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. Complete Silence
Kaiser Promises Early Peace But
Negotiations At Brest-Utovsk
Are Deadlocked P i
AMSTERDAM, February 6-
(" Associated Pre!)) Com-
llcte nilenct as to the result of
the drastic orders issued by the
military authorities to the strik
ers to return to their work on
londay morning,, under penalty
of death for refusal, is maintain
ed in the German press and a
strict censorship has been clapped
upon news of the strike aftermath
and on the food situation. - '
There is touch mutinous mut
tering am'ongNthe German Iroops
in Flandera over the treatment;
actorded the strike leaders by the
military, however, according to
reports made to the Telegraaf by
its frontier correspondent yester
day. This correspondent states
that the soldiers arc discontented
and more or less open in their
criticisms, while there have been
many cases reported in which the
German soldiers have incited the
Belgian laborers to strike. 'f
There was' street violence of
various kinds in Berlin up to last
Saturday, according to despatches
by way of Berne, One group of
extremists made its way to the
entrance of the imperial palace
and threw a bomb through the
gateway. Twenty-five arrests
were made by the soldier guards.
According to the German sol
diers in Belgium,- the Kaiser has
promised an early peace, bBed
on the sueceS trhich he believed
had been attained in Brest-Ll-tovk.
Reviewing a division on
the C'ambrai front a week ago,
the Kaiser is reported to have
said: "Peace on the Russian front
has been assured. It remains for
us now to force an early peace on
the west".
LONDON, February 6 As
sociated Press) The general be
lief here and in Paris is that the
peace negotiations at Brest-Li-tovsk
and between the Austrian
and the Ukrainians have each
reached a deadlock and that the
Central Powers realize more
than ever the gravity of the sit
uation which their failure to se
cure food from the Russian prov
inces has intensified.
Despatches from Berne' state
that von Jfoefer, the Austrian
food controller, is now in Berlin,
urging that Germany take some
immediate steps to assist Austria,
where the conditions are ex
tremely bad and growing worse.
The Kaiser and the Crown
Prince have conferred in Berlin,
receiving separately the Bulga
rian premier, Talaat Bey, the
Turkish grand vizier, and Count
Cxcrnin, the Austrian foreign
minister. The German emperor
and heir listened to the presenta
tions made by these representa
tives of Germany's allies, then
presided over a special session of
the crown council, at which the
situation as a whole was gone
The German press, according to
rcorts via Amsterdam, now frank
ly states that war must be won or
lo-l within the next six months.
Tliev jiretlict that tltc ferman mav
, . .tit- i
terstroke is socni to he delivered
ami tliat the Entente will he forced
to end the war before the United
Slates can come into it in a way
to make the force of the American !
"The next six months consti
tute the deciding' period 'of the
Of Bolsheviki and
; Take Part In
CHICAGO, february m-(AocUtd Frees) The national executive
committee f tha Socialist party, in session here, baa announced ita con
pleta accord vita tha peace, program of tha Bolsheviki faction of Kuaeia
and has addressed a communication to tha President and to both branchM
of congress to that affoct. .
', Tha Socialists demand that tha United States conclude an lmmadlata
poato with Germany and Austria on tha baaia of tha program advanced
by tha Russian rod guards and caU upon tha administration .ta aand dola
gataa to taka part In tha paaca nagotlatlons being carried on at BreeV
Xtitovak. ;,:,;,:.,.'..!.
Tha membership of tho executive commlttaa haa changed recently,
due to tha. roalgnations of a. number of mom ban who declared that tha
party waa un-American and unflt for a loyal eltlaan to belong to. It atill in
elude Ernst Vlewagh of Indiana, U. . PoaUing of. Mlaaonri, John D.
Ooerka of Ohio, Q. O. Anton of Pennsylvania, and Albert Schnabel of
Wisconsin. - i v
war," says the Frankfurter Zei
tung. i
Field Marshal von Ilindenburg
is cheering his conipatriotls with
the boat that decisive victory will
come within sixty days.
It, is, stated that at a recent cort-
jference of editors and officials the
German war chief was told that
there would be no more food in
Germany by May.
'I will be in Paris by April 1,"
he answered. "' ,
Prisoners taken recently by. jhe
British, confess that, the food situ
ation' ehtnd. the lines is bad
that there Is a growing hostility on
the part of the people to the war
lords. One officer, taken wounded,
says in effect :
"The scarcity of food at home
uV.very serious. There is little meat
and fatty substances and practical
ly no bread. Potatoes are very ex
pensive, although there is no seri
ous shortage. The people are in
a state of .unrest, but are afraid to
attempt organized disturbances.
v; ."On J Pld.Mvshat ; Uin4cnT,
burg's' Dfrthday small busts of the
general were placed 'on the street
comers in nearly all the German
towns, n most places the people
had hurled these to the ground be
fore noon. In Cologne there are
more than twelve thousand desert
ers in various German prisons.'
Speaking in the house of com
mons yesterday, Bonar Law stated
that the British loss of life among
noncombatants from submarine at
tacks now totals 14,120.
Is Particularly Interested In Pro
blem To Obtain More Vessels
By Reducing Imports
iattl Frees) Preeident Wiliiou devot
ed hi" attention yeaterday tu u din
cuHjion of the (hipping problem with
Chairman Hurley of the fedi'rul nhip
ping hoard.
The Prewtdnnt, it is announce., ix
particularly iutereeted in tho propoital
that haa been made, to obtain addition
al nhi through reducing import.
More hip are urgently needed, to
transport eoldlere, equipment and mip
rdiee to France, aa veil aa to rarrv
food to America allies, and it hax
beeu proposed that a large number
could bo released for this purpose by
cutting down on all Imports not im
peratively needed by tha country.
Goethals. Pierce, Lochridge and
Biddle Named
WAKHINOTON, February fl ( Asso
ciated I'resK) Major General (ioetliuln.
Msior (Jcnoral l'ierce, Brigadier (ten
eral I.oehridge aud Brigadier (tcuer-I i
Hiildle have been appoiuted aHsietHii'H,
to (ieueral BHr, chief of staff, tae'i
.of the new ussistants will have indivi
j,,,, iB ,h. .H, ae.,rtme.,t
I.OM ANGELES, February a (Ass.
ciuted Press) Tbt federal commimiou
to fix priees for sonar beets wus organ
ised today, Kepreseutatives nf grow
er and refiners were presont i . c
. . .
'.'.i;: v
Demand America
Peace Negotiations
Frenchman On Trial As Master
Spy Received Million Dollars
From Hun Sources ' .
PARIS, February ft (Associated
Press) l)oumentS tending to prove
that Bolo Pasha, on trial Cor treason
aa the master spy who tried to betray
Prance, obtained hia great fortune
through payments by the German mas
ters it is alleged he served, were pro
duced, tit eoart here today during tha
cross examination of the defendant.
' Bolo Pasha had stated in his own de
fense that his' fortune was baaed Dp
oa concessions. Bia statements are lies,
declared Monsieur Doyen, public ac
countant of France.
In proof of his accusation, Doyea
presented to the court documents show
lag that Bolo Pasha had received half
a million dollars each from tha Guar
antee Trust' Company of New York,
agent before the war for the Deutsche
Bank, 'and from the Royal Bank of
When these documents were pro
duced. Bolo was visibly affected and
appeared to be greatly worn
The cross-examination of
canMud aH venterri&v.
' If haa been alleged that rfolo Pasha
In tha eaurse of his activities received
nearly, 42,000,000 through Count von
Bernufqrff, ..former- German aajbasssdor
to. the-uaued. mates,, wne was a riv
en out of that country when hia treach
e rout' conduct waa discovered.
Bolo Pasha, who la a French citizen
with a dubious Levantine title, is ac
cused of beinir the active bead of a
great organization connected with Ger
man spies In. Bwitserland and reaching
into Italy and perhaps the Near East.
It was his design, it is alleged, to
divide the Allies 'and induce France
aud Italy to make separata peaea with
the Central Powers.
Pasha was a friend of Joseph Cail
laux, former premier of France, who
is under arrest oa charges ox high trea
on and who himself, ia accused of hav
ing been in communication with Oer
many since the War began. -
Order 1 Search '
Lawyer's Vault
Issued ButStayed
Judge Landis Authorizes Francis
J. HeneyTo Seize Papers of
Packers' Counsel But ' Later
Forbids Putting It Into Effect
CHICAOO, Febranry 6-(Aeaociated
a. . I w'.i: l.
rress; reuerai Jnoge i.auuis jester
ilav afternoon issued an order to Fran
cih J. Heuey, empowering hint' to take
l(iHesion of certain papers in. the office
nf Henry Veeder, ne of the counsel for
the meat packers. Mr. Ueney, speei'O
representative of, the department of
justice, who is conducting the probe of
the packers for the federal trade com
miMiion, was unable to act on the order
however, inasmuch as Judge Landir
hhortly afterwards issued a stay of Un
order and forbade the searching of the
eeder ofuce vault for the time being
I IIKRLIN. February (Associated
Ir.i'Mt) roreign Minister von Kuebl
1 1 ii i reported to be engaged to
Kniu von Kuried Laenderkuld, the
ricuext woman in (Jermany with one
exception, that being the belresa-vwner
thi- famous Krupp works. The
liiide to be is iKe divorced wife of thr
iiii of Lord Hedesdale of. Koglaud
riiildren are much more likely to cnu
ti;iet the coutagioua diseases when they
linn' colds. Whooping cough, diphthu
n;i, war let fever aud consumption are
ilixeuMi-H that are often contracted when
t lie child has a cold. That ta why all
i"eii ul authorities say beware of eolds.
I'ur the quick cure of colds you will find
thins- better than Chamberlain 's
Cough Remedy. It can always be de -
ncinled noon and is uleasnnt and safe to
Si. ill
Por snle hv all dealers. Bensou.
.i c.i KtJ ii.ri.iiti fnr tlili
Huns Mats Back of Lines For
" Raid In Force But Our Big -Guns
Shatter Their Forces
United States Will Furnish More
Men and Money Than Expect
ed, Says Congressman Flood
WASHINGTON, February (Asaa;
ciated Press) Reports from the Freoch
front of an American victory, won
with: tha big guns, with encouraging
announcements In the house regarding
tha progress of American preparations
sad the success of the Allied fleets
against the German submarines, marked
a eheerful tone in the war news yes
' Bepreeentativo Miller of Minnesota,
who was a recent visitor t the French
and American fronts, brought back
word of thelighting spirit of tha over
sens troope and thoir confidence in
vlrtorrK Regarding the submarine ait
nation, he said that the American and
British aaval forces are now destroy
vng' tha submarine raiders faster than
nemisnv raa build them. For Admiral
Rims he expressed the highest praise,
Man and Money
Chairman) Flood of the house com
mtttee n, foreign affair, in presenting
the -Diplomatic and Consular Appro-
nriatioa BiU to the house, declared that
tha United States will furnish . more
men and more money for the war than
the people of the United Htates or the
governments of the axsociated nations
had exbected and would supply tnese
n a shorter time than had been tba
fondest hope of anyone
Toe bill Introduced esrries a total
of eight and a half million, some three
million greater titan the current ap-
Announcement or activity on tne
front. -waa made yesterday by tha war
department, the action reorted upon
having taken place on Monday, ia
this action, what believed to nave
been, a mass attack planned by tha
Germans was smashed, with probable
heavy casualties to tne iiuns,
Hub Attack Smaahad
Air reconnaissance anil patrols had
ndicated to the American commander
that the Germans were massing back
nf their owa lines in preparation .for
. raiil in force on the American trenek
es. The American artillery opened up
heavy bombardment, r tne section
where tha enemy was gatnenng await
inc the signal to advance;
nee. indications
ara that the German forces were bad
thing, Pvt. Ouiley was filled 4a action
An important announcement ws.ii
made yesterday by tha war departmen
to the effect that a plan Is under eon
sideration for the transporting of Am
crican recruits to Erifffand. for.-preli
minaar -draining, wit a tne rimsninji
touches to be given by Using tha regi--nents
, in Tlaiidera Vlth the . British
troops. ,'In thia way, ,',lt fs believed.
r a - Ii.iLl! v'. X-!..' 1
'lenemi' rwnnmH uin ie. , myiurvvi
more rapidly with trained tten'fhatt
hv keeping them in the United Stater
for the preliminary drilling aJ- mstruc
linn V.
Camns Available .J'
It is pointed ortAUat there are avail
i tile large; .training camps in England
here the fien may be quartered, whit
their transportation from F.ngland t
France roitfd'be done In safety as th
men are naoded.
The enormous outlay of monev b
Ii" United States at war was emphasi-
cd in a, statement by the treasury de
nnrtihent, giving the information tba
tr ten months of the war to date ha
out the American people about sevei
hillion one hundred million. Over fon
billion has been loaned to the Allien
the rest being the outlay by the I'nited
Supreme War Council
A London despatch announces thn
the members of the supreme war coun
i il nre to hold nnother conference soon
with the probabilities that the sessio
will become more or less permanent.
Sunderland Houe. the historic an
liesiitiful home of tho Puebess of Mr!
horouirh. h been commandeered fo
the ue of the council.
Agreement On Distribution
Laborers Agreed (
WAfMIN'OTOX. February' (Asso
iatcd Press) Full cooperation bet wee
the I'nited Htates and Canada ia the
matter of distribution of laborers has
Seen inauguiated by agreement between
the tun governments. Hereafter, and
until the ifient demwid for labor hiu
puhhcI, neither country will import
labor from the other without bavin
UtHt rhtnined the premission of til
other government
WAHHINtiTON, February .6 (Asso
rintrd Press) The house committee on
intorstste commerce yesterday voted to
' place in the hands of the President the
final authority for fixing railroad rates
Iduiioii the period the railroads of the,"alien in the trading with the e
.....iniM -ne midei t ho control of the
JjjO ei iiinent.
W a. I la.Ullf UlkV, kUlVa.ila. J f
Heart Failure Comes Without Warning To One of Honolulu's Best
Liked Citizens Had. Attended Theater Last Evening and Re
tired Apparently In the, Best of Health
Stricken in nlerp with henrt fnil-
ure, Frederick t . Ninith, general pas
senger hgent of the Oiihu Hailrnut and
Land Company, died at his home at
half-past one o'clock thin morning. He
was able to cull to m wire nnd son
nd bid them good live before he died,
bat passed away before medical aid
could lie secured.
Death came almolutclv without warn
ing. In1 company with his wfTe and
Mr. and Mrs. Harrv '. Dcmoon, his
associate ia businexi), he attended the
X,ibertv theater Inst niht, being appa-
rentiy in tne nest or neann. tie isugn
ed and Joked and gnve no sign that he
waa not his usual self. After the show
a spent a short time with Mr.' Ieni
son, then went to bed shortly after
ten o'clock.
Waa Trsadlng Oitiien
Frederick Carlos Hmith was one of
tha 'solid and respected men of the
Von Rintelen Master
Spy, 1$ Found Guilty
KKW YORK, February "(Associated Press)-Kranr. on kintelen. de
scribed aa the. master spy, who had the
payment of plotters against American
and factories filling orders for the Allies was round guilty jfster.iar or ion
spiring to destroy munition and supply ships sailing from American ports.
Convicted with von Riutelen wera ten other agentn of the Kaiser.
The friend of German royalty, who" i already serving a penitentiary sen
tence, was given the maximum penalty on the neW conviction, eighteen months
in the federal penitentiary, to commenea
with a line of two thousand dollars. Similar sentences were passed upon each
rf the other ten defendants...
Tha conspirators were shown to have
New York Harbor, with the intentioa
perfected plans whereby bombs were to
ships loading here ror r ranee ana ureni unnin. -
. . . . . y. LUL .dl... :.. . b II ......... .H.l
on Jtinteien is ot nouie uermnn uinn, u ohm-it m iu n-iuisM
elose, personal friend of Prince Henry of Prussia.
Only One Day's Supply of . 0(1 In
City--Waterf ront jammed ;
With ice, Floes i: f -t
NltW VOBhi, February 5 (AssocaK
ted Press) With aero weather. ctpgn-
ing here; there is only one day's coal
supply i the city. -
The harbor wasr-partly froiert over
this morning and ice on the Hudson
ia seen isv large quantities. The scene
resembhia a Norway fiord. i
'.-The Hudson is frozen solid down to
the Harlem front, and a glacier like
leriea of -ice floes nsa jammea tne
waterfront of Manhattan and Gover
nor's Islands and the Brooklyn shore.
Traffic is almost at a standstill. It
is reared that tne narnor win ireeze
entirely across to the Jersey shore.
WA8HINOTON, February 5--(Asso-
ia fail 1rua V mi iiaui mv t II teMIlP II t M
iv the premiers of Britain. France nnd
Italv st the recent Versailles confer
nre. olHeials hern emphasi.e that while
the United Htates might agree with the
conclusions there reached, no sjiecinl
action here is necessary, the 1 nited
Htates being in the status of a co belli
gerent instwad of a full political ally
Of the Euteute group.
LONDON, February 5 ( Associated
I'ress) Order has been restored at
Lamia, where mutiny broke out amonj
the Oreek infantry regiments. One
hundred and fifty have been arrested
in connrction with tho revolt.
General lambroa and Former 1're.mier
koulnudis have been instructed to con-
sider themselves under arrest.
. , , ,--. .
OOl.rMBfB, Ohio, February S i A
-m inted Prena) Ohio Food Adiuiniatri
tor ('oxton has revoked for two v'ck
the license of the Central Kuifur ('
pnnv. alleirinK that the company
inlatin(( the food cunt n. I net.
, - .
WASHINGTON, Fubmarv 5- (Am.,
ciated Press) President Wilson to.ls.
issued a proclamation specifically biin
inp under the provisions of the term
act all ulicn enemies I', him ium. ; I
City, with n iri le oT staunch friends
that renched into every section of the
Territory, lie vn forty-six years old,
having'bern Imrn in New Haven, (!on
uectieut, on Mav '.'n, is; I. He has beeu
a Uinn reni'lent nf Honolulu and has
been connected with the ). K. & L.
ever since tld' inception of that rail
road, start inn u paixengcr ainl ticket
agent and workiiiu "P to one of the
most responsible ponitions in the ser
vice. He ha. I Ween n lender in effort for
the upbuilding of the city and the
Islands. A n member of the board of
health he served for twelve consecu
tive yearn, following hia appointment
in KM11. He wan n valuable member of
the Promotion CommiMeo and took a
leading part in many public move
ments. tn 1SNHI he innrried M'ns Alice Wall,
who, with tneir
twelve year -old son,
survives him,
baudling of an immense fund rt-r in
munition manufacturing plants, mills
at the expiration of hia present term,
placed time bombs aboard ships in
of sinking them at rea, and of having
be attached fo the steering, gear ot
In Reply' To American Proposals
. Regarding Food Supply Re
fuses To Abandotr Position
CHRI8TIAKIA, February 6 (Asso
ciated Press) Norway stnnds firm in
her renolve to remain neutral and take
no side in the great Euroiiean conflict
Hih-I) is the gist of the government's
reply, ns" published here yesterday, to
the proposals of the United states out
lining the terms upon which that coun
try would consent to supply Norway
with food
In its reply the government xtrongly
emphasised the nation ' determination
to maintain neutrality. "Nurwav
her commercial policy - cannot break
with ono bcUigereui , without imperil
ling her genoral neutrality'', says the
reply to the United Htates,
Arctk Ixplorer Is
Elated Over
American Troops
AmUndSCn VjSitS Front and IS
ureany impressed witn uneer
fulness and Confidence of Our
Boys In the Trenches
I'AHIB,. February (Associated
l'n-s) Itould Aniundseu, the famons
Antic explorer, is greatly impressed,
utter a visit to the American Front in
Km nee, with the cheerful noxn aud cou
tidence of the American troops.
Amundsen, who is the firxt civilian
ho has been permitted to
tion of the line held by the
roopn, returned lo Paris
greatly elated over what he had seen
ainl tin- spirit exhibited by the "8am
lllil'M. ' '
''The iiialitieH thut in out impressed
me in the Americini soldiers," said
AiiiuihIm'ii, "were their cheerfulness
j ami their confidence of certainly being
ihMi' to ilo their part in beating the
, (Jcmmim. '
I AmuinUrn will iiit America soon to
yive h kit leu of lectures on sulijectu
roniicrteil with the war.
sl I.VilTIIN, February .r-- ( Akmo
i inled Press) At a conference today
llin'.t.n (lencml McAiton of the pov.
ei i ...cttt tuilrimd h ' i t e in titid Fuel ('on-
f. I,. ' I :.l rfll-l.l .1.'. I.I..I lllllt tlu- ' ' In-Ill
I Mfihliiv" pliin w ill not lie abiui.
.Inn. I.
1,'ilMK, Pebriuiry ." ( Associate!
It i reported here thnt (iuu
."ii.. Miii-eiuii, the inventor, will l.e
.iii. l iiml,;issii.t.i to 'nshintnii. mi.
fount '. Ma. In .Ii (iellcre.
Launch Regiments Against Bed
Guards In Crimean Peninsula
and Throughout .Taurida
On West Front British Carry Out
Raids. Inflicting Heavy Casual- . .."
lies and- Taking Prisoners . v
NEW YORK, FebruaryVfW'
( Associated Press) A, new
element has entered ' thej" 'field '
iainst the provisional govern. ," '
metit f Russia, the Tartars, hav- . , , ,
np declared war upon the Bol-.
sheviki and launched,, thetr.. rpgi; ., ,
nicnts against the Red Guardt in .
ilic Crimean iwiiinsula and
hrmtphout the government of .Tatl-,". v
rila. This is reported from Sebav;' C.'1 "-'.'
taol, the Bolsheviki commander ; K. '' "
there notifying Petrograd that the ' ' v"
Tartars have already defeated
Bolsheviki force and have a4tfpled ',
Volta. These new eneraies of tfte'C - ' '
Doisneviai arc now auvanving. yy. ,t. .
on Sglwstapol. f , .- , .,. .
The Tartars art waging a rn,crt;t- t r
less war, say these report, and are :''
putting to death everyoldier and
sailor of the Red Guard .vfhd' (alls ?'-. - ;'
into their hands.', " ..-'--- ' . ..
A Kiev despatch 1 ' to tSertin,' :
which has reached here via Ain v '
stenlam, says that the Poles i 'are j."
also making further ' heatlwsijr ' ' y ' : ' '
against the Slavs. ' ' v'.T'
.On the west f ront yesterday the V
British carried but successful raij4 .'
ioutherly of Fcurbaix and Ypre-s,
mmcting. heavy -casualtie and- tak-
ing a mmiber of German prisoners, "
with their machine guni.
The fighting in ' Italy lias been
mainly between the airmen., Acer
man squadron of airplanes, raided
Padua, inflicting a few casualties
among, the civilian population but
inflicting no military , Jam a g c.
This squadron was '; cut ' off.:,i4
its return nqrth by t a mixed
juadron of Italian and BritUh air
men, who defeated the- raidertad'
Iv. Italian flyers shot downfou'r
of the German machines and. the
British disposed of rio fewer than
tight of them.- ' 4 ..1Kv's:V;,
Abolish Religious Oath i.n;Aaf
riaoe Ceremony fir
' : . H '! t ,t - -)'' ''.'
PETROOBAD, Febrnary,, o-r(Assa,
ciuted Press) A decree waa issued un '
der the authority of tha Bolsheviki
cabinet yesterday separating charck ,
and state ia Russia Sad abollshla j th"
religious oath in the marriage ceremony, '
Provision ia ntada in tha decree for tha ..
examination of the Ipeomt . of . th ' '
church; with the 'intimatioa that' tha ,
greater part of the property of . ,.tht j:
church is,,to be confiscated BoliRioUS .'
freedom is Kuarauteed Sad a pledga ta ;
Kivea that there will be no Interference ;
with religions aoela ordera, . ::-t
The promulgation of thut decree has ',
excited a great deal of opposition end 1
street parades la protest were, cnade .;
here yesterday ' by the . various ' reli-
gioua sects.' ' ''I''tf..
- - ..',, ,, i'u.-U-.;
'. -"'irvVv,
W.AMKINOTON, February -Aaao
elated Prrss) Charges of aalsmaaage- ,
ment by the new government system. ..;
f.H'iatlii(j the railroads were voieed to
'v hv W. O. Lee.' president of the '
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r KTUOORAD. February 6-f .Ssa'
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