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i V
'" . , - - t V v.1 . (COncludwl from gi lj , , ' .' 7
- , ' Headquarters Detachment and Companies1 Df E anrj Pof Tweri-
..' ,,7;ietl, Kngine,;-":,.'. y ;i,v -, .. .
I - lOth Engineer Train, ' t -, . ' " ' ' '' ", :,' i
r--':SH(ffih MiliUry Poitee.V-V,'.1.,Tv : ; . '
lOb . Engineer Headquarter Company. j
v ' 107th. Supply TraikV r ; , . '
' , 100th Aero Squadrom " ' - ' . '
! 58th Aero Sqtiadfon.',! "'" - ' ; . : - v '
; vi RpIaccmenr;DetaclimenU 1 aod 2 b?''ThirtHebadDivl6il.
. ;. Fiftyone caual officer :.' . , . .. v.' :;:,."'..,: I
, The Thirty-second' Division wa composed -of national euafd
; nwi iiwm ivticnigan ana Wisconsin wno naq trained at tamp A1C-
-Arthart:,i ?.v .u..,.;. ' T
" ' The J07th Engineers were' imposed; df tta First Battalion,
MicJiigan Engineers. . . ... v .- ' : ; '
v; ThelQ7th Military Police were from the Fourth- and: filth' Wis
fonsuvlTifantry. ' '"''' " '.''''"" v;,.'-;
v.THt supply train was from ! the,. Fourth and Fifth Wisconsin
?; (OoBctttdad'rom Paf.l)'
Ilonoluls tot . Wiltian Kilclin forier
AdVertiter reporter, and Tom Diiggan,
former employe ot , tb ron ? Hwan
Young Company. Both r U thJ-
tio Mrvia but tb number ot their
Mr aqoMro ts nnkaowm -t.Uon)alu
frind. " r . .
; Wh Jail beard from Kilcliue waa in
wiohita, Tezaa, and Ducsaii arrot at
th aanva tlm that h waa aoon to leavp
for that, same aviation aUtloa." ,Hoa-
Ji)li rlenda fear that la the mean
time, ain they wr. haard-from, they
may nae bean transferred t the At
, Untie Coaat for depathvt Frane,
a BaTa ao many oIth aero aquadrona
; Kihs1in, aa the repreeentatire of Tfc
Advertiser. Sad DnKgaa, aa tha driver
ff Aha. "Pilot ear," .with ohn' eaa,
ofhe advertliing deivartment of The
ArtvertUer, made the tour of. the Iel
anda lait anring which resulted in-the
lMhin( of The Advejttieer automobilo
edition lata knt firmrper. ,
'' f I i 1 .... -i
liiiiAllSii fee MiM a
( ; ijatet."PreiV-Beit growere leontiaaed
to give, teatunony 4a h, hearing . of
yeateniay that they ahouid receive
higher price for their eropa than than
lieen, paid to them by the beet augar
factories. . This teatimony was given
in the hearing which was instituted by
the federal food administration in. its
efforts to settle the dispute, between th
growers and the factory bead.
., Much of the teatimony givea yeeter.
day went to. show that beet growing
at the old prieea is unprofitable,, that
the' sugar roakeri aecure heavr profits
and the growers will have to use their
lfinds fQr otaer crops unlest a fair ad.
ox roia do aecwea
1 if fr nkMM
- chief: of Staff
; WASHlKqTON; Febroary rT-(Aaso
rlSted TresO-Secretary of War Baker
today announced that Ma J. Oen. Peyton
tJ.jMhrchj now in France, will return
to' the. United States to become acting
chief of' staff. ' ,
General Tasker H. Bliia, now chief
Dftfcff, will continue on farloogtr. -
General John Riddle will' remain aa
nmistant chief- of Btaff'for the pres-
rnr, anrt later wi probably be assign
' PA 918,' FebTuary 8 (Associated
Press) Important testimony which
tended to break down' the' claims of
Holo Pasha was given in his trial yes
teniay .' by Madame LaPargne. , Bk
had prm-iously; testified! that I h kept
no book's or : papers of: aueoauis tod
tMw the witness flatly eontradicted.
. In. her testimony .&adaiae LFargue
related! bow a loan of 20,06o franca
was mad to her by Bolo Pasha adi)
of tha record aha aaw him make of. the
ff Mtaaetioa.
"the greatest! need1 of the"arrhle'a
abroad1 in the way of knitted' goodt' is
mittyui, ' aays a calilegTam' f fom Paris
to Jlewy P. Davison which has just
!? mad "pub,H br the- Bed. Cross,
ft is supposed that by "mitten" is
meant the article ' which Hooolalv
women have been knitting under the
nanie of wristlets..
'In the' orjler of their need, wristlets,
socks; and helmets are the garments
rmist wauted. The cable states that
the three articles should be produced
in large quantities at the expense of
alt other chapter work eyeept front
parcels, even before the men in train
lug raiups are supplied. Bweators and
uiuffler are fourth and fifth in drder
nf Importance. , '
The local Bed Oon now has a sup.
ply of wool for sale and will receive
more Witbiu a few week. . 1
Every Atkn;, Wfiman and' Child )h
rslkndti la Expected; To- Pur
' cha.Tnrtff. Starjipsf in, That
1 Afnourrt'TafleacH; Quotum Set
, Erery mao,.woiaaa, and child la Ha
wail, i expected. to pureh'aa at least
twentjr dollarj' worth of. thrift and war
saving stamps-before: the end oftlf18.
If soroe are unable or unwilliag.to boy
as many a that.otbr must buy still
mor in order to tak ear i Hawaii's
share ia ts bsfWyibead iss! ! A i f hi
Of the two ttUioo dollars , wh ich ii
to be raisei' by means "of war" aavlngi
stamps Jta4016V,Ha.wai)'a fluota is sti
matdtloeallyvat P0,000. Aeeordlag
to. the latest', pbpalatient figures, that
would mean twenty dollar' worth of
tamp for every resideat, young or old)
.ofevery nationality.; ; ,,
At the preeent time-the ToltAd States
is spending a billies dollars a month" for
war purpose and lending half a billion
nkx to th. Alhes for. their war ex-'
penditure. Th yeJy amount needed
la eighteen- bllllonk Of this only four
billion is jlsed by" takattoa. twelve
J1U; of: th rettalader' mrust be oh
Geolooicai Survey Ready To Loan
.Scientist ; To Citf Provided
linn A. . ft. r" A. - B.I-.J '
muiicy rui tAuenses naiseu .
Urgent Recommendation JMade
Br special- committee With'
. View of Relieving Stringency .
L ;A thorough InvMtlgation of the wa
ter , resources of the city of Honolulu
and 'of the possibility of deverpoing
new' sonrten ofnpply is to be made
by an expert of tns United States Geo
logical . Survey, provided the sum-of
$7500 i raised by the city to pay the
expense of such an Investigations
' ' Birch 1 the promise of th ceoloffi-
cal survey as contained in- a eommunl
cation received her; andwith ir .yiew
of obtaining the services of th es-
pcrt for Um greatly needetl' Work ant
urgent recommendation baa bees made
On the .chamber of commerce , by a
rial committee of that body that
needed S7S0Q be raised. ,
, The special committee signing the
reeommemlation. consists of J, K. Oalt,'
Jairres T. Taylor and A. U Castle: Th
committe epeeSfles the selection of
Pfof. H. E. Gregory, who war in Ho
nolnln recently ancl delivered several
lecture on technical sobjeetr while in
th' Islands. There is good reason to
ttetlevo' that th servicen of Professor
OregotT ran- be obtained. , j. J
gnpply to Inadsqmita
..It has been 'recognized for some time
thafi tb present water supply of . the
trity ,1s entirely inadequate for present
aneiU,,and a the city is growing rapid
ly, the inadequacy of thw supply U
becoming more market) every year. Th
seriousness of the situation becin
particularly .noticeable last summer,
when for a time eertain section of the
city were ' almost , without water for
domestic purposes.
.Partial and preliminary (nvestiga.
tlons' into the pessibllity of increasing
the -water strpply of th city have been
made,' but these do not' yet furnish
sufficient data upon which intelligent
worst and- a Vempreheneive plan may
b baaed The preliminary Investiga
tions, however, have gone far enough
to ahow that there are plentiful water
resources- which uto capsrole of dvwto-
ljvesn-ly three years ago a commission
was appointed to investigate the water
supply conditions of the city and make
reeommendatione-as to probable source
for securing adequate increases in the
supply. The commission, composed of
U. Ai TbTirtto, chairman; J or gem Jor
tained: through-LHsrtysU and twlJm1M "!bbi Charlie B- Forbe
nun vai ', xj , v iiuii rruuorvti p.a
.ones. 01. .stamp us tionoiuio. re said
to have been o th increase for several
day. The campaign I beginning to move
raster jurprore organisation and indl
vlduala tak neater Interest Jn it
V6re stftre ar placing the stamp on
sale 4a promineat, positions since the
.meeting, of, th'e'board' of retail trade
fevers! day age, when th importance
of not! jttnljr, having,' th stamps on sale
out 01 pusfiing. their aie was. explain
'. CaUfomla. ha M.tXm store selling
.war ttamps, .exciuaiv or the thousand
0, other agencies where they are being
Jiandled. f It I hoped that, every busl,.
ne firm and' organisation in the Ter
ritory, will . have., the. ptampa on sale
within th next fw weekly.
' A i - . M t .1 '
, a. i-wifc me executive cor
julttee ha suggVated, tht householder
,hou)d'Uk paina toexplain the- war
saving stamp. to their servant, who
U many Instance will, be found wlltlrii;
ana ,giaa oewr a inruf ara. ana war
saving, certificate, .Many of the Jap'
aaes. are being, reached by the Jap
anese sommitteis campaign,, but am- tg
those Who. ar not : number of-hruse
servants may b. included. .
n sprctai cunusjr, apnKiug wur oas
been arranged byw th Japanese com
mittee, und,er K,lTamsmoto for the
p1antktlonq!r 'town,. ,'tivral shak
ers Will g with th pormaUte, and thi
pjantatlow mjrirBr will lewd1 their aid
t rt fVJlft tllA intra, kn. All 7 n.
hng, at; Sw will , take place at ten
rn'flMh W,aL MikUW u.,1 1 ;n
thsee thirty. Speaking trips to the
plantations farther out will .probable
Uarrange4 laher', S
Lester Petri. .and' George Ii Brown
were annotated a committee resterdav
to translate a wax savings samp poster
inio Japanese, t;hiaM. Portupuesc and
Tilijiin for "us, ia'alf the street car,
railroad m4 temsfalp linew of the
Territory,,. I.argf0pje of the petr
in.the foar. language wiQ be distribut
4 to th plantatipa. . y .
-. Tiur: statomrat which, ha beea made
that nothing about th war stamp ha
.been published, outsi4e of the. English
priat papers, ha ba fovmd to be,erro
Jieoua,: a v the c Hawaiian newspapers
bav. be .ptlntiag articles nbout the
stamps ioe the beginning, of. the cam
palva. Patera, and. JiWrature in Ha
wiia.ac, aiso being prepared.
; Any firm whish -would like to have a
Kpeaker; after working. hours to explain
the handling, of the stamp, to their em.
plove mar seeur on br aDolviuir to
,A. .Lewi., Jr.. t. the Bank of Hawaii.
A general, expjaaatlon-.of the stamp
issue a ad aejliag method , In connection
with the local campaign will be rasile.
One rtw firm base already availed
thenrle Af this. privilege,
' f ,!-!
Inmates of .Oahil prisqtv that have re
celved parole on'tlie reenmmendatioii
pT' tv priswan boarw are! Adam . I.eo
who wa toavloted is Julr. lBlfl on
brg!ifpf brgllrrTidKfOTgrrJ WH
i'fw naoiira. eoavuted' Xm July of
1014' on' h ctrarg ft lancenyt Hamon
Milendrie, etvictd,.W. Nwnejnber,
Ivl5'e first idivree buriilary Antonio
Beyesi envitm! oar. an r.sun: of hui
glarr lovebiM lBlftt. Bomiair
JntKra,.owvfctFvl i Novetnlmri lOlfi
on. rajrg of i nascent aaitaultv and
D. V. Park, convicted in July of lUltl
on burglary charge.
- - . ...... i, ... .... ... j
H-kwwa -.: m '
v. .....
. I TlinT" T
A tt ' kLaXU.1
Territorialr Tar Office,; Will Be
. trected On Big. Island At --
. Cost of $15,000 ; ;
; On of' the impm-tarit extensive lt
provemefitk at Hilo 1 th territorial
t;ontr building, plan for which
Were prepared by arehiteeta f the
beard of public work here; These
plan have been accepted aad it I ex
pect ed that they will be placed in th
hamtl' Of enntrcttrrit-Hrhlnthw next
three or four week. It 1 estimated
that the -new structure will cost la th
neighborhood of 1 5,000. .
According" to the plnim the present
tax Bunding- win be ud. and with ft
nnmrber--of i alteTatien vollLjhmor
po rated into the . pew strueturs o-th
prestot location which adjoin the court
ltwnk bloc, ,J Xh. ;ew .tMiilditgvArUl
face on Keawe Street att the) cwrner of
ShipmaB.""' .; - , -( '
,Orn of 'the hsng tn the prent
building will! be th . throwing of the
present-qatrten used try the Mud d
pnrtmnt anjfvh room adjoining, used
a a ceneral offloe. into a alnsle cham-
ler) which will be used aa the aew-ltml
dprtmebt., The present ' office-, qoar
ters'will be enlarged approximately
sevvnty five' percent in ' the eompleted
traetur) .whose general v.Simaloi
r' t be forty five trjt . sewvrrty JW
feet.', ... ..' ti -.'
s The eonerructlon tbronghmit. i tot be
of rein forced concrete.. Th work I to
be don In such a manner that; future
.needa.wiU.be provided for .and addl'
tional, snare may be provided ,by addi
tioimiWhen rtqulred. ... . .
A, detail f the new structure wilt
be a vault with .all modem, appliance
which. is. to M puilt np from th. base
meat a a' part sf the buiUiaiK Ad
VArtlseninnia inviting hid An ttia
m wiir xrijce Jwrt Vihi this month.
haustive DrelimiaarY renort' last June:
bat' n action, ha thu far been taken
by th city government. The .chamber
of commerce, however, did take thl
matter up last Fall:
PrsUmiaary Keporf t
?,.In it preliminary report the com
ntisMoa' advised that in securing new
source the' city officials should take
Into consideration .the question of se
curing v flow or supply- of water com
mensurate with the eost of it.
' Two" aret hod of securing water were
considered.. On wa the impounding
bf' water on tkds side of tb mountains,
jftnd th' other .boring or tunneling
jthroagh. the. aionntain.. One point of
"PPtyV-b tunneling;--wa suggested as
u ivmiini, anoiner in riiom.
,TAe Advertiaor published on Octo
ber. 8'. a resom of the .report of the
committee.. On October-17 the chamber
ipeki tep looking .toward', securing
from the geolegical survey a water ex-
-ner to make ft' comprehensive' inve-
tlgationof th wahor resources of the
Island At that- time, ft special com
mute, of. the chamber addressed a let
ter, to th director of the geological
server in, V ashing ton, calling atten
liinn" to tke lark nt i ,lMiuHtA wst.Hr
supply in- Honolulu.
Tore, i Question
The' committee asked three questions
of tb department, a follows:
vrmviovr job emu am usi
v "1 so, bow aoon and in what wayf
: ' Ala, i whether financial assistance
will i be seeded from' Honolulu, and if
o, how much V,
v To thia- communication Pbillo S.
Smith, ac.tinir director of the dniiart-
'ment. under .date, of Tfovember J.4 re
plied that the matter fcad been fully
discussed at hi' department with Pro
fessor Gregory and Lorrln A. Thurston,
both , of whoa ad called upon the
director' and; other oflleerai
JJr. Smith ald hs appreciated fully
th importance of a thorough investiga
tion for he purpose of leading to prac.
Ural results , in Increasing the water
supply, of Honolulu, and assured the
committee-tb department could be
depended upon to do all that lay in its
Amount Esquired
ft I estimated that about $7,500
would be. required for an investigation
covering about one year If you cau
provide th necessary flaaucea th- Geo
logical Survey will ri all that is possi
ble to provide a competent geologist
mid to give.' thorough supervision' with)
a view tQ obtaining neipuulabie aui
valuable technical-results.".
The-eoinraittee explains that the final
report of the United Htates Geological
Harvey, show wittal a given ar?a
What , water can, be obtsuueil;
Approximately in what quantity;
ApiirMiumtelyi at what'.cOHt.
Th municipality; 'ftwthar exnlutsii
the chamber oommittee, whiuh has in it
pusseHsion the , above ilatft. iu tit-tail, U
in a )iosition to go ahead, at any time
to set-nre the. water supply-,, either in
part, or iu whole, kuowiug for ii cer
taluty that,, it; tau rdy upon the rc.
port of fh geological' survey ilprt
meht. .... .
The committee udils that it known
that Profesaer Gregory bM
i. ,,i .ii
,. A-tm"g received yeMerdaf fi th
-hmbe oi'.tominerce from ft Wash
ington! ' representative, George McrC
MeOleilaft, aotMMiacing that' the- Prsi
ilerrt" powers- in proclaiming: a-"dry"
territory limited : to traiuing camps
trolly, is) th opinion of th juHg anv.
cat general confirms TIk' Advertiser's
story. f Frulajr, bruary. l. whfa Deli
egatev Kftlaaianaole" received sv .message
from Angus k'rly; ( hi secretsry saying
the attoaey"gnsral hd, ao heUs
T -Tb.- chamber's message yeMerdy
contaiaedi an inquiry. In addition to
tb. confirmatioa. of . Th Advertiser's
story, concerning ' th date of expirat
tion of saloon betmes( . . .
;. With;, reference-tr the last, part" of
the message Mr,., Mopellan has been
advised that tiiese expire on June 80,
It is likely that in the event the Pre.
Jdent is foimd to hhve-no power to
proclaim1 Oahu ft "dry ',. ronnty under
he; regnlatlons, another move muy b
mad to stop all sale of liquor upon
the expiration of the saloon license,
or. saggetionsv ma v-' b . made to th
local authorities- that', n - license t
renewed... -ii i, -S
General 'Wisseriin. answer to a re
quest t from- th wars depart mnf a to
hi' view. n that subject' ofi.-prohlbif
tion wired' as- fellow: .... . . f
"Zbfte of prohibition aimlUr to that
now prescribed, for cantonments anq
mpe to. include Htm. whole of Oahu
llnna earnestly reemmehdel from
military viewpoiat Prohibition, should
.'"Kf'rTfV'g 5 fut the
Gpats of Kafioolawe
May Fornislr c; ; '
Stews For Honolulu'
Vigilance Committee Will Ask For
Suspension' of Death Sentence
So Animals May Be Kined Off
Gradually and Flesh BrougM
To City Markets
The Vigilance Committee of th loenl
branch of the National Defense League
ia about to appeal to the members of
the board of agriculture and forestry
to repeal In part its death sentence on
the gnats of Kahoolaw. The idea iJ
that these goats should aot be slaugh
tered and the meat allowed to rot or
tie thrown into the sea for shnrh food,
bat that they should b killed off only
a fast aa the meat can be brought to
Honolulu for ante.
- Kahoolawe goat meat Is wanted to
fight the mounting tost of living. It is
good, palatable meat, , a many hun
dred in Hawaii can testify, and it can
he pat on the market here at ft price
that will bring it wataia tb reach of
the poorest.
' Cheap meat has disappeared from
the market, according; to' tb investiga
tion of some members of the Vigilance
Committee. This investigation was
ntarted when r complaint was made
that: the. butchers no longer were sell
ing ", log mast" not th flash of ca
nine, but their accustomed kaukau.
':'Why do you want to snend rr
money on buying meat for your dog;
anyhow T" one of thaSmplaining ones
Was. asked. v .
"We don't buy dog- meat to feed to
the dog," was the reply. "We buy it
to-make stew out of. That' the only
kind of meat we enn afford to buy."
' Now, with this cheapest of meat off
the market, many bt sbl to buy no
meat at, all. Hence the importance that
goat meat now assume and hence the
recent derision to conserve' the goat on
' That little island swarms, with goats,
Tropi the bearded Billies down to bleat
fng, froliekaome kids; swarms, so thick
ly that the vegetation the Island i
fast disappearing and the island, itself,
deprived of it covering of forest, vine
and grass, is blowing away in great
elands of red dust, Tb board of agri
culture and forestry, to preserve the
island trnd give what vegetation re
main a rhanoe to "com tmck," haa
'long sought fur means to kill off the
goat, and some time ago leased the isl
jand to Kben Low on condition that he
iwoold' invade Kahoolaw and do the
Kaiser act to the Billies and their large
1 Recently the board of agriculture has
become insistent and haa- pot a time
.limit on the slaughter. . Low either has
tb kill the floats or have hit lease can
'eeiled,' and he i grimly preparing to
perform tha. extermination act. , ,
And now crops Tip -th demand for
goat, meat.' ' Low ha notified the Vigi
lance Committee- that he can transput
the goat eftreasaea to Honolulu and get
them, her In good shape for market,
while l.ee Ttxid, of the Cooperative
Store,, announces his readiness to han
dle th goat-flesh over hi counters aad
give Honolulu it cheap meat.
Today members of the Vigilance
'Com mite wUi start out ta soften the
heart of th' member of. tb. board of
Agriculture and ask for a period of
grace-for' the-goat, petitioning that
thy .be allowed to live "until their
death, will. mean, a resumption of the
stew diet In many Honolulu home. If
the goat be killed off in big batches,
only their hide
, m In- Il
hOxolulu stock exci:;::
' ' ntiOn1ii, Tvnry T, IMA.
w t r a r
t ;t
f. I 'Au WV" '
. With 108 churches nd three social
settlvsiienla under ilfr care, th Hawaii,
au Board of Missions will require 79,
923.72 to cover, th-.budget for 181B,
an inc-rnas over 117", according to a
letter sent out by. Chairman John P.
Knlmaa sjiii TrcaMr Thaodoo-e Bich
ard of tlx Way ud Means Commit'
tee. .. , , ,; , .
The offioors say. that th motto of tb
Hawaiian peopler! .."The. life- of .the
land ia perpetuated .lp righteousness, "
aait for niucty-elght years,- effort , has
been made to build up the lslauiw on
that basis. Tha large number of church
es which the board look .after require
cotislderable financial assistance. Th
Hawaiian Board in' ft sense is the clear
ing house, for the collection and ilisf
tribution of money, according to th
need. ,
,Th committee ftsk those .to whom i(
has sent the cil-tqiar,. to have a part
in this -work "In . view, of our Hourly
one hundred year of establfshed wortj
and of its increasing importance to
these Islands. " Tl committee seeks
ntributions miywher fronvoue dollar
' or 25:
til... I i) 'fl , y-'
beejj asked, by the dnpartinuiit if he
mil take rbarge of this work, bud al
ready influence are beinir tiroiu-lit, to
lit-ar to trv. and induce Vub 1? Ii I vr r
'sity 10 permit I'rnfeitNur Greinrv to
take thu uecemiary time for this pur
pose. - .
Wilting a letter to, relative in. Jap
n, 'telling them, to. nut worry and4n
eluding a plea to the ,A'rmiglitv for
forgiveness for his act, Taurio tam.i
.takl, an old' Japnncs, , committed sui
cide by hanging. bin)e!f from a tre
carlv yesterduy reqrning.
His body was founddangling' from i
tree In Mimnnluft near the rallroml
trucks bv K. Crawford, the deiatv
already , ritv auditor.
From nil appearances, Tamaaaki
climbed into the tree and, after fasten
ing a leather Mrap about a. high brsncS
jumped off thu .limb upon which lie
whs standing. It Is ivot bi'liovcd thu
dcHth csme to him quickly as his nee1;
was pot broken.
Residents of Kalaupapa Eager
To See , Iwa Pu JXaua H ave
" Never Seen An: Airplane
While .the hear of Mars is hard ami
hi Art ia devoted little to forms of
amusement ot entertainment, yet an
appeal ha been mad to the great Ood
of War to listen to the call of the peoke
of Jialaupapa and Kalawao, that pie
turesque point of Molokai Inland where
tb leper reside,, to have the great
'soldier bird" iw pu kaua) piloted
by .Major Harqla M. Clark, V. 8. A..
tly ove their part' of the Island, and
even1 land there if possible.
Isolated as Kalaupapa is from tin
rest, of, the world, off the. ordinary
steamer motes, visited by few exwit
inembersi.of the beard of health, many
of. the xeaident have lived there tin
greater' part' of their, lives, and to them
an airplane 1 bat a word, although
tbey may have seen them in motion pic
turns,, for the ','uivie" has been iu
stalled nt the ftrttlenieiit for several
yewra. j
Major. Clark- contemplates, flights iu
his gj-eat army seaplane to other Islamls
Bud relatives of ioniatcs of the Settle
incut are hopiug tirrt the graceful " lwn
pu kaua" will soar over Molokai on il
way. tD Maul, and give the peuplo tlmro
th treat of their lives. Iu i-aw- the
major rile to Maui ho. will uiiturully
go low to Mblokai, and a few iiiiIcm off
th. givea route, in the o union of
friixid of the unfortunate inhiibitaiil-.
will make ll'UI or no liifference to Uie
aviator' and give the 'people somethin;:
to talk' about for, Ueca.le. Then again
it is suggested, a leug sweep around Mo
lokal would be ,ln the interest of mill
tary science, anvway. '
The auggestion that wheat Horn
shipments to Hawaii be eurt:ul.l.
which was made in a recent cable from
Miei local food eiuiiinixKion to the IHo.l
administration iu Waxhiuton, hio be oi
noted by the authorities, aci-unling to
a rable received yeirterday, whU h mi:
"Have cominunicated with the ar
hrado .heard your const met i e lln;e
tioa for cnrtniliug wheut Hliipiueuin io
Hawaii. 'The necessity for im-i i-nh-.1
conservation, of wheat is lieeuiuing
more acute .daily."
, - u ; '.,
Demurrers Sustained By )ndfl
Heen But New IndictmexitS
Are Souoht Before Grandlurf
"Princess" Theresa Wilcox Belli
veau, "Rev." Bm Kmakia and
James Ken loli a wre freed yesterday
of tlu- rhsrgei of conspiracy brought
againit them In a grand jury Indictment
In connec tion with th fraudulent will
of Queen I.iliuokalani. Circuit Judge
wiinnm H. Heen nmntreed that de
mnrrers that had been filed' to th
charges had been sustained.
Immediately after th court' an
nouncement City Attorney A M Brown
stated that th will ease,, would again 1
be presented before the grand jury at
its session this afternoon and that new
charges, eliminating thing opon whUh
the demurrers had been based, would be
made against th three.
As a result of th court' action 'yes
terday the three defendants have fae
lng tbem only the. charge .of forgery
ad in tha Indictment. Th , d
i. irrers that were offered were preaetrt
el by Attorney Pittmanq who Is.. a p
peering for "Prinees" i Theresa.
Among other things, he contended that
sufficient cause to press' the charge had
not been made In tb. indictment, At
torney Achi, who represents Kealoha,
allowed the plea mad In the- ease of
' Princess ' ' There t stnd .for hi
client as well. While ao formal action
was taken in connection with Kama
kaia's case, as hi attorney has- beea
ill, the court's aetiow. in overruling
the demurrer, it wa stated, would ap
ply equally in the case of all three of
the defendant.
Pending farther action by th grand
jury it i probable that the charge of
forgery will be taken up.
It was stated that few if any wit'
nesse will be called before th grand
jury today, as when the case was ori
ginally Investigated it wae' eiamlaed
from all angles and ft great msr of
testimony was taken. Formal action
by the grand jnror however)' will b
reqnireil to have ft new iadietmeat car
rying th conspiracy-charge drawn la
such form that the flaw found in It
by ' Pri ncesa ' ' There ' counsel will
be eliminated.
The charges were returned after
Kamakaia and Kealoha, whose names
appeared as witnesses on th will, eos
f cased in open eosrt that tb doeumeit
had not been signed, in th pre sen ee of
th Queen as had been' set forth in' ftf1
fldavit filed -when th wU1 wa offered
for probate. ' . ,s '..
Kamakaisi it may b 'remembered,
said h had been promised'' cburelr ai
bribe for what he had done. Neither
he nor Kealoha had denied aythlng
set-forth In th' confessions. "Prin
cess" Theresa, hwwevery ha enssisteat
ly held t th ftsaertim that tb "1817
will" U'ft valid doeamant asjd that h
Is innocent of wrongdoings , l( , .
Baldwlav LiA.-
Uk Brwr Co ,
r.w. i isnuima i iv . .
Ilstkts. rUnrtril'. . .....
Hi. Asrctl. in.
Hw. v. ft: I'm
iisw. nsr m,
."" V"1
Honomii Una;, t o. . . ..l
llMtrhlasna.lMia, naM.
Kahnks ft at. to. , 4'.'.
Kekalm fttt. '.
nw PURHr i.,o , ......
McBrjrd Miifst Co td
t '1
14M .
- v; n. s.Mruaia ,i r.
Bev. B. K. BiptlsU, former -pastor f
tha Portuguese Kvangalieal Church in
Hilo, Hawaii, died in East Oakland,
California, on January 10, last, accord
ing to information received her' yes
terday by friends. Mr.. Bkptlstft wft
a native of -Jacksonville, Illinois, his
parents going-1 her from the Island 'of
Madeira, Portugal,, following, a relU
gions persecution in the old country:
He waa well know in Hilo atid.fo ft
time, before taking the pastorate of th
I'ortugues Proteetant Church wa. ft
teacher at th Hilo Boardinc' 8c hoot
where Mr. Baptist was a Is mmabwr
or the faculty. Mr, Bstptistsv wa.,
charter, member nd the second chief
raBger- of Court Mauna Kea; No. 8S64
Ancient Order of PoTesterai iH i-'t
vived by the vfidow.jwdift number, pf
children. t ' - 1 , 1,1
. i ii nil ill i' l I ll
inh Pnt.'i': ,.r..v..
Olsa Hnasr to., Ltd. v..
OWHM Ht' ,-, I.T...
faanhaa au. llant. v..
mcioe rM. still t .(t...
I'aU ,1'lsnl Vlsi. ..
. i w . -
-tSHM Rft - l . A .
Itiae MU1 ', , .
Rsn t arle Mlllln '. .
Wslalna ArrU. l. ...
waa B Vr
wW IviDiBn O.
lev issrn Aurmt IV f-
2n Isso raU Up ...
Hsifc K. V. V.. Pfd.
Halk r. a K Co. Omsv.
Haw, Can. Vf. VL A ...
Ilswi ('. Rr. tt 8 ...
Hswi .ton. Br. . Com. . . ,
vi swans -MMne i t.
Haw. i'liwauitl l. ...
Hon.' B. ft- U. Co.. Ul
HmlHln Im tW Ut. ,
riiia. n. i. m f..
Iatrlslsft n,N.l', .
MmV TeU O.
KlhS B. A V. O..
I'sbsns Rntiher Co. ...
BXirma-IMiHrnMW. J.
am (ftO IM)
." I
. 1141
' 5
TftaaJtMia hnbbdjr
w iiiiri .
IUaeav-tralk I. D.- BU'V.i.
Hsw. (. Hr. frA-.T..,
Hswa I rr. tv. c
Haw. Tar. 4 Ilsf. IBuS
Haw Tori Puhw Imp
Haw. Tr. rtih, Imp, 4,
mi ms - injuui -Hawk.
1 1 II (la Co.
Itnanfca. Hs,
tlo. lias Co.. I.trU Cta , .
Kauai Hr. o- Aa . ....
Mamie lain. U. V4
Mclrrert Kiift. Co, 0 '.'..
Mil 1CS..-M ............
MM . J lx .,
CMha Koav V., .
ina Pia. . w-'fl ...... .
Paeta Onas V. -C.) oal
nan tano atnun. o
, . I
' K, 60(1, HOUJS: II. B. at M..Cv Wk 30,
l-IM. . ,
. y BOABri "AtW I,
Haw's. Pines. 21, 41.7ft.
. I J MauaTf ,'..
w aaarrrie bu taw adtle).
Parity.. i -.
M.Uat. (For Haw.i Nnri ..... t.000
lM-uarjr 8, 191 ;
WnMp. ....'.....,i,i.., SOTS
-New Vert ,.,0... ...,..,.,. j. ul.50
1 . - 1 1 1
NEW YOHK. rebruarr 8 (AsxH-latcl
Praa) . fotlowtB ar tb' -0euln anil
etaaUnft , qaotatluaw at atucka la Ui hew
Trk narkst' reaternay:
Anmiraa Hnirsr JTev w t . ii .
AierV BcH, , ..........
Aaaw-Ufeit H1 ,,( -,,...,..
Amsitia)- loeonwttr.' . .,
Asaertma Tel. A.Tel. , ....
wmvmi.nHvtm , ........
American wnwt rorf . t
Anaenaaa t'ewier ........
Ati-hlaoa Hallway . .......
K Id wis Lovomntir a...
Ittimte . .......
Bethlehem' Kteel "B , ..;
1 aiirnraia iTunana ; Lw
. entrai. iaiuer . .........
'nalkw Hactftck.., ,
tHtiwt ri m Hift. ...r...
(.'nwuiie fttea..,,
Ouha-Mmmr itaa
Krt eominon
Oenaral KIcctHc
(tetters!-1 lUter. (er) tw'.
(treat N'ottbara pfd.,. ..,.
Kaanctutl1 ikiiiw . ,.....
intM-nattonat Nlclrel ',,.,.,
inwfiaiiiaii Aieoan. .....
Iklh VaUay JUUrtmd,
New- Vors; Cctrtraai.,. . .,;,.'
,IViiDerlvlai'-H . ..,
nay consoiiustea-..
aiaa enmmo,1. ........
Heulilie lru nimmusi . ,.
msiUHt - psriac
Pursuant to and io accordance with
the power and authority. eotrtinV la
that eertain mortgage mad Aug IB,
1005. by David' P., Ksiena and Kant
Kaiena, his wife, to William B. Oast ley
Trustee, which mortgage is -recorded' i
th OtHe of the Registrar of Convey:
anrea in Hoaolulu, TV H , i Liber XT5,
at page 208, M. lyilllana-Bi Oatlc
Trustee, give nou,. :nti ia bra
by given that he intends to foreclose
said mortgage for conditions- broketa,-
to wit: non-pay merit of : prinetpftt and
interest..: 1
Notice is likewise given, that th
property conveyed . by said morttoag
will be advertised .for salei and wiUb
so hi at palilie auotion at the Auction
Room of Jmes K. Morgan' Company.
Limited, In the Star Baildlngv.129 Mer.J
etiaut Mtrt, Honolulu, T. H on Satur
day, tb- 23rd day of February, 191,
at 12 o'clock noon of said day. ;
Term of Sal t Cash la U. B. Gold
Coin; deei). at1 eapense o-th purchaset
to- be prepat-d by th attorney of. th
Mortgagee. ' u ;
Kor further particular ftpply at th
Olhc of- the Mortgagee In said Bar
building. .if: -;
Th propertle coavea-ei- by said
mortgage aud to be sold ar: .
All those premisM at Mokauea, Rsll
h), iu said Honolulu, Itelug Lota 7-ndr8
iu Block i of the. Kaiulaul Tract, dav
Hcribd as follow: t
Jiegirming at the west corner of Lot
7 in Block 8, which 1 also tbe- Math
corner of Lot 6 lu said Block 8, and
runuing as follows, to Wit:
1. H. 2ft 50' K. 00 feet ftlftng road B
2. N. 61 1' E. lt0 feet aleaa Lot 9,
Block 8;
n. N. 28 r,9' W. 100 feet aloag- LeU
11 and 12, Block 8) ,'
4. S. 61 1' W. 100 feet alongLot 6,
Block 8, to .initial
point, containing an area of 10,000
square fret, more or less, and being ft
portion of the premises sot forth as
Apaua 2 of Rovul Patent 2.10U on L. O,
A. ttiol) to Kauuiiohua no Moehonna,
being -the premise conveyed t said
liMvid I. Kaieuu by William R. Castle,
Trustee, by deeil dated August 1M, 190B,
recorded iu Liber 2li, at page- 426.
Diited at Honolulu, T. II., this IHth
day pf Jauuarv, 1 11 H.
47U5 Jau. 18, 25, Feb. 1, 8.
I.. ..a..
I'll Bad . KtSlW.KuVuar!.
I nUa.B
??:.;'ir fit,
patera llnlow . ,,,.,(,. wli
' Ha lull Kehnmry T. lnfn
1 iti .
14 v,
... .t
: ft 1.,
t 7.",
1 I
70' 1
. 7'1'k.
. VUmI 4 ,
jaam'.Vom, Oik
t . , . , ,
iRKta Obpe) .
Mluaral PrudiM-ts ,
MtMMitata Kin
altwitaua, ilinaciam '
uaoera AIlolQft- . .,
' .31
' " .t.. ' .' . HAi:p-n
j Madera GiM.' XWU, ' ; Copier,
AW KHANCIKCO.'- PHimiiry 8tA..
ttst Pisaa) roHowtn ar' tt.e-ovemna
and'ctoalac uoiaitos of sur and oiut
Mock la. tb fta Irrauctoey naarket
' .it-
alla Hwt Co!?A fi.J
ll.BB.AAra.- ft.
HmvtiUtsim Hwjtaf C
(laaw Har ,.-.. ,t,kw
Otaa Kuiiar Co. ;
Ouimbwmi Hnaar. c. , ..,.
i-aaniHin.KiiKar . i.tv.... tv I
HuaoluU tff ..v,,,Uv;,.4'Uev 4,
hncei l or.pe - . ....i....,.lfi,ts) ,
HciMMoru Uaatsttsst. M ....,1 .W 1 .
. . rn.tr m ... a.. mm -
Qnototlon th fullowui Maw York
earn stock, a wlrld U Th Advar
tfcasr br- fttoMftcm 4J i ,
'. 4'..
k . . . , ,
Mr Led-.,
CaletkinU . .,
Kiwum fHer
llarara.va . . ,
Irotn H If mania
llm Butler .
Jarum Venl
t.arsb'- .
Ilitwaat till, vumuiou
Mother Hon
Hay- llen-nlaa-.
Iteaeu Mula .
IteK Ctmai ,
ltleatniHiil I'uiiner , ..
OlWar Kin Coua. . .
Timor k Ksteuskiu ..
Wlllwrl ,v...'.,C'.,
Kerr Uk
Ilta-la . ..;
CrcKMia Hold .
KlpVlaalag , .,
, Hon-',-, Tu.
!: oar day
,......,,,, ,r4 ... ji3 .
i'i... ...., . .W : 4 .01 W
i'. ."4... ..
. 1..V1
. .... Srj
. ....
...I,, .s-.'l
::::: &
..... B.UV4
' .HI
.04 .
.1" ; '
2 50
r. r-:',.
'.' -V
... ' I ..." -
'...' '..' . "' i-

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