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One Is Outlined By Vigilance
, Corps Another By Mayor
and Supervisors, ; 1
board Would purchase
Fern Wants Legislature I Asked
To Moke Appropriation
Ftr the Purpose
Two pits took definite ehspe, yes
terday, to provjde a municipal fh
market for Honolulu. 0e is the pu-ekss-
anil psratisa by ths elty of
krl trf ths present sh market from
Rtfc Street to Quean Street, and the
othoy is the plan of the mayor to
ore bill la tks sext legialsture fotr
the- ersstidn of a market over the river
between, tbe sams two streets.
The hoard of supsrvisors adopted
resolution lait sight let rod weed by
Bupsivfcsos Ahia providing prettoviaary
steps for the outright purchase of, thf
present market. TIm) other plan was
stystsMsed at a cenference held yea.
terdsvyj aftecsoon brtweea Mayor Fern
and Uen. Jobs H. Hoper of the VVgiJ
ahee Corps.
Supervisor .Ahia's plan is to have
the permanent, improyement fund of
the. utilised for the flub market,
While the mayor's nlaa. contemplate ss
curing from the, legislature an allot,
ment for the purpose, Ai alternative
plans of securing funds for the market,
the resolutioa adapted last night sug
geata as eiehangs of land in lieu qf
purchase.'. The resolution follows: .
WHEREAS, the retaU prices of
poi, fink, meat, and other edibles
are oeyoaa ise rsaea. 01 me ma
jority of the people; and
WHEREAS, one of the causes
of said high prices is the high
rental for stalia In the Ask market
of .Honolulu; and
' WHEREAS,' in order that the
prices of the above named edibles
should be decreased, and the rents
for stalls in the flsh market should
also be decreased; and .
WHEREAS, for-the benefit and
toa teaianee of the public that &
public market should be provided
for and ..
' WHXREAS, a certain piece of
JandV situated on the south corner
: of King i and Kskauiik. Streets
extending .from' King Street to,'
'Queen Street, is .a proper and lit,
place far pubUs market; .
BOlLYED b? the board of supervis-
- ota of the City- and County of Ho
nolulu that the eity and county at-'
torney is hereby respectfully re-,
quested to investigate the laws of
the -Territory of Hawaii, and the
ordinances of the City and County
of- Hojudplu, to And . out wbether
the permanent improvement fund
of said city and county can be
used to purchase the above desig
nated premises;
SOLVED, that the fln ahce committee-
of the beard of supervisors,
is hereby authorized and empow
ered. to consult with the Oovernor
of Hawaii for the purpose of re
questing the Governor and the
commissioner of public lands to
exchange with the owner pf the
above described premises, any piece
of land belonging te the Territory,
of equal value and not required
for public uses,' all for the purpose
of using the above described prem
ises for a public market;
SOLVED that the fluanco commit
tee and the committee on high
ways, bridges, public improve
ments and garbage, are hereby re-
Suested to consult together and to
ad out some means of setting
aside a fund from the permanent
improvement fund for the purpose
of providing a public market, even
to the extent of eliminating some
of the permanent road improve
ments. Mayor's Plan
Mayor Fern has had prepared the
"ground plan" of the proposed struc,
ture to be erected over the river be
twee Queen Street and King Street
which shows a total of 30,300 square
feet, and provides ample spare for
stalls and a modern storage plant.
After it has been definitely estab
lished that the laws of the Territory
will permit the erection of a building
over the stream, the city engineer's de
partment will be asked to prepare plana
for a structure that will cost between
75,000 and $100,000.
One of the features of this market
contains a, unique and oue of the most
practical ideas for market construction
in the world, Mayor Fern believes.
This is the provision for receiving risk
into the market direct from the Jap
anese boats, which will be brought up
beneath the market, to discharge their
ratch. Thus Is economy of handling
suit curtailment of equipment com
bined. Can Save Money
"There are many important devices
for economy that adapt themselves
readily to our proponed style of mar
kct which are as much X be desired
as the elimination of the middlemen,"
mi id Mayor Fern, in the course of ths
conference. "In the first place we
can save frontage taxes alone that
would amount to $ft,H0fl.60 next year
on this amount of property owned bv
private individual on a basis of eight
dollars per auuare ,f oot-"
The general idea of tko market build
ing contemplates the use of steel gird
its, coucrete and cement. The latent
oruuiueatal fish con titers which are kept
ice cold I'oustautly by means of re
frigerating juiies passing beneath them
Hie incluuW Jn the tentative estimate.
A large amount of the cost of the
plant 'M be a modern cold storage
department which will provide, for
keeping surplus suputyea, The pljis
R Rr AHRILSFn flF; .
Godwin Asks New Hearina and ,"i ? '
Charges Witness, With
r--i yLt. ' '.. -
raise lesunrony
Affidavits , making ahargea that
amount to perjury kgainst a young girl
who testified In recent criminal ease
wera filed yesterday In connection with
a Siotlon for a new trial made by at
torneys representing Martin B. God
win, convicted of a statutory charge
last week in tbe circuit court before
Judge William H. Heeo.
Qodwln and hia wife, Mrs. Sophy
Godwin, have had cases pending in
court for soma months. The criminal
cae against Godwin, it la stated, is
an outgrowth of the divorce proceed
lags. Mrs. Godwin first went into
court asking for a divorce on a charge
ot nonsupport. Godwin, who i a div
r, filed a cross bill charging bis wife
with infidelity. Before the divorce
hearing name up, however, lire. God
win, laid certain charges against her
husband before the graad jury with
the result that he was iadietad on the
-timlnal. charge which was tried teat
Mrs. Godwin testified at the trial
that her husband had kad improper
relations with her sister, Miss L,i1y
Kuhlmana, two years a?e when the girl
was fifteen yenrs old. It was brought
out at the trial that Mine Kuhlmara.
vhw home is at Koloa on the Island
Knuai. came to Honolulu to go to
aehool and made her horn with the
Ow the stand Miss KuUraaan admit
ted that the things charged against ber
aad Godwin were true tad kad happen
ed at the Oodwia home aa alleged by
Mrs. Godwin. Her testimony was the,
important factor which brought about
Godwin's eoavictiou.
The motion for new trial filed yea
terday la based n the assertion that
new evidence in the case baa beea dis
covered and a part of this new evl
dane ia set forth in aa affidavit of
the girl's cousin. Henry George Brandt.
Is bis affidavit Brandt seta forth
that some time ago Miss KuhJmAga.
his cousin, admitted to him that she
intended to kelp Mrs. Oodwia in. the
court case by testifying things
agatnrt Godwin which had never hap
pened. A decision on the motion for new
trial is to be given by Judge Heen Sat
urday. .,
Fifteen Filipinos
tyjke Wholesale
"Fifteen little brown 'brothers come
very near to gaining a free trip to San
Francisco by a well formulated plan
to evade the scarry man-proof and worn,
an proof guard Of the waterfront, now
maintained by thi army and the ter
rttorisl guards, which was frustrated
by a three-hour search of a ship leaving
:iort on last Monday,
The would be stowaways gained eu
'canee to the ship by the assistance f
four Filipino stewards en the vessel, wh
vorked an endless chain game in pim
tog out their personal passes to their
countrymen. One of the etewunU
vould leave the ship with the three
passes of his associates and ouae out
4id the wharf gats pass them to three
other Filipinos, who would gu alioai :
the vensel and hide away out of Bight
of inquisitive officers.
This scheme worked so well that nil
fifteen of the stowaways got sboiir1.
but then somebody "got hep," mid :i
search of the ship was started at nim
o'clock. By noon, when the ahip'wi'
scheduled to sail, the fifteenth one if
the stowaways was turned ever to the
Honolulu waterfront police sad lodge 1
is. jail
There is a strong suspieion that the
four stewards were not prompted en
tirely by friendship and that they
"old" transportation to their country
men. As the vessel left Honolulu the
iiewants were locked up in the ship'
brig and they may be prosecuted f.e
thei' part in the affair. (
The fifteen Filipinos who wnnted t.
ao to San Fraaciseo by the stowaway
route were released from the city prison
yesterday, and the intention to pros
cute them for vagrancy forgotten.
News reaching bare that Filipinw
are released because of their near Am
erienn citir.enship after thev arrive i"
asn Francisco is held nsrtlv respond
ble for this wholesale attempt to stow
W. F. Wallace, who was indicted on
charge of etqbeszleinent by the grand
iitry, was freed yesterday hv a hirv
In tbe circuit court before Judge Wil
lam H. Heen. Wallace, who came to
Honolulu from one of the other islands
recently, was formerly agent of a film
iMimpany. After his arrival here it wa
alleged by his former einplovor that
he wan short iu bis accounts. Tbe com
(any, however, was unable to prove
the charge to tbe sat infect ion of the
iurv and Walhice was acquitted.
provide for a building that will extend
2.11 feet on Queen Street, griti fuet on
River Street, ninety four feet on King
Street and Z.i2 feet ou Collage Walk.
A )dau for practical demonstration of
the nossibilities of reasonable pricex
for flith which Mavor Fern has been
working on has bail to be abandoned
on account of the spawning season in
Huh ponds. Mayor Fern expected to se
cure u flsh supply from tbq pouds uul
place them ou sule himself to show
1 ..I.. A .11 W .1 IM ' a . -I, I
miai uumhi ue iioho. I UIS (PHI will lie
impossible for three months on account
of the fact that owners of iiU pun. In
will not diiqxise of any hi u Hut for that
length of time on account of the spawn
ing up which they depend for future
Effort To Stowaway
Amateur Detectives
Youthful Sherlock Holmes Invade
' ' Chinaman's Place of Business;
He Calls a Cop and Everybody
Present Is Pinched
" Two amateur detectives, two young
Hawaiian boys, John Niihnu and S
I'alipapn, succeeded In locating an
opium dive early yesterday morning
and were responsible for the name of
another Chinese 4aagjentered in the
poKse station blotter with the names
of sixty three others arrested ia the
spoetncular but secret raid of Bunds?
nght by the city detectives nnd ISO
But their essay nt imitating tlir
tactics of the city detectives in locat
ing resorts suspected of selling opium
also landed them in jnil, one for lit
yestlgation and the other held on A
charge of vagrancy.
Wong Poon, whone place of business
Is near the comer of Dnwsett Lane
tftd King Street, mnrle hi mistake by
"calling for a cop." when he return
hd after a short absence and found thf
boys enjoying his quarters.
When the call for the policeman wsjs
responded to the hoys showed the ottl
cer where a small amount of yenshee,
smoked opium, could be found. Tlv
officer placed the Ohinnmiin. as wc)l
as the boys under arrest nn, took them
to the station.
One version of the encounter of thi'
Chinaman ami tbe boy is that they
pretended to be officers nid endeavor
ed to frighten him into giving theai
money. ,
The boys told the police they ha!
read about the rnid ou the opium
joints and they went "snooping"
around Wong 1'oon's place to ascer
tain whflt had happened to him in thjc
raid, as they knew, they said, ths)t
opinm wns smoked there.
- Xh police have failed to reward thjc
oys for their fltd in locating this sua
pected resort. Instead they have
charged Niiha.u with vn'rancy ami ane
still holding Palipapa for invcstqjS
Hon. ,
Nlihsu is to have nn opportunity
this morning to tell Judge Irwin how
he wanted to help out the city dotcs
Uves. .
, :
First Committee' To Be Forme!
Ww Be From Oahu On Live
stock; Exhibit Will Be Big One ;
Beal orgauixation work is being start
ed by the Fair Commission of Hawaii
The fltst committee meeting is to be
held this morning a-eight o'clock and
the first committee to form will In- the
Oahu sommittee on livestock. l'.:v)i of
the other Islands wU have .a similar
As live stock is expected to be either
the largest or the second largest ex
hibjt, the committee will be a large one
Tbe list obtainable bite yesterday after
noon was nut complete but among those
who have been asked to meet thi
morning are L. A. Hunke of the Col
lego of Hawaii, lialpU Borden, superin
tenjent of Kamehameha School, (leore
I'. Cooke, 1'ercy M. Pond, Charles I n
cas, Arthur H. Rice, Dr. L. K. ('ase and
Kaxmond C. Brown, whose especinl
work on the committee will be the pool
try exhibits.
Other Oahu committees were being
'ined up yesterday afternoon and an
tiouncements of their personnel mnv l
expected within the next few days.
Yesterday morning Chairman Angus
and Commissioner Bice of the fair
board met with the Food Commission
and after presenting a few facts to
show whut might be accomplished in
iid of food conservation and for in
creased food production in the I-dands
Mi rough tho medium of the territorial
fuir, were (riven the full and hearty
support of the food commission and the
iiromiso of cooperation in every possibk
wav. Commissioner Xse of Kauai is ex
pected to leave today.
Carl Isenherg. brother of P. V. H
Tsenberg and a former director in II.
Ilackfeld ft Company, who was a (!er
man reserve officer anil whs called into
militnry service by his country nt the
outbreak of the war, 1ms been carry
ing on agricultural work in one of the
captured riusnian provinces near Itiga.
iccording to word received here by his
Carl Isenberg remained n director of
he Ilackfeld Company until the recent
reorganiitutioii when the concern came
under the control of Americans nnd
with others he was dropped. After
Isenberg had served in the iufantrv
branch of the (ierman nimv for n vcar
the (iermnn government placed hiiii in
charge of the work he is doing in
Russia. This was done, it is stated,
because he is nn export agriculturist
and had completed a course of work in
a (Iermnn agricultural school
fees of its, toate, and lass) sieti
LAXATIVE BS.OMO OLtlNIUR 111 h l,...',l
'-iter than ordinary Quiqloe. lus iiuii
innwant, aingiaf m tee rad, Kt
uemlt. .hre IseiJy oas "Urou'e Quljtuc
iu-rs fl . v. firo ; v. tnc '
Shipping Board Considers Tak
ing Off Either Governor
Or President
From Ran Francisco eomes the report
that the United Ptaes Shipping Board
ia considering the Inking off of the
Honolulu run of either the President
or the Governor, as the passenger bus
iness is not paying This action is con
templated by the Kan r'rnnclsco repre
sentative Of the shipping board It Is
said. Regarding this report, a San
Francisco newspaper says:
"Owing to the recently enacted law,
which enables all vessels to earry pas
sengers between here and Honolulu, no
matter of what nationality, providing
they have permits, there is no conges
tion of passenger traffic.
"The only congctinn it In freight.
Neither the President nor Oovernor
nrrv much freight, while thsjf are
ideal for conversion into troop ships."
The steamer President arrived yes
Tdav morning as scheduled, with only
thirty first class passengers for Hone
in, and a number of days' mail from
'he Const.
O. A. Stevens, a resident of Honoln
lu who has been away from the Is
lands for over a year, was one of the
passengers. Most of tho other passen
gers were tourists.
The President is to sail for San
Frnncisco on Haturdnv rooming at ten
Many Applications To Enter Ser
vice Now Coming In
Aviation in the army has received
a boost by the flights undertaken by
Major Harold M. Clark, IT. S. A., in
charge of aero work in the Hawaiian
Islands, and applications to enter this
spefinl branch of the service are be
coming more numerous, Uilo coming in
to the lists with a query from a young
man who addressed his letter to the sa
lective draft head here.
Instructions juat received permit thtf
induction of draft age men into this
service. Naturally, a young man must
intimate his desire to enter this serv
ice. Later tho commanding officer of
the department may issue a permit,
which is sonywhat in the nature of an
order, directing the young man to pre
sent himsc'f at so. me designated place,,
not s mobilizatiot) , earn p.
The man's removal to another place
has- to go through selective draft
boards in order to clear his name from
the lists, and to preveryj him from be
ing classed as a deserter.
J. Evans. Who Joined Army,
Victim of Pneumonia
H. J. Evans, son of M. and Mrs.
Harry Kvuns, died yesterday morning
of pneumonia at Fort Sill, Oklahoma,
according to a cablegram received last
night by his father.
Young nns left here as a voluuteeV
in the fight aguiast Germany oulv a
few months ago with the Niuth Field
Artillery, which he joined a few days
before it departed from Honolulu.
He is the second of Hawaii's young
men in the ranks of the United Stutes
I'liny to iMiss ausy from pneumonia.
It was only last week that wo:d uf the
death cf fieurge I'wight, another voluu
teer, wtis receicd here by his relatives.
I'ntil he departed with the artillery
regiim nt yona Kvans was engaged
ith his father, Captain rJvaus. iu eon
ducting the Honolulu Merchant 's
rol. He was born and raised in the
Islands, althouoh he received his cducaj
tion in Oakl ipid. where he has u sister
uiarried tu Assist aat District Attorney
Art illcry iiiuii Lvans was a member
of the Honolulu machine gun company
until he joined the regular army. He
was the only son of Mr. and Mrs.
K v a ns.
School Notes
9 e
Henry W. Kinney, superintendent of
public instruction, left Monday eve
ning for Kauai, where he will make a
tour of inspei t ion of the (iarden Is
laud. Mr. Kinney expects to return
tu II lulu the coining Saturday.
Miss lnisv I! I'. Smith, secretary,
and Miss Anna K. llnrrisou, clerk of
tin- board of cclin atiou, are both laid
op at their home ou account of illness,.
Hoth are doinj; nicely, however, and
expect to return to their duties
Kihlcen appli'iit ions from mainland
teachers were received in the mail ves
ter, lav bv the board of education.
These teachers lone learned of the
eiiialde weather conditions in Hawaii
and want to sciuic positions iu Island
So i,ir i iii cn-tciit Kinney of the bnpr)
uf eilucation has taken on added taski,
for he is now a member of the war
aings committee and the Junior Kcd
Cross committee.
Miss S. C. Matthews, hisftiry teacher
at the McKitil. y High Heboid,' was t ik
en to The (Queen's Hospital last Mou
.lav nod was oerated there ye-ter
da' for appcn-lic it is. She is doing,
nicelv nnd expects to be out ami about
hortlv Mrs A T. Hpalding is sub
s' it ut i ii u for Miss Matthews at 1 hit
McKiiiUy High.
rish World Accused I
vigilance tuips
Has Been . Previously Barred
From Mails Use of Goat Meat
As Substitute For Beef Recom
mended At Meeting
The Iri-h World, a paper which has
several times been eiruded from the
mails on account of seditious uttersnees, 1
has liecn sent twice, entirely unsoli- :
cited, te a prominent man of Honolulu, j
and the matter wns reported at the
weekly lunehei n of the Hawaiian Vigi-
lance Corps yesterday. The organise, i
tion wool I like to know if any one else '
in llono.iilii has re ei.ci . opies of this i
paper. I
A late as .I:ii:u.im 'I'.) an edition of
this sheet was bam I i roia the mails'
on account uf seditions articles, uad the
publishers were then warned tkut the
exvlnsiou wool. I be permanent unless a
radical change ia the editorial policy
of the paper was made. The "Gaelic
American" of the same date was also
barre I fur the same reasini, and wnrn
ed. The "Freeman's Journal", a
Catholic weekly, has also been exclud
ed several times for seditious utter
ances. Such publications do much insidious
harm among a large number of the
population. Anyone who has received
uaaoHcited copies will be doing the
Vigilance Corps a favor by notifying
thfin ef the fact and turning in- the
copies received. The two copies oa hand
were turned over to the local postofftce
for investigation.
Ooat Meat Urged
Dr. James R. Judd spoke to the, corps
advocating a wider use of goat ment
l Hawnii, calling attention to an arti
ele in tbe Can American Magazine
which tells of the failure of Americans
to develop this source of supply on ac
count of prejudice. Doctor Judd said
it should be entirely feasible to raise
a hrrge number of g its here and to
use the young ones as a cheap substi
tute .or beef. This would mean much
to the poorer clas.-cs, some of whom
have even been forced to buy "dog
meat", or small scraps of lieef and
mutton, from the butcher for their own
eousumption. Hoteliers now no longer
sell "dog meat", and some of these
people get no ment at all. Goat meat
might solve this problem.
If laboring men cut down on beef,
th,ey must find a suitable substitute,
Said H, B. Penhallow of Maui, who was
a visiter nt the luncheon.
He Said that one of the present prob
lems was to secure a fusible whetit
substitute for use in the field bread
of tbe laborers. He is working on the
question trorq tho viewpoint of economy
tvnd suitability.
TsW Is Approved
The executive committee of the carps
went on record, as heartily approving
the project of a territorial fair in June.
Doctor Judd told of a fair of that sort
held in France within sound of the
guns. He said that a fair of the right
kind ought to be 'held at the present
time, as a stabilizer of conditions and a
means of showing what the resources of
the Territory were.
Corn flour ia recommended as much
better for general use than commeal..
't "ill soon be on tbe market in Hono-In'-.
This year's crop of corn in the Ter
ritory available for human consumption
will be 2378 tons, which is twenty per
cent of last year's importations of
wheat flour. The amount of corn im
ported last vear was 1548 tons. Owing
to the greatly increased production, the
l'urker Ranch aJone having pluced 40o0
acres of corn, it will not be necessary
to import corn in the future.
About Corn
The report quotes the following
words of the chief chemist of one of
the largest flour mill syndicates on
the mainland:
"Corn is America's most plentiful
cereal. Tbe 1917 crop will equal thirty
tiushuls of corn or 1080 pounds for
every man, woman and child in the
I'nited States. It bus been the prin
cipal cereal food, for the poorer people
in the Middle West and the Southern
States for many years past. Com bread
made with baking powder or with sodu
and sour milk, is so well known that
further mention need not be made.
"Corp also makes delicious mufti ns
and hot cakes snd hasty pudding or
much and milk is a real well 1ml
anced meal in itself. The amount of
corn we ean use made into hot breads
is only limited by the willingness of
our housewives and cooks to pre pure
them, and of our people to eat them.
There is plenty of corn for our total
cereal diet if we are able to use it.
Corn flour must be scalded with boil
ing water, thus gelntiuisiug the starch
and making it available for the action
of the yeast."
(leorge B. Carter, president of the
vigilance corps, told the members to
be cautious about wearing out energy
and shoclnather in running down idle
rumors. To run down such rumors, he
said, was without doubt a service to
the country, but he hoped that the enet
gies of the organization would be dt
reeled along more substantial lines.
Hemurrers to tho charges of con
spintcy made in graud jury indictments
against "Princess" Theresa Wilroi
Itelliveau and James Kealoha in con
iiectioii with the fraudulent tjueen l.i
liuokalani will were argued yesferduy
in the circuit court before Judge Wil
liam II. Heen. Duo to the illness of
his attorney the charges agaiii-t
"Kev." Sam Kainukaia, w ho is als i
involved in the trouble, have not e
been taken up by the court. A ruling
on the other two demurrers will be
gien by the court Saturdav.
' . . .'
The pleasant purgative effect ex pen
Icnccd after taking Cliaiuberlalii 's Tub
lets nnd the healthv condition of bo.lv
and mind to which thev contribute,
I makes one feel t but living is worth
I WjloU. For sule by all dealers, Benson,
South & Co., Ltd., age ita fur Hawaii
- Ad t.
Man Arrested -In HIM On tjope
Smuggling Charge Came Un
der Suspicion Here Recently
How Manuel Igsacio, n yoong Ililo
Portuguese citizen who ws arrested
last Friday night on a charge of hav
Ing succeeded in smuggling into the
Territory of over l.rifK) worth of opium,
narrowly en-aped being landed in the
federal net by-the "hunch" of a cm
toms inspector lust November was re
vcflled in Honolulu yesterday by ns
scrtions of different members of the
customs staff.
The arrevf of Ignacin and the seizure"
of the big iiiantity of opium was made
by lido police and a federal o Dicer si
the h oinc of illium H. Cuuario, a line
mnn in the employe of the Ililo Klec '
trie Light Company. Cnnario was also
nrrested, ns he was alleged to have
been caught in the act of passing oue
of the tins of opium to a Chinese.
The strategy employed by Ignacio in
evading the customs officers upon his
arrival in Honolulu from the Coast
three months ago on a Matson steamer
was recalled yesterday by waterfront
workers, the customs inspectors and
newspapermen, who remember that a
portion of his baggage was given a
thorough searching ami that he wns
cUisely questioned at tho customs house.
Because no opium could be found he
was released.
Inspector Had Hunch
The search of Ignacin 's baggage and
his investigation was made as the re-
rult of the 'hunch" of Inspector John
11. Olivciia, because he stronglv sus
peeled that the Ililo man had irottcn
1 portion of his bnggngn off Pier lit
ty a subterfuge before it could all be
It was the movement and action of
a steward of the Matson boat which
set Inspector Oliveira's "hunch to
working", as he explained at the time
The steward came ashore enrrying
inree nig suitcases. The inspector
stopped the steward at the Pier 1!
gnte, and told him to wait there until
the owner of the baggage returned for
it, ns at the time he believed the stew
nrd might be attempting to smuggle
opium ashore by pretending the suit
eases belonged to a passenger.
In a few minutes Ignacio came hack
nnd demanded the reason for the delay
rf his baggage. Inspector Oliveira ex
plained tbe reason for this and ordered
the IHIo man to go outside and got
some other suitcnses which hnd been
carried 'by Ignacio himself.
Ignacio started as though to do so,
but it was fully half an hour before
he came bark, all efforts of tho in spec
or te locate him in the meantime prov
ing of no avail.
Igrcio Explains
However. Ignacio finally did return
with a couple of suitcases, but a search
reveejed that they contained no opium.
Ignacio explained that while he was In
side the wharf the automobile bsd
driven off with his baggage and he had
not found it until ho went to a loeul
Of course Ignacio could not remem
ber the tin me of the driver or the mini
ber of the machine which had carried
awuv' hie bnggnpe during his few mo
n. cuts' absence. The inspector was con
fident Ignacio hud carried out three
suitcases himself, but this the Hilo
man denied
T,he deduction is simply that Igaacio,
if he had opium at that time, us it is
strongly believed by tbe customs force,
itisixised of the contraband dru-; duriiiL'
Ais half hour's absence "in search of
lis baggage."
All efforts to locate the mi chine he
used proved fruitless, but it is posdb'e
that the suspicion first directed at
Ignacio by lnsneetor Oliveira wss com
iminicnted to the Hilo officers, who con
tinned survellajifo Vf his movements,
which finally led to the seizure of nine
tins of opium at tho Cnnario home last
Friday night.
Inspector Oliveira's "hunch" re
"iirding Ignacio was strengthened on
this dy in Nceembrr by the apparent
fi nr exhibited bv Ignacio " He turned
white n nil thought n long time before
answering questions," it is suid of h -actions
when he was ouestioned at the
i wstoms house before being released.
To Ba Tried Here
Ignacio and Cnnario arc to be
brought to Honolulu for trial at the
text term of the federal court, but
have se, ured their liberty in Hilo bv
giving bond. Ignacio was required t
out up a bond of lK)n, while only half
that amount was required of Cnnario.
It is estimated here that uine tins of
i pium containing about five tacts, or a
half pound of the drug, is worth from
I Ml to St 1 75 a tin, due to its scarcity
iu the Islands.
The rnid of the Canario home in Hilo
was conducted by Customs Inspector
Kolb and Chief of Detectives Richard
si n.
Federal officials express the belief
that Ignacio was the ugent of higher
iips iu the opium traffic, and Cuuurio is
believed to have acayl merely as Igua
cio's agent. The huad of the trullic is
suspected uf being someone located oa
the mi.inlund. There is also a suspie o i
that the drug may have been sent to
Igiiai'io in phonographs, after he I, a I
established his alleged connections wi'h
Ho opium dealers in San Franci.sco .l
h.wlag his trip there Inst fall.
I ritil late lust summer Ignacio was
employed by A. M Cubriuhu, a Hilo
e oichH'it, as u bookkeeper, but since
his return from Hilo has been selling
Did Work Well
The Post Herald quotes Cnhimhn us
sa'. it, g that Ignncio , 1 1 , 1 his work uc'l
while with him and s ne.l hones'
' s to uis ha iug had uionex ehoui'h
' '--ii i v on the nefarious lousiness fm
which he has been ariested, Vr a
hriiiha says this is not impos-iUr H.
icots have been current that Ignacio
I'.ol luortgH ed some of the laud which
hi owned at Pnpaikou, anil that he h i I
,l-o mort'M ge.l his suo:,r Nt, ks
I l' line io 's people are cuunc-itlv re
s(. citable and prominent prope,t own
els of Huwilli. They i( t fapa 1 on
but have property in other pnits ,,f ti e
island. Ignacio is said by those n'm
know him well to have been well
teuied, very well educated aud to show
Officer of Disabled' Bark Slys
Local Steamers Passed By
Without Giving Assistance '
Flares Burned By Vessel' That
Was Taking Water and in Dan-
ger of Sinking. Says Officer-
Signals of distress sent up through
the night Monday night by tbe bsrk
Retriever were ignored, and vessels
which entered port early yesterday
morning refused to give aid ts the dis
abled Retriever when the bark stood
in imminent dnsger of being wrecked
the Oehu reefs, serording to a
charge made to the federal authorities
here by th mate of the Retrieyer
terday afternoon. The Be-tflever la
still off port, having been an able
"roo' li t" Hav wsterdsr to enter the
harbor. Federal officials are investt-
Tku f 1 a sab k 1 1 n i fnw i4 bim uI
up by the Retriever when it was found
that she had sprung a leak and waa tak
ing water rapidry with the pumpa ont
ui uviniuisnioii. iii-i-inuiH); lit mo oiufcv
. : t.. a. i .. iL . t - a
ment of the mate, not only were tss
f Is res visible fo a distance ef tea
miles, entirely ignored, but in the early
morning hours no less than three steam
ers passed near the di sub led craft and
went on without offering in any way
to give assistance.
Asks Inquiry ;
In presenting the complaint the mats
as'wd that nn investigation be started.
Through the night, the ship's officer
asse-ted. the flarea had beea bumssi .
at freonent intervals on the deck of ths -
bark and he contends that as they r
main lighted for five miautes ssd hsr
such a wide range of visibility triers
ran be no doubt that they were see
on shore. Kven though the flares by
some extraordinary chance bad nV
been aotised on shore the mats pointed
out that it was not possible for tbs
three vessels that entered the harbor
in the early boors of tbe day to bay
failed to notice the disabled trait. Hv
said that not only did thes vessels neg
lect to extend assistance, but appar
ently no word of the plight of ths Be
triever was brought ashore by any cf
ths three when they arrived. . ;
la O suras of Vessels ,
, The Retriever was to e vet sf Ho-
1, r.1 . 1 , a M .1 am Ilia kj skiiH Wmi 1.1
have been followed by ships obtains in
r.,M LT..al T U Hint (!
vessel sesn by Vie ( Retrieves officer
were vees Is engaged In the inter-Island
trade, ns there were no transpacific
steamers arriving in port yesterday
Irom that direction, although ths
FUiA.ta esm in from the smith lata vea-
tr "-r:n. , . ' '
The Retriever was off port Moaday
itiei noun, but unahte to make ths har
bor before dark. During the sight sbs
drifted in the direction of , Kauai, and
when it waa discovered tbe pumps werw
no longer working the signals for belp
.. ... t.......i . ......i.. ; i- .mi
daylight. The vessel t still off port
andvha i not yet come Inside, Ths sum-'
-ends by the mate of the Eetrievsr,
h come ttsbnre yesterday, v,'
Wiliiam McKuy, superintendent . of
'he Inter Island Kavigutjon Comraay,
admitted Inst night that he had beea
'l!i m invesrigpie irv coiiipimiu lust
he distress signals hud boon ignored.
VVhile he said he had had no opportun
ity 2o question any of the company's
captuins arriving in port yesterday
..--!. he expresed confidence that
ths signals were not seen by the Inter
niuio. uavigutora.
, . . . . . i . Y
"oi rnyrio iney were nui seen. A
they had be n, our ships would have
'one to the aid of tbe vessel," he Siys.
He wns unable to give the names of
the vessels arriving from Kauai ye ter
day, as he had no official records at bis
When Ma.ior-Cleoeral Lponn,rd M'onl
was wounded in France on January 27,'
which also happened to le the Osr
man enicror' birthday, Lieut. -CoL
i diaries E Kilbounie was standing
nearby aud received a wound in oue of
his eves.
Colonel Kilbourne is well known in
Honolulu, having first paised through
here in 1H9S in the expedition com
manded by Oenerul Wesley Merritt, sn
route to Manila. Killxmrne was tlieu
a Heutenaut and remaLned bore about
'wo months Daring tlu' Boxer trouble
ii Chitin Kilbourne was assigned.to the
totv of irnarilin" tbe Chinese Fein press
every mark of good brsntjiilg,.. His
mother, heartbroken about her sen's
trouble, came up from I'apnikou Inst
Saturday to visit him in ail.
"That tho opium traWs is n Trn
Mtqble one is indieatsd by' tbe sums
basked by Ignacio." said Deputy Col
lector Kolb. " We have ascertained
that in all probability the prisoner be
van the traffic about November- V'lll.
Vt any rate between the '.'0th s I 27 1 b
of that month he backed tltf)?. In
the following month he banked mf0,
and S.'IS and Sl:.'(l nnd ti)0 Tha"s
pretty good for a hook keener. II in
other deposits totaled S710K r, for (he
the mouths from January 1. 1H17, to
Mav M, 11)17. Sine then" 'here s hus
to have been e i-'ght frlbng o" in
receipts, but they r-n -ilo-ig fully
well ut that. In ,T"e but, for '
s,,..,H he bsn'.'i liwoo and last
October, which "our iieri' . ),e
leanaged to (icf l-i t'e mk.
Since the first of this v- -i depos
its have amounted to $370."

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