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' '-,"'.'.": ''4"' V'--0" .''''i v.' i.!.--f-,,i';;-i''. ;, ' V' '-'.;'-:',V-V;
' ' '- W-..-; ';v!
; .i $9 ivV.': ' ' ..... .
.-r-rr V
ji; ; . : . 'w(i$sy W; ml' i ' 1 "7117
uiiUiiiiiu mill nnii ll uniui uuiili
Heports Rendered at Meeting today win uive biocxnoiaers Mucn
Cause For SatisfactionBig Crops Coming From Now On
hu fiijrnr fonipuny if rapidly torn our mill yunl ha been rfffPtpd, plv
tnrr frrrl nx th iiltimut l.iircent . 'K if nt ttdfk pre for the in
. , ,, T . ,
mioar tirodurrr nf tn" Hnwanan Islanos
42,rilK) toiiK an-l cirh vear for t'vprl
Jr to (omp tli rompny will hvp nn
lnf r.'d arreajff. iHod by thp amplo
, T ' . . . .
flow of wutor from tho V am nolo tun
Kol projort, tho oamploto auorooa of
hich oTon undor ahnnrmalW drv con
ditiona liaa boon domonatratod.
m.wkholH.r. nf h O.t... H...r Tnm
.i .1,., v.t, rv ....
Liti hl,l fh.ir annn.l mo.tin.r. thi'-!W''
morning nt tho offiroa of Hack fold A
4 Vnm ..an.' At kt lima rnr.nvta u'ill '
. .v. ...i
dW pomlition of tho company aftor a '
. ' . . r" ",v "i""
hi j; lily proaporona yoar and the prnmia.' I
Of moro ,in 1 1 and atill jjroator
jjrowth to come ia tho futnro voara.
' At atrainat an oatimntod prop of .1."),
000 toaa iu 1017 nnd an actual outturn
of, .17r470.;i7 tona for tho yoar, tho man-
affor, r,. K. Hull, in tho roport which
"km will nrownt In I Via .OnmnIJ. kl.
Ciarning will ahow an oatimatod orcin
tf142.a0 tona for 191, with 400 ton j
. aJrpadr manufarturod I
V I 1017. tho manner roporta. tho i
' liluticr loniiiM nf . I
tan of angar ia explained by poorer
-rinalitioa of juice, from inereaaed areaa
f oano nf .,. ,
Jjftorioration of pane damaged by the"" " "' r"v,n "W1"'" for ,
. .... l. . a., a I
Anomaia heetlo.
Afraaaa Tnmuuil I
Thia year tho acreage ia neorlv WIO
tona larger than laat, but ia eot twenty
four aoroa by tho government takiiiir
that amount of pane fielda from Ford '
Ialand. A few aeroa of pane were at-
tarked by the "oyo axit" diaoa- and
'. , the loaf h0per and tlio pane had to
b doatroyert bnt thia haa been offaot
. by inoreaaing the area of ahort r a toon a
7 The crop of I!1S will bo obtained
, r ff 15.aorea. a further inereaao in
. Acreage of 110 acres. Tho planting
V wii doae earlier than usual and waa
finiahi ..Augunt 0. 1917. About ?00
l , pl"f 4 frlJf in the aeaaoa waa
T i?fut tmAc" in Jafr. Thi. cane i. far
aUvanc.ed.jn growth and present! a fine
appearance, the manngor aava. With
fcut few ejepption all of the fielda had
. grnnl start and should, with fair
-wrnthef, give a gnod vield in 1919.
The o.rop of 1920 will bo from an area
.f ,about liOOO nero. nnd would have
had a Inrcer acreage but for tho taking
of Ford T-lnnd.
"One of the most gratifying features
ox last vear i,i...ruti..ta ;a i.A p.. I
that wo h I m 4 i .
.. .. ... ... .j.. i. inr
erection of an entire new mill and
fOwer plant, while we were taking off
the1 largeat crop wo have over harvested,
a undertaking hieli. naturally has
presented niauv difficulties." the re
port says. " rnexpected delays in the
delivery of mnterinl and machinery,
a .well as the protracted grinding of
last 'year's prop, due to continuous
Itfeakdowns uinl trouble with tho old
mill, made it iniosible to get the new
Wilt ready before the 2."t Ii of last Dp-
eanaber, when the taking
, off of the
rTf Iff trl'f'a o..niinotico.. As is always
; t DO expeeted in the initial operation
V JOt- any new factory, there has boon not
;' a few matters of detail to adjust and
yl TJnlY1 WMHh, Imve retarded harveat
, t , iig to aomo estent during the past
. aa 1 artontb: fnit on tin- uhnl.. tli.. mill ;.
' --',v tfemely satisfm torv, and gives everv
Hi.4... .kai :. ...;n .... ... '
, .pectatinna. The capacity of the boil
' ing house, with tho now additions and
alterations, is afe, and the iin
- j irovotne'iits inatud have proven cf-
feetive-and. economical. Owing to the
' greatly increased cost of material and
labor, during the past year, thp coat of
the mill has exceeded the eatimute pon
'v "atiVlerably, the expenditure fur name up
;-. IWombor 3 1st. 1917. being 1.201,
,;,-77a5jJ; but I lolieve we have reason
' tJ. congratulate ourselves that, undor
. "tie prevailing conditions, we have boon
- .ambled to complete the mill, and that
, ,w now poasvHS a most ui to date and
, fflii'lent factory.
.Permanent Imprerements
t.ii.e " The total expenditures for the year
for permanent improvements amounted
;-v te IA05,30J.H0. the greater part of
f.,. Wbilh was incurred on account of the
elarg(vnatr f the estate and inclnd
V. -U the. foUowiag items:
,j. Iaud.) Clearing 7.0(U..1fi
.. NeW UnJ Flowed Hi.IHA.04
' jlrrigatlon Ditches H.nlS.fiT
Buildings .il.lSO.92
Mill Maehiuory X74.S52.25
JHill.uiWing, 145,7H4:.fi7
I ' ilrpdataiMi J"ortb! Track 1 7 ..1 1 U.HO
; r ii bl w)r !"'. 4.57jr8
v' Artesian 'Wells s,h:i5.4(
3'Jje1 Uuwa . ACPOjiut eomes under the
' J.t-wd'pf Wifl Klacliincry and Mill Build
" isga, wVjah are now practically all
s tompleted.
Besides tlio above 0 have purchased
a Be w 3l;tou , locomotive and material
'', fiat ' fitty " extra cars. We have also
.'added another mile-and a half of port
able' trie k to our equipment, in order
. t'rVeilifatfr the handling of the larger
' erups. C' i.,
' .,i'vfr' fro,u UB1IH' onlurgomont
' ' 'ana improvement of old (nartors, thir-,-'
-ty-even' nw houses, containing 1H1
-rofia.1. rwith bath and wash houses for
laborers, ,have beep built. A wiug ou
' ; taing' "two , spadou. wards, hlis been
' added ttf'byr Hospital, and a bntigiilow
built "for' a akllhtil emplnye.
,Tbfe new artesian wells have boon
' Isnred at tbe mill, providing an ample
' aupply of water for tho new mill and
.' boiling bouse.
X rearrsngoaieut Dud cnluiycun ul of
rrc"l niiinlT f rn rm rconirel
....... I
i u hen nticniTinL' our two miiin aimtinaiip. i
iml. I
Tli.- ppni.iTecIrariii)of nrw lamia
Iim licon romiilot.'il. and rnont of the
'. . .
aiiahl.- lain linn been plonM. .
""""" ;
j " "mminc up tlio pnnripal and oitra-
ordinary itonm of our financial opora-
""n', "";" yoar, anu roinparing
1 'r poaitmn a i ti.p r(jinninB anu rioao
.of aiimo. yon will noto:
rr,,,li "i,h ",,r
ar.'.n 1'HTinwr .Hoi,
lOlli. of $ Sim.422S
..N't ropoipln fc.r anynr nnd
: ,..i.,,. 1 iwit M'lfi 'IA
i 4,471,.'!ilO.H2
I Vc oxppndi'.l: I
I'oiniHiiont improvomouta '
hii.I invoatmouta 1.4Hi.;t4.1ft
nivi.lon.U. VI'. 720.0tKI.OO
Monua to employes i;)n.:xw . in
I rUl"
I 1 l . . 1.. I 1 .. .. .. .. . -
j It'll. 1 ll; 1. Ul'llll III.UII.IC . I .1 a- wm xrilin
Atf.ioiono Ki..k ia mii.k miita ti a i.
offaot ly tli
value of nutatandiug
I ""k"r molaaaoa, amounting 10
' ,v 1 ' ' name time- l mignt
'mention th:il nmido amounta have I won
the enr.
'We lii(. been fairly well supplied
with hil'i.r. nrd have hud nn diaturb
ancea among tho norkaien.
'The large and pxpenaive improvo-
ments in connection with the oxton-
sion of the plantation are now about
complete. I. nnd thorp should be no large
expenditures mi this account during
1MIH. I tic necessity tor a now anil up- i ininiraliU-the worst I have e or seen,
tn-dato hovpital, as well as for a more j We nr.- at least losing ono ton of sugn
modern and commodious store building, . .r a. ip m or normal conditions, and if
may. however, compel us to carry out tli keeps up long the loss will bo ae
contemplatod improvements in these Hu. attriliuto the fault for tho re
directions in a near future. i larding ot the cane to the dry weather
"With the estate in splendid pondi- j j, eX.orience. during the summer
tio. and, full facilities provided for m0iiibs, nud tho preaoat low density
taking care of larger crropa, Iwlkiiig to tl,c )Ht4 c.Mil-lniioiii. rains, which have
forward, with tho present proapeota for ' rB.,r,. , n rank growth,
good market conditions, there can be Crop 1919
no other reasonable expectation hut that i Kor tins . roii we have planted 50
tha coining year ill bo u prosperous
Waiahole Project Success
I'mlut H... Iicu.l .f Wamli. do none
duet the manager ay. that tho exteu !
aiou to its teimihal point in Ilonouli !! ' present writing and furthered
uli. u woll as the iidditionnl water I N amed than is general at this time of
load in Waiahole, weio linished last i H" vear: howe or. evorvthing depends
comoleti ... tin- ..oiiediii-t Iii its
Owihg to un ctieniely diy summer,
with hardly nuv rjm in the mountains,
the flow through the tunnels has been1
comparatively small during the latter
nart of the tent, but is now. after re
cent rains, increasing in volumes. A I
table shows the amount of water fie
livered through the tunnels each month
and giPs the following totals: .T.111
uaiv 1474, February N!4.!i. March Jo.i5. !
April 14(10. -j, May 1701 I. dune 1172.2,1
I . ? v.:: . . :
I ..I- OT!- a. '-. !al.i r.4 ii m 1 tir '
(Ifn.f, WCI1.IM-I I I". 'I, '! . Illl nil la-..l
and Depemlier ini
In ordet ti. increase the water sup
ply from the Wmdwurd side during the
dry summer mouths the company is
preparing to install b .Vimhi.iiOii gallon
Humping plant to be c ..-it r un II v driven
i Bl "", "!: " '" '''' ,
I 111 order to lift the awnlnblc
aiahole 1
water in
its locality which. 1'iom records taken, .
lias 11 minimum flu-v of 1 .: -.i 11 1 .14 Ml gal 1
lona, into the tunnel at T.'io feet, n dis 1
tnnce of 1 7 1 1 feet. This plant is ex
pected tn In- 111 opetatiou the tirst of
next August Its cstiinated cost is
$23.00(1 and th.- pimci v. ill be furnish
ed bv the MauaiKiii Klcrtiic Compauv'
Report of President
In his icpoit :i pii-sidcnt K. .1. Low
rev says the chief ai-cilnplishnieiita of
tho compaiiv il'iring the last two yours
hnvv been the material enlargement of
thp Hold aioa. made po-sil,:e by the
benoticial supply of moiintaiii waters
and tho installation of the neve mill
to luke caie of the gn-ater yield. Both
undertaking? hue 1 11 successfiilly
completed and the enmpanv is now in
8 position to liarwrt the full reward
of many years of enterprising toil.
He tells of the assignment of the
company's leasehold on Ford Island to
the gux criimciit which reiiiirod the
land for ils aiation I i . t and turn
ing to food ronsoi vatiun says tho com
pauy has tout all pract'ual uid and on
rouragpinetit tu the ndiuimstrntion in
e cry possible respect.
The d'uectorate has coatributed
$13(MI to the Hod Cross iu U monthly
payments of 42.riO each and subscribed
to 50.(UHI of l.ilievty Loan uds.
"Owing to the uuceitaintv of ship
ping facilities under the conditions 0I1
taining nt present, the Imard rnnclud
od an arrangement with the Ouhu
Railway A I and Company, whereby the
latter is supplying the company with
additional sugar va reliousi 11 facilities,
up to SOimi tons at its lliinolnlu tor
in null.
"The board liiiS at piisent uuder
eonaidei ation the erect inn uf a new
etoro building of fireproof construction, a ,,llr ""l'l"y " 'en OD-
as well a- the building ot a new hos 'M"":'II" "'"'lv '' I'roduce Mar
pita! with moderi, e,ei,t Hot Ii I 1'- Ji' "' " ' ,- ' " 15 lt)U-
projeets are necessitated by. mi l wil
bo iu keeoiliL' with the tioivlli of t h
plantiilion '' !
al ... Ii . . I
1110 pro 11 tun loss account sinusal
diNidonds ul out a. the rate of !
twelve percent. $720.0(UI, pioflt balance
for the nai 4 1 ,11 10 H".
aiic.' f 01 w a 1 d 1 11 10-x t
ef Outturn
jThan Last Season
i Estimate Is Greater Than Pre
vious' One' and Manager Says
Preliminary Figures May Be
Exceeded By Actual Results
Waimanalo Kugar I'ompany lnit yenr
f,.P,,il it rrop oi.tiir.ato tout.
... ... . ...
with a tntnl nlltmit nf iS.ri t .l I. An
nirani't nn fit una to of 4000 ton for thr
1 91 7 . rnp t hr ;!I1H crop n ai ot imatod
by tlio iiiami(or In NovomlMr luat at
.mill l mm n nia ropori un.k-r .laro
.lamiary 'J4, Mr. tioorgo f'halmpra
I tho iiianaifcr, aara "and from tlio,"
. , . ...
mount of rano on tho ifionn.l, provi'l-
oi hi.. iuro wpi up 10 ino noruiHi, it
ouvht to anmcwliat ooo. tho alxv
oitimato " Surolv thia iloow. not I.Hik
: -i ii i ir: i... i ...... ..k.
IIB.V II IIIIIRHniV IIKKI ...ll'l ri7ll(lll
I91X .-niip iioor. It ia truo tho coming
crop will not bo the Lumpur one that
waa cioc1od but thoro ia a atrong poa-
aibibt.v it will roach tho 1I7 outturn,
dopit'o tho drought, and it ia woll lip
t tlio avorago prop.
Manigcr HPport
in j,;,' report Manager ('Imlmera. at
the mooting Wo.lnoHilay in tho officoa
c Brewer ('onipnny, agont, told i
... . .. t . I ... I I 1 .. . .. . 1 1 . j
.111- m iHKllllliiri " ... ni. Mn lillllinn. .
Tli wtIwiIa nf ikla rf.t InnlcA.I well
up to I ho end of laat Mav ami had every I
npftiranre then or lieing ,a banner
prop; tho ilrougnr ooniiuonpoil in .nine
.and kept on until tho middle of Oeto-
"h"1' the wl.olo prop a aet-
l.a..k u ...... it ul.....l.l k.i. I .....n Irim
I back when it -lionl.l luive boon making
ho l-t growth. It has done well ainco j
Vain cnnie in October nnd i. atill grow-
ing. Not n. ore than 20' of the whole I
rop iiiik tii.-iei, o it ougni to niaae i
, cnniilcrable growth yet on anything
jthal stands ner for a few mouth.,
i We commenced grinding on the 11th
,,f iin month aud find the juice is j
1(.ri in, (lHvl. Htli Ml.r(,H 0f lxmg Ka-
itiioiK. nli :'.o.s n.-roa of unirrigatod
I I'luiitci i line, nnd mav have 12.5 acres
:of Mliort Katooua, making a total ol i
.. .
. . ...II .. Tl.l. . a., n .u all AMa...A I
. . ..
I- -!' "o res. Hits .-rop is nil looaiug
on next summer, it tne weanier is an
S U"y
risht there will be a irood eniii. 1 do'
... -v . .
not consider it good policy to estimate
ton oarlv.
... ....at.. "
With a capital stock of 2.ri2,(ttMl Wai
manalo shrined not earnings for the
ver of 2li.'i.ll."4.77 and paid oightv
l',-r' "' l"on.. lor ,uo er, -ui,ihs..
I 'iere isa not l.alam-e brought forward
f 40K,."l'S.:;s.
Application "f tho American Hugar
company for u new lease on approxi
mately 21.0IHI ai res of land on. the Is
land of Miilokal that it has been hold
1 i.;..i. ... ir...i :.. t.......
I ii'k " i'".i "Mi. n ii'ii-u 111 .. o..ua. y
I is be.ug considered, and an inspection
I of the tract is to be made by Land
I Commissioner H ;. Krvenbtirgh, Ham
! Kannkanoi uf the surev office and W.
H. (
Campbell of the land board who.!
have gone to Molokai. The aptilica
lion is for period of twelve years
nnd the 1 1 it. t has been held ut a rental
of $12110 a .car
Application has also boon uuide for
tc homsteadiiig of what ia called the
Kulainaula portion uf tho land which
has an urea of about (1747 acres. Not
nil of this would be homeateaded, it
was stated at the land office, a a con
siderable portion would be held 'as a
forest reserve.
The tiade has been' principally eon-'
c.-riied with initiating tbe lew sugar
si heme ami has been enabled to car
ry out their pint iu moat oases. Buid-,
iioss in law sunr lias beou limited to
an iiupiiry for low grades, and a good
demand fur West Indlun molasses,
which coiiipaies favorably in price with
low Tieacle. and is usable in a variety
df ways; the package, are small bar
rels weighing about 5 ewts. each, and
ure therefore not difficult tu handle.
The refined market continues steady.
Distribution is now pcrrceeding upon
tho basis of the new system of voucher
which became operative on the 1st of
Jnnuaiv The supply, so far, has beeu
confined to good granulated and cubes,
the pio.liic t chiefly on the home icrlner-
ics British 1'ieccs are i 11 : good , re-
iv. .u OINTMENT ia guarnteed' to
i,i:,i 11 j-
hlBt. bld'n-. 'tchn O. pro-
truding PILKS in 6 to 14 days or
money iclunded Manufactured b
tbel'AKIS llliDK'IMiCO .St.iAmia.
U h. A.
Despite Bad; Weather Estimate
Is Les$ Than Ten Percent ,
Beltfw That of Last Year
Owln fft tb flrmipht of Un yrnr
Mnnnef Alex. Vlintfne of tho Olo
- . : j. . . 1 titid j..
wan. . ompany oa.-m.i.oa . no .... ,. 8n AipnuaU fr0In ,0 IhIhU.Ih to
at 17f0 ton. aa apala.t a prohmirtarv 1( ...,,,,, Wlll ror . tllMP nt lcBtl
oatimato of 1N.'0 tons for laat rrarNjlip a aort of "hand to mouth affair."
rrnp'hirh aotuallr amonnto'l o 1K74.4 , Aa to faojlitlea for rargoos to Wan rad
torn.: Thwe fijnr'pa wpro KIvpo to tho 'j 0 'r ' f?mc ,i,t,e 'r,int.v ,,,,,
. , . ; ahipinnnta' of Kaaforn siicara aro .-om-
atookholdoia at tlio annual ffotiii ol ,,.tv n jr
tho romptmy at tho orflooa of its ajront, I Junt whrh it waa tliouirht that ovory
Hiowfr 'Comnanv Wpdnoadar. - .
. .. r., ... , u.. :..
1.111 ..... Vlii" piu ii.-l:u.i ubi .rn.iiiu
",r ,r"l' --""J "
grind Auxuit 10. Thia year the (triad
atartod .Inniiary 11 and thua far all '
opomtiona hae prooootlod amottthlv. I
'I lie crop aufforod fovorolv from tho
drought, the mai.a'gpr aava in hi. ro !
port and rontinuoa;
fcffect of Drought
"for aoveral nioutha we could not
give the cans iufrtclent water to pro-
nuto normal growth, aAd on aomo of
the gravelly fielda it wai hard to keep
the pane from drying up. The ahort
. n . . ....-.. lata. nn aA..n.iti a la .a
...... .. . . aa.o . . n'.vu.i V
ha pvtra'ti nil ' n thn nroviniifi nrnh. aad
shortage of1 water gave little op'Krt "ti
ny to Torre me growin. nince mc
rain, in uecetnoer tae cane naa a ane
aomo growth Which will inerealf M tile
weather become warmer. A a.ri.- f
abort thander"torma throughout t!il
month baa Itapt the eane t$o gr"-n f-r
harvesting, and, has had a bad elT.'Pt
on the juices. The ares harvested to
date naa givea a gooa lair yioin. dui
not the viehl it should have boon under
norma) growing conditions.
Our estimate: for the crop is li00 toua
of sugar.
Crop 1019
"Thia crop consists of:
"Ilant rane
"Long ratoon cane
" Planters' cane (Plant).
. Hi arroa
. 4',i "
"Totl . 223 acre-
"In adiflH'na to the above we will
hare 'aboutthe-aanal - hrea of abort
ratoona. '
"On account of the drought some
of the fields were plunfed very Inte.
(Since the 'rains in Poeomber the cane
1 as pome along very well and w'th fav
iiiauit; n rmiiri i uiiiiiuuiip mi. ,mi .
orable weather ponditions this vear
... .i .. . j .,....,. .
.out - .ii Jt i . ' m ic.... d . v . . ii . ..v... ia
" '
"Fourteen nores of new land have
l.Vi.n ,.l.la,l (.. 41,1. .ran Ihlrtn .,f
whir.h is part of land purchased in tho
course. iof fill' year.
Mill mr,A Walai tTnna.1
..-r.1. ' 4 r , 1.'
1 110 rilHiiiivr muru.riiiriiiii n.iu.-
,., ... .,;.; v, . ,i, i...., .,
I"" J "
of 191(1, as detailed in my last annual
ren.irt ornvod vor Rjatiaffiptorv in on-
.mli..a l..a'..w. 4 Ii a ,.tta4 ni-J n ,1 ill ft aunann
" . rmn --. -
"In the past few. month, wo have
installed an additional 7'x20' boiler,
and rebuilt the furnaces of the existing
two boilers; the evaporators h-ive been
l'iI tl,ni. . Volt ac.do1 tn the
laat cell, and the vanor l.inint? to the
condenser increased in size from 12" to
04" A now eonilonHa.r for the ovarium-
tors has also been installed. In the
ahort time we have been grindug wo
have found that these improvements
ajre improving the work of both t'
mill and to boiling hquse.
Ditch Improvements
"oiaee luat Juhf we haVe relocated
tho main irriL'.tiorr ditohoa in the-Olo I
v alu gulch, raised fhe power stotion in
!.. ....I.k la. (,..! ...I l.,i;il .nn
u.,,.. -
Crete-main viator tend, in both gulches
.The east "aide ditch is 3000 feet long
-and is lined with 2Vj inches of concrete
and the sides and bottom. This ditch was
put in use late in December. The wtat
side ditch at Qwalua is 4200 feet long. It
is opened the fall length and the con-
orete'lining is completed to 2700 foot.
A smaller ditch, HSfJ feet long, has
also been drtg to connect -wtrb the east
side ditch for the purpose of , irrigating
the'psri fields, andhis'wll, W concrete
lined when the Awalua ditch is finish
ed: These? improvements wifl effect a
great ' saving1 of water especially at
times when the streams are low.
LftBM ' '
- - "For uvera eioiitha during the har
vesting season we were short of labor.
,"A "prfilonged drought, the worst In
p-ahy yearii'lasted front April till late
in'Recembip'r: The rainfall at the Olo
walu waterhead waa 42 inches, and at
the mill 38.20 inches', mast of tbe rain
fall being in the first three months
and the last two months of tbe vear.
"The rainfall this year te date haa
been 11,18 inches."
, Dividends .0f",tweoVr -out percent
were paid In tbe year mit of a not
profit of t83.B08.or and (97,708.07 add
ed to the balance carried forward with
the (ederal Income tasea and "War Kx
ceae Profits Taxes" to be paid.
OlotmluSi estimate for next year ia
above the average , crop of the puat
ttfelve years.
" :
Hugar has always sold higher in
Ituly than in any oth,er Luropeau cyun
try. Wa have known ordinary cousiiin
era to pay twenty cent, a pound while
we iu America were getting it for.aix
cents a pound. The cable announces
that tbe government hus fixed the
maximum pric of sugar sold by fac
torie. and refineries, at ,120 ll.ras pi
quintal, or", about 10.5 cenU a pound.
Thi. ia for white crystallized and doe.
not include the government maiiufar
tilling aad other iaxes. Foaaibiy it
will cost twenty four cents a pound by
the time it reaches tbe consumer.
Government ' RequiremeAts For
Moving Troops Upset Tenta
tive Arrangements Especially
Fof Movement To East
thing wa nirolv arranuod for the movo
niont of aimnr for tho Enttprn roflnora
, . t
through tha panal inatoad of ovprlaml,
th. ,Bvind tao Ialand pro.lu. ora 7.21
t)in r nturt Bnn million nnd a half
dollura on the voar'a' outturn,
" Wnn flr0 "l''Hnl " "H"'"- No onf
owa jimt how angar ia to go Knat.
"ot eyen n"' "''ipptug Douni win. n ar
liest can only say there aro no proa
peeta of any immediate shipments
through the canal.
Nation'! Needs First
There 'is no complaint, being voiced
by Hawaiian pridupora. They are tak
ing their 'disappointment in the same
nhiToaoiihlpal war which thev toolt for-'
' j- , .. ', m i
nier disa'piyointtnents and the taking off
. a-L!.I.r. ti.1. ;n.. 4h
of freight-teamra. This time the
Qocaaioo for the disappointment is the
Urgent 'need of the nation for all trans
portation and all poaaible bottoms for
rattVjng soldier and aiinpiies irom r-nai-ern
ports to Fram-e-. Thia has resulted
iil' tho Wpsetting fef praotleally all ten-tiivivpIpB-for,
augaf movements, es
noolallv' for' East era sugar. Vessels
Which Jt had Deen expeeten wonm soon
loatr here fo IJew ork will not Rome Th 0,,u of ,h jnice, i, jjboot ,tbe
will direct from the yards to the I nm,9 during the same period of .last
Atlnntie Jnatead of bringlng-i oal to nn; l . u took 7 M tonl f c,e to OTn
takljig' sugar from here. Others will ,lfa(.tur pn, ton ot ,u(,mr, Xhe fields
odme. here with coal and take "K"r : harvested so far have come up to ,irTy
to Fan Franpiaco only. nnt estimate, but Sa the eane na pot
,At the'. office of the shipping boar. U(,,eie1 very mh J f,r the juices
veaterday V. V. Morae said he lieheved wil, uot be M koo ,s last year, and
"the matter ot getting sugar to Sun j my estimate at present, is therefore
Krauptiwo would h 'satisfactorily caro l f ,.,, sgnn to 29,000 tons of sugar.
for but He poind "K'r ""ie nope '
vessels inr Kaaiorn snipmrnio -
Eear future. rnfortiinately, he said,
e was' not able to toll of what plans
wore under consideration- by' tho ship
ping board.
Am to the remaining Mat-on liners,
tho freight carriers, no dkHtiito nn
noiiui eiuent lime boon rerei ed ere
-i.w... the iiiiiiniioi'Pinciit was made the
i ,,. -eminent would take a t ion ions
..... .. . ......
of snipping nom .-..-..-...
AllielicHII lllld I llclhc trad
to the uuc rtaintx us to hi nt
I'-,. . .... I s as to which there litis 1
X wo veaecui tuiiiiuB
I.oon some uncerta i nt v are to 1 on.e hero
, , ,. ,!,
soon nn-i pernaps n...-.
l'he tvo that 1
lire certain an
the Sacramento and the
' lU.atOII. Ill
Absaroka nun 1 nine but it
. , , .... , vHi.i.ti,
is expocie.i n. v -
direct. The ha, -nuncio w ill take sugar
; 1" Wan Kran.-isco instead ot to .v
j York. What the lio-ton will do has
not been nnnu.in. ol but from expres
:'" ""' "l'l ''ig ,s..,n
dica'ed her
I rrallcli o.
will also
! Loyalty Is Shown
We most meet the demand- ot the
war without complaint,'' is the general
ly voiced MMitiinont here. Mr. Morse
said M-ster.lav it had been gratifying to
note the cheerful aiiiiiesenie on the
juiit of the j pie of Hawaii even in
as.-s 01 giavc nun iw.si,. n.-.ii-......
i '"p,1,s-
I C iltiolis III II
uih-haliged. The
. ,. . . . , - ii,.-;;
1)111 i.O III I II I s I I . I I Oil ' I'l' I '
sugar and will lo all it can, with the
cooperation of the shipping board, to
facilitate its movements. On tho other
hand the movement of troops mid sup
plies for them is the first reipiisite of
the war. All Hawaii .an expect is thst
tho best that can be done for the sugar
eroti will be done Mud that something
definite may bo evolved at an early
date. Meantime there are now indica
tions the crop will pile up to some ox
tent before such an angeinonts can bo
NKW ( lUI.KANS, February 2 The
wcalber during the past week has boon
sufficiently normal and favorable to
permit such work as is usually con
templated for this part of tho yenr in18 beet fields. Kngland and France
tho Louisiana sugar district. While
thoro is iu some f 'os too much mois
ture iu'llio lau io allow the spring
plowing and planting to go on uninter
ruptedly, the conditions in general have
been devoid of any untoward features.
The succession of severe freezes previ
ously reported seem, to have been brok
en nnd for some two day. of the iwrk
under review the Louisiana sugar dia
triet experienced temperatures that were
almost summer like, thia being followed
bv cooler but not voiy cold weather.
No damage from the low temperatures'
of .In una ry seems tu have boon report
The pleasant purgative effect oxpoii
em ed after taking Chamberlain's Tab
lets utul the healthy condition of body
and mind to which thev contribute,
makes one feel that living is worth
while Tor snle bv all dealera, Benson,
Km i lh & Co, l td ugents fur Hawaii
Damage Estimated At More Tlian 'Twelve' Percent Irrigation
Project Will Terid To Prevent Repetition
l'ioaeor Mill Company's estimated
crop fat, 1918 la beiwaon four ami
five thousand ton below the crop ac
tually haryestefl in J917, and .1"00 to
4000 ton under- tha . preliminary rati
mates of laat' yer which was exeeed
ed by 7T8.8 4ona. VThj -estimate is 2S,
rIH) to 29,00(1 ton as . against laat
rear's-estimate of 34QO tand crop of
:':i,27Nl tonTt." Tha reason for tho re
duced estimate is to be found in last
year 'a drought. The annual reports of
the company were jivco. to the stock
holders at the ananal meeting which
was held yesterday. Speakiug of condi
tions the manager in his report said in
part: . ' ,
"At present, tba. water in nil our
ditches ,ia ' atill low, in proportion to
the daily average, flow .of the llonoko
hau pitch, which ia less than ton mil
lion gallons. Therefore, we rannot de
rive any .benefit, front our hydro-oloe-trie
plants, and tha ateam turbine haa
to furnish the ttecesaary power for the,
pumps and tha mill; this, naturally,
ia the cause of another increase of
operation expenses.
"rriiti -crop nao a late start, ami na
itlantinff waa not finished before the
i v . , nai 4i,
' 'f This o, rop bad a late start, and ita
end of Norember, 1916. During the
first four months thia crop did well,
but it suffered -afterwards from the
long drought that followed and re
tarded its irrowtti. t
" We commenced grinding this crop
on November 27,' 1917 and,, un to Jan
uary it (lneluslveyV, have harvested
4S.042.I82 tons of eane from 1060 acres
J n.aai.faaft.ao.1 Rtntk tnfta nf MMr
Crop 1919
This crop consists of 873.50 acres
of plaat rane and 5,45 v. 20 acres or rat
toons, a total pf-4J?0,754-Lawing
to the exceptionally dry weather.
r, ; 11
bad a poor atari, ana planting ana
rattooning was fiuishod very late. How
ever, the light raius we had during tho
last six or eight yeeks helped a good
denl, nnd at present the fields look
well, although behind in growth. Aa
large areas of tho eane are not shad
od in, and the rains have favored the
growth of weeds and grass, a consid
erable amount of weeding will have
to be done.
. . . . . 1 . i .i,
"The factory has done good work
during the past season. I nfortunate
Iv, the installation of a numner or mi
proveineuts intended for this season,
has Im-od delayed owing to the lato nr
rival ot material. 1 no new iioners win
The production of sugar in Franco
diirintz the month of December was
121.0ir tons ns against 104.1107 tona
lust year. The tonnage delivered was
.'tl.KOO while 42.HOO wore delivered Inst
Honduras lias had tho rain bogey
stare in ita faoe and that means that
the su :ar crop will bo reduced by twon
tv live percept. Nirnragon, on the
other ha-d. claims that its crop pros
poets are fine
A Washington paper reports that the
prices of augur today should not stag-
ger us, for in l.'ilil a London merchant
wont to xoi.icc, ino sugar comer in
to einco, tho sugar renter in
that dnv. and bought lOO.OuO pounds
and paid forty throe cents a pound for
his precious warps. Now, when you
mid freight and other expenses, sugar
ut that time must have cost nigh onto
seventy cents a pound. For centuries
Htiuiir was considered a medicine and
doled out by apothecaries but when
tea began to fusten itself upon the
palates nf men, sugar came down fifty
pegs. Throe cheers for tea.
A state wide campaign is on iu Colo
rado to inproase the beet acreage for
191V The sugar companies with tho
State nnd Federal authorities are work
ing at the plan and a statement haa
l-reii issued by a well-known beet-sugar
exnert. It ia pointed out that in tbe
matter of sugar Germany is practical -
Iv Independent, and prior to the war
Kngland was very dependent on uer
needed practically tbree million tons,
and with many factories in France in
IL. l.nndM nf Oiirtimnv it ia nt nllPO all-
parent what sugar ia needed from other
1 . . t .1
sources. The statement also anus mm
the West must cou.ume less sugar and
produce more in war time., while iu
peace time, the W.c.t muat consume
more and produce more. The state
ment makes a great plea to the farmer
showing him the utter futility of try-
j ing to moot thia situation without
I on ory ono lining team work and nono
, limping in the drive. The frosts im
pCiltM. I 11 U n 111 K ii. . giuisuii i." . m"
exchanges say and found forty percent
of the beets in the ground when Jack
Frost made bis first drive.
I.iput. Kdward B. Blanchard, V. H.
U., awaiting his sailing for Fort-Mover.
Virginia, next Hututday, ia in the city
with Mrs. Blanchard. Lieutenant Bbiu
chard has been n.tnigiiod to the 'loth
KngiuecrH. Mrs. Blum hard will n lurii
Ktiturduv to her homo in Haiku, Maui.
be-ready in March and will give ua
some benefit Vet for thia season. The
eryatalliaers have been installed and
will be in operation next mo(ith; The
new crusher haa not arrived so 'far
ami can 1 installed only after the
season la over.
,"The steam rirhine has -worked to
fall satisfaction during the off season
and is f.irnishing now the power for
our pumps and the mill. The hydro
eloetrio stations are irt good order and
only await -the . rain in the mountains
to relieve the steam turbine."
Irrigation Project v
This company has a big project in
hand in the Honokawai Tunnels work
on which waa started early last year.
Owing to the late -arrival of machinery
there waa some delay but progreas dur
ing the greater part of th year Was
good. Up to late the smaller tunnels
are ffniahed and of tho largo" tunnel
.ij.'ifi foot of work has been done leav
ing only 1700 feet to be completed.
It ia expeeted to be completed next
May. tVhen done the plantation fields
will have leas ranae to fear such a
severe drought as occurred last year
and damage from auch a drought would
be minimised by the added water re
aourees for irrigation.
Other maehinery delayed inolude a
12,000,000 gallon 'loble pump ordered
last May but this is expected to be
erected before next May.
Iuring the year the company did
much to improve living conditions for
jts labor making large improvements
and repairs to houses already built
and building 140 now houses.
Eeport of President
.1. F. ('. Hagena, tho president of
the pompany, in his roport touches on
a number of intereating subjects out
side of tho ordinary plantation buai
iiosia. Of the regular busineaa he tells
of permanent improvements in progress
which are to cost approximately $200,000
which are moro fully covered in tho
roport of the manager.
Out of the ordinary he mentions the
work of food conservation in which
the plantation had anticipated the
Iwisheof the government by increas
ling cum. nerua, i.airi..iic . t
by a number of other undertakings.
Bed Cross Aid
For the Rod Cross the directors vot
ed to contribute 1500 in monthly pay
ments of $230 each and later voted
500 more to the Maui Chapter of the
Rod Cross.
Two officers of the company have
been given commissions in the I'lntod
ritates army, William 11. Young and
I 'an I V. Kiuulscii.
The financial report of the company
shows not profits for tho year of
$1, til. ".,01 l.Tfi, dividends of twenty four
! noreont paid, amounting to $1,200,000
and n credit iiainnco lor noxi year 01
171,270. :io us against $.".M,2.)S.."i!l lust
Engines Fail Esperanza After
Long Voyage From Portland .
To Near Yokohama
With her engines disabled, her rud
del- broken and her propeller loosened,
the American ship K-peran.a, of Ifilll
tons, commanded by ("apt. Thomas Kn
j,.,..,,,, w. recently towed into Vo
.... ,,,. v, ,. i.i ,c. aired
I . ..... i ... I.. t.,i .a. 1 1. ri t ii rn i inr lio.oi.
. t ......... w ... . . .
The Ksperana was on her maiden
-voyage from l ortiami, iirogon io
Shanghai, and wnx takiugsu full cargo
of lumber to tho latter port. When
within n short distance of Yokohama,
her engines failed, aad she drifted to
the coast of Chibu prof e.cture, off Yo
kotiama, where she wns later towed
into safety by a tug fioni the Yoko
bauui Dock Yard.
While sho lay drifting out to sea, it.
was feared by her twenty one meinbois
of the crow t lint she would go aground
but through the effort of (!. 11. rlcid
moro, 1". 'S. consul gouoriil lit Yokohn
mu, the tug wus sent out, which flniil
lv towed the distressed schooner to
I safoti
When the vessel will sail homeward
has not boon definitely announced.
- 1
The sugar machinery is being ox
iiortod from the I'nitod States in much
j quantities than ever is shown by
I Mia atf.w.a. ,.f 4hM Vi.ur Ull, nil. 111.... tfl
the report of the vear ending June .10,
1917. Mucjiinery exported for Ibut
year was valued. ut $11,000,000 while
the year before it was only $0,000,000
uud tho year previous to thnt onlv
$2,00(l,()llli. Tho I 'la liter has from an
early day always been a medium
through which sugar manufacturers
and machinery producers wore brought
together ami makes its blow to all
interested in wishing prosperity and
progress to all parties concerned.
Virginia It. Iseuboig and K. Ii
i: ii,,;
senberg, gua I'd urns of Alexander
fold lseiUei,a minor, filed then ninth
annual uccouut in the circuit court u-,
a-lduy. In their Htnti'iuciit the L'liiud
iau. charge themselves with $11)1, 9. IH and
ask Io bo allowed t:;b,-l'i'l, 1':i,li oil
l.ttlld aillOliliIti to - lltt'-v H. tol
lu. .4 to
the report.

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