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- I I , .,
Duped Bolsheviki Are of Use
No Further To Huns and
Mailed Fist Appears
Whichever 1s Choice Is Not
Matter of Consequence
Says Krupp Press
A M ST K ROAM, February 10
(Associated Press) With
nn announcement from lierlin.
i meially given out. that a treaty
ul peace has been signed between
i lie representatives of the, Cen
tral Powers ami the provisional
government of the I'krainc,
comes the statement through the
German press that an ultimatum
will next be served upon the Bol
sheviki administration, demand
ing either a complete surrender
to the German peace terms or a
resumption of the war.
Tile Nordputsche Allgemcim
Zeitung, the organ of the Kruppf
anil semi-official in its news, ir
discussing the 'progress of the
peace conference, prior to the an
nouncement, of the success of th
Ukranian negotiations, said thai
the German government had de
termined to make no further con
cessions to Russia and would not
permit the P.rest-LitovsW confer
ence to he resumed unless For
eign. Minister Trotsky came pre
pared to meet the German terms
Should the Ukrain negotiations
be carried through as desired
said the Kssen publication, "the
developments in the peace nego
tiations with Trotsky may be re
garded as a matter of indiffer
ence, as what Russia might de
sire would then be a matter of
no consecpience, one way or the
other". The Allgemeine Zeitung
point-, out that the main fixxl sup
plies of benefit to Gernialy are
in the 1 Train, not in the section?
of Russia under Bolsheviki con
The Berlin Vorwacrts. discuss
iui this statement, interprets it
to mean that Trotsky and I.enine
are now to be confronted with an
ultimatum, requiring them fully
to recognie the German de
mands, as made by von Kuehl
tnann early in the I'rest-I.itovsk
negotiations, including the ques
tion of the right of the peoples
bordering upon Germany to self
determine the destiny of then
own lands. This recognition must
be as the Germans conceive it
Otherwise the war on the Rus
sian front will be resumed, with
access to Petrograd ensured
through the success of the Fin
nish revolt.
'Hie demands of Berlin regard
ing the right of self determination
of the inhabitants of the Baltic
provinces and ("ourland to select
their own government are em
bodied in the second article of the
list of sixteen presented at the
Brest I.itovsk conference by the
German foreign minister, the
article which had most to do with
the repudiation of a German
ncacc bv the Slav delegate's.
Ai t icle I I was ;
'Artiele II Thu Kuhiiiiii (lov
eminent limine;, in in', in .linn e with
it 'i nn'iilcs. ii iirlittini'il for all
iuiilts, without exeeptiou, living
within tlie Run i an Kni.ire tint
ritflit nf lf determination, inelu.l
iii iiiniiili'te separation, taken eoir
n i.nui- of tin' dneiaiona expresHinii
the will of people demanding a full
ututo of iuiU'itxiiluiii'o and aepara-
'!' ' V V
ATI. ANTIC l'OKT, February I-(A
aoeiateit l,rpmi)--Kai'i Reading, Lord
chief juntic of Great Britnin and hijrh
ronvmlasionf r and nporial amlimixnilor
to the t'niti'd Mtatf arrived here ye
terday from a Brit i 1 1 port. I,at nifjht
In an interview . wliiih lie granted to
The Aaaociatr-d Frem he declared the
Britinh people were prepared to endure
whatever ufferiujr ami whatever priva
tion and to make every nacrifire fteren
aary to "nbtnin the only powathle eon
clunion of thift teriilile war. The de
termination to earn- the war through
io ntirreaaful end wbh ns firmly flxext
in the minds of the people w hen he left
at it bad ever been," he BHSerted.
Appointment Unprecedented
The appointment of the aeeond hiih
eat judieial orricinl in Great Britain to
a diplomatic ponition tun no precedent in
the nnnnla of the British benrh and
rlearly tell the importance of hie raia
gion to thin country. Reaidei taking
dver the work of tiie Hritixh embasny
he win haw charge of the work of the
Britied wnr misaion and it eatahliah
meoN in New York imd Vaihin)ton.
Lord Northi-liffe will remain in London
cliairniaii or the London beadqnnr
ra of the Britixh war misaion to the
ITnltod Htatei..
Oo rnbln e Three Functions
Owbination nf the three- aepmnte
fnnetioua which have been excrciaed by
ita many different agencies, diplomatic,
financial and war nipplie. ia the pur
poae of the appointment of Etirl Read
Arouses Ire
of Spaniards
Their Flag Disregarded By Hun
Diver and Neutrality of Their
Waters Wantonly Violated;
Two Overt Acts Precipitate a
MADRID, February 10 (Asso
ciated Press) German ruUUets
neaa has again been experienced
by Spain, a passenger liner, flying
the Spanish flag, having been at
tacked and sunk, while the neu
trality of Spanish waters has been
flagrantly violated.
The steamer Sebastian, flying
the Spanish flag and plainly
marked as a neutral, was torpe
doed while en route to New York
and close to her home port, ac
cording to an announcement offl
c tally made yesterday by the
Spanish minister of marine. The
announcement stated that the
crew of the steamer had been
tared, being taken from their
1 small boau by a French patrol
TeeseL-v ,uk.-
. . Thm aoAeeuieeinetit created In
tense excitement, the violation of
the solemnly given pledge of the
German admiralty to respect
Spanish shipping Inducing a num
ber of anU-Gterman Aemonatratlon.
This excitement rose to fever
heat her when a second announce
ment was made through extras of
the Madrid newspapers that a
German submarine had torpedoed
and sunk the Italian steamer Duca
dl Genova close to the Spanish
coast and well within Spanish ter
ritorial waters. The Duca dl Gen
ova was only a mile off the port
of Murvtedro when bit and the
affair was plainly visible to those
on shore.
The minister of marine has ask
the Valencia authorities to make
an immediate report of the circum
stances attending the sinking of
the Italian vessel within Spanish
waters. The Spanish press agrees
that the two violations of the
rights of Spain have produced a
situation that Is very grave.
tion from the RuxMinn Kinpire I't
I'olnud, Lithuania, Courlund, mil
portions of Ksthoina nnd Livunni
The Russian (iovcrniucnt recognizes
that in Ihe preaent eircuiiiwl:nn i"
theHC mniiifcHtations must lie ie
gunled an an expre-mion of the Mill
of the people, and is ready to draw
conclusion therefrom. As in those
districts to which the forcoin
stipulations apply, the question ol
evacuation ia not inch as provide I
fur in Article I, a special coiniuis
sion shall discuss uud fix the time
nnd other details in con foriint s
und in accordance with the Itus
sian idea of the necessary ratitb n
tion I iv a plebiscite on broad lines
and without any military pressuie
whatever of the already existing
proclamation of separation.
The'' fiernian interpretation nf
this article, ;is expressed at tin
conference, is that the plehi.-cite
ul tne innaintants nt the terri
tories mentioned slmuM he taken
at once, while the section were
K'cupieil hy and under the mili
tary control of the tierinan army
The Rolsheviki demanded that
the (Germans evacuate the sec
tions and permit the free explo
sion of the desires of the prov
inces. Over this rock the peace
negotiations split.
It is absurd to allow a cough to hnug
on ami Hap your vitality wheu ('number
linn s ( ough Kcmc.lv will cure you. 1 ou
don't know where a pfrsiHt.eiitcough
will land you. You can't afford to ul
low your throat and lungs to become
diseased when it ia such a pimple thing
to atep into a chemist's shop and get u
bottle if Chamberlain 'a Cough Keme ly.
For sale by all dealers, Heuson, Hiuilh ic
Co., Ltd., agenta for Hawaii. AJ t.
HAWAIIAN 'CAiftttR VtUfiSDAV' FEBRtf AV 13.' Wacf T-WF.M' u.V;a?;
ing a Ilritl-h anilianinilor in Vahili'
ton to aoceeeil Mir Cecil HprinK Hiee, aa
the aittiation i iinilcritiHel hv (Toveru
ment orflciala here.
(Home conf union ha followed the in-
t depenilmit operation), ot the Northcliffe
war Diiaahni, the technical military and
naval attuchim hnrcau and the diplo
matic bureau of the embnaay proper.
It hna been found iHrrlcnlt for thea
Mifinrate comniiaioim and agenciea to
tranMiet their litminima id. l.
department, the war and'navy depnrt
Uienta and the treannry department
here without ov cHapping and eonfuaion.
Oonatdered Some Tune
I When Mr. Balfour wax in the T'nited
j State the mibject of a reorganization
of, the bnainean metho.ln of the emhaaay
I here van dim uaed, propectn were fnrm-
ed along the line nf thoxe nbnnt to be
enrried out for the relief of fir Cecil
Spring Rice, at hia own requeat, by an
official apecinllv trained In law, bnal
neaa nnd finance. It waa felt that the
purely diplomatic biiaineH of the em
baaay could be aafely intrusted to the
experienced hand of Colville Barclay,
tho pret'iit eoiinaellor: that General
Mad. m Man and Commodore Onunt
! could properly continue to handle mili
j tary and navnl mattera, enpeeially, and
that toe rniniHcn and buainea prob
lem could beat be handled by the head
of the' embansy, who at the name time
ahould be rpoiiible for the work of nil
three branches and have the final
voice in the decimnn of any question
that might urine.
Socialists and Anarchists
Struggling Madly For
The Mastery
STOCKHOLM, February 10 (Aaso
elated Pea) Finland is 'the aeene of
roucb bitter fighting, with the White
Guards, representing the Socialist pro
visio.inl gorernmeut, defeating the Bol
sheviki Bed Huards in a aeriea of
pitched battles outside of the capital
itself, where the extremists have held
control and where, according to the con
flicting reports received, they are car
rying on a reign of terror.
The Gorman army has released a
large number of Finnish students, who
have crowed over to Finland with
their arms to assist the Socialists in
suppressing the Bolsheviki revolt.
These students, who were attending
German universities when war was de
elared, joined the German army to
fight Russia. Now they are still to
fight Russia for the freedom of their
homeland, whatever may be the final
outcome of the peace negotiations be
tween Berlin and Petrograd. There are
feur.iliqdsaTjil t these students, fceeord
ing to a statement made to press cor
respondents bv Premier Tokio of the
All (socialist cabinet.
Advices lasf night from Maparnndn
nssert that Tammerfors is safelin the
hands of the White Guard, who captur
ed the town on Thursday and havi
since held it. The railroad line bet
tween Viborg and Petrograd has nlao
been cut und it is supposed tbat Viborg
has also fallen to the W)iite Guard
which is holding the line to prevent re
inforcements for the Hed Guard boing
brought in from Russia.
In the I'leaborg fighting, which is
still going on, the White Guard has
tnkeii thirteen hundred prisoners.
Finn Capital Terrorised
lu Hclingfors the Red Guard is in
complete control and massacre, pillage
and atrocities are making that capital
u shambles. The Bolsheviki are wreak
inv' their hatred upon the bourgeoisie
slid m on those citizens classed as aris
There is a frightful slaughter even
now pf masses of Finns. To the in
terual fighting is added the horror of
starvation, as the Russian Bolsheviki
ire said to have destroyed the food
which llenmark has sent to the starv
ing Finns.
The llelsingfors theater and many
public buildings have been destroyed
Anarchy la on the increase. Rcandi
him inns nre escaping from Finland a
rapidly as they ean, according to the
r 'pnrts from Copenhagen.
Tho uews is even more sinister than
iliis. It is de.-lartd that Ihe hastily
rrun'ed " government " of the Red
liiiards have seriously discussed armut
i in; a arneral assassination on the liuf
of the "St. Bartholomew's Night'
massacres of the French Revolution
end (hat lenders ulaiiiied to kill all cap
tives of the higher classes over eigh'
venrs of a (re. This plan, it is said, veil
rejected by only two votes in the gov
ernment. lu Petrograd it is stated the govern
incut has placed under arrest a mini
ber of prominent Poles, who are held
.is hostages for Ensign Krylenko, the
rommaniler in chief of the Russian
.iMiiy. whom the Poles in revolt drovo
nlo Minsk and captured.
Conditions in petrograd have reach
ed ii singe where the various embassies
of the L'utcnte are in danger. The dip
In units nre making arrangements to
leme the capital, forced from their
posts by Itolsheviki threats.
' - . -
XKW YORK, February 10 (Associ
ated Press) Continued improvement in
the coudition of former President
Roosevelt was reported yesterday and
last night, it is now believed he la
well out of uuy serious danger.
Yesterday Doctors Martin and Duel,
immediately after leaving their patient,
gioe out the roport that his condition
n- roitlisiug and was showing con
, tinned improvement.
'Plans Loom Up Bigger As Fes
tive Period Draws Near and
Attractiveness Grows
Open Air Dance, Gay Costumes
and Decorated Automobiles
To Add To Colorfulness
Honolulu's annual carnival is close
t hand and, only a week an ay, it looms
up large with the pbm of the com
mittee each day and en h hour taking
on more detinile shape. These plans
have already been largely announced
by the committee in the program which
has been printed but there have been
details that have required nnd will re
quire attention and will gnm in import
Mice ns the opening day draws still
This year's Carnival is n home affair
for home people. It has not been ei
tenaively ' advertised un the mainland
as a tourist attraction as ucre those of
the past. Being :i home Csmival for
home folk it is not eapeeted to be n
"money making affair". The commit
tee has not so designed it nnd it is ex
lected it will not "pay its own way".
Tn accordance with these ideas the com
mittee has put the price of admission
for the various attractions down to the
lowest possible figure so as to open
them up to the people of the city and
county and such visitors as may come
from the other Islands as never before.
The general nMniission is to be twenty
five cents to these attractions but in
some instances there will e reserved
seats which will sell at fifty cents.
Open Air Dance
One of the features which is growing
in magnitude is the oen air or street
dance. Representatives of the various
nationalities resident in Honolulu have
taken this feature up with vim and
ire arranging for costume dances by
number of those nationalities, such
dances to be typical in style, as well as
in costume, of the countries which the
lancers will represent.
In other ways than attendance the
ommittee will need the assistance of
he general publie just as much as they
would if the city ere full of winter
visitors. They wish to make it as
bright as possible end as colorful as
ever nnd are asking, all automobHe
iwners to decorate their cars for .the
vhole of the Csmival period. They
ilso ask everyone who comes down
town to participate in the evening fes
tivities of each day to come in costume
and thus to lend brightness to the gen
raj spirit of festivity which will be
as all pervading as usaal.
The Boy Hcouts will hae their share
ind can be expected to do their part at
veil as. ever. . Nut. onliv o,aUi. past
ears will they assist 1st the handling
if the crowds, they -will also have a
listinct part in the entertainments nnd
heir program, , as already ' arranged
s one that ia full of interest,
libiscus Show
Mr. Arthur Wall will bead a largi
mil representutive committee havin,
charge of the hibiscus show to be held
-aturday, February U3. Many of the
cailers in society have signified theii
willingness to cooperate with Ms, Wall
n making this show the liucsf evei
The exhibition will probnblv be lieh
ii the new building nf the von Hiinini
Young Company on Hotel Street, th
e of which hns been grunted with
lie usual public spiiiteduess of tha'
Mr. Wall requests all growers of hi
'nscus to enter their exhibits and rn
iperate with In in in making this show
if national importance. lie also re
piests that all those having clmici
"iilnis and other plants eominuiiietiti
with him at once with a iew to enter
eg these at the show.
To Be Social Function
As u social function this exliilnliiu
if Hawaii's fairest (towels and plant
iromises to suipass anything ever lieh
in Honolulu: il will be a splendid set
iing for the flower ol Hawaii's wo
Genit P. Wilder has entered whole
heartedlv in the enterpilse nnc In
iplendid energy coupled with his llior
ough knowledge of hibiscus -!eel"p
incut will undoubtedly assure the sue
ess of the exhibition.
The lliliiscus Society of Hawaii was
'staldishcd in l!HI uud that year sav
he lirst exhibition of this beunlifu'
flower when some SOU varieties of lilos
soius were shown. lu the follow iii
vear over lilfn aiieties w ere on iev
mil each year theieafter the hibiscu
x Ii i In I ion hns been one of the bigges'
it t rmt ions of the Carnival Week.
Last vear not less tlinu L'Olin iio
'.ies were shown and this fact was fen
'ured 1 1 ion,: lion! the wotld uud Ii :
lone much to make Hawaii known a
a land of sunshine and flowers.
It is confidently expected that a I
lovers of Mowers will respond ilium
diatclv and scad hi their iininrs to Mi
Wall ol Wall and Dougherty so as to
insure the success of this exhibition.
WASHINGTON. February 1(1 (As
sociated Press)- -To speed up progress
in the building of I he great emergency
fleet of mei cliunt men and for addei1
ertieiencv in the handling of the pr.i
blenis which unse in connection with
it, the Lmergcncy Fleet Corporation,
it was nnndiiiiied yesterday, plans to
divide the countiv into si sliipl.uild
ing ones.
Tlie iti;inageuieoi of each of the-i
six ones, it is planned will be plae.'
,n the hands of u single " xune duec
NEW YORK, February 10 (Associated Press) With every delegate
on his feet and with hoad uncovered while the band play si the "Star '
Spangled Banner ", the lirst Ail Russian C.vlc Convention ever hekl In
the United States opened Its proceedings hers ye-torday. More than
thirty organisations are represented by the delegates and more than thir
ty thousand Russians in the United States dalm membership In the or
ganizations. In opening the convention the chairman In his address said that the
thirty thoiisarul Russians who were In that hall through their represen
tatlve delegates had declared for one principle, for one ohje t and with
one purpose " Bringing about still closer relations with the people of the
United Btates with whom we nav found refuge."
One of the first measures to be acted upon by the convention was the
passage of a resolution which recommended delaying recognition to t'ae
I mnuerKCH wnun are now in control
Bodies of Hundred and Twenty
six Americans Have Been
Recovered and Buried
WASHINGTON. February lV(Aso
ciatod I'ressi - As the reports of saved
and jiiissmg from tin- sinking nf the
transport Tusi aina are received the
death roll of Ami-tn-an soldiers grows.
Yesterday the Asoi luted Cress was
informed In the Itnti-h Admiralty that
the latest olh. mi linrc show that 22Xr
hail been (evened t'liitn the torpedoed
troopship and that the list of dead
would be in Ihe neighborhood of one
hundred and sixty six. Of these the
verv grent nuijoriiv were Americans.
I'p until dark vesterdny the bodies
of one hundred ami twenty six Anieri
cans had been lecineicd, few of them
Tlie saved include one hundred and
thirty three Anieii.an ollieers nnd 1917
According to cables to the navy de
pnrtment here, seventy six officers and
1274 men were Inn.led at Buucrana, Ir
land Of them1 ninety one soldiers have
been taken to the Londonderry hospi
tals, suffering from the effects of tne
awful exposure to which they had been
Other survivors of the destruction of
the transport are still scattered along
tho Hcottiah const towns, where many
of them are being given medical at
tention. Yesterday Captain Tnrdien. the
French high commissioner. On behalf
of France, telegraphed a messuge of
condolence to Secretary Baker, request
ing him to extend the sympathy of the
Kreuch nation to the relatives of those
who had been lost.
General Strike Called and Abet
ted By Teuton Propagand
ists Strikers Pillage
Bl'KNOS AIRES, February 10 (As
sociated 1'ress) With the call for a
general railroad strike uud its answer
yesterday the labor situation of this
-ouiitrv took on an even more serious
'ispect. The response was general and
rattle is practically tied up at the very
'ime when it is essential to the mov
ing of the great grain crop.
With the calling of the strike viol
ence comiiwnced anil scenes of disorder
have occurred nt many points. The
strikers, abetted by Herman propa
gandists immediately started anarch
istic demonstrutions throughout the
country. Trains were derailed and
wrecked when moving. When standing
ihe cars were emptied of their contents
and these freights were burned and
itherwise destroyed. Telegraph tin I
telephone wires have been cut and coin
1 1 1 ii ii i a 1 1 i ii made impractical.
The government is rushing troops to
the points where the most serious dis
inters have beeu reported.
ociHted 1'ress) Warm praise for the
Vuierietin soldiers who are in France
mil for the American gunners espc
inllv was given yesterday by n
French artillery officer of high repuie
who is now in this country.
I u comment ing upon the work of
the American soldiers this official said
the efficiency of the American gun
ners in learning so quickly and iu
handling so accurately and with such
sphndid effect the famous "seventy
IIms'' was one olthe most leinnikable
things he had seed on the Luropeaii
WASHINGTON, Februaiv 111 t.
him -luted I'resa) -Another great for
ward step looking toward 'lav ligh
saving was taken yesterday w hen th
house committee ou iiiter-tiite com
inerce reported favorable ii the
' Uaylight Suving Bill ".
'Lb is measure has alien. Iv reiei-.-l
he approval of the senate and sum
larly favorable action in the house ..i
representatives is coulldcnl Iv looked
I' A HIS. February '. , W.. i.-.t.-.l
I'ressi Krnest Iteueault, permanent
delcgnte to The Hague pern . I,. :
for France, died today.
of Petrograd.
American Transports Will Soon
Bid Defiance To U-Boats
of the Kaiser
I NI.Y YOKK, Fehrunrv ln-(Asso
ciale.l I'res-i ( otmdete del'snce of the
I Hun L boats and the means whereby
, (he Inst In. (' the Kaiser upon the
water will be .lashed are now possible,
.according to an important nnnoiince
j ment made here laM night by William
I Handers, j, e . hairman of the naval
Consulting board, addressing alumni of
tlie I nivcrsit v ol I'ennsx l aiun at an
aluniui dinner.
The l iute.l States, he declared, hns
now secured the means whereby a
stenmer may be made uiisinkable and
plnjis are being rushed under whioh the
transports to carry American troops to
F.urope will be made torjiedo proof.
Testa Have Been Made
The naval consulting board has been
engaged on the testing of the plan
submitted to it and has not ouly ac
cepted the idea but lias giveo it a
practical proof. One of the ships com
mande.yod for transport purposes in the
Atlantic has been altered according to
the plans whereby it was claimed she
could be made unsiukable and tests
have demonstrated that no torpedo of
any model in use todny is nble to dam
age the ship sufficiently to sink her.
Beyond the bare announcement of
the existence of the plan and the fact
that the nnwil consulting board has
approved of and adopted it, The speak
er said he could not go. He gave no
intimation of the nature of the anti
torpedo idea.
Proclamation Calls For Direction
of Energy For Immediate
Democratic Peaqe
CIIICAdO, Fehrunrv 10 ( Associated
Press) - lu words that have the tone
of pronuueiamentos of the Bolsheviki
and Ihe councils of the Workmen's
and Soldiers' Ilclegates in I'ctrograd.
the National Committee of the Social
ists of the Cuited Htntes yesterday is
sued a proclamation addressed to the
people qf the t'nited States. The Na
lional I olinnittee held its meeting here.
lu the Socialist proclamation issued
yesterday it is declared there are two
problems which should engage the encr
g.v und the ability of the working class
es above all others. The first of these
i! asserts, is the immediate securing
of a llemocratic pence through a peace
. .inference nt ' which there must be a
full representation of the working
i lnscs.
The second problem mentioned is the
preparation and the taking of the nee
es-arv steps for that reconstruction
which must surely and immediately f.d
low upon the close of hostilities.
French Are Holding Huns Safe
On West Front
1 M-:W YOKK. February HI Associ
rte.l l'i ess --Heverses for the Crown
1'iince on the French front are t.dd iu
the Pans reports of yesterday. In the
etdiin sector he is said to hnve launch
e.l sex en attacks and to hnve met with
lis many sex era defeats und with a tcr
1 1 1 I slaughlei to his men in the past
X' eel,
In the I lion.-..,! 1 1 sector th.-te xxere
l'i.".!. mid Fii.lay night in xxhi.h a
i hi. ber of pr.si.neis xcte taken.
, lb-rim lepmicil the capture .1' iner
iean prisoners iu a sector between
.x nix mid St. Mihiel.
I Ic j .a I c lies final lichclfil I'flOniig
lu i.lc 1 1 i mention of anx missilie Alnel
leans lo ucc. mi, I for this report but
'.'I ol Ihe wounding in if'niii oi
1 ii -it Frank Turner and Cha I. - Hop
I ins, olio died us a lesull of hii III
li Italian labiuet minied a coin
in i : 1 1 niipiiie into the .1 1 -a t rous
I' .1 .11) detent on ln Kim., tr.'lit in
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W II.NIIC I'llHT, Februaiv !
x ,s, int.. ! pies, ' Nothing turfhei
- in cii he ii 1 of a steauier supposed
' i be iu distress oil' New fouudluiid.
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a i v mm a a mm. mm m. a a ! '
writiun '
i Piled Up Ice Fields Are Estimated ;i
I To Weigh Millions of Pounds'
and Crush Everything In Way
of Their Progress
Coal Tipples Are Crurnpled and
Go Down Before Irrlsittij).
Force While Great StetKftail- '
road Bridge Is Carried Out " , l'
PrnSBl'Rf.II, February 1p
(Associate. I PressJ--; :
( riishini; evcrytln'np before it -cf '
it advances down the Mononga. .,
lu-la Kiver towards thin city is fk,
tremendous avalanche of ice es
timated to weigh millions
pounds. River steamers faught hi.
fs iinires are crumpled like egg
shells and under its irrisistibleT
impact freat co.I tipples iri
crumpling and falling in ruini
Pushed on by waters .swollen by
the melting snows and ice which
accumulated during the almost;
unlieard of rigors of a terrible
winter, the mar and rrash of the
vast piles ,,f ice elm be Ward ff',
in advance clearly presaging ,tMT''
lis.ister which it is bringing' with -Vs.
;t. Already vst amounts,' ' )f.
lamage have l)een done and ntfc'.'iT. '''
one can forecast what will fot-'
:" as it progresses down stream , '
At Brownsville, about thirty
uiles above here, the great ice X;1
,'rge which has been threatening
or two days past, went out t
me o'clock this morning. In the
Brownsville Gorge the ice pack
was nine miles lone and had niied
up to an averagebeighj 'crf thirty . '
feet.' '"' ".''v:'. -y'y v"v: .
At Toint Marrion, further ajip
'he river, the great Rteel. bridge
d the Baltimore and Ohio iraUk
road was carried awayi-V-AH
Sridges between thi, city'iand;
Brownsville are - threatened fry
'he crashing, crushing -ici ifloVr
that are coming down upon their
foundations and abutments.
Mncc iecemDer cola wave
upon cold wave has added to the.
thickness of the ice in the river, i
ind the smaller streams of this
section of Pennsylvania and all
through the mountainous regions
reat drifts of snow' have piled'
high as snow storm was succeed
ed by blizzard. With a sudden
rise in temperature the melting
f the snow banks was rapid, the .',
ice rotted and weakened and the .,, .
rush of waters from the tnotin-, .'
tain streams into the river sWcpt
the ice before it and piledit high
iu all narrow passages. Most e
necially was this so in the
Brownsville Gorge.
All of this section is important
;n coal shipping and in iron and
teel manufacturing generally tri
'utary lo the great steel works
here. At every point above here,
where the ice gorges havtjj reach
ed there has leen great damage
ind it is hardly thought this city
an escape similar damage, lying
is it does between and at the
junction of the Monongahela and
t lie Alleghany Rivers. , '
Reports from up the Alleghany
River are similar but less serious
than those from Monongahela
WASHINGTON1, February -Wf Alio
nnteil l'rn) Ou the Btrtniirtri of h
report from Oeii-rl VerHhinj. Hetrn
tary of War Bukttr toilay aubBiitted to
I lie neiiRte military rommittre a bill re-ln-nlinj,'
tlu pruviHioiiH for etr pnv for
iixiiiton. IVmliing aaiil that tho flying
vxork in un more Im-.ttrdoim than other
-1 in I ui t duty, and involve notbinv Hko
I tne iiHnintiiia of treni-h warfare. "Burh
ibi nre prcHlurtive of an improper
I l iilnii. e in runk, tnil tlii, injintU-e to
M.er in nix nf the Nervice it no lonyar
ineeiiury," hx) uld.
I trj
. ... . v
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