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scAnERS iiuns
; JShell Strikes Battery and Is Fol
; lowed By Explosion of Ammu
nition Showing Accuracy of
, 5 Artillery Fire
: Italian1 Aircraft Sail Over Austro
; 1 German Lines and Make Raids
- With Little Oppositiqn Offered
To Them
WASHINGTON. February 9
( Associated Press) Ter
' rific anl vaill directed gun fire
i itvm the American batteries in
: ,thir sector ol the Prench trout
have practically wrecked the
":. enemy positions and cleared t he
Germans out from the positions
f' .-i r . r .
yuiiitruiiiii-iy in nuni in men
, tors. To such an extent is this
.'the case that American patrols
'' Land yesterday afternoon were
'; not molested by the enemy.
(Thursday night and yesterday,
said reports from the American
'' front in France, the American ar
.' tilery hammered the enemy's
positions ceaselessly and with a
deadly accuracy, ripping out
trenches and smashing down cn
'. tanglements. One shell was seen
to strike a German battery posi
', tion and a heavy explosion of am
''...munition which followed showed
' darly the damage which it
.- I' ' I . f ' mt- r- -i ,-, nn4nv1c - o r 1 1 1 rn i 1
A n U vivi mail uaui'u ,,. 1 1 1 ,,... ,
Ai.fr . u'irl.1 ntrt .if V-i A .()..
- DUl me oarrage lire irum wic
American batteries quickly Set
tle. thm anH tfif survivor rew
Working oarties of the enemv
- . or -
'which ventured out hastily sc.it-
':, tered and retired before the hail
of." lead hurled upon them ly a
heavy machine gun fire. It was
. after this that United States pa
.''trols were sent out and met with
no molestation.
.;A raid on the (ierman trenches
Thursday night brought back no
... prisoners for the American found
the trenches des-erted and only a
trot rifle left behind
Jn. other sectors of the W est
e . '. I i . .
x;ri iihih tin. ' i.iv .V -i nimii
' as. without important incident
, There was a lull in the artillery
firV.amd minor raids 1 y the
French on (iernian outpost-, west
"'jaf .Fjoyges wore tlie only events
. eportel '
On the mountain front ol Italy
" and - between the I'.rcnta and
: Piave Rivers the artillery lire in
''"creased in iolence yesterday
-. Italian air craft were active and
went far behind the enemies'
' front positions raiding ami bomb-
,ing with little opposition. No in
fantry activity was reported.
:. From1 the Macedonian froi'.t
there came report of a revival
'.".''of "activity. Near Sokal Serbian
's forces repulsed reconiioitering
mrticR Of the ftlOItiy. M""V' '
V-arclar Ktver rauK hv AIIikI ;m -
ators on Thursday wi-rt- rt-i m rtt-1
I"" " "
and tliese reports told
shooting down of two
planes. '
,, tilt'
-."KEBirN FK' iNT IV I'ltw-'i:.
Ifer-warv R-f Associated I' To a
. f itfOliri lieutemint iu tin- aviation
rorfl ltel'i"s the hoeor of l.tin the
gist Arneritiau reported since the tioops
landed, to t'ave rhot dou u iui cn.-niv
airolsno. He was owrntini' a 111.-0 hito-
f'f the first time, flying i'h a
J'rencll sousdron. and he thnt douii au
ooewy machine over rjusiburg.
vStH hi
LONDON, February 0 (Associated Prese) Warning to the country
that it must b prtpirftd for bad days to coma, porliap tot umil Months,
wm glren by Sir John JeUlcoe, flrrt lord of Ore at Britain, cpoakinf
at Hull ytrday. Ha conunantl upon tho loaa of tha Tascaaia with mora
than 800 British and American lives and Midi .-, '
' ' Wa ara In for a bad ttma for a few month! btrt hf Angns and per-bap-i
even bafora that ttma, I aspect wa ihall be able to ny that tha siro
marine menace has bean killed. " ' V
The British public hare been brought to axpoct that when tha Una
came for tha movement of tha larger forces from tha United State Allied
shipping would have to be called upon to assist in their morement. Tha
words of tha first sea lord ara taken to mean that inch time la at hand.
It has alao been expected tbat when the great American troop mote
ment wan in progress British and Allied merchantmen would have W Urge
ly look out for their owa safety. Great numbers of destroy en both of the
British and the American fleets that have been doing m saueh.te cut the
efforts of the f enton.enbmarine against the British merchant masine will
be required to aarlst In convoying the larger and ores Increasing lumber
of ships engaged la transport purposes. :- i t k :
This takng away of the guards of conrmerc U ttasroneVT ter be the
moving catiste of the references made by Admiral Jelllooe and bif warning
of bad days to come. ' , .
Snow Storm Sweeps Plains and
Again Threatens Rail Traffic
OMAHA, 1'i'liriinrv 9 ( AHo'iati'l I'ress) tinrn more railroad traffic is se
riounl v tlirraicnoil. A lnnvy kiihw .niirin, wcit betore a bi)(t and tniiiitf wiim
i h ilriviiij' nipr tho plain of Knn-inv innl Nelirnk and other Central Weetcm
StniiK. I i 1 1 1- nro niortxl to lie 'iiinj; u luli and cut arc filling dupj) wit.l.
Ihr driven now. ,
lln ri 1 1 v tuts trnfortntinii lipon t'ffceHially opened in this swtlon of the
country liefnre it i once mor tlirealene.l. Th reconl of the torrible winter of
ISII7 U i Kr"'nK "till wur-e. Tlicrc is every indication early this morning
that t raffle will be aain liroiiylit to a praitiial xtandstill in a largo territorinl
llt of the I'nited Htate.
While the temperature i not "n luw as in some of thp storm Which have
preceded Uii one, the snow i heavy. Trains were reMrted as making slow ttnd
lifticult progress lnt niyht. s
Inducing Teachers
To Quit Is "
Called Unpatriotic
Superintendent Kinney Draws i
Attention ol Vigilance Corps: Himself Made Defendant
To Firms and Corporations j . . .
.. . . . . Fnllnuiim a mitt nlod m week Hgo by
Enticing Away Territorial Ped-;.,,,,, K. r,)lbnrn agalniIt the Kapio.
agOgiieS l lnni Kntnte fur an unstated sum in ex-
; i .hs i,f !t25,000, nllegod to be due to
Inducing nuldic pehM)l tenrhers to i ,, v . , . ... .
1 .(u biim. the Knniulam Estate, thronph
niiit the service soddeniy to enter
1 J
other eindoyment, ss
lias lien din
Mvernl tunes reeernv, uupairntii.'
nod. harmful to the lext interests of . ' , ,, -, '.
the Territory snd the Nation, in the In the s'lit that Ooiburn fllod against
opinion of Henry W. Kinnev, surin ,h f'" het fl forth thM ,h rere
tindent of public instruction. r4',,e', h "t,vte f managct tot fclong
Mr. KinnV has addressed B. letter fer'!
to fresident Oeore R. Carter of The 6 y '"'J JT,lfd "i
Hawaiian ViRiliinre Corps of the Amer-. v,p, bo?t Srt'0)0 ln '"V,
e.n Defend H.n ietv in reference to ' ,,'"r "ttlemont M ever mad. Col
rever.il instance, where individunls nnd b,,rn '';f' 'mploy of the estate in
eorporations hnd indneed teachers '"'" V h,' he ,n tho P"r!od that
the public hoU to denert their f"""w e l the one account, ng up to the
school, suddeulv, for other employ- t '"".- resiKned he drew various snnip
intn, i nt dilferent times, he contends tost a
Mr. Kinnev k:iv, "The federnl pub- lrr!;'" ""' ' "till due for services he
lie Hchool authorities in ViishiiiKton ', performed. These services are
have repeatedly called artention to the , "'' ,",' ln ,1',n'1 ,n hl" petition.
nl,olute nceesiitv thnt the schools be '" 'w the estato
con.lucte.1, i.h far .1- ponxilde, as effl i yesterday it ih alleged thot Colbum
"iently as under the noniml conditions, j 'hi'e treasurer in the period between
us the roeonstruc-tion ami re.ididstment ,nl"",rv lf)ln nnd December of 1918
u-hi.-h Ue urn.!) ,r r will no.ke iimv. d rev vuruu H'. ms. These, it is stated.
sary will call upon a par' i . ularly
trained enerntion to follow ours.
Mr. Kinney states tii'ther: " I'mler
these circumstances, it seems to me
thnt any individual or corporation that,
induce a teai hei in h.ive suddenly
'he employ of the puldic si hool serv
ice, in order that such individual or
corporation may shit't 1 tn-uiix-enicnce
caused liv war .,.e front their own
liusiness to that of the l ul. ic scImioIk,
is unpatriotic in tl tiernc. Several j
.nse of tliis k.nd li:ic. In.-.rcr, oc
curred recetitlv 111 tin i lonnn intv llll'l
I fear that, if inoie cise of this kind
occur, the pnlilir s. hool mt 1. e inj.y lie
still further handn a.pc I
The comniittee of the Il iwniinii Vigi
lance (.'ors to mIioiii Mr. Kinney's
letter was iil.-ireil Ua. i-n very care
fill thought to the i-onininiii'-atiun and
fully endorses the opinion expressed ly ,
Mr. Kinney. I
Next to i issua.l i n men from'
joining tlii' ciilors. :m .lel nl of de J
struction of the iull'c school Hstinl
-hoiilil lie crtn -elere i mo -t s'iioiis. '
It is hope, I thai the ptildni'v of the
fncts as aln.e will nale l..;al em '
plovers thiol, twice I fure itelilierati'
Iv depleting the si ho il -v.fi m to the;
future iiduintnev of tie Hun. j
- I
I'AKIS. I'l '.iiuiuy '.I (Asso, iatel
I'reHS'- Testiinony in faor td' Molo
1'akha was j'.Ycii at I. is trial yesterday
I..- I..-. Kr.l .. Mi, ,w i.l.l ..I, il...
Lt'nnd lo '.ontradict .erla.n testimony
!"h t,:1 1 1 " '",r" l v ""' p'oseeu
I t ion relat i
e 1.. he
win. Ii li
I the
li,;-l,;m I
i disposition
lol ii.
hud made of i. She Imml in her tes
itiiiiouy thnt she had turue.l her fortune
()V1.r ln u,., a,, tl.,, i,.,,, . i - i i ..-.1 -. I
! it.
ciat .il I'r
Ii lit lio'-i c
WASIIIM.Ti in. 1.1.
V S ( f .,
1 1 t iii n ' h:i s
'ress , 'l ln v n i
n IS i.l' i- ! I
( 'ali forn ia n nd ' I'.
elotilllenl h;i v e In
i mi I 'll t-
li l Its tie
.l let.
d-t rid of ewiv .old a.-, ipix 1. 1 v as
j.ossilile. It i. Ih" I .o .-i u nu. r of nil
.nliinn:ir tinhii'e an I pneumonia inti v
ilevelop in a '- h ." I'a. e r,ai:il.er
Iain's . - 1 -i il n l It is a simple
thinji t I . . . Ln! lie . 'f. . t i-. mai veloiis.
Ko. .sah- I . all le:il , H. -Sun! Ii
& Co., 1. 1 I . ajp uta foi ' . VI vU
Former Manager Wha ferdughl
Action Against Corporation Is
. ,,,,. .
.(h nttorneys, Custle and WlthinBtoii
nnd I.i ;litfoit anj I.iglitfoot,' sued Col-
he charged on the books ofhe estato
against hiin.slf.
It Is cliHr4ed thnt the balance due
from Colburn when he ceased to be
treasurer of the estate amounted to
. Hi. sill I. -IK a n. I this with the interest
on the yearly balances due, amounting
to $47!.'t.lli. brines the total alleged in
debtedness to 21,I53.7.
A verbal linht. which nearly turned
into a hair pulling and list mauling
serap hetwei'ii two sisters, because one
sister had directed some tellinj; descrip
live invective at the hgsl.and of the
o'Iiit sister, resulted ih Mrs. Mar
lieuries tukii: a small dose of enmphe
mil nt her home in the Territoris
Itoomiii llnn.se Thursday iiijnt, aceord
i :n t o a police report.
The woman took the iisnn shortly
I after ciht o'clock, l.ul it vsas lute a
i'ic,hf before it was reported to th
io'ice. The would be suicide was at
tended to at her room by Dr. K. Han
rhctt, and she recovered soon after
w n i ds.
1 The report savs Ida 1'lores, a sister
of Mis Henries, railed her sister's hus
I 'n. a loafer mil a number of Un
plintalle trims. The wife of the at
t.oki.l husband went to his asistaaoe
an! wrv soon afterwards the sister"
ha I ksi a l.lished a warlil e status which
hi. I nf bn aili kept thcuF from con
, t 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 l' with their lists It is alleged.
I A few minutes later Mrs. Henries
' '': nk the camphenol and the doctor
h i I to be . ailed. The hiwband of Mrs
ll'irios is attached to the Ordnunce
I n 1 a 1 1 1 icnt . Kort Shafter.
. .
WASHINGTON. I'cbruii'v 9 fAsso
i.itr.l Press 1 After a silence since
la .1 Saturday the department of state
In. -ml fumi David If. Viaucis, ambsssa
ii'.r at I ri 1. ..4 :1. 1. 11 had assumed
that he vvas at his post in Petroifrnd
I.. ' the di -switch came from Htoek
1 1 ' 1 m . He told the stale departmout
' 11 I.ilneil remors vvlilrli Ii a COIIU
'" I thei- of the Allid missions Imv
in been expelled from i'ctrograd by
I lie iSolsliev iki.
Another Million Tons Wanted At Once and Imports Are To
Be Cut Down To Essentials To ' ' . '
A i Provide Them
WASHlNGTONjTebruaiy 9-( Associated Press) Another million tons of American shipping
is to be-commandeered before' the. end of this month by the government, the greater part of this tonnage to
be obtained by taking into the goyemment service the shipping now engaged in coastwise trade or the Pa
cific and in the South American trade, j . . '
These ships are to be diverted to the Atlantic service in connection vith the transportation of troops
and supplies to France.
This was announced yesterday, 'following a second conference at the White House between the
President and Chairman Hurley o tHe Shipping Board, It had been foreshadowed by a statement on Mon
day that Chairman Hurley had urged the President to order a reduction upon imports, eliminating all non
essentials, and thus make possible the use of more shipping for military transport purposes.
The plan of Chairmaiv Hurley has now been formally adopted by the President, the announcement
; yesterday showing that the administfatibn has decided to go even further than the original proposal. Chair
i man Hurley suggested that all imports; be licensed and that the purchase abroad" of materials not essential
1 to the winning of the war be discouraged.' The plan as made public yesterday is to license both imports and
exportvo all kinds, and ta cut down irjipoits by one-half at least.
- This will permit the taking ovef of a large number of ships, while the transportation of freight along
coastwise runs in the Pacific wiU be" diverted to the railroads, thus liberating other ships for government use.
The licensing of imports and exports will become effective on February 28, at which time the com
mandeering of the then
ndicattons Are Central Powers
Will Seek To Stir Opposi
tion To Their Rule
AMSTERDAM, February 9 (Associ-
ted Press) Uope of seeuring a peace
with the Bolaevifcl government nas
Ivaam o m c nlntolu a nn net AMI
bi tlV'U
ers and it now appears to bo thai porj
poso to foment- opposition to too joi-.
shsviki plans and purposes and by so
dninff to securer ueace with their op-
..nii.t. chinllv nu ten nu into the
1 . . ... m '
plans being Kumania aau ine csrauue.
Reports of nn agreement between tho
delegations of the Central Towers at.
Brest-Litovsk came yesterday in a des-
pateh from Berlin which quoted the
Bourse Gazette as aaying that such an
agreeroent on terms of peace with Eu-
maniadiad lieen reached. Confirmation
Of this wss found In the Essener Allge-
. .
meine Zeitung says that mimiinia can
Sml .omoeni.tin in Southwestern Bes-
sarabia for the annexation of Dubrudja
by Bulgaria.
This newspaper suggests tnai ituma-
nia and the I krnine mane common
ause atrniiiHt their common enemy, the
Holsheviki. 1
Indications of this troubles which the
Bolsheviki have are found in the news
from St.K-kholm of the defeat of the
Red Ouard and its Bolsheviki reinforce-
mnts in rinlanil wnere ine Torces 01
ieneral Mannerheim won in a battle
.er Tammerfors killing more than .1,
Nessin Y. Bay, tho Turkish foreign
ninlMlur l.tlil ill.. J'hnillhcr Of dlltllltieS
f Turkey thnt the government is in
oerfect accord with the attitudes of
Jerinany and Austria toward pence as
prAii wmu hp: ijTnmmmv m condition mm ummm
i inn iu uiilii ui iu iulu luumi un
v. . '-';? t. .":
they were expressed in the recent ing of plots ty tfte notsneviKi wmrn
speeches of von Hertling and of Cer- finally resulted in the wishes of the Oer
njn mans for the overthrow of Kerensky
f f
:-i . i-i 1 1 11. 1 r-. .i.J
U51 01 IROoe Ul mil ttcu
For Several Days
WASHINGTON, February 9 (Asso- 1
eiated Press) Total losses resulting
from the torpedoing of the troopship
Tuscania are idaced at 210 iu the latest
estimates. The war department lias
not changed its figures of 113 of the
American soldiers missing while the
loss to officers and .crew of the ship .
and to passengers oxner insn iuw
members of the army is placed at 107. 1
t is expected that soveral days will
dapse before the issuance of the 0(11
-iul casualty1 list. v
All possible for the comfort of the
survivors is being done by Bed Cross
nd Y. M. C. A. representatives who
went to Ireland on Thursday.
The loss to the crew was proportion
itely Inrger than to trie troops for the
reason that ninnv were caught br the
explosion while on duty ia an exposed
position ami from tho raci tney per
mitted the passengers to leave the ship
before leaving themselves.
PAZO OINTMENT ia fuaraoteed to
care blind, bleeding, itching or pro
truding PILES in 6 to U Uuje or
money refunded. Mauufsctuied by
be ' AklS MNIMCINHCO ,St.;ui
U. vS. A
available tonnage-wilt be put
Empepor CHirles Refuses To Ac-
cept Resignation Brought
About By Strong Opposition
ZURICH, February 9 (-Associated
preM) Emperor Charles of Austria
doeUne1 to accept the resignations
a Bejr and other
mess bora bf. fei WetA asoording to
neepaieires . wanes cssis rrora mu
)t nijrht. Thoy are sxplieitly in.
stnjcted to retain thir offices.
The resignation of she Austrian'
, 1 a 1 1 . I.LI.. It . I.
cboior) igimwiu u mu.-hij u... .
resignation of the Hungarian govern-
ment and the forming of a new oubi-
net there has given rise to muny sur-
mine, s It is understood to have been
directly occasioned by the Polish dop-
utles in thp- Reiehstrath who have
been opposing special debates on tho
provisional budget in opposition to the
. .. .i : 1.-. .1..
ueniunas ror a run uirumuu 07 iu
ffovernaienh A strotiu opposition to
the government program has come from j
I the same sources and other sources
wnicn tneir lnnuemiB rocs 10 couirui
ami nas iiisiib a Kuirnminu uijuin.
precarious jn a number of instances.
mnni ff mm TTI I
I II VI I llXl - H I
( TrilTflll lllTnlnlir
ILUIU 1 111 MllUUL
I'UIK Vebrni ry U (Associa'ed
Press) Documents tending to involve
tlie le-rninn government in iiih ioim.ui-
1 whom tbey knew to be their inveteruto
enemy, were published yesterday in
Petit I'arisienne iu the conrse of the
series of exposures which that popular
journal is publishing.
The documents show the interest
which Berlin took in the conspiracies
in Petrograd and the financial strpport
given. They include a circular, dated
March, 1!)17, from the tlerman lmriai
1 u i.. ii- ri.iir,.Unt.ilvH In
. - r nor de-
mnnda by Nicolai I.enine end Ton
Trntkv nrime landers in the Bolshe
viki, and their righthand assistants
Zionvieff, Kauianeff and others.
HACK AM.KSTO, February 9 (Asso
ciated Tress) Iu lictments charging
conspiracy to fifty five persons were
handed down by the I'nited States
gruud jury in the federal court here
yesterday. The charge is conspiracy
with William I). Haywood, one time
labor leader but now secretary of the
Industrial Workers of the World to
binder the United Htates in the opera
tion of its laws and in the prosecution
of the war.
Forty six arrests had been made up
to last evening.
Kfforts have been made to eonliect
up the attempts upon the life of Gov
urm.r HtKi.hoiis with this ronsnlracv
because of his activities in seeking the
1. -"secutinn of I. W. W. leaders and
others connected with it anil kindred
of Roosevelt Seen
Physicians Issue Encouraging
Reports Late Last Night;
Anxiety of Country Shown In
Many, Telegrams Sent From All
ITEW YORK, February 9 (A
aorta tod-' PressMarkod Improve-'.
man' ln tho onditloi of Formor
PrwlOant Buwretl waa uww
4 by bis pbystcUns-lMt night as
ther Iftr tho bospttsJ after a call
a hi bedsidsv Ho was doing well,
tfcoy said and his poise and tem
poratare were normal.
Tho roport of last night fallowed
m dr.y of aatts.fartory pro cress for
tho former' Pretddsnt. Following
a- fairly reatfnl night, Thursday,
his temperature lowered and pals
beetuao normal ycatarday moraina;
and tho Inflairtmctton which it wai
foarel might ixtond Into tbs Inner
ear had somewhat aba tod. His
lmprorement conttnusd throttghent
the day.
Tho expression of bis physicians
Thursday night that they were
"hopeful" gare rise to consider
able alarm throughout the conn try
aaeVsneasfige of inquiry and sym
pathy arrived yesterday from all
directions. Among these was a
telegram from President Wilson
and Mrs. Wilson to Mrs. Boose
elt which said:
"May we not exprera our warm
est sympathy and the sincere hope
that Mr. Roosevelt's condition is
WASHINGTON, February 9 (Asso
ciated Press) To meet tho situation
which has been found to exist in some
'of the states, e-ipeidallv Iu Wisconsin
where reside, of fore,
ign birth nre
permitted to vote after having taken
' out their first citizenship papers, or
declaration of intontion to apply for
I citizenship, Henutor Kenyon of Iowa
.yesterday introduced a proposed con
istitutiouul iimendiiiniit which would re
strict the right of suffrage in elections
of presidential electors, United Htatea I
'senators ami representatives in coug j
ress to native Horn citi.ens or ine
United Htates and such persons of for
eittn birth us shall have secured their 1
final naturalization papers.
In the course of the operation of the
Helective Druft I.nw it was found that
in Iowa there were mnny persons who
were claiming exemption from service
by reason of their foreign birth who
hail been exercising the right of suf
frnge for several years.
ATLANTIC PORT, Februury It ( As
Boeiated Press) Among the caliin pas
seugei of the Dutch liner Nieu A in
steriluin which arrived here yesterday
was a man who is believed to be a tier
niaii spv. .Immediately upon his at
tempt to laud he was detained and sub-
jected to a severe examination. Later
he was taken away in custody of fede-
ral aeeret service ottlciaW.
Railroad Strikes Are Fomented
At Harvest Time To Prevent
Moving-of Crops
WASHINGTON, February 9(Afcso
ciuted Pre) Indications that the
hirelings of Wilhelmstrasse are under
taking in Argentine a propaganda and
campaign similar o that which theyi
eoodurteil W'fhis oqVry before' fts
try into the war were to bo found in
the despatches which were received
last night from the Associated Press
cci respondent nt Buenos Aires. Theso
despatches told of the serious railroad
strikes thnt hnd been fomented and
brought uhont by Teuton pronngand
ists just nt the time for the havttiug
nnd movement of the groin cropn.
A general strike has been plled' of
the employes of the Central Cnrboda
Kttilwnv, the despatch said, and added
thnt it was expected that t?" enrp'royes
1 f two other railroirds would stnke to
day. Troops were being enl'ed out and
hnstilv nioliilized to guard the grain
fields.' I
It is tln impression here - that the
strit.es have been fomented for the
diodde purpose of keepin-f the people
I of Argentine so busy with tlie'r own
I 1'irnirs ns to have no time to resent the
sul.uiiiriuin- of their ships in contra
vention to the eipressed promises of
P.ei!in nnd to prevent so far as possi
I l.le any large uinoitnt of the grent
I grain crop of Argentine getting to the
; Allies.
WASHINGTON, February 9 (Asso
ciated Press) Delegates from various
"War Loan" organisations yesterday
culled at the White House and urged
President Wilson to appoint a com
mission to serve both the governineut
ami the agricultural interests of tbt
country in helping to solve mauy of
the problems which confront moee en-
I .,,.,) jn i-uriculture and food produo
tiou especially in relation to the labor
President Wilson promised the dele
nation he would take the request under
consideration. i
OTTAWA, February 9 (Associated
I 'ress 1 - Closer cooperatiou between
Canada and flic United .States and a
better coordination of efforts io the
piicei'iil ion of the w ar and similar
mailers growing from the war is de
..iimmiI iu the appointment of a "War
Trmlti Umir l" which was created yes
terdav similar iu nature and powers
t il.e ar trade board of the United
It was announced the actioA was tak
eu with a view of securing mutti- ef
IVclnu unity of iwtttia.

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