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1918. SKMT-WEEiaV."
ferm, Is NarnjMM DIPUK flF
For Pfmofpn
1 d ) oifpreme
Judae E$ng3 To
Come Tq Qqhu;
Burr To Maw
untice Jarne" ; L. Ctk wis
nominated j esterdiy by m Presi
dent VYtlaon fur chifcf justice of
th sflrthw court of Hawaii, tp
(Hicc&sd A. G. M. Robertson,
whose resignation, went into ef
fect Home thne ago. Advice to
this effect were received yester-'
day in a special message to The
dvtfrlisic?' from its Washington
Circuit Judge S. B. Kemp was
nominated to fill the vacancy of
supreme court justice that will he
caused by the elevation "-of Jus
tice Coke to chief justice. ,
Circuit Judge William Ed
ings of the Maui circuit bench,
the second circuit court, was
nominated for the first circuit
bench to succeed Judge Kemp.
L. L. Burr, a local attorney,
ttas named by the President to
take tbe pfacc of Judge Tidings
on the Maui bench.
, General approval of these nomina
tion wan expressed last night by room,
ber of the local beach and bar.
It is generally believed that the up
jmintmcot of justio Coke narrows
flown the race for .the appointment of
executive of tke Territory, though it
lias been considered reasonably rertain
for some timo that he would be nomi
nated for chief justice and was out
x b. rarr far the governorship.
.Br. UJUpid ....... , . , . ,
Judjte Coka'a riaa U his high posi
tion has' been rapid. From California
lie eame to the Territory nearly twen.
ty years ago. far mora thaa tea yean
lie practised Us it Wailuku on. the
Inland of Maoi, after which he came
to Honolulu and formed a partnership
with K. T. Douthitt under the firm
name of Douthitt and Coke, which nai
injrfiaente fr, seyaral years.
Durtajr the last Iwa yaas ke was on
fiu Judge Coke ww tbe county attor
ney. After eominjr to Honolulu he wui
fleeted to the territorial senate.
In. Deeemher 1912, after Tresident
Wilson's election, he was endorsed by
the Ikemooratic. territorial committer
ft appintimfent as Tnited Htatos attor
ney. On November 2C, 11, he was
iiominatml as a circuit jqd(;e for thin
circuit, a position he held only to .Inn
nnary 4, 1917, shortly nfter hi i confirm
ation when he was elevated to tlic ni
prnnie beach to mccfei Judge K. M.
Watson as asuooiatt justice.
Had aVoog Support
frpanotion of Judg Kemp to the hi
preme bench has beea anticipated in
poliliral aad legal circles, as ho wax
Known to have strong backing in Wash
ington for his appointment as an iisho
tiatf justice.
Judge Ediugs who is to aur -eed
Judge Ktnp i Honolulu as circuit
judge, Is a former Honolulu resident
who has been on the Maui circuit court
bench for the last three or four years.
He has long been a prominent figure in
Democratic, politics.
Judg Burr, a comparatively new
corner to the Islands, Is the least known
of any of , the four named In the judi
cial nomintious. He is a graduate of
the University of Valparaiso in Indi
ana and toqlf pp th practise of law
in. UHIO. Jie, came to Honolulu in cfo
ber. 1015. He was born September L'O,
181. at Braidwoud, Illinois. He hin
had an office in Honolulu with William
.1. Sheldon at 13, Merchant Street aud
has jdiuje onatda ablf Jjrief writing.
PARIS. Febrvary 9 (Asjkwiiated
Press) Difficulty, is being experienced
in proceeding with the trial of Koln
Pasha, charged with being a German
agent, masking as a French patriot.
Many material witnesses are not u
Frtfnc. The arguments are not ex
pocted until early next wank.
Witnesses for the defense are prov
ing ilifticult to cure, and the ile
Tense has stated to the court Hint no
witnesses for either the- prosecution or
defense, wish to tell what they know.
The general trend of the defense wit
nesses o far is thnt they had not heard
Holo 1'afliM utter nnv unnotriotic senti
";neK CtarlfS Y. BertilH, bead of jhf
Ihifis liureau of the International Kewn
Service, denied (liflt it was William
I'nndolpli Henrtt to whom he had in
1 1 o'lueed Bnlo Pasha.
lie said it mi a friend from O.er
ST. I.(l'l.s, February - ( Kssocl.ited
I'iksi-The itrkes) hr havs been
nioiciiblv Mettled, it is announced by
slril.eis and employeiH.
iillll.il IHUIIIU Ul
Report of Special Board on Rent
al To 8a Paid Territory Will
Be Made Today 's.
An appraisal of the water rights in
tha Waiuioa Valley on the Island of
Kanat now held under lease by the Ke
ksha Hugar Company will be presented
I?. the government at the lan J office to
day following an inspection made fey .an
uparu ni)inpHc.i rt I aptain (J. K. I,ar
risnn, acting for the government; A.
Oart-tey, i who represented the sugar
fmaany. am! VV. W. Ooodale, chosen
as third member of the board by the
two stki ra.
According to the lease as originally
Issued, the .late of exaimtion was De
cember 27, 1917. In lUli, however, the
sugar company made application' to the
gnvernmeni for an extension of time,
as it was stated they nVsired ta carry
ont certain developments and put in a
power plnnt. An ngreoment was renehed
itb '.(iovornor Frcnr, it is stateil, and
by this the time of the lease was ex
tended two years, or to January 1,
1920. A detail of this agreement was
that after the expiration of the origi
nal lease, the price to bo paid by the
company for the wnter rights in the ex
tended period of two years should be
determined by a bo. rd of appraisers.
This work has just been completed
br Captain I.arrison and Messrs. Oood
ale apd Hartley. The nature of their
recommendations will not be made pub
lic nnttl thcy are presented to the gov
ernment. ,
Warrants In the School, General
and Sewer Funds Must Be
Registered After Next Friday
On account of the depleted condition
of the city treasury, wnrrnnts in "the
school fund, general fund anil sewer
fund will have to be stamped "not paid
lor 'Want 'St fundV after tne next city
pay da on 'February 15.
This will be the rule with city pay
ments until the first big allotment ol
taxes comes in May. Tli gist ration
of warrants comes several weeks curl
ier this year thau has been the case in
previous yeans when the city treasurer
has found himself in a similnr position
on account of largo sums th:it h:ie
been impropriated by the legislntun
for other purposes. The total tlwit ln
thus lieen taken from the cusli bai
of the city is 137,000.
The expenditure of the city Iihw
been higher than usual lit this turn- of
ear, also, with only one income to
offset this difference from other iri.
The franchise taxes of the llavvniKi i
Kledrif Co., 11.000. und of the Homo
lulu das Co.. I.OlMi, an- inonevs tlia!
the city did not have ut its disposal
lust year.
Cifv Treasurer I). I.. Conkling pai l I
'oinplimen t , yi'storduv. to the police
deparfment which tins brought ut.,
the l it v treasury 1 ,."l)i) in iiutoinolnli
taxes duo .'iinuarv 1. This sum. Iihh
ever, may be applied onlv to ronils.
"The plan of collecting tin- nuto
mobiU' laxe-i which has been folloncd
bv t(ie police has resulted in a collec
tidn that would otherwise have been
impossible." said Mr. Colliding vester
dav. "The police dopiirtinont lias
made it a policy to refuse the ihsnin-.-of
lirenscs until the tax has been paid,
and the result is a high percentage of
The automobile tax is nssessed on a
basis of one cent per pound for aulo
mobiles. The tuxes are dolinipieni
Mav 1.1.
.Street improvement bonds for four
ten projects "of the roads comuiitte
of the board of supervisors must be di-
nosed of bv the city at a disadvantage
Mr. Conkling said yesterday, on ni-coiin'
of the doubt that still remains us to tin
legality of selling property for tax ile
linquencies. Owiusr ehieflv to this pre
diearaent, the bonds for the Keretnni.-i
Ktreet improvement have not vet bee"
disposed of and the two lots of eurron'
bonds, for the Smith Street am' tlo
Hotel Btreet work, are below par. These
are the only improvements for v hid
bonds have been sold since the liti.'-i
tion started.
K. B. Illnnclinrd, a pineapple farmer
of Haiku. Maui, formerly rliciniat fin
he territorial board of health, am'
last summer ti member of the tir-d He
servo Otlicers' Training Camp, a'
hnleld H-irni' ks, v us vestcrdav cull
ed to active dutv in the nrniy with
the rank of Mi st lieoteuii nt .
Tito ,,i,lf-s jtlsn di'hi lijitcd liim to
Jpnicei-d without ilcluy to Kurt Myer
Virginia. heie he till be ai"in-. ti
'ut v with the -lot li KiiniiieeiM. lias mnl
vl.. ,p C.rhi 1 -! etn ,,f Hancha'd be
ing a chemist will be a valuable factor
iu the special service
l.ieiitenunt Hluncliaid came to llono
lulu uinnv yours ii'.'o and becauie nn in
''"tot in science ut the Mi-Kiiilt-y
High School. He is a giuduato of liar
iud I'uiwiMtv.
Helene Called Back By Diamond
Head Signals After She
Starts To Ship's Rescue
.lust after the Inter Island steamer
Holoiic 1ind started to the fescue of the
t.lkoliko, another I nter -Island vessel,
which went n shore sometime Ttiursdsy
night off the -oat of Maui between Ka
anspnli and l.nhainn, n message was re
coived in Hounlulu at one o'clock yes
terday thnt the little steamer had re
floated and was able to continue her
Jtecaueo an arrangement hnd been
made in advance the Inter Island offi
cials were able to recall th Helene by
signals from the Diamond Head light
house before she passed thnt point on
her way to Mnui. The Helene turned
Wk to Honolulu with William McKay.
Inter-Island superintendent, aboard.
W'hile no details were given in the
early messages as o the cause of the
rounding of the l.ikeliko, or ns to the
exact time, it is considered probable
that Oapt. D. Naipo under estimated the
distance he was from tbe Maui reef and
ran ashore.
Neither were nnv details iriven na tn
How the I.ikelike was gotten off the
reef in the message telling she had been
refloated, although it was stated she
was in a condition to continue ber
voyage. However, an earlier message
from Captain Naipo said he had the
Stern anchors out and believed be could
back off with the vessel's power,
which likely explains the method used.
The Likolike is now on the run
of the Wikahula. the so called Molokai
run, during which calls are made at
several Molokai ports, Lahaina and
linnai. Hie carries a cargo of 4 70 tons.
If the weather was suitable the I.i
kelike likely mS'le calls at three Molo
kai ports Wednesday and Thursday, af
ter sajlin"; fTom here on Tuesday eve
ning, and then departed from Kalnu-
papa for I.ahaina during Thursday
Inter-Island afflcinls say she would
have discharged her cargo on Molokai
and bnvo been empty of boat freight
and passengers at the time of ground
ing. This Jamos Kennedy, president
of the company, thinks would have
mndfl it easy to back her off the reef,
a she settles aft with her bow high
Up when empty. Due to this she prob
ably touched near her stern.
Drastic wartime regulations regard
iug the clearance of vessels from nnv
port of the I'nitcd States, which ap
ply here with eipial force to that on
the mainland, put into effect by tin
wur trade board, have been received
bv Collector of Customs Franklin.
The regulations nre to go into force
it once and require the securing of a
license from the federal war trade bu
roau, through the bureau tit transpor
tat ion, covering nil bunker fuel aboard
flic vessels at the tune of sail
in g, including coal, coke, oil, kcro
-.one, gasoline, port and sailing sup
Tli" now rules are intended to keep
a cliock on all ship's supplies leaving
the country, the purpose for wh cd
'hov are to be used and itu-tr dostina
No applications , for stores w ill be
granted to sailing vessels entering the
submarine .oniv, and no license will be
granted to any ship which has ovoi
nsbeyeil an order of the shipping
board or navy. No American vessels no
requisitioned by the shipping board
will lie approved for a license except
no- one oytmc ami iu u tra le n ho I,
has been approved by tho war trad
The regulations covering neutral
-In pi touebing at American ports ai,
cM-fplioiiHlly drastic and are do.ngnad.
aiconliiig to a recent auiiouui'Oiuen'
-f the department of state, to curtai
nn iiuaiiy siup tuo illicit stiipiiiont ol
-tores and pussiug of inforiuatiou ti
the enemy.
All neutral ship owners, charterers,
t'.. iiiiimI file with the custoHis housj
n duplicate, tho names of the wannls
aptains, otlicers, crews, change in
masters, owners, and all data whatso
ver pertuiiuiig to the operation of
lie board. The owners or agent
niist file with the war trade board an
agreement allowing the board to su
lervise all movements of tke ships and
vliilo in rt, all loading and supply
Wireless on neutral ships must not
it any time report wenther conditions
ii- sighting or other ships unless uii
ier extreme necessity, and the, aipa
a tus must not be used within J1"1
tiles on the Knglish, French or Itul
on coasts. The apparatus must b
ealcd that it canut be UHed at
iiv time without (ho knowledge ol
he captain of the ship.
'or-ev. .Inuary -Jii Corporal Kiii;doi
tlould twice has refused appoi ut no nt t
the division training school for officers
iimiIiiil; that he pn fers to remain ii
h, raiAs Ite. HUHe of his record at th
ii 1 1 1 1 hi-4 ntirne was the first prcscntc
I'luiii his troon for the tntennif s hool
but he asked that it be withdrawn.
Vino!,", the otlicers M'leett-d for ill
tiin t(,is mi the traiuino v, htiot ur
Mapo David M. (loodrich of Ne York
"i nieuibci ot the rubber maun fact uri hi.
taniiiv oi in m name; i nptain I licron
Stiong, who was an assistant district
attniio ) iv In n (inventor Whitman wiif
ltin-t i money of New Ynrk count v
an I Captain Ih-vereuuK Milburu, poll
pl.-nei, v no io w i ft," ! u daughter
' 'h.irlos Merle, fir many years bend
:h, N.-itioniil Citv Dink'.
Valuable Package of Contraband
Drug Washed Ashore Is
Brought Back By Marshal
Sampan Seen To Stand On and
Off Little Island For Three
Days Believed Involved
8eventy-three tins of "Chicken"
opinm worth 14,00(1, was brought hack
from the little Island of Niihan vester-
lay, where V. H. Marshal Hmiddy hnd
made a special trip to get the poppy
lrug after the Tinted States district
ttorney was notified thnt a box had
been washed ashore there which it was
iclievcd might contain opium.
Only the fact thnt the cork booys
within the box of opium did not hnve
uffloient buoyancy to keep the box
afloat above the water is believed to
have prevented it being nicked up bv
i sampan despatched to natch for its
valuable contents. The box was so
heavy It snnk two or three feet be
neath the snrfnee.
It is known thnt for three days previ
ous to the time when the box of opium
was, discovered by Hawaiian on the
bench near Nonapapa. on the west coast
r N linn. n, that a sampan vainly cruis
ed up and down the usual course of
itenntors bound for Honolulu from the
')rient in a search for the box.
3hows Smugglers' Methods
Discovery, of the box of opium is
onsidored a proof that most af the
lrug reaching these Islands is dronprtd
from Oriental steamers bound for Ho
nolulu and afterwards picked up by
sampans, as haa been surmised, but
never liefore absolutely proved.
-MUCH eare had been taken in prepar
ng this box of opium so it could be
found by the sampan, but a slight un
lerestimation of the weight of the
leventy-three tins and the buoyancy
of the cork buoys' hnd frustrated the
dau which probably has boon success
fully used time after time in the past.
The box was built with a keel shap
d top and bottom and the cork buoys,
overed with canvas, placed within.
rho two hiloys used were the exact
leptli and length of the box container.
l-.xpertH at the customs Imuse say
hat tho opium found on Niihau is the
nost expensive brand, as the "Chick-
n brand, so-called because of a
oostcr printed on tfie label, contains
i higher pen entaijf ''of nicotinic acid
(han any other . miuli" ,' . ,,
lins tirnnd or opium, is manufactured
n Macao, a Portuguese eonsession in
'hi ii a, about twenty miles from Hong
;ong. As tho eonsession is cont rolled
iy I'ortugal. tho making of opium is
t permitted there as it is in other
arts of China. Most of flip pnpnv
iscd is imported from Iudia, it is said.
MYmalink" is the I'ortugueso trade
nai k of this brand.
Hue to the amount' of meennic ncid
n tho Chicken brand of opium, a usei
f tin- "pipe of cVesms" values r
mo!;e from this kind very hijjiiiv . n
t is the acid which gives the npirn
inok,. its peculiar characteristics, nf
er it is cooked. As it Is cooked, a pin
end nun n I rtvuf the dope will eipain'
od slmot nff big bubbles of the acid
vli'nli aie drawn into the lungs by thi
lll',k IT.
Chinese will pav Jt)0 a tin for tin
''hi -ken" 1 i a nd of opium iu Hono
ilu. customs inspectors say, due ti
;ts i, resent scarcitv. From 1 1 T.O ti
tl7.ri a tin is paid for other brands
ll of the opium seized on Niihai
va put up in live tael tins. eighin
lulf a pound each.
Natives Watch Sampan
Niihan native, told the marshal Inn
In-i Innl vvat ried a .airiptin cruising nt
''nil s eed tin and down the coast
Inminry 21, 1:2 and 2D. It was on this
'at'er date that the box washed ashore
riie samiuin. the natives ssil. neve
came nearer than a mile to the Niihn
eoast altliooh it covered a eoursi
aekvvard .and forwrtid, but nt varyin;
'istaiues from Niihau, fully thirt
niles I. hi;:. As Niiliau is but fifteen
uilcs in len: tli the sampan would gi
'illv the same distance bevond tin
mthcilv lunl noilhcrn ends of tin
It was the apparent vain attonip'
f the sainnun crevv to find homethini
a I its groat speed, which made it scl'
videnl the crew was not fishing, tha'
ttrm tod the attention of the natives
lways. ns the sum pan passed IV una
papa, a man would be seen stationer'
a top of the engine house, with a ham
Ich, ope I above his eyes, another i'
he stern and another in the bow id
he bout, all gazing intently in differ
nt direct ions, so the Hawaiian tub
Marshal Smiddy.
Marshal Stun! Iv has no doubt that
he saniptia was somewhere in th
iciuit) of the steamer from which
he nniaiu was dropped at the time
ut thinks the fact that the box niul
Hive submerged almost Immed'atei'
.Hide it impossible to see it from tin
a m pa n.
lie gees on to explain his belief that
he course of the Oriental steninei'
icar Niihau is most likely that when
uiiih nf the i ' i u in inuglod in here i-
Iropped It is the f.ict that w iud.-
nd eiiiiciis on the western side con
ere, the Islsuil and its isolation
Yoni nMn i islands of tin' group which
Hike it a favorable place tor the ll
ici t piat i .e.
Miles and miles ,,t' the Island have
eel; built up bv the i 'in a i d washiitu
f sand an I this must a ut Hi tion of the
ii i re n t s makes it practically coitain
'hat nnv thine east adrift off the coast
t Niihau will eventually dnlt in to
winds the Island
Smiddy Gives Credit
Cledll lor the bl opium ll 1 1 111 is ov
en bi Mai dial uiiddy to Ion & Kob
iisi i, own, t ot Niiliau, tiad their onlv
hit' . Il.ol'iv e - ll t he 1 ,l,ind. J. hu
K.-ci'V -' io, it ilu I the fe leral of
Ii- i:.l.s "t Ho' d vciv "f III, ..,N. -ind
Honolulu ,Wli6lesale Produce Market
WhoiAMl Only.
If-lHtld Lutlci.
fcUU. 'l't. tio.rn
Yfniny Koofttcfft. Hi
(HI Hunt. Ii
.. Turkeys, lb
(10 Dnchs. Miis. ov v lb . . . .
.150 One. I'ekin lb
Is to JWt Ihicks, Hawaiian, doen.
115 to Rice, .lap. seed. ml. ..
I'li to .W nice. Haw. seed
m to .041.i Veannts. Ig. lb
H.26 Oreen eppeis. bell ....
HjW (Ueen peppeis. chili....
Means, strino, green
Beans, string, wav
Peaas, I.inta In pod
Reans, Maui rods .
Itcans, Cslno ...
Beans, small white 12.26
I'eas, dry island
'.mil to 18.0()
Beets, dozen belies
(Carrots, dnr.en ln hos
Cabbage, rut
Corn, sweet l(Hi ran
Corn. Mac . snt. v cl.
Corn. Haw. lg. v el.
'2:15 t .W
'.'..VI to, DM Tomatoes . .
l (Ml to 83.04), ('ucomhers. d ocn
80. (0 Pnmpkins, lb ...
. .20 to .70 Ila-;, Konn mini
1.86 l.imes, 100
1.00 Pineapples, ,-wt
A Ppa'. "
Strawberries . . .
Ptsniiiias. Chinese, bed
Itannniis. cooking, bch
Figa, 100
(rapes, Isabella, lb.
Cattle and sheen are not boikglkt at
paid for on a dressed weight kiS't.
Roof, dressed, lb
Veal, dressed, lb
steer, No. 1. lb. .
Steer, No. 2, lb. .
. .1 t Mutton, dressed.
. . .1.1 to .IfCork. dressed, lb
14 Kips, h
:n (t, white
The following arc prices on feed . O b. Honolulu:
Corn, sm. yel. ton M.00
.orn. Ig. vol, ton HO 00 to 85.00
orn, i racKoii, ton
rtrnn, ton
H5.00 to "7.50
o.OO to fi7.00
Inrley. ton
scratch food, ton
. OO.OO to &2.00
Iso went to cnnsidernhlo trouble to
uive tho box transported fifteen mltM
'ott whore it was fnun 1. to Kit, the
ther si 1 1- of the Island, which was tfc
nly sn'e pln-e at which the Mauna
a could anchor on this voyage to
Siihau. due to the weather conditions.
He loft here on the Mauna l.oa Wed
esday evening and Thursday morning,
lfter reaching Kauai. H. A." Robinson
ent n sampan to Niihau to have the
sox of opium removed whence it eonld
m loaded on the steiimer. The Manna
t.on reached Niihau on Kridnv morn
ing, whore shP remaiiod until the mar
shal made his investigation.
Thnt the opium was cither d corned
overboard from the Pacific Mail steam-
cr Colombia or the I'ortia Marti seems
probable, after the arrival of vessels!
here about Jauunrv 20 J, chocked up.
The Persia sailed f om here for the
Orient on January 19, and the Cnlom-
bin was an nrrival from the Orient on
'HiitairT i, vne hut nerore ine sumtian
' . , : . . . ' "
was seen to start searching for the
Hunt May Oontlnn
Marshal Hmiddy lieltevf-s the sampan
nil continue to look f,M-the opinm .. -
ii news of it having fallen" into the
edornl authorities' hands is known,
luo to its great value, ancj what ho
Vols is the importers' confidence (hat
t will eventually be found around the
Snhaii shore.
The capture of this opium la the
argest one recently made, although
evenly -two tins of the drag, but af a
ess expensive brand, were fesjnd six
r seven months ago on the Alakea
ti rf when it bad been unlntention
1 1 v dumped ashore with the steerage
.Bssengers' buggage. While the opium
vas watched throughout tha dny no
aie claimed the package.
It is several years since opium ovi- t
lentlv intended to be dumped over i
toard from a steamer kns been discov
red by the customs inspectors. About1'1" 'V" l'I"ar to be acute
ve years ago, after a search was made
f the rsiberia, then a Pacific Mail
toamer. a package of forty tins in a
nnvas sack partly filled with powder
I cork was discovered.
Dm' to the heat Ibr- opium found on
,'iilitui is in u liipjid stute. and not like
uttv, as it usunllv is. This opium is
... uiit W,i,iMn ....,.'
f government in preparing medical
Hilo Ws Never
Like This .
Says Henry Brower
Hp Was Slnrfrl fin tha Ur.nl..l,t
iw stbmw wii i wvj vi MV 9 IWJPWIUHJ
Waterfront By a Disrespectful
Guard and He Is Indignant;
Yes, Sir, He's Very Indignant
lite waterfront guards ought to be
lino careful. This it tha thoroughly
iiitiirod opinion of Henry Brower, who
nn f esses that he cornea from Hilo, and
ho dropped in on The Advertiser ywa
enlay to complain that be bad beea
'slurred' by oner of the minions of
he law whose duty i is to keen Hun
pies away ftuuj
in lia wbarVea, '
1 Do I InoV r.
asked, indignantly, drawing himself
i Lis ll ..
ud it must bo confessed that Mr.
trowel did not look bk what any Mlf
ospei ting (lermau spy oughf to, look
ike. He wore a long raincoat,.' Hilo
tile, and had neither smoked glasses,
nisei moustache nor Voinb holjor. He
s a siyn painter, uot a py. aal be jolly
.veil wants the authorities to knew it.
Wednesday he wandered ilnitu to the
'mut looking for a job in tke sin
painting line, with the aame mm
ilialaneo as he would stroll over t.t
aiaUea. were he on his native hentli
It was then that the guard "slurred''
Inn., want iug to know nist what lie was
liuniiig around for. Yesterday he took
aunt her stroll to the watvrfront. This
t ime he w asu 't slurred, ho w ns promptly
slntne.l back.
"How did I know it was against the
law'" he asks. "If that first fellow
liadu't slurred me. but had told u.e
like a gentleman that Honolulu isn't
like Hilo 1 wouldu't have gone back
there the second time Why don't
they put up a sign. I'll paint it cheap
fm llieui."
renniary 8, 1918
. .ii ; to .oh
PntMoes. island Irish ..
rotndies, Wwect IMI to 1.00
Potatoes, sweet, ied 1.011 to 1. 1(1
Taro, bunch 15
Taro, cwt
. . . o; t is
. . .50 to .60
1.00 to 1.SM
. .L'l to .ii l
live weight. They are sis ugh tared aad
:m to
.2:i to
Oats, ton
U4.00 to .00
. .fiO.RO to 7().(H'
Whest. t.m
Middling, ton ..
Hv. Whest. ..
.32.00 to O4.0'
Hay, alfalfn, ton 48.00
Crop Large and Consumption Be
low Normal High Prices One
Reason of Slow Movement
The potato marketing situation at
this moment sp pears to tie serious ac
cording to a statement just issDed by
tha f ,..! s.i it.., ,.e
i. -r. . , i .
TU' tOU' rro,luMlon ln 1917
""'"'ated to have been 442,530,000
bushels, or the largest crop ever pro
,4uced in tfhe Cuitod Btatos. Notwith
... 4 . , . , .,
staaaiug tins tact, prices from the time
' or ',1Kfint to the present have rules I
I higher than in any previous war f
which are have record wilk tbe cxeep
! ti((ll of ,BHt VPar whon t(0 w
Tl" dej.artnient of agriculture has
boon able to compute the movement of
xhl vroM-ut crop with more accuracy
! r
ha" "v" P-.bl. before
an'1 froln ', information availnblu
' "I'V""""1 that not more than one third
of ,hr marketable surplus of the ero
'" 11 " "rrp m"'1 UP "w
ber ,11. In other words, there remained
to bo moved nmn January 1, two car
of the crop of 1917 or every car mar
keto.l up to that time. The movement
since January 1 has not been aotice
at Iv ncceleratffd. The praaent reserve
stinks ara so widely dietrilmtesl that
the transportation problems it resented
speaking, more potatoes could b
moved if offered for shipment.
The sitnation demands enlightened
patriotic and vigorous action on th
part of all concerned in the movemen'
of tins crop. I'nlesa large dealers
promptly move the stocks on baud in
order to speed up distribution aud
lu'l!" reaerv atiU on the
'"r",s '' "" '"' t trade, heav v
""'H" v. , tit' '.4tii. i rttniii
to result later, in the noannu. It is be
ilicvetl that dealers will in the end 6a. I
'. wiser to move pro.ic.ut holdings with
out profit or even at soma leas rather
than to risk destructive wastage later
hi the season. At tbe same time, pros
I cut retail prices must be somew hat re
lined if j iota to cuusumptiou is to be
stimulated as it should be.
I 'in. us at poiut pf production have
;p tmnijlly ilecliued since diggiug began
and nut uy dealers are reputed to hold
! lHr-"- ' pur. kaaeu at prices high
than those now Lrva.ling. This
may account in some measure for tho
prssuut slow rate of movement out o;
some of the heaviest producing areas
and for the abnormally wide differ
once between preaeut wholesale pricos
to the grower and rift ail prices to th
I odor oxisUug aad prospective con
dit.injs uu material inautity of (sit a
toes caii he exMirtd or coiivurtod into
lion perishable products this season
The crop can not be carried over. It
"""" '.""'' or wasta.1
must tie consumed or wastod. llic
Moo.l s.tuauon tBrOuftnoiit th
w oi Id
'lemaii'ls that it be eoiisuniud
''",lv'''y reliuve the existing strain
tbe supply of cereals. It is
the one great food resource of tl.e
world upou which there is now dauger
of ii heavy loss aud the depurtnicir
is of the opinion that the situation
demands that farmer sill freely; that
the larger dealers move their stock
lup.-llv; and that the retailor coutcu
hiuiself with tho smallest possible mar
gin of prolkt, realiiriiuji that he is now
l.e most important factor in speeding
up potuta consumption.
i 1. 1 1'i i i-ii are much more likelv to rim
tra.t th
contagious .liscases when they
Itave toltls. Wtroopinu couvh, diidilhe
iia. Nai let fever and cnusiitupt ion are1
diseases that are often contracted when,
the ihil.l has a cold That is wliv all
i"c 'it al authorities say bewaie of colds, j
Kin the 1 1 1 i K cure of col. Is you will Und
ii,,l ing l.ettei than 'lian.lierluin s
Cou..'h Itoinedv. It can always l.e dc
pen led upon ami is pleasant ainl Mife to
lil . I'or ala ly all dealers. Ileuson
'' . I It J 'ft . I t I en S f.-l II I ll'.
v ut.
i Associate Justice Announce' De
cision To Retire When
Present Trm Expires
His Action and Statin Oh Kauai
Leave Postlble two More
Nominations Soon
On March 25 Associate Justice H.
P. Qn.Hrl''" of the Hawaiian HnpTem
Conrt will leave the bench and wifl
not accept or seek a reappointment, he
stated yesterday morning.
Justice Qiiarlea' eommisetrm an jua
tiee rxpires on March 25, and be eon
templates a complete retirement from
he bench to devote his time not only
to his private practise but to bitaiaeaa
affairs upon the mainland which may
cnll him away from Hawaii for some
Tho announcement of bis intentions
yesterday ennsed considerable surprise
around the Jitdiriary building Bd S
law circles generally, following no
closely npon the readjustment of thn
bench through the promotion of J us Hen
.Tamos I.. Coke to tbe chief justiceship,
the elevation of Circuit Judge Kemp
to the supremo henrb to (111 tbia Va
cancy nnd the calling of Judge Kdinjra,
of the Maui Circuit Court to nil th
Kemp vacancy in the circuit court.
Justice Quartos made it plain in his
oouuaeat npon his proposed retirement
to so that the appointment of Jnatiea
Coke to the first place on the Iveneh
had nothing to Uo whatever niumt his
decision, lie even added thnt be be
lieved Washington had made "fine se
lections. "
Am Protest Filed
Also followiug the recent judicial
appoiotmenta, Attorney 1). I.. Withinjf
tos of the bar association, says be haa
filed au individual protest at Washing
ton. Just what his protest is ha did
not make public, except it was in
ferred he did not approve of the e
ectbni of Judge Coke for tho, chief
Circuit Judge Aehford expreasorl
his appreciation of Judge Kemp and
said the new justire had done splendid
work in the court ho is leaving.' Im
mediately the senate confirms the nomi
tions of .ludiree Coke, Kemp and Ed
!ngs. they nil1 take up the wpk.of
their now offices. There is a large
amount of work awaiting the attention
of the enmplete bench. , 1
Son Other Oonjectnraa - .:
.Tbe vacancy la tbe'ciirulf eonrt list
for tlietTsland of Kauai la yet a nia,t;
ter of conjecture, pnd tt is not known
vet who will (111 this place. Judge
Dr key, whose term is now that of a
hold over, may be reappointed, but tkla
does uot appear to be the enstnm. W,
R. Pittman, partner nf Ixirrin An
drews, has been prominently mentioned
in connection with the former yt
ancies nnd. possibly may yet . reeriv
an appointment, being a strong Demo
crat and well known at Washington,
and the way being opened by the ex
pression of Judge Quarles as to bin
intentions. r
Naturally, there bns been soma' eom
mouj on the new mnUeup of the a
nreine court which is filled rntirely hj
femocrats. as it was popularly be
lievod that at least aiss Republicail
would be given a place there, owing
to the popularity of elertioa cootests
coming before the court.
CAKDKN IfM.AND A diWtri'as'ng
cci.lent meurrad at Klre'e last Kri
'v. Tetsu Akairi, a .lannnese who
drives a wagon for tbe JdcRryde store,
arose early to prepare breakfast for
himself ajid the two children. He saw
a number of uiynah bird about tbe
yard, he ays, and leaded a shotgun,
thinking he would shoot some of them.
After breakfast, however, noticing
that it was later thaa he had uppoaatI,
he put the shotgun, behind the. do'vr
and weut to work, telling Ternu,, ,he
little nine-year-old jfirl, to be sure and
comb her hair and get droned in time
for school.
A littlp before eight o'clock neigh
bors heard au explosion, amj knowing
that AkagJ had gone to work, and thnt
the children were alone, weut over to
investigate. They found the Kittle girl
lying dead on the floor in a pool of
blood, with a ragged wouud In tbe aide
of her head. Th little six-year old
boy was crying, and told them be
tween sobs, that Its ad been playiug
with tbe gun, anil that it fent pff aji.l
shot his sister. Ile was so frightened
that he couldn't tye a very oohortjit
account of the affair. .,
Ueputy SboritT Crowell,. f 'n!mep,
was notified, and went to the soon '
of the acvliiont to investigate. Ho do
eidoi) that it was an accident, and
that there wis apparently no tjeiu;nd
for a coroner a jury.
I The father and mother nf th liUbi
jl'oy and girl are both dead. The fa
tlior was Akagi's brother, aud tbe la
ir took hi brother's chiblren to rn;e.
Neiirlibors sneuk verv hiuh'v of hi ti.'
. , , ffirl ),,, ,. '....i. '..
I'laath. .. :
; t HIOAOO, T'ol.rnai . o . , . fnv B
i ted Press)- A'lt'ie K ie -l( 1 et of
I Cbicavo wou the world's tl"c
cushion billitd ch ici nins1 ip It "o
l..st r.icbt wh'n d. " t l' " ru
l.v tin si ,-.io of If,. i t.. l"i. t ni- '
If, - -
I :
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