeAHVstor
will play A. W. Baldwin and : Mr.
Baghes. ' (-"' '."'r "..:--' "'V ':"'t
' W. 8.- Beema.a and F. McAllister, de
feated Chillingworth sad Jna Wode
.nuse 1 fie frt match of the present
mixed doubles tennis tournament. Tb
match 'was played Wednesday . after
nooa on the Punnene court. . f
Awaiting Coast PUyars '
The Coast and Honolulu player for
the big tennis tournament will likely
amve her at the end of next .week.
This week aa elimination tournament
1 being played off os the ' I'uunepe
court for the purpose determining
the players who will meet 'th 'visitors'
and wla the games a: well a an
told glorv for Maui. Th entries for
ths elimination j tournament Srer Col-lins-Fltsgerald
i Rie tow-Campbell, Eng-lo-Chillingworth,
. ' Aikea-McPhee, ' Bcv
ins Hoffman, Bceman-MeAllister, Chit
llngworth-Wodeboose, Baldwin-Hugbes,
Lindsay-Coneh, Burns-Bsvlaa. . .,
'"" r "V,-w
Kotwiibttaading ' ths long- - journey
they, had Just made from Hawaii sad
the sever -cold to which they bad Sot
ret become accustomed at Fort ' 8111,
Oklahoma, Battery X basketball team,
of the First United Btate Field, Artil
lery, defeated Battery C. Fourteeath
Field Artillory, Sad tied Battery B, of
th 129th Field Artillery, in the post
gym. last week, says the last, issue of
th Array It Navy Journal. Chaplain
Fealy I now arranging games with
other outfits of Camp Doniphan and
Fort Bill, quite certain that the Hawaii
aa 4 'rushers " will give s good account
of themselves. Boxing i quit popular
at th present time at Fort Bill, and it
is likely that a match will son a be ar
ranged between Morris Weiss, the pride
of th Eighth Field Artillery Brigade,
end "Bui Clnnecy," of Camp. Doni
phan. ; , j .'-:! ri'.t-V f ...I.,
r.j. '
he Mui ih School won tb base
ball, gam which was played en Wal
lukd neld last Saturday with the team
from St. Anthony' school bv th score
twl- to W.,: Mva . the' Mui
News of last Friday. Th gam waj
yeiy closely outeated and the do1!1'"'1
waa in doubt until th last of the
ninth. This-contest was the first of
th series between the two institutions
and th next game will be played in
the near: future. ' .' ; . ; ; ... ..
Th battling list wer a follow:
.Maul High Ted Hair, 8b; 8. Walker,
e( J. Walker, ef; . Uasegawa. Cbt A.
Baldwin, ae; E, Walsh, lb; 'Duke",
p-2bj K. Nicoll, rf Ichjniura,'- If.'
St. Aathonv Yaaage; Sb; Soonj. c
Xawslus. eft Ishii. Sb? Ching, ssj
Wong. Ibt Qoodseas, jp jb fiusung rf;
; The aeor by inniagst ' ' v ,v ' '
Maul High .....SO M 0 8 I D 0 IS
Ht. Anthony.... If 0 0 0 S 3 0 0 Jl
Vaiplf, 'Hanky" Bego, V-,'..
KAUJ fill r.lAY PLAY
Interesting Tennis Possibilities
Crop Up In Garden Island ,
Th preliminaries of the mixed dou
bles tournameat to be held by th Li
hue Tenni Club i scheduled to start
oa February 15, say the Garden Island,
Lihue, of last Tuesday. , The semi-finals
must be played'by March 1, and the
final on Heturday or Bunday, March
( or I;1 '.,"'':
-As ther are more"' ladies (haa men
entered in the tournament it was found
necessarf for some of the mea to have
two partner. Thi arrangement open
up possibilities for some extremely fait
sod exciting play oa th part of some
fceutloman, should it become necessary
for him to play against himself.' . '
The first round Will be played as
follow: '. '.-' "
Mis Bearight and Doctor Tonng vs.
Miss H. Bbeldon snd C. A.-Bice.
Mis K. Mrlntyr and K. C. Hopper
vs. Mr. IL Thompson aad C. H. Wil
cox. - '....'".-. !--.-..'"'- ' ;
Mis May Christian and A. H. Cas
v. Mrs. B. Wilcox aad E. Wi Fase.
Mrs. E. F, Wood-and Doctor Young
vs. MJas Elsie Wilcox and K. C. Hop
per. '. '. 1 ' -. ' ';'; f
Miss H. Cates and A.'IL Case vs.
Mr. C. II. Wileor and E. F. Wood.
Ttichard J. Lyman of Puna Is devel
oping into a baseball magnate, hays
th Dilo Tribune of last Saturday.' He
is laying, -plana to bav. a sis-team
league started' op ia' th "near future.
He reckon that Kalapana,' Kaueleau
snd Kapoho can supply one team each
snd that Pahoa, the capital city of
Puna, sail raiae three ..team. '''".'.
'That the national game will flour
ish In the Puna district is ths opinion
of th well known' rancher. Mr. Ly
ansa aayw he believe that great 'in
terest will be tskea In the series snd
thst th fans will patronise the games
well. ;; , . . -. '"
. Th opening day of th season ha
it -been settled upoa, but it will be
made s gala on when it doe come off.
It is planned ta have Manager Eckart
f Ola Plantation pitch th first ball
is the opening game. Who the catch
er i to be ha not yet been decided
nuon, but rumor bas It that Mr. Lyman
himself eaa be persuaded.. -V-
BAKERSFIELD, ' California. Jaaa
ary 28 (Associated Prees The Paei
fie Coast Field Trials Club which la
holding it annual trials here today
claims the distinction of being the old
est organization, of its kind In th
country. " The present meet, which be
gan vesterday and ends tomorrow, will
be. the thirty-sixth consecutive event
Of it hind ield by-th clubs. Dogs
from all, portions of th Pacific. Const
ar entered, the Northwest being par
ticularly! well represented. - ( , .,
WKHT PdTNT. New York. Januarv
' l7--Cadet Elbert E. Oliphant of th
United States Military Aeademy bas an
j nouneed to bis classmates hia engage
' ment to Mjs Barbara Benedict of New
'York city, Oliphant 1 a well-known
.athlete and star football player. Is
. telling of the engngement he said b
bad won tb greatest victory or nis
Ufa.'- ;r'-,-..:- -, ;t' t-'' ','-v-.;
NEW YORK. January 1 Earl Cad.
'dock, th big Wiestera wrestler, today
I wired Zbysxko thst in ease Olin throw
IZbi-sako, who claims the championship,
at Madison Square Harden January lil.
he woulil enll off their match at Do
Moines.-; ' , ''' ,'. ;'.'; '.. ' - .
The-B T1. C. Medli-lne linn, who hss mn.lr
all Honolulu tHlk lr the enres wilds bj
the wonderful B. B. t". Medicine. ,
Vlctnre of old.
InvutoC of b.' B. C.
, ' - '
'. c must be. on every
package. .
Ewa 'Plantation Company '.' ?-
Wailukn Agricultural Co., Ltd. " -
; Apnkaa Sugar Co., Ltd. '
Kohala BugSr Company ' .J - 1
'''"J? Wabiawa Water Company, Ltd.
Fulton Iron Work, of St. Louis v'
Babcoek Wilcos Corjipasy - .' '
- Oreea' Fnel Eoouomirer Coin "sny
Chaa. C. Moor Co Engineers
"all you can;,-
dll you can;
all y ou can.
.. ' ...-'
John Wesley
Merchant Snd Tort 8ts ; Honolulu
UILllilLliAll A ilUlllV '.
i from Montreal ta JJVeroool.'-
London snd Glasgow-is ths ; .
and Bt. Lawrence Bout .
V 4 THBwobLD : .. ' "
vi' i ....j .....4 V l
V "By th popaUr."Prisesss.p' f
" ' . Steamers - from Vsneoqvsr, . : ;
I.---- , 'Vltrt ..(UatU..- . '.':"
For fuir information bddIt to ' ' r '
r- - - - . m ' i .
mt ; te ' vx v a n ' ' S 'i
i rrn ii iinvi"c.. A- a n i in ;
. AAA O v M04I U CIIILiCti
Genl Agents, Canadiaa-'Paeifle By.' Ca.
' . ,. HONOLULU, X U. i. v . .
r - v- -.'.' , ..-r;?
fVnIeJei Mrfrefc j '
v 0-i
.. : i iRu,,.' Plunt.iu. r
Walslua Agricultural Oo'.,- Lid. f
'Anokaa Sugar Co.LtdLs
. Fulton iron Work of BVtuU -'
! -. Blaks Steam Pump ; f ;. i J:; ,:
V, "Western t'eatrlfugnl ', '' , ''''
X'.; Rsbcsck A . Wilcox Boiler .
. .. tJreea' Fuel i-onomisirr
v Marsh Steam Pumps ,',,'
:'.. . Planter h Line SUlpp'tng Vu:' W" v.
. .Kohala Sugar Co.. -.. V, .".V ":,
V,-'.. ' . BUSINESS CA&D3.1 U '."
,..-',.,'t..". :
, ohinery of rvr descrlptiou mad ts
, ', order: - .- v. , V( - , . - '. ,,' . '
'j V ' - .' 8EMX WCSXT ' i
Issued Tuesdays and Fridays ,
(Entered at the Post o 01 e of Hoaoluls,
, T, H., a Brnnd-clas mattar.)
' ' BTrB8CRn,TI01i' BATES; ' J
Per Tear s.no
' ' Fr Year i f orei cn V. , . , , t.M " .
avsble ivrttdv !,' A" 'w

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