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'A V.
? '
niW a nilnn
. " Banlfs and Trust Companies Will
'-!'? Bo, Called Upon To Set Aside
vH'.Vv Small Percentage of Gross Re
' ' - sources" Every Week
Each ., Two.. Weeks Banking
7". Hoyse Will Buy four Percent
s; . Certificates and Next Liberty
:"HLoan Will Be In April
ASHIN(,TN Fclmiarv 7
ssociatcd I'ress) I'c-
for another bond issue i. floated
; hyt the government, which will
probably not bo for at least two
s,. mcyiths, three liillions of dollars
will have been raised through the
sale of treasury certificates under
:"'.V t the plan which was adv anced ves-
terday by Secretary of Treasury
" ' McAdoo. While the plan is vet
tentative it is meeting with the
V 1 aPProva' f ''le administration
,',., t-apd with bankers as well.
? rr ... In the announcement which
'. Secretary McAdoo made yester-
' ' Jay. he savs three billions of dol-
i .'; Jars will be raided by the sale of
-. four percent short term treasury
' certificates unler the plan which
. looks to systematic investment bv
' - ...
every bank ami banking institu
. V t invt ill (111) i.jtnntri' in u.-b k:b,t-l
' i term securities.
r The contemplated scheme o,
1 financing the war for the next two
, 'months or more provides for the
w i.? : .Issuance of five hundred million
" doilars of Certificates every two
"i weeks until the total shall reach
the required three billions of dol-
! Iars alniut the middle of March.
Banks, banking houses and
trust companies are to be asked
' to set aside about one percent of
their gross resources each week
and each two weeks to invest
such sums as are thus -d aside
"in the four percent treasury certi
ficates. In this way there will be
no great drain upon the resources
ot'thc banks. They will be furii
ished with gilt edge. ln 'rt term
Securities on a fair bais f r such
short term investments, a basis
similar to that which loans to
private concerns in New York
are made by the bffrrks of tin
New Y"rk ( leaiing ll.'ii c. and
the needs of the g' ,v crrjii" ::! wil'
V,' ' be met.
There will ) r . 1 ;i ( v be no call
made for a tint. I loan until m
'iVpfil thvutgh, in the meantime
,: . jfie machinery will l.c prepared
' ; I .1. : , .
f.f.mlj ti 1 a. . ....
M' x'-ffW 'flf hvll the c.,!l is is
t bni ciihiii ocri
. n m.nrw mi .urn
v fn Quirf m amp
IU Ul 111 I LLnlllL
I'KTIUKiKAn. FoliruHiv 7 (Anno
elated I'rewO III nn ofT'iit to rloiir the
present jo ernnion in Pflrnjrii'i from
bin in l' for till' ihuotir Bliiti of InbOr
1111(1 eoolmrtiic oonilil ioHB. h utatoinent
wa iaaueil yentorrtfiy liv the cninmiN
MOJjer of lulior to tbe nutinniil nimmn
p fh hy that IxxlJ uiinoiiiii'oil to
it proVtiiiint.
I) I ii mo for tlio pronoiit hii I'uJ itute
of adnirit in pirn oil upon t Li p!i."t 'l
mlnHt i atioiiM. Tlio i oMiiiiiHr.io.i'r hii
th fajlllro of tin' Impel till (fov oriiMli'llt
before the ri'olulion ninl of llio Kor
arky t'ovorniin'iit nfti r the reo!ulion
to regulate the iiiiliit , ii ui n v h toil
he niluiition ami uro dinitlv reioii
fiblo for tlio oouilitioriK vthirh tlio Hoi
alM villi are rullotl uoa to moot.
JKKKKK-'OV. Vs., Kolirniiiv ii i.
sooinlo'l ProHd) -- 'ico Iniil'lmtii "f I'"'
flite rofoi miitor.v Imrin'il ilown toilay i"
a H!antToiiH fire. The loin ill reaoh ;i
million itollnrn. TmcIvo Innnlroil nnl
el"lit fivo uinonersi wiie maivhoJ "i"
of th liuill hixi, but ii u ii- of t be ui i-i
caped. -
Comparison of Allied Losses Last
Week and Month With Those
Drive Full of Encouragement
Ni;Y OKK. Krliriinry 7- ( A o-i h I
r I I'rcH i l.csr of Allipil sliiinii)(
frum tlx- llnti sulni:irino r-11 m i;i i for
tlio Hi-. I- i iiclliiu Sntur'lfly Krliomry L'
nin I if tr in tlio iiflii inl i.'hii
Wh v-viv yilori4iiv iimio. I liv l.ri'M
llfi'iiiii. hmi' r mi l llnlv vii rv m fiitnl
i n i v tliirhtlv Irnm the lrsp of tin' )
. I'iljuy wt'.'k nii'l w- fur llinlor tin' n-r
iij;i' wi'i kh loNi'viir I ho (Hist yi'itr
F'or I lir w. i'k rr. ting taut ts.-i 1 11 r. hi v
imltM K't :it Mrlititi lost ton HtPiniHTs of
more ih:in I r0' tonn rrjjiwler mi l nini"
s 1 1 1 n 1 1 r i i:ft if nifi'ni nine ihi.I nix
tin- T'( s . 1 i n wi'i'k. Frnrh limi' nrri
t wil fdiiicrs of thr Migr rojfllM' inl
tre ' uf tin' miillrr ua rtimrr l with
lluri" i ti : I r:if: th werk. lipfore !!!
It!itv liwt mil' Mnriill iitiitt iim utfaiiiHt
two of inoro t hn ii l.'iOO toim ami two of
li-ns ri-itt r 1 h i ir'vioil! .wivk. Thn
:hr to' for tin AHion for llir wti'V
wcii' IhcIm- liirgo ami clrvcii miiihII
rn i liili' fur tln weok pinling Jauu
arv - tho loisen were elpven of each
, v nf .s-ei. As lomparpii illi tho
iit wook in Deoember there i a li
tip-I ini'nx-otiipot Hhown for the re
port inxiiHil January i ihoweil a Iohh
of l wonty eiuht large
ami four smnll
..i" reor 'ho ''"
el were twenty five and seven which
. u. ...' iur uitf niMt nve
weoki I'oimiilerably higher than the
iif-t mi I lotwn in any if the threi wecka
lint h:i e jnat mt.
Five wooks' loxiw for the Allien, ex
ton.linsj over from the cloning ilayH ol
I)eaiiil'or to the neoond (lay of Kebru
ary wore oii(htyeifht vea-fa of more
than l.rit( tonn and thiftV-three ot
smaller roxintrv, or for both olaiie
117. From Mn'r.iti 11 tg Aril l" bmt
year the limsea to (Ireht Britain alone
wore IL' venaela, from April 15 to May
JO they wore '.Mt and to June 24, Mg
Hrilinh Ioknoh in the fivo wookr"jn
punt have been eighty-four.
Word win received reaterday of the
Iw of the Aineriean Steamer Alamance,
's'J4 tone reentry1. She was torpedoei!
in Tueailay off the eonat of KnglaiKi
with u li'- of nix liven.
Noiway Lor as Hearlly
In the month of January,
o report whi.h were iaueil
.'rom the Norwoginn embaasy
at Wnh
intiton, Iokhoh to Norwejfian
m moil nt el to ln.htJu
;uit their li'i.
tons. Kight moi,
Measure Is Said To Meet Ap
proval of Administration and
Suit Members of Senate
WASIHNtiTllN, February 7 (A ami
I'intod l'losi I ndirut nniK of an agree
inert between tlio President and mem
bem of the noun to ronunittee on mili
'tv nffaim lonkinL' to a roorfjanir.atior
and consequent ruttni.; of red tnpe ir
lie ar oi i in 1 1 in i' ti I nte to be aeen ir
a bill whiik wim yentordny intro
lui'oii by rM-uatnr ieim:ni mid ia eaid
i Iiiino the :ipproHl of the ml minis
trillion :iinl to meet the demi lulu of a
majority of tho memi-i"- of the aen
eto OOllllllitleo.
While the nioitsiire is dit inrtively a
ei.mpri.irii!- inr:iiire it will reiniM e ob
.-itiuii's wlii'h new t:iiid in the way of
-i i oord i ii:-t i"ii :nd i -d i t r 1 1 hi t ion of
iiuwers ului'li tin' eoinmiftie lit'lievei
iitml to tin
'lit I'Ollllliel
it till tv.il
ll iv tl,.
lie tl.il I
mist .1' ll.
I' lendi
h iii the Hen
II eliminate
tmii between
;i mrv
-in in 1 1 1
.1 the
m n
f f
- lie
i't ;i ' i
ineiiiiiig'M on the
.ident llil.l the
the other.
I! I Mi'l'IIN, Frl.rmtry 7 (Aaio
'ri-- i Mii oi tii'deiirk Pulmer,
Mie fiimoiiA wnr rorreioidont and the
'itTiiiul ''eve witnoHM'' tor the Aiueri
:';ui fon-i"' in I'niin.-e. on the staff of
'ienerill Perihin. dell el i d Mil adilrosM
it the National I'ioms I'luli lant night
Major Calmer nil that lie W(M i oni
iii"ii'iied to deliver a message from
'.ienerill Pershing to the people of
Atnerira thionii the pre of the na
' Huil l a bri Ige of I. outs from the
I'lilled State' ! Fliiln-e" lr the IllOi
'ae. Siliip!-- mid moie slnpK are the
reat need of the uaiiou, nii'mI Major
'aliner, and vith idiips si.ttiriont there
h no doubt of vit-Uirv ainiiiHt the Huiik.
- -
W HIN(i ION, ll. ('., February -i
Amine luted l'ren i Fond Controller
Hnnver todu.N onieied fpei-ulution in
yri'i'ii i o (fee d im-hii t i 11 nod mi the eotTee
and Miirnr oxohtingoi. He i,, ulrio aenil
. ii C nut an mdei f 01 bidd i u K dealing in
a nlinvt sly eeiitH t'pe No. 7
"lair, '..i a inuaMi. lie belii e thin will
-te-id the iofTi'0 market.
. . -
I.. I ill nl eei i 1 1! I n niiieklv as
posMl.li'. ll i tin' f ni ! ii ii ui'r of nil
I iiloionai ' tiniible. iud I'Meiiinouia may
ieolop hi a few linni". 'I'm I Chamber
Iain's t mioIi li'i'iui'ily It is Hiinplo
ih'nii' t" do, but the i ffii i i, marvelouM.
For aile b all dealers, lie"-"!!, Hmith
4 I n, Ltd., tij.ei.ts I'm '' . -ilvt.
. , 4 1 : -
' 1 ' v ' '. - ' ' ' . '. . s . ' ... r '' i-: . ' ' si .. . . . v . ,. 1 .'. ' : '' ' . ' s- . ; , . ,.-'. ' 1
Outlook Now Very Qood For Dry Oahu Legal
Points Involved Have Been Referred To
Judge Advocate General's Office
WASHINGTON, Feb ruary6--( Special to THe Advertiser) The re
port upon the liquor situation onOahu made by Brigadier General Wlsser
of the Hawaiian Department to Secretary Baker, upon the request of the lat
ter for the department commander's view in relation to the various petitions
to the President that Oahu be proclaimed a dry zbne, is strongly in favor of
action along: the lines of the petitions. General Wisser states that prohibition
would' be the best solution of the situation that has ariseilJ 1 J ' ' ' .' ! : ? ;
Thfc outlotok now is very good fcr adrninisfrarive! action 'declaring Oahu
a prohibition district for the period of the war. The main' reason1 that siich an
order has notyet been issued is the dc'ubt as to the legality of such a procla
mation, covenngthe zone desired.
Secretary Baker,, has referred the question to the judge advocate gen
eral; from whom a legal opinion on tie points involved is expected within a
few days.
WASHINGTON, February 7 (Aano
elated lTeaa) Cntted Htatea forrea ih
Franoe are now larger tlvan waa eon
tempiated for thia time in the orl(iniil
governmental program mid during the
preaent year the I'liited Statea will
aeiul a million more men were two a
nor'uins made by Sorretury of VaV
Baker in hi teatlmony before the urn
ate committee orl military n fairs whii h
tended to put the aeeoni)ilishmenta of
the war department in a better liht
before the rommiftee than that in
whieh it haa heretofore appeared.
Rad.y To Finnish Omut
Both in and out of the eommittee
honring ynsterdnv dew'lopinotita wTfh
aueh an to promiae a more sat isf nrtnrv
oonditiwn in the eouduet of the wnr
than hu Im-od iinliejitod to exit.
Speaking in Now York at a dinner
('apt. Andre Tnrdieu. hi(h eoairrrtjigioii
or from Franre to the I'nitoil Sttrten
aaid hla country wna in a position tb
manufacture enough urtillory before
July 1 to equip twenty American army
division proviiliug the mntorinln no
eeaanry for the maiinfii'turo werf
trannportod ropularlv. This nnsortloh
of tho I'reneh eommiHioner is taken
an an answer to the HHsertion made by
iteprcHoniHT i o
MeCormick thiit Frame
did not
eunuch artillery to meet
Is and mux in an position
upon to supply the 1'nited
s'irh equipment.
desplltehes fiom t'railee
In-f for prolileins in sup
lneliena eotltilleeat llllil
its ow 11 nor
to be enlled
States with
offered a r
plies for th
told of aroemont
whieh would eiial
n piiri-hasin dah
r ranee to supplv
annod fruits and eoetnldos for the
Ameriean foreef thus sawinn a large
nniount of tareo si'in-o whieh miyht bo
adt antnpooiislv used for other purposes,
perhapa in iait fnr the required mn
terials fnr the nianufai'ture of the hi'
cesnary artillerv.
Sogeeata rood Conservation
In connection with the Having of car
go spnee Secretary ItaKer before the
soiiato committee suggested inothfHta
for food conservation by tho force un
dor (ioneral Ferhhing especinllv in the
regulation of purchases at the post ox
ehanges by Fiench people.
In making Ins ns-ortinn tl at the
troop movement hiik ahead nf the orig
i n n I program on .lauunry 1 and now
Secretary Haker did not tell how large
a foree the I'nited States haa in V anee.
Hi'a testimony cmne In answer to qnea
ions by Senator Weeks of Manharhu
aettit and it wan ngreed it would be im
proper to give definite fignres at an
open hearing althouch these inifht
given to the committee when in cir
eoutiv e session.
Hesides forornsting the mo eqient of
a million more men in tho voar 1!UR
Socretaiv Hakor gmo the committee
much other information of imKrta,nee
and of n distinctly encouraging nature.
Hakor enlni"cd to the committee
that any delay in the payin.J of monies
to the families and dependents of sol
diers had been due to indefinite ad
drossoa and raid that del us in payment
to the noldiers tliemscKes wore about
Hocretiny Maker's testimony of yea
terdav auppleinent that htch lie gave
before the committee nt the hearing of
January III when he ti.lt much of the
preparut ions made and curried out
bv the ar depn it mint Thin won pub
lished in the Official llullotin of tlint
date which quoted him us saying:
'l am glad to lav bclH',' t,e .-oiiuei
tee and ' tho eoiiutrv ceifain facta vtitli
reference to the ni
work. Not all of it is n
it is well to hate some hi
'freshly in oar minds itt t
consideration of iletiul
poll a nt in tlieuisclvc- m
oliscure the real pmi'ii-n
uentrul tank.
lepa 1 1 incut 'i
n to yiiu, bu'
derlySnn fncli
cos w lnkn th
however im
llt Otlil'l VMS!
iii u . I- iii tin
preparation PEAiiNMFriliF
"The wAr department ii eager to
profit by all helpful criticism, and I
thank the committee for the inquiries
which it haa made and for the cooper
ation which it ia giving and will give
in making our pro;eration increasingly
adequate and speedy.
"On the firHt dey'of April, 1917. the
Kegular Army eorrnriaed 5.7P1 officer
and 12I.7SIV ciillatel men; the national
-'' i- federal wvioe. approximateltr
3,733 officer and 70,713 enlisted me it,
and the rnrrrve. 40t0 onliated mer.
Thero were rlno at that time approxi
mately 267:t offieers in the liesorve. but
as tliese wen on inactive duty they
can not provcrly be considered in estl
matingth sitength of the Army ofJho
I'niteo Statin at that time. On the
thirty. first day of December, 1017. the
legulor ni my consisted of 10,250 officers
: and 4 7S HIWj4itc.1 men: the national
1 guufl pf Jti,M officers and 400,900 en
listed meh; the national armv of 480,
000 men. and the Reserve of M.575 offi
cers and 72.750 enilsted men. In other
"arils lin nine months the increase has
been from:J.524 officers to llO.SSfi of
ficers; from 202.511) to 1 . IL'N.ll.'iO men.
i "During the war. with Spain the
in in v of the ( nitoil States nt its mnxb
iiiiini "trength aggregated !?72,llfH) men
nn l oficers The armv now in tho field
end in training is. tlieref'tro. ronghlt
nix times as great as tle mnximum
number mder aims in the Spanish
! A mericH n War.
Largcit Evnr Mobilized
I "The total niimlier alrendv in the
military service is iho and n hslf tiiriec
as large as any force ever mobilized
by this nut inn.
"A subi-t a nl ial part nf mil' inilitary
forces was selected by the operation of
u draft law. the executinn of which hns
bmnnt i at'-d Imth the econoiuicnl and
the eflicietit way f selecting soldiers.
The law itself was drawn, (ts execution
carried to a successful conclusion, and
' the tlieor of the law. novel to our
people explained and made popular, be
cause of its demon"! rule J fullness botL
in plan and execution.
"For the training of officers two
seiie- nf tr. lining co inns wore hold, from
which about 45.000 ofticors wore com
missioned from civil fife. This number
is nearly eight times ns great as the
number nf nflicors in the Itegujur Army
on tin' lirst day ot April.
"For the training of tlies soldiers
sixteen i niitnnmenti have been built,
costing ifl .",4,000,000, with an averaga
profit to the contractors of 2.9H percent.
"These i antonreents contain wateir
and sewage facilities, refuse disposal
plants, In ii ml rif a. atorehounea barracks,
exctiaiiges. postomces, anil practically
all necesiMiy conveniences, comforts
rod safeguards for soldiers. The health
of the ineii in training in them is be
vond comparison lietter than that of j
imv similar number of soldiers in our i
llistnlV. I
Death Kate Per Thousand I
"The death rate lu our forces in the I
I'liited States, fronf midXeptember to
'he end nf December, averaged 7.5 per
thousand, and is slightly less than
would l.uve boon the death rate of I
nu n of the Hine age at home. In
the death rate per thousand was 20.14,
or neiirli I h roe times as great. Our
dentil rate in the army during the
oar l'.HH. iust before the war was five
per thousand. Leaving out the deaths
lue to nn asles and its complications,
icjr tale among all troops in the I'nv
ted Stiites, since September 1, lias been
about 2 per thousand. These figures
ire pioperly euitiiarable. The five per
' hiiii .uuil fin Klld means for the whole
vein. The two per thousand for this
vein melius that 1 the number of
deaths since the "f September from
u 11 causes, exclusive of measles and its
coiiiplicni ions, should continue tho same
I'm the t '..Mowing eight mouths, our
i H t , f.. tl,,. nf the vein- would b
out two per iunaud.
t t
Reporti, From PGtrograd and
rromy Berlin Put Different
Lights On Possibilities
NFW YORK, February 7 fAssocia
ted Press) Reports which came from
Russian and from Central 1'ower
sources relative to a continuance of
peare negotiations at Brest l.itovsk
were distinctly conflicting, the Russian
reports indicating the pourparler hid
bei broken off andTFnnmptinre appear
ed hbpeless ifVUe despntches evidently
emnnating from Boriin and Vienna in
dicated a hoe for a continnunce and
for a finally satisfactory agreement.
l'etrogriid despatches of yesterday
snid the negotiations had been broken
off the authority tieing the correspond
ent of the K' hsnee Telocriiph Agency.
In contradiction, to this rejiort was
one from Amsterdam which told of the
departure from JWIin. after a eon
ference there on the food shortage
income ami the necessity of a peace
t'" t'kraine, o-f von Kuehlmann
and Czernin.
Misrepresentation Claimed
Another repudiation of statements by
tho (ioniums rlonling with pence terms
with Russia has come in an official
Rn sicn w in lets di spatch which con
tains n vigorous protest by the Council
nf Lettish Soldiers and Workmen. Tliis
council, representing the Lett race, pro
tests flint the assertion of Berlin tkut
the Letts desire separation from Rus
sia is untrue, ami that the pence nn
gotiatiniis on this point huvo been af
fected bv the (.ermaii distortions of
They demand that the Teuton!
conferees nit hd raw their statements. V
similar protest has been received from
llac F.sthoiiati.. '
. SUV. ,
LONDON. February ' - f Associated
I'ressi After a battle lasting for two
days (lonciul Mniinei hcini, the com
niaiulor of the Finnish government
forces has defeated the revolutionist
red t'liards. reinforced bv Russian Hoi
heviki af I'lesberg inflicting heavv
losses In 4iilld.
l ighting is re(orted as in progress
in otlnV sections or Finland.
Near Komi th'cfe was a collision be
tuecn railroad trains one of which was
carrying a large detachment of the
red guards and of these is reported
large uumher were killed and injured
in the ensuing wreck.
FHANi'K, Wednesday, January 2.1
Many of tho former members of the
Lafayette Klving Squadron, forniurl
under the rieiuh culms, are back at
the front, flying now in American uni
form lifter their induction into the Am
eiirun army. Among the flyers who
have lie,. a out are Ma jor William Thaw,
Major Raoiil l.ufbrev, Captain Ruben
Koikwoll iitul Captain Dudley ll. Hill.
, .
LONDON, February 7 - (Associated
I 'n .si Changes in the British govern
nieiit are forecast by tho Yorkshire
l'o-1 That paper savs the resignation
of Kill Diibv from the cabinet is
i Hi l it i lifli t .
Britain' Ruler Says After Win
ning of tha War This Is One
of the Strongest Desires Na
tiorr Entertains
LONDON,' Ffhrnary 7 (Associated
Cross) -King fleorre, in an address
yesterday, touched on tha Irish ques
tion, expressing his hope that the Irish
nnvenflon might not be disbanded tin
il it had ftutad the solution of the
roll problem.
The British government. W said, was
sincerely In earnest in ita desire to find
smite middle ground niion which the
Irish factions might be united for the
self government of-Ireland. Next to
nrrying through to a successful con
Imion the great war in w-hieh the na
ion whs engaged, the first alnr of the
Uritish statesmen was to grant to Ire
and the home rule it had long desired.
One Obstacle Removed
The Irish convention has apparently
been unable to come to any decision as
o the form of government to be recom
mended for Ireland. Jt is now well
known that the convention was on the
point nf disbanding and confessing
omplete failure wheu the resignation
if Sir F, I ward Carson from the British
'obinrt took plnee and one of the main
obstacles to nn agreement was believed
o be removed.
Now, a recent despatch from Dublin
to the Times, states that the oonven
ion has again taken a disappointing
urn ' which the Times interprets as
meaning that th prospect of an agree
ment ia again remote.
Commenting on this, the Daily Chron
icle s.v.h:
New Obstacles Arise
"The convention is now up
the most formidable obstacle,
an be negotiated successfully
be well. The Tlster unionists
If this
all will
have it
in their power to bring the labors of
to convention to fruitiou or to make
'hem end in failure."
A despatch to the Daily News from
Dublin sayg that comment upon the
outlook there is a curious blend of pes
sialism anil optimism pessimism a to
he immediate and optimism as to the
ultimate issue. The writer refers to a
drawing together of the nationalists
aji'l southern iiuioiiists. leaving the
Itelfnst unionists in greater isolation
'han before.
An interesting political side light.
he correspondent ndds, is cast by the
news that the Itovsl Irish Constabulary
ind the Dublin Metropolitan Police will
be tunalgniimted as part of a generu!
cheine of reenr.Htrm tion of the lrh
ov eminent, which is expected to conic
under consideration soon. Belfast is
now policed by the Royal Irish Consta.b
ularvv and it is understood that the
atimlgatipJio" onld juyoH t i Jho ,tis,i
appearance of the old nanies which have
un fortunate nsso.-ial ions nud that the
new body will be e'alle I the Irish I'o'ieo
Force-. ' ' '
: : rr-r rs
Aith Yards, Material and Money
Nation Needs Quarter of
Million Mechanics
WASHINGTON. February 7-(Asn
ciate.l Press) - Mure workers is th
most urgent need of thf emergency slii;
"orporution. The plants and the mi
terial arc on hand to enable the cni
lying of the program to a iH-cessfu
conclusion and the crying need is uien
This was made clear in uu appeal to
ipiarter of a million workers made b
Charles Fie-'., general manager of th
emergency fleet corporation.
Mr Fie places rcspousitfilit v for th '
success or the failure of the ship build
ng program, ss thr case mav be, upon
the shoulders of labor. "We have t Ii
vaitls, we have the matoiiuls, and w i
have the monody necessary to earn
through the program. The one'thinv
which is lacking is that- spirit which
will send a ipiarter of a million inech'i
nics into our shipyards With such :
'nri-e of workers nothing can stop in,"
lie laid.
WASHINGTON1, Februnry 0 (Asho
-ited l"ro'l Director Cicnernl Me
Vdne has appointed a traffic, investipr'
Injr romuiittei" with' the obieet of di
verting mitit of the trnffie from th.'
.onsented roads In the Kant and h"p
in the nerinin situation. The com
mittee conintii of Wineliell R. liumlolph
and A. O. 'rowel). I
, m
VKW YOKK, February tt f Assoc in t
ed Press) Former l'resident Koosevell
who has boon sufforiui from abscesses
recently wont into a local hospital to
duy tt undergo an operation, the sec
.old to be perfornn'd within a week.
WASHINGTON, Februnry (i iA-
o ia t i'il I'lcsn) The soldiers' and nail
ins' Civil Rioditi! Mill viisiiendiiin liabil
iy in civil action in certain continiren
i ies, unaiiimoilhlv passed the selinte to
I'AZOi OINTMENT ia 8uruted to
cure blind, bleeding, itching or -pro-trudinff'
flVRS in 6 to 14 dnys or
money refunded Mtuiuf tuied b
the rMl MUDlCIMCO.,?t . . ui
U. S. A
JriniiYiMA ; ninnr
Enemies' Air Attacks Repulsed.
Town -Within Teuton;.Lines Is
Shelled and Raids Are Made
Under CoW of' Artillery
Heavy Artillery Pre is, Reported
Along French, British and Ital
ian Fronts With" Small Infaft
, try Activity1
WASHINGTON. February 7
(Associated I'rcss)
American forces on the French
front yesterday had the htisiest
and most exhilarating-day .which
they have known since they en
tered into active conflict with 'the
enemy and made their force felt
distinctly by the enemy.
On this sector of the Western
front, as well as in others of the
war theaters aircraft entered pro
minently into the day's fifrhtinrr.
Twenty enemy air craft, during
the day, endeavored to cross the
American lines and the anti-aircraft
defenses of the American
forces weVe kept in almost con
stant action. Not one of the
enemy planes succeeded in pet
ting past the American defenses.
After a lively day and'nitiht o't
Tuesday the American artillery
had another day of intense activ
ity. It was engaged in shelling
i town within the enemy lines
which has been deserted by the
Entire civilian imputation.
;Undcr cover of this tirr'a num
ber of ' At'ding" partics'-wcre sent
out from the American trenches
against detachments of t h e
Within the trenches and in the
lug nit the pump are kept going
teadily to keep them free front
'he cold, muddy water that is con
.tantly (lowing into them.
France and (ireat JJritain both
ondttcted important air raids
v-ctcrdavi - The IVritish aircraft
hopped large number
of bombs
'ip'iti a number oi targets and) in
'.he course of the raids had a nuni
H'f of engagements with enemy
;ilau'.. Fic 'l'ttton planes and
die observation liallooii were
lowncd. hour Uritish machines
iaiU-d to return.
)ti Tue-dav I'"i'ench csc.tdt illcs
bombed Saarbruck dropping about
tout" tons of projectiles and made
t number of important hits. Dur
ng lhi taid the cscadrilles were
tttacked by enemy air forces of
.vhich they dowlted three. There
cre im French losses.
Tere was heavy artillery dr
ug on the 1'iitish, the Fiench
mil the Italian fronts yesterday,
illii ial reports said. The French
report they have destroyed four
teen enemy machines in the last
ihree days and the Italians report
be destruction
of live cnetnv
HKI) l.OJK.K, MoHtunn. .lanuafv 31
1 l Associated I'retnO Correspondence
thai originated in 101ft when a rancher
of tins vicinity nituehrd n amall but
tie, enclosing hid tinmc nud address, to
the neck of a hitttk, w hte'h later aa
shot near Bogota, Coloinbin, ia respon
sible for it journey to this town by
Louis Felipe Uuedti, a wealthy textile,
mill opernt6r of Hoejotii.
Huedo wrote to the local man. and
Inter to other pel sous in this vii'lnitV,
and friendships iloveloped which the
Sontli Aineiican is uov enroiite here to
further in person.
'P loll.'.. r,-biuai( lb i sso. i filed
1'ien'l Two weie -hot to.tiy iii llo.lllv
Bliike riots.

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