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.v;;v. v.vsw
latist cabled stcAX ciotATic:;:
: :,r:' - - Oentev Dollars
lrmn v 7, lfllS t.Bt twen
ty-fnnv hours', rainfall, .0 la
Ccatrif sgala N. T. par la. , sf tea
Priee, Hawaiiaa biU.. g.005 1 1120.1
Laet previous Sueta '
7 tioa ........V...,.M .' ', j 1130.00
Tern 1 " tore: Min. OS) max.
(iS oil !'er,' clear.. .
'.VOL. I.1I. NO.'Vl2-
emm. -'-' l lii
WHOLE NUMBER r 471 i '
. , . . . .. . . . . ? .
Cciiditioii of
Roosevelt Is
" Minority In ""Senate Finds Obicc
tion To Measure Which Would
i G i v e " President Practically
.Blanket Power v:f-',',c l;:
Friends of Roughridcr
Anxious But Phy-
i sicians
Some Democrats Are Also Miri-
A A II. .11.
r - lenna ana rromisina io unue
With Republicans In Opposi
tion To, Latest Measure ' . '
YT :1(ARBociate4 Press)r-What
promises ; to at ai bitter ':Ugnt
against the desire of the 'Admin
." istration to be given a free hand
.. in the reorganizing Jot the va'ri
' oud governmental.', agencies 'i
getting' under way. Th is the
bill introduced intO( the senate on
v Wednesday, - with - the ' approval
6( , the r Tresident.V by Senator
' ; Qverroan of - the military affairs
committee,. desc'ribed as a meas
: ure to cut through, the depart
mental ,rei vtaptj; ani ; giye the
.; President blanket authority .to. re?
v organize and coordinate' the -work
Of tie entireeovernment. '
I hen the measur "y; IntrO-
, beeA (imler Rtvtre firerfroni the
seftate borh'mitte'e 'on. military ' af
fairs, during :he investigation in
to the conduct x)f he wan It was
stated thai the measure was in
tended as" a; compromise to re
move the', friction1 that "had de
veloped between th? senate cofn
rnittee and tht sdcretaryof war
and to nake it possible r for the
TresidenttO reorganize " the de
partment along' lines approaching
those demanded J, by Senator
Chaniherlain and other critics of
Secretary Baker.
.That the bill gives the execu
tive entirely ioq great'powers and
minimizes the prerogatives, of
congress to a great extent is the
opinion of many- senators, reach
ed after a study of the text of the
measure. The Republican whip
has called a meeting of the Re
publican senators for tomorrow,
at which party action will be con
sidered. No Democratic caucus
has been called and probably will
not be although there is known
to be much secret opposition de
veloping in the ranks of the Pres
ident's party, with the probabili
ties that this opposition will
come into the open soon.
A majority of the Republican
senators are openly announcing
their bitter opposition to the bill.
' mmingway to port
NEW YORK, February S-(Aaaocla-ted
Pre) Badlr damaged, by a tor
fdo the Cunard Una ateamer Auranla,
nf 13,400; tona rrngiatry and built is
19fl, la making ita way into port, eon
voyed and aaaiatad. by govaanmant e
hoIh. Offlaia! anoouuaement of tha In
iciiy to thf big Uoar waa mado yeater
tlav and aula the it earner waa aubroa-
riiied within tho praviona twenty-four
lioura but waa able to. keep afloat.
Tba witfleaa calla of tha ateamer
were anxwered fend aha la being given
auuu aHaiHtanea aa la needed.
WASHINGTON', February T ( A mo
deled rreaa)-r-Jut(g Hamuel Elac'hnlter
waa appointed today aa arbitrator for
(ha diapute between the parkera and
their, uuiuu ewployea. Ja ia a CUiugo
jurUL. . a.'-ji'l-'V' r,
Germany Also Gives indications
-That Negotiation With Boi-
shevikl Are Fmlfla ; r
r . .. , . ...
' VEW TOAK, Fabnuury (Asa,
elatod Praaa) Serloua eomptloKtUmi
have m la following what aw coav
aldar4 a minor operation perform
ed upon . Taaodor Kooaavalt on
Wadncaday and tba "Rongbrlder"
la now tha object of grara concara
oa the part af ala doaeet frienda. -
Laat . alght hts pbyatciaoa an
waaneed that they are "tlu hopa
fal" that Mr. Booatyett wtU aooa
ba Op and around, - bat tha ; vary
warOinr of their ImllaUn adda to tha
anxiety , felt over tha condition of
tha strenuous ex-Freeldent. ' ' ' -
Mr. Kooaevalt waa operated up
on on Wedneaday for aa'abaceea of
tha ear. Tula operation waa aucceae
fui, but yeaterday ft waa dlacoreiv
ad that the Inner ear had become In
fected and that another abaceas had
formed arhero It waa much more
difficult to reach and tha poaalbUl
tlae from wtiich are aeriona. it la
pointed out that Mr. Kooeevelt It
sixty yean old and at that age la
aot able to throw, off tnflraltiea
such aa ha could when ' nearer alt
prune, '-.
: Last night he waa reported to be
resting aa easily aa could 'be ex
pected.. Ha la $ a hospital hare.
it i ...
NdXUmit -v T6 iWilllnonesi-r
Banklno and Other Great
Interests To, Assist
AfHtNOTpN February S-(Aado-eiated
rrea tcle am will find
tha Ma era ii ao Jiailt to the patriotic
doaire of tie eaplt'allala of the Nation
to help' la the winning of the war, ae
eording to tha-avalanrhi of telegraph
ed reaponaea received 'at the office of
thaaerretary At the' treaanry yeater
day in reapense to hta, Appeal for in
veettaenti It the treaaury eertiftcatra
of ladebtedneaa aooa to be iaaued.
Froo4 thouaaada 6f banks and truat
eompanlea, in verjr State of the Union,
came wholehearted.' guarantees of co
operation. Borne banks made the offer
of theUr entire -resources' if the need
of the government denaaded it, instead
of the one percent per month suggested
by Kec-wtary MeAdoo. N
Beeourcia Offered
"Our; resoureee are at your eoui
inaad,.' . telegraphed one banker, who
added) What we have will be of no
ase te'tte if Oermaay jwina this war."
Another' banker .neat this message:
"You can have everything in the bank
except the nxturee."
The-Bret issue of half a billion dol
lnra' worth of the oert ideates will be
tint on the market at eace, to be fal
lowed by itwuea of half a million every
two weeka until a total of three bil
lion have .been Issued. It la now ex
pected that the entire tljree billion will
f. taken jip aa fast aa Issued.
There la decided interest manifested
in financial elrelee in the government
bill guaranteeing the payment to too
railroads commandeered by the govern
ment of 4SMn,0Q0,000 duribg 1018,
which la at the average rate of 6.3
percent on the investments. .Tia bill
waa introduced for the senate aom
mlttee on laterstate Commarne bjr Sen
ator Hmlth, ita chairman, with a fav
nrable report, ' ;
Rrailroada Agreeable .
In prMntna it, Penator Smith stat
ed that he believes that the raajoritv
of the 'railroada "will, accept those
terms by file government aa a just and
St measure Under their constitutional
rights.". .
In rnmraaadeertag the1 railroada. the
admlniHtrntlou guaranteed to the own
era i profit for this rear equal to thit
made during 1017. Unofficial eomnutH
tions based oa the reporte of the inter
state commerce eommiaaion ' for th"
first eleven mojitha of last year and an
estimated flcure of the earnings for
TWember ertlmnte the earning of th
lire for 1017 t have been Sfl.18 000,00".
which is close to tho amount the gov
ernment will have to pay for this yoar
a; compensation under national opera
tion. t
' ,
WAPHIV0T0X. Febrnarv 7 fAvo
dated Preset Pecretarv of War Dan
iels stated yesterdav that the United
states atul bet 'Allies are winning
againt the eubatariee warfare of 0r
many. ir.,n.vM.
reach conclusion;of ; r
Petrosrad Reports Tell of Grow
ling Hostility Against Prus- !
; sian Imperialism :t r;j
- ;I-6nDON,' Tebrnary S ( Aaaoatated
) Prei!) Hoje of a rer peace '-with
Biuwla has been frankly abandoned In
Austria and Hungary and la apparent
ly 'feeing jrlvt-n up In Germany, where
the preaa is preparing the (enpl for aa
eanouneement of the final ruptore" at
Breat-Lltovsk. , , Yl-
(According to Hnngnrian deepatchea,
hy:way. of Amsterdam, Former Premier
AedraiMY has announced In the lower
honse nt.fr Hangurian'diet that the
Aaatro-Hangnrian government 1 . has
mrehed the conclusion that the Bolhe
vlfcl aa in ae annnner sincere U their
peace- -parley and la prepared to give
ftp the -present attempt to bring the
provisional government at Prtrograd
te its senses, ' v . -'. a
Papers Hlat Breach '. ",''. .
' ,Th Oermaa newspapers rocelvej in
aeutrnt eonntrira bordering . on' Oer
many are now . hinting broadly at a
J robabhv breach between the Teuton
iploirtat'a at - Brest Lltovsk and the
delegates of the. Hlava, aent from Fa
frograd by the BolshevikU The aeva
ptipera of Berlin attempt te lighten the
omtng difftppointment of the public at
tins StfW ay mating that the prospects
for aa enrly peace with tha Lkraoians
are hrtgnX;'. .It is from I'kranla that the
Teuton hope to aeure their food anp.
Petgra4 dewpatchea say that host 11,
lty Id Uermaay la being ahow a plainly
in the Bolshevikt presa, which-la -as-pecinlly
critical of tbe Oermaa 'press
and its- treatment nf th poece Seeetia'
Han: - TlieJ?-4traW,lj'ig',a.tal
TIdIkIiI vlkV organs -are smsrf presenting J
the Bolshevikl ti the q'tnis a Social aits
kid are attempting to deceive these Ho
elallsts.lMto, the belief that Trotsky
knd I.enine arid thsir followers art in
an alliance with the British and Amer
ican imperialists.
Petrograd'a Plight Bad
Conditions; n- Fetrogrod are verv
bad. 'Thfongbaat Tuesday-, and Wed
nesday there waa street- riotinir. with
the mobs looting the shops and resi
dences and breaking Into the wine cel
lars. Drunkenness added to the general
disorders and Inspired the. mobs Into
resisting the soldiery aent Out to dis
perse them. The soldiers were forced
to use armored cars, with machine
(runs,- driving, these back and forth and
firing upon the rioters. - Many were
killed before the moba were subdued.
Gen. Krvlenko, Bolnhevik commander,
has issued a decree that all' supplies
must be cut off. from the Polish Legion,
nml that the commander of the I'uIph
is outlawed.
Finland Trouble
In Finland the revolutionists or "red
guards", have surrounded Tainmerfors,
the Finland city. General Jdaaserheim,
leader of the government forces, who
wou a victory a few days ago, has been
defeated and ia retreating toward the
gulf of Bothnia. Both aides have lost
heavily, according to the Kuselon offl
clul news agency.
- . , ; , .
Still Pifvye
Doing Cured- :
' ' - ... .-t.. . .' "
: WARHTNCTOTt, ' .February 8-r
( Associated Pre )--Navai aathori
tlae have not cbimged their, optnloa
that the submarine menace la being
cured by the efficient - measures
Uken.br rh navies of the Allies
despite the disaster to the - Tua
eanla. They "look upon the success
af the Oerman submarine as rather
la the nature ef a happening than
through, any coticcived plan.
' It was pointed ant last night that
the attack on tha Ttucaiua ' was
made by a stnr.14 aubenarlna. 'Tbis
evidenced tba-fact that the Ger
mans had. .no- advance, information
of the point ef dcsttaatloa of tha
transport,, that nothing aa to her
departure --or probable port of ar
rival had be'v divulged from any
source and V at without such ' In
formation it H not possible for tba
German subn lue forces to make
concerted f 'i upon the troop
ahtps carry it : contingents from tha
United Etat v v '
'The report t' At one of the British
destroyers la.tt r sank tha eubmarrne
which attacked the Tuscania is pot
confirmed by the later reports.' .
t Thirty
sdcond DwisidniSiA
Ft f t
een Miles Off
Coast of Ireland
V' ' . .it b :'
Moderating Weathers Promises
To Permit Resumption of
' Transportation j,
f -
WA8HIN0TO.V, FebriiBTy S ( Asao
riatel Press) A sadden change ia th"
weather, bringing a decided . rlae la
temperature and a tha la maay sec
tlons -of ttfe country-- that have been
held firmly IS a wintry grip' of snow
and lee brought hope to the railroad
bureau, the coal administration ami the
food admlnUtratioa yesterday and last
night. It carries a prospect of an early
increase la freight luovemente -' and
consequent relief of congestion. -
While edal transportation is still be
low the normal desnite all efforts to
Ked forward an adequate supply- for
iiiping anil house warming purposes,
there are indications the fuel situa
tion Is improving.
Ho far. as. tba labor supply ia con
rerneil, In moss parte ef the country it
wH.plentiful. at. month. , --,'- y
M'ASlHNaTON, February 7-(Asso
ciated Press) Secretary to the Presi
dent Tumulty today made, a formal
statement that he in uot a candidate for
the. appointment pf senator from New
Jersey, succeeding Heoator llughea, a bo
died a few daya ago. , ,
On. Western Frc7.t Qerman? ;and
British ;Bour Report -,Suc-"
cesses Achieved In Raids
WABHINOTQV, February 8 (Asso
ciated Press) Big guns roared sloag
the Western jFront. yesterday, in sev
eral sectors sad there were raids and
forays made by all of the belligerents
but no infantry movements of magni
tude occur red. 'i ' . .
OlUcial reporta' last night said there
was an increase In the intensity of the
artillery lire la several sectors of the
West Front. This was" specially no
ticeable la the Aiaue aad Verdun sec
tors and la the lei nit y of Cambrni
ami Lena' Under cover of their ar
tillery Touton forcea undertook foravs
in the Aiane and Verdun sectors. In
their official reports of laat night the
Cermaaa claim to have made raida 'in
Handera snd at ArtoiS to have taken u
number of prisoners. .,
Uaids by British troop are told of in
the report from London and in this re
port special credit is given to the Llvnr
pool troops who are said to have shown
splendid bravery in the aeries of rsidx
which they conducted in tbs vicinity of
Armeutieres where they made a la rife
number of prisoners Snd captured field
piece nnd machine guns.
General Pershing reports to the wnr
department Hint I'rivate Rnfus Atkins
was killed in action on the front on
February .1, and that 10 'other Ameri
can soldiers were slightly wounded.
.i see i ' i
Explosion, of Big Gun and Fall of
Airplane Cause, Sadness
In Oklahoma' Camp
j . r
LAWTOX, Oklahoma, February 8
(Associated Press) This eamp was the
scene of two fatal accidents yeaterday,
iu one of which an officer and two ar
tillervmen were killed, and in the other
two airmen meeting sudden death.
Cnpt. I'hiueas Christie, of Philadcl
phia, in command of a mixed gun crew
of the Nineteenth Field Artillery and
the Ninth Field Artillery, formerly of
MchoAeld Barracks, Onhu, waa engaged
in target practise with a French "75''
gun, which exploded, ". The captain
nod Privates Vaudear and Bareilles of
the Nineteenth wre killed and Pri
vates Oliver Hmith and Carl Ander
son of Battery D, Ninth Field, were
probably fatally wounded.
Hliortly sftcr this accident, Aerial
Lieutenants Loomis and Htampa, in at
tempting a nose dive with their plane,
lost control of the machine ia eomo
way and crashed into the ground. Both
aviators were instantly killed and the
machine was wrecked.
KL PAHO, Texas, February 7 (Asio
elated Press) Mexican ambassador to
day formally protested to the American
state department the killing of fifteen
Mexicans on Janunry 13 et a Texas
border town. The announcement was
made by the local constable.
. ' i . . , .
WASHINGTON, February 8 Associated Pres A troopship, bearing nearly 2200 United States
officers and enlisted men three women passengers, thirty-two who4 are not specified in tho
list and British officers and crew numbering 190, to all 2397 souls was torpedoed Tuesday night by a
German submarine fifteen miles off the coast Of Ireland. This "was the British steamship Tuscania
being utilized as a trancport for American troop en voyage to France. Of tnese 2296 are report
ed to have been saved and 101 to have been lost. Official figures given out by the war department
last night differ somevwhat .from these figures for they make the number of missing troopers 113.
It is not likely that the full casualty list will be reported for several days. - . .
Convoyed by British warships and destroyers the Tuscania was nearing the Irish coast when "
a submarine: .came out of the.darkness and sent a torpedo into the big troopship. .Undoubtedly
most jOf those missing were killed or so seriously 4njured by the explosion of the torpedo that es
cape for-them -was impossible for forty-four, mutilated bodies of American soldiers Dave been
washed ashore .on the Irish coast fifteen miles from the scene of the disaster. .;. . '
; : .:vV 5 :V; Y.I MAKING FOR IRISH PORT v rS -l, ":
' It appears the transport was making for an Irish port and this Is. the first Intimation there has
been that, troops were so taken , to Ireland or Scotland, transported across by rail and then trans
shipped across the channel to France.:-- s;-:-.-';t .t,-V ' : -
;. Of those saved many were in uraent'need of c'othing owing to their hasty departure from tho in
jured steamer and aid is being rendered to thenv .Two of the three women passengers and thrca .
men died in one of the boats which left the Steam jr. V It is probable the thirty-two not classified in
those aboard the steamer, were traveling In official capacities, possibly they were secretarial of
ficials of the' Y. M; a -A.-f Tr.'vv,..,,: ..,Vv,. ;..;.'v -wr::v-,j,-
V Clothing and food was at once sent to the survivors fcv the mavor of Belfast wha akn fnt
message of condolence to Ambassador Page. ' .f( ; ; , ; . -.: v
" KrAflppurfctthejii f thdsinking of iKejTuscanu with 'the attcntf-'
pnt loss of life? ;!;,Amerlcj9 Soldiers irid British 'trew'-was mn '
hy.thedpatrrieiit jtittkay morning: following brief ad v : -s
nfMrdisaster hjoh:rfyereVaWo h?n,i3rtnienf. , '
ffexr.Uy7lrT'anuoutitf ,Was followed by oiiicr., k. . 4i .
detsuh 61 losses' and survlvalV were teceived-wivda litof -the r
tif'-a;n&etJrns: Abdaf4.4fettsport wasJurnished frdrn the de
partment'recordii.To.the,bfficial announcements-were added the.
news despatches which came to. The Associated Press- ,
The: Tuscania was a British steamship of. 8621 ,torl$ registry.
Manned by' British officers and crew she was serving: as a trans
port for United, Stajtes troops between this cottntry;and France; The
Americans boar4 numbered 2170, mostly membeVs of the Thirty
second diyiaion, componed of national guard troops front Michigan
and Wisconsin: who . were trained at 'QmpMeAQhu.l;'''' 'r,, .
I n the dead of night Tuesday the' slumbers of those aboard the .
Tuscania then off the Irish Coast, were interrupted, by a 'sudden
jar followed almost simultaneously. by a terriffit; explosion,. Hast
ily leaping iron berths and. from , hammocks, catching up - what
clothing was close at hand, alt. not killed or, wbuaded made their
way-to the dcki Splendid discipline and presence -of, '.mind pre
vailed and many examples of bravery and heroism: were given by
the American , soldiers, survivors reported. , . There - was . po doubt
in the minds of any as to what had occurred. 1 Out bl the darkness
had come a Hun submarine and sent a torpedo crashing into the
transport. How long the vessel would remain; afloat, they, could
not then know. ':', :- ,:'. - ''
Always maintaining the discipline the men and, passengers' were
marshalled to their positions and ordered to the boats. In .debark- '
ing from the steamer he same good order, prevailed and boat after
boat was loaded and put away. The steamer remained afloat for
two hours after the torpedo exploded but no time was lost in man
tling the life boats and ordering them away once it was determined ! .
the vessel was sinking. Most of the boats were later? picked up 7
by the convoying Britsih warships and .destroyers and were taken
to Buncrana and Lame. Ireland, but some we're evidently missed ; '
us a party of ten was reported as reachinglhe coast of Scotland. .' ; ,
Therewere some terrible hours of exposure and hardship foi-
tlie inmates of some of the boats and this was shown by their, phys
ical , condition upon reaching port. ' Despatches said that of 550
landed at one port more , than sixty were sent to hospitals and' that - :
f the 150 landed at .the other port there were eighty hospital
vases, among which were two cases of pneumonia and two, of ty-,
i hoid fever or typhoid pneumonia. . "',
Ambassador W alter Mines Page immediately . tok7 steps for
tho relief of the survivors, the state department .announced "life , '
it-iit military attaches to Belfast and reported that relief measures
had been undertaken by the Red Cross arid the ' Y, C, A; which ',
had sent representatives to Ireland with instructions to. make. any ' . !
expenditures necessary ip relief work and see that every possible ? ,
comfort was affordd. Ther mayor of Belfast rendered aid at once,
the message ffom the ambassador reported. Other despatches from ' '
the embassy later gave confirmation of the report that most of. the
losses were from members of the crew. : ;;,;.' i v.
A news despatch from London reported that in the ealier
patches from the embassy it was said that 1912 officers tnd. rne
of those aboard the Tuscania had been accounted fori ,-: - : ' ,';
In its first announcement the war department said ,:itVown i
pilvices were meager and names of neither survivors northose lost
were then obtainable but promised there should be the fullest pos- '
?ible publicity given. . v v ( ; .V'
Records of the department, announcements; said showed that
aboard the Tuscania were the following military organizations : ; , 1
Have Been Oa ?
- . '-. v.i .-r.i;,
Well Known Formef Residents,
Some With Families Now Here,
Wei'e Members . of Drganiza
tions Reported Aboard; Tus-
' cania ' '?V.-u "s-
It is 'aearly eertalaT that at least onj
former resilient of Honolulu, sad prob
ably several other a, iaeludiaj;' rouths
hose netrest relatives are tslahd re
ileatsr were aboard the transport Tus
eanlahen. ehe vras .torpedoed: elf the
coast of Ireland. ..' . ; K
C. B. Bnell, t or1 twe yearaN employed
as a aiaehlnlat at Pearl Harbor, aad
a brother-in-law of Hoger Taylor, a
deputy collector of customs, ia known
tu have been a member of the One Hun
dredth Areo Hquadroa, Field. 1, which
is reported as one of the troop divi
sions on the Tuseania.
Up to twe .weeks ago Aaell was at
Hempstead. Long Island, with the One
Hundredth Aero Squadron. He wrote
bin brother-in-law teea that he expect
ed to be sent 'abroad soon for aerviee.
Left a Tear Ago
He left here about a year siro, a
short time after hie sister, Mrs. Taylor
passed away. SneU Joined the aviation
service as a maehiniat last fujy snd
for a number of months waa in train
Injr at fan Antonio, Texas, tint recent
ly bis division waa transferred to the
Rasters . station. Unless some unex
pented Aceldent oeenrred to delay his
sailing with bis aero division, ha waa
undoubtedly aboard the Tuseania anj
a witness of Hnn frljihtfulnesa.
Hnell had our eeoualntaneea and
friends bare, (rained during his two
vears' residence in Honolulu, and un
til see.nrate casualty lists are received
t)iee will be much worry over hie fate,
although bin closest friends are In
clined to be optimistic that he was
among those ssved. as he became an
evivr swimmer duria his stay in the
Islands, which they think would have
sided him in. being rescued. If he was
foseed ta teVe t the water..
Others Probably Aboard
Wmllsr fear for. the safetv of other
boys in the American aerviee ia felt
hv relatives and friends In Honolulu,
snd especially for. James Jones and
Hirtim I.nshwnv, who left here in De
cember and ioined the twentieth en
(jiers. the i4timbe" reiriment.
These two rounf men are knows o
be in this reiriment, hut there waa oil'
s portion of the reitimeat abasrd th
Twsranl-, when she waa sant.'' The resi
ment divisions reported aboard the
sunken transport were the headiuar
torn 4eteehment. end Oom-wnles P. V.
snd P. What eompanlea the Honolulu
meo -ere la baa not been ascertained.
Before leavlna here to iolo this en
pineerinc refmnt Jones was employ
ed in the Allen Robinson nlantii
mill, es waa also Tashway, who was
the mill snnerln tenement.
'Jnres' mther and two brothers are
Honolu'u residents. One o' the botfc
ei is la the quartermaster corps ant
e other U a painter.
Pc"ner A4vertlser Kenorter
Some anxiety, ia alao ei pressed la
(OonUaued oo Pae Column 1)
(OooUaaed en Pago 9, Ooloam X)
. - ,1 7:
. " '. ' ; i-".'i' . i; '
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