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; n "Sox : v&jr C-xra ) M : V u v.."."; i ' ? - 4
v-A; ' 1 1 '"V ",; "'' ' a'
Stora Paiib'tltl Are Not Ad
quatd To Handle Big Short
: ; , ' f :nds m$ugar i&RKEr
: Shortage of Coal and Slow Ar
; rivals Hold Back . Refining;
;i" - Brokers Disgruntled
I' ; Wk f iaff rabto bottom to trtu
1 ' vori Cuban (iiptr to iarkt is
' iug kiTN with U pkut of tho itw
' tttiotil Mitf - (MwinlM U rtiyt
, the ugft ibortx It iflep tbt
Vnanr Of Um, bottom kicV ; war
' (..(rued": to arrr th' Cuboo rop'.to
I m.trkt fcr o imut11 and "pko bo
M. Available ' t coBMiuer' ugr ,l
yinx la Cuba aad I pr of
' '. farilitie najr be loaiiequata. ThM
lfporta aro eoataiaad ia ta feokly
letter whlfk on'of the lrg sugar
aitsnoiea beta aaa recoived from ita
New Yo,k rtpmaatatlT.; : .;?v-'-:j
It aW apar that what wa fo
. merfjr know aa tho r'augai" ourket" It
practically a matter of aaeioat kiatocy,
tint prirea bar beea Axed and prae-
tieally Btabiliaad The aufar ' aiarke
xexintetl before the war' aa waa the
conuuoa exprenioa ia tb aouia ia'th
last rrotnry when referring to aa ereat
ta the iailcQatt paaU . t 1 . ', V.J
The "New York letter bear data Jaa
aarr .19 and aayi: :.?i.,l' .Vv '
'' H Real Maikok ' Vv;''',-S; , :
. ."Qwinf to fact. thaViher ia no
- - loiiftel' aoytkiaf whiak eoaiea properly
under, the deaigaationV'antfar market,
. the ehroaicUaK of .what may iara out
, t lie mere foasip of 'the atteot' la all
(htt'ii. left to writ. -v Now that the
banta kaa boea Axea aa 4.DQ5 et, fluty
, va' U it la generally Mmdehitood that
. ', nothing that may happen,"' eK'frpt ' the
ui(ten eeaaatioa f thtf war, wia kar
th effee. of breaking tkia prU aad
, .-t' it ia juat poaaible that ther may
) temporary adranee from' tlnMto
time a hick wiU reUev the aiuootoay.
-'Tha iataraatiooal angar tommUaioa
' (qntiaoe t buy . all' Cuba ' Of, iwhich
there, ia aay eartainty of reaaoaaaW do
" ; liveryi bat the earKy of, tatiafaotory!
aad insurable oaoaga ia, cautfiag' ao
end Of eoaeera. ftteorara' Wluch hat!
bea allotted to tertaia port ai-
. terwarUa fsnt njaarabl af hot tt
j V re.locted y wnderataa'f, that 1,:
' 200,000 bag 1 the carrying tyiu-uj of
' atramt ao allotted but' that aver V
; Vk,000 b(tt wfl be ready; thi monthj
' ntuat of
r which wiu hY. to u ware-l
la Caba aomehow. Denptte all
perleaee aom faetorie a atilt
iat experience
- without adequate storag facilltiea, and
; to keep taeae iaaprovidaat eoaeera
working at a Teaaeaabl parcoatage of
tbt-ii capacity will tax the energiea of
tho attgar eommiaaion- and ahipping
'. board.".' ' ' - '
fuel Administrator CrtUdxed
' "Th draatie ordera of Doctor Gar
' field, our coal dictator, have evoked
aiK-h a) clamor a ha not been heard ia
' year, btt, U thU ia the only way to
utart the anpply abip for Europe every.
' buily 1 quit willing to be aacrinced.
, V bava aa peciai animosity toward
' eoJlcK proteaiora in general, but we
, hardly think it poaaible for them to be-
eomo traffic manager by intuition, nor
caa w ee tho wiadom of appointipg a
Bilveramitb to aolve'probleiua in trnua-
portatlott Of eoal Waen We leara that
. Jrgo aamjbor of aabor hve boo tie-.
liveredi for vcanel, the keeU of whlfh
hvo aot yei been laid, one begins to
' wondo if WO are aot after all in topaey
tufy (aad, Oa aewspaper featurea
the aifuatiop with a large typ head-
iogr ; '
. uade wfiieb in very email print follow:
, 'Government Ownership'
Burp hi Pile T7
"Cuba 1 aow maaufaeturiag uga
rapidly lad pfliag op a surplus against
' : future 'need. It ia pretty well ander-
stood' oa th street that praetieally all
of thl year' eaop baa beta bought by
tbe Uuito4' 6'atei. govrBft by r
. rangemeat with th Cuban government,
. aad that a aooo a certain detalla have
' lea. aettW. Ih fats will be publisb
ed. Th appointment of" Jimmy' Cal
- lagbaa a aitaat to Mr. Mott ia th
' bojring departmeat f the Interaational
Sugar ComaUsioa is oa of the moat
7ipuJa' act wf tba . akalrmaa of the
"Figure from Cuba for week end-
ing 13th Instaat are:
; 'Export'
" "Ceotrl
"Of these exports 29,770 ton wer
to Atlaati porta aad 771 tea t Now
Orlean end Gulf port.
''Tha aqmbor of Central operating
today la reported to ba 169 a against
MX) lAa aad 14a ia th thro preeediag
year., Owing t a bfUef;that some
factorle have greatly increased their
storage capacity during tb past year,
it i tbooght that statist is aa to tocks
t Ui pirrta, Wil bf far rom repreaen
iug the aofiial stock on th Islaad thi
"Th altuatioa la wwpee 4, ra4
sugar i but little relieved. Beflner,
it i taw, af begianiaiji t et, a Uttla
uga bt, nuiil th'X "J4
ullicicut quantities, atak but lit
tle headway. "Th river ar, till block.
t J witb k aad coal barges ep dU-
More Than Fifteen Thousand
Tqhi Move In Eight Days and
' 'Comparativefy r uttie ; Is' " In
Storage Awaiting For, Qepar-
.. turt t 't.-itV'v'i k
Sugar hlpreent'bav gon merrily
forward la tb past eight day In a
way. at a ped that has not been' here
tofore know sini-e th aew crop flrst
bogan to move ia the 8ra-a in Da
ember, In that prid forty percent 4t.
mitrb sugar reft th,islada aa had
previously departed.' M ' I
Ail of. the recent departnree have
boea . for Crockett and sate vwek)
hav rrie 1 13,196. H-Trevloualy hip
meat bad bee 37,ti91 so to date there
haa boea sent away 0.1,459 ton or aot
far from a tenth of fa estimated crop
fpr this ycr." . . ; ; ' "
' Tho. roseola departing and their tnr
goea have been tho Juneaa, 7O0 ton;'
Columbia 1300; Governor 1422; Maaoa
3000; btr of Italy ?147; Knterpriae
1487) Iria 3200. ; 4. .. i it:K v
a These, shipmeute,' pretty i weH clean
up ihe Western auar at the preaeat
tiro for the grind ia going forward
alowlyr Early fera oxproasad ia Mm
qn art era, that ther might be an ade
quacy of storage accommodations and
sugar would pile, up for buK of neres
sai bottoma to carry U with, aa places
to atoro it aero, are tbua far found; to
be entirely unwarranted. T ' ". , -'
- ..Booeat reporta by Inker-Island steam
er porter told of 17,887 bag of tngftr
awaiting shipment. oa Kanei 2,47S .o
Hawaii and 0000 baga ; brought ' bore,
which ia all make Only. 793 ton, '
ogat TTrgaqtly XTaadaU .;: ' ' .X:
-it 1 bosom rag ntore.and-.mert evi
dent that tb food administration la de
sirous of moving Hawaiian sugar a
vapidly a may ba possiblo and ha th
cooperation, pf tb shipping . board so
far.aa rs pqaaiblo.,. It ia tru the type
at Veeeol) employod are in many in
stance alow, but that far tb ahipping'
fat-ill tie bv beea qnite adequate to
move the sugar ground and the plaa
tktiao are'aot hurryiag the grind so
that the sbipniag situatioa ka provstl 1
fast simpler thaa bad been ceiorally
fare.L'-, '!. -A-:-, "i. : .' : :
v - . eo.-v.- :
UpmsilaKa . Producers Claim 01s.
, prjmjnatiQn, Against. Them
r f , L1A Ca DafinavSaa '
, . I, AIUl. For Refineries
NEW GBlEAN8 January ? Tb
ehxla of washed sugar prieea recent
ly issued by the international augar
committee which 'allow a maximum dif
ferential of only sixtj-fiv point vr
the pric of raws for such sugar, ba
treated quite a atir in Louisiana sugar
circle, where practically all of th
o-eaiiefl washed sugars in the United
State are made. Planter and other
sugar men in tb Stat are wondering
U . there la any quality reason why tho
price . of retnery granulated eager
should bo 1.10 point over the raw price
and the price of Louisiana . sugars
which are at least equally pure, oaly
one-half . of this refiners ' differential.
They say that tho only good reason
for ; suck a discrimination would be
found' In the fact that the refiners'
sugars were better from the standpoint
of health, a? aom ether reasoa mora
olid thaa the mere slight difference ia
their appearances. Such thiugs as these
are snaklag the planters' and ease fana-
ot of Louisiana uor and mora ick
of the international sugar committee,
of refiners, and there is talk of the
necessity . of taking some . Strang. tep
towarua navtng tne rreaiuent appoint
a domestic sugar producer on the com
mittee. This rale, the cane grower of
Louisiana believe is positively the moot
.lf .lv.ntui. relatii. th. .
vs. ssk th."com;tt
fineries could
tq prescribe
mitted, tat suggest
kind. Not that the planters think that
there was any suggestion made of this
character, hot thay feci that it was as
ill sal a rule a even the most avari
cious refiner could have desired.
E. A. Raiuold ears that in his opin
ion the proper way to fix prices oa
sngar is to start from the refiner's
granulated .price downward, awl aot
from the raw price up. A twenty -five
pofnt differential between plantation
products aad Tenners' good, la tbe
widaet differential justifiable, 1; th
opinion of almost every man talked tq
oa thia matter. ' '
appearing under the waters with heart
breaking frequency. 'Quotation for
refined augar are nominal at tb same
fixed rat a siqee seventh laatant
7.45 cents less two percent.
"The brokers ia refined sugar are
maintaining a determined barrage fire
q te preaident of the America Hugqr
Befining Company and the latter keep
replying through the press with mor
tars, miaenwrfer aad camouflage
generally, winding up always with
'Sweeten it with Domino' by way of a
starlight. 1
Mil 1 of interest to note that th
j , , - - - -
nraaanriTatad ruins sail iuiruLtinna
arig ptuAU anj sales ef rw sad wab-
ed sugsrs to buyer other than refiners
inese wasneo sugars must have a eoloi
a eolos
rnot less than No. SO Dutch tan
a 4uaiu anu uk unite iuiii
irracted en any l the planttiona
,i, f r.
a f .. .
i 1
Biggest Prcfacer :
ftas Best?Offijes-:
OfAnV Plifitatidii?
h y -' n ,''.'
I (a (manife'stty proper ythpt Aht
largest 'trodaciag'aagat plantation' of
the island should- avth rtoat Op to
date and the besVquiped ornra build
ing -to ao fooad on any Of th Island
pJaatatioaa and recent, visitor to Puo
nene wheae ha located tb ofBae and tb
mill of the Hawaiian Gopimrcil n
Bugar Company say that such 1 thf
aV ' 'iy'f. ; :,i.-j-:;-i,Vv.
.".The new concrete office ''.baildiag
shown" ia- this picture wai .6mpletM
with7 ibe flrst of th year jaad' now.
house , tb o, staff -whii ,if Jillfd
shown la.ths pictura. The builUmg'l arV
ehitoVturally attraetlv ajni tonvenajat
ia all of it building detail aad,with
ia.it la-aa equipment which include,
practically every modern device
tial ta the concoct of th business of
plantation offic'' All of the ofU,.fur.
aitttre 1 metal -and the. building and
anisb'tagi and' famltora - aaa' (Uajgaod
to be nearly fireproof a is practical
in 'taw .eiretuajatawaaV, " ." ;;'- l .J
. Hawaiian i Cornmerciil Jaad :. Bnga
Company baa fori years ranked 's the
tartest psatloeer .' of. , tb . Islands, ' ita
smallest outturn la ' th . past twelve)
year being 43,804 ton and. Its large!
slightly la excess of 60,000 ton, j . 'X
f Ntvi Hi t'
- 'Annual meetings of the various sugar
and plantation companies of th Is
land, and of the large eosporaiioa
which are their agent will boob ha th
order of the day, commencing . next
week. Already a number of eompania
have published their nqtlces of aanaal
meeting and after next Monday, they
may be expected to follow on viqnt
another thick and fast.
The first of the annual meeting tho
far announced will be that Of G, Brew
er and Company, to be held next. Moo-,
day, and six Brewer companies are to,
hold meetings next week, all on Wed
neoday, February 13. These JtM qa
Olowalu, Waimaqalo, Hoouapo. Waioi
Mo, Kau Agricultural Company and
the Woodlawn rruit Company. '
On Thnrsday and Friday .of next
week four of the Hackfeld companies
will hav their aannal meeting. " On.
Tbursdav I.ahaiaa Atrricnltnral ' Pnm.
in. . .. X1 JVi ' l
I Cr'I ""mews . w
j-, a-. yar. rB-
' th. m.-.ting. thus f. a,Bounc.4
mors interest attaches to thos of Oaha
anJ Walahole Tunnel aompaay for the
issuance of th annual report will ta
all instances follow the annual 'meet
ing of stockholder. Owing to th fact
that tb stock of tb Oabu company 1
one of those most frequently dealt hi
on the local exchange and if has been,
reported that ir may hav tb largest
or second largest crop thia yea; the
publication of the Oahu Sngar Com
pany report ia waited with most inter
eat by th gaaeral public.' ' r.v.'K.
So closely connected is the Walahol
Tunnel eewJpeny with the Oahtr Sugar
Company that almost equal interest at.
taoha t it report 'for that reason.
Aside from this, however, thi big ir
rigation" project aow operating o sad
eossfuHy and aa to'wUich oaly about
year ago there wss beard much advor
errricUm about the street, all ef which
proved to ba fouaded en baseless ruauw
Of reftvrt, always- coai ataada pobHq
attsntloa when mentioned .-aad. thq
great results it has achieved r aeghr-
9j rvu.
Chamberlata a Couch Hera67iv'; has
tlAAIfe I'll ! . 1 .A.livl.. a.J I I. it. .L.
,ir.u. BU riiius iqr.ms
ur7 jnrw suq nas glne4 la PO-
i....i.i. . .. T , . . . -
! Dularltv every vear. Wt,. K,.
ommsndatloa! required t Vor' sat bv
i. 'all dealers, Benson, Smith A Co. Ltd-
agents for Hawaii.
i- 2
wiuid vecupica II. i iua ia ana
ol tha lalanda.
t t. 1
' v :t-v. K
" HAVANA, iannirr
HAY.NA, January ;tA ;v Cuban ,
ogar vExportatioa Committee" :i ha
IT.' ;:.-vVt'.ij.i. 1
eea appointed bPerident Menoeal,
COosUUng of 4v: members, 8eaor Car
lo de i . Zafdo chtiruaa, and, Senorea
Carle 'Dufau, Irnaclo -Almagro, Luis
B. Maaoa aad Heribarto Lbbo, who will
have authority to adopt aay. method
they deem, aeoessary ' to fulfill the eon
tract thocCubaa producer hav wUh;
the. lateraaftoSaf sugae committee, and
facilitat' Iho'shipmenti of th agar
aecordrpg t th condition peifld ia
th'fAn4raet;'.'i f,f-: .
Th'"eom'mittee i authorised 'to or-"
gaala aa Aeo, through which all buai
aeia eonneetioa with the exportation,
of ngar-mut be'tranaaeted; xpens
of thi. offle. win ha paid by the Cuban
government.' Tb. committe ha Inst
notion in startiag t work, and a the,
mea tonaposlpg it ara aB well known In.
the sugar industry, it is expectc4-that
ther: wllr aeoomtllah a trrest deal in
moving the sugar er op successfully:
circular reiter nas peea sen. out py tne
ehairmap to th exporters And adailnia
trator of the centrals of th island an
nouncing the' appointment of the eoro-i
mittce. and It Dufooae. aad askintr foriwkon nv iiuiinj o. , An,.v
eooperaUort oa their part. ' It asks that J
apy difficulties qr delay ia.fugar ahip-t
ment from" Th Centrals be reported,
along wits any ; suggestion that my
be offered aa to the best way of over-,
eoming these difficulties. ''.! '
yravcal Signs Ooptrtct. i
Oa Jaauarr 8 President Menoeal sitra-
wd jtha on tract for the sU of 2,500,000
.100 ot sugar, aa propoaeu. o.v mo in-.-ternatlona)
augar comuuttcH aad at the
same, time sigaed two other decrees of
great importance th Cuban sugar,
producers. One fixed lb prio of Cuban,
ugar at, tiSW ctnti' a pound at the,
poru; qf i yqrk, and PbiladL'lphi.
a price based oa th 384 cent freight
rat fixed by .the United Stat shipping
board to these ports, 1 the price to be,
higher if tb (ugay i shipped to other
American porta ia arordaneo with thq
freight rate fixed by : the earn board.
..' The, price for uuar ahipped to Eu-
rope are eat At 4.011 ots a pound from
th north coast ports, 6f Cuba, and AM
Cent, frffta south woast porta, , Expor-j
tation cannot b made' to other cotin
tciea without pormissieB froat' th Xt
pa govsrnaisut .and the, Cuban Hugar
Exportation . Committee;; aad all sale
at a prie lowr thaa that specified in,
the aoatract with th Uaitad U tales and
allied coantriea ar prohibited, la th
secoad decree, upoa fixing tho average
prise for -liquidation af tha caa grW
r,- the- college of . bspkar Must tak
fot eooaiderstioa 'warehouse expenses,
Ion" ia polarisations duslug storage,
freight, interest on - money- advanced,
aad a proportional part of th new im
post pa sugar, ' It i eatiuiated that tho
tolas', amouut of these' expenses will
reach) , about '008445..' ceiit' f .-'' pound,
.Whlrh dedveed from the prioe of 4.60
cunt, leave 4.2S65 eut 4 a base of,
liqulilatioq for th eue grower.' Ther
are. so mo objection that this estimate
is-toq low, and that the high' rate ot
laterest Which rouKt bopald qn money
advanced thia- year and , the lo' la
polarixatioq dijjigg ,a 'nmrb longer pe.
riotl Of storage than usual will tend to
increase these expenses. Thi college of
brokers will meet aa Monday with th
secretary-of sgrtoultur t lllscuaa' the
best, method of complying with thi dts
waavi r ' ; - f
Orof WU nnancal y ; r -" '
r'Th,a arrlvkl fu Hvana -pfBonor
Manuel' Btonda, president of Ibe Cuba
Can Sugar Corporation, find Mr. B. B
new ft.c Wiiang t'Piunen
uic iuicbi omce DUuuinea TO DC
Ji; ...
Ha wley, preaideat of tb Cubaa-Ameri
Sugar Company, ha eonviaoed the
Ouban producers that everything poo-
fibU a(ompli(l j
Xorki relatvv to tb uceesful.aarvet'
ingof the .crop of 1917-1918 will, be
don. Mr. Wnilam . Marrhant. - nrcmi.
dent of th,, National Bank of Cuba,
aa ais returnea - to navana, nn aa
aaaouqead'that the J'edsrai Beaerv
Bank aa agreed to advance 100)00,
000 to Mia .Cuban auger produoera to
carry them until their auuar ba beeq
old. The money i to be advanced
upon presenUtioo of a certificate of de
posit of sugar ia warehouse, add thi
amount ia estimated to be enough tq
finance the crop until tb auga ia paid
for. . MrMersbadt also states that ha
ka sheen aisored that there wlll , be
plenty ef ship for transportation, of
sugar to th United State. Owing tq
a contract recently signed by the
United States and Holland, the latter,
in exchange for food, will eede to. the
hipping board of the United State
fifty ,i ships, some of which will,, no
tlo'ubt. be . used in transporting sugar.
Us Oannan Ship
vTbe Cuban government has also of
fered' to carry, as much sugar a poa
aible on the transport Kydonia (on
of tb interned German ships seized
which will soon make a trip, to th
State. ' About 18,000 bags can be tak.
en. it is also understood tbat a eon;
tract 'has been made with tbe Cuban
AH Rail rente to carry 5,00Q bag o(
augar Weekly to Key West on thq for
ties that run daily between Havaaa
and thi port. '
. vjnL.t,Aj a, January it
hardly possible' to give any eompre
henstve report of tbe condition of the
caa crop to he made and harvested
durig the -year 1018, beeads it la alt
in it iqciplency a yet.'"' Ko report
reach 'p of any damage Aavlpg-occur
red from, the. extraordinaiy period ol
cold rveatbj;r through which we hay
recently passed, an (fit seem to. ba th
evident intention of our planter' to Ini
ereaae th.eir acreage la can this, year
to soma, extent, and at thia writing
there are no unfavorable features )a
the general situation. . , , ,
At thi writing' thq weather Is con
siderably milder than any we hav re
cently experienced in this remarkable'
January, and there seems thus fas tq
be a reeling pr hopefulness and opting
Ism which we hope will prove entirely
juitifiod .throughout tha year, , . ,
li. I.. .1 , I , , V, , . , H
Rationing neaura with respect to
sugar,tbrtad and etAqr foodstuff' iavj
been put into, effect, ia. Norway, ae
cording to resent advices from Chris-
tiama. rtugur onaumptioa 1 to b
regulated by the use of individual sugar
l ards, ' without Wl(icb lupplins canno(
be purchased.
Under new food regulations recently
t ut Intq effect by the Jw goverament
individuals ia that couptry ere allowed
only on pound of sugar iter- montq
each, the United State Fond Xdminir
tration tnnounee.
wing Tdy Failure To Arrive 01
1 Forms -Tor
Reports "Belief
Prevails More Time Extended
Owing to the .fact that blanks hi vo
not yet been received at thoMc
Of the internal revenue .collector nor
by th yqriou ptantatloa eompanies
or their agents from other sources, the
agents ef th various augar aompaaie
ar iaclined to .believe., tbera. will b
an extension of. time granted for the
filing of, return. ' V. K'. i
-A, it now ataada. tlje agendo and
tb plantatioha do not bnow what fig
ure .will hav to b furnished th
goverameat in the.returaa which must
be made ander tb law. Th agendo
beliv-.thAt whea ike blank dot com
it will, he found information 1 asked
which caa only b obtained from the
plantation : manager and. which may
tbea. take time t be compiled.' . For
this reasoa they expect th oxteaaioa,
soafident th government will aot-seek
to eiet th impossible. v..r ; .
Whqt th various eompaai ara to
He la still ,a matter of : mora or les4
uaooxtainty and await, the (determina
tion of number f perplexing ques
tions, not tb least of whieh will. b
what i 'iavstd capital '' ia , eac h
particular Instance., - Of icparse, th
compaaiea all have their ad vie pa,
tbi aubiect . from expert but ther
will .ba Iqstaar .wher oaly an offi
cial decision can sett 1, the status. -' :
8eme eopioa of th . blank issued
for individuals, with income ia excess
of 4S00Q per annum have bees, received
but these were not official '. blank..
They cam te ehaqta ffota the Corpor
ation Trust Company of . -Which moat
of .tb sugar agencies here and -other
large firms are subscribers. That com
pany ha not, as yet, sent any of th
blank, which, are toba atilized ty
corporation. -J . ' , y- . ty. t.: . . ' ;
Are Asked By secretary , MCAuoo
; To Invest Funds, In Trea,sury,t
, Certificates of Indebtedness 1
v Bank 'and "trust eompant4of Hono-lulq-ar
receiving '4 cablegram front
William O. McAdToo, aetreUry of tb
treasury, asking them-1 reaerv each
week out of their loanable food aboat
one percent of their -gros resources, r
more, tq invest ia treasury ecrtUleat
of indebtedness. Tbi Is. don for the
Karpose of postponing the next Liberty
ond Jaaa,-..'i-l--w-. : '''i'" .
; Thq secretary 'a sable, whieh Is, being
sent out to all beaks and, trust com pa
ri I- tbe Unitt4 State, was rcdvqd
yesterdav.bv tbe Hawaiian fruit Cqm.
pany.,- Within a hour after It re
ceipt a dirsstori' meeting waa held at
whiab it waa-voted to ubsoribe for
trensurv eertifl.eate at thq rate of. 5,t
w eeh for ten week, making a to:
tV of 450,000, or tea percent f -the
total resourVsea of the eompany. Tb
eahl a k that eoe perscot ar rnor,
not to xceed. tq percent ba thus invested.-
McAdoo's Msag
Thq eabl sent out by Secretary Mc
Adoo.aays: '
, I'BftwMo, now.sqd thq time for
making, the seat liberty Lou I shall
offer fpr ' subscTiptioq treasury certifi
cates of indebtedness in amount of
five hundred mUliqa dollar or more
very two week, .. '
"I desire to postpon tb next Lib
erty Loan ' i&ai until conditions will
Instye a. wide diatrihutfon of the bond
throughout tht country. , . .
Via. ordr uecesfqUy tQ erry
thrqqgh this program an to provide
for the expeaditure fojtbe mllitat
operation pf th Uqite Stte and.
th'AUie I must hav tha whole heart,
ed cooperation pf .th banker of the
Lplted State,, and to that end I re
quest tb boar4 of director of buIr
nssa ot. each bank and trust company
t 7erv sack week out of Us, loan.
M fund fpr th us of th govern
ment of the United State about, on
percent of thq gross resource of their
institution not to exceed i the aggrr
gat ten percent aucLto iavest that
mount la tceamry eetiflcates of, in.
.debtedneia. ;,"..' , ,. "f , ;. .
".Tbe exact Hmoont laterest rat
dt pd maturity, (not exaeedjng qine
days) each Issue o,fertJfJctej il
be announced from time to time by roe
through FcderaJ. Bescrv bank.
Hrq-i q. steady growth in tb
movement for economy. '
Ba"ks Bhpqh) Blp - J, ,
"Bank should be abl by partial
patintsajq. th campaign for economv
which mean economy; of credit a. Wl
a pf expend,itur tq teash , their cqsr
towers tq vs , and acepmulate tbe
mean to. buy ' the government certi
ficate and bond. . '
','Bf tht wtetbod.ia. distribution of
treasury rtjflcsie qf, indebted qess
should become , possible whieh will 'Be
lieve the subscribing banks of at least
a part of their purchases and furnish
tbe mean1 qf mating pavments for' the
nt . Issue of liberty Bonds without
undue strsia. ' v.
"Tha needs of the government for
tb war, ar great and, imperative.
"The resource of the country ar
nmpie to meet jtnese needs if every
ba"V will do its share,;
' "I know that one It is realised that
by complete cooperation all round aa)
piiiiippiNil iiiLia
Contract Given For. Plant Yith
: 1500, Tons Capacity Wfjich
1 WiH Be Located About Seven
tv Miles From Manila . .
( Art orVlcrx for a jeontjiletw irngar fe.
tory to b erect J .U th. Pbllipplae
baa just been received by th Jlono-
ql Irqn Wrk. Tha- contract plce
amount to about $1,000,000., New of 1 '
thi contract wa received Veatarday
from W. q. Haih manager of , tb Ha
waii division of the company, :
The augar plant for the eoaipletioa
of which the Honolulu Iron 'Work has
beea awarded Contract Will have ca
pealty of. 15Q0- ton of en for a day.
of twenty -Ui hour. It U dUpli-.
cat In ' arrangements . and design ot
Oa which tb . Iloaoluht - company fur .
sinhed to th same company, Tha Ca- '
mmba Sugar, Entate, ia 1913. hut: will'
hav a capacity '-tweatv-fiya, percent
greater. So well pleased, was th Phi
lippin'' Company wjth th' result -cured
by the first factory that it eon
halted tb ' Hqnoluhi , eokcera rha it .
waa determined to inrrease-ib present
capacity by 123 percent through ' the
rectioa f a new faetoryk . -.;'. . .
Th site for the aew fsetory.ls In
the Pampanga district,' about sevsatr
mile froat Manila oa tha Manilf rail
road. . .. . . . ..' .'- . ,
Tb' order for this w plan was
planed by th trustee of tha Calamba
-Sugar Estate from th officers of tbe
eompany ia San Fraaeisee. Mr Hall .
pent a week ia San . FraacUeo , tat
month and during his stsy ther west
vr ,tb matter of plao thoroughly
Wth tb trustees had at .that tirnq it
wa. decided to placq, the order. V-' ' ' .
Thtoughout tbe , augar produeiag
world the. repntatiaa af tb Honolulu
Iroa Work as a manufacturer pf augar
machinery ha sprs4.v antti H. ranks
with, fh fbremqst ', concerns ; of -the
world in this line,' Its busifies lioth
her aad at the New York ofiiees, has
grown. to anormona propoi
.. t , ':' . 1
rtion ,
Exopta AppearsTo Have Ceased
V' and v Improvement li of .' r:
,-v;u. Negative (?hara:,
PlantatipaJahor con,dltjo air ra
pfted aa bing better thaa they bate
boea fof th past few weeks,' The Im
provement cornea not front aa laercae '
of tho number of laborer bt from tha
fact that the exodus whieh haa been ia .
progress ia reported to hate practically
stopped... Thi ia.th report from, tb
bureau of labor and statistic. of , !h .
Hawaiian Sugar Planters1 Association.
After th payment of tha hoau for
the year to the plantation laborer
there have been veritabl exoduses, it
bat beea shown, and " this year there
were more departing than before, Thi
waa occasioned, so far as tha Spanish
and Poitugue labor 'waa ' soaeerncd,
by tha report which pam to thent qf
high wages which were tq be obtained
la tb munition factorl aad In tttbar
indstrU oa the mainland, . Adld to
this' waa th growing . disappointment
they feel becauso of their inability, to
ecur (and hare under tb present ad
ministration 's ideas of homestcadlng.
For several weeks mea ' of theaa na
tionalities left by tha dosea, aad tb.
score, and the departure run. np into
th bnndrede, when familiee a ia
eluded. , ; . i t
WbU1 there is aa admitted shortage
of labor ia the other Islaad, not espec-
j (ally different froiq other year 4, there
Is sun uttie or no indication or any la
bor 'shortage on this island. At th
ma time it .is"8ncouigjttg that fen
indication of labor unrest ar to b
found. The laborer appear aatifefiat
to meet th condition growing av,
th war and there have been few agita
tions .sineo th anounemnt of - th
bonus ytn a put .into operation for
the year afte thq meeting of the
Planters' Association. , '
- Beyond a cable jrhieh told of his ar
rival ia Wajahiagton, ther haa been, wo
word received , from, : Boyat XI, Mad,
head of tha labor and statistics, bum aa
of th aseociation, IJp 1 ther ia tb
interest ef tb labor- sitttaUoa here, it
is" Known,; but tb aasooiatioq has no
anqouneed what pqrticulajr direction hi
effort -avill be directed toward.
by every one doing htf pert tbi Vital
and patriotic aervise esq be performed
and every bank wlH do It sharq, ",
CrtUcal Tet ' ' . ,:'
' VWf are approaching a critical test
oq the bqttlefroni ip Europ. Ameri
ca 's "sons ar now actually shedding
their blood In the trenches. ' ',
"If tbe banks Which ar th first
line ef financial defense fail to support
the government fully In It nessary
operation w shall imperil America
srmy and America aoty. . .',i
"I know that I hav only to tF
the case to command the support 6f
every patriotio bank and banker. '
"Thia Is -r supreme dutyn patriot
ism. "May I count upon yon to. do your
part and to telegraph, me immediately
at my ex pent hc that yon willt -
"I am sending thi telegram to ov
ert bank ur trust, orapany ' in th
Unltd States." 1 v ' " , v
"'. I-
, 1 V

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